Register of Copyrights

Fiscal Year 1915-1916

[Reprinted from the Report of the Librarian of Congress]




The following 5 bulletins and circulars which have been issued by the Copyright Office may be had free on request to the REGISTER OF COPYRIGHTS, LIBRARY CONGRESS, OF WASHINGTON, C.: D. BULLETIN NO. 14. The Copyright Law of the United States of America, being the Act of March 4, 1909 (in force July 1, rgog), as amended by the Acts of August 24, IgI2, March 2 , 1913, and March 28, 1914, together with Rules for Practice and Procedure under Section as, by the Supreme Court of the United States. 66 pp. 8'. 1916. BULLETIN No. 15. Rules and Regulations for the re istration of c!aimsto copyright. Prepared under the authoritx conferred in seem i j o f the copy1914. right act of rgog. 29 pp. 8


BULLETIN 16. NO. Cop ight in En land. Pkd I and 2 Geo. 5. ch. 46. An Actto a m e n r a n d conwfidatr the law relating to copyright, passed December 16, I ~ I I . [In force, July I, 1912. Wlth Addenda of previous copyright acts not repealed.] 54 pp. 8'. 1914.

INPORMA~ON ~ L A R4. C ~ R C No. International Copyright Convention. Berne, 1886, and Amendments agreed to at Paris, 1896. Also, additional protocol toBerlin Convention, signed at Berne, March 20, 19x4. 1 7 pp. 4".
f NPORMATION CIRCULAR 4 A. NO. International Copyright Convention. Revised text, Berlin, 1908. 12 pp. 40.

The following-publications of the Co yright Office were issued in limited editions, but may be had (so Par as any are still available) from the SUPERINTENDENT OF DOCUMENTS. WASHINGTON, C., upon D. payment of the nominal prices given, which includes Postal money orders or drafts should be made payab e an addresed to the SUPERINTENDENT DOCUMENTS. OF Stamps and uncertified checks are not accepted.


BULLETINNo. 3. Paper, ISC.; cloth, 35c. Copyright Enactments of the United States, 1783-1906. rev. 174 pp. 8'. 1906. BULL-

2d ed.,

No. 8. Cloth, 65c. Copyright in Congress, 1789-1904. A bibliography, and chronological record of all proceedings in Congress in relation to copyright from April 15, 1789, to April 28, 1904. 468 pp. 8'. 1905.

BULLETIN 9. Paper, 5c. NO. The Provisions o the United States Copyright Laws with a f summary of some parallel provisions of the copyright laws of foreign countries. 51 pp. 4'. 1905. BULLSTIN 11. Paper. ~ o c . NO. Copyright in Japan. Law of March 3, 18 9, and copyright amvent~onbetween the United States and gapan, May 10. 1% together with the text of earlier enactments. v+50 pp.



BULLETIN NO. 13. Paper, 15c. International Copyright Union. Berne convention, 1886; Paris convention, 1896; Berlln convention, I$. Report of [Thomald Solberg] the delegate of the United States to the International conference for the revision of the Berne Copyright Canvention, held at Berlin, Germany, October 14to November 14, I$. . 69 pp. 4'. I$. BULLETINNO. 17. Paper, ~ o c . ;cloth, 3oc. Decisions of the United States courts involving copyright. 1913-1914. I05 pp.. 8'. 1915.

Bulletin No. 18. Decisions of the United States courts involving copyright. July, 1914-1916. About 4ca pp. 8'.

Receipts.................................................... Expenditures ............................................... Copyright entries and fees.................................... Copyright deposits........................................... Copyright index and catalogue, bulletins. and circulars: Index cards............................................. Catalogue o Copyright Entries ........................... f Bulletins and circulars.................................... .................. Catalogue of Copyright Dramas. 1870-1915 Summary o copyright business.'. .............................. f Condition of 6pyright Office work: (a) Current work ........................................ (b) Deposits received prior to July I. 1897................. (c) Branch Copyright Office at San Francisco .............. Appointment o Mr .Crisfield as Assistant Register o Copyrights . f f Copyright legislation and international copyright relations: . LegislationCopyright bills and reports............................ Cenmrship of motion pictures ......................... Public 'printing bills ................................. Designs copyright bills ............................... International copyright relations........... Pan American Copyright Convention of 1910 Statistical summaries, Exhibits A to G ........................ Addendum: Copyright bills and reports. 64th Cong., 1t sess. s H R . act no 8356. referred to Senate Committee on Patents, Apr. 4 1916 . ....................................... H . R report no a 5 to accompany bill H . R 8356. Feb. 6. a . 1916 6 ............................................... H .R report no . 640.to accompany bill H R . 13981. May 5 . 1916 H R bill no 14116. introdued by Hon William D Stephens. Apr 5. 1916




. . . . . .................................................... . . . . . . ................................

WASHINGTON, C., ] d y 10, 1916 D. SIR:The copyright business and the work of the Copy-

right Office for the fiscal year July I, 1915, to June 30, 1916, inclusive, are summarized as follows:

The gross receipts during the year were $115,663.42. A balance of $9,257.35, representing trust funds and unfinished business, was on hand July I , 1915, making a total of $124,920.77 to be accounted for. Of this amount, the sum of $2,711.39 received by the Copyright Office, was refunded as excess fees or as fees for articles not registrable, leaving a net balance of $122,209.38. The balance carried over to July I , 1916, was $9,222.53 (representing trust funds, $7,839.26, and total unfinished business since Juiy I , 1897I g yearsl$1,383.27), leaving fees applied during the fiscal year I 915-16 and paid into the Treasury $I I 2,986.85. The yearly copyright fees have more than doubled since the reorganization of the office in 1897, reaching above the $roo,ooo mark during the first year of operation under the new copyright law which went into effect on Juiy I , 1909. The annual applied fees since July I , 1897, are:


1913-S4. 1914-15. 1915-16.

.......... 111,922. 75 .......... 11a,986.85 Total. ....... 1,649)776. t5




Report of the Librarian of Congress

The appropriation made by Congress for salaries in the Copyright Office for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1916, was $102,580. The total expenditures for salaries was $102,552.47, or $10,434.38 less than the net amount of fees earned and paid into the Treasury during the corresponding year. The expenditure for supplies, including stationery and other articles and postage on foreign mail matter, etc. was $I ,064.63. During the 19 fiscal years since the reorganization of the Coprrirh;rs"ipbmdfeu Copyright Office (from July I , 1897, to June 30, 1916) the copyright fees applied and paid into the Treasury have amounted to more than a million and a half dollars ($1,649,776.15), the articles deposited number over three and a half millions (3,642,856), and the total copyright registrations exceed two millions (2,05I ,541). Ezcrrr of fees The fees ($1,649,776.15) were larger than the appropriam"Mr tion for salaries used during the same period ($1,409,087.75) by $240,688.40. VCJW of WPP In addition to this direct profit, a large number of the right deporir 3,642,856 books, maps, musical works, periodicals, prints, and other articles deposited during the 19 years were of substantial pecuniary value and of such a character that their accession to the Library of Congress through the Copyright Office effected a saving to the purchase fund of the Library equal in amount to their price. M ~ v * o f The exact money value of the copyright deposits is not d#bOJw obtainable. The books deposited by the leading publishers usually are accompanied by a statement of selling price, but a large number still come to us without any indication of value. Of the books received during the first five months of 1916 costing $10 or more each there were 126 items, making a total actual value of more than $6,000. The greater number of the books deposited, however, are sold at less than $10 each. I t is believed that a conservative estimate of the value of the books alone received during the fiscal year would amount to $50,000. In addition, among the 30,000 musical works deposited there are many of considerable money value, and many prints and engravings of high price are included in the fine arts deposit.



