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Citations: (R)682.992 AsOfDate: 12/31/98

Appendix B--Student Status Confirmation Report This appendix sets forth the required format and data elements for guarantee agencies to use in implementing a manual or automated Student Status Confirmation Report system as required by Sec. 682.401(b)(18). Student Status Confirmation Report DATE: MM/DD/YY GUARANTOR/INSTITUTION CODE: (must accommodate eight numeric characters) GUARANTOR/INSTITUTION NAME: SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER NAME PERMANENT ADDRESS CORRECTION CORRECTION CORRECTION *STATUS EFFECTIVE DATE ANTICIPATED GRADUATION DATE CORRECTION *The valid enrollment status codes are as follows: F=Full-time H=Half-time or more but less than full-time. L=Less than half-time. This code is used to specify students enrolled less than half-time. X=Never attended the institution. This code is to specify those individuals on whose behalf a Stafford, SLS, or PLUS loan was made who enrolled in school but never attended classes. Z=No record found. A thorough search of the institution's enrolled records revealed no information for this individual. D=Deceased A=Approved leave of absence G=Graduated W=Withdrawn COMPLETED BY: NAME TITLE TELEPHONE NUMBER CERTIFICATION DATE The following definitions apply to the SSCR data elements. ______________________________________________ Data element Definition

Date MM/DD/YY -- Date report is run and considered to be issued to school Social security number -- Valid 9-digit SSN assigned by Social Security Administration to student borrower or student on whose behalf a PLUS loan was borrowed. Name Last name, first name and middle initial of student borrower or student on whose behalf a PLUS loan was borrowed Address Last known permanent address of student Anticipated graduation date -- Date recorded on agency's system. Please note any corrections to this date. Effective date -- Effective date of status reported, as follows: Full-time status, no record found and never attended--the report certification date. Half-time status--(1) the date the student dropped below full-time, or (2)if half-time status is the original enrollment status, the report certification date Less than half-time status--the date the student dropped below half-time Leave of absence--the date the student began a leave of absence approved in accordance with Sec. 682.605(c). Graduated--the date the student completed the course requirements (not the date of the presentation of the diploma). Withdrawn--the date the student officially withdrew as determined by the school in accordance with Sec. 682.605(b). Certification date -- The date the institution completed the SSCR. Other information -- Please note any corrections to SSN, name, or permanent address of which you are aware. Please note the effective date of this information to avoid replacing newer information with old.