The followiiig publications were issued ill linlited etlitionu, brrt iiiay be liad (so f a r a s any a r e still available) f1.0111 the S U P ~ I N ~ ~ D EDOCUMENTS, OF N T WASHINGTON, C , upon puyment 1 1 advance of the iiominal price given, whicli D. 1 ilicludes postage. Postal money orders or drnfts should be ni:tde pny:~bleant1 adtlressetl to the SUIJERINTE~NDEINT OF Pmt1.1~DOC'UMENI-s. Sta111ps :i~ttl uiit~crtified checks itre not accepted. BULLETIN 3. I'al)er, 1 5 ~ ; ciolh, 3%. NO. . Copyright Enac~tn~ents tlie United States, 1783--l!)W. 2d t3tl., rev. 174 of pp. so. 1906. BULLETINNO. 8. Cloth, 652. Copyright in Co~~gress, 1780-1904. A bibliograpl~yand cliroiiological recin s ord of :rll p r o c e ~ i ~ ~ g Congress in relation to copyright. 468 pp. 8'. 1W5. BULLETIN NO. 11. Paper, 10c. Copyright in .Tal~aii. Law of M:~rch 3, 1899, ant1 copyright convelitioli 1)etmeeii the Uiiitctl States and Japan, May 1.0, 1906, togetlier with tlie text of earlier, ennc.tinrllts. vf S 1)p. 8". 1 W . O BULLETIN 17. Cloth, SOc. NO. Decisions of tlit. ('l~ited Stntes cbonrts i ~ ~ v ( ~ l vccol).\'rigllt. l!N)(%1!)14. ii~g Second eillargetl etlilion. vi, 279 BD. So. 1928. B U L L ~ I NO. 18. Cloth, GOc. N Decisions of the Unitctl States courts i~tvolving c,ol~yriglit. 1!)14~-1917. is, tj06 pp. 8' 1'318. Bur.~n.rxNo. 19. Cloth, $1. I)ct~isio~ts tlic I*iiitcd States courts iiivcrlvi~~g ol' colryrigl~t. 1918-1024. xi, 477 pp. 8". 1926. DRAXATIO COMPOSITIONS COPYBIOIITW T l l E UNITED IN STATES, 1870-1916. [Over (j0.0OO titles alplii~beticallyarranged, with colilplete index to nuthors, pro~ ~ r i e t o rtr:inslators, etcp.] 1 p. I., v. 35-17 p ~ . 4". 1!)18. 2 rols. Cloth, $4. s, BULLETIN 14. NO. The Copyriglit Luw of tllc United States of Allrcrrica, being the Act of 31:ircli 4, l!Mm (in force July 1, 1909). A S nmeiidetl by the .lrts of Arigust 24, 1!)12, M;iroli 2, 1!)13, March 28, 1914, Jnly 3. 1926, rind &lay 23, 1928, toi.t>tl~c'rwith Itrlles for Practice illid 1'rot:edure under Section 25, by the Srii~reii~t~ r t of the United States. 50 pp. 8". 1919. (hu BI:I.I.)S~IN 16, NO. (:o~).vrightin Euglantl. Act 1 aud 2 Geo. 5, 'h. 46. An Act to anlent1 ;in11 consolitltrte the law relating to t~opyright,~ a s s e c lDecember 16, 1911. rADp. 8". 1914. RULI.ETIN 20. No. Col~yrightin Cnnnda. Act 11 and 12 Gw. 5, ch. 24, assented to June 4, 1 9 3 , and amended Jurie 13, 1923. iii, 55 pp. So. 1924. INFORMATION CIRCIILAR.So. 4 A.-Internationnl (lopyright Conve~ition. R e vised text, Berlin, 1908. 10 pp. 4". No. 4 B.-Aclclitional protocol to t l ~ e International Copyright (:onvention of Berlin, Novenlher 1.3, 1908, signetl at Hcrne, March 20, 1914. 2 pp. 4O. No. 4 C.--Intern:~tion:~I Copyright Con vtsntion. New revision, signetl nt Ilorne, .Tune 2, 1928. Frcl~lchtext, with English t r a n s l a t i o ~ ~ . pp. 4". 14


~v:eiitts - _ - _ ........................................ xltendit~~rc?~ ---- L . _-- - _ PI~-riglic~r~tries t ~pyi'ight tltblrosits t1c.x : I I I ~ ~ . I I ~ : I I O ~ U C rwpyright entries .............................. of IIIIIII:IPY vol~yright busi~ic~ss of )inlilit~nof (.ol~yriyht Itusiness 'l'vll'e iol.v~~ltl Solberg qlyrigl~t Oflicbe lrublicntions - - - - - - _ - - . _ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - _ - - - - - - - - - - - - - _ vl).vrigl~tIegislt~tion : S(,w :~rttl :~ntr.t~ll;~tor.v, l)rolrt);+t~rcrtrlrc~visionof the copyright I i ~ w s IJrsiglt ~ r. t tt!rn;iliol:nl cwl~yrigltt _ - . _ _ - - - - - _ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - _ ) ~ ) ~ ' r i g tcilrlcs, re: r i l ~ t s ,fees, registrnticrns, deposits----------------ht lcl+b~ld>l : H. It. C,DS,'3 (I)cu.embcr 9, 1M9) ................................... kl. K. 963'3 ( 7, 1930) --------------------__--------------11. It. 12549 (Mny 22, 1030) -------------------------------------IT. R. 74% (I)c?ceniber 13, 1929) .................................. H. R. 1 1 ~ 2 J U I ~ I D ~ ) ( R, pyright proclurnnt iolrs :

Irish Frve


WASHINGTOX, C., July 9,1.930. D. The copyright business and the work of the Copyht Office for the fiscal year July 1, 1929, to June 30, 0, inclusive, are sumniariaed as follows :
;in :

rile gross receipts during the year were $336,980.75. -tc., balance of $23,365.18, representing trust funds and inished business, was on hand July 1, 1929, making n. 11 sum of $360,345.93 to be accounted for. Of this oiint the sum of $7,588.38 was refunded as excess fees :IS fees for t~rticlesnot registrable, leaving a net bal:e of $352,757.55. The balance carried over to July l, ,O, was $25,127.65 (representing trust funds and total inished business), leaving fees applied during the fisvear 192W0 and paid into the Treasury, $327,629.90. ~ s s rl l ~ s ?he annualzapplied fees since July 1,1897, are: to A.
7 98------------ $55,926.50 3- 99------------ 58,267. W 3-1900 65,206.00 tl!Ml---------B,687.60 1-2 ----------_-- 64,687.00 2-3 --_---------- 68,874.60 3-4 ------------_ 72,629.00 &,5 --_---------- 78,058.00 F-6------------- Y , 198.00 O i - 7- - - - - _ _ _ - _ - - 84.685.00 i-8 --_----_----- 82,387.50 %9 ------------- 83.816.75 )-lo _-----_----- 104.G44.95 )- 1 1 - _ -_------- 109,913.95 ~~ I -12_--------_- 116,686. OC, ------1---

Total __----4,052,426, 10

rile increase in the amount of the applied fees from 15,167.65 for the fiscal year 1927-28 to $008,993.80



for the fiscal year 1928-29 was clue to the oper:lliori of the act of Congress approved May 23, 1'328, which doltbled the fees for registration of clailiis of copyrigllt for published works, namely, from $1 to $?2 for circli r11t1.y.

Tlle appropri:ition made by Congrc!ss for s:rl:r.ric!s in the Copyright Office for the tiscul ye:^ eritli~ig .J~tne 80, 1930, was $228,740.00. The total csl)entlit~~rc: for salaries was $228,638.50, or $98,997.40 less thirri the net amount of fees earnecl and paid into tlie Tre;is~tr.ytlrlrfor supstotionerv and ing the eorresponding yenr. The expenclit~ir~e sundries. plies, including stationery ancl other urticles :rntl postage on foreign mail matter, etc., was $1,357.72, 1e:rvirig a balance for the year of $!17,(5:39.08 to the c.r*etlit of the office. oopuljoht r e During the period of 33 years (1897-1980) t.lia copyceipte and fees, .~-1gso. right business, as evidenced by the applied fees, increased ~tearly sixfold, from $55,376 to $327,629.90. During the 33 fiscal years since the r-corga~~iz:lt.ion of the (fopyright Office (from ,July 1, 1897, to .I~rrle 30, 1930) the copyriglit fees ;il)plietl and paid into tllc 'I1l.c:r.sury have airlountecl to a grand total of $4,05i?,-L2(j.l0.ant\ C'he t,otal copyriglit registr:rtions 1i:ive IIIIIIII)(.>I'P(I over four millions (4,150,973). 'rhe fees earnecl ($4,068,426.10) were laiyel. tliari the over salarier. Emens fees app~*opriations salaries ileed during tlie snlirc. pcriocl for ($3,358,492.66) by $693,933.44. qalut: o f ~ p u - I n addition to this direct profit, the large nurnber of r.ight depoa4tr. over seven million books, maps, musical works, periodicoals, prints, and other articles deposited during the 33 years were of substantial pecuniary value and of ~ i c h a character that their nccessio~lto the Library of C~oucress through the Col)yright Offire effectecl a 1:lr.g. ,.~\.irlcto the 1)1lrchase fund of the Lil)r;~ry(h(111:il ~ t:1111o1rr1( i to their price.
('OI'TItT(;II'I' Entries and rere, 1PP944.

Salwies, 19tlh~o.


'rhc ~~egistratio~is the fisr.:iI ycJal. I I I I I I I ~ : ' ~ ' ~ ' ( ~ for 152.702. Of tltese, 3-1;277 were ~.eyistritlionsfor 11111)trl)lislirtl \vorlcs at $1 ~ a c h ; 139,847 were 1~t~gisCr:rli011s for 1)ubIishetl works :rt $ 2 eaoli; 3,831 wt.17t> X i~vpi,~tr:ltio~rs of photogral~l~s without cert.ificat~s :tt $1 c~ach. 'I'llere Irere also 5.937 registrirt,iolis of ~*eiie\r:ils $1e:acli. The :rt



fees for these registrations amounted to a total of $312,139.

The total number of separate articles deposited in com- d ~ o s l t e d . drtbleo pliance with the copyright law which have been registered during the fiscal year is 275,!214. The number of these articles in each class for the last five fiscal years is shown in Exhibit E. It is not possible to determine exactly how completely inu copydght. Works claimthe works which claim copyright are deposited, but in response to inquiries received during the year from the card division, the accessions division, law division, and the reading room in regard to =books supposed to have been copyrighted but not discovered in the Library, it was found that 89 of these works had been received and were actually in the Library, 23 books had been deposited and were still in the Copyright Office. 78 works were either not published, did not claim copyright, or for other valid reasons couId not be deposited, while in the case of 97 works no answers to our Ietters of inquiry had been received up to June 30, 1930. Copies were received of 497 works in a11 in response to requests made by the c o S g h t Office d ~ ~ r i n g period of 12 months the for works published in recent years. Our copyright laws have required the daposit of copies D b f ~ o s a lO J depoefts. for the use of the Library of Congress, and the act i n force demands a deposit of two copies of American book;. The act provides, however, that the Librarian of Congress may determine (1) what books or other articles shall be transferred to the permanent collections of the Librarg of Congress, including the law library ; (2) what othe~ books or articles shall be placed in the reserve colleetione of the Library of Congress for sale o r exchange; or (3) be transferryl to other governmental libraries in the District of CoIumbia for use therein. The law further provides (4) that articles remailling undisposed of mag upon specified conditions be returned to the authors or copyright proprietors. During the fiscal year a total of 121,136 articles de- T r a n s l eor d to m Mbraty posited have been transferred to the Library of Congress. c6mgres8. This number included 33,699 books, 71,640 periodical numbers, 8,843 pieces of music, 5,072 maps, and 1,882 photogmphs and angmvinga.

o t 1 t . r ~Ir71rarJes.


ullder aulthoritg of section 59 of tlie act of March 1, 1909, were transfel-rtvl tlnriug the fisc;d year to other governmental 1ibra.rirs in the District of ('olumbia :' for use therein " 9,798 hooks. TTliclrr this tri~usfel.,up t o ,June 30, 1930, the followitip liIjrnric1s hn\7c. ~-eceived books as indicated below : Department of A g ~ . i c ~ ~ l t r ~ r c , ; Dcl,;~rtliic>ntof 3,855 Commerce, 18,330; Navy Dep:~r't,nicnt,1,845; Trei~snry Department, 1,496; Uurcau of I<tl~tcntion, I7,99G; Feder:tl Trade Commission, 15,414; Bureau of Standartls, 2,094; Surgcoti General's library, 7:107; Walter I t e t ~ IIospital,. l 1,891; Engineor School, ('orps of Engineers? 3.163; Solcliers' Home, 1.590; Pnblic 1,ibrary of the Ilistrict of Columbia, 47,806. A 11u111belof other libraries have receivetl n smaller number of books, untler 1,000 volumes. I n all, 139,432 volulnes h:~vtb~c.nthus tlist~.ibrlted(luringthe last 21 years. Jceturn of deTlie tropyright act of 1909 i~r~bhorizes rct111.n to, the posits t o cop right ckintanfi. copyright claimants of such deposits as are not needed by the Library of Congress or the Copyright Office, after due notice as required by section 60. 111 response to special requests, 4,767 motion-picture films arid 83,725 tleposits in other classes have been so,nrned dllring t h e fiscal year.

Copuriyht catalogue.


All copyright entries are promptly intlt~sed. The intiex cards are u1tim:itt~ly insel-ted into the great card indexes covering all classes of copyright entries from 1897 to date and now liumbering more than 7,000,000. cards. These c:ircls are first llsecl as copy for the printed ('atalogue of Copyriglit Entries, the cllrrerit numbers of whicli bind up, with ani~unlindexes, to cover for each class all the cl~triesmwle for the cnlentlar Fear. The :ir~nrral \.oltlmes for 1989 nrr all completeil, exceljt the :~nnual for 1)nl.t 1, group 1. c o ~ ~ t ; ~ i l i books, inp rnuhic. and part 3, colltaini~~g fieginning wit11 tlie yeRr 1928, the copyright cr~tries for dranias and ~ ~ ~ o t pictures make x separate part ion of tlie catalogrtc (part 1. group 3 ) printctl in n ~ o ~ i t h l y numbers. By the act of C'ollgrcss approved hIny $23. 1923. the >ubscription ptbict. for tlie catalogtte wils illcreas~tl.the



omplete catalog~~e the year to $10 and the separate for )arts as follows: Part 1, group 1, hooks proper, $3; part 1, group 2, bumphlets and maps, $3; part 1, group 3, dramatic com~ositions:111(1 11~otio11 pictures. $2; part 2, lwriodicals, 2 ; part 3, musical compositions, $3; part 4, works of art, bhotographs, prints, and pictorial illustrations, $2; sin;le numbers (except bobk leaflets), 50 cents; annual inexes, each, for complete cttlcndar year, $2; all parts f o ~ . omplcte calendar year, $10.
Sunstnary of oopwriglct buaineee d a n c e on hallcl July 1, 1929....................... $23,365.18 ross receipts July 1, 1929, to J u n e 30, 1930--------- 336,980.75


fY0fiyrJfll~ i

Total to be nccounted for ..................... :efundecl---------------------------------

360,345.93 7,588.38'

Balance to be nccountcd for ------------------ 352,757.55 -p ~ l i e da s earned fees--------------.-$327,629.90 r~lnnrecarried over to July 1, 1930: Trust funds ------------ $22,926.28 t'r~flnished business ----2,201.37 - 25,127.66 352, 757. 65

E'eee for fivcal wear
tAesfor registl-ntion of l~ublished works, a t $2 rnch-- $278,694.00 ees for rcgistratior~ of unpublished works, a t $1 etirh------_--_----- - - - - _ - - ___--------_-- 24,277.00 --.-'ees for registration of ~hotograpliswithout certifl8 cntes, a t $1 ench -------------------------------3,231.00 ees for registration of ~.enewnls. ~ $1 each-------t t 5,937.00 Totnl fees for registr;~tio~ls recorclecl---------312, 139.00 ecs for certified copies of record, 11t $1 each ------------------------_-------- $1,613.00 ees for recording assignlncnts ---------- 1 2 , 2 2 2 . 0 enl.cvheslrlade and cbhargedkor a t the rate 721.00 of $1 for ench hour of time consumed-otice of user recortled (music) --------7'28.00 lilexl~lgtransfers of proprietorship-----208.90 - 15,490.90 Total fees for the fiscal year 19%30 -------- 3 2 7 , 6 2 9 . 0

En trice
umber of registrc~tions - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 160,885 umber of rnle\\-als recorded - _ _ - _- _ . - - - - -- - . _ _ 5.937 Total----------------------------------172,792 umber of certified copies of record .................... 1.613 11n1ber of avsignnlentv recorded or copied -------------- 3,640




C O I ' ~ ~ F ~ ~ O ~A Ilarge ~ I-

part of tlic bus:~lclssof tilt! Copyrigllt 0flic:c is dolie 1 . correspondence. 'l'lie tori11 letters and parcels 1y I ) ~ ~ ~ ~ received & r i n g the fisc::~lp : ~ r I I I I I I ~ !?O!),.',l.i, while the letters: p:~rccls,ctc*.,disl,i~tcllr~tl n~~uil)t~rc:l 2((i0~41"i.

clfr7ent ioork.



0 1 u l y 7, 1930, tlie t c i ~ ~ i t t a ~ l c c s 1 J tcr*uivtlcl 1111to the third m:~il of the (lay liacl be;a~r recorclcbc.l, the :~ccount boolts of Clie bookkeeping t l i ~ i s i o ~ l were b:~l:~nced for J u l ~ e ,tlir li~i:~~~cirll st:~ternelits \vclrr prcq):~recl for tlie , ~ ~ ! : Il)eyart~~icb~it, 11 o:~rlic!tl I'tbes to .1111ie30 I ~ I I I - ~ alicl 11 llacl bt!t~i pnitl illto the TrCaallry. Illore reni:~inecl to be coniplctccl of tllc work ill progc:u~.tls for 5319 ress 3,1!);) rclpistrat,io~isallcl c.att~log~~e :~rticlestleposited, tlie ncciuni~~l:~t~iou b o ~ eight clays. of a ~t





\V11ilc Iltis statement cornpa1.e~ favorably wit11 the usual condition a t this season, i t is to be obstlrvctl tllt~t. the office. is badly 1lanclicul)petl by lack of s1)ac.e. There is ~criolls 11ccltl for lilorcl room to elinl)le tlie clc~rltsto keep the large q~~:ir~tit,y rn:ite~-i:il \\lllicl~nlust I)e Ilan(lletl of 1)y each tlivision in :I systc~m:tt,ic ant1 ortlerly :~rr:~~lgeme~it. Mt~cliof t,liis 11i;lterial is b~llky,in the fol-rn of books z~ndlnal)s7 r e t l ~ ~ i r i ~ i g t:~blesfor \rh!(*Ii tlitlre is I ~ O W 110 spaccl. Indeed, t!icre is 11o\v i~is~~ffic!ie~it for the room irltliricl~~al clraks, a~icltllc crowded conditions, particularly in the n u i n office, make for muc:h discomfort. While the ~ i ~ ~ m ofc clerks 1x1s ilicl-cased since 1909 frolli 70 b ~r to 126, no ;~tlclitional sl)ace has hecw :~vailable. With the proslwct of a c:~~isitlernbly allg~lieritetl force to meet t h e rcclui~-en~cnts n c l e r new La\vs now pending, it is ~~ the difit.~llt to stv ho\r tlie problern of space call be iiiet \vhilt? \v:~itil~g tlie proposed riew b ~ ~ i l d i n g be comfor to ~>lctetl. This sitll;~tio~l n ~ t s t ~ nrce~sarily hare its ctfect upon tlie t.ffic5ienry of tli? force ant1 upon the promptness with which it rilcc~tsthe pt~blic(balls for service.

Reoieter ol

mp@.ghts ret+res.

The year 1929-30 is n notable one in the an~lnls the of Ctrpyright Office brrause of the rctire~oent,at his own rerl~~est, April 22, 1930, of Thorvaltl Solberg, register on of copyrights. H e left the offi~eor1 J ~ n u a r y for : 29, i



long vtication in Enrope, free from any requirelnent to return upon a fixed dabs foot-free journey which he had loiig a i d eagerly anticipated. Mr. Solbe1.g was the first register of copyrights appoi~ltetlwhen the office was organized in 1897, and had held the office continuously since that date. Throughout this long service he had so widely and completely identified himself with the work that i t is difficult to think of the office without him. A man of lofty purpose, great strength of character, high intellectual attainments and absolute integrity, he earnestly devoted himself to the cause of protection of literary and artistic property. Mr. Solberg's predominant interest is and always has been copyright Under his administration the Copyright Office has grown from a mere handful of clerks to a force of 126 people, while the growth of business is indicated by the increase in the annual fees from about $55,000 in 1808 to over $327,000 in the past year. Mr. Solberg's broad knowledge and wide familiarity unctea Btates delegate. with the subject of literary property and its protection make him a recognized authority not only in this country but in Europe, where he has attended most of the important conferences on international copyright during the past 30 years. I n 1908 he went to Berlin as United States . delegate to the International Conference for Revision of the Berne Convention, his official report of which was published the same year. I n May, 1928, he was again a delegate of the United States to the conference at Rome. The results of that conference are summarized in his report as register of copyrights for the year 1928. His official reports published each year in the annual report of the Librarian of Congress constitute a current review and history of copyright enactments and of proposed legislation in this country that will stand as a complete work of reference on this subject. Aside from these he compiled and published a series of bulletins of the Copy- Author. right O%ce and contributed articles on copyright 'to many periodicals. Among the more recent of these may be noted Copyright Law Reform, published in the Yale IAW Journal, November, 1925; The International Copyright TTnion, in Yale Law Journal, November, 1926; alld The 1'1lited States and International Copyright, this last published in pamphlet form by the Yale fiiversity Press.



While copyright has been Mr. Solberg's itl)horhi~lg YOcation, his favorite a\-oc:~tion is bib1 iogt'i11)ll~ He 11ils conlpil~cland published bibliogl-:lpllies 0 1 1 i~ I ~ I I I ~ L of ~ ~ ~ subjects, the latest of which, Some Notcbs on th(. lhltwric Islands, With Spcciul R c i e r e ~ ~ c e Tlleil* I{ihliogl.wl)lly, to \\-as publishetl in The Papers'of llle 13ibliogri11)lliciilSociety of Amel-ic:~, \roluine 22, 1!)28, part 2 : 'I'llc I<iltearic Islands, by the Chicngo Univrrsity P r ~ s s .

I -






O w h t LuZktlr.

eThe report of the register of copyrigllt.; Iil?t ~ ( > : I I . ~ e contained a retrospective sun1nlar-j-of the col)gl.ipl~tIcgislation which has been ennctetl in the U11itec1 St:~tc.ssince the first Federal copyright act, :tpl)rovetl 1\1:1y 21. IT!)O, outlining in cl~ronologicnlorder the variot~s iimrllt1111e11ts and revisions that have followrtl dawn t o thc1 1)rc.sc1nt time. om Except for this and the periodical C'atalogllc. of Copyright Entries, the Copyright Office has p11blisl1(1(l nothing a during the year, but has now reatly for ~)l~blic.ation refurther volume of compiled decisior~sof the co111.t~ ill lating to copyright, to cwntinile tllr series l)~~bli?lletl ~revious years. ~



The past year has been :I not:il)le o~lc. i r ~~)l.ol)oh(*~l copyright legislation. Early in the secor~tl ?cssioil of the Seveilty-first Congress (whicl) was the first r(~g11111r session) Mr. Vestal, chairman of the C'omrnittcv! on Patents, introduced four bills relating to copyright : (1) H. R. 6987,l a reprint o f H. R. 8013, Sevt~ntieth Congress., first session, January 9, 1028.? The ~ I rime I of this bill was to 1)rovitle for divisibility of c.ol~yl.iellt. (2) H. R. 698€L3 This bill was rltnw, a n c ~ t l ~ r r vtll.sion ~f measures previously introdl~c.c(lfor the ntllie l)lllsllose I t proposed t o t~nthorize Prrsiderlt to tlffect :i(ll1t14on the
I1029 (1)ec. 0 ) . A bill t o nlni~nd uiv!tlons 27, 42, 8r1d 4 4 of the act cntitled "An nct to n m f ~ n dnrlcl i ' o ~ ~ ! i ~ ~ l i d n t certu respc.i!tlnp copsrlgl~t." tlir approved March 4, 1009. Introdocvd by Mr. Yrstal. H. R. A!)H'i, 'ilat Cong., 2d Mess., 5 pp. 4 O . H e f ~ r r e dto the Committee o n 1';ltvnts. Wee Arlnual Report of l h e Register of Copyrights fol. t h o I.'isc.~l Yerlr ending June 30, 1'328, D. 32. 1929 (Dec. 9 ) . , bill t o a u t h n r i z p t h e 11rr)8i~lcnt t h c Uliltcd St:ltcd I of t o effect oud procl:~im the adhr~slonof t h e T J l ~ i t r t iStnt1.n t o tile ~ ~ o n v e r ~ l i o l l for the protection of workn of Iltrrnture : ~ u ditrt hiyllrd trt l l u t n e on Tune 2, 1038. Introduced I)y Mr. Y~st:~l. It. (iOH8. i l n t on^., 2d 11. 2 pl,. 4 O . Referred to t h e C o m u i l t l t ~ ron P:~tc~nts.

' t,lie



Tpnjtc~~l St:lttbs to the T : : t r i . n a t i o ; i : ~ l Copyright wit11 tlic 1c:lst possil)le cliange i n t l i e present law + t i s i s t e n t with the requirement,^ t o t h a t encl. The, bill 1)ri11twl full on page 23 of this report. in ( 3 ) I . 8. ! 'I'his was n rel~riiit I-I. R. 13.252 of '0th ( ' o l ~ g . , 1st sess., May 1, 1928), and provided, a l l l o n g m her things, for f l - e e c l o m of c o l i t r n c t by composc?rs or pyright owners of n i i ~ s i ccopyrights for t l i e m e c l i n . ~ i i I r . t ~ l ~ w ~ l ~ i c .ofi ot l~i ie i r works by means of phonogl.npll t scs, 11111sic: ~.olls,l t c . , a11t.1 eliminated the fixed roy:~ltyo f t c.c>~its c;~c.l~ . c b q l ~ i r c11y the copyright act of 1000. ~ ~l 11. R. !Ni:l!)," :I somewhat s h o r t e n c t l nnd revised n l t h n s .t:, i l l ) ~ . o g : l t i ~ ~ g the ~ ! O I ~ I ~ ~ I I I S C ) ~ * Y license feature. was subit11tr11 H. R. 6989 a n t 1 was introcluced by Mr. V e s t ~ l , for :1)1*11:try f , 1030. P l ~ l ~ l hearings on t,hese bills \\-ere ic -It1 1)y the t . o l n d t t c . e o l i March 4 nnd 5, nncl were con111rtl o l i ,ipril 2. The text of this hill is printed on g 24 O F t l i i s ~ . t , p o l - t . o

w ~ .

