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The Pulse of Energy Called Life and Empaths
Posted by

Marjabella Le Fey

There is one true word for that which we call life and that would be the word, in all it’s splendor and meaning is Energy. If all that we see in our 3D perception of this world disappeared, what would be left is an energy field. Colors, sounds, vibrations of all sorts and degrees. Energy is always in motion. Energy is always expressing. Energy is pure Love. So that would have to mean life is always in motion, constantly changing its expression of Love. Now, thru the entirety of Life, plug in a human. Humans everywhere in the field of life, the field of constantly expressing and changing Energy – Love. The human is the only form of life that has the built-in capacity to stop the flow of energy, we call that stopper: ego. The human is also the only form of life that has the built-in capacity to accelerate the rate of Energy on this planet, we call that that accerlator the "Heart"

When your fully in your heart space, your entire energy field opens up with these little tentacles much like the picture above. It is Life seeking and connecting to Life. When you are in your mind, your energy field retracts like the wiring itself. Cut off from the flow of Life around you.Consciousness has always been the key to this energetic game of life! Conscious of being fully in your heart center and purposely shifting back to it when the mind steps in and breaks the flow of connection. It is the ONLY way to be fully Awake in the energy field of Life. The Conscious Empaths. By nature and design, every piece of living energy (which is All of it) is emphatic. We share of each other thru our feeling centers all the time. Life, by natural design radiates love. In truth, it can radiate nothing less.We humans tho… we radiate the gamut of duality…. by intentional design. When there is an empath picking up any sort of negativity, that is your inner cue to go in and seal that part of you with Love. You cannot feel what you do not radiate. Think about that for a long moment. The magnetic resonance of frequency. Like vibration seeks like vibration at the soul desire… for the expansion and union at hand. This is not a sexual statement, but a love statement. Love is not separated from itself. It constantly seeks out love. Love in constant motion and expansion. For those who get pummeled by negativity of others, that is life’s cue that there is something left open, or really blocked up and bulging with desire to be freed. Like was stated earlier, the negative aspect of ego stops the flow of energy, so then there is a backup of energy, because life doesn’t stop flowing, the ego just created a dam within your own personal flow.When any part of your energy network needs addressing, you will feel the impact via those others who are radiating the same frequency. It is not the time to block them or retreat, but go within your own self and release the dam, the ego part that has the energy backing up within yourself… once and for All. You will find that once your own energy field is restored to its natural state of frequency (love) nothing deemed negative can affect you. It is not that you don’t notice, it just bounces off of you.Refining your love frequency will be the quickest way to get to the pureness of your own energy. One extra ounce of love clears a ton of darkness in a nano-second…. then hold it there… forever! r:L.Gawles...

Posted by Marjabella Le Fey


winged horse, usually white, that can fly. Highly intelligent, they can assist humans in many adventures by carrying them across land and sea.Pegasus (ancient Greek Πήγασος/Pegasos, Latin Pegasus) is one of the best known fantastical creatures in Greek mythology. He is a winged divine horse, usually white in color. He was sired by Poseidon, in his role as horse-god, and foaled by the Gorgon Medusa. He was the brother of Chrysaor, born at a single birthing when his mother was decapitated by Perseus. Greco-Roman poets write about his ascent to heaven after his birth and his obeisance to Zeus, king of the gods, who instructed him to bring lightning and thunder from Olympus. Friend of the Muses, Pegasus is the creator of Hippocrene, the fountain on Mt. Helicon. He was captured by the Greek hero Bellerophon near the fountain Peirene with the help of Athena and Poseidon. Pegasus allows the hero to ride him to defeat a monster, the Chimera, before realizing many other exploits. His rider, however, falls off his back trying to reach Mount Olympus. Zeus transformed him into the constellation Pegasus and placed him in the sky. There are theories that ascribe the origin of Pegasus to Pihassassa, the ancient god of thunderstorms in Hittite mythology.