The registrations for the fiscal year numbered 115,967. Of these, 105,454 were registrations at $I each, including a certificate, and 8,885 were registrations of photographs without certificates, a t 50 cents each. There were also 1,628 registrations of renewals, a t 50 cents each. The fees for these registrations amounted to a total of $I 10,710.50. . The number of registrations in each class from July I, 1910, to June 30, 1916, as compared with the number of entries made in the previous year, is shown in Exhibit F.



The various articles deposited in compliance with. the Arti& i&d copyright law which have been registered, stamped, indexed, and catalogued during the fiscal year amount to 201,802. The number of these articles in each class for the rg fiscal years is shown in Exhibit G. The copyright act which went into force on July I, ~gog,--~ LmxAmr: provides for the gradual elimination of the accumulated copy- ~d right deposits (secs. 59 and 60.) During the year booksdesired for the Library to the number of 6,563 volumes (including 1,487 foreign books and pamphlets) have been forwarded through the Order Division. These selected books were in addition to the "first" copies o copyright books sent forf ward as received from day to day, numbering I I ,794 for the fiscal year. I n addition, there has been transferred upon the Librarian's order a collection of. books and pamphlets relating to American poetry and printed dramas by American authors, numbering I ,144 pieces, thus making a total OF 19,501 books and pamphlets delivered to the Library from the Copyright Office during the year. Of musical compositions, 20,644 were deposited and regi~-~?;, tered during the year, and of these, 18,633 were transferredpri,,gi, to the Music Division. There were 'also transferred r 9,735 tva*bs odiodi musical compositions that were registered prior to rgog under the old law. All of the I ,612 maps registered during the yqar were placed in the Map Division. Out of the total of 23,348 photographs, engravings, and other "pictorial illustrations" entered, 4,438 were selected and forwarded to the Print Division for permanent deposit. Of the 24 daily newspapers registered, both copies of 18 (6 being


I 80

Report of the Librarian ,ofCongress

rejected) were promptly sent to the Periodical Division, and I ,I 93 magazines and periodicals, including weekly newspapers, out of the 1,589 different journals received, were also transferred to that division; while the copies received in the case of 396 of the least important publications registered under the designation "periodical," have been returned during the year to the copyright claimants. Bookr iron'The act of March 4, 1909 (sec. 59), provides for the transferred lo othrr fer to other "governmental libraries" in the District of h'brork Columbia "for use therein" of such copyright deposits as are not required by the Library of Congress, and during the present fiscal year 5,452 books were selected by the librarians and thus transferred to the libraries of the following: Departments (Agriculture, Commerce, Navy, and Treasury) ; Bureaus (Education, Fisheries, Mines, Standards); Engineer School, Federal Trade Commission, Hygienic Laboratory, Internal Revenue Office, Pension Office, Soldiers' Home, Surgeon General's Office, and the Public Library of the District of Columbia. A special collection consisting of 635 works by Scandinabwkr vian authors (Danish, Norwegian, and Swedish) were transferred for use in the Public Library of the District. They were all duplicate copies. Return of d c Under the provisions of the act of March 4, I gog, authority fiosirs t mjyrioht o is granted also for the return to the claimants of copyright of such copyright deposits as are not required by the Library or Copyright Office. The notice required by section 60 has been printed for all classes of works deposited and registered during the years January I, 1900, to June 30, ~ g o g . I n response to special requests, 13 dramatic or musical compositions and 9,917 motion-picture films have been returned to the copyright claimants, and of the current deposits not needed by the Library of Congress the following have also been so returned : 12,177 "books" (pamphlets, leaflets, etc.), 19 photographs, 13,753 prints, 8,642 periodicals, music (old) 14,735; a total of 59,256 pieces. The total number of articles thus transferred during the year or returned to the ' . copyright claimants amounts to more than one hundred and seventy thousand pieces (177,089). R s ~ u r s lf * In response to inquiries during the year from the Card mp*r Section, the Order Division, and the Reading Room in re,

Register o Copyrights f

r 81

gard to 639 books supposed to have been copyrighted but not found in the Library, it was discovered that 94 of these works were actually in the Library, go of the books had been deposited and were still in the Copyright O f c , 94 fie works were either not published, did not claim copyright, or for other reasons could not be deposited, and in the case o f 191 works no answers to our letters of inquiry had been received up to June 30, 1916. Copies were received of 170 works in all in response to requests made by the Copyright Office during the period of 12 months for works published during recent years.




The copyright registrations are indexed upon cards. The r d w d r cards made are first used as copy for the printed catalogue and after printing are added to the permanent card indexes of the copyright entries. The temporary cards made for the indexes to the printed catalogue {numbering 83,351 during the fiscal year) have been eliminated, and the remaining cards (105,591 for the fiscal year) were added to the permanent card indexes, now numbering over 2,930,000 cards. By revision and condensation 520 cards were canceled and withdrawn from the indexes during the year. The printing of the catalogue of dramas copyrighted from 1870 to 1915 will permit the elimination of more than 130,000 cards and to that extent relieve the pressure for space in the index. The Catalogue of Copyright Entries has been continued, cataloou. of as required by law, by the publication of five volumes forcO*"''M "h the calendar year 1915, containing a total of 7,320 pages of text and indexes. Each part of the catalogue is sold separately a t a nominal Subrcrigtioo &riao f c u w annual subscription rate within the maximum price established by law, as follows:
Part I , Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Groups I and 2, Books and Pamphlets, etc. ............ $I. oo Periodicals. ........................................... . s o Musical Compositions. ............................... I. oo Works of Art, Photographs, etc 50