( 4 ) I 1 1<. 69907 This was a reprint of the previous ? ; ,& "& 11 TI. R. 8912 (70tl1 Cong., 1st sew., January 9, 1928). prol)obe(l a goo11(leal of revision of thr act of 1909, one 1 1 . 1 ) o ~of w l i i c h \ Y : I ~ to 1)ring the new law into harmony t~ t h t l ~ r~ - ~ c l l t i r e m t l i for t l i l t r y into the International ts ~ppright IJnion. T t was superseded by a rewritten ver)TI.H. It. 12549: irltroduced by Mr. Vestal, Mny 22. 30. (See 11. 25 of this report.)

1929 (rpec. 9 ) . A blll to amend the a c t entltled "An a c t t o amend a n d ~sollclntet h e a c t s rmpvctlng copyright." approved March 4, 1909, a s ended, in rrapect to ~ n r c h a n l c a lrc.prnduction of mualcal composit1on.s. I for utlrcr purposes. Introtluce~l by Mr. Vestal. H. R. G980, 71st IP., 2d sess. 6 pp. 40. Rrferrwl t o t h e Conlmittee on E'atents. S6.e Annual Report oF the Rrglster of Copyrights for Fiscal Y~.nrending ie 30, 1928, p 39. . 1930 (Geb. 7 ) . . blll to amend the a c t entitled "4n a c t to nrnrnd nnd i solidate t h e ec>ts rrspectinl: copyright," approved March 4. 1909, :is entlrd, 111 re*pt.r't OF m ~ ~ e b a n f c n l reprodnction of t n u ~ i r u lcompt~uitions. I for oth6.r porponra. Introduced by Mr. Vestnl. H. R. 9639, 7 1 s t IK.. Zd sem. 2 pp. 4 O . b f ~ r r e d o t h e Committee on P n t ~ m t u . T h i s t Is printed in full on ~ : I W of this report. 24 1929 (DPc. I)). A bill t o amcnd a n d c o n ~ o l l d n t et h e a r t s respecting yright and to p6,rmit t h e United S t a t e s to enter the I n t e r n ~ t l o n u lCopy~t L'nlon. lntroduced by Mr. Vestal. N. R. 6900, 71st Cong., 2d scss. PI). 4". Heferrrd to t h e Committee on Patente. 1 ) 0 (JIay 22). . bill to amend a n d consolldnte t h e a c t s rrspectlng !3 ! v r l ~ l l tarid to prrmit the Unlted Stntcs to enter t h e Intrrnntioual Copylt I'rli~>n. I~~trocluced Mr. Vrutnl. 11. R . 12549, 718t Coug., 2d ~ e u s . by 1111. 4 " . K r f ~ s r r ~ v l t h ( ' o m ~ u i t t e eon l'ntc.~~tu. lo ~




mew MEZ.

Features or

A genc.rnl rc~~-in.iori had lollg brte~irrlltlri conhitlc~sr~bill t i n . The Authors' League of Americii (Iirc.), the American Socicty of Composers, Ant11oi.s. nncl P111)lisllers, the Dran~a. League of Sew Yor-lr (Inc.), tlie National -Issociation of Rook Publislicrs, the i\fotion Pictrlrc l'roclucers and Distributors of Alnericit! tlie Ainei*iarri Library Association, and L numbtrr of other perties iiitrr: exted llnd h e n working for several yctlrs t,o perfect iL 1nc:Islrre that would not oilly I)I-ovitlefor acllirsiou to tlic International Copyright Union but \vorrlcl brill? 1111 to tlt~tethe act of 190!), \\.hich liit(1 1)ecoilic ;tirticl~r:rtccliri 1111t1iy rcsl)ects by reason of a g r r : ~ tnumbri~of nthw :tntl :lp1)ro\"vl trade 1)~actices that ]lase corue into 1 1 5 ilntl 1 ) ~ ~ reason of new ~ncdiums exprr-sion, sl~cli thc 111ot.ioi1 of :ls picture, radio, television, etc. The new bill H. R. 12549, wllich wayrrritler tlisc.r~ssio!i in the House when Congress adjourned, proposes fundamental changes in the present law as follows: ( a ) "Automatic copyright " (sec. 1); that is, ropyrigllt for everything from the time of its making, without reference to publication and without any formalities. The new law does away with the requirements of notice, registration, deposit, and America11 manufi~ctureas conditions for copyright. American manufacture is, however, retained as a condition for bringing suit ill certain cases. Purchasers and dealers in copyriglltuble matcri:rl are protected by a series of sections relatirig to registration and recording of assignments. (6) " Divisible copyright " (sec.. 9 ) : FJi1c.11 separate right granted by the lam is or may be the r~ibjrct sep:tof rate ownership without reference to other rights. e. g., the right of public performance may belong to o:rtB~)erso!i while the right of publication belongs to another, and the owner of cach right may bring suit for its i~ifringrrrlent without reference to owners of other riglits. I-Iitherto t.his division has been possible only by lichense :~rriltht? licensee could not sue in his own nnnle. Cup;vrig,rtit was regarded as one ilitlivisible property raiglit. (c) Extension of the length of tht: co1)yriglit ter-ln ail11 abrogation of the necessity for a renewal registrat,ion. (Secs. 12-14.) The term is extended to the life of the author and 50 years, corresponcling with the terlrl in England, France, and other European coui~tries. The author can not, however, assign the copyright beyond the



espiration of 28 years after his death. The balance of the term would come back to his legal personal represen. tatives. The present term (act of 1909) is based on publication and is 38 years plus a possible renewal of 25 years, a total of 56 years in all. (0)Enlargement of the subject matter of copyright, both by broad language in the general provisions of section 1 ancl by the addition of new specific classes in hection 37, e. g., works of architecture. Fhlargement of the rights obtained (sec. I ) , e. g., (lie right of l*a(lio broilclcastinp for all works. also the right to transmit the work by television and otherwise. ( f ) Elltry of the United States into the International Copyright Union. (Sec. 61.) The provision for entry into the International Copyright Union would authorize the President to effect and proclaim adhesion of the United States to the Berne convention which established the union. This worlld grant to American authors and co~nposersprotection for their works in foreign countries, with reciprocal protection in America for the works of foreigners. Public hearings on the general revi~ionbill (H. R. 6990) were held by the Committee on Patents, House of Representatives, on April 3, 4, and 11, 1930. A t these hearings members of the Authors' League and bill H. R.on HeoTiit~8 6990. others present offered arguments in support of revision, and made clear the objections to the present copyright law. The hoarings before the Patents Committee represented a climax in the five years' history of the copyright campaign. Formerly the Authors' League and the Atnerican Society of Composers stood almost alone in support of the bill then offered. Due to modifications made in the bill most of the opposition had vanished and a t the hearings in April of this year the industries generally ranged themselves with the authors in support of the present bill. This bill (H. R. 12549) was introduced May 22, 1930,eneral rev6 8&n bill mas reported with amendment May 28 (House Reporthtmauced. No. 1689). House Resolution No. 243, to consider the hill, was fitroduced June 11; reported to the House June 13 (House Report No. 1898); reintroduced June 24 (House Report No. 2016) ; and mas finally brought up for consideration in the House on June 28, when sev( ( 7 )




~r:tl a~uellclinel~ts werth aclopte~l,but C a ~ ~ g l ~ at1jo1trnc.d css without colning t o R vote 011 the bill. The full text of the bill as it came beforc thc Ho11he is printed beginning 011 pitpr '25 of t l ~ i sreport.

.right bills.

Ilcxigl1 COPY-

'Yh(> Co111111iti.(,e 1':11(111ls tI1(1 11011s(: 011 of II:III I I I I ( ~ ~ ~ (..orl~i(l(11.:1t~i()11 svssio1111otO I I I ~ ~ ( ~ I I ( : I ~ : I ~ o f i 11 t,l~is :I t,tlvisio~~ t11e (aol),y~.igl~k 1)11t :tlso t l l v l o ~ ~ g - ~ l i s ~ ~ t t. s ~I ~ ~ ~ lS : I ~ l:t\v! ~II ~ I ~ for cl(>signcaol)yl*igJlt. SOIII(! * o l ) o Sot. (I(bsig11 l)~ ~:~l copyrigl~ti l ~ s l cI ~ot'~ 111lsig11 : ~ 1):ltcttl 11i1sl)u(1111111(lvr (~ol~siclcr:ltioi~ ~ I I C C ' o l l t ~ ~ ~ i i t o c ! . by 1111 I':~tc!ltLs :11lc1 I)y :I I I I I I I I ~ J I ~ of ~)roponents t,hcb Ill('ilSI* 01' 1 1 1 1'01. sc~c!~.:~ ~ ~ 1 J~(\:II.S? ( ~ it II:IS1)(~*11 :III i~ltro(ltlc'~~tl i l l SOIII(! fo1.111 ~ I . I ? \ ~ ~ I I I I S o r C O I I ~ I - I * F S .I Vch. g.>T I . I<. it1 s11ssio11s ( 1:I.l.-~:i~!~I 1 ('Oll~.,1st) svss.) 'iO( A(:(~or.(li~~gly: ?%I:; I " J V ~ I >i ~ t ~ t ~ o ~ ll) t, ~ ~ ~ c ( I 11. It. ~;\It.. 1:11> 1)1'1'(~111111~r I!)"!). I1 \\.:Is Ftl~)l~l~s~~ll~Yl It. 11! l)y 11. IlS32. 'l'l~(:I)III*I)OF(! of t l ~ i l)ill is to ( l ~ ~ ( : o ~ ~ t b : ~ g c s i111Ittstt.ii11 ~.l(!higt~l ill(: 1?11i(o(l il St:tt(hs 1)y f t ~ t * ~ t i b I ~ i ~ ~ g pl-o:III(YIII:I~(, tc>c:t.ioll: ~ g : ) i ~ s l l)il+;lc*,v o~.igilt:~l of clcsig~~s01. II~;IIIII~::I(-1' 1,roc Illc:t,s. I t p~.ovides for i-cgistl-:ltion i l l 1111: (!opyl.igl~(0llic.c:. of rlcbsisns for t11c intl~lstl.i:~l :irts to sc~c.trlbcbc.ooyr*igltt ])~'d(!ctioi~ under contlitioi~s ancl provisiolls -:i~~lil:ll. lo tllosc now applied 1111tlcrthe copyt.ight 1:1\vs to I ) I . O I ~ I I ( , liolls i r ~~vorksof tllc fill(* arts. S I I ~ ~ I I:IS > ~ : I ~ I I ; I I :11111 -~ . : I J . Sitch rc.gistl.ntiort is 1.0 t.cpl:tco tltc p~bocct~ 1.e 111 I I I I ( ~ V I -111~ 0111(lcsigt~ l)ilt(:111 :I($. 'I.'II(: 11(w1 11:ls I O I I ~ I I ~ ~ I ~ I I l'clt by tllc clcsigncrs :~ntlIII:IIIII III.CI.S ill.tistic: 1);1tr:~(.i of ~ ( \ , I . for SOIIIV si1111)1(:1* I I I I I I V ~ath:~~lil>. IIS :IIIII :~\.:~ili~I)lc IIII~:IIIS of l)l-otc.cbtiol~ wit11 lower 111ilt1 1vi1, :lffol-ll(:~l s !)I ~ I I C Ilcsig~~ piltcl~tp~-occ(l ~vllicl~ 111-c. i~~\-olvc~tll l l i I I : I ~i o 1'01I,S;I ~ ~ l~riorityant1 whicll usually rcq~~il-otl from two to f o ~ ~ r rno11t.11~ complctc, :inti ~ ~ n t l c r to wl~icll1):11l ~ I . ~ J \ - I a 111, I \r;idcsl)rcn~l practice of pir:ttirlg ill tit-signs, :~g:~illst wl1ivl1 the m:~nufacturers fotulcl t h r m s e l ~ ~ 1)1.:lc.t, cs I~cll)l~b>s.
l r ( b . ~ -



u I ' r i n l ~ > d full in t 1 1 ~ it1 .\n~nl:llI : I ~ I O VI ~ l : ~ , x i s l ~ ~ r( ' t ~ l ) y r i g l ~ t s of II I* or for thc* I'isc:~I l'c.:ir c l l t l i l l ~ : .lllll(' :;(I, 1!b/X, 11. 3-1. '"l!)9!1 (1)vc. 1 1 ). .\ 11ilI : I I I I I , I I I ~ ~ I I : I I I V SI:IIIII~~S ol' t11v 1'11iIt~11 SI:ll(% l o provi(l~a !'or C I I I I ) ri:l~ t ~*c<isl I i o r r or ~ l ~ , . u i g ~ t sT, I I ~ I ~ O I I I I C (1 Atr. V1.sIa1. CI ~j . v 11. 1:. i24:;, i l s t I ' U I I ~ . , 211 st,s>. IS 1111. 4 " . U v r ~ r r r ~ v111 111,. t ' o l ~ l l ~ ~ i l

-- . .

- - .-




l t ~ ' ~

on I'ntents.

The bill provides that in order to be entitled to registrntion the design must be actually applied to some article of manufacture. Tbe first term of protection is for 2 years subject to an extension of 18 years more. The fee for the first registration is $3 and for the secoiicl $20. Meantime another design copyright bill, H. R. 7495;lH. R. w5. was introduced by Hon. William I. Sirovich (of New York) on December 13, 1929, with some changes. This bill is printed in full on page 56 of this report. design bill. Public hearings on H. R. 7243 were held by the Corn- Hearing8 o n mittee on Patents on February 13 and 14, 1930. Among those present who spoke in hupport of the bill mere Mr. Henry D. Williams of the American Bar Ashocintion (itself on record as approving snch a law), who has lllbored for years to secrire this legislation; IVillinm Exton, jr., representing a committee of artists; Miss Mary E. Bendelari, a designer and manufacturer; E. Irving Harrison, Par11 K. Bonner, and Horace Cheney, for the silk manufacturers, who have suffered severely flsoin piracy in designs; and C. R. Clifford, publisher, whose efforts for a design copyright law have been long ant1 earnest. Opposition came in the main from the retailers who wanted some exemption from liability for unwittingly selling pirated designs. The speakers were H. S. Ames, of the Retailers' Association; Isaac Lande, representing the Dry Goods Association; Frederick H. Knight, of the Susquehanna Silk Mills; and others. Following the hearings, H. R. 7243 was amended and reprinted as H. R. 11852.1a This bill was introduced by Mr. Vestal on April 22, 1930. I t was reported out of committee on May 2, and was passea by the House on July 2, 1930, and now awaits action by the Committee on Putents of the Senate. The full text of this bill as passed by the House is printed on page of this report.

" 1929 (Dec. 13). A blll amending the Statutes of the United States wlth reference to copyright registration of designs nnd styles. lntrodueed by Mr. Slrovich. H. H. 7495. 71st Cong.. 2d sess. 17 pg. 40. Referred to the Committee on Patents. '"930 (Apr. 22). A bill amending the Statutes of the United Statee t e provide for copyright regletration ef deslgns. H. R. 11862, 71st Cong.. 2 3 1 sess. 19 gp. 4'. Referred to the Committee on Patents.



f 'r,//t/l



Two copyriglit proclamations have bee11 issued, one in f;~vor Finland, December 15, 1928 (cffective January of 1, 1929), and one in favor of the Irish Frcc, State, September 28, 1929 (effective Octobcr 1, 1929). These extend the copyright privileges of the United States to the ~lationalsof those contltries, official nssur:trices hiwing been received that similar privileges are now grantetl by those countries t o citizens of the United States. Tl~e texts are 111-intedin this rc1l)ort at p:lges 77 :ln(l 79. Rcspectfnlly submitted. WILLIAM BROWN, ITJ. Acting Register of Copyrights. HERBERT PUTNAM, Libr.a7.inn of Congress.


Statement of gross reoctlpts, refun,ds, ,)let receipts, and feau nl)plied f o r fisoccl 21eat. en.ding June SO, 19.90
. -.~





-. ..



Set r e



Fees applied





W.70 $25.21050 $25,,ml10 125.610.10 July 467.67 : I ; '&W70 25.336.75 Iugust .....--...-.----.--.-------.------------. B I ) . W 630.98 1 23 244.83 23.056.90 23.876.81 September ...-.-...----.-----------------------------752.38 ; 30,128.88 / 28,038.80 30.881.28 October -..-...-.-.-------------.---------------------28129.80 863.17; 23.743.99 November --.---..-..---------------------------------24,407.16 27.733.90 624.80 ; 31,253.45 31,878.25 December .-.---.-...----------------------------------757.11 3G,R%. 29 ' 30.356.10 37,286.40 January ..---.--.-.----------------------------------598.25 22,551.89 28,5OfI. 0 23,150.14 February - -.--....-..--.-..-.-------------------------- 4 856.46 i 28,412.80 I 2 8 , W . W 29,288.25 hfarch ..-.--.-.....-----------------------------------664.67'28&5.58 28,415.80 29.550.25 Apdl --.....---..-.-------------------------------.---lea0



6 1 0 , M : 2 8 , 9 9 7 . 8 d 28.178.90 June .-..---.-....-...---.-.-...-.---------------------29,507.91 7,588.38 1 329,392 37 Total- - -- ...-..-...----------------------------338.980.75

on.13 ; 25,535.24 ..-.--.....-..--....-.----.--------------------- 27.613.50 28.212.37





Balance brought forward from June 30, 1828.-..-..-.--.-.-----------------------.------------$23.366.18 Net receipts July 1, 1929, to June 30, 1930: Oross receipts--- -- --..----$338,980.75 Iess amount refunded....---...-------------------------.----------.-.-..-7,588.38


-.------------------.---------------------------329,392 37

Total to be accounted lor -....--...-.--..--------------------------.-------.---.---352,757.55 Copyright fed applied July 1, 1929, to June 30, 1930-.....----....---.------------327,629.90 B R ~ R U C ~ forward to July 1, 1930: carried Trust funds........----------------.--------------.-----.-..--.-...._--. . . 22,926.28 .. Unfinished business ..-.--..--.------------------.---------------.-----------2,201.37






-- I


Rccord o f applied fees . - . -- . works, inc!l~~dingcartitintttas ,





l ~~.~~~:,~i~~~ of R Of i S t W t i o l l ~{ r ~ i s t r : ~ t i o :~ ~ . \ ~K pllblished ,ishel, works, ! of 111blisl1~~~I I l<v~i?l.rzilio~~s' , ~ t l l vr<

: ,: , :$ $


photos, IUJ I cc~tiflc<:~t.r I




SII~I-/ her ;


' I Fees n t Xum- F I ~; S t~ u l n - F I , I ~ S ; ~ I . ~ SI'lr.s:ll I ~ : II~I $2' hvr $1 1n.r 31 I)I-r 1 Sl





r c ~ ~ ~ w : ,i l s ll,3r,of 'V<JI,;II i<,<*s r,.cls. for rtxis! tr:1r1o115


1781 $l78.W 4il' 4?!. (XI! :!G; :307. (NI BZ, 2 2 (HI a. 277' 9 . ;M I 3511, :~:vR. 00'



1'320 I ' J u l y . . . . . . . . . . 10, ~ 0 1 ~ ~MQ. (HI l.liill$l, li7tl. (XI . . . . . . . . .I 21. 10, 7811 PI, Al?L. IY) I, iti2 I, 7li". (N ;\oI[UsL .............. .......... 10,022 20.044.00! 1, :.a7 I, Ltxl.00 Yel~tembor October. ..............( ? : { d 24, i . I, 1.7 I, 947. IKI l a 00' Sovember.. . . . ....,11, 134 29, %A. 0O. 1, W2/ 1, ( Y . , ... W LM D e r e ~ ~ i b............. 11, er [ 23,72F,. O U ~ 1,!w)2! 1,0(l2.00


10BO hn11nr.v............ February .......... ' Jlarch.. .............( .. .\pril ................ >lay . . . . . . . . ........ ..i June. ...............


% I*.. MI , I:). I I 2 . 0 0 1%Rnol %s,ltiO.rn 1'J. 217, 24,434. 00' 1; 516' Zl.lli2.Ul 11,824 21, R4H. 00

r m i r tai. w


lilili Wilili. I 1 13. 31: W4. llli. M) N 41ii l(ii. 10; 13, 4 7 24,243. (I) 12 I:l6 I:1li.*, 11. !lib1 ?I. !W. 00 4:i2 432.IN I:,. 054 2iy447.00 :IOR. 00 13. lillij 24. 751). 00 410! 410. In 74..537 21;. RH. 00 !i



2, 2 8 , 2 I . 52fiu 2, ?nR. (mi 2,240' 2,240.00) 2,341 2,341.W 2,527' 2,527.00'

- a . -


4 I I%), 12% l U I W ! l!K. (MI 97: 97.10 141 l 4 l . p 4691 469. IN!

r?r 775, 1567 lil2 :i:{k

r r r ut
775. Mii. U O lil2.00 313i8.01)

MU, lilfl. I 1 N

(1;.aiil m,,?I). IM) l:i.!M4 25, l.VJ. !XJ 15. HI9 23. :IY!). W 15,221 2i. 43s. 00




.... ....

'r0t;ll. .......... I:i9.R4i 2iR,0i!l4. 00;24,27724. 277.1W 2, 231'3, 231. 00 2. Xi7 5.!Ei;. I 0


. .




. . - . . . . . - . . . . . - . . . . .


~ 1 1 m - W S : I ~N ~ I I I I - / F ! hckr $41 10 hrr F " '





IUnJ J u l y. . . . . . . . . . ......... US................ Sel.lt81nber ............ October ............... s o v e r n b e r. . . . . . ..... December . . . . . . .I ......

I;: 1





81%. n 0 141.00; ]LUX(. 00' u7.m 13i.00,

230 %61.a)/ 52) 355 I, 158.001 2971 265 iw.00' 110' 375 1 , n n . m 1%. 325 1,030.00 419

ai.m! arr


8.20, ? i0! . ! 11. 15.so1





4lli ~ 4 . W V . ~ ~ % . W, . L l 70, 72.001 52.001 23,668. 0 i 34, 34.W 62.00 Zi, E6.W 6 0 . 4 51.00 q m a s o sol 8 1 . ~ 1 zs.00~ z e , l ~ . ~ W/ 91.00 420027,733.90



1930 Janunry . . . . . . .. ...... . February. ........... .: .March.. . . . . . . . ....... April. . . . . . . . . - 1 ........ >lay. . . . . . . . . . ........

June. . . . . . . . . ., ........
Totnl.. . . . . . ....




EXHIBIT O.--,YlaIrn~~~r~t grvs.9 m h rece@ts, yearly fees, number o f of registrations, etc., for SS fiscal year8





. .


.................. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .-1


.................. .................




................. .................

71,533.01 1 75,30283j !04-05 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 60,440.56 , YO5--06. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 82,610.92 !0&47. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 87.384.31 : ................. W i M . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 85,042.03 / ................. YWO9 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ' . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 87.0?6.!3' 113.662.83 909-10. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. 113,661.52 I 'JI&ll. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 120,149.51 011-12. .........I 91>13 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 118.988.26 .................. 913-14. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .' 122.638.02 ................. 014-15 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 115.594.55 .................. 915-16. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 115,883.42 ................. 916-17. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 113,808.51 ................. 1W.105.87 917-18......... I.......... 018-19-. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 117.518.80 ................. 019-20.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 132,371.37 OXI-21. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 141.199.33 ................. 145,398.28 921-22 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .................. 922. ................. 2 - 3 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 153,823.62 .................. OZt24 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 167.705.98, 924-25. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 li3,071.95 .................. I 9 5 % . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . I ltu.038.29 .................. YSZI . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .i 191,375.16 .................. 927-26. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1 201,054.49 ................. 02%-29.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .................

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68,874.50 72,629.00 78,058.00 4198.00 84,685.00 82,387.50 83,816.75 104,644.95 109,913.W 116,685.06 114,880.GO 120,218.25 111.922.75 112,988.85 110,077.40 106.352.40 113.118.00 128,492 25 134.516.15 138,616.15 149.297.00 162,544.W 166,906.55 178,307.20 184.727.80 185,167.65


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Total. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ................


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;~; ~ ~ t ) p y r i ~ I l f . c~f
.... ...

?,, :!;21,.:7


Iiookh: ( ~ ( 1 )Ib?i!~rcq; ILII? i18 l;~jii.c(lS~.LI~.IIS I .......... Bo01;; 11: npri.. .................... ... t'.:nll~l~l(-l.<, It\nc!t.l.::.etc .................... ~ . ' m I r i h io11.- 1,) I I ~ ~ I ! !11:il~!r:. :OI,,I ~i~ ! ...................... ..... ,~!'<ir,clit,:ll!. !. . . . . I


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YI',, !#$I;i


............ ........................ I i ::, 430 I'l.illl.c.d :lhl.o::.l ill :I lor#!.icll I:IIILII:I~C .... ; KJ,KI~:.II (I,? .bott~li:~............ 1,e~rt~tl : ~ t li111t~ri111 . .............rt!)!i: . C~~I))'I'ICIII ..






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:.:.II:: 4. Gt.4

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L I 3 . 1

l'eriodic.~i.. ;IIUIII~X!~:.J ........................ L r c t u ~ o .hUI.IIIOIIF, :il~l~rt:~.:(-?:. . . . . . . . ~, ... UIIIU;I~~C d c : ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ l i < * e C- O ~ ~ ~ I iSv~i ~ I~ or ) ~ I I ur ~ . ~ u s i c . l lc~l!lilahilirrrl> ....................... M31hq.. ..................................... Works #)l i ~ ~ < l t l 111. stl~-sila~.:.. :AN, ol l i e p r o d u c l i u ~ ! ~ a.orl;s 111.rrl................. OI ~II':L!\~~ICK> tor pl;~hti(, !vovhs 01 :I s c i c ~ ~ ~ t i l i c or tt!c,~~~iv:bl cl~:~r; ................... I'holo~!r:~~)l~s ................................. I'rintc :tlld l)iclol.ial illurtratious. . . . . . . ....... .Motion-pir1111'crpll~~topl:lys . . . . . . . . .......... . Motioil ~ ~ i c t l i i e1101 ~ r l ~ o l o ~ . . y . . . . h l . . r. . . . ;~ . ILC"CR':JIS.. ...................................


. . . - . - .. .
1'2z1" 7:1. ,I.-!.-, .!I. lo:l
O I0 4, .



