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CURT MINARD Motivational Safety Speaker

Curt Minard is known for many thingshis sense of humour, his ability to converse with anyone, and his love for life, just to name a few. Curt draws on his 10 plus years of experience as a Powerline Technician and his appreciation for safety, challenging individuals to reevaluate the age old work-life equation through his inspiring presentations. Whether you are the type who works to live or you live to work, Curt reminds you that safety must be at the forefront of your daily agenda. In September, 2008 Curt was involved in a workplace accident. That warm fall day began seemingly like any other, yet a series of missed barriers led to Curt being electrocuted with 14,400 volts of electricity. Curts body struggled to hold on, after 5 amps of electricity had forged their path of destruction. However, his will to survive was much stronger. With insurmountable odds against him, Curt was determined not only to survive such a tragedy, but also to thrive. Curts story and his determination to conquer the odds are as impactful as they are inspirational!


Curts narrative of his journey from being able bodied to an individual with different abilities is inspirational and entertaining. Curt shows how one mans worst nightmare can become anothers dream. His presentation highlights each individuals ability to shape their own future. The message to motivate oneself to strive for excellence is as relevant today as always. Curts witty personality and engaging presentation are entirely contagious!


Curts approach to safety is as refreshing as it is critical. Safety is not a choice, it is a requirement. His message to transform workplace safety from another task in your to do list, to a way of life is an investment every company can benefit from. A workplace accident shaped Curts life, but it does not define him. Let Curt challenge your management and employees to take safety to the next level. Operation: Safety for Life reminds us that we have all been given the gift of life, but how we live it is up to us.

Curt Minard playing for Team Canada at the 2012 ISIHF World Championship in Tampere, Finland.

For more information about Curt and his presentations, or to book him for your next event, contact: LIMITLESS COMMUNICATIONS 1001 Foothills Court Vernon, BC V1B 3Z5 P: (250) 540-1414 F: (778) 475-3204 E-MAIL:


Challenge your employees to consider the importance of their safety attitude Remind your employees of the potential consequences of unsafe behavior Promote positive interactions within your workforce Encourage your employees to ensure their own safety, as well as to look out for one another Break down the barriers between management and employees Re-ignite your employees commitment to the safety program Help your company come closer to reaching the goal of an accident free workplace

Curt celebrating the Canadian National Amputee Hockey Teams 6th consecutive gold medal with his wife Danielle.