The price of the entire catalogue is $3 for the year. The subscriptions, by express provisions of the copyright act, are required to be paid to the Superintendent of Docu-




the Librarian of Congress

ments (Office of the Public Printer, Washington, D. C.), and all subscriptions must be for the complete year for each part desired. ~wll.r& A new edition of Bulletin No. 14, containing the copyright law in force, was called for during the year, and was printed (60 pp. 8O) with the following explanatory matter added : (I) The Pan-American Copyright Convention, signed a t Buenos Aires in 1910, and proclaiined by the President on July 13, 1914; (2) the British Order in Council dated February 3, 1915, providing that the provisions of the British Copyright Act of 1911 shall apply to works by authors who are citizens of the United States "in like manner as if the authors had been British subjects," and that residence of such authors in the United States shall be held equivalent to residence in Great Britain; (3) the Proclamation by the President of January I, 1915, extending to British subjects the benefits of section I (e) of the Copyright Act of ~gog. cOPyrkkr The text of the Fourth International American Convention osnlim, rpm on Literal y and Artistic Copyright, proclaimed July I 3, 1914, was printed as Information Circular No. 55. (6 pp. go.) caralOgM* Of The printing of the Catalogue of Copyright Dramas was Dramas. 1870begun on September 22, 1915, and proceeded very slowly 1013 until February 7, 1916, when 672 pages had been printed, including I 3,887 titles, out of a total of about 60,000 dramas registered between July 8, 1870, and December 31, 1915.



S u m m a r y of

w P ~ r i a ubukrincssGross receipts July

Balance on hand July I, 1915. ............. 69,2 5 7 35 I, 1915, to June 30,1916. . 115,663.42

Total to be accounted for. .........; . Refunded. .................................

92a 77


Balance to be accounted for. ...................... SIZZ, 209.38 Applied as earned fees. ..................... 112,986.85 Balance carried over to July I,

Trust funds. ................. $7,839.26 Unfinished business July I, 1897, to June 30, 1916, 19 years. ..................... 1,383.27

9,aaa. 53


Total fees earned and paid into the Treasury during the 19 years from July I, 1897, to June 30, 1916.. 1,649,776.15 Total unfinished business for 19 years. I, 383. a 7

............ ..................

Repster of Copyrights

'Fees for registrations, including certificates, at $I each. .............................. $105,45400 Fees for registrations of photographs without certificates, at 50 cents each. ............. 4,442.50 Fees for registrations of renewals, at 50 cents 814 00 each ................................... Total fees for registrations recorded. .............. $II O , ~ jO 10. Fees for certified copies o record, at 50 cents f each ................................... 3 7 r 50 Fees for recording assignments. ............. 1,556. 00 Searches made and charged for at the rate of 50 cents for each hour o time consumed. . f 146.50 Notices of user recorded (Music). ............ -138.25 Indexing transfers of proprietorship. ........ 64 10

Total few for fiscal year 1915-16. .................. 112,985.85 Number of registrations.. .............................. Number of renewals recorded. .......................... Number of certified copies of record. ................... Number of assignments recorded or copied. ..............

276.35 -

114,339 1,628
1'51 967

E* n

743 1,083

The greater part of the business of the Copyright Office is cmrupadmdone by correspondence. The total letters and p a r d s received during the fiscal year numbered 146,853, while the letters, parcels, etc., dispatched numbered 150,353. Letters received transmitting remittances numbered + + , I ~ includI, ing money orders to the number of 30,118. During the last 19 fiscal years the money orders received numbered more than half a million (505,900).


Current work

At this date (July 10, 1916) the remittances received -up consitiorr c""to the third mail of the day have been recorded. The a-""' 'count books of the bookkeeping division are written up and posted to June 30, and the accounts rendered to the Treasury Department are settled up to and including the month of June, while earned fees to June 30, inclusive, have been paid into the Treasury.


Rep& of the Librarian of Cbnyress

All copyright applications received up to and including June 30 have been passed upon and refunds made. The unfinished business amounted on June 30, 1916, to $1,383.27. Of this, however, a large stmi represented business for the fiscal year, held awaiting answers to letters from the Copyright Office in regard to informalities, etc. At the close of business on July 10, 1916, of the works deposited for copyright registration up to and including June 30 all had been recorded. There remained to be indexed: Class A, Books, 836; Class E, Music, 342; Class I, Technical Drawings, 46.

( b ) Deposits received prior to July
ro J *
J k e



r. I&?


During the fiscal year 1915-16 about 2,150 articles received prior to July I , 1897, mere handled in the work of crediting such matter to the proper entries. Of these articles, 1,037 pieces (comprising 414 pamphlets and leaflets, 599 periodical contributions, and 24 miscellaneous articles) were credited to their respective entries and properly fifed. Entries were found for goo more pamphlets, etc., arid they have been arranged for crediting. Careful search was made in the case of about 200 other pamphlets, etc., but no corresponding entries were found. In addition, about 18,657 printed titles filed prior to July 8, 1870, have been arranged by classes (Bookg Music, Prints, Labels, etc.) to facilitate examination. The examination of this old material becomes proportionately slow and its identification more difficult as the renlaining materid presents fewer elues under which search can be made for possible entries. Meantime the pressure of the current copyright business has been so great as to oblige the transfer, from time to time, of the. clerks from work upon the old unfinished material to the c u r r d t work.
(c) Branch Copyright Oficc at San ~rancisco


San F r a n h

The appropriation of $30,ooo, niade in the sundry civil appropriation act for the fiscal year- 1915, for the Copyright and Patent Branch Office a t the Panama-Pacific lnternational Exposition, was continued and made available for

Register of Copyri@s


expenditure during the first half of the f s a year 1916, by icl an item to that effect in the sundry civil appropriation act for the fiscal year 1916. This branch office went out of existence on December 4, 1915, with the closing of the Panama-Pacific International Exposition. I t had been established when the exposition was opened under authority given by the act approved September 18, 1913, with a view to register copyright proprietorship in behalf of foreign exhibitors a t the exposition. Owing to the European war, the expected demand for copyright registration was not made, and only four certificate. of copyright proprietorship were issued under the provisions of the act cited. The actual expenditures finally incurred upon the part of the Copyright Office only amounted to a total of $7.25. The cost involved in maintaining the branch office, however, was borne by the Patent O&P, whose representative a t San Francisco, under arrangewents made with the Commissioner of Patents, courteously received and forwarded such applications and correspondence which it was found related to copyright protection rather than to patent rights. The unexpended balance of the Library's share of the appropriation of March 4, 1914, namely $14,992.75, reverted to the Treasury of the United States on December 31, 1915, in accordance with the provision of the sundry civil appropriation act for 1915-16, referred to above.

On May 18, 1916, Mr. Arthur Crisfield was appointed A 8 - W Ir Assistant Register of Copyrights.