1, 704 1, 4Cli 1 , ----- -.. - . - . . . . - . . - . ' I ,I Ti, Ohl 17,114 I lil, S:<:


25,,IS4 2,64i I

41, 4711 ::o? 4( 475 2:1, 2x2 2 , 2, 5 ti


.ti, :!ti4 :;$!I 4, 423 i

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I . :*!I4 :
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5, i : l l


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2, ,141; i
0 ;
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;;2,l?.lV' 2, ;.-I 2, 7 i . k


1, ,122 I;, 7x4 13,:j82


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7, 41:~ 14, 8 : 3: I, 271
644 4. ti8G .

:iYS 4,029 .

1, yo: 7, llih 1.1, 272 8 I . ?hX I.I)I(; 5,,447

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4, 3 !d : !#3 87:: . 1, It87 . l,!ZE <. !I48 !

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l.:;o: : !):a: , . 17.'. 21 1'


.............. 'I'OUll . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
. . . .

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184, mO
. . .




Nunober of articlcu deposited d w i n g th.c ltcut five fiscal yleary


Snhject inattor of copyright


\ Books:Printed in tho United Stntes(a)


.. - ---.

-.. -.- I,.





nooks (proper) . . . . . . . . . . . . 19,664 ........... 21.580 ' 20,802 P a ~ n p h b t sleaflt-ts, etc . . . . . . . . 61.048 , ....... 65, i23 61.170 Contributions to nc!wspapors and ! ............. periodioils . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28,055 B, 232 28,986 ----. Total. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 109,557 ! 116,535 1 114,958 ............. (b) Printetl sbroad in n foreign hmgung./ c. .. 6.586 3,777 ' 4.405 , (c) English works rcgistRmd for ad interim copyright . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .............. IM . 3 1,704


8.002 50,582 13.574 91,158 3,689 1,466 96.313 87,926 338 5.a05





Lcctoras, sermons, etc . . . . . . . . . . . . ............ Dmmntic or driimatico-musicnl compositions. E Musclal w m ~ i " i t ~ o n... . . . . . . . . . . s. . . . . . . . . . . F Maps . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .................... O Works of art, models or designs. . . . . . . . ..... . I1 Reproductions of works or art.. . . . . . . . ....... I Drawings or plastic works of a scientific or technical chnracter . . . . . . . . . . . . . ............ 2,225 J Photegrtlphsr . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13,042 ................ K Prints nnd pictorin1 illustrations . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19,781 L Motion-plcture photoplays . . . . . . . . . . ......... 8.976 M Motlon plctures not photoplays . . . . . . . ....... 592


.................. .................

Total ............................

117.382 121.668 121.087 82,110 81.8% 94,7% 335 BJ~ 389 4,653 5, lli 5.156 ' 35 (62 ., 35,573 . 37,854 5,222 5,296 6,724 3,177 2,580 . 3,152 ! 0 0 0/




4,452 2,569 0

- , - . --

14.37Q . 21,171 8,685 1,040 i

2 350 ;


2,783 15,414 ; 19,052 2.552 ! 1,938




4 428 9,337 14.012 2,188 2,378

Total . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .................







I. A bill to authorize the President of the United Stntes to rEect and proclaim the ndhesiou of the United States to the convention for the protection of works of literature and art signed a t Rome on June 2, 1928. II. R. 6088- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 11. A bill to amend the Act entitled "An -4ct to nmt'iid and ronsolidate the Acts respecting copyright," approved March 4, 1909, n s amended,' iu lesl~ectof ruwhanicnl reproduction of lnusical compositions, nnd for other pllrposes. H. R. 0630------- ----------111. A bill to amend and consolidate the ncts respecting copyright and to permit the United States to enter the International Copyright Union. H. H. 1 2 6 4 9 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - IV. A bill amending the Statutes of the United States with reference to copyright registration of designs and styles., H. R. 7495--------V. A bill amending the Statutes of the U~lited States to provide for copyright registration of designs. H. H. 11852----------------VI.'%apyrlght proclamation-Finland - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - VII. Copyright proclamation-Irish Fre? State......................




68 66 77 78

I 7 l s t Cong., 2d sess.

H. R. 0988. In the House of Representudves. December 9, 19291

Mr. Vestal introduced the following bill; which was referred to the Committee on Patents and ordered to be printed.
. RITJTJ To autl~orief. \ the President of the United States to effect

and ~ r o c l a i mthe adhesion of the United States t o the convention for the protection of works of 1iLerature and a r t signed rlt Rome 0 1 1 J u n e 2, 1928

Be It enacted hy the Senate cmLd House of Representa(ices of the United Xtatcs of ilnwn'ca in as-


rcmbled,. That the President of the United States be, and

he is hereby, authorized to notify the Government of the 3wiss Confederation that the United States desires to cuter the International Copyright Uuion and will adhere to the conrerltioli for the protection of works of literature and art signed at Rome on June 2, 1928. SEC. On and after January 1, 1930, foreign authors 2. who first publish their works in any country which is a member* of the Copyright Union, as well as all authors 1 - 1 are within the jurisdiction of any one of the coun11 0 tries of the said union, shall enjoy for their works published for the first time in one of the countries of the >:rid union such rights as the laws of the United States now grant or shall hereafter grant to citizens of the United States. SEC.3. Copyright protection shall extend to all works b ~ such authors, not already copyrighted in the United States, wliich are protec*trd by copyright in any country af the International Copyright Union on January 1, 1930, first published after July 1, 1909: Provided, howecer, That with respect to such works no right or remedy given pursuant to this act shall prejudice lawful acts {lone or the continuance of enterprises lawfully undertaken within the United States prior to January 1, 1930. clr any rights in copies lawfully made. SEC. The duration and termination of the copyright 4. protection in the United States for all works shall be



g o v e r ~ ~ e d the provisions of sections 23 ancl 24 of tlle by copyright act approved March 4, 1900 : IJt*or?itlrtl, That the duration of such copyright shall IIOL in tht* Cilhe of :lny foreign work exterld heyond the (late ul)oll wl1ic.11 s1lc11 I V I J I - ~ltns f:lll(>lrillto tllcl l>lil)lic.tlolri:ii~iiri the colln11.p of origin, or of fi st publicntion.

Mr. Vesttil ilitroduced the following bill; wlrich was referred to the Comniittee on Pntents ant1 ortlered to he printed.
A BIr,I, T o u~nentlthe
date the

act entitled "An act to ~~mend c t ~ ~ ~ s o l i and :lets rcspccting copyright," ugprovetl Marc11 4, 1909, as ;uncwdetl, in respect of rncc.11nni1.111relbroductici~~ rnuuicanl conkof l~oxitions,rnd for other ~urpouou

He it er~ac*ted the Senate a ~ i d by Ho.use of Heyr*eserttulives of the United Stnte.~ rlm.erica in 6'orryr.e~~ of nsse.ntbled, That subsection (e) of section 1 of the act entitled "An act to amend and consolidate the acts respecting copyright,'' approved March 4,1909, as amended (Ullited States Code, title 17, section 1 ( e ) ) , is amended to reat1 2s follo\\.s : 1 "(e) (1) To perfol.rn tlie copyrighted work publiclv for profit if it be n compositioll, a~r(l make any to arraugernthnt or setting of it or of t l ~ e rrlelody of i t in any system of notation or any form of record in which the which it thought of an author may be I-ecorcled and f r o ~ n may lhe read or reproduced: I'rovidtd, That the provisions of this : ~ t so far ;IS they secure copyrigllt cull, trolling the parts of instrumellts servirlg to reprocluce 1nec~1i;tnic:llly musical worli, :11all i n c l ~ ~ d e conlpothe only hitions publishccl ancl copyriglltecl nfter ,July 1, 1909, and shall not include the works of a foreign autlior or coiill'oser 11111esx l ~ eforeign state or nation of \vhic.ll 511~11 t a ~ ~ t l i o r coniposer is tt citizen or subject g19itnts,either or by tivatp, co~~vc~ntion, agreement, or law, to (bitinen.; of the 1-nitccl Sttttcs sinlilnr I-ipllts. SEC The first 1)aragrapll of ~ubsection(c) of section 2. 25 of such nct of RI~rrch4, 10O!), : ~ s:~rt~critlt~l (TTnitrd States Code, title 17, section 25 (e)). ant1 :111yo t l ~ pro~r

vision of such act of March 4, 1909, as amended, in respect of the royalty of 2 cents on each part manufactured of instrulnents serving to reproduce mechanically a cwpyriphted musical composition are hereby repealed. SEC. This act shall take effect on July 1, 1930, and 3. 511~11 affect parts of instruments serving to reproduce not ~nechnnicallymusical works manufactured prior to such date.

[ i l a t Cong., 2d sc!nn.

11. R. 12549. Report No. 2010. R e p r c s ~ n t n t i v e s ,M a y 22, 10301

16 the Ilouse of

Itlr. Vestal illtroduced the following bill; which was ~ r f e r r e d the Committee on Patents and ordered to be to printed : (May 68, 1930, reported with an nmendment, referred to the House Calendar, and ordered to be printed; June 12, 1930, recommitted to the Committee on Patents and orcl~redto be printed; June 13, 1930, reported with :tmendments, referred to the House Calendar, and ordered to be printed; June 23, 1930, recommitted to the Committee on Patents and ordered to be printed; June 24, 1930, referred to the House Calendar and ordered to be printed.)
A HILL To amend and consolidate the acts respecting~copyright and to permit the United States to enter the International Copyright Union

Ba it enacted b y tlw Senate and Home of Rep)*csen$atives of the United States of America in Congrees m,*elt~bZed, That copyright throughout the United States and its dependencies is hereby secured and granted to ituthors, subject to the provisions of this act, without c*ompliancewith any conditions or formalities whatever, from and after the creation of their work and for the term hereinafter provided, in all their writings, published or unpublished, in any medium or form or by itnv rnethod through which the thought of the author may be expressed, and such copyright includes the exclusive r i g h t To copy, print, reprint, publish, produce, reproduce, l'erform, render, exhibit, or transmit the copyright work in any form by any means, and/or transform the same

from any o i its various forms into any other form, and to vend or otherwise rlis1)ose of such \vork; ant1 s l ~ a l l further include (but not by way of lilliitntion bocaose of the specific enumeration of tile sul)ject 11liit.terherr: ~ f t e stated) the exclusive rigl~tsr ( a ) To trnllsltlte saicl work illto otller l i ~ n g ~ ~ t ~ g c s 01'. ~litllects, to make any other version t11c.1-eof ; or (b) To make ally form of recortl ill \vl~ich l ~ t > l ~ o r ~ g l ~ t t t of un a~ltllor rri:iy L)c fro111\vl~icliil ~iiay :111(1 bc rei~tl, reprocl~~c:etl,perfor~ut~d, euliibi tt:cl, 1*(11)1'11~(!11tt\tl.~ t luli\;e~.tlt _t~-nnsmittctl, cornmrlr~ici~te~l I, or ; (r.) To clrilniatize or 111:llte ;I 11iotio11 l) wit11 or witho~lt sound antl/or tlii~logr~e si~i wo~.lrif it bc! n IIOIIof tl tlrilmutic work: or to tsonvc!rt saitl wo1.1~into :I I I O I I tlrnmittic or tlraiiiatic 1vo1.k eul)rc~sscvl \vortls o l e pl~vsiill ( e i 1 1 i~c:tion if it be ;I tl~.ain:ltic work i n lhc f0l.111of ;I lllotioll pict~lrewith or I\-itllo~~t so1111t1I I ( ~ / O I * (Iii11og11~: ;I or illto n novel or noll(1runliltic \volak,01. 11rotio11 l)ir.t~~l.e wit11 01. without sorr~~tl ar~ct/or~li:ilog~~c~. IN. :I ( I Y ~ I I I I ~ I if it. c~slw~ssetl wortls or l)l~ysical ion : in act ((1) Iii the csase of a it~usic:tlc o ~ ~ ~ p o ~ i to o r ~ . t i ill'r;Illg(L 01- atlapt saitl work, to 1)erfor.rn stiitl \\-o1.1< ~.) for ofit it or to nlnke ilny nrrangc~rn~nt st.ttii~gtlrt?l-cof 01. or of tllc. inc~lotlytllereof in i111yS Y S ~ ( ~ I oIf 11ot:ltio11 : I I ~ > . I 01' for111of i.ecc)rd in which the thoiigllt of :III: ~ r ~ t h o r 111iry I)e rccorcled nntl from which i t nlay b:. rclt111,b~.oatlc.i~xt. 1)ro(lucecl, performecl. cshibitetl, representtvl, t'lclivc.ret2. transmitted or comrnunicuted: Y~*orlitlrd, o r ~ . e t ~ ~ . r . . /i Tll;~t the provisions of tshis :ict, so fnr as tlley secure copyriglit controlling the pnrts of il~str~~rr~tlllts, the beiltg instrunlrnts referred to in s~~bsectionr ) of scbctioi~1 of ( the act of niilrch 4, 1909, as amentlctl (. S. C., t,itle 17. [ I sev. 1 (e) ), s e r v i ~ ~ g reproduce ~ ~ ~ t ~ ~ l ~ i tile~ i~ t:~ s iI(l~ ; ~ l to i~ n c i~ v work, sl~allinclrrcle only conlpositioos pr~blishe(l niltl c.ol)y~.ightttd aft,er J11ly1: 1909, :i~rdsl~wll lot ir1c.111tlrtlir musical conlpositions of a foreign a~ithoror trolllposer unless the foreign state or nation of which s11c11i~utlior or corrlposer is n citizen, grilnts, eitl1c.r by tl.~aty, corivelition, agreement, or law, to c:itizens of the TJr~itetlStates. hirnilar rights: A.trclr yrorlddtl furather, Thiit l ~ o t l ~ i n g in this act shi~llbe constri~edto prohilit tht? ~)c+rfoi-~rinlrt~e of copyright nlusicnl works by cl~urches, schools, :~ntl,,'or frateri~al o ~ . g i ~ n i ~ i ~ t i o n s : provided t l ~ e ~)c.rfo~.rl~:~llc:e i* given for charitable or edilsntionul or religioos pllr1)oses.

ullless a fee is charged for admission to the place where the music is so used; (e) To complete, execute, and finish said work; ( f ) To deliver or authorize the delivery of said work in public if it be a lecture, sermon, or address prepared for oral delivery; (g) To communicate said work t the public by radio o broadcasting, rebroadcasting, wired radia, telephoning, telegraphing, television, or by any other methods or means for transmitting or delivering sounds, words: images, or pictures whether now or hereafter existing; ( h ) To produce, reproduce, perform, represent, or exhibit said work publicly if it be a dramatic or dramaticomusical work in any manner or by any means or methods whatsoever: Provided, iwuwver, That nothing in this act shall be construed to prohibit the performance of copyright musical works by churches, schools, and/or fraternal organizations, provided the performance is given for charitable or educational or religious purposes, unless a fee is charged for admission to the plaee where the music is so used. SEC.2. Such copyright shall extend to all published and uripublished works of authors who are citizens of the United States, not in the public domain on the date when this act takes effect and all works of such citizens hereafter created and to the works of alien authors in the 4 event that : ( a ) Such work is first published in the United States or a foreign country adhering to the International Copyright Union described in section 69 61 of this act; or (b) Such work, if unpublished, is created by a national of a foreign country adhering to said International Copyright Union ; or (c) Such author is a national of a foreign country not adhering to said International Copyright Union, which country by treaty or international agreement grants to citizens of the United States copyright on the same basis as to its own nationals; or not (d) Such author is a national of a foreign cou~ltry adhering t o said International Copyright Union, but is residing a t the time of the creation of such work in a. country adhering to the International Copyright Union. The existence or cessation of the reciprocal conditions aforesaid shall be determined by the President of the

I-nited States by 1)roclnmution inutle froul time to tinlr, the purposes of this act nlay rcq11il.e. 111the event that tllc Unitc!tl St;tlcs sl1:~11 :tny tiuie :lt after adllerencc withdraw froul sriitl Intcrnntio~~nl Copyright Union, the11 the provisions of this sc?ct,ionrel'cbrring to said International Copyriglit Uiiion sliall t hcticcfortli llnve 110 forcc :111cl effect, but tlic otlicr provisions of tliis scction dial1 1-cinnili in full forcc and offoct. SNC.3. Wllc1rc :illy wol*lr?('scc!~)~ ~ I ~ : I . I I I : I ~ ~ ( : O - I ~ ~ I I S ~ C : ~ ~ :I or musical work, is creatcci by an cmploycc wit~liil~ the wopc of liis c~iirl)loy~~(~iit~, his ciiiploy(~rslr:lll, as :~l~t;llot., Ijc tlic owncr of tlic copyright ill srtcli \~orlc,in tlic : ~ b sencc of ngrccii~cntto tllc contraley but tliis provision sllall irot :~l)l)ly \vorlrs CI-catcdon speci:tl c~o~tuiiissic~~~ t;o \\-here t1icl.c is no rclrltioli of cml11oyc.r :t11cI ( ~ 1 1 1 1 ) 1 0 ~ ( 1 ~ ' ~ 11nlcssthe parties slln11 :~.grcc otlic~~-wise. S11:c. 4. Copylsiglit scc.11rcd 1)y Illis act sll;~ll ~ s t ~ lo ~ ~ t l c ~ : I I I\vorl< sul);io(!t t,Ilc!~-(~lo t l ~ c ! P X ~ ( : I I I to \ v l ~ i t - l it, is ~ to ~ original, iiotwitl~stalrtliiig it is I):tscd i l l I ) : I I - ~ I I I ) O I I . 01. itlco~.l)or:~t ill \\lliolc 01.i l l 1);irt.so111(~ es 1)1vvio11sIy i11g c> ~vo1.k:J'vovitl~d, JIo?o~v(,t', T1i:tt S I I C I ~ (l*e slr:tlI 11ot 1,st c ~ i dthe copyright, if any, in srlch p ~ . c v i o ~ ~ existing sly \\-ark nor re-create copyright tliercin :111(111c c~~joyltlont 1 :tnd excrcisc of such copyright slinll bc sl~l)jcc:t :111(1 withclut prcjadice to tlie right,s of the owncr of the copyriglit, if any, in the previously existing work, and/or of anyolle tlcriving or who has derived any right or rights fro111 said owner. This scctioli shall not :tpl)Iy to \\~orIcsr~*fcrrcd to in scction 5 of this act. SEC. Any conlpiln tion, abri~lglncnt., l)t:~t,ion. 1'5. :II'~:I :I r;~ngcmciit,, dr:ini:~lizationof :I c l ~ ~ : l i n : ~ t i c : o - ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ s i c . ; ~ l or or iii~~sical, if tlic sairic be :t worlr in t)lic p~iblic ~ O I I I : L ~ I I , ~ or of a copyrigllt drai~~atico-n111sic:l.l 11111sic.:11 or wo1.k \\-hen proclucccl with the consent of tlic propl-ictor of ilic. ceopyright in such work, shall bc l,c!garcl~.(l :LIII:\V wo1.k :IS s~ibjcct. copyright uiidcr thc provisiol~s 111is:lcbt;I)nt to of tllc pu1)licatioli of any such ncw worlr s11:ill not :I ffcclt tllc fol-cc or vnl idity of a.ny sl.tlosistitr,c copyl.ig11 11po11 t the mattcr cmploj~cclor any part, tl~cl.roE, II(! constlbllctlto or ilnply ail excl~sivcright to s11c.11 IISC of 1 1 1 ~o~*iginal works, or to sccurc or cxtencl copyi.ight in such original \vorlrs; nor sliall copyright oxist ill the origi~laltext of any work which is in the public domni11.

SEC. Tlle copyright is clistinct from the property in 6. any material reproduction of the work, ancl the sale or conveyance, by gift or otherwise, of the material repro:luction shall not,of itself constitute a tra~lsfcrof the ?opyright, nor shall the assignment or license of the 3opyright constitute a transfer of the title to the material reproduction unless expressly stipulated; except in the :ase of photographic portraits made for hire or on commission, in which case, in the absence of written agreement to the contrary, the copyright shall vest in the person whose portrait is reproduced or his legal repre3entatives. Nothing in this act shall be deemed to forbid, prevent, or restrict the transfer of any copy of n copyright work the title to which has been lawfully ob'ained. SEC.7. If the United States Government reprints and listributes any copyright work or part thereof it shall jecure the consent of the copyright owner and shall aplend thereto a reference as to such work, but sr~chuse ;hall not in any way authorize the use elsewhere of such aopyright material or prejudice or limit the rights of the :opyright owner. Subject always to the foregoing, no Sopyright shall subsist in any report or other pr~blication )f the United States Government. SEC.8. The c o ~ y r i g h tof a work of architecture shall .over only its artistic character and its design and shall lot extend to processes or methods of construction. nor lor shall it prevent the making, exhibiting, or publishing )f photographs, motion pictures, paintings, or other illusrations thereof, which are not in the nature of archi.ectural drawings or plans, and the om-iler of the copyTight shall not be entitled to obtain an injunction reitraining the construction, substantially begun, or use, of tn infringing building, or an order for its demolition or eizure.

SEC.9. The author or other owner of any copyright .eared under this act or of any copyright heretofore ecured under any previous act of the United States may, o the extent of his interest therein, by written instrunent signed by him or his duly authorized agent, exeuted after this act goes into effect, assign, mortgage,

license, or otherwise dispose of, the entire copyright or any right or rights comprised therein, either wholly or wpariitely, either generally or subject to limitations, for tlie entire torm of such c o l ~ y r i ~ lor tor n limited time, lt or for 11 specified territory or territories, and may the same by will. The author or other owner of any copyright or i ~ n yllcrson or persolls deriving any right, title, or jntcrcst from :my author or other owner :is aforcs:iid, may each, sc~p:watoly,for Iiinisclf, in his own name :IS party to a suit, action, or proceeding, protect and enforce such rights as he may hold, and to the cstent of 11is I-iglit,, titlo, a11c1intorest is ciltitlctl to the remerlies provided by this act: Provided, That no nssjgnlncl~tby the :~titIior,w11crc t l ~ e :~lrtllor a11 indivitlual, of the copyis riglit in any work and no gis:~tlt him of any interest by therein (otherwise than by will), after the pass:tge of this act, sllnll be operative to vest in the assignee or grantee any rights with respect to the copyright in the work beyond tlie espiration of twenty-eight years from the death of the author, and the reversionary interest in the copyright expectant on the termination of that period shall, on the death of the author, notwithstanding any ugrcemcnt to the contrary, devolve on his legal personal representatives as part of his estate, and ally agreement entered into by him as to the disposition of such rcvel.sionary interest, shall be null and void. SKC. Assignments, grants, licenses, and mortgages 10. of copyrigl~t of any separate right tliercin, or any other or instrument or paper writing relating to or affecting :L copyright or right therein, may be recorded in the copyright office a t any tinlc nftcr esccntion. A failrrre so to record sliall not affect the v:ilidity of any such instrument: Provided, T h a t no unrecorded assignment, grant, license, mortgage, or other instrulnent shall be valid or of any ctffect. against any previously rccordcd assignment, grant, licelise, mortgage, or instrument to a purcll:iscr, licensee, or other transferee for value and without notice, whother such unrecorclcd instrilment be prior in date of cxccrition or not, and whether subsequently recorded or not. Such proviso, however, shall not apply to unrecorded instruments by which periodical and/or newspaper publication rights are assigned or conveyetl; but if, in addition thereto, such instruments also assign or convey other riglits, and/or refer or pertain in any

way to any other rights, then such instruments to the extent of the provisions or agreements contained therein relating to such other rights shall be subject to such proviso. After the effective date of this act, upon the purchase of a part, but not all, of the rights of the author in or under a copyright, unless the instrument assigning such rights by its terms expressly includes the right of first publication, the purchaser shall be deemed to have knowledge, at the time of such purchase, of the existence of such first publication right in or under such copyright, having priority as to time of publication over any right or rights so purchased: Provided, That rights of first publication shall be deemed to have expired by lapse of time as against a purchaser of any other rights in or under the same copyrigllt if not exercised by commencement of publication within one year of the date of delivery of the entire copyright work of the purchaser of such right of first publication, unless within such period the purchaser of such right of first publication shall have recorded in the copyright office a notice or instrument of assignment signed by the author, or his agent duly authorized for the purpose, showing the name of the author, the name of the assignor if other than the author, the name of the assignee and the duration and general nature of such right of first publication. As between two or more innocent purchasers of right of first publication in the same copyright work, that one who shall have first recorded the notice or instrument of assignment as herein provided shall prevail, anything in this section 10 of this act to the contrary notwithstanding, and notwithstanding any provision hereinabove contained as to unrecorded instruments conveying periodical and/or newspaper rights : Provided, however, That for this purpose, where such notice or instrument of assignment is mailed by registered mail properly addressed to the copyright office in Wasllington, the date of such mailing shall be deemed the date of record. All assignments, grants, licenses, mortgages, and other instruments, notices, or paper writings hereinabove referred to, when recorded in the copyright office, shall be indexed in the name of the author and the assignor, licenser, o r mortgagor, and in the name of the assignee, licensee, and mortgagee, and under the title of the copyright work.

SEC. 1nst1.111nents 11. referred to ill sc~ction10 esccuted in a foreign country may be ~ c k n o ~ v l t ~ t l g ~ t l or subscribed and swwn to by tlie assignor or licensor before a diplomatic or consular officer of the United States :tlithorized by law to adm~nisteroaths or perform notarial acts, or before any notary public, judge, or 111agistrate of ally foreign couiltry authorized to adliiinister oaths or perform notarial :~cts such country nrtd whose authority in shall be proved by certificate of diplomatic or corisular officers of the Uriited States. Such certificate shall be prima facie evidence of the rxecution of the instrument, and the inslrument and certificate shall be admissible us evidence in any action or proceeding brought under this act.

