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SEPTEMBER 28, 2012

Canyon Views
An A+ School Driven by Childrens Needs

Principals Message:
Dear Canyon View Families,
Thank you all for making our 25th anniversary celebration such a success! The MPR was stuffed with students, staff, parents and CV alumni, and the smiles and laughter that lled the air conrmed that everyone had a good time! To continue the anniversary celebration, we are kicking off the 25 For 25 Years campaign. For the next 25 days, we will be collecting coins to help support a school-wide tiling project. Throughout the year, Ms. Romero will be working with each class at CV in creating decorative tiles to commemorate our 25th anniversary. Eventually, the tiles will be placed around campus for generations of CV students to enjoy. Coin containers will be placed in each classroom, and we will also have a container in the ofce for any spare change that may nd its way through the front doors. Thank you for supporting our efforts. Conference week is quickly approaching. We will be on a half-day schedule from Monday, October 8th through Wednesday, October 10th. Kindergarten Plus through 5th grade will be dismissed at 11:30 a.m. while regular Kindergarten will be dismissed at 9:30 a.m. Lunch will not be served during these three days. There will be no school on October 11-12 due to Fall Break.

Upcoming Events
10/05 Costume Swap

3:00-4:00 Library 10/8 HALF DAY

11:30 Dismissal 10/9 HALF DAY 11:30 Dismissal

10/10 HALF DAY

11:30 Dismissal
10/09 Governing Board Mtg
6:30 CFHS



10/26 Canyon Views online

Morning Drop Off: Please do not drop off student before 7:40 am! There is no supervision before 7:40



(Principals Message Continued)

SEPTEMBER 28, 2012

Finally, one of our school goals this year is to improve in the area of mathematics. Since CFSDs implementation of the Common Core State Standards last year, students are being taught mathematics a lot differently than how most of us were taught. No longer are students jumping straight to an algorithm without any understanding of what the numbers truly mean. Rather, students are being taught how to create concrete models of problems using manipulatives, draw graphic representations, use multiple strategies to solve the same problem, and probably one of most difcult skills, be able to explain their thinking and logic (metacognition). The goal is to deepen students understanding of numbers and their relationships, and they will eventually be able to fully understand the pieces of an algorithm and apply it correctly to a given situation. Students are nding this new way of learning about numbers to be quite a challenge. However, since much of the new learning is embedded in realworld contexts, the students are able to connect to the content and apply it to their own personal experiences. One fun and easy way to get our children to think about math is to point out the scores of math problems that we encounter on in our everyday lives. !

So whether you are at the store searching for the best deal, or adding up your monthly bills, helping our children experience math in the real world does make it more meaningful and relevant. Before you know it, your child might even be telling you when he/she sees a math problem outside of school. When that happens, take advantage of the learning opportunity and run with it! Have a wonderful weekend! Sincerely, Rob Henikman Principal

2012-2013 FFO Monthly Meetings

PICTURE DAY! Mark it on your calendars! Tuesday October 2nd

Friday October 19
8 : 0 5 a.m. CARE Bldg.
Friday November 16
8 : 0 5 a.m. CARE Bldg. NO FFO MeetingDecember Friday January 18 8:05a.m. CARE Bldg Friday February 15
8 : 0 5 a.m. CARE Bldg NO FFO Meeting -March Friday, April 19
8:05 a.m. CARE Bdg Tuesday, May 17 8:05

The CV newsletter is published on the following dates: 10/26, 11/9, 12/07, 12/21, 1/18, 2/8, 3/8, 3/22, 4/19, , 5/03 and 5/17 The deadline for submissions is the Wednesday before publication.



SEPTEMBER 28, 2012

From the Health Ofce

The health ofce would like any donations of water bottles and childrens tylenol Also, regarding medication, students are not allowed to carry any medicines to school. Over the counter medications, although they do not require a prescription, are still considered medicine. The health ofce can only dispense these with a written prescription from the doctor. All medications should be checked in at the health ofce. We will be happy to help in any way to keep your children safe and happy here at school. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact Anne Marie, the Canyon View Health Assistant at 209-7704.

The FFO is accepting book donations for the upcoming READATHON. Please drop off your gently used children's books in the ofce. Thank you!


Wear the Canyon View tshirt or our school colors of turquoise and white every Friday

Next Friday 10/5 Got old Halloween costumes? Please donate them to the Halloween Costume Swap on October 5 (see the ier at the back of this issue). Just drop them in the box bythe ofce. All sizes needed! Our students and teachers thank you for making this a green Halloween.