No new copyright legislation was finally enacted during the fiscal year just closed, but two amendatory acts were passed by the House of Representatives and now await. action by the Senate. R. The first of these bills (H. 8356) was originally introHou Ad n. diced by Hon. Martin A. Morrison, chairman of the H o u s e ~ . e , ~

I 86
n . J6s o

Report of the Librarian of Congress

*. R-

re*mtConimitteeon Patents, on January 8, 1916,' and was favorably reported to the House on February 26: The purpose of the bill is explained at length in the report submitted by the House Committee on. Patents. In section 25 of the Copyright Act of 1909, providing remedies in the case of infringement, the language used is "that if any person shall infringe the copyright in any work protected u d r the copyright laws of the United States such person shall be liable" to an injunction and the payment of damages. I n section 28, however, the language used is "that any person who willfully and for profit shall infringe any copyright secured by thds act * * * shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction thereof shall be punished by imprisonment for not exceeding one year or by a fine of not less than $100 nor more than $~,ooo, both, in the discretion of the court." or The result of this change from the words "shall infringe the copyright in any work protected u& the copyright laws of the United States" in section 25, to "shall infringe any copyright secured by this Act," in section 28, has resulted in decisions by the courts holding that the words "secured by this act," as used in section 28, apply only to rights originally procured under the act of March 4, 1909, and do not include rights subsisting in any work at the time when that act went into effect. . . The House committee report says:
As a result the penalty provided in section, 28, as so construed, applies only to infringements of copyrights originally procured under the present act. The couN have held that the penalty for infringementsof rights subsisting at the time when the present statute went into effect, and continued under and protected by the present law, is the f penalty provided in the statute that was in force at the time o the enactment of the present law, and which has been for the most part superseded by the present law. This construction of section a8 adds greatly to the difficulty of preparing indictments based upon infringe1 1916(Jan. 8). A bill to amend sections a8 and 30 of an act entitled "An act t o amend and consolidate the acts respecting copyright." approved Mar. 4, !pop. Presented by Mr. 3lorrisoo. H. R. bill No. 8356, 64th Cong.. 1st scss. Printed. a pp. 4.. [Referred to the Committeeon Patents.] , 1916 (Feh. 26). Amendment of laws relating to copyrights. Mr. Morrison, from the Committee on Patents. submitted the following report (to eccomparrg H. R. 8356). 64th Cong.. 1st sess.. H. R. Report No. 965. Printed. 3 pp. 8'. 1916(Feb. 26). A bill to amend sections 28 and 30 of an a d entitled "An act to amend and consolidate the acts respecting copyright." approved Mar. 4. 1909. Reported with en amendment; referred to the House Calendar. ,H. R. bill 8356. (H. R w t No. R. 265.) Printed. a m. 4.

ments of copyrights. The proposed amendment is intended to a m plish what the Committee on Patents manifestly intended to accomplish by the language in section 28. It will simplify the work o the f Department of Justice in its enforcement of the copyright laws.


The House act further amends section 30 of the Copyright Act of March 4, rgog, prohibiting the importation of "any piratical copies of any work copyrighted in the United States," to prohibit the importation of "any in.fri?aging copies, qnatter or nzalerial of any work copyrighted in the United States." The House report says:
The practical importance of section 30 is to authorize the officers of the customhouse to retain possession of works alleged to be infringing until the rights of the parties can be determined. It has been held, however, that the language of the section, "piratical copies, " includes only textual reproductions and does not include infringing matter or material or the original in any form other than that of a textual r e p duction. This construction, of which the committee make no criticism, makes section 30 ineffectual to protect the rights o the parties in a large f proportion of the cases that arise. It is the opinion of the committee that the protection afforded b y section j o should be a large as the s rights granted and the protection afforded by the remaining sections of the bill.

The bill (H. R. 8356) was passed by the House of Repre- sentatives on April 3, and on April 4 (legislative day, Mar. 30 l) it was read twice in the Senate and referred to the Corn mittee on -Patents. The full text of the House act is printed on. pages 203-204, and House report No. 265, on pages 204--206-of this report. The second copyright bill passed by the House (H. R. H o w Ad R. 13981) was introduced by Hon. Woodson R. Oglesby on March 3 0 , ~ and was referred to the Committee on Patents. I t proposes to amend section 1 2 of the Copyright Act of March 4, 1909, by adding a proviso permitting in the case of bulky, fragile, or dangerous articles, that in lieu of copies, identifying photographs or prints of such articles with writ1 1916 (Mar. 50, calendar day. Apr. 4). An oct to amend seaions a8 and 30 d an act mtitled"An a d to amend and msolidate the acta respecting copyright." aopmved Mar. 4. I-. In the Senate of the United S t a b . Read twice rind rderred to the Canmittee on Patents. H. R. Act No. 8356. Printed. a pp. 4.. 21g16 (Mar. so). A bill to amend the copyright law. Presented by Mr. Oglesby. H. R. bill No. 13981. 4 t h k g . . rot ~ess. Printed. a pp. 4'. [Refend to the Committee on Pataots.]

I 88

Report of the Librcaria* of Congress

ten or printed descriptions may be deposited. The bill also provides that deposit and registration made for motion pictures under the provisions of the act of August 24, 1912, shall be held to be sufficient. A public hearing on this bill was held before the Committee on Patents of the House on April 5, the stenographic report of which has been printed.I R* 'eortThe bill was reported with verbal amendments on May 5,' 6C, and was passed by the House on July I . On July 3 (legislative day of June 30) it was read twice in the Senate by its title and referred to the Committee on Patents.' House Report No. 640, which contains the text of the bill as reported, is printed in full on pages 207-208 of this report. coM(bu b * In addition to the two bills favorably acted upon by the P d k House, repolted above, the following bills have been introduced during the fiscal year, and are still pending. n-R-bia On December 6, I 915, Hon. William S. Bennet introduced a bill (H. R. 588) ' to amend section 15 of the Copyright Act of March 4, ~gog, except foreign Periodicals from the to requirement of American typesetting by inclusion in the clause in section 15 of the act, which excepts foreign books in foreign languages from typesetting within the limits of tllc United States. On January 7, 1916, the bill was refcrrcd to the House Committee on Patents: and a public l~raringwas l~cldbefore that committee on April 26, the
1 Addit~onalmpyriaht identification-motion-pidue photoplays. Hearing b m d the Cumlniltee on Pntents. House of Reprentatives. 64th Cong.. 1st sar., on a bill IH. R. 13981) reinling to motion-picture photoplays. also providing for additional ideatificalion 01 works 01 copyright. Aplil s. 1916. 8 pp. 8 Woshingtm. Govanmet . Printing Ofice, 1916. 1916 (May 5). Copyright law. Mr. Oglesby, from the Committee on Patents. mbmilted the following Report (to accompany H R. 13981). 64th Cong., 1st wr. H.R . Report No. 640. Printed. a pp. 8 . 1916 (May 5 A bill t o m e n d the copyright law. Reported wiLh amendrneatr. ) . referred to the House Calendar. H. R. bill No. 13981. (Report No. 640). Printed. 2 O . 4 D . 1916 (June 30, calendar day July 3). An act to m e n d the copyright law. In Lhe Senate o the United States. H. R. act No. 13pe1. 64th Cong.. 1st sar. Printed. a pp. f 4'. [Resd twice and referred t o the Committee on Patcnb.] 4 191s (Dee. 6). A bill to amend section rs of the act of Mar. 4,1909, as amended by the acts of AUK.14, 191a, and Mar. 28. 19x4. in relation to periodicals. Presented by Mr. Bemet. H. R. bill No. 588. 64th Cag.. 1st ses. Printed, a pp. 4. [Refmed to the Committee on Patents.] 6 19x6 Om. 7). A bill to amend section xs'of the a d o Mar. 4, xpog, as amended by f the acts of AUK.14. 191~. and Mar. 18. 19x4. in relation to periodicah. The Committee on Printing discharged, and referred LO the Committee on Patents. H. R. bill N a 588. 64th Cone.. 1st sess. Printed. 2 pp. 4..




