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io) WANTED by Michael Brandt & Derek Haas 12/1/2005 FADE IN: CLOSE ON the face of WESLEY GIBSON, 25, STARING AT THE CAMERA. WESLEY (V.0.) Six weeks ago, I was ordinary and pathetic. His wry emile gives way to... Black. And then... INT. APPLEBY'S - DAY ‘The CAMERA STARTS FROM THE CEILING, pointing straight down, overlooking a table of twenty-five people dressed in business casual, pretending to have a good time at lunch in this cookie-cutter crappy restaurant. At the end of the table, a bowl of spinach dip is in front of Wesley, and the CAMERA STARTS descending directly for it, slowly, as we hear... WESLEY (V.0.) It was Rochelle’s birthday, which meant there was a certain amount of inter- office pressure to go to Appleby’s and eit at a table of twenty-five with my boss Janice presiding at the head even though she’s too tight to pick up the bill. Which meant, the poor bastard waiting on us had to split the check twenty-four ways -- everyone contributing to Rochelle's free meal -- surf and turf, no less -- don’t do us any favors, Rochelle. Anyway, I ate a plate of extreme nachos and then polished off a bowlful of spinach dip pretty much single- handedly... The CAMERA DISAPPEARS in the bowl of spinach dip and we... cur To: INT. WESLEY’S CUBICLE - DAY ++-where Wesley drops his head down on his desk. WESLEY +++80 by the time I got back to my cubicle, my eyelids were so damn heavy, I had to put my head down, even if it was just for a wink. SMASH CUT TO: EXT. OFFICE BUILDING - DAY A sharply dressed man, MR. X, wearing a dark Armani suit, enters a skyscraper through the lobby. He's a shade taller than most of the office workers who are coming and going. INT. LOBBY - DAY He heads to an elevator and presses a button for the top floor. And as his finger presses the button, just where the thumb meets the forefinger, we see a TATTOO of a three- headed dog. Soon... INT. TOP FLOOR CORRIDOR - DAY ~..the doors open again and he finds himself in an opulent corridor -- sleek and expensively designed. Only one office is at the end of the hall. Expressionless, he makes his way toward it. without knocking, he steps inside... INT. PUJA’S OFFICE - DAY office fit for a king. or a queen. Because behind a glass desk sits a beautiful Indian woman dressed traditionally in a serape, with a red bindi on her forehead, the holy third eye. Her name is PUJA. Mr. X site in the single chair opposite her. After a moment, Puja looks up. PUJA I didn’t expect for you yourself to come. One of the heads, in the flesh. MR. X You're an important fence.