Hypotheses have been proposed regarding its relationship with the Muses, the gods Athena, Poseidon, Zeus, Apollo, and the hero Perseus. The symbolism of Pegasus varies with time. Symbol of wisdom and especially of fame from the Middle Ages until the Renaissance, he became one symbol of the poetry and the creator of sources in which the poets come to draw inspiration, particularly in the 19th century. Pegasus is the subject of a very rich iconography, especially through the ancient Greek pottery and paintings and sculptures of the Renaissance. Personification of the water, solar myth, or shaman mount, Carl Jung and his followers have seen in Pegasus a profound symbolic esoteric in relation to the spiritual energy that allows to access to the realm of the gods on Mount Olympus. In the 20th and 21st century, he appeared in movies, in fantasy, in video games and in role play, where by extension, the term Pegasus is often used to refer to any winged horse. EtymologyThe poet Hesiod connects the name Pegasus with the word for "spring, well", pēgē: "the pegai of Okeanos, where he was born;" A proposed etymology of the name is Luwian pihassas, meaning "lightning", and Pihassassi, a local Luwian-Hittite name in southern Cilicia of a weather god represented with thunder and lightning. The proponents of this etymology adduce Pegasus' role, reported as early as Hesiod, as bringer of thunderbolts to Zeus. Fox (2009) criticizes this suggestion, saying that the connection of Pegasus with lightning bolts may be secondary, based on the "like-sounding name" of the Luwian god. Pegasus and springsAccording to legend, everywhere the winged horse struck his hoof to the earth, an inspiring spring burst forth. One of these springs was upon the Muses' Mount Helicon, the Hippocrene ("horse spring"), opened, Antoninus Liberalis suggested, at the behest of Poseidon to prevent the mountain swelling with rapture at the song of the Muses; another was at Troezen. Hesiod relates how Pegasus was peacefully drinking from a spring when the hero Bellerophon captured him. Hesiod also says Pegasus carried thunderbolts for Zeus. BirthThere are several versions of the birth of the winged stallion and his brother Chrysaor in the far distant place at the edge of Earth, Hesiod's "springs of Oceanus, which encircles the inhabited earth, where Perseus found Medusa: One is that they sprang from the blood issuing from Medusa's neck as Perseus was beheading her, similar to the manner in which Athena was born from the head of Zeus. In another version, when Perseus beheaded Medusa, they were born of the Earth, fed by the Gorgon's blood. A variation of this story holds that they were formed from the mingling of Medusa's blood, Pain and sea foam, implying that Poseidon had involvement in their making. The last version bears resemblance to the birth of Aphrodite.