stenographic report of which was printed.' The bill has not been reported from the committee. On December 10, I 915, a bill {H. R. 3630) was intro- H. R.b'UJbp duced in the House of Representatives by Hon. Charles'H. Randall for the deposit of manuscript copies of scenurios.' I t was ordered to be printed and was referred to the Committee on Patents. The same bill was presented in the S.msm Senate by Hsn. Boies Penrose on December 17, 1915 (S. 2740), and referred to the Committee on the Library? On March 24, 1916, on motion of Hon. Francis G. Newlands the bill was transferred to the Senate Committee on Patents. The bill proposes to add to the schedule of copyright works in section 5 of the Copyright Act of March 4, I gog, class " (n) scenarios," and adds, in agreement therewith, the words "or scenario," in the proper places in sections 15 and 25, and a proviso in section g, to the effect "that any person entitled thereto under the provisions of this act may secure a copyright for a scenario by typewriting the same with notice of copyright required by this act." I t also amends section 11, to require the deposit "if the work be a scenario, of two typewritten copies of the title and description, with cast of scenes, without prints or other identifying reproductions thereof." No action on this bill has been reported. On January 5, 1916, Hon. Andrew J. Barchfeld introduced a bill (H. R. 7624)' to amend section 62 of the copy- H - R - b a t d y right act of ~ g q by adding a t the end the words: ,
And the term "public performance for projt" shall include any public performance in any place of business operated for gain, though no
1 Amendment o copyright laws. Hearing before the Committee on Patents. Hcusc f o Representatives. 64th Cong., 1st sess. A bill I .R. s88] to amend the copyright L m f H relatmg to printing o period~cnls. Am. 16, 1916. lo pp. 8.. Wnshinpton. Govern. f ment Printing Office. 1916. 9 191s (Ds.0 1. ) A hill to amend sect~ons 5.9, 11. Ia. and as d an act entitkd "An act to amend and consolidate the acts respecting copyright." approved Mar. 4. I . and as amended Aug. a 191a. Presented by Mr. Randall. H. R. bill No. 3630. 64th Cong.. 1st sas. Printed. 8 pp. 4'. [Referred to the Committee on Patents.] 8 191s (Ds. 7 . 1) A bill to amend sectionr 5 9. 11. 12, and 9s o an act entitkd "An . f act to amend and consolidate the arts respecting copyrighk" approved Mar. & 1909. and a amended Aug. a,1912. Presented by Mr. Penrose. S. bill No. 9740. 4h s t Cong.. 1st sess. Rrinted. 8 pp. 4*. [Refmed to the Committee on Library.] 4 1916 (Jan.) 5 A bill to amend x ~ t i o n o the art entitled "An act to amend and . 61 f consolidate the acts respecting copyright." approved Mar. 4. 1909. Presented by Yr. Barchfeld. H. R. b i i No. 7614. 64th Cong.. 1st rcs. Printed. a pp. 4. IRefentd to the Committee on Patents.]


direct pecuniary charge or admission fee to such performance is made unless such performance is given exclusively for a religious, charitable, or educational purpose.


The House bill was referred to the Committee on Patents and ordered to be printed. The same bill was presented to the Senate on January 10, 1916, by Hon. Thomas W. Hards.baue wick (S. 3342),' and was read twice and referred to the Committee on Patents. Neither committee has reported the bill. On March 9, 1916, Hon. Blair Lee introduced in the Senate s. & e a bill (S. 4890)' to amend section 25 of the copyright act of IQ 1909 to provide that the maximum damages for infringenlent by a newspaper reproduction of a copyrighted photograph shall be $250 in lieu of $200 and extends this limit of damages in the case of such infringement of a "print or pictorial illustration." The bill also proposes to add a proviso a t the end of section 40, providing for the costs of a suit, to the effect "that if only the minimum amount specified in this Act for damages shall be awarded, each party shall pay his his own costs." A new print of the bill with textual amendments (S. 5183) was presented to the Senate on March 22: and referred to the Committee on Patents ; while the original bill had meantime been introduced in the House of Repre- , sentntives on March 17, by FIon. Charles R. Smith, of New H. R bin 33348 York (H. R. I 3348) , and referred to the House Committee . ' on Patents. No action by either committee has been reported.
1 1916 (Jan. lo). A bill to amend sectim 6r d the act entitled "An act to amend and mnsolidate the acts respecting mpyrighf" approved Mar. 4. 1909. Presented by Mr. Hardwick. S. bill No. 334~.64th Cang., I$ aerr. Printed. r pp. 4.. [Referred to the Committee on Patents.] '1916 (Mar. g). A bill to amend the provision regarding newspapers in clause (b) d section a5 d an act entitled "An act to amend and mnsolidate the acts mpecting copyright." approved Mar. 4. I-, as amended b y an act approved Aug. 24. 1912, and a h to amend ~ c t i o n of said act. Presented by Mr. Lee of Maryland. S. bill No. @go. 40 . [Rderred to the Committee on Pateato.] 64th Cong.. 1st sesr. Printed, t pp. 4 1916 (Mar. at). A bill to amend the pmvkion regarding newspapers in &use (b) d section a5 of an act entitled "An act t o amend and consolidate the acts respecting copyrinht." approved Mar. 4.1909. as amended by an act approved Aug. 24, 1912, and a h to amend section 40 of said act. Presented b y Mr. Hardwick. S. bill No. 5183. 64th Cmg., 1st oess. Printed. a pp. 4*. [Rderred to the Committee on Patents.] 1916 (Mar. 17). A bill to amend the provision regarding newspapers in clause (b) d M i o n a5 d an act entitled "An act to amend and consolidate the acts respecting copy. right." approved Mar. 4.1909, as amended by an act approved Aug. 24. 1912, and a h to amend section 40 of said act. Presented b y Mr. Smith d New York. H. R. bill No. rss@. 64th Cong.. 1st ress. Printed. a pp.. [Referred to the Committee on Patents.]