SEC. 12. The term for which copyright is secured by this act shall be for the life of the author, if living, and for a period of fifty years after his death, except that where the author is not an individual the term shall be fifty years from the date of completion of the creatior~uf the work; and except that in the case of a work by joint authors the copyright shall terminate at the expiration of fifty years from the date of the death of the joint author who first dies, or shall exist during the Life of the author who dies last, whichever period is longer: Provided, That where the work is based in whole or in part upon a previously existing work in which a longer copyright term may endure, then the copyright in said work shall endure for a term equal to that of said previously existing work, or for the term of fifty years aforesaid, whichever term is longer: Provided further, That the term of copyright &all not in any case exceed the term granted in the country of the origin of the work. SEC. 13. I n the case of any posthumous work, such period shall be fifty years from the date of the death 01 the author. SEC. 14. The copyright subsisting in any work when this act goes into effect shall be continued at the end of the subsisting term until the expiration of fifty years beyond the author's death, and such continuation of the copyright to the extent of any extension over and above the term of twenty-eight years subsisting on the date when this act takes effect and any renewal thereof regis-



to said date shall vest in the following pertered sons: (a) I f an application for ~-cne\vulof the coppright shall have been duly registered prior to the date when this act takes effect, then such continuation shall vest in tlle person or persons who uncler the act heretofore in force were entitled to said renewal and extension of the copyright in such .work; ancl ( b ) in all other ewes such continuatiorl ~11x11 vest in the author, if living' and if tlle author be not living, then in the author's esecutors or testamentary trustees, as the case may be, or! if there be no sucll esccr~torsor trustees, in a duly appointed administl*ator with the will annexed, and, in the absence of a will, the11 in the nrl~l~inistrntors other legal repor 1.esentatives of said author's estate: Provided, That where, prior to the date when this act takes effect, the author or, if he be not living, the person or persons who upon his cleat11 became entitled thereto shall have parted wit11 nny or a11 of the autllor's rights for the first term under the act heretofore in force, and shall have agreed to part therewith or sh:~ll have parted therewith for the renewal term under said act, 011 a roynlty bnsis, the assignee or licensee of such right or rights shall be entitled thereto throughout the full teim provided by this act, upon condition that he pay royalties at the agreed rnte ant1 in the agreed inanner to the author, if living, or if dead,'to the peivon or persons in \vliom the continuation of the copyright shall vest as above .specified, during the full term provided by this act; but this proviso shall not apply unless the said assignee or licensee shall have substantially fulfilled his contract with said author and/or with the person or pursons (if any) who succeeded to said author's rights: Provided further, That m-here, prior to the date when this act takes effect, there has been a n outright purcllase of any right or rights (for a lump sum paid and not on royalty) for said first tern1 and the author or, if he be not living, the person or persons who upon his death became entitled thereto have agreed to part therewith or have parted therewith for said renewal term, the assignee or licensee of such right or rights shall be entitled thereto throughout the remainder of the term provided by this act upon performance by him of such conditions as may be determined by an agreement between the purchaser and the author, if he be living, or his assignees or representatives, if he be dead, entered



into a t least six months before the expiration of the subsisting term, or, in the absence of such agreement, as may be determined by a court of competent jurisdiction, as justice may require: P,rovicEed further, That in the cnse of any work the subsisting copyright of which was first secured by an employer for whom such work was made for hire or by a corporate body (otherwise than as assignee or licensee of the individual author) the copyright shall terminate fifty-six years from the date of first publication.

SEC. I f any person shall infringe the copyright in 15. any work protected under the copyright laws of the United States such person shall be liable(a) To an injunction restraining such infringement except as otherwise provided in this & act: Provided, hmever, That no temporary restraining order shall be issued which would prevent the publication of a d i d y newspaper or periodical: And provided further, That in case of a newspaper or periodical reprotluction of a copyrighted photograph, no injunction sh:lll issue. (b) T o pay such damages t o the owner of the right infringed as he may have suffered due to the infringement, as well as all or such part of the profits which the infringer shall have made from such infringement as the court may decree to be just and proper; and in proving profits the plaintiff shall be required to prove only sales, rentals, license fees and/or any other revenne derived from any disposition of an infringing work, and the drfenclant shall be required to prove every element of cost which he claims; (c) To pay, at the option of the owner of the right infringed, in lieu of actual damages and profits, such statutory damages as to the court shall appear to be just: Provided, That such statutory damages, in the case of en unauthorized dramatic performance, or of an unauthorized motion picture exhibition with or without sound and/or dialogue, or the unauthorized performance for profit of a musical work, shall not exceed the sum of $10,000 nor be less than $250; and in the case of an unauthorized newspaper or perioclical reproduction of a copyrighted photograph, shall not exceed the srlnl of $200 nor be less than $10; and in any other case shall not ex-



ceed the sum of $5,000 nor be less than $100; and such damages shall in no case be regarded as a penalty. (d) I n any action for infringement of copyright in any work, if defendant prove that he was not aware that he was infringing or has been subject to fraud or substantial imposition by any third person or persons other than one of said defendant's employees, and in either case that such defendant has acted in good faith, the plaintiff shall not be entitled to any remedy against such defendant other than t o recover an amount equivalent to the fair and reasonable value of a license, but not less than $50 rior more than $2,500: Provided, hmwer, That this subsection shall not apply, in the event of registration of copyright or recordation of an instrument relating to or affecting the same o i any right therein, prior to such defendant's entering into or upon the undertaking which results in such infringement, or if the work alleged to have been infringed be a published work published with authority from the copyright owner, if notice of copyright be affixed thereto; or if the work alleged to have been infringed be a dramatic work, other than a motion picture, if such work has had a first-class public production in the United States of America of a t least one week in a town of not less than one hundred thousand population. (e) I n case of the infringement of any creation of an author (except a dramatico-musical or musical composition) by any person or corporation engaged solely in printing, binding, or manufacturing the same in printed form, where such infringer shall show that he was not aware that he was infringing and that he mas acting in good faith, and that such infringement could not have been reasonably foreseen, the person aggrieved shall be entitled only to an injunction against future printing, binding, and manufacturing the same in printed form, and to the delivery up of all such printed. bound, and manufactured material, and shall not be entitled to any profit made by such infringer from his contract or employment to print, bind, or manufacture in printed form, nor to damages, actual or statutory, against such inThat in case such printer is also the fringer: P~owided, publieher, distributor, or seller of such creation, or in partnership or regularly engaged in business with such ie publisher, distributor, or seller, or is in any w s directly

or incliyectly illterestod in the publication: clistribnt'ion, sale, or esploitatic,nl of such c~rcation(ot,llclr tlr:i~ias t k rivet1 solely fro111 llis colltl.:lct or clllploJ'lllOllt lllc!l'Cl;y to p i n t . . hind, or. n1:uil1if;ic:tnl*c s;lmc in l ) r i i ~ t cf0~111) tllc ~l or in any 1jl:ofits to I,c tlol.ivccl from s ~ ~ c h p~~bliciitio~l, tlistribution, sale, or csl)loitatioii, tllcn t,hc 11cl.sott i~ggricvec? shall be cntitlcd to :dl the rcmcdics proviclccl by this :let, and tlic iin~nunitygib:~ntcilby tliis snbscction ( c b ) s l d l riot apply: I'tbo,~,icl(:rb, 'I'liat :my inj~inction i~gainst ~lcws:I papcr pl~blislic~ slinll lie only against tllc coiitiliuatiorl or rcpctitioii of s ~ l c linfringement in future issues of ~ slrcll ~ic!wsp:~pcr, r ~ tnot ngaiiist tllc coinplotion of tllc b pnl)lication i~ntlclistrib~ltionof any issue of su. 11 ~ I ~ I Y S 11:11)cr wllcbrc actoirl ])riilt,il~gof SIIC'I~ ~ S S I I C llns ~0111iricilcccl; nor, whcrc socbli nctu:tl printing has commenced? s11:lll any ortlcr bc gr:ultt.;L to soql~cstcl.,i~i~l~ollild, or destroy the issue containing sslicll illR'i~lgingn~:lt.t(!r. ( f ) I n tlic vvc:i~tthat :iny :~tlvcrtising~ n a t t c rof : I . I I ~ by a ilclwsl)i~l)car l)(!~*iotlic:~l or sli:lll i~ifl.irlgc any coj)yri,cllt ~vork,whew tlic p~~blihhcr (he newsof palwr or l)ci*iodiciil slinll show thilt IIC ~ : l s not nw:l.rc t1i:it lie was illfringing lid t1i:tt sl~cli ~ i f r i r ~ g c ~ ~(~o111cl i lici~t not rc3:~sonably liavc bccn foreseen, tllc pelson agg1.icved sllnll be entitled to an injunction only before i d & work of m:~tlnfactru.c of the issllc has coinmcnced and only :~gninsttlic col~tinn:tt~ioli rcpctition of sncli infringeor ment in fntlrrc issllcs of sllcll ncwsp:iper or periodical, but sll:t11 not be entitled to :lily profit ~ilade such pubby lisher froin his contract o r cnlployincnt to carry such :idvcrtising ninttcr, nor to cl;lrnagcs, tl(:tiiiil or stiitiltory :lgui~~st I't.ouidod, lto,tue.uel.,T11:tt no injunction shall Iii111: lie :tcilili~t the colnplction of tlic pl~blicntiol~ :~ii(lclist r i b ~ ~ t i o n : ~ n yiss~icof S I I C ~newspaper or periodical of ~ contnining allcxccl infringing mattc!l- w11cl.c. ~ e O d k g world of nmn,tcfcrct.rxl*eof snch issilc Ilas c - o ~ i ~ ~ ~ ~: n c c c l c Provided ftwtlwr, That this clause shall ill no wise liinit the i~c~netlics the person :~ggricvcdagainst the advcrof tiscr, nclvcrtising agency, or the person or corporation rrsponsible for the infringc~incnt 1'~ocirfccl: : ftri,tAc.r., l'lin,t if t l ~ c pnblisllcr of the ~lcwspapc~r periot1ic:ll is in anyor wise ilitei*crstctl in tluc colnniodity or stibjcct matter' advertisctl, or is tllc ndvcl.tiscr or advertising agcncy, o r engaged ill b~lsinesswit,h the advertiser or advertising agency, in such wisc t,hat the publisher is entitled to any




profits or benefit from the sale of the subject matter dvertised, or from the handling o~ placing of such advertising matter (other than profits derived by 'the publisher merely from his contract or employment to run such advertising matter in his newspaper or periodical), then the immunity granted by this subsection ( f ) shall not apply. SEC.16. TIte E ~ c e p tae otherwise prosided in t h b act, threinfringer shall further be liable : (a) To deliver'up; on oath, to be impounded during the pendency of the action, upon such terms and conditions a s the court may prescribe, all articles alleged t o infringe a copyright or any right comprised therein. (b) To deliver up, on oath, for destruction, as the court may order, a l l the infringing copies, records, rolls, and other contrivances or devices, as well as all plates, molds, matrices, or other meam for making such infringing copies. Sm. 17. I n any action against publishers, distributors+ or sellers of periodicals or newspapers for infringement of copyright, the plaintiff shall not be entitled M enjoin the alleged infringement as to any matter claimed to infrinpe such copyright when any part of such material has theretofore been included I any i m e of such periodin cals or newspapers upon whid the work of manufacture hrts actuafly begun o r to seque&r, impound, or destroy sny issue containing such alleged infringing matter, or the means for publishing such iaue except upon proof to the satisfaction c the court that the manufttcture of the d i m e containing su& dltgeef infringing matter or the first installment thereof was comnrend with actual knowledge that copyright subsisted in the work alleged t hove been infringed : PT&~, ?hmaer. That the o foregoing provision shall not appzy as to a right of injunction asserted against the publication of subsequent installments of a serial in issuw on which the work of m a n u f ~ c t u ha9 not a~f.l~filiy r~ be.gnn. where the copyright material alleged to have b e infringed has theretofore en been published in a magazine d newspaper of general . circulation in the Udterl Stab. SEG.18. All actiks, snits, or proceeding# arising undes the copyright laws 6f the United States s b a l be originttllg cognizable. by the district courts of the United, States, $he di&ct em&- e d Ikritory, t Sqreasa h

Court of the District of Columbia, the district courts of Alaska, Hawaii, Panama Canal Zone, and Porto Rico, and the courts of first instance of the Philippine Islands, and any court given jurisdiction under this section may proceed in any action, suit, or proceeding instituted for violation of any provision of said laws to enter a judgment or decree enforcing the remedies provided by this act. SEC. Any such court or judge thereof sliall have 19. power, upon bill in equity filed by any party aggrieved, including (but not by way of limitation) any person referred to in section 9 of this act, whether such person's rights were acquired heretofore or hereafter, to grant injunctions to prevent and restrain the violation of any right secured by this act, according to the course and principles of courts of equity, on such terms as said court or judge may deem reasonable. Any such injunction may be served upon the parties against whom it may be granted anywhere in the United States and its dependencies, arid s l ~ a l lbe operative throughout the United States and its depenclencies and be enforceable by proceedings in contempt or otherwise by ally court or judge having jurisdiction of the defendants. SEC. The clerk of the court, or judge granting the 20. injunction, shall, when required so to do by the court hearing the application to enforce said injunction, transmit without delay to said court a certified copy of all the papers in suit1 cause that are on file in his office. SEC. The proceedings for an injunction, damages, 21. and profits, and those for the seizure of infringing copies, records, rolls, ant1 other contrivances or devices, plates, molds, matrices, and so forth aforementioned, ]nay be united in one action. SEC. I n all actions, suits, or proceedings under this 22. act, except when brought by or against the United States, or any officer thereof, full costs shall be allowed, and the court may award to the prevailing party a reasonable attorney's fee as part of the costs. SEC. I n any action for infringement, where the 23. plaintiff seeks an accounting of profits, or statutory damages, where any party shows that some third person or persons may claim t o be entitled to said profits or statutory damages or some part thereof, by reason of alleged infringement of the same copyright or some right there-

under, or in case it shall appear to the satisfaction of the court that a complete determination can not be had in the absence of other persons claiming or having rights or interests in or under the copyright or some part thereof the court, on application of such party or on its own motion or on petition of such third person or persons, shall give notice to such person or persons of the pendency of such action and permit him or them to apgear therein, and may make such provision with reference to such profits or statutory damages by way of division or otherwise, and adjudicate the respective rights and interests of the several parties to the action as justice may require. The court may require that notice of pendency of the action be given in such manner as the court shall direct to any and all persons of record in the copyright office who may claim to be assignees or licensees or the owners or holders of any rights in or under the copyright in connection with which a, tion may be brought, ifLhe instruments under which such persons claim are registered in the copyright ofiice, or if a claim to the copyright be so registered. The failure of any party directed to be brought in, to appear in the action or suit, or to participate therein, shall not delay the jud,gnent to which the plaintiff is entitled nor debar the plaintiff from prosecuting his suit t o a final determination nor from recovering profits or damages to which he may be entitled: Prm'ded, That nothing herein contained shall in any way prejudice OF delay the rights, if any, of the plaintiff t o injunctive relief or any other remedy given under this net, other than for profits or statutory damages aa aforesaid. Sza. 24" Civil actiona, &its, or proceedings arising under this a d may be institnted in the district of hi& the defendant or hhe agent is an inhabitant, or in which ii he mag be found, Sm.25. The orders, judgments, or decrees of any court mentioned i6 section 18 of this act arising uhder the copyright laws of the United States may be reviewed on appeal or writ of error in the manner and to the errtent now provided by law for the review of cases determined in wid courte, respectively. SEC. Any person who willfully and for p r d t shae 26. infringb the copyright in any work protected under the cogprrght ELIPS af &a United &aha, m wha &all W w :



ingly and willfully aid or abet such infringement, sha!l be deemed guilty of a mistlemeanor, ancl upon convictio~i thereof sliall be pu~iishedby impriso~lmcntfor not exceeding one year or by fine of not less than $100 nor inore tlian $1,000, or both, in the discretion of the court : Prouided, That no criminal pl-oceeding sllall be maintained under the provisions of this act unless the same is co~nmenced within three years nf ter the misdemennor was committed and 110 civil proceeding unlrss the same is conlmenced within three years after the cause of action arose. SEC. The Supreme Court of the United States 27. shall prescribe such rules and regulations as may be necessary for practice and proceclure In any action, suit, or proceeding instituted for infringement r~nderthe provisions of this nct.

SEC. Except as in this act otherwise expressly pro28. vided, all copies of any copyright material which shall be distributed in the United States in book, pamphlet, map, or sheet forn: shall be printed from type set within the limits of the United States or its dependencies, either by hand or by the aid of any kind of typesetting macliine, and/or from plates made within the limits of the United States or its dependencies from type set therein; or, if the text be produced by lithographic, mimeographic, photogravure, or photo-engraving, or any kindred process or any other process of reproduction now or hereafter devised, then by a process wholly performed within the limits of the United States or its dependencies; and the printing or other reproduction of the text, and the binding of snid book or pa~nplilet,slinll be performed within the limits of the United States or its clependencies. Said requirements shall extend also to any copyright illustrations within any book, pamphlet, or sheet, except where the subjects represented are located in a foreign country and/or illustrate any scientific or technical work or reproduce a work of art. Said requirements shall not apply to works in raised characters for the use of the blind, nor to works by authors who are nationals of a foreign country. SEC. That whenever manufacture is required in the 29. United States or its dependencies under the preceding sec-

tion, an affidavit under the official seal of any officer authorized to administer oaths within the United States or its dependencies, duly made by the author himself; or by the owner of any right to print or publish such work in the United States in book, pamphlet, map, or printed sheet form; or by any agent of such author or owner duly authorized for that purpose residing in the United States or its dependencies, shall b6 filed in the copyright office within sixty days after such publication setting forth the manner in which compliance has been had with all requirements of the preceding section. Such affidavit shall state also the place where, and the establishment or establishments in which, such type was set and/or plates where made or where lithograph, photogravure, photo-engraving, or reproduetion of any kiadred process or any other process of reproduction now or hereafter devised, and/or printing and binding, were performed, and the date of empletioa of printing of the work or the date of publiclttisn. A t any time or times when complirtnca with such preceding &ion is requisite, unless said amdavit shall be 61ed or the court shall find t b failure to file said &davit wbla due t o excusable neglect, no action i respect o an infringemat n f of copyright in said work or any right or rightis therein tihall be instituted or m e i n t a i d by ang penan who, uader the provisions of tthis section, migbt have W this affidavit. But nothing herein c o n t a i d ~ h d hait l or suspend the right of the aseiggq or lie~rnseeof the y author of a ~ right under sueh copyright other than tboeb in th& se8dio.n spec&d to bring any d o n or pxwmdhg h r the infringement aP the rights which such assignee or Kcensee may.own. S c W. Dwhg the e x i s h m ~ the copyright in m y m. sf work when such work has been published and mti.nuPlactured within the limits of the United States or its depend* under aa assignment. cevering stated riehta ia the , U i e S t a b and its dependencies, or any of them, ntd re@stered at the Copyright Ofc,and mch a s s i p m d fie stipulate exclusive ds rights within t e United S t a h g h and its &pendencies, or m y of them, the importation h t e the United Staters of any copies theae~fprintsd or prad u d by any of the ~~ meatiod in &ions 28 and 29 af this act, ar d plates or m e d i a of any k i d



fsrwkb&.eop&1;fllussf,wWbwaawt~-by " . .,

thc anthor or proprietor of any foreign copyright., except used copies, shall be reported by the customs authorities a t the port of in~port:~tion the Register of Copyrigllts, to and if registration of a ~ 1 : ~ i i n col)yriglit 01' riglits to under section :36 of this act and the deposit of two copics of the hmcric:ln edition shnll have h e n accoinplislictl prior to such importation, such irrlportcd copics, plntcs, or other i~lcdiumsfor making copies shall be s1rbjrc.t to scizurc a t Ihc instance of the assignee UE publication rights in the United States. I f found to bc iinportccl in violiltion of the terms of the contract of assigninr~lt, such copies, pl;~t.cs,or othcr mediums for n1:llting copios shall bc forfeited to the a s s i g ~ ~ or otherwise tlisposc*tlof ec of of a t the cliscl-(>tion tlic district co~lrt the TTnitccl St:ttc:j having juriscliction of the case : Pro.vidcd, hou~coer, h a t T the fol-egoing provision shall not apply(:I) 'l'o : I I I\vo1-1< ~ ~>~~l)lisl~(:(l (voi~n!~-y o l - i ~ i n in t,!1(1. of witfi tlic :iuthoi-ization of t l ~ c copyright proprietor, when irnpo~.tccl,not Illore tllall one copy of ally sl1c.11wo~.l< on :III? o11c invoice, for usc and not for sale or hil.e, by : ~ n t l for ally free public libi.a~.yor b~.;ulchthrrcof, tiny privately owned or endowed library opcn to free use by the public or by scholars, or any scllool, college. socioty, or institution organized and conclucted in good f:~ithfor ctl~~cational, literary, philosophical, scientific, or religions P I I ~ * ~ O or S , the cncouragemcnt of thc fine arts, ant1 W for not for profit; ( b ) T o any work poblishccl in the co~cntryof origin with the nuthorizntion of thc copyright prolx-iotor, when impol*tcd, not inorc thnn one copy of any slich worlr on :my onc invoice, for intlivitl~~al :1nc1 not for s:dc or nscr 1ii1.c.provid(lc1 that wit.hi11tcbn tlags prior t,o t.hc (1at.c.of the ordcring of s~lchcopy for impoi.t:~tion the ~>ropi.icstor of thc TJnitcd States col)yi.igllt or i*i,nlitsto siich work, within ten days after written clemnnd for a copy of silch work, specifying that such copy is dcsircd for use :ind not for sale or hire, shall hnvc clcclinecl or nc! to agree to snpply the copy demanded a t n pi-ice cq~~ivalcnt to the forcign price thereof nncl tr.:lnsport:ition chaipcs, plus custonis drltics when s ~ ~ b j e c t thcrcto; or PI-ovided that at t,hc clatc of tlic ortlcr of snch copy for iinportation no such rcgistmtion arid clcposit of such copics of the Amcrican edition shall hnvc 1)cc.n ~nndcas aforesnicl; (c) T o any work publislicd in the country of origin with the nuthorizntion of the copyright ~ r o ~ r i e t o r when



imported by the proprietor of the United States copyright or rights for the purpose of filling demands for copies thereof made pursuant to the preceding subdivision (b) or of filling orders for copies thereof received from any library, school, college, society, or institution designated in the foregoing subdivision (a) : Provided, That every such demand or order sball specify thnt the work is desired for use by the purchaser and not for resale or hire; ( d ) To works which form parts of libraries or private collections purchnsed en bloc in a foreign country for the use of any libraries, schools, colleges, societies, or institutions designated in the foregoing s~~bdivision ) , (a or which form a part of the personal baggage of any person arriving from a foreign country and which are not intended for sale or hire: Provided, however, That no one person shall so import more than five such works at any one time; (e) To a foreign newspaper or magazine, although coiltaining matter copyrighted in the United States printed or reprinted by authority of the copyright proprietor, unless surh newspaper or magazine contains also copyright matter printed or reprinted without such authorization ; ( f ) To motion pictures and motion-picture phobplays ; (g) To the authorized edition of a book in a foreign language or languages ; (11) To works in raised characters for the use of the blind ; (i) To works imported by the authority or for the use of the United States; Provided further, That copies imported as above may not lawfully be used in any way to violate the rights of the proprietor of the American copyright or annul or limit the copyright protection secured by this act, and such unlawful use shall be deemed an infringement of copyright. SEC. The importation of any copies or substantial 31. reproductions in whole or in part, of any worlc in which copyright exists, into the United States which if made, published, distributed, exhibited, or performed in the United States would infringe such copyright is hereby prohibited.



11 copies of ~vorks 11 proliibitecl inlportatioll by this act \vhich arc bro[~glitinto tlic Cnited St:~tcsfroni :tllg foreign c01111ti-y e s c ~ l ~ t the mails) ( in be seized ;lncl forfeited by like procc!cdings :IS tllosc proyidecl by law for tlic! scizurc irllcl coiiclc~ii~iutioii of ~roperty iml)orte'l illto tllc Unitclcl Ytatcs in \.iol:ttion of tlle ~listonlsrevciiuc la\\ls. Sue11 ;trticlcs when forfeited sl1:ill be ele:.troyctl ill s~lcliniiirincbr as tlic Sccrcti~ryof or the Trcu~111.y tllc co~irt,:LS Clie c:tsc 111:ly l ~ c ,shall ilircct: Yl.o,uidetl, hotocvcr, 'l'hat id1 copies of nuthorizcd cclitioiis o l col)yrigllt \vorlis im~ortcclin tllc n l ~ i l sor otlierl-wise ill viol:ttitr~iof the provisioiis of this act inay be i~ccxportcd nntl rot~lr~lcbcl tlic corlntry of c:l ,art to wllencvtbr it is s11o\v1i to 1.110 s:lticfi~~tion t l ~ e of Sccrc!t:lry of the T ~ C ~ I S I I I written npp1ic:~tion that ~ ~ im- h in a . ~ c port.:ll;ioli docs ~iot ii~volcc willf111iic~gligcilcoor frnntl. SEC. Tlic Sv(-rtlt:try of tlic T I ~ C ; I S I I Itlle I'ost33. itild ~ ~ mastcis (; arc 1ic~i.trbyci~~l)owc~.ctl nntl to make :ind s~lclijoint r~ilcsalitl rcgr~l:~tions as slinll pi.cvent tlic i1nl)ort:ttioli iiito tlie ITiiitctl States in the inails of articles 1)roliibitc!tl ii1iport:~tionby this act, ancl nlay require noticc to be given to the Trcnsnry Dcpartmcnt or Post Oficc Departlnent, as the c:ise in:~ybe, al by copyright owners or inbred partics, of the n c t ~ ~ or co~lteniplntcclimportation of articles prohibited impol.tation by this act \vliich infringe the rights of such copyright owners or injnrccl parties.

SEC. , 1 1 1 ~ 32.


Sec. 54. No notice of copyriglit sllall be rcqllirc(1 on any \\ copyrightccl n~iclcrthis nct, nor after this act goes illto cfl'cct, its to \vo~-lrs col) 1111clcr pl.r~vior~s acts. The onlission of snch noticc fro111 :illy \vol-lr sIi;111 not bc talie~l:is cvidencc that no copyright is cl;rimcd tl~ereinnor :iffeet the validity of the copyright tlic~.cin. Scvci~iliclcss,a legible noticc of copyrigl~to r :I notice to in with ~.efcl.e~lce any riglit iilcl~~tletl t11c copyright in any wo~.liinay be 1)lacccl O I I collies of the worlr by the owner of tllc col)yrigllt o r an assignee or licensee. Slich noticc sliitll, if nppliccl ill the citse of :L boolr or o:her printcd pr~blication,be placccl upon its title-page or the pnge immecliatcly follow in^, or upon any of the first ten case of a contribuo r the last ten pages of t e s t ; or, in t l ~ e



tion to a periodical, such notice shall be either placed as aforesaid or under the title or at the foot of the first page of said contribution; but any person who, with fraudulent intent, shall insert or impress any notice of copyright or words of the same purport in or upon any article in which copyright for the United States does not subsist shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, punishable by a fine of not less than $100 nor more than $1,000, ancl any person who shall knowingly issue or sell any article bearing such notice or words of the same purport when copyright in such article does not subsist in the United States shall be liable to a fine of $100. SEC.35. I n the event that prior to the passage of this act notices of copyright were placed upon any works which were defective in form or did not contain the name of the person or persons actually entitled to copyright or contained an incorrect name or date or in which the date was lacking or in the event that the registrstion of any copyright works prior to the passage of this act were in any way defective, such notices and/or registrations are hereby legalized, confirmed, made valid and effectual as fully as if none of the various errors, omissions, matters, and conditions hereinabove enumerated had occurred or existed : Provided, however, That where any person prior to the passage of this act has taken any action whereby he has incurred any expenditure or liability which but for the enactment of this section wouid be lawful, nothing contained in this section shall diminish or prejudice any such action or the continuance of any enterprise lawfully undertaken pursuant to the foregoing prior to the passage of this act: A n d provided further, That if this section be held invalid for any reason that such holding shall not affect any other provision of this act. SEC. The author or other owner of the copyright 36. in any work or any right, title, or interest therein, may, if he so desires, obtain registration of a claim to copyright in such work or in any of the rights comprised therein, as the case may be, respectively, upon the deposit in the Copyright Otlice at Washington of an application accompanied by the registration fee provided by this act, and one copy of the work in which, or in connection with which, copyright is claimed, or the identifying1 matter prescribed i n section 38 of this act.