BellerophonPegasus aided the hero Bellerophon in his fight against both the Chimera and the Amazons. There are varying tales as to how Bellerophon found Pegasus; the most common says that the hero was told by Polyeidos to sleep in the temple of Athena, where the goddess visited him in the night and presented him with a golden bridle. The next morning, still clutching the bridle, he found Pegasus drinking at the Pierian spring. When the steed saw the bridle, he approached Bellerophon and allowed him to ride. Bellerophon slew the Chimera on Pegasus' back, and then tried to ride the winged horse to the top of Mount Olympus to see the gods. However, Zeus sent down a gadfly to sting Pegasus and cause Bellerophon to fall. Perseus Parthian era bronze plate depicting Pegasus ("Pegaz" in Persian), excavated in Masjed Soleyman, Khūzestān, Iran.Michaud's Biographie universelle relates that when Pegasus was born, he flew to where thunder and lightning is released. Then, according to certain versions of the myth, Athena tamed him and gave him to Perseus, who flew to Ethiopia to help Andromeda. In fact Pegasus is a late addition to the story of Perseus, who flew on his own with the sandals loaned him by Hermes. OlympusPegasus and Athena left Bellerophon and continued to Olympus where he was stabled with Zeus' other steeds, and was given the task of carrying Zeus' thunderbolts. Because of his faithful service to Zeus, he was honored with transformation into a constellation. On the day of his catasterism, when Zeus transformed him into a constellation, a single feather fell to the earth near the city of Tarsus. Legacy World War II Bellerophon on Pegasus spears the Chimera, on an Attic red-figure epinetron 425–420 BC The divisional shoulder flash of British airborne forcesDuring World War II, the silhouetted image of Bellerophon the warrior, mounted on the winged Pegasus, was adopted by the United Kingdom's newly-raised parachute troops in 1941 as their upper sleeve insignia. The image clearly symbolized a warrior arriving at a battle by air, the same tactics used by paratroopers. The square upper-sleeve insignia comprised Bellerophon/Pegasus in light blue on a maroon background. The insignia was designed by famous English novelist Daphne du Maurier, who was married to the commander of the 1st Airborne Division (and later the expanded British Airborne Forces), General Frederick "Boy" Browning. The maroon background on the insignia was later used again by the Airborne Forces when they adopted the famous maroon beret in Summer 1942. The beret was the origin of the German nickname for British airborne troops, The Red Devils. Today's Parachute Regiment carries on the maroon beret tradition. During the airborne phase of the Normandy invasion on the night of 5–6 June 1944, British 6th Airborne Division captured all its key objectives in advance of the seaborne assault, including the capture and holding at all costs of a vital bridge over the Caen Canal, near Ouistreham. In memory of their tenacity, the bridge has been known ever since as Pegasus Bridge.

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There are a number of ceremonies and regulations observed in connection with the gathering of the herbs, roots, and barks, which can not be given in detail within the limits of this paper. In searching for his medicinal plants the shaman goes provided with a number of white and red beads, and approaches the plant from a certain direction, going round it from right to left one or four times, reciting certain prayers the while. He then pulls up the plant by the roots and drops one of the beads into the hole and covers it up with the loose earth. In one of the formulas for hunting ginseng the hunter addresses the mountain as the "Great Man" and assures it that he comes only to take a small piece of flesh (the ginseng) from its side, so that it seems probable that the bead is intended as a compensation to the earth for the plant thus torn from her bosom. In some cases the doctor must pass by the first three plants met until he comes to the fourth, which he takes and may then return for the others. The bark is always taken from the east side of the tree, and when the root or branch is used it must also be one which runs out toward the east, the reason given being that these have imbibed more medical potency from the rays of the sun. When the roots, herbs, and barks which enter into the prescription have been thus gathered the doctor ties them up into a convenient package, which he takes to a running stream and casts into the water with appropriate prayers. Should the package float, as it generally does, he accepts the fact as an omen that his treatment will be successful. On the other band, should it sink, he concludes that some part of the preceding ceremony has been improperly carried out and at once sets about procuring a new package, going over the whole performance from the beginning. Herb-gathering by moonlight, so important a feature in European folk medicine, seems to be no part of Cherokee ceremonial. There are fixed regulations in regard to the preparing of the decoction, the care of the medicine during the continuance of the treatment, and the disposal of what remains after the treatment is at an end. In the arrangement of details the shaman frequently employs the services of a lay assistant. Id these degenerate days a number of upstart pretenders to the healing art have arisen in the tribe and endeavor to impose upon the ignorance of their fellows by posing as doctors, although knowing next to nothing of the prayers and ceremonies, without which there can be no virtue in the application. These impostors are sternly frowned down and regarded with the utmost contempt by the real professors, both men and women, who have been initiated into the sacred mysteries and proudly look upon themselves as conservators of the ancient ritual of the past. from the book: The Sacred Formulas of the Cherokees By: James Mooney (1891)