Register of Copyrights


On April 5, 1916, Hon. William D. Stephens, of California, R biu*@* . introduced (by request) a bill (H. R. 14226)' to amend seetion I , paragraph (b), of the copyright act of I W , to secure to the copyright proprietor the exclusive right to make "any abridgment, amplification, augmentation, adafifatiogt, or arrangement" of a copyrighted work. The bill was referred to the House Committee on Patents. I t has not been reported. ?he text of this bill is printed in this report, page 209. The following bills which deal directly with copyright or contain certain provisions in relation to copyright have been referred to in my previous reports, but have been reintroduced in the present Congress, and referred, in each case, to the committee noted. H. R. 24925 (ad sms., 62d Congress; printed in full in mjl Annual Report for 1911-12, 1 ~ . 179-I~o),was again presented by Hon. Luther \IT. Mott on December 6, 1915, and referred to the House Committee on u Patents. The bill (now H. R. 420)' deals with the copyright ~ iH.R. e of labels and other comll~ercial advertisements, and proposes to ex tend l h e misdemeanor clause in section 2 8 ui the copyright act of March 4, 1909. H. R. 2 I 137 (gd sess., 63d Cong.; summarized in my ~ n h u a Report for 1913-1 5, p p 166167) was reintroduced l by Hon. William A. Oldfield on December 7, 1915, in an BiU H.R ~ 5 . amended form (H. R. 3053); reading as follows:
Upon the expiration of the copyright of a book,or the renewal thereof f should the same be renewed, there shall exist no superior rights o any nature whatsoever in the publisher or former proprietor thereof to the matter which has been the subject of copyright or to the name or title thereof, but both the matter which has been the subject of copyright and its name or title shall fall into the public domain and thereafter be forever free to the unrestricted use of the public.


The bill was referred to the House Committee on Patents, and public hearings were held before that committee on
1 1916 (Apr. 5). A bill to amend section r, subdivisiou (6). ofthe act entitled "An act to amend and consolidate the acts respecting copyright." approved Mar. 4. r-. Prcsented by Mr. Stephens ol Califomin (by muest). H. R. b No. r4ar6. 4 t h Cotlg.. i d 1st ses. Printed a pp. 4.. [Rdemd to theCommittee on Patmts.) P-ted 2 1915 (Dec. 6). A bill to amend the copyright law p a d Mar. 4. I-. by Mr. Mott. H. R. bill No. 4.0. 4 t h Cow.. 1st sss. Printed, 3 pp. 4'. [Rdemd to the Committee on Patents.] 8 191s (Dec. 7). A bill to amend section 23 d the act entitled "An act to amend and consolidate the acts respecting copyright." approved Mar. 4, r-. Presented by Mr. Oldfield. H. R. bill No. 3053. 4 t h Coag.. 1st sess. Printed. 2 pp. 4.. [Rdemd to the Committee on Patmts.1



Report of the Librarian of Congress

May 3. The stenographic report was duly printed.' This bill has not been reported by the committee. BUH.R.x=sx H. R. 20695 (3d sess. 63d Congress; printed in my last a year's report, pp. 18g-190) w s again presented to the House on January 27, 1916, by Hon. Daniel A. Driscoll (H. R. 10231) a and referred to the Committee on Patents. I t proposes to increase the term of ad interim copyright from 30 days to go days, and to make the importation of authorized copies of English books, now permitted under the law in force, contingent upon the express "consent of the proprietor of the American copyright or his representative," i. e., the American publisher or republisher of the English, author's book. No action has been taken by the committee on this bill. M o ~ ~ - ~ i c ~ r * 14895 (2d sess. 63d Contress; referred to in my last H. R. esnsmshifi b i u c year's report, pp. 167-168) was reintroduced on December H, R 1 6 .1 6, 1915, by Hon. Dudley M. Hughes in the House (H. R. 456) and on December 16, 1915, by Hen. Hoke Smith in the Senate (S. 2204) .' I t proposed a Commission of Censorship for motion pictures, and provided in section g "that no copyright shall be issued for any film which has not previously received the certificate and seal of this commission." A substitute bill was reported from the House Committee on Education by the Hon. Mr. Hughes B"H.R.xJd'on May 8, 1916, and in this bill (H. R. 15462) the copyright clause has been oiiiitted.
1 Amendment d copyright laws. Hearing bdom the Committee on Patents. H a w of Representatives. 6qth Cmg.. 1st sau. A bill [H. 3053) to amenkl the copyrisht R. hws rehting to rights existing alter expiration d copyright. May 3. 19x6. 41 PP. 8'. Washington. Government printing office. 1916. a 1916(Jan. 17). A bill to amend sectiona a1 and 31 of the act entrtlad "An act to amad and consolidatethe acts respecting c o m g h f " approved Mar. 4. r m . Presented by Mr. Drircoll. H. R. bill No. roasr. 64th Cong.. rot arr. hinted. 4 pp.4.. [Referred to thc Committee on Patents.] 819x5 (Dee. 6). A blll to create a new division o the ~ureau'ofEducation. to be known f as the Federal Motion Pidure Commission. and defining its powers and dutics. h xnted by Mr. Hughcs. H. R. bill No. 456. 4 t h Cmg.. 1st ess. Printed. 6 w. 4'. [Referred to the Committee on Educatico.] 4 1915 (Dee. 16). A bill to aeate a new division o the Bureau of Education. to be f known a the Federal Motion Picture Commission. and defining its powers and duties. s Presented by Mr. Smith o Georgia. S. bill No. 9m4. 4 t h Cong.. 18t sea. P A f 6 pp. 4'. [Rderred to the Committee on Education and LPba.1 5 1916 (May 8). A bill to create a commission to be known a the Federal M o t h Pie s ture Commission. and delining its powers and duties. Presented by Mr. Hughes. 8. o R. btll No. 15461. 64th b g . . 1st seur. Printed, x pp. 4'. [Referredto the Committsc


m Educatica.]

Register of Copyrights
H. R. I 5902 (2d sess., 63d Congress, the public prin tingbLubl* brw@ bill, referred to in my last year's report, p. 168) was reintroduced on December 6, 1915, 1)y Hon. Henry A. Barnhart (H. R. 323).l I t retains the provision that "no Gov- B a H . R . m ernment publication nor any portion thereof shall be copyrighted." A substitute bill was introduced in the Senate by Hon. Duncan U. Fletcher (S. 1107) on December 7, BiuS.rror 1915; and the same copyright clause is contained in section 82. A bill was favorably reported in lieu of H. R. 323 from the House Con1rnitt~- on Printing by Hon. Henry A. Rarnhart on January I I , I 916 (33. R. 8664; House Report B a H. R. H. R. rrpa( r . o No. 32): which retains the copyright clause as quoted,, above. On February 25, 1916, Hon. Duncan U. Fletcher favorably reported from the Senate Committee on Printing, with ahiendments, S. bill 1107 (Senate Report 183): which contains the following explanatory statement: SBC.82. This paragraph defines the term "~ov&nmentpublication" to mean and include .all publications printed at Government expense or published or distributed by authority of Congress. I t a h continues the present prohibition against the copyrighting ol Government publications. The definition here used is similar to that which has been adopted by the Superintendent of Documents for many f years in his work o classifying and cataloguing Government publicetions.