Registration of a claim t o copyright, or of any rig!lc therein? shall inure to the benefit of the nutlior as well as all persons claiming through hi111 or under liim, as the case niny be. Tlie Copyriglit Ofice shall liave no cliscrction to refuso to receive an? application nor to rcfusc to rc!gistcr such ~vork upon any application being matlc. I any person otlicr than tlic a ~ ~ t h ofr :my woi-li sliall f o ilpply for regist~*:~t,ioir i ~ t ' l(liis' sectiot~, s11:~Il ~ t,lie ~~ i!~ 110 : t time of ~nalci~lg ;~pplic:~tio~i s:~i(l rccorcl in thc Copyriglit OlTicc :Illy ilr+,t,r~ilncnt ii~str~~iiieiitsI I ~ Cwliicli lie or L I ~ cl:l inls ownchi-ship of slic11 cooy~.iglitor riglrt or rights thcrc~~iitlcr, except t1i;rt if srlch c.ol)yriglit or r i g l ~ tor rigl~ts wclsc :~cttli~ii.ct r t:ot~t.l~:~c:t.ctl by sllclr pc!rson or l o for otlicr t11:in the nuby ally ~)rcdcccssorof his ill i~rtcrcst, thol., prior to the tl:~t;c! 011 wllicli tlris :let s l ~ i ~t:~lccc f f t ~ t , ll lic 11i:ly i.ccortl ill tlic Copyl'igl~tOllicc, in l i c ! ~ ~ s l ~ c h of ins:ruii~c!lit01-~ ; ~ S L I ~ I I I I I ( : I I :LII :~lli,l:~vit ~S s~~tti11g fort,l~ the I ) : I ~ I I I . Cn ~ ~ t l cstcnt of Ilis o\vi~c~rsl~il) t . 1 1 ~ :111t1 ~~.~st!iiti:il f:~cts :~ildt ~ i ~ - c - ~ ~ ~ i111)oli ~ r t ' cl .~ i s ~st:~ wlricll ~ ('1ili111 to o ~ v i ~ ~ r sis ~ i p l hlsctl : rind p~.ov;t?ctlfu~tlrc:~, 'l'Ii:~t if :i p~lllisllcrof n ~lc\vsl)al>e~.pcrio(1ic:il sh:~ll or apl)ly for 1.cgistt.ation under this sci:tiori of a i:li~i111 to c:opyriglit iu ~wriodic:nl:liitl/or ilcwspaper 1.ights only in such ncwspaptbr or pcriotlical, 11c in:ly, in licu of any instrumei~t inslrltnicllts nffcctil~g or scri:il ~.igllts? rccortl in tlic Co1)yriplit Oficc an aflitlavit, scttji~gI'ortll t l ~ c c~l;rc~ilt,i:~l ailtl C ~ ~ C ~ I I ~ ~ S ~ :upon C S f:lcts \~IC which his claii~l b:~sctl. F o r thc purposes of tliis sccis t,ion, if :In illstr11nlt:nt of a s s i g i ~ ~ nor~ljconse cst:~blishc ~t ing tlic n:ltnrc atitl cstcr~tof tlie rights claimed be rccortlotl as hci.cki~il)cfoi~c. l)rovitlctl, iro o(llcr c:orltl.:~clsor :~gi-ttc~~nci~ts : ~ t i lto g s ~ ~ t : l i ~ t,t.:~nsfcr, :~ssig~l~llci~t:, or license nccd bc rcco~.clrtl. SEC. 'I'lie form of :~pplicirtionlot- ~.c>gistl*ntion 37. sh:lIl state to \vhich of tlic following clwscs t.lrc wo1.1< to Ije registered belongs. Thc classes of works cliulncr:~tctII)(:low : ~ r c expressly rccognizccl :IS su11jcc:t matter of copyright, but the followii~gspccific:~tiol~s shnll not be llelcl to lirrlit the s~lbjcctinnttcr of copyrigl~t;11or sIltrl1 any error i n c1:lssification in s ~ ~ c:lpplic:ltion nffcct any rigllt ll comprised in the copyright: (:1) Boolrs, inclutling composil-c :rnd cyclopcilic worlrs, directories, gaxettccrs, niicl o t l ~ e rcompilntion~~ abridgcmcnts, adaptations, and translations;



(b) Periodicals, and contributions to periodicals, including newspapers, and contributions thereto ; (c) Lectiires, sermons, addresses, or other matter prepared for oral delivery; (d) Dramatic compositions, dramatizations, and drnmatico-musical compositions ; (e) Musical compositions; ( f ) Maps; (g) Works of a r t ; ( h ) Reproductions of a work of art, including engravings, lithographs, photo-engravings, photogravures, casts, plastic works, or copies by any other methods of reproduction ; (i) Drawings and plastic works of a scientific or technical character ; ( j ) Photographs ; ( k ) Prints and pictorial illustrations, including prints or labels for articles of manufacture and trade-union labels ; (1) Motion-picture photoplays, with or without sound and/or dialogue ; (m) Motion pictures other than photoplays, with or without sound and/or dialogue. (n) Scenarios (so-called continuities) for motion pictures ; (0) Works of architecture, models, or designs for architectural works ; ( p ) Choreographic works and pantomimes, the scenic arrangement or acting form of which is fixed in writing or otherwise; (q) Phonographic records, perforated rolls, and other similar contrivances, by means of which sounds may be mechanically recorded for purposes other than public performance, exhibition, or transmission :Provided, Anything to the contrary in this act notwithstanding, that the copyright in such phonographic records, rolls, and contrivances shall consist solely of the exclusive right to print, reprint, publish, copy, and vend said phonograph records, rolls, and contrivances, and that any such copyright and each and every right thereunder, shall be subject to each and every right of the owner of the copyright in any existing or previously existing work, written on said records, rolls, or other contrivances, at all times, in the absence of express contract to the contrary.

( r ) Works not specifically hereinabove enumerated.

SEC.38. The copy deposited for registration may
either be printecl, typewritten, or be in legible h a ~ u l writing, if the work be a book, or a dramatic, musical, or dramatico-musical composition; a scenario of a nlotion picture; a lecture, sermon, or address, or the acting form of a choreographic work or a pantomime. F o r a photograph there shall be deposited one print from the negative; for any work of art, or for :I nlotlel or design for a work of art, or a drawing or plastic work bf a scientific or technical character, or any work not particularly specifird in this section, a photograp11 or other identifying reproduction; for a motion picture the title and a description or synopsis or prints sufficient for identification; for an architectural work, a photographic or other identifying representation of such work and snch drawings as are necessary to identify it. F o r any work described in subsection (q) of section 37, a description of the work together with a copy of any work recorded thereon. SEC. The Register of Copyrights upon receipt of 39. such application, and such copy or ident~fpingmatter and fee, shall make a full and conlplete record of the copyright claim and send a certificate of registration under the seal of the Copyright Office to the person indicated in the application. SEC. I n the case of any work in connection with 40. which application for registration of copyright is filed, where a copy thereof otherwise required or permitted which by reason of its character, bulk, fragility, or because of its dangerous ingredients can not expediently be kept on file, the register of copyrights may determine that there shall be deposited with the application for registration, or on subsequent notice by registered mail, in lieu of a copy of such work, such identifying photographs or prints, together with such written, typewritten, or printed description of the work, as shall be sufficient to identify it. SEC. Whenever any literary, dramatic, dramatico41. musical, musical, or artistic work has been published in book form, i t shall be obligatory upon the publisher, except as below provided, to make a deposit in the Copyright Office or in the mail addressed to the register of copyrights, Washington, District of Columbia, within



thirty clays after the date of publication, of two complete copies of the best edition thereof then published, for the use of the Library of Congress. Registration for sucli work rnay be secured if such copies are accompanied by the application and remittance prescribed in section 36 of this act: Provided, however, That the deposit of copies required in this and the following two sections shall not be obligntory in case of any work whose author is a national of a foreign country which is a member of the International Copyright Union or any work which is protected by copyright in the United States under this act by reason of first publication in any country which is a ineniber of the said union, unless and until such work, if it be a book, shall hnve been republished in the United States under an assignmerlt of the copyright for the United States or under a license to print and sell such book in the United States. SEC. That in the case of newspapers or other peri42. odicals, one copy of each issue shall be deposited within thirty clays after the clate of publicntion for the use of the Library of Congress, which may be registered if accompanied by an application and remittance as provided in section 36: Provided, That if several editions of said newspapers are published on one day, a deposit of any one of said editions shall be in compliance with this section. SEC. Should the copies called for by sections 41 43. and 42 of this act not be deposited as herein provided, the Librarian of Congress may at any time after the date of the default in depositing the work require the publisher of said work t o make such deposit, and after the said demand shall have been made, in default of the deposit of a copy or copies of the work in the Library of Congress within three months from any part of the United States, except an outlying Territorial possession or dependency of the United States, or within six months from any outlying Territorial possession or dependency of the United States, the publisher of said work shall be liable to a fine of $100 and to pay to the Library of Congress twice the amount of the retail price of the best edition of the work, but fnilure to make such deposit shall not, in any way, affect the validity of the copyright in the said work.

SEC. The United States postmaster to whom are 44. clelivered the articles to be deposited :IS provided in this act shall, if requested, give a receipt therefor and shall mail them, together wlth any application for registration of copyright and remittances and any accompanying papers, to the Copyright Office without cost to thc copyright claimant. SEC. Registrations and recordations under this act 45. shall be constructive notice, as of the date of registration or record, to all persorls of the rights claimed therein. SEC. I n the case of each work registered for copy46. right the person recorded as the claimant of the copyright or of any right or rights comprised therein shall be entitled to a certificate of registration under the seal of the Copyright Office, to contain the name and address of said claimant, the name of the author, the couiitry of which the author of the work is a national. and when an alien author domiciled or residing in the United States at the time of the making of first publication or first public performance of his work, a statement of that fact, including his place of domicile, business address, or residence, or that of his duly authorized representative; the title of the work for which registration is claimed; the date of the deposit of the copy or copies of such work; the date of publication or performance if the work has been reproduced in copies for sale or publicly distributed or performed; and such marks as to class designation and entry number as shall fully identify the entry. The register of copyrights shall prepare a printed form for the said certificate, to be filled out as above provided for in the case of all registrations made after this act goes into effect, which certificate, sealed with the seal of the Copyright Ofice, shall, upon payment of the prescribed fee, be given to any person making application for the same, and a similar certificate shall be supplied on request in the case of all previous registrations so far as the Copyright Office record books shall show such facts. I n addition to such certificate, the register of copyrights shall furnish, upon request, without additional fee, a receipt for the copy or copies of any work deposited under this or previous acts of the United States. Said certificate and receipt shall be admitted in any court as prima facie evidence of the facts stated therein.

SEC. Subject to this act, the Supreme Court of the 47. District of Columbia or a judge thereof, may on the application of any person aggrieved, by writ of mandamus upon due cause shown, order that any registration or record made under this act may be canceled, annulled, and expunged or similarly order the correction of any omission, error, or any defect in any registration or record or attempted registration or record. An appeal shall lie to the Court of Appeals of the District of Columbia from any final order made under this section. SEC.48. The register of copyrights shall fully index all registrations of claims to copyright or rights therein and all assignments, grants, licenses, mortgages, or other instruments recorded, and shall print at periodic intervals a catalogue of the names of the authors, where known, and of the titles of works deposited and registered, together with suitable indices, and at stated intervals shall print complete and indexed catalogues for each class of copyright entries. Both the current catalogues and the complete and indexed catalogues for each class of copyright entries shall be furnished to all persons desiring them at reasonable prices. SEC. The record books of the Copyright Office, 49. together with the indices to such record books, and all works deposited and retained in the Copyright Ofice, shall be open to public inspection, and copies may be taken of the entries actually made in such record books, subject to such safeguards and regulations as shall be prescribed by the register of copyrights and approved by the Librarian of Congress. SEC.50. That of the articles deposited in the Copyright Office under the provisions of the previous copyright laws of the United States or of this act, the Librarian of Congress shall determine what books and other articles shall be transferred t o the permanent collections of tlle Library of Congress, including the law library, and what other books or articles shall be placed in the reserve collections of the Library of Congress for sale or exchange, or be transferred to other governmental libraries in the District of Columbia for use therein. SEC.51. That of any article undisposed of as above provided, together with all titles and correspondence relating thereto, the Librarian of Congress and the register

of copyrights jointly shall, at suitable intervals, determine what of these received c1:lring any period of years it is desirable or uzeful to preserve in the permanent files of the Copyright Office, and after due notice as hereinafter provided, may within their discretion cause the remaining articles and other things to be destroyed: Provided, That there shall be printed in the Catalogue of Copyright Entries from Jrmuary to November, inclusive, a statement of the yenr of receipt of such articles and a notice to permit any author. copyright owner, or other lawful claimant to claim and remove before the espirntion of the month of December of that year anything found which relates to any of his yroductions deposited or registered for copyright within the period of years not reserved or disposed of as provided for in this act: And provided further, That no nlanuscript of an unpublished work shall be destroyed duing its term of copyright without specific notice to the copyright owner of record, permitting him to claim and remove it.

SEC. All records and other things relating to copy52. rights required by law to be preserved shall be kept and preterved in the Copyrigl~tOffice, Library of Congress, Washington, District of Columbia, and shall be under the control of the register of copyrights, who shall, under the supervision and approval of the Librarian of Congress, perform all the duties relating to the optional registration of copyrights and shall be authorized to make rules and regulations for the registration of claims to copyright as provided by this Act and to prescribe tha form of application for such registration. Sec. 53. There shall be tlppointed by the Librarian of Congress a register of copyrights, a t a salary of $8,000 per annum, and one assistant register of copyrights, at n salary of $6,000 per annum, who shall have authority during the absence of the register of copyrights to attach the Copyright Office seal to all papers issued from the said office and to sign such certificates and other papers as may bo necessary. There shall also be appointed by tho Librarian such subordinate assistants to the register as may from time to time be authorized by law. SEC. The register of copyrights shall make dailg 54. deposits with the Treasurer of the ITnited States of all



money received to be applied as copyright fees, and shall make weekly transfers to the Treasurer of the United States, in such mnnner us the latter shall ,direct, of all copyright fees actually applied under the provisions of this act, and tllinual deposits of sums received which it has not been possible to apply as copyright fees or to return to the remitters; and he shall make monthly rePOI-tato the Comptroller General of the United States and to the Librarian of Congress of the applied copyright fees for each calendar month, together with a statement of all remittances received, trust funds on hand, moneys refunded, and unapplied balances. SEC. The register of copyrights shall give bond to 55. the United States in the sum of $20,000, in form to be approved by the Solicitor of the Treasury and with sureties satisfactory to the Secretary of the Treasury, for the faithful discharge of his duties. SEC. The register of copyrights shall make an 66. annual report to the Librarian of Congress of all copyright business for the previous fiscal year, which report shall be printed promptly after the close of the fiscal year and also be printed in the annual report on the Library of Congress. SEC.57. The register of copyrights shall provide and keep such record books in the Copyright Office as are required to carry out the provision of this act. SEC.58. The register of copyrights shall, upon payment of the prescribed fee, record any assignment of copyright, or any grant, license, or mortgage of any right pertaining to the copyright in any work protected under this act or any previous acts of the United States, and shall return it after recordation to the sender, with a certificate of record attached under seal of the Copyright Office, and upon the payment of the fee prescribed by this act he shall furnish to any person requesting the same a certified copy thereof under said seal. The register of copyrights shall have no discretion to refuse to record any instrument presented to him for record as aforesaid. SEC. 59. The register of copyrights shall receive, and the persons to whom the services designated are rendered shall pay, the following fees: For the registration of a claim to copyright or rights therein under the provisions of this act, $2, which sum is to include a certificate of registration under seal : Providd, That in the



case of nny unpublished \ ~ o r l rregistered unclcr the px \,isions of section 10 the fec for registration with ct tificate shall be $1. and in the case of a published phot graph the fee shall bc $1 whcrc a certificate is n desi~vd. F o r every :tdtlitional cci-tificatc of rcgistratil made, $1. For recording and certifying any writt, instrument proviclcd for in section 10 or 11 of this ac or for any copy of snch assignment,, grant,, inortgagc, liccnsc, tluly certified, it' not over Llircc 111111tlrctl wor in length, $1; if more than three hi~ntlrcdn.nd l(:ss th: onc thoi~sand words in length, 88; if iilorc than o: thous:i~itl ~vortlsin limgtli? $1 :~tltlitioiinlfor c:lcll :ltlc tio11:tl one tl~ousandworcls or fraction thereof ovcr thr lilultl~.ccl~vorrls. kcor colt~l) copy o E :In :tssig :Ing ~ n c n \\lit11 the rccortl of s ~ ~ ccloci~mc.ntin thc Copyrig. t ll Office and certifying the same untlcr so:ll, $2. li'or inde ing the trnnst'or of the owncrsliil) of coppi.iglitct1 wol~: or of :Iny r i g l ~ t t11cl.ci11,10 ccllts for c1:lcll title of n boc or otlicr :~l.ticle, ill addition to tllc Ico fc c t l instrr~mcl~t c\ritlc:~ici~lgl ~ c t s:~mc. F o r ar rcqi~cstcclsearch of Copyriglit Officc records, intliccs, I deposits, $1 for each full l ~ o r ~ r time conslilnctl i of mnlring such searcli. SEC.60. A seal shall bc provitlcd and used in tl Copyright Officc and be the seal thereof, and 11y it n pqpcrs issiicd from the Copyright Oficc requiring nl~tllel tication sliall be aothenticated.

SEC. Copyri~llt~11~11 61. subsist in t11c \vo~-lcof alic authors 1)y virt~ic :tdhcrcnce to t l ~ c of International Cop: rigl~t Tillion, signet1 at P,cbrnc!, S\vitxcrl:u~d, Sol)t~c*n~l)ol. , 18SG, ancl rcvisctl a t Borlili, Gc~.m:lny, Novcmbcr 1: 1008, an11to thc "Addition:ll protocol " to thc saicl coi~vcl tion csccuted a t Bernc, S~vitxcrlnntl,Marc11 20, 1014, : lwovidod by this act, on and after the date on which t t :~tllic?rcncc the United States to the convcntioll crc:ltin of an intcrnntion:l.l 111lionfor tlic l)rotc:ctio~t 1itcr:lry an of artistic works goes into force: Provided, howcwer, Thr the dnrntibn of col)yi.ight i l l tllc TJ'nitcd St:~tcssli:l.ll nc in the case of the worlr of ally s11c.h nlicn nl~tllor,cstcn beyond the date :tt which such worlr has fallcn into t11 public domain in the co~intry origin :LS clcfinc!cl by sai of



convention : And provided further, That as to copyrights in works not previously copyrighted in the United States no right or remedy given pursuant to this act sl~all prejudice lawful acts done or rights in o r in connection with copies lawfully made or the continuance of business undertakings or enterprises lawfully undertaken within the United States prior to the date of said proclamntion, and the author or other owner of such copyrights or persons claiming under him shall not be entitled to bring action against any person who has, prior to such date, taken any action in connection with the exploitation, production, reproduction, circulation, or performance (ill a manner which at the time was not unlawful) of any such work whereby he has incurred any substantial expenditure or liability. SEC. This act shall not apply to designs or patterns 62. for wearing apparel, nor pictorial representations thereof, nor to nny other designs capable of being patented, except designs which though capable of being so patented are not used or intended to be used as models or patterns to be multiplied by any industrial process other than the printing-press processes referred t o in section 28 of this act. SEC. That the copyright provided by this act shall 63. protect all the copyrightable component parts of the work copyrighted, and all matter therein in which copyright is already subsisting, but without extending the duration or scope of such copyright. SEC.64. The provisions of this act apply to existing copyrigllts save as expressly indicated in this act. A11 other acts or parts of acts relating to copyrights are hereby repealed, as well a s all other laws or parts of laws in conflict with the provisions of this act, except that subsection (e) of sections 1 and 25 of the act of March 4, 1909, as amended (U. S. C., title 17, secs. 1 (e) and 25 (e)), shall continue in full force and effect in respect of musical compositions copyrighted subsequent t o July 1, 1909, and up to January 1, 1932. Nothing in this act shall affect suits, actions, or proceedings for infringement of copyright heretofore committed now pending in the courts of the United States; but such suits, actions, or proceedings shall be prosecuted to a conclusion in the manner heretofore provided by law. SEC.G5. That this act shall go into effect on the 1st day of April, 1931.


[ I t l s t Gong.. 3 1 sr,sr.

11. It. 7493. 111 t.11,. IIons~. q t l ' n*prc~scrlt:iliv!.r, Dcccb~ul)r~r 12, 192!1 1

Mr. Sirovich introcl~lceclthe following bill; wllicli wns referred to the Committcc on P:ttcnts all11orclerccl to be printed :
cmcc 1.0

St:~Ios\\!it11 ~.ofc.rhmt:ndilr~. 6tntntc:s of 111cUl~itc>tl 1110 cogyrigl~l: rt'gi:.;tr:~tioi~tlosigiis :11it1 slyI(:s oL

Bc it cnactecl by tlie ,S'e~gatcn71cl 1Tlo2lse of ZZepresoitntives of tl.e li~titc;rZ Ktntes of ~l.ine7.iccz Cotcqrcss nsin ~ C I I L ~ / C ~ , ])cbr?josl 1 1 is :t citizv11oC or d o ~ l ~ i ~ i l e c i 'I'li:tt :tlly ~ 0 in tllc Gllitccl St:ites, or wllo is :i citizen or s ~ ~ b j c oft n c l ' o ~ . ~ i stat(! or n:ttion with wllic.11 the! Unitctl S1:ttcs sli:~ll g~i 11:lvc cstablishccl reciproc.;~l c:ol)yrigl1t rclntiol~s,:tncl \vllo crcatcd or is the ni~tliorof :lily crv:%tion:.sC;yl(*.:l.nt'l/or design :IS 1lcrcin:lfter clcfinccl, or thc 1(!~&1 rcpl~csciit:tti\~e or i~ssipiccof s11cll creator :111tl/or ;~l~tlior, 111:ly scc~lre copyright thcrcin 111'on C O I ~ I ~ ~ ~ ~ : L wit11 CIic provisiolls IICO of this :tct. Within the mc:~ningof this act.. . (a) An author or crcator is olic wlio crc.:~tcs o l ~ g l or 1;ntcs a new style or design and in so doing contributes intcllcctual effort to the composition thereof. (b) A design is a pattcrn, shape, or form of a mnnufacturc!cl pl.oc1uct or the m:ulufacturecl nrticlc itself called ,z new creation or style, or dics, molcls, or (ICV~CCS by which or from \vl~iclls~lcll,slr:tl)c.. or fo1.111 :I 1n;ly bc lwoel~~cccl reprotlucctl original in its npl)licntion nncl to o r crnboclin~entin such n~nnufncturcd procluct a n d \vliicli 1)roclnces an artislic or or11:~mcntalarticle, ciFcct or clccorrttion or style, but s1i:~ll iiot incltlcle sli;~pcso r forlns wliicli h:tvc mcrcly :L fllnction:~.lor rnechn~lical ~'urposo. SEC. Thc owner of u design copyright shall Ila\re 2. within all the territory which is undor the jnriscliction and control of the United Statcs, for thc pcrjods and subject to thc limitations hereinafter prcscribccl, tllc right to cxclucle others from sclling or clistributing mal~ufnctured products which clllbody or contnin copies or colorable imitations of t l ~ c copyrighted dcsign, stylc or article or any characteristic original fenture theroof, if sach



l~lanufacturedpro(lucts are in the same class as, or are similar to, the product to which the copyrighted style or clesign 11:lsbeen i~pplied in which it has been eluboclied. or SEC. AS prerequisites to copyright protection under 3. this act the author or his legal representative or his assignee must (1) actually cause the creation, style, or desigi~ be applied to or embodied in the manufactured to product or to be the lr~anufactureclproduct; (2) n ~ a r k such product in the manner specified in section 6 of this act; (3) introduce such product to the public by selling it or offering it for sale; and (4) within six calendar months of the time when such manufactured product was. first actrrally so introduced to the public, file an application in the copyright office in the form prescribed l~nder authority of section 20 of this act, and in such npplication state (a) that he is the author of the creation, style, or design for which he solicits registration or (b) that he is the assignee or legal representative of such author and verily. believes the author named in the application to be the originator of such creation, style, or design. Such application shall include the prescribed number of 2opies of a photograph or other identifying representation of the creation, style, or design as applied to or >mbodied in the said manufactured product and shall qive the date when such manufactured product was so ~ntroducedto the public; and copyright shall be securetl lpon and from the date of such introduction of the man~factared product to the public, subject to the provision.; ~f this act. SEC.4. Upon each entry of a claim for copyright in my creation, style, or design made subject matter of :opyright by this act the person recorded as the claimmt of copyright shall be entitled to a certificate of regisration under the seal of the copyright office, which shall itate the name, citizenship, and address of the author )f the creation, style, and/or tlesign and of the owner )f the copyright in such creation, style, and/or design, f other than the author or creator; the name or designaion of the class of manufactured p r o d ~ ~ c t which the in *reation, style, and/or design has bcen'embodied or to vhich it has been applied; the date when the applicaion for registration was filed in the copyright office; the late when copyright was secured as provided in section 3 b this act; and such marks as to class designation and f