Science Fair Information Night Wednesday

November 7
6.00 p.m. to 7.00 p.m. Canyon ViewMPR Learn all about the science fair, how to complete a science fair project and the rules and expectations for the science fair. Dr. Kathleen A.Bethel, Directorof theSouthern ArizonaRegional Science and Engineering Fair (SARSEF)will provide an overview of science fair.

Have Lunch with your teacher October 25th or 26th December 13th or 14th February 7th or 8th May 2nd or 3rd


CANYON VIEW ELEMENTARY SCHOOL District Directories Are Coming!

Thanks to all district parents who purchased a 2012-2013 Catalina Foothills District Directory. Your directory will be delivered during the week of October 15. Hard copies of directories will be delivered to your student through his/her homeroom/rst period teacher. Be sure to check with your student during that week. Online directory access will become available to you during the same time frame. Look for an email from Alpha Graphics for your access link and instructions. This email will be sent to the address you provided during your school check-in events. NOTE: If you havent received a test email from CFHSdirectorycommittee@gmail .com, please email us so that we can make sure we have your correct address for delivery. If you didnt purchase a district directory but have decided that you would like one, you will be able to buy one from the front ofce at the High School as of Friday, October 19, 2012. Just stop in with your check payable to CFHS FFO for $12 (for each hard copy) or $15 (hard copy plus online access combo). Thank you for your support of the district directory. CFHS District Directory Committee-FFO


Good News Club is beginning again each Tuesday after school 3:00-4:00p.m. starting 9/13/11 (except holidays and half days). We will be meeting in the 1st grade pod Mrs. Bangerts room. Please join us for a fun time that includes singing songs, hearing Bible lessons, memorizing scripture and having snack and game time. The Good News Club is a non-denominational club open to all elementary age children. If you would like a permission slip or have questions please call Karen at 403-1432.
CFSD neither endorses nor sponsors this organization or activity. The distribution of this material is provided as a community

CONGRATULATIONS Congratulations so our 2012 Summer Reading Program Winners. Shoe Box Diorama Winners Sevren Jackson David Gilmore Samuel Wood Sergio Esposito

Create your Own Cereal Box Winners Lindsay Draper Sergio Esposito Samuel Wood Thank you to all that entered. The Summer Reading Program was a Success!



The FFO received $300.00 in donations from El Charro ! Happy 25 years Canyon View!




Notication of Pest Control State Law (House Bill 2135, Chapter 102) requires the school district to notify parents, legal guardians, and employees 48 hours prior to pest/weed control treatments. In accordance with these requirements, Essential Pest, vendor for pesticide treatment, will visit our school once month to inspect building exteriors, kitchen areas, and restrooms, and to perform pest control treatments of those areas, as required. Our current pest control program does not include pesticide applications inside classrooms. Such applications are performed only if infestation occurs. Essential Pest will treat Canyon View on the third Tuesday of each month. Additional information may be obtained from the Environmental Health and Safety Ofce at the district ofce at 299-6446.

SEPTEMBER 28, 2012


Dr. Mary Kamerzell Superintendent 209-7500

Visit CV on the Web schools/canyonview/ and FACEBOOK CV FFO on the Web!


Sherri Silverberg President 615-9224 canyonviewffo/

Todd Camenisch Vice-President 615-9855

Carole Siegler Member 529-1379

Staff Websites schools/canyonview/ directory.html Spanish Class Website te/cvspanish2/
State of Arizona Legislative Representatives for CFSD (please check for contact information) Legislative District 26 Senator Al Melvin Representative Vic Williams Representative Terri Proud Legislative District 30 Senator Frank Antenori Representative David Gowan Representative Ted Vogt

John Bergan
Member 878-6180

Mary Lou Richerson Member 299-4746

Canyon View Mission Statement

A statement of our purpose and function as a school The mission of Canyon View Elementary School, a school driven by childrens needs, in partnership with parents and community, is to ensure that all of our children will achieve their academic and personal best through a curriculum dedicated to excellence.

CANYON VIEW Rob Henikman Principal Phone 209-7700 Fax 209-7770


Check out the spookies we have planned for you! Friday, Cotober 26

Its Fun! Its affordable! Its EEEK-o-logical!

Do you have old Halloween Costumes that you would like to donate to Canyon View students? If so, then join us for our second...