No final action h& been taken upon these bills.
1 191s <Dee. 6). A bill to amend, revis, and cod* the laws relating to the public f printing and binding and the distribution o Government p u b l i d o m . Presented by Mr. Barnhart, H R. bill No. 33 64thCmg.. 1st scss. Printed. 12s pp. 4 . .. . [Referred to the Committee on P1intinn.J 2191s (Dec. 7). A bill to amend, revise, and codify the l a m relating to the puML printing end binding and the distribution d Government publicationu. Presented by . [ R d d Mr. Fletcha. S. bill No. 1107. 64th Cong.. 1st aes. Printed. lag pp. 4 to the Committee on Rinting.] 1916 Uan. 11). A bill to amend, revise, and codify the laws relating t o the public printing and binding and the distribution d Government publicatioru. Reported from the Committee on Printing by Mr. Barnhart. in lieu of H. R. jaj: committed to the f Committee of the Whole House on the state o the Union. H. R. bill No. 64th Cong.. 1st sss. Printed. l a p pp. 4 . 1916 (Jan. XI). Revision o printing lam. Mr. Barnhart, from the Committee on f Printing. submitted the following report (to accompany H. R. m ) . 64th Cong.. 1st sess. H. R. Report No. 3s. Printed. Ua pp. 8 . 1916 {Feb. as). A bill t o amend. revise, and codify the laas relating t o the public printing and binding and tbe distribution of Covanment publicntioru. Reported by Mr. Fletcha. with ammdmextts. S. bill No. 1107. 64th Cong.. 1st w. Printed. rja PP. I*. 1916 (Feb. ad. Revision o printing laws. Mr. Fletcha. from the Committee cm f Printing. submitted the following report (to a-pay S. IIW). 64thCong.. 1st sess. S. Report No. 183. Printed. r ~ pp. 8.. 1



Report of the Librariqcn of Congress


In previous Annual Reports (more especially in illy report for 1912-13, pp. 148-14g), I have pointed out the urgent need for better protection for artistic designs for articles of manufacture, with the recommendation that such amendment of the copyright laws be suggested as would secure protection of ornamental designs for articles of manufacture; provide for suitable remedies in case of infringement, and for a sufficient and reasonably economical registration. There was considerable evidence that a widespread nced was felt for such legislation, and on January 12, 1914, the then chairnian of the Committee on Patents of the House of Representatives introduced an elaborate and detailed "Bill providing for the registration of designs." Public hearings on Bill H. R. 11381 (H. R. I 1321, 2d sess. 63d Cong.).' this bill were held before the House committee on April 2 2 , z4,28, 29 and May 5,6, 18, 1g,20,21, 22, and 27,1914, and the stenographic report of the discussions was printed.' Following this hearing, revised bills were introduced bv the chairman of the House Conunittee on Patents, on August B ~ u H . R . I 1914 (H. R. 18223, 2d sew. 63d Cong.) and on Decem~z~~~, B a H. R. 6458 ber I 7, I 915 (H. R. 6458, 1st sess. 64th Cong.).' A second series of public hearings were held before the House committee on March 22, 23, 24, 29, April 5 and 19, 1916, the stenographic reports of which were printed.' The present chairman of that committee, Hon. Martin A. Morrir '1914 (Jan. 11). A bill prwiding fur the registration of designs. Presented by M . Oldfield. H.R. bill No. I I ~ ~ I . Cong.. ad sess. Printed. 17 pp. 4 63d . [Refacd to the Committee on Patents.] 'Registration of designs. Hearing before the Committee on Patents. House d Rep resentativa. 63d Cong., ad oas.. Apr. t r [ M a y 171, 19y. 150 pp. 8 Washinpton. . Gwernment Printing Office. 1914. [Each day's hearing was printed seperatcly.] r 8 1 . (Aug. 4). A bill providing f o i the registration of designs. Presented by M . 5q Oldfield (by request). H. R. bill No. 18113. 63d Cong.. ad sas. Printed. 11 pp. 4 . [Referred t o the Committee on Patents.] r 4 1915 (Dsc. 17). A bill prwiding fur the registration of designs. Presented by M . Morrison (by request). H. R. bill No. 649. 64th Cong., 1st oas. Printed, 3s pp. 4 . [Referred t o the Committee on Patents.] 'Registration of designs. Hearings before the Committee on Patents. House d Repra rentatives, h t h Cong.. 1st ~QU.. bills H. R. 6458 and H. R. 13618, prwiding for on the the registration of designs. Mar, 11, 13, Y. end Apr. 5,1916. (Pert I.] a67 PP. 8 . Washington. Government Printing me.1916. Registration of designs. Hearings before the Committee on Patents. House d R e g rzsentatives. 64th Cong.. 1st sess.. on the bill H. R. 649, providing for the registration . of d e s i w . Apr. 19. 1916. Pert a. title pep. pp. a69-173. 8 Washington. Government Printing O5ce. 1916.

Register of Copyr;9&
son, introduced a new bill (H. R. I 4666) on April I 5 , I gr6,' to enact " that the author of any design, new and original, as embodied in or applied to any manufactured product of an art or trade, or his assignee, may have copyraght therein by registering such design in tlw United States Patent O h and obtaining from the Commissioner of Patents a certificate of such registration." The bill provides in considerable detail for the proposed fie registration in the Patent Ofc and makes provision for remedies in case of infringement, for practice and procedure, etc.* I I. International Copyriqkt Relations During the year covered by this report official notification Paa-A-copwiosrcanar Ilas been received that Brazil, Costa Rica, and S a l v a d ~ r ; ~ , ~ , , , have ratified the Fourth Pan-American Copyright Convention, which was signed at Buenos Aires on August I I , 1910, and proclaimed by the United States on July 13, 1914.
lrgr6 (Apr. 15). A bill providing for the registration d daigm. Prernted by Mr. Marism. H. R. bill NO. r 4 W 64th Ccag.., 1st rsa Printed. a1 w. 4. [Rekrred to the Committee on Patmts.1 * S i n e the abwe was written a new draft ofthe bill was p m m t e d by H w . Martin A. Morrison. on Aug. 4. 1916 (H. R. I~P~O)'.t includes as subject matter of protstim I "any new and original surlace design." and makes the nr -y c h m g a throughout the bill t o correspond to this addition. This bill was favorably reported from the Houn Committee on Patents on Aug. 18. 1916 (H. R. r l w . H. R. Report No. ~rzs).' Thc House report explains the bill as lollom: "The hill does not undertake to repeal or amend aisting patent law aa to potcuts or design patents. I t leaves all such laws in full fare and d i e . It propose that new and original designs. and designs new and original os anbodied in or applied to m y manufactured product of an art or trade. may be register& in tbe United States Patent Office by the author or inventor, or his assignee. and that the registrant may have c w right in such design. The subiect m a t t a of the pending bill is practically the as the subiect matter of design patents under existing law. The present bill d o 8 not mva any sub* matter anbraced within the present potent laws o t h a than thoec relating to design patents. but is expressly limited to designs having no f u n a i d a - mechanical purpose or producing no functional or mechanical d t . I t is u @ y provided that d e s i m shall not be given copyright protection under the pending bill if t h 9 mme within the purview of the statutes prwidiig patent protection upm invmtiam."