e~lt,ry~iumberas shnll fully identify the entry of the clailll of copyright. Said certificate shall be prima fn.cie cvidellce of the facts stated therein. 11 c1uplic:itc ccrtific;i,te tinder the seal of the copyriglit ofice s11:tll be s ~ ~ p pliecl to ally person rcqncsting the s:llnc upon payment of the fee. When a creation, style, a~icljordcsign :ictllttlly enibodicil in or :~gplietlto ollcLrll:in~lfi~ct~~~.ctI protluct is in s~ibst:tntiallythe snmc form to be c~nbotliedin t;o or : ~ ~ l ) l i e d :t set of ;trticlcs o f tlre S ; L I I I ~ gcncr:tl cll:lractcr orclin:irily on s:110 iogctlic~ i~lto~itletl be LISC'C~ or to togctl~cr,:I single a1)plication for registration :tnd onc cc~otifi c.:~teo E rcgist~.:~tiou sli:~Ilstiffice. SEC.5. I t s11ii11 be tlle cluty of the owner of a crcat i o ~ sty I(*,:tnd/or clcsigl~in ~vhichcopy~*ight sccr~~~c~cl ~, is under this act or his licenscc to give notice to tlle 1)ublic that tlie i;rc:ition, st,ylc, :~iitl/ortlesigii is p~.ot~cc:tc!tl ulitlcr l;his act by :~ifising to t l ~ cmanr~f:~ctrrrctl pl-odnct the mark " Design copyrighted," " Crcb:~tion copyrighlctl," L C Style copyrighted," and by ndcling tllcrcto with reasonnblc pronlptncss :tflcr registratio11 tllc nli~nbcr of the registration entry. IVIien the nat111.cof tlic proclr~ctwill bc not permit the affisihg of these marks in full it sl~nll sufficient to use the abbreviation "I). copr." or thc letter "1)" i~iclosedwithin a circle, this (E) with or without the registr:ttion number. When sr1c.11 abbreviation or symbol is used, or wllcn the prodrtct itself will not pcrnlit the aflixing of ally of these ~riarks, shall bc necessa1.y lo :tt,t:~cll:I 1:tl)cl or tng it to tlic product or to thc p:ick:lge or cover c ~ n t ~ i ~ i nthe i g i~ prodrlct in which the crcation, style, and/or clcsigll is cnlbodicd or to which it is :~pplietl,contiii~iiugtlie nituw of Clie n~:~nuf:~clurccl 1)rocIuct and plainly n1:11-kctlwi. h 111t: mol.tls " Dt!sign col)yrightctl," to ~vliic~h ; 1 ~ t i~tltlctl a 1 I,e ~ v i t hiwson:~ pronipt~icssaf tcr rcgihtriiti on t ble ~.~~gi~ti.:ltion nunlbcr. 111the case of any in:inufactu~cd protl~lctill which the design is 1-cpc:ited, such as w:111 p:lper or textiles, ouc 1na1-kingul>on tlie roll, l)alc, or p:~i.cel of tllc lll;in~~f:~cCur-ed pl.oclt~ctcirlbotlyving or cont:~ini~ig tltbsig~lsi~all tlic suffice. by I n any action or suit. for infl-ingemc~~t :I party f:liljug so to mcirk the m:~~lr~f:~ctured procluct, no rccovcry shall be adjudged the plaintiff, and no injnnction shall be granted except on proof that the fnilurc t o inal.1~was



merely occasional and inadvertent and in no wise affecting the general notice intended by the accustomed marking. SEC. Copyright secured under this act shall initially 6. endure for a term of two years from the first snle or offer for sale of the manufactured product to which the design is applied or in which it is embodied. A t any time before the expiration of the two-year term an extension of the copyright may be registered for a further period of eighteen years to secure a total period of protection of twenty years upon filing nn applicntion for such extension and paying the fees prescribed in section 21 of this act. SEC. Every copyright secured under the provisions 7. of this act, or any interest therein, shall be assignable in law by an instrument in writing; and the copyright owner may, in like manner, grant and convey an exclusive right under such copyright for the whole or any part of the United States. Such assignment, grant, or conveyance shall be void as against any subsequent purchaser or mortgaaee for a 9 valuable consideration, without notice, unless it is recorded in the copyright office within three calendar months after its execution in the United States, or within six calendar months after its execution without the limits of the United States, or prior to such subsequent purchase or mortgage. I f such assignment, grant, or conveyance be acknowledged before any notary public of the several States or Territories or the District of Columbia, or any dependencies of the United States, or before any officer authorized to administer oaths in the United States or its dependencies and the Panama Canal Zone or the Philippine Islands, or any clerk or commissioner of any United States district court, or before 3 secretary in the diplomatic service or a diplomatic or consular officer of the United States authorized by law to administer oaths or perform notarial acts, or before any notary public, judge, or magistrate of any foreign country authorized to administer oaths or perform notarial acts in such country whose authority shall be proved by the certificate of a secretary in the diplomatic service or a diplomatic or consular officer of the United States, the certificate of such acknowledgment or the record thereof in the copyright office, when made, shall



be prima facie evidence of the execution of such assigument, grant, or conveyance. SEC. Infringement shall include unlicensed copy8. ing or colorable iinitatio~iof tlie copyrighted creation, style and/or design or of any characteristic original feature thereof in int~nufactured products in the same class, or any similar product, for the purpose of sale or public distribution; or selling or publicly distributing or exposing for sale or public distribution m y such product embodying or coiitaining such a copy or colorable imitation. If s11ch sale or public distribution or exposure for sale o~ public distribution is by anyone other than the manufacturer of the copy or colorable imitation, it shall be unlawf111 only as to goods purchasecl after actual notice in writing that the design is copyrighted. SEC. Tlle following shall not be held i~lfriiiging 9. acts; (a) Repairing manufactured articles protected under this act, or making or selling parts of sucli manufactured articles, whether individually protected or not, for use as repair parts; ~ (b) ~ l l u s t r n t i ndesigns by pictorial representation, or publicly distributing or exhibiting snch illustrations or pictorial representations of creation, style, and/or designs otherwise than in connection with the advertising or sale or distribution of infringing goods: Provided, I~owez*er, Thut the exhibitio~lor publication, as authorized in subsection (b) above shall not affect the force or validity of any copyright in any creation, style, and/or design involved, but to obtain the benefit of said subsection a notice to that effect shall be printed on the pattern or its envelope or in the work containing s11ch illustration or pictorial representation by the person who ~naliessuch pattern or who publishes such illustration or pictorial representation of any creation, style, and/or design ; (d) Making any reproduction, copy, use, sale, or public distribution of any creation, style, and/or design copyrighted under this act in any motion picture, provided it shall be with the consent of the copyright proprietor or his assigns and in whatever form used in connection with the advertisement, distribution, or sale 01. other disposition of motion pictures,



sLc. Anyone \ \ . ~ I I J 511:111 infringe any copyriglited 10. ;lnc:l,/orilcsign s11:1llI.K linblecr(.:l,.ioll (:)) ' r ill) i l ~ , i l l ~ i ~ rt>st~.;tirii~~g ~ Li t l f r i l 1 ~ c 1 1 ~ ~ ~ ) t ; ~ ti~~ll SIIC . i b ) 'yo :lccoullt for :in(] 1):1~:tlw 11rolits nllcl tl:~lllngcs rcsllltil)xisroll) tllc infl.inpcnlcnt, ~vlii, ill thc discretion 11 of t.llo c:olllQt, ii1:~ybe trebled. , > tbc t.ot~rt 1 111:iy tlispensc with 2.11 uccounti~lg( 1 ) 111 c:lxc?s \vllctre the p1:lintiif may so rcqllest, o r wl1t?1.efrom the record it is apparent to the court that :t11 :~c*c.o~in~i!~g not find dnrr~:ige.s \\\;ot~ld or ]?rotit:: lo exccc~l $100. I n 511cli c:~sothe defcnclnnt m:i.y be. held linble lo 1 ~ 1to ( I r v ~ ) l : t i i ~ttF rot lcxs th:~n$100 nor more t11il.n y i $260 :ISco~nl)cnsi~t;ion not as a penalty; anti ( 2 ) 1 1 1 c:r.scs w l i o ~ ~ col)ginq complained of n7as the \ ~ i t l ~ o l lrno\vlt.tlge ot- notice of the co1)yright. tt Tile tsourt may o ~ ~ lto rbe tlelivrrecl 1113and destroyed c or otl~i~~.\vise t1ilil)osed of, irs shall be just as between the l~:~r.tic's. inEl.inpi~~g :111 :lrticlcs, prodl~cts,or parts, and :1I1 tlicns, uiotlc.1~.:inti (1evic:es 1iscf111 only i n producing t l ~ e ~ ~ f r i ~ ~ g i l l g or pr.odiict, and all labels, prints, i nrticle or iitlvc?r.t.isingmatter rela.ting to the infringing article 01. ]".O'lll"t. Sxc. 11. No relief shall be grantcd where an infringcn ~ c h:ls~ cotlti~it~c:il ~ t \\.it11 the knowledge of the owner of the copyright for a period of two years prior to the comr n e t ~ c c ~ t of~ the t suit or action; :it~din no event shall ~ ~n thcre. be a recovery of profits or damages for acts of infrin~ementcommitted more than three years prior t o the comrnencemcnt of the suit or action. SEC. When registration hns been made i n the copy12. ricl~t office of any creation, stylo, and/or design as providcd it1 this act, written, printed, or photographic copies of any papers, drnwinp, or photographs relating to such creation, style, and/or design preserved in the copyright office shall be given to any person making application therefor and p:~ying the fees required by this act, and such copies when :~nthenticattldby the seal of the copyright office shall be evidence of the same force and effect a.s originals. SEC. I n an action or suit for infringement of copy13. right in a creation, style, and/or design registered under this act there shall be n presumption of originality in the registered creation, style, and/or design and of validity
17035 43--



in tlle rc~gistrationthereof : ant1 a presnmption of copying in:ry arise from snbit;lntial rc:senlt)l:~nceto the registered cl.e:rtioll, style: :jnc-l/or clcsign in clt?fcnil:t~lt;'s creation, style. .ancl/or design. SEC:. Tlle tlist,rict :1nc1 tcrritol-i:11 courts of the 14. 1-nitcil States a ~ ~itsl insrlltir ~:)osscssiot~s, t illcl~~ding t.he colr~-ts first inst:lllcc of tl~t: of l'liilippir~e1sl:ultls ant1 the Snl're~nc(:or~~.t tllc Ilistrict of ('olr~rl~l)i:~, have of shrill oi'igit~i~l j~lrisdictior~, tllc (!i.r('riit Clol~rtof hl)])eills :111(l of ttlc Unittrtl St:itc, the Cor~rt Appeals of t,lie 1)istrict of of C'olr~rnbia,:lrltl tlw 81iprerue Colirt of thr> l'llilippir~e Isl:r~~(ls shall 11:lve :~l>l,c~ll:~tt~ jlrris(lic.t,ion of 1>1*ocretliugs !-(>sl)&rt cbl*e:t~ st~lcl! iug io11, :rrltI,,,'ortltbsig~~s 1)rotect~-l 1111~ler t,llr ~ ) r o ~ i ~ i o i ~ s :~ct,. of this SEC*. IYl-its o f (vrtior:~ri~ i ~ a y g1.i111t(xl tile 15. lx! 1)y Sr~~xtluit: Court of t l ~ oUnitctl St:~tesfor the re\-icw of c:~sc,s itrising rlntlcr this a c t in tl~e, sanlt. nlnrlncr :IS provitletl in the Jn(lici:~l C'ode as :rlncuclecl 1)y tllc :~c:t of February 111, 1'325. S1:c. I(;. Afrcr atljr~clic::~t,io~r entry of n final tlccree nncl by :my co~rrt ally :I(-tionI)roryht untler this act: any of irl t11e.p a ~ t i e s thereto nr:ly, 11pon p a y n ~ e l oft the Ic.gl1.1 fees, ~ h:1ve the clerlc of the c c ~ ~prclx~ren certified copy or ~rt t*opicsof such decree, or of the recorcl, or any part thereof, :I 11c1 fol.w:rrtl Che snlne to any of the dcsignnted conrts of the 1,nite~l.States, a11c1 :lily srlcll court to ~ ~ l i i c h copy SIICII or topics m:ly be forwartled ~inderthe provisions of t,his srction shall forthwith 11lalce the same a part of its record; and any srlch rccord, jutlgment, or tlecree may thereafter be ina.tle, as far as applicable, the basis of an application t o that c!or.~rtfor injunction or other relief by ally court in which such copies shall have been recorded; :11it1 in the preparation of snch copies t'he printed copies of the record of either party on file with the clerk rliay be used without charge other t:llan for the certificate. When the necessary printed copies are not on file with trheclerk either party may file copies which shall be used for the purpose, and in such cases the clerk shall be entitled t o charge a reasonable fee for comparing such copies with the original record before certification and for certifying the same. SEC.17. After the reiistrstion of a creation, style, and/or design, if the copyright i n said creation, style, and/or design shall have been adjudged - invalid and a

judgment or decree shall have been entered for the defendant, the clerk shall forward a certified copy of such judgment or decree to the register of copyrights, who shall forthwith make the same a part of the records of the copyright office. SEC. (a) Any person who shall register a creation, 18. style, and/or design under this act, knowing that the creation, style, and/or design is not an original work of authorship of the person named as author in the application for registration, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor punishable by a fine of $500, or such part thereof as the court may determine. (b) Any person who shall bring an action or suit under a certificate of registration procured for a creation, style, and/or design known by the plaintiff to be not an original work of authorship of the person named as the aukhor in the application, shall, upon due showing of such knowledge, be liable in the sum of $500, or such part thereof a the court may determine, qs compensation s to the defendant, to be charged against the plaintiff and paid to the defendant in addition to the customary costs. (c) Any person who, with fraudulent intent, marks a manufactured produck which is not protected by creation, style, and/or design copyright, so as falsely to indicate that it is so protected shsll be guilty of a misdemeanor and for every such oBense shall be punishable by a h e not exceeding $500SEQ.19. Registration under this act shall not constitute any waiver or abandonment of any trade-mark rights in the design registered, Sm. 20. The register of copyrights s h d l be authorized to determine and designate the different classes of manufa~tured products under which registration may be ma* md, subject to approval by the Librarian of Gong-, to make rules and mgd@tionsfor such registrations and far the form of the required certiflcclte. SW. 21. The re&ster of copyrights shall receive, and person&te whom t services designat4 in this wt b are rendered, & l p$y -9 following k r (1) BOP d the registrlttion for tlie first t r of two years em thi~ a&, $3; (9) for tho mgi3rtttion of the exbnsim of the period of poktlofi tt) twenty yearn, arr provided beirein, $BB$ snd4hr p p e ~ d h PIlid f m shall indnije, in ~ t i esch cam, the cdrtifk~tm provided Por in tibia rct ;(3) far

a dr~plicatccertiiic;ltc of 3 . 1 1rcgibtrntion matlc, $1: (4; ~ for recorcling :my ilocunic.nt in the. copyrigllt oflice, :I.:: p~.ovitlcclin >c.ction 7 of this act, or for fi~rnishing' ccr1.ifivil i:opies o i :my sucli clocumcnt, $1 for cacll cr;l>?;l*ight olfict: r,tco~~d-bo~Ii or fraction thereof up lo livl! pagt! pages. :lnd 50 cci~ts cach suc.11 page or Iractioll ( i ~ c ~ c o f for bcyoncl fivc pngcs; ( 5 ) for copies of :my rc.gis(.l.nti.on rn:~dc.,or of clr;lwinzs or p1lotogr:tphs or ot1~:ridc~!tifying rc],)~'o(luct,ions iilctl in rclation to any C I ' C : L ~ ~ O I I ::(:yls:, , :~11(1,'or clcsign, and for colnp:~ringsl~cli col)ics wit11 lllc ol.igin:~l bcforc ccrtificntion? a rc:lso~~:iblc icc :1n(150 cr:rlts :itltlitiollill for cc~rtific:ttionof c:~clis11cl1 ' o 1 ) ~ ( ui~tlcr sc:il of t11c copyright office. SIX.22. 4'111 crc:ltions, atylcs, ai~d,,'o~. designs rttgistcrctl for the first tern1 of two ye:lrs sll:ill bc, 1i:-lctli l l 11.1~ < I : ~ t a l o p ~ ~ cCopyright E~l(;ricspl-cl):~ v l :I r l t l of r-c 111ltlm. llie provjsiolis of Clle act of fiI:11-(~11 7!100, ancl :k, sll:tll be frwthcr itlc~~tilic(l :L!nt,:~r of t11c cl+c\ ion tion, stglc, arlcl.ljol*tl~:sig~l, t~nc:li al~tl cslcmsior~~.t>gisLr.:~l-ion sli:~ b(! list:c(l ill s:li t l c :t~ lo:.l~t?. 1 ll :~ '1 1)ol.iotlic isbit(!:: of ' s:~i~l c~:~t:~loguc bc s~~l,sc.~.ibctl Ilpcrn :I l)plic:~tiou 1n:ty for to the S ~ ~ l > c r i l i t c ~ ~ ( l c n t of l'ublic I)ocl~~ilr*~lis, pl.itrc at ;l to Le dct-ermined by the rc!~istorof copy~*igl~ts t1:ich for p:wt of the c;it:~logue? exceeding $10 for tllc colul,lcte not Calnlogllc of Copyright Entries proviclcd by thc :let :1p1 ) r o v ~March 4, 1900, or $10 for t lit! (-:~t:lloguc tl(lsig~ls ~l oi! rcyistercd unclcr this :let;. 'I'llc C:italop~le of Copyl.ight Entries for tlcsigns slr;~llbo suI,~l~ilLr!(ll l : I I I C - O I I;IS ~ i ~ I. pl.iiua f:lcic cviclcllce of tllc f:lcCs tllercin st:~tccl:IS rcg:lrcls any copyright registration for a creation, s t ~ l c aud/or , desigl~ made under the provision of this act. SIX. 'l'llcrc is Iicrchby a~~l;l~orizc!tl :~l)l)rol)rintcd, 23. to l)c out of any rnoncy in the Treasury not otllcrwisc. appropri:ited: for clcl.ica1 services, oflice rciit:ll :11lcl c q u i ~ ~ l ~ ~ c ~ i t , stationcry and supplies, for c:trrying irilo cfl'cct. this act for tlic fiscal year cnding June 80?1020, $100,000 or so n111chthereof as map bc necessary, the same to be available immediately upon the approv:~l of this act, :tnd thereafter such surris us Congress may dccm necessary, t o 1)c expended by tlic Librnrian of Congrcss. SEC. The Librurisn of Congress shall :tnn~.~ally 24. submit estimates in detail for all cxpenscs of carrying this act into effect, and he is hereby authorized t o appoint

such subordinate assistants to the register of copyrights as shall be necessary for the prompt and efficient execution of the work involved. SEC. The following sections of the United States 25. Revised Statutes are hereby repealed: Section 4929, as amended by the act of May 9, 1902; sections 4930 and 4931; and section 4934, as amended by the acts of February 18,1922, and February 14,1927, is further amended by striking out the words "except in design cases," wherever they appear, and also by striking out the following words: " I n design cases, for three years and six months, $10; for seven years, $15; for fourteen years, $30 ": Provided, however, That notwithstanding the six months' limitations in section 3 of this act, an applicant who has duly filed in the Patent Office an application for a creation, style, and/or design patent, and whose appliwhen this act goes into cation has not beconle ~ibancloned effect, or his assigns and legal representatives, may within six months after this act goes into effect elect eit11c.r to dt,mand n crention, style, and/or design patent which may be granted him and have full force and effect as if the section herein repealed were still in effect, or to abandon said application for a creation, style, and/or design patent and secure copyright protection under this act by complying with the provisions of this act, so f a r as applicable, and upon payment of the fee or fees prescribed in section 21 of this act, filing an application for rcgistration of said creation, style, and/or design under this act, or two or more applications in different clabses the initial term of such copyright protection under this act t o commence with the sale or offer for sale of manufactured products to which the creation, style, and/or design has been applied or in which i t is embodied, marlted in the manner specified in section 5 of this act. No creation, style, and/or design copyright unrler tlie provisions of this act shall be valid to :In anthor or to the legal representative or assignee of such :luthor to whom shall have been issued a creation, style, and/or design patent in this country for the same creation, style, and/or design. Scc. 26. This act shall go into effect on July 1, 1930, and niay be cited as the design copyright act of 1330.



171st Cong., 2cl sess.

H. R. 11852. In the Senate of the Ullitcd St: J n l y 3, 19301

AN ACT Amending the stntutes of the Unitcld Stntes to pro1 for copyright registration of dcsi&ms

B e it et,nrtrtr! 7,y the ~Tcnatecrnrl IIotrse of R P / ) I W ~ tatives of the United AVt~tate8 of America in C o n g ~ assen~hlfd, That any person who is a citizen of or tlo ciled in the United States, or who is n citizen or s ~ ~ b ] of n foreign state or nation v i t h which the Uni States shall have established reciprocal copyright 1.1 tions, and who is the author of any design ns licrc after defined, or the legal representative or assignee the author of such a design, may secilre copyright ther npon compliance with the provisions of this act. Within the meaning of this act(a) An author is olle who originates a d e s i s and so doing contributes intellectual or artistic effort to composition thereof. (b) A design is a pattern applied to or a shape form of n manufactured product which is not of its a work of art, and shall include dies, molds, or clevi by which such a pattern, shape, or form may be p duced, original in its application to or embodiment such manufactured product, by reason of an artistic intellectual effort, and which produces an artistic or or mental effect or decoration, but shall not include patte or shapes or forms which have merely a functional mechal~icalpurpose. SEC.2. The owner of a design copyright shall 11: within all the territory which is under the jurisdict and control of the United States, for the periods and s ject to the limitations hereinafter prescribed, the ril to exclude others from selling or distributing nianuf tured products which embody or contain copies of colorable imitations made by copying the copyrigh design or any characteristic original feature thereof. such manufactured p r o d ~ ~ c t s in tho same class are or are similar to, the prodt~ctto which the copyrigh design has been applied or in which i t has been embodi SEC. AS prerequisites to copyright protection una 3. this act the author or his logaI representative or his

signee must (1) actually cause the design t o be applied to or embodied in tlie manufactured product; (2) mark sucli product in tlic iiianner specified in section 6 of this act; (3) ii~troduce s~lcll product to the public in territory under the jr~ristliction and control of the United State.;, by selling i t or offering i t for sale; aiid (4) within six calendar moiitlis of the time when such manufactured product was first actlially so introduced to tlie public, file an application in the copyrigllt office in tlie forin prescribed under authority of section 21 of this act, and in such application state under oath ( a ) that he is the autliol. of the design for wliich lie solicits registration or (b) that lie is the assigiiee or lcgal representative of s~iuliautllor ant1 vcrilg believes the autlior n:inied iii tlie applicatio~ito be the originator of such clesign. Such applicatioil sliall include tlle prescribed nunlber of copies of a photograph or othcr identifying representation of the design as applied to or embodied in the said n~annfactured product and shall give the date when such manrifacturecl prodl~ctwas so introduced to the pnblic; ancl copyright sliall be secured upon and from the date of sucl~introcluction of the manufacturer1 product to the public, subject to the provisions of this act: P ~ o u X e d , however, That such application is filed within six caler~dar months of any sale in any country of such manufact.ured product and of any publication not under copyright protectioii in any country of such design, if such sale or such publication is made by or with the consent of tlie author, his assignee, or legal representative. SEC. Upon encli entry of a claim for copyright in 4. any design made subject matter of copyright by this act, tlie person recorded as the claimant of copyright shall be entitled to a certificate of registration under the seal of the copyrigl~t ofice, which shall state the naine, citizenship, and address of the author of the design and of tlie owner of the copyright in such design, if other tliail the nntlior; tlic name 01. clesignation of the class of maiiufactured product in which the design has been embodipd or to u-liich it lias brcn applied; thc date wlicn the application for registration was filed in tlie copyriglit office; tl~e (late when copyriglit was securt.d as provided in seytion 3 of this acl ; and rucli marks :IS to class ~1esign:ition and entry nuiiJ)cr as sliall fully itlentify tlic entry of the claim of copyright. Said certificate sliall be prima fucio

C<Tevidence of tlie f;~ct..; t ; ~ t c ~ l s tl~(~rcin. d1111lic:lt~ tificutie unc1c.r tlie sc:tl of t lie t.opyt.ig11t ollicc slisll be si1p~licdto any ~ c r s o i lr c ' q ~ ~ e s t i ~ ~ g tllr snrllc 11l)or1 1):l.yment of the fee. w h e n :I cloxign actll;illy cnlbotlicrl in or :lppl.iecl to one manlll'ac~~~rctl 1)l.otluct is in ~11bst:~tltinlly the snille form to bc c~l~borlictll or :~ppliotlI-o :LxclL of il m:~nuf:~cturcd l)l.otltlcts of t l ~ oF : I I I I ~ gcbll~#r:~l csl1:1l-:~c.tcr ordinnrily on s:ll(: t:og(~t:~cbr ill tc!ritlol to 1 11sc~1o01. t g ~ t h c l:L- ~ sillglc. :ll)l)li(*:~iio~~ ~ O I -~~(:gis(r;~t,iol~~ I ~( s~l b ~ b :III( I O tificnte 01' rcgistr:Ltiol~s11:111 s11l1ic.r. Sw.. 5 . I t ~lii111 tllc t111ty of t l ~ c I)c o\viicr 01' :I tl(*si<tl ill \\l~icll col)yl.iglit is sc!c.~~rctl ~lutlcrthis :LI+ llis l ic:csuor see to give ~loticc:to (Ilc 1,lll)lic: thnt 1.111. tl(hsigll i,< 1)l.o(c:c.(ctl 11n(lc1* illis :I(-(, Iby :~ilisirlg ( o t.l;t: III:IIIIIT:~('~III.(!(I I O I l I 1 i 1 o i i " : I I I ( ~ :111,li11g 1)y tllc!rc>lowit.11 ~-ci~.:o~~:ll)ll: l)r-o~t~l,t~~c~ss :I I't(31. 1~bgislr:11 tile ioll I ~ I I I I I ~ ) oE I tile r(yis11':tCion (11ll.1.~. JVIN:IIill(% I : ~ ~ I I I *o f! ~~ * I ~ i l l ( ! lj1.ot111ct: will 11ot l ) v t . ~ t ~ i t ., 1 1 ~ :lfIisi~lg ol' II!:II*~<S it1 f1111i L sll:~.ll s~~lli(~iotl(I I S V ( I I V :lI)!!l.(*\.i:~l.o~l I)(: 1:) "1). cO])~." or tlic! Icttcr " 1) '' itl(:]os('il \Y i t l ~ i i l:I 1.i I.I:I(?. 111 I I S \ \ l i t , l ~01, \ ~ ~ i l l i,11(: ~ ~ t ~ o i*o,~i>tr:ition I I I ~ I ~ ) V I - , II Fvlic~l~ L I C ~:~bbi,cvi:iiiol~ +?1111,ol I I N V01. , \ ~ I I * ~ I I I or is ~ 1 1 1 ~ ) I * O ( ~ I Iitst.11; will I I ~ I ;l)o.1.111i (,IN, :tIlixi I I , ~I \ I' : I I I ~ of (:~ I; i1ll.s~ ~n:cl.I<s, shall IN, s~ifir.ic;nt it :)ail n~lcrlb:;s:li.y :1(1:1(.h (o : ) I : I ~ bt.1 01. i . ; ~ f iti, (,I I(! ~)l.ocllli:t 1.1, tlli? 1);!1'1i:!;y(: 01' taovtlr 01. ( * o r l l : ~ i ~ l11111l :li~.O(ll~('t \ \ ~ l ~ i ( ~1l 1 1 ~ i~ ~ ill l dtbsigll is l~t111)orlic'tl t : i a ( 0 \ Y I I ~ I ~ it is ; I ~ ) ~ , I ; I - I I . ( . o l ~ ( : t i ~ l i , ~ y I ~ : ~ I I I V I ol' t11e lllillllll':l~'~lll'~~1 [)l'O~lllc'~I ( I 1 ) I : l i l l l ~ ~111:11.1<1',I \\'ill1 (110 :II I V ( ) I ' ( ~ : ~" l h * s i y ~ ( * o i ! ~ ~ . i ~ l l l ( ~ ( \vlli(.It I I I I I S ~ . 1)1, :~tlfl(:(l l lo I . ' ? wit 11 l ~ ~ : f s o l l : ~ l ) ~ ( ~ ~ l ( ;l.f(,,,r l)t.o~.ilj.)l ~ h ~ 1.:): io!), 1 ] l i b !., I I I I I ~ I ~ ) : ~ I ~ . 11) l ~ t ! t o f ; I I I J I I I : I I I';l,dI ~I I ) ! * ~ ) I I I I I , ~i11 ~ v l ~ i r the ll . . t!t,sl!.!tl Is l ~ t ~ ~ l ~ ~ : l l ~ :Is l\v:11 I l):llx>r01. (tux1:IPS, olle sll(-ll ! ~ . I I I : ~ I . I : ~ I I ~ 1 1 ~I I I : I I I ~ I ~ : I ( : ~ ~ I ~ (~ ~~o ( l t ~ t~ ~: ~ l l ) o ~ l ~ y i ~ ~ ~ 011 1 p ~( ( ~( or cSorll:r iui~lx 1 1 clcsign, shall suflir~c. t ~ I 1 1 i l l l j T nc.lion or nit for ini' 1):trty Ly :L I ' ; l i l i ~ ~ , : tl.o c:o1110ly wit11 (11cithove-sti~lotl~)l.ovisio~ls (his of > ( ' ( . ~ ' I~OOI.(*(*O\.~.I.Y :~.tlj~~il~:(\(l I II :ll:lIl ( 1 1 1 s 1)1:1illlill' :1ll11 110 j ~ I , ~ I I I I ( ion sII:III 1 ) ~ I . 11tvt1 *I ~ : I (>xci!l)t, 1)1*oof 011 t11:1tt 1 1 ~ I':lilI I I Y - to III:II*I< I I I ~ ~ I . ( occ:isio11;11 I I Ii ~~ : t ~ l v v ~ ~Z'ro- t ~ ( : : \V:IS ~I~ : t t,~~ , r ~ k l ( t Z h~trrc).,,re. '1'11:11;l l l c b ~ . c11:1l1bc 110 ~.ccovvr.y: ~ ~ : l i n s t . ~ : I l l ~ ? I I I ~ C I ~II!~.~:I,C<~I- 1 ) . ~ ~ ~ ~ i1 l t ,I)), 1110 olllis> I ~ ~ \\*11o11:)s ~l 1 s ,l :4o11of t i l o ~lotic*t>, I I Il~ $11(,11 cnsc no ~ ) ( Y * I ~ I : I I I C Iin:I i l I~ jlll~ctionsli:~ll bc 11:ltl r~nlc~ss cwl)yt.i,:yllt o\vnl.r s1l:~ll tllc
t l ~ ( b : - t b


