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Dr. Zarrin S Siddiqui, 46 Kanangra Crs. Greenwood, WA 6024, Australia Ph. 0434841705, Email:



HEROES OF ISLAM A series of lectures has been arranged at UWA. The next lecture by Dr. Noweed Ahmed is on 5th October at 5 PM. The venue is Geology Lecture Theatre at UWA.

Pakistani youth take spouse visa route to success

Following is an excerpt from an article written by Sarwat Hassan who is an Australian based journalist, educationist and community representative. This article is published in the daily Dawn this week. There are some serious issues especially with girls living in Pakistan who are looking for a possible match. During last one year in two cases we have been approached. In the first case a family has advertised for their son in a Pakistani newspaper and did not disclose at all that their son was previously married. In another case the family friend of the boy knew that the person was in relationship with another girl but did not disclose till the poor girl found it herself. When recommending anyone for a suitable match in Pakistan please do not hide any issues that you are aware of just in the name of friendship. This has serious implications for the girl who is someone elses daughter and sister. The full article is available at

CONGRATULATIONS To Rida Ahmed on being elected as the member of the Guild Council at the University of Western Australia. As I am informed she is the only first year student to be elected to the UWA Council. She was well supported by her friends and specially the Pakistani students. This is a fortnightly newsletter to keep community informed of whats happening in Pakistan and in Australia with a special focus on Western Australia at this time. We acknowledge that this newsletter is disseminated from Noongar land. The earlier issues can be accessed through web by accessing or through the group Facebook page at 1

GROUP UPDATE We have now successfully completed Stage I and 2 of the Associations Incorporated Act and hopefully will get registered by the end of October. As soon as the Department of Commerce approves the registration, the constitution will be available through web. An account has already been created with Scribd from where you can access all the past newsletters. ECCWA UPDATE
At the Annual General Meeting on 25th September, two members of this group were elected as the members of the Management Committee. Another Pakistani member Mr. Rahim Ghauri was elected as the Assistant Treasurer.




As part of the City of Gosnells National Year of Reading celebrations, Sudanese poet Afeif Ismail will present his poems at the Amherst Village Library on Saturday 13 October 2012. Afeif Ismail is a published poet, playwright, artist and human-rights activist. Fleeing his homeland of Sudan in 2003, Afeif arrived in Australia with a limited understanding of English. With Australian poet Vivienne Glance, they began a process they call 'transcreation' - to translate Afeif's work from his native Arabic. Afeif Ismail's poems have been published in English, Japanese and German. Published literary works in English include Bet of the Argil, and Mum! This world lies to us!! His play The Son of the Sun has been commissioned by the Barking Gecko Theatre Company. The readings will take place at the Amherst Village Library, corner Warton Road and Holmes Street, Southern River, from 11am till noon on Saturday 13 October 2012.Aimed primarily at an adult audience; the readings are also suitable for children if accompanied by a parent or guardian. Bookings are essential. For bookings or information, please call Amherst Village Library on 9498 9498.


Pakistan Medical Association of Victoria was founded in 2010 to help establish and expand the Australian network of doctors of Pakistani origin. The objective is to create a network of mutual support amongst members, and to offer a modest contribution to the community. Dr. Afshan Mian is the founder and current President of the Association. For more details and to join the group visit

PACMania making waves

PAKISTAN: A Journey! For the First time in the history of Hume Music Festival, one of the prestigious music festivals of Melbourne, Pakistan was represented by a diverse group of artists. It was a night to be remembered as stated by one of the audience members. The aim of this event was to take the audience through a mystical journey through Pakistans unexplored music, art & culture while enlightening them about Pakistans true colours in a time of trouble and strife for the people of Pakistan. On 21 September, a day when many people in Pakistan were busy protesting and destroying their own country a group of young & enthusiastic Pakistanis from Melbourne known as PACMania organised this audio/visual experience representing an image of Pakistan unknown to most Western audiences.

The concert featured the following local Pakistani artists:

Omar Pervaiz who represented 3 styles (Sufi, folk & rock) Nadia Omar (classical & folk) Owais N Faz (Rap/hip-hop) ZAK (Rock & Pop) Accompanied our Kurdish brother Onur on his traditional instruments the Neh (flute) & Baglama.

The event featured a unique Baglama (by Onur) and Rabab (by Omar) fusion alongside many other cultural elements and surprises. In an interview after the event the (Council Representative) said that This was an absolutely amazing introduction (to Pakistan) specially for the traditional music styles. Great crowd, everyone enjoying themselves, the variety is fantastic, it's been great to come to" The Production Team that also handled the brilliantly done lighting and classy visuals included:

Waqar Ali (Event Head) Nouman Talat (Production Head) Salman Jasani (Security) Umair Javed (Security) Aoon Raza (Backstage) Asad Khan Sara Malik Neha Malik (MC) Umar Hafiz (MC) Faisal Mahmood

For further details on upcoming events follow us on


We are in receipt of invitation to attend the conference in Melbourne. Among various attendees a delegation from Pakistan is also expected to attend.

EID MILAN PARTY AT TOP RYDE CIVIC CENTRE, SYDNEY Following the tradition of celebrating Eid Milan Party every year, Omar mosque community group had organised yet again another spectacular Eid Milan Party for Pakistani families at the Top Ryde Civic Centre Sydney, comprising of approximately 400 people. This remarkable event had many activities and achievements achieved by Pakistani families that took place at the event to engage the audience as well as to express some valuable information out to the community. A full report of the event is available at POSTGRADUATE SCHOLARSHIPS AT UWA Applications now open for 2013
The Gledden Postgraduate Scholarships are awarded to students enable postgraduate research in applied science, particularly relating to surveying, engineering, mining or related subjects. These scholarships provide a stipend of $30,000 a year plus a travel allowance of up to $5000. Gledden scholarships are typically awarded students who apply to undertake a PhD, who show exceptional research promise and who enrol in the faculties of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics and Science; however, relevant applications will be considered from candidates in other faculties. Past recipients of the Gledden Postgraduate Scholarship include prominent academics and researchers, with many also choosing to join industry and becoming leaders in their respective fields. For details