H.R. bur-


'1916 (Auo. 4). A bill providing for the registratiw d designs. Presented by M . r M o r r b . H. R. bill No. r 7 w . 64th Cong.. 1st ems. Printed. y w. 4'. l R d 4 to the Committee m Patents.] '1916 (Aug. 18). A bill providing for the registration o desi-s. f Committed to the Committee of the Whole House on +estate of the Union. H R. bill No. 17w. (H. R Report NO. rras.) 64th COOP.,a m . Printed, 13 w. 4'. 1st rp16 (Aug. 18). Registration of designr. M . M r i o .from the Committee on Patr orsn ents, submitted the following report (to a m m p m y H. 8. r7w). 64th h e . . 1st .as. H. R. Report No. lras. Printed. 3 pp. 8..


Report o the Librarian o Congress f f

This Convention is now in force between the United States and the following countries: Bolivia, Brazil, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, and Salvador. This international agreement provides that "The signatory States acknowledge and protect the rights of Literary and Artistic Property in conformity with the stipulations of the present Convention" (art. I); and that "The acknowledgment of a copyright obtained in one State, in conformity with its laws, shall produce its effects of full right in all the other States, without the necessity of complying with any other formality, provided always there shall appear in the work a statement that indicates the reservation of the property right" (art. 3). The full text of this Convention was printed in the Report of the Register of Copyrights for I 914-15 , pages I 97-200. Respectiully submitted - THORVALD SOLBERG Register of Copyrights HERBERT PUTNAM Librartbn of Congress

Register of Copyrights
a@@lied flscal yeor ending J U M p, 1916 for


EXHIBIT A-Statement of gross receipts, refunis, nst rccerccer@ts, and fcsr

9 r W Y 9,7a7. q 9,57r 61 1 1 ~ 1 78 6 ~

July.. AuoUrt. September..

........................... , .............................. November.. ........................... D-ber.. ...........................
January.. March. April May.. June..

................................. @,77a 88 ............................... 8,oas.4

I A*$,

............................. February.. ............................


................................ .................................. ................................. .................................

ra,Sq.pb 8,875.53 9,733. 8 , w ~ 8, q8 s 9,658 61

.............................. k,~57.35 ............................................ 1,711.39 $115,665.0 .................................... rrr,pgr 03 Total to be accounted for.. ........................................... ras, sag. $8 Copyright fees applied July IQIS, June 30,1916.. ........... 11a,p86 4 to Balana earned Iorward to July I , 19x6: T ~ sfun&................................................. t 7,8Sp d Unfinished businem.. ...................................... 1.383.17
Balancebrought forward from June 30, I ~ I s . . . N t rempts July I , 191s.to June 30. 1916: e Grms receipt.. r. X8.s~amount ~dundcd..



Report of the Librarian of Congress
EXHIBIT B-Statement of fees paid into Treasury



July 11.. July 19.. July 16.. A u ~1 . :.. . Aug. 5.. Aug.9 .................. Aug. 16. Aur.a~ AUC. SO.. ............... Sept. 7... Sept. 13 Sept. ro Sept. a7 Oct. 4.. ................. Oct. 6... ................ OC~. 11 M . 1 8 .................. Oct. as .................. Nw. x Nw. 6 N w . 8.. N w . IS.. ............... N w . 11................. N w . r p ................. Dec.4 .................. Dec.6.. ................ Dec. 13.. Dm. 10.. Dec. 1)




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+a.jo . 3,500-00 41 a,soo.oo r.5oo.w 1 3036 r,ooo.oo 3068 497.85 3080 I,-I,IW.W 31,0.o 3145 16 0o 3189 a,ooo.w fa15 1,416.30 3216 80.00 3a6r a , ~ . o o 3353 agIW.00 3386 arjoo.w

1413 1474 1516 1535 2547 a567 1611 1661 1701 a741 a755 127 1818 a853 1865 3

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1,m.oo 1,)oo.o. l,ow.oo 1,800.m 1,318.10 1,6ao.oo 1,hoo l,wo.oo

J m . 3. ................ 3413 $1, h 00 J m . 7.. 163.50 3471 J m . 10. 3486 I , ~ W . W J m . I) "3515 Z t 8 0 . W J m . 24.. 3554 a,soo.w Jm.31. ............... 3606 a,&~.oo Feb. s ................. 8a1.m 3Fcb.7 3655 1,soo.o Feb. 14. ............... j t ~ p 1,goa.o~ Feb. 11 3744 r,soo.oo Feb.r8 3777 ~ , I W . W Mar. 4................. 3815 1~4sa.m Mar. 6... .............. 3838 ~,aoo.oo Mar. 13.. ............ 3681 ~,goa.oo Mar. YO. ............... 3956 a, 1oo.w Mar. 1)................ lrJW.W 1 Apr.3 1~9ca.00 4041 Apr. 6... 4080 m.05 Apr. I e 4109 1,7w.oo APT. 17................ 4138 1,ooo.m Apr. a4 I,TCO.W 4x79 May I. 4219 3,roo.oo 181.35 May 4.. 4.42 May8 4258 a,ooo.w May IS.. .............. 4314 1,300.w May la ................ a,roo.oo 4,362 May 19.. 4384 a,aoo.oo JIUW 5................. 4400 866.35 Junexa 4 ~ 7 z,-.oo June 19 a,~oo.oo &a June16 a,too.oo 4510 July 3. 4539 1 , k . w July 10 4563 5)a.a~

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.................. 111,g86.85

July 8,647 1915 August. ........ 7,918 September. .... 6.785
October.. ...... 10,095 November.. 9. aaa December.. 9,260 1916 January.. 9,580 February.. ..... 8,583 March. ......... 9,251 April.. ......... 8,roo May. 8,959 June. 9,054








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July.. 28 Cxq.00 August.. .,..... 48 24.00 September.. 53 d.so Odobcr.. ...... 16 u.m NOV emhr...... 62 31.00 D-ber.. 65 32.50

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J m u a w . . ...... Peb+uarv.. ..... March.. Aqd.. yay.


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91 62 82 36

45.50 31.00 41.00 18.00 IS 27-50