( 1 1 t b


1 t 1 v 3 ~ 1

rcinlbrwse t o the innocent infringer his reasonable outIny inlloccntly incurred, if the court, in its discretion, sI1:~11 direct. SO Sr:c. G . Col)yright secured under this act shall initially cn(1irre for n tcl-in of two years from the first sale or offer f o r s:ll(: of thc nianufactured product to which the de. is . r;ig~i applied or in which i t is embodied. A t any time b(1-forethe cxpiratioil of the two-year term an cxtcnsion of Ihc copyright inay bc registered for a further period ycbnrst o secure a total period of protection of of ctightc~n t,~vciity years llpon fili~lgan application for such cxtension rid paying thc fees prescribed i n section 22 of this act. SIX 7. Every copyright secrccl unrlcr the provisions of this act, or :tny interest tlicrcin, sllall be assignable in law by :In instr*ilnicnt in ~vl.itiilp; : I I I ~ tlic col~yright owncr n ~ l gin lilcc nlnnlicr, grant and col\vcy an csclnsive , rigl~t 1111(1(11' ~11141 (bol)y~'iglit tlie 1v11olc 01. :uiy 1):~rt 101' of tha 1Tl1itcvl St:it-cs. Sl~c.ll :r~~igrill~c.tlt, t, or conveyance shall bc voicl :IS grnn :l,::ri~~sL :111y >t!b.-;(yt~cnt p~lrchaser or mortgngec for a ~.ulrl:rl)lcco~~siclc~.:~tioll, ~vithontnoticc, nnlcss it is recot~lctl i n the col?yl.igI*ht oftirc within tlirre cnlcnclar morrtlis nl'lci. its cscr:utiorl in tllc United Stntcs, or within sis c:~lc~r(l:~ I. ~irontll:: nftc!i. its rscc.tlt,ion witlloi~t litnits the 01' tltc TTnil(.tl Sttrtos, or prior to srlcli snbscquent purch;rsc?01.i~ior~t,y:i,~(~.1 1 ~ :rssignn~cnt, 11' ~ 11 gr:rlrt, or convcyil,ltcc be :rclrrlo\vlctly~tI1)ot'ol.c: :111y notary pilblic of the St,:rtcs or 'J1c~t.l.ito~.ios tllc 1)istric:t of Colrllnbia, 01. or :LIIY d~~)(~~ldc!ncic~sUllitcvl St.:itc.s, or befor.c ally of tile oflircr ailtl~ot.iactl :~(llninibtcr to o:tt.lrs in 1-l~e XJnitctl Stntcs 01. its clvoc~rtloncios i ~ d l ~ c n n a ~ n aCanal Zone or t,he a t P Pl~ilipl~illc ntls, 01. :illy clo1.1; or comnlissioner of any Tsl:~ Irliitcvl St:ltos clistl.ilrt cotlt.t, or. l)cforc?a sccrct:lry in the I)il)lorli:~lic: S:>~.\.it*cr :Lclil)lori~ntic: couslllnr oficer of or or tlrc Tilritctl SI:rtc~s:~l~tllorizocl I ~ I J - to :ltll~iinisteronths 1)y or ~)orl'o!.i~~o t : r . l ~ i : ~ [ or Lnlore an!; rlot:~.r~y ~~ :~('i-s, yltblic, .jtltl,ccb, 1irr;~gistr.:rtc :rrly I'orchig~rc~)l~uti.y 0 ol' :~r~tliorizccl to n c l r r r i ~ ~ i h l ( lO :-I ~ I I S 01.~ ) C I * ~ nol:~~*iill in siiclh country, l O I . I I ~ :~c:ts ~vlloscatrtlio~~ily sl~:rll l)e 1)1.o\.ctl l)y t,lic certificate of a scbc.1.c.1:197i l l tli(b I)il)loln:~.t Scl.\.ic:c! ors n. cli]>lorrl;lticor ic ~ O I I ~ I I ~olii(*cr01' t l ~ cij11i!~(1 : I ~ St:rtc.c., tlrc ccl.tificnte of snclr nc~ln~o~~lc~dy111c.111: ~.ccol.tlt11c~l.cof t l ~ c or tlic ill co1)yri,clitl olli(hc-7N,II(~II 111:1tle, s11:rIl b<? l)l.ir11;1:f:icic ( : \ ~ i t l c ~of c ~ l~

the execution ancl delivery of s11ch assignment, grant, or conveyance. SEC. Infringement shall include wllicensed copying 8. of or colorable imitation by copyiilg the copyrighted design or any ch:lracteristic original feuturc tllcrrof in manufactured products in the same class, or. any siruilar product, for tllc 1)llrpose of si~le l)~tblic or tlistribt~tion; or selling or publicly distributing or exposing for sale or public distribution any such product cnlboclying or chontailling such a copy or colorable imitation: Prooitlrd, h.o wever, That if such sale or public distribution or 1' 10s:1 ( ure for sale or public distribution is by ally one oll~cr t.11~11 manufacturer or importer of the copy or colorthe ohle imitation, it shall be unlawful only as to gootls purchased after written notice of a restraining order or preliminary injiinction, or of an order granting a preliininary injunction, or of a decree by any court h a v i n ~ jurisdiction in the premises, in any actioii brought ilntler this act by the copyrigllt owner for infringeir~cnt s11r.h of copyright, or of any onler or tlecision in such ail action in which t,he court, although refusing injnnclivc relief, st,ates that in its opinion, based on the affitlavits or testimony submitted, such copyright is for an original design and otherwise valid, and in the absence of such notice the remedies and penalties provided for in section 10 of this act shall not apply; the words " manufacturer " and " importer " as used in this section shall be construed as including arlyorle who induccs or acts in collusion with a manufacturer to make, or a n importer to import, a colorable imitation or an unauthorized copy of a copyrighted design, but purchasing or giving an order for purchase in the ordinary course of business shall not in itself be construed as constituting such inducement or collusion : Provided, however, That to obtain the benefit of this exemption a prompt and full disclosure must be made to the copyright owner upon request as to the source and all particulars of the purchase of the goods. and the evidence thereof must be given if requestetl in any suit or action against the manufacturer or importer. SEC. The following shall not be held infringing acts: 9. (a) Repairing ~nnnufacturedarticles protected under this act, or making or selling parts of ~~~aliufactrired articles, whether inclividunlly protected or not, for use as repair parts;



( b j i\fakilIg anl~d,lor illustr:~tii~g wliiny pnttcbrns for tor c l ~ ~ l r s s ~ i ~ :cirl i i ~ ~ g , n g;~rm;,nt, ~ 1n:11<i11g f'rolu ~uc11 :L or cn1bo1l~ir1~ :I col)yrigl~~ecl ; i ~ ~ i ilc ft)r tllc iiltlivitllnlul use of t.llr ~l~illn~r. nlel;~;~er the f:l~llii;~: t l ~ c !11):1li(:~': or :I cf of or bnvillg s~rc-l~g:l~-~nl~cut I-)!:\-i!l~~;~l :I m:~t-le (~111[)loy~(: for (lie! II::!: ol' t l ~ c r~~nll)loyer ; L mcl-i111i:l: of t l ~ c or f:rolily of tllc cn~l)loyenl-: 1)y i~ ~ ~ s I ( c ) 1I!II;<~ ~ ~l~.~signl!sl ) i c ~ o ~ - I : ~ l ! ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ionloorI v : I ~ I.:I pnl~ljii(,!~, I . ~ I I I I L , ~ I I ~(11- (!xl~ibii;it:: : - I I ~ , I > i l l t ~ s t ~ : ~ t i or ~ s t I is: ol pi(tor.i ill I Y ~ ~ I I Y ~I ~~ ; II I!~I.)I::.i il(>:iigns I o : ( ( 1 ) JI:r l t i ~ ~ ~ I I > ~ : g ~.cbl)~.ocI~~c*kion, ncl.: rnle, or 11ub;ic 1 opy. t l i s l i . i l ) ~ ~ l i01' ~ : I I I ~i.c l ~ i g(.c:l)~rjgl~rcc:I o ~ t ~~ 1ul~lc.lthis act, ill : I I I J~ i ~ o i i o)~ (i . ~ I I I . : ~ I I~ ~I ~ ~ / ~ VI I \vl~:r.C(~\.c:r i'orin 11,-ec1in c o ~ ~ t ~ c . c\\.itt i11 t: ~ ~: I ~ ~ \ . ~ ~ I . ~ ; ~ sale or ~ c ~ ~ I I I ~ I I ~ :or ot,11(.1t1isj)osiiio11 ,,I' ~rnloliouI)ir.l~~rcas: I'i.o~*i~kctd, I~o,.oc,~!er, r 1 11:11, IIO:!(: of ~ I I ( , :1(,1,s sl~:(~ifi<~il ~11is ill s(v*tio11 sI1:111:~ff(!~t t,llt, l'ol.~~! v i I~i*i (.y of :illy c:opj7rigllt. ill ;111y 01: I clcsignll 1111cl~r tl~is :I(+. SI.:~. 1211yo11c: l ~ os1l;lll infri~lge: ~ n ycopyrighted 10. w clc::.ig~nl s11:llI bt~li;~l)le(:I j '1'0 :LIIj~lj~nli~ctionll rc>sLr:li~lil~g infril~gernei~t; si~(:ll (1)) To account for ant1 pay t l ~ e profits a 1 ~ damages 1 rcsi~liingfroni t11e infri~nlgcnlnclnlt,, 1~11it.h t l ~ c ill tliscrction. of t11c c8011rt1rl:l.y I )(! tl-cblc(1. 1110c o ~ ~11l:nl.y tlispcmsc with i111 :~cc~o~nlnti~~grt (1) 1x1 c.:lsc,s w11el.c l.ho l~l:~intilI' 111:sy so ~.cqnl~cst 01. whcrc! iroln tl111~*c~corcl is :ll)pnlbc:ntto t l ~ c o ~ ~tr l ~ t it : t ail :lccot~llti~~go ~ r l ( l fill([ ~ : I ~ ~ I : or~ c . s ~v 11ot I profits to exccccl $2,500 \\zl~cl~.c cl(~fcnl~cl:~l~t n~nnnl~f:nlctnl~~-cr is : L o r iinporter nncl $100 in any othm c::lsc. 1 1 1 :lny s~rclicase where the c1cfvncl;~nt n innn~~fuctru.c~r iall~ort-cr, is or tho c l c f c ~ ~ t l sh:ill t be held linb!e to pny to the plnintiff not a~~ less t11:1.11*J.500. :inti in : I I Iot,ll(>r I I C c:i~e clefenr1:xnt ~ S ~ the s,l1:111b(: lwld 1i:ibIc to p l y thc 13lni11tiffnot less t,ll:ln $100, as conlupcnsnlion :111(1 I O ~ a l)el~:llty. I :is (2) I n c:nlscs wl~crct . 1 ~ copying co~nplnincd of was witllo~ltl i n o ~ l ( ~or lnoticc: of tdlc copyright. ~ ~c Tllo colrl-t 111:l.y o r d ~ tro bc (l~?li\r(~~'cd 1111illld clcstro~~cd o r otl~cl-mi-c clisljo.;c~ilof, as shall be jrlst as 1;etn-ecn the lx~l.tics? j~~fri~nlqil;g all :~rt.iclcs,p~-o(l~nlcts? parts? :ind or all clics. niotlcls, ;111cl tlcviccs uscfrrl o111yin proclucin~ tllc irlf~.i:~ging :~rtic!lc or procluct, anllcl : 1 labels, prints, or 11 a~l\-crlising 1n:ittc.r rclnting to the infringing :rrticlc or prodr~ct.







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Sec. 11. S o rclicf s11:111be jii:,znteil an infringement has c:ontinuecl \\-it11 tlic Bnowlctlge of thc owrlcr of tlie copyrigllt for :L pc~.iot-l two yrnl-s prior to the coinof mcncunlent of the suit or action; and in no cvcnt .sli:~ll there be n rccoverj of proiit;s or clarn:~gcs for :tcLs of i~lfringcmentcommitted niorc t11;111 tllrcc p l r s prior t o tllc commcilcc~mc~nt tlic suit or :~ctioii. of SEC. Wllell r(!gistr;~Cioll11:~s1)eell 111:1dc i n the copy12. 1.ight oMcc of ; L I I Y clcsigrl :I.S p ~ ~ o v i t l cl ~ t.liis :tcI, wviltcn, i l l printccl, or pliotograpl~iccopies of any ~ ) : I ~ Wclr:twings, I-S, o r pllolo~i.ul)lls rclatiiig t o s ~ ~ cclc:.igi~ 1)1.csoi.vcrli l l tIic ll col)yrigltt ollicc r11:tll bc givuu to any l)ctason111:1lii11g :II)plioation t.hcrc.for nnd p:iviilg the Er.cs ~.oquircc'l this by nct, :ln(l s11c11 c.01,ich.s when : L I . I ~ ~ I C ' I Il)y 1 1: 1I ~s11:tl~ ~ ~ ~ ( I ! I of tllc: cwl)yriFl~ ol1ic.u 51 I;II i I I ~ ch\ri?l(!i~c.c: t:llc? S:IIIIC t . of force ant1 c.fI'csct :IS oi*igin;~ls. s,.;(:.1;;. 111 ; l i t :~c.t.ioi~ ~,liit i i ~ f ~ . i ~ ~ ! ?o ~ (*ol)~--l t or for (f ~ii~-~ i.igllt, i l l :I,cl(!>ipll l.cyisl(-~.c:(l 1111(1(!1* t l l i c : :I(.(. 111(:1.1: :<lr:~ll 1)c :I. l > ~ . o s ~ ~ ~ ~ ol.igiil:~IiIy l l tI1t1i-t>gist,(!~~c:tli y 1 :111cl of ~ l ) t i o ~ ~i (1ts o f \r:lli(liI;y i l l t . 1 1 ~ y y i h t . 1 ' ; 1 t i t ) 1 1 lll(!l'tnol';: I I I ~ :L~ 1)1'(,:-I11111)1 t i i I ; i I I ~ I I 'I 1 I . be J~vl(l :~ri~,c: to lroi11 :.1il)st:111~ I . ~ ~ ~ ( ~ ~ I I I ) ~ ; to I ,t11c i.(;;:isi:11 II -~; i;ol.ocl cl,:sig!:n clcfcntl:ult's tl~'.? y ~ . in i SI;~. Tlie cIk~;i*ict 14. :!;lcl ter~-it.o~*i:t ~ ~ i ~ t - .Llle 1 co (J f ~ 1Tnit1.rlSt:li-os nncl it:? iins111n.lpoi.s~!:-;.~ion:s.n c - l ~ ~ t lttlle ~ i ir~ COIII.~,:-i i i - d , il~>:t:;~i(*(; 01' ol' iJi(! l'l~ili/,l)i~it: Jsl:t1111~~ 1.11e rlis\ri~% COIII-t tllc: C',:I~\:I~ :111(l of Zt)iw, S I I ; ~ , I ( ' o t ~I t ~ & Y>I r~ o f tllc ])i?(i.icl; 01: ( ' ~ I I I ~ I I:11:1ll. :11:1\.i'!.iil:~L ~)~ I: jt11.is8 litlioill ;1.11(1 Cyrcllit COIII'~:.: .21)1)1~:1!s i l l ( ' I'~~it(:cl t11(~ oIt oi! SI,:it~bs,l ~ c t (.;otlrt of A!q)~!:~l:-i I l ~ i : ~ i t ~ol' t , 0.f i c (~o111:11l.)ia, :tilt[ 1 1 1 ~ I I I ) I . C '(.!a)~i~t S I I I ~ l-)i t110 l ' l l i l i l > ~ ) i~,<I:I:I(I:< ~ ~ ( ~ ~11:!11 1i:~vc: :t])~)cl.l:~Ic j~~i.istlic!Lit)~~ o r l)i-oc:ct*~li~~;s I-(!: ;lb(at*ti~~g (lcsipns ~~'otc~c.l.c~tlI I . I l l ( : l)l.o\.isio~~- 1 1 1 i ~ IIII(~( (,( ::t+t. SI,:(:. +Visit:; 01: ct,i.(io~.;~i.i 15. III~I!.IN: ; ; I ~ : ~ I I ! : S I ? l)y tllc SII I)I.(*~II(! of t11c Lyilit(:(l S ( : I I , ~loin I 11c: it:\\, of . .Cc)t~t-t t11is a<:t j.11 tile > : I I ,I:Il~~ i : i l l r ~ t ~:IS I)I*O~::i.s(~s~ * I S I I I , C :I 1111(lcr V lu \.irlv~li l l 1111! ,J~irlicbin!C,;dcz :IS : t ~ l r c ~ l r c : c - t l I:y r i ~ c : act of I . ~ I * ~ ) I .12.: 1!)25. II II~~ sl:(!. A\'l!f(!~' :~\l;ill(li(!:~i :111,1 i l l I(;. ion (> o f :I fi:1:11 .rpe tle by :lily ~ . O I I I , ~iii : I I I ~: ~ c I i o i ~ 1)1.o11,211t;, I ( $ I - I 1 1 i : i :I($! :111y II~I of t11tt l):~~.i,i(~s t,i.ib~'('to 111:1j7, I I I ) , ) I I \ ) ; I > ~ I I , ~ I or , t11,~lt~~Lal ,~ ~c(.:s:1 1 : l ~ C 111~ l t ~ l ' (jf il;(! ~ X ) I I V I] ,> I * ( ~ ~ ) ; I I :I > ~(-1.iiIiivl ~ li ~ co,j-y o r col~iesof ?11(* (;I. o f i l ~ cI-~(.OIYI. 0,. :IJIY 1):trt tl:e~~~of: n dl'G.)r\\,:11-(.1 S:II:,:~ : I I : ~ :,llc:~l~+.i~Jl~:l~6!cl i~ t11v to
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courts of the Ulliterl St:ltr+: 2nd an:,- ,such court to wliich snch copy or copics 1n:~ybe far~\.ardcdunclcr the 111,ovisions of this section shall i'orthwith n~nlic E:llllc :I p:ut the of its record: and nny such record, jl~tlgmcnt,or clc, may t11ercnf~c:rbe iu:~ilc,u s i:;~i-:IS :~p-,plical-,lc, basis the :ipl)lication to t11:lt court for injunc1;ion or other rcof :~.n lief; alitl ill 111~ 1)~.c~l):.~ratioil>11~:11 co])ics thc lwintccl of copitls of lie record of clither party on file with the clcrk n1n.y b(: 11sc.d witllout cliarge ot11(!1. ihwn for t l ~ c ccrtific:ttc. W l ~ c nthe necessary printed copies are not on file I\ it11 t.hc c1ei.l~ cljthcr palbtymay file copies which sh:~ll be l~sctl the p r ~ ~ , l ) o ~ c : in such crises thc clcrk sli:~llbe for :111~1 cniitlcti to eli:~rjii!a rc:~soil:ibl~ for comparing such fce copic~s.\\lit11 the original rccol-d before certjficntiori and for certifying the same. SKC. If 1h11col)yright i n :I design slinll have been 17. arlju(.lyed inviilicl and a judgment or decree shall h:~ve boc!u oiittlrccl for t l ~ c dcfcnd:l.nt, the clerk shall forwtird a ccrtiiiutl copy of sucli juclgment or clei;ret! to the rerister of col)yriglik, who shall forth\vith 11i:lkt: the s:linc n part of Illo recor(ls of the cop?l*ight oflice. SL'C. (a) Any pcrson -A-110sh:ill rc:,yiste.r s design 1.8. i~ntlcrchis act, kiiowing or h a v j n ~ reason to lcl~owthat tha d(lsi!:n is not an original ~vot-lc al~thorshipof the of pc.rson nnmcrl :is :111(1ior in t l ~ c :il>l>lic:~tioll regjstrafor tioll, o r lrnowil~gor li:~\rii~g re:lson to know that the ownership of tlic co1)yright thcrcin is f:iIsely stated in tlic :il)plic!ation for ~.cgislr:ttioi~, sh:~llbe guilt? of :i misdclncnnor p11nish:ible by a fine of $2,500, or such part thereof as the conrt m:iy determine. (b) Any person wlio shall bring an action o r suit for iniril~gcmeiitof a dcsign :illegccl to be protected undcr this act, nncl known by the plaintiff to be not an original work of authorsl~ip the person alleged to be the author of of said design, shall, upoil clue showing of such knowledge, be liable in the sum of $2,500, or such part thereof as the conrt may determine, as cornpensation to the defend:~.ntto bc c1i:trgcd ngainst the plaintiff axid paid to t,hc clcfcnclnnt in addition to thf! customary costs. (c) Any pcrson who sli:~ll, bc~.azuseof notice pivcn under section 8 of this act by the owner of n copyright sccut-ed under tliis act, or by his licensee, discontinue the purchase, sale, or distribution of products alleged by such owner or liccnscc to be an infringement of such copy-