Friday, October 5 Canyon View Library 3:00 - 4:00 p.m. Why recycle your old Halloween costumes? How will the swap work?
Swapping half the costumes kids wear at Halloween would reduce annual landll waste by 6,250 tons, equal to the weight of 2500 midsize cars!

When the event starts, everyone enters with costumes they are exchanging. Costumes are immediately placed in areas by size and swappers can make one new selection.

Cant make it? Drop off your gently used costumes at the school ofce by Thursday, October 4. Your donation will help Canyon View students have a green and affordable Halloween. Can you volunteer at the swap? Contact Laura Baragar at

Organized by the Canyon View FFO

See you at Canyon Boo on Friday, October 26!


25 for 25 Years of Excellence

Canyon View is Celebrating its 25th Year of Educational Excellence with a quarter drive. All the proceeds from this drive will be used for a school beautification project that 100% of the school population will participate in!! So what are you waiting for? Start collecting those coins! They add up quickly!


# #

Thank you for supporting your school!!

Easy Money
Canyon Views Bashas revenue was about

in July.

Canyon Views Bashas revenue was nearly

in August!

Have you recharged your Bashas Community card lately?

Canyon View earns


every time you recharge It costs you nothing!

your card.

To get your Bashas Community Card, contact Kate Darling at

Oct. 5, 2012 5 8 pm

When and Where? Plant Science Family Night is October 5, 2012 at Ventana Vista School located north of Sunrise at 6085 N Kolb Road from 5 - 8pm. The amazing night of SCIENCE is FREE.. except dinner which needs to be pre-paid! Use the order form at the bottom of this page.

disc ove r

e lor p ex

cre a


ze naly a


What is Plant Science Family Night? Plant Science Family Night is hours of engaging, hands-on fun exploring plant sciences. As a family, your K-5 children will work with University of Arizona scientists and Tucson community experts in the fields of genomics, agriculture, chemistry, optics, and botanical sciences to explore DNA, cells, plants, nutrition, survival and adaptations of plants. There are numerous opportunities to observe, compare, analyze, and create you can design a microbe, build DNA candy, and you will even extract DNA from a plant. The evening is open to all CFSD families and friends. Except for your dinner (Create Caf and Jamba Juice) the whole evening is FREE to participants. JOIN THE SCIENCE FUN! Our Theme this year is Feeding the 9 Billion Over 30 hands-on SCIENCE Centers!
Play with wiggly worms, learn the life cycle, explore vermiculture & plant composting Explore your nutritional choices with food labels and plant parts. Plants need water, plants are impacted by our weather.. take a lesson in the Jimmy Stewart Weather Bus HOT PEPPERS. You bet you can learn from the best Arizona Dirt Farmer Learn about Pollen: Nothng to Sneeze at or design an ocean Phytoplankton. Extract DNA from fruit, build candy model DNA, and explore basic DNA Make healthy snacks, read food labels, and discover the value of seeds/beans/cereals You are invited Magnify those giant spines, twisted roots and awesome blooms of our desert cactus to join the fun Take action.. learn about Water Conservation in our desert or start your own Community Garden with your family! Observe the cells of plants to better understand the living organism Look carefully at the live bees, our important plant pollinators Design a microbe or phytoplankton, make an Earth Bracelet or build a cactus.. it is all fun while learning about plants! Herbivores are everywhere.. animals need plants and plants need animals.. systems are interaction. Take home to grow a live cactus, win a tour of the UA BIO5 labs, or other free gifts Discover how could DNA research about rice or maize can Feed the World Our thanks in advance to the over 50 University of Arizona researchers, scientists, Tucson community experts, CFHS Honor students for their E3 (energy, expertise, efforts) and time to make PLANT SCIENCES come ALIVE and oh oh oh so much FUN!

Our thanks to Dr. Rod Wing and NSF for encouraging and supporting our PSFN. To volunteer or ask questions, please contact Caryl Jones at

Oct. 5, 2012 5 - 8 pm

PRE-PAID Dinner Reservations Order Form

Orders must be received in your CFSD School Office by October 1st at 9 a.m.
Dinners made by Create Cafe..... none profit to our event and very reasonably priced for participants.

$5 per dinner per person. Drinks not included

A. Turkey and Cheese Wrap with baked chips and a piece of fresh fruit. or B. Caprese Wrap (fresh mozzarella, pesto, basil, tomato) with baked chips and a piece of fresh fruit.

Family Name ___________________________ CFSD School ________________ Phone or email address ________________________________________________ Number of dinners requested: _____ Turkey _____ Caprese Cash or check to VVFFO enclosed for $__________

Plant Science Family Night (PSFN) will: Cultivate and sustain a community informed by the content of science, inspired by its wonder, convinced of its value, and prepared to engage with its implications for our future.
Engage your family in science. Families will enjoy the freedom of learning together. PSFN is organized around plant science concepts, knowledge and scientific skills. The awe and wonderment of plant sciences is enhanced with an organization that is designed to help students discover answers to these questions: What is a plant? How do we use and enjoy plants? How do plants reproduce and grow? How do plants interact with animals in nature? How do plants adapt to different and changing environments? Inspire exploration and learning. PSFN will provide a structured learning environment where families have the opportunity to explore their understanding of plant science concepts. Stations are organized with professional expertise, clear instructions and ample materials to enhance the family's learning experience. Center formats are presented in hands-on, demonstration or lecture. Students will be given SCIENCE NOTEBOOKS to record their ideas, observations and what they've learned during the evening. Connect with classroom instruction. PSFN provides an environment where students can enhanced their understanding of plant science content and important process skills by applying their knowledge in a "laboratory-type" environment. The centers connect to our CFSD and Arizona science curricula and to the 12 Principles of Plant Biology. Encourage positive attitudes about science. Plant Science and the scientific thinking process are part of our daily life. Show your children "science" in everyday life. Discover the mysteries of plant DNA and build a model of DNA, learn about farming and the economy in Arizona- cotton and chili peppers, explore the parts of plants and their functions, observe bees - our important pollinators, build your own saguaro cactus and uncover what each part does to help survival, dig into soils from around the world and test the chemistry of soil, compare seeds so small you need a microscope and seeds so weird they do not look like seeds, examine the nutrition labels on food boxes, identify the taxonomy of plant families, understand the interdependence of plants and animals, classify leaves of plants to understand our Tucson trees, observe the tree rings in trees many hundreds of years old, explore the nature of wiggly worms, see how gravity influences plant growth, observe the impact of light/optics making a difference and discover Mastodons are herbivores - are you? Native Plants in Tucson. So much to do so little time. Arrive at 5:00, pick up your SCIENCE JOURNALS, plan your schedule on the map. Get going with SCIENCE! Invite your friends and families. This is a CFSD community event supported through an NSF grant awarded to VV Parent, Dr. Rod Wing, University of Arizona Genomics Institute and Ag Department. Thank you to our other essential sponsor Ventana Vista FFO. Questions:

4th/5th/6th grades 7th/8th grades No prior playing experience required Practice starts November 26th Season runs January through early March Sports physical and US Lacrosse membership required.
Learn more!

Parent meeting: October 24th - 6:30pm

La Paloma Urgent Care 4001 East Sunrise Drive
Questions? Contact Julie Janey at 520-245-3010 or Patricia Shaffer at 520-440-6852

Catalina Foothills School District FFO

Candidates Forum

Invited Candidates include


Congressional District 2 Candidates AZ Legislative District 9 Candidates Pima County Supervisor, District 1 Candidates and

Entering District 16 Governing Board Members Monday, October 15 at 6:30 PM

The program will begin promptly at 6:30 PM and seating is limited. Please dont miss this opportunity to find out more about the candidates during this important election year. Be prepared with questions.

Catalina Foothills High School

For More Information: Cafeteria 4300 E. Sunrise Drive

Catalina Foothills School District Foundation

Save the Date for

LOVE OUR SCHOOLS GALA Friday, January 25, 2013 6:00 p.m.
Loews Ventana Canyon Resort
Enjoy an elegant dinner, casino fun with prizes, music and dancing, a fabulous live and silent auction, and recognition of our Teachers of the Year.

We Need Your HELP!

Do you have donations for our Live or Silent Auction? Do you own or shop at a local business that could donate or sponsor our event? Can you volunteer your time to help make the Gala a success? If your answer is YES, please contact Foundation Board Member Kara Rawson at (520) 269-2269 or email

Remember to nominate your choice for Teacher of the Year. Starting October 1ST at

Go to to purchase Gala tickets NOW!! $110 on or before November 30TH $125 on or after December 1ST to reserve a table for 10 NOW!! $1,100 on or before November 30TH $1,250 on or after December 1ST

Friday, March 1, 2013 Skyline C ountry Club Sho tgun Tee O ff No on

Golf Fore the Endowments !

Molino Campout

nture this fall! her outdoor adve Woodhall for anot joy spectacular & Matthew d camping fun! En Join Mary Grodman ning, exploring an makes our Sky e hiking, lear and discover what Get ready for som er Molino Saddle, pout and get we hike ov make dinner, cam mountain views as Well play games, so amazing. Island mountains d fun! Oct. 11-12 r day of hiking an Thursday-Friday !! ready for anothe Molino Campout us for 4th-7th grade Join

Molino Campout


Molino Campout


Molino Campout


Molino Campout


Molino Campout

Molino Campout




Molino Campout


Molino Campout



Molino Campout


Molino Campout



Did you know theres an easy way to help us raise money for our school for books, band uniforms, reading programs and anything else that can use extra funding? Its called Take Charge of Education, and its helping our school right now. Heres how it works: Visit or call 1-800-316-6142 to designate our school, then use your REDcard whenever you shop. When you use your REDcard (Target Credit Card, Target Debit Card or Target Visa Credit Card), Target will donate up to 1% of your purchases to the eligible K12 school of your choice. * Learn more at or stop in a Target store to apply. Grandparents, alumni, friends and neighbors are all welcome to participate in the program. The more people we involve, the harder the program works for our school. If youre already participating, thank you! Check out our schools progress anytime at
*Subject to Take Charge of Education program rules. Target donates an amount equal to 1% of Target Credit Card, Target Debit Card and Target Visa Credit Card purchases you make at Target and (Target Debit Card cannot be used at, and % of Target Visa Credit Card purchases you make everywhere else Visa credit cards are accepted, to the eligible K12 school of your choice. See Target. com/tcoe or call 1-800-316-6142 for details.

2011 Target Stores. The Bullseye Design, Target and the 5% Bullseye Design are trademarks of Target Brands, Inc. All rights reserved. REDcard: Target Credit Card, Target Debit Card and Target Visa Credit Card. Subject to application approval.

TakE CHaRgE Of EdUCaTiOn


TaRgET makES fUndRaiSing EaSy fOR yOUR SCHOOL.

You can designate your school at Every time you use your REDcard (Target Credit Card , Target Debit Card or Target Visa Credit Card) at Target or (Target Debit Card cannot be used at, Target will donate 1% of your purchases to the eligible K12 school of your choice. When you use your Target Visa Credit Card every* where else Visa credit cards are accepted, your school will receive one-half percent (%) of your purchases. Funds can be used for anything your school needs, from reading programs to band uniforms. Target pays out donations directly to the school principal once a year during the month of September.

HOW iT addS UP
Your schools progress is detailed online, just like the example below. Visit and enter your schools name and state to see: Your schools last payout from the program The amount your school has received from Target to date (since 1997) Your schools progress toward the next payout, updated daily How many people have enrolled in the program and designated your school

Find/Designate a School
ALL SAINTS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL HAYWARD, CA 94541 School ID: 3070 Take Charge of Education Donations to This School Targets most recent donation (March 2007) Total of all of Targets donations through March 2007 Amount accumulated so far toward Targets next donation* 494.00 5,734.97 319.52


As more people join the program and designate your school, theres no limit to the funds your school can receive. Here are some tips for increasing your next donation: Use the online fundraising tools at to promote the program at events, in the media and on your schools website. Copy the flyer on the opposite side of this sheet and distribute them at school events. Dont forget to thank your school community for designating your school and using their REDcards.

Data is updated on a daily basis. Check your schools progress often. If you have a REDcard and want this school to receive money from your purchases, click Designate this school.

. Canyon View is earning money! Thanks to all of you currently

There are currently 24 card holders that have designated Canyon View Elementary School to receive the 1% donation of what they spend with their REDcard. This translated to $446.83 direct to Canyon View for the 2011-2012 school year. It makes a big difference and it's easy! Log in. Designate. Shop. 1% of what you spend goes directly to Canyon View. Thank you!

participating in the Target Take Charge of Education program.

Help Your School Raise More

Get fundraising tips, flyers and clip art for promoting Take Charge of Education at your school. > Download Now

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*Subject to Take Charge of Education program rules. See or call 1-800-316-6142. REDcard : Target Credit Card, Target Debit Card. and Target Visa Credit Card. Subject to application approval.