Meeting Your Animal Guide
Posted by

Marjabella Le Fey

After you understand what type of animal guide has come into your life, it is necessary to educate yourself fully as to the nature of the animal. Learn about its habitat, life cycles, what it eats, physical characteristics, special skills and traits, social and mating habits. Go to places where your animal guide can be found in real life. Study it in nature. Gaining insight into the nature of your animal guide will help you to better understand its messages. Meditate on this knowledge and discover its power and medicine. After you learn various ways to work with the medicine of you animal spirit guide, the medicine becomes a gateway to connecting with other spirit guides found within its domain. Your animal spirit guide (or those spirits who choose to reveal themselves in the form of an animal) will teach you how to align with other spirit guides and beings. Remember: The spirit guide chooses the person. The person does not choose the spirit guide. A person cannot simply select an animal and begin communication – the results of which are often frustrating and unsuccessful. A spirit guide must be harmonious with the person. Communication with your spirit guide requires reverent respect and knowledge of the ways of the animal guide. You must find ways to honor your spirit guide. The more importance you give to the spirit guide the more they respond to you. Most spirit guides do not immediately acknowledge themselves to the person as they are leery of your intention and knowledge. A spirit guide is sensitive to moods, current events, and a persons path in life. They must first trust you and learn your needs and wants. You must learn to trust them and understand their needs and wants. It takes time, patience and practice. Preparation and Journey Sit down in a quiet place alone. Make certain there will be no distractions or interruptions. Draw a circle around you and bless the circle with sage, cedar, sweet grass, tobacco or some other sacred medicine. Begin your journey into the spirit world with prayer and continue with deep meditation. Get comfortable. Take a deep breath. Inhale, exhale deeply several time. Release your ego, desires and expectations of what may follow. Chase away all shadows of fear and negativity. Begin to dream of some idyllic place like a forest trail, bubbling mountain stream, or flower covered glen. Move about in this world seeing, smelling and feeling everything. After awhile, you will hear something and you will see a creature slowly coming to you.

The creature is friendly and invites your touch. You embrace. This is your animal spirit guide. Spend time talking with your animal guide now. Be open to any and all types of messages. Do not get trapped by wishing for a certain messages. Clear your mind completely. Open your heart to its love and lessons. When your time is finished, thank all the beings in this special place and your animal guide who has chosen to teach you. Slowly return by the way you came into full consciousness. Open your eyes.

Other Suggestions Honor your spirit animal guide Wear jewelry and clothing illustrating your totem; Decorate your space with pictures and other memorabilia; Educate yourself on its life and habits; Visit the habitat of your spirit guide; Help protect its home, contribute time and resources. Pay attention to the messages of your animal guide Spend time in meditation with your friend and guide; Give thanks to the Creator and your guide for its assistance; Understand the message can be negative or positive in nature; Listen. Even when the message seems negative; Study the element (water, fire, air, earth) most closely associated with your spirit guide Tags:

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Cauldron Of Knowledge
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The Aspects of Woman: Each woman four aspects possesses. Through each does she pass as her life does go on. A Goddess over each does preside; her aspect frozen in time. With the moon as guide, guardian and symbol of her power.

Maiden; Nimue:

Nimune is a beautiful young woman. She embodies the qualities of feminine youth; she is gentle, caring, curious, and above all beautiful, with the shapely figure of a woman in her youth. Nimune is the goddess of healing and inspiration, as well as, of course, the moon. She resides in the Holy Healing Spring known to mortals as “The Lake”, which has given her the name “Lady of the Lake”. It was she who gave the grand sword Excalibur to King Arthur.

Brigid embodies the motherly qualities of a woman. She is goddess of fertility and healing and will often preside over the births of children, protecting the mother's from the danger and harm that can come to mother and child during this time. She is also the patron of craftsman and artisans, and goddess of the forge. It is in her aspect of goddess of the forge that she forged the magnificent sword Excalibur. Brigid is celebrated at Imbolc during which time her snake comes out of the mound in which it hibernates. Its behavior determines the remaining length of winter. Brigid ushers the spring in and is also patroness of the Druids.

Warrior; Morrigan:

A