]*i;:lir, shall :*e~:o\-er l!~omsuch owncr al;cl/or licensce -11c1i c1;lnl:igc- :i- i~ -11:ill 1l:lvct s~isL:~i~ioc.l rc.:lson of by ~ ~ ~ l l p l i : ~ x a : v >~i,:llnotic(>!if sit(:li o\vi~(:ror licensee IYAL !i11e\v. 01. 11:ll.l ;.\::L:t,.ll (0 l < l l O \ ~ !111:1t ill0 (l(~~i,!?ll :!l!(b,qL!dto b v l ) ~ . ~ > ~ - ( ! ~ i -It ~~ :IiI . I I11~;s \V;I,S J I O ~ :; . ~ ;tct it11 ori?i11:11 \vo1.1<of :t;.!~'i-~o~-.:jjil~ w ~;VI.FOII ot t l :~,llcqcclL o bc t11c ;~itlllorof >aic.ldc,sign. . . \c.l) .111>. ~ ) C , I . S . ~ I I \YIIO, wit11 ~ I . : I I ~ C ~ I I ~ iI ~ I~ t c :I,I:II.~CS ~ ~L ~t. ~ I I C .UI, 1i101.c I I : I I I I I ~ : I ( I~I ~>.II ~ I~: ~ sI V I~~ I * I I :t1.ct J:O( 1)roI ) Y II ( C( I I C C L I , ~ ~ clvsig~l 1)y co1)y1*igIit, :is falkcly to i~~tlic.:~lc so t.hat [ILCS : I ~ Y so l)~~ot~(:tctI? bc glilty 0.f :I I I I ~ : S I ~ ~ ~ I I ~ ~ : I I I O ~ >l1;111 i~.:~(i ~l1:111) ~ ) I I I I ~ S I !I : Ia I~~ ~ -not cxl:v,~~cli~~g 1 ~ I! I A .C y:Jjt). SIX:.19. S o l l ~ i n giu this ;let $11:111 bc co119t I.II<YL to i ~ ~ ~ j ) : ~ i i ' . 01' : I I I I I I I ~ 1 1 1 ~ 1riglit 01' : I N : L I ~ (I1or r)l' ;I tl~:.i,cn, lilllil;, 01. l11c 1(bg:11 l ) ~ . e - c ~ i ~ t ori ~ ~ i . ~ c 1.1 ~ :~s:igi~ccoli -11r.11 : I I I l~or, ~ l ) ~ . i t t ~ .111cc o l ) ~ r i ~ lof ~ ~iI ~: I~ g ;o ~ S ( ~ (1~~si,g11 111i:s:i(-t! 1i;t1;13r I(! I)I'c!\'clli l l l i ; l l ~ l l ~ r );~l~l>li(:iltioll ( . I I I ! . ; o ~ ~ ~ I I I ( ' I L ~ ~ ~ i ~ ~ : ~ ~ 01. of SI!I*II ( I ( sip1101.~ 1 1 -( j~ l ~ ; ~ ~ ~ ; ~ c . : t t ol.igi11:11 ~ , t - i s t i c ~ J'V:I~III.(, i l~,fi~+(~of? 0 1 ' i l l ;Illy ll~illllll':l('~Illct~ 1)1'0<lllL!t, Ill(! VXl)Oilll.C' for ;I1111 +:I 11, ( 1 1 , 1 ) 1 1 l ) I i ( ~ ('li+t ~ ~ i l ) ~ ~or, i o ~ s:11(!or 1)1iI)li1~ 1.i1111t t I](! ) ? (ti:[ l i o 1 1 o!' ~ I I ( , ~I:I:IIIII1 ( . ( 1 1 1 ~ ~ 1l)i-o(1111'I, :I t A 11: :IY i 01' tl10 r011li1 i ; ~ lc!i:<~:lo,-t~ty s11v11 of (1(?siy11,I I ( ~ t o IY-Y,.,,I!I;I 111c 121.otits:ill(] ~I:II:I:ICO,+ :~~.isiilgi v i * c f ~ -bj- ~ ~ i11 1,1111ity ,. tl o ~ sltit 01, :i(:ii(j;~ ~ tj' : ~ ~ i:?11clthe ii1:1~-1cin~ j ) o i ~ ~II.:I\\ o r : -; i~ :i o l 1 1 c . 1 ~ p1.c -c.ili-:~i:ion 51~11 l c s i ~ ~ i tllc i1:11!11.: 1 t llc 1.8 of c of ( :I I I IIOI, : 1111 ~ i 1110 I\ ortls tlcsigi1 copyriplit l '- is lic~1~c.11y ii~itl~ot~ixc~l : ~ s ~.c~schl-vi~~griglit to I ~ i t \ . ( - l llc llic c~ol;yl~igli(c!~l~ c lt(l ~ ir h:~c*t nl~tlI Y ~ I I ~ I :rl)l* u~ ~ :IS I to 01. ct1111)oclicd :I ~~i;~niif:lrt~ti-ctl awl i~~l.rotl~~r*c,~l in pl.ol1ncl: to tliu public pursunnt to this act. PI.:^. 20. Itayistrat.ioi1 iindcr this act sllnll not vo11-ti1 11i(! ;11iy\tr:tivc~r : ~ l ~ : ~ i ~ ~ l any~ t ~ ~ ( ~ ~ ~,i,cI~is or of o t ~I.~I(I(:-III:II.I< ~t in t-lie tl(bsi?n rcgistci-cd. S E ~ . 'I'hc lcgistcr of copyrights s l ~ a lIw : ~ ~ ~ l l ~ o ~ . i z c ~ l , 21. l for convcnic:licc. of copyright-office achr~inistmlioil, to clctorinine :lncl dcsignatc tllc different clns~cso f nl:tl1nfacti~rcd proclucts under which registration may 1)c in:ule, and. s ~ h j c c to approval by the Librnrian of Congl.c>ss,to t makc and rcaulations for such registration. ant1 for the form of thc rcqiiircd ccrtificate: P~o.vided. . o ~ o r ~ ~ e r , h That such classification shall not be hold to limit or extend the rights of tho author of thc design or liis lcgttl representative or assignee. SEC.22. The register of copyrights shall reccive, and the persons to vbom the services designated in this act
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:Ire r0111lc1-ct1, sllnll pay the following fees: (1) For the rcgist,r:ltion for the first term of t \ w yc:ws u~ltiertllis :kcat: $3: (2) f o r tlle regjstrntiun of the cstc!llsioll of the period of ~)rotcc!tioll t\venty yc3:lrs: as provi(1~d to 11crei11, !3!c): ant1 t11e l):~yl~ltltlt, the s:licl fees s11:rll ill~l11(1e,: of in c>:rc.l~c.;lstb? t11c ccrtiticnte 1)l.ovidt.d for ill tllis nct ; (:I) 1'01. :l , l ~ l l ~ l i c . : ~ ( c.crtilic.:ltc of any registr:~tio~l tr 111a(l(h? $1; ( 4 ) for ~'(>(,o.~.(lillg(1mb~l~llt>~lt c.opyrigllt oAic.c, :111~ ill the : I ~~.o\ >clc.tion 7 of tllis.nct, or for f ~ ~ r l ~ i s l l i n g ill c.o~.t,itit!cl c.ol)ios of' : ~ n y s11cl1t l o c ~ ~ i n e ~ ~ t ~ , encll copy$1 for l - i ~tl lollic!c ~.ts(*~) frilction t,hereof 1.111io 1):igc or five l):r(;'cls? :III(I 50 c.c~ttsfor cb:rc*h r;uch piqc or fraction tlli.~~.ccof bcyo1111 1):lgt:s: (:)) for copies of :tny l:t!gislive 11.i1tio11I I : I ~ I ( ~of ( I I . : I \ V ~orI ~ S l ~ o t o g ~ ~ : ~ ~~ I)AI( ~~ s I or , I ~) or I L > i(I(11ltifyi11g . c ~ ) ~ ~ ( ~ iIi I ~ d ~rclntioll to any de5ign I lc~ c)II~ in ~~c~gistc~l.c~tl, c!olrlp:lring sr~cll all11 for copies wit11 (lie o~.ig. illills Lcf(il*c: tilicaliorl, :1 I - C U S O I ~ ~ L ~ a11(1 50 cents c*c!l' fee ~ ~ a~lllit ionill 1'01 c.crtiIic~:~tio~~ of c:tch sucll copy untlcr serll -of tile c-opyright oilice. $I,:(-.23. ;\I1 clcsigns ~-egihtcre<l the first t.errn of l;wo for yc:rrs slinll I)e listc(l in the C:~t;llogrieof C:ol)yright E n tl.ic\s ~)t-cl~:r~*ed1)rintcd 111lilertlie p~.oviaior~s the :rllcl of act of 3It~rcIl4: 1!)09, :~i1(1sh:~11be fultllcrr idtlntilie(1 by n ~.c!l)~-c>(:htatior~ tlesigrr? alltl e;lcll cstcnsion rt\gisof tlie 11-:ltio11 sl~iillbb listc(1 ill s:litl c:rt:rlogr~c. 'I'l~o pt.riotlic ! ~ S SI(,, of s;r i t 1 c.:tt:llog~~e I rli:ty k)c sr~bsc.~*ibcd Iil)on applilor c:ltio~l t l ~ c to Sul)erintentlel~t l'ublic I)oo~~~uc~nts, of :lt !i price to be tle.tcrniinct1 by tlie register of copyrigllts for each part of tlle catakogue, not exceeding $10 for tlie corn~lcte C:ltakogue of Copyright Entries provided by the act appr.oved March 4, 1000, or $10 for the catalogue of designs registered u~lcler this act. The Catalogue of Copyright K~:ntrirs ticsigns shall be admitted in m y for court as prinia facie evidence of the facts therein stated as regartls any copyright registration for a design inade under the provisions of this act. SEC. There is hereby authorized to be appropriated, 24. out of :my money in the Treasl~rynot otherwise appropriated, for clerical services, office rental and equipment, statiorlery and supplies, for carrying into effect this act for the fiscal year enclirig June 30, 1931, $100,000, or so much thereof as nlny be necessary, the same to be available immediately upon the approval of this act, and thereafter such sums as Congress may cleem necessary, to be expended by the Librarian of Congress.

S1:c. 25. 'J'lie l;il,r:i.i,i:~i~ COII!;:.~.CSS : ~ 1 1 1 1 1 1 : ; i l ::111)of sl1:11! ~ init, c:sf.irllntc.-. e:](:~:lilf o j . i111 c s p c : ~ ~ c011 , ~ i:l c c.a~.l.;yitiyl i i ~ t act i l l t o t~llc:<r: 2nd IIC is hcl-c!l)\- :i ~~tl~o:.ix:o :11)l ioint cl ! ,CUC]L ,.:i!jl>rc:l/n;l.l~: n>sirt:~nts Illc. I-( gi:il.csl. o i c!ol).yl'i!:Ilt' to :IS ill -I>,! i1+cc.s!::trv for t.11~: ~ O I I I; I I~I ( [L (~.ili(:i(;iit ~ (lxc',cution of 1:11c u oj.1~ i~~volv(;(I. SI:~:. '1.11t: ioll(!~vi~~;; ( ; ( i o ~ ~ s .l;~iit(!ilS(;ILCS 2(;. >t~ ol' t.111, B ~ v i s c J St;l (lltc:; :I1.c 11(~1.(~1 )y ~.cbl-~t.i~l(.tl i c ru :i!)2:):; 1 . ~ : Scct :~tl~lclltl~~~l ;I<.( r n11:l~v I!)(;:; I)! tIlC o !)> >.(~,(~t,io:ls :ll~cl /I!K;O 4931; :11111 s~'(:tjo!i.19:;1, :ls :1111cnc1(:~1 I!IC; I C ; S 01: k'(:11r11I)? :lry is: 3.!122. ;111(i ' ~ , I ) ~ I I1.4: I1927, i ; ~ & :L .~ fi~t*~Il!!rI I I ( Q I I ( ~ ~ ! ~ :I by s ! , ~ . i l ; i ~ l ~ i l l ( , wo~.~::;"osuopt i l l t i c b > . i , y 1 1 c.:~-c.s" :.trlli . . I V I ~ C ~ Y C ~ Vt C ~l l !:L~>IM~:II.: ~ >~ ii11i1 :IISO s~:I'IIc;II,< t , l ~ ( f011))OIIL ' 101vi11~ jv0~11k: '-Ill , l ( : s i y ~ c:I:~:>-: t.,l~r(:c~ : t 1 1 ( 1 six 1!e)1. ~~I::II.:~~iout,lls. ; i'oi. ssvc:n y c ; ~ $15 ; for I',)II l.i,ccn ytn:irs, $10 1.s: $0 ": l ' ~ , o ; : ; ~ i c11.0,:1i;11, I , , 'K1i:lt c l ( . ! , k i ~ ~]):I ( ( k ~ ~ i > > ~ ~ ( , t l ~/, l ts l~i~tltl,~.c,xc,tio~ls i,l~ l~t.:rci~l iy-l)c:11t~~l I ~ : I v ( ! l : ~ ~~l l ~ I Y X ~1i:iiI ' :111tl :(:< i I :;I i t 1 sect i o 1 1 > I V ~1.v : i.i I1 i l l t s l K \ ~ ! L : A,11i4Z prou;//(:,L, ~ u I / / I ( , ~'l"Il:~t i o ~ ~ ~ r i i l ~ s l , : tile ~k (i x i ~ ~ , q , i ~~ l I~IOIILIIS' lj~l~it,:~Lio!~s i : h(.l:(;iol\; o i Ll~is ~ ; :II.~-, : I ~ ) I . I I ~~ ! :lI IL:IS~ o :I 11 ~ II ~ clul_vfilrtl i11 t l ~ c l'atc-lit Ollicc :iu :~pl) tlcsipn lor :I p:ltc:~C,:tritl n lio~c :~l)plicn.tioll !lot bcc:o~l~e 11:ls :ll);llltlOll~~l \I-~I(:II Lliis act ~ O C S illto cfS~ct7 or liis : I , ~ ~ ~ :111(1 : I ! Sl(*g:~l r~]3r(:s<:11i:lti~c,* in:i,>- \ v i ~ l i isix inol~tlisaS(~!r l ~ i s:let ~~ t g~cs into clilecl; c1::ct citllcr to c:lunl:l:ld :L i l u > i , ~I~ i I ~ . C I I ~ ): whicll 11i:ty be ~:l.:tn(c(I liilii and have -in11force :1.1111 t~IL'eet as if the scctioil 1lcr~'iii ( ~ I ) ~ : L I C C I ~ we1.c still i l l clI'(:ct, or to :~b:iilclo~l s:ti(l :~l)l)Iic.:~tiou :L tlrjsig~ip:~lcnt:11~1 for sevllre col'yriglit protection iintlcr this acl; by con~plyiiigwith the provisions ol' tlii. ilct? so f a r :IS npp1ic:~blc~ lipon n~icl p:lyl~~cnt the l'cc or fccs 1)rea:ribctl ill scld ion 21 o f tllis of act, filing :ti1 :~l)l!lic;~(ion ~.rgistl.:~t.iotL s:~i(l lor of tlcsigli unrlcr this :let? or two or I~IOI-e :~l)pli(::ttiol~sl tlilfcrcnt il classes, if tlic clcsign as clisclosecl in sttic1 :~l)plic:tlionis entitled to rcgirtrntion in such diifercnt ~1:lssc.s~ initi:ll (11c tern1 of such copyright protectiow uncler this act. to (:ommcncc wit!^ thc snlc or offer for s:tlc of m:~i~l~f:lctnrcd procli~ctsto which the design 1x1s bccn nl)plictl or in which i t is embodied: rn:tr.ketl in tlic m:lnner spncificd in section 5 of this act. No design copyright 1111~1t!r protlle visions of this act s11:~llbc vwlitl to nn author or to the 1cg:ll rcprcsciitnti\rc or :tssigncc of sllcIl nutlior to wllonl shall have been issued a clesign patent in this colllltry for the same design.
( s t i ' ~ ~ . ~ ,



SEC. This act shall go into effect on January 1, 27. 1931, and may be cited as the design copyright act of 1931. Passed the House of Representatives July 2, 1930. Attest : WM. TYLERPAQE, Clerk.


A PROCLAMATION Whereas it is provided by the act of Congress approved March 4, 1909, entitled "An act to amend and consolidate the acts respecting copyright," that the copyright secured by the act, except the benefits under section 1 (e) thereof, as to which special conditions are imposed, shall extend to the work of an author or proprietor who is a citizen or subject of a foreign state or nation, only upon certain conditions set forth in section 8 of the said act, to wit: (a) When an alien author or proprietor shall be domiciled within the United States at the time of the first publication of his work; or (b) When the foreign state or nation of which such author or proprietor is a citizen or subject grants, either by treaty, convention, agreement, or law, to citizens of the United States the benefit of copyright on substantially the same basis as to its own citizens, or copyright protection substantially equal to the protection secured to such foreign author under this act or by treaty; or when such foreign state or nation is a party to an international agreement whikh provides for reciprocity in the granting of copyright, by the terms of which agreement the United States may at its pleasure become a party thereto; And whereas it is provided by section 1 (e) of the said act of Congress, approved March 4, 1909, that the provisions of the act " SO far as they secure copyright controlling the parts of instruments serving to reproduce mechanically the musical work, shall include only compo14 7



sitions puhlishesl niicl copyriglite~l : ~ f t c rtliis act goes into cfTect, and shall not include the \\;orks of n foreign ;illthor. or composer iliilcss tlic foi.c,ign st:~toor l~atioil of \\.liic:h such niitlior or com1,oser is ;i cit,izc*lior subject grants, c:!itlier 1,y trc!:~t,y, cwl~vchi~t,ion, :lgl*(~~l~i(!i~t to or l:t\v, citizens of tlic IJnitc~tlStntcs si111il:lrr i g l ~ t "; s And \;~s I ' l ' ( ~ h i ( l ( ~ i ~is. : I I I ~ I I I ) I - ~ Z ( ~ (1)y Ill(! S:IICI tl~cb i I section S i-o tl(ltc~i.i~~ii~,: by l)i.~~.l:l~n:~l-iol~ fi~olntiiilc 111:l.tlc to t,inic t,11(: c>sibI(~i~c:c I.l~c l)roc*:~.l lit,iol~s forco I' 1.c.c.i co111 :t said, :IS thc ~)ii~'l)oscs tlic :tct 1ii:t.y rcbcli~irc:; of A \ i ~ (\~II(!IY~:Is s;~tisl.:~ct.or-jll i ~ ~ i:;I~S ~ I I I * : I I I I Y1)wn l ol l II:I\W ~ ~ t*o~.(hivc>(l : I ~O, I I : I ~ :I II~ I ( J :II* I I I :1:~IW!),I - ~ ~ ~ Z I01' Itlic ~II ~ .~ I I ~ ~ I S [J~lit(vlS t t ~ t ~ s b(; (~~~t,it,l(!(l sli:111 to oI)tai11 c o ] ~ y i ~ i yfort l~ t , l ~ ( ~ i\vo~*l<s l ? i ~ ~ l : ~r ii ~eil l i,q +1111st;111t I ~ I I I I : I I~lle l* ill \\ l i( ~ i:~lly to , ~ l) I o ~ + ~ l ( ~ l (~ol)yl*i?l~t 01' I I I C 1711itcd :lt 1)y t110 l;~\vs St:tt(!s: ~ I I C . I I I I I ~ 1.ig11Is i i ~ ~ i lI ,:I I~I ~ ~ o > ( :l ) ~ * o \ ~ 1 - lsclc- ~ l II~ h .l . ib~ ~ ~ y t:io11 1 ((,) 01' t l i t : (.ol)yl*igI~~, I I 1111, I ' I I ; ~ ( ~ SL:tt(ls, :I(.( ~ ~II l ) l ) l + O v ( l ( ~ fir:l l.(s~l I !)o!). :I, No\v: ~ I I I ~ I * I ~ ~ ' o I - (I., , (',:11vi11 ~'ooIi~l,q(~, ~ l'tx~hi~I<~:~t: of t11e I T I I ~ I ( , IS I : I ( Iol'~. \ I I I I ~ I . ~1~) . : I , ~ , ~ I :: II IC T I ) I . ~ I . I : I ~ I I ~ I , 1 1 I I II I r I 11:1t, :III(I :I 011 . I : I I I I I : III, . ~ l!k!!l, t io115 q)(v*ili(-(l i 11 s(t(~~.ioiis (1):) :1i11l l ('c) ol' I S :~(*t, ~ I : I I . ( ~ I4, 01: I i!)O!), lvill csisl; :IIIII f ~ ~ ! f i l l <l ~ ( l IN: i l 1.1+1)w*l, i l l ( , (,it ~ Z I * I I S 10 01' l';ill:iliil ;11i(1 r11:tt 011 31111 .J:L~III:!I-.~ I ? 1!)2!)) ~ai(izcns of Vi111:incl>11:i11 bo eni-itlt!cl l o all t l ~ e b(:liclils o I IIle ; I I + ~ . 01: I!~:IIY:~I I!)()!),i i i ( ~ l ~ ~ ( l i i l ~ ~1 .s(bctio~~ (III~IY~OI' : I I I ~ l110 :IV!S t i ~ i ( * ~ ~ ( l ;ol'otlic*y : t t ~ * s:1i11:I(+. I ' I . O I ~ ; ( (11:tt1 IIC! ( ~ I I . ~ O ~ I I: ~II I>~\ ~II )II '~< oI' ~ I I O ~ . i , c l ~ t s /I~ I)J I . I : I I I I ~ I ) ( * t ~ ( (:OII i ~ s ~ l l'(b~e~.iv i lit: :1~.1, ~ ~ : I I . ( - Il!)O!), i111cl I 1)y ol' 4, I tltc :tcts :l~ll(~~i(l:~toi-y 111cr(%of, +ll:lll IN: (.olt(Iiliotl:~l 111)oli c o l ~ ~ l )II(:(!\\.ill1 I li:~ ~ . ( ~ ( l ~ l i ~ ' ( ~ l ~-~ (( ~ l ~iItlIios I 1)1.e:1.1111 ~ I . s : l I s v ~ - i l ) \\,ill1 l ~ ~ s : < l ) ( ~ : Il o +II(,II \\,I)I'I<S 1)y I)(! t . o l ) ~ f r i g l :~\ t s ~~( II~ of tltc 1r11it(b(l t : ~ l ~ s . S I 1 1 . I l i t I O O I I o ,cc*Iion 1 ( c ) of TI)(: act of l!)O!), iii ho [:I I* :IS 1 I I ( ~ J ~s,>c+~u.c 4, copyright conti~ollinji l i ~ t ~?:irts ill:,( I ~ I I I I ~ ( I I I~~ (S' l ' v i l ~ g of LO IYI)I-OI~II(:~ n~eclla~iicallj~111isii::il \vo~-l;ssII:III :11)l)Iyolily l o co1111)ositiolis p~iblisl~ecl :ift(!r J I I I 1? l!)O!)) :III(I1.1,gis~ lc-t.c11 col)yl.iglit i n tlle Unit-cvl S1:rics \vl~it.l~ for lr:~vc> ilol, I)(TII 1~~1)1*ot111(*c~l l ~ [, y ~ ~ i t ~Sl:~tlss111.io1. ,J:II> \vitIiill t vl to I I : I I 1, I%?!),011 :~iiyco~lti-i\r:l~i(~(~~ ( I : I I I o f \ v l ~ i ( s l ~t.Ii(, -~ 1)y I I ~ \~o1*1;I I : I ~ I)(! IIII:(:~I:III~(.:III~ I ~ I I I P I ~ . I ~)(:I*~'o FIL ~io;?~/tc.<,s ~ I I ~ ~ 1 ~ c o ~ I~(!I*CILII~O /( ~ 11:ivc , +(!t 111y~ I : I Ia1111 I(~ c:~i~scd sc:ll of tlic Iliiitctl Sl:itc!s to be :~llisc!tl. tlic

1 e o t 1 1 1 i t




Done at the city of Washington, this fifteenth day of December, in the year of Our Lord one [SEAL.] thouss~nd nine hundred and twenty-eight and of the independence of the United States of America the one hundred and fifty-third. CALVIN COOLIDGE. By the President : FRANK KELLOQO, B. Secretary of State.



Whereas it is provided by the act of Congress npproved March 4, 1909, entitleil "An act to amencl and consolidate the acts respecting copyl-ight," thnt the copyright sesection 1 (e) cured by the nct, except the benefits ~ ~ n i l e r thereof as to which special conditions are imposed, shall extend to the work of an author or proprietor who is a citizen or s~tbject a foreign state or nation, only up011 of certain conditions set forth in section 8 of the said act, to wit: (a) When an alien author or proprietor shnll be domiciled within the United States at the tiirie of the first publication of his work; or (b) When the foreign state or nation of which such author or proprietor is a citizen or subject grants, either by treaty. convention, agreement, or law, to citizens of the United States the benefit of copyright on substantially the same basis us to its own citizens, or copyright protection substantially equal to the protection secured to such foreign author under this act or by treaty; or when such foreign state or nation is a party to an international in agreement which provides for recil~l-ocity the granting of copyright, by the terms of which agreement the United States may, at its pleasure, become a party thereto; And whereas i t is provided by section 1 (e) of the snid act of Congress approved Murch 4, 1909, that the provisions of the act, " so far as they secure copyright con-



11.ollinq tlle part\ o i instruments serving to reproduce mcc~11:rnicnlly tlle ulusical rot k, sl~allii~cll~clc only compohiticnlh p11l)lishctl aiitl copvriqlltc~clnttcr this :]el roes : sllnll not i n c l ~ ~ lIhe rno1.1,~o i n iorcign lc into efft~c-t, ~ n d :~utllor csonlposor 1111l(>hs~ e o r ~ i g l l or tl f bt:iIe or 11:ltion of 1\11ic>l1 u ~ h:~iitlioror conl1)obc.r is n citjzcn or subject s gi':~its,cithcr l)y treaty, coi~voniion~ :~grecinciitor law, lo i ~ i t j z e ~ ~ t11c IJilit~(1 of s Sl:tt(bh \itlliI:ll- 1aiq111,b ": -Inel w11crcb:ls t I rc l'l-clcitlc11t i h :t 11t1101'iz(vl 111(: sitid by \~br*tioi~10 clctcri~lii~c l)rvcl;~li~:ttio~i i l t ll'ro~iitime S bj ~~~ (! 10 1 I I I I V 1 llc cuis((1ncc ol' l l ~ c rcerl>rot~:ll con~ll( iul~s:ITore5:11cl, llw 1)11rl)osi~s lltc :let 111:iyr(v111it,(* :IS oI ' : A \ ~ i1~11(~1~c:lk fl ~:ttj5l':1cto1-y oI1ici:ll : ~ ~ \ ~ I I ~ 1l:lvc beenS :IIKY~ t11:tt oil :I I I I l :III(br 0ctol)c~r1, 1929, citizcvr5 of l t l ~ cIfnileel St :L~(Yrill be c111 iCle(1 to eopyl'igl~t 1)roteclioii in t11c Il*ibIl 14'r1~e St:ilc 1vj1ic11ih s ~ t b \ ( : ~ i ~ l i : ~ l l y ch(li~:~l L tl~c o l)rulcc4ion :11Iorilctl by tllc col)yrifiI~t : ~ 01 stlic 1 ~ 1-11itetlHt:lloc, il1(~111iliilg i.i;lllh hi111il:~r Illosc l>t-ovi(l~d lo by hec.lion 1 (c) of Ilic :let oC Coiigl.css :~lq>l.ovcvl Ri:ri.cli 4. 1009, rc1:ltinc lo copjrrigi~t. Now, tllcl.ct'orc, I, Ilcrbcrt IIc~ovcr.J'rc~siclcnt of tlic U~litcclSt:ites of Amcric:~,(lo dcc.l:~rci t t ~ t l1)roc.l:~irn That on and nftcr October 1, 1'3.29, tlic conditions specified in sections S (b) and 1 (e) of the act 'o1 Rlarch 4, 1009, will exist and bc fulfilled in respect t o thc citizens of Ihc Irish I'rcc State :tnd that from October I, 1999, they ~vill ci~titlc(l all lllc bc*11~.(its lllc :kc1 of 34:1rch be to oC 4, 1900, ii~clucliiigscction 1 (c) thcrcof :lnd t l ~ c:lets al~~cncl:ltory thc said act. of Prouidcd that thc c~ijoyirlcnt any work of tllc rlgllls by and bcllclits conferred by thc :let of Marc11 4, 1909, : ~ n d tlic acts : L I I I C I ~ C ~ U ~ Osllall be couditioll;ll upon tlicrc~l', ~ ~ co~lll>li:lncc v i t hthe requirements and formnlitics prc~ PC]-ibcd wit11 r e s ~ c c t such worlcs by thc copyright laws to of thc Unitcd Slates. .l?lcZ provid(d f i i r t h c ~ that the provisions of section 1 ( e) of t11v :1ct of M:lr('11 4, I!)()!).l ko 1:1r :I$ thcy il sccu1.c copyriqht coiltrolling tllc parts of instrunic!nts scrving to rcprodi~ccmc~chnnicnlly ir~usical worlis sllnll apply only to compositions pltblislled aftcr Jllly 1, 1009. :~nd registcrccl for copyright in thc Unitcd States which hnvc not bccn rcproduccd within thc Unitcd Stntcs prior to October 1, 1929, on any contrivnncc by incnns of which the work may be mcchanically performed.



I n witrum whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and* caused the seal of the United States to be affixed. Done at the city of Washington this twenty-eighth day of September, in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and [BELLL.] twenty-nine, and of the independence of the United States of America the one hundred and fifty-fourth. By the President : HERBERT HOO~ER. HENRYSTIMBON, L.
S e c r e t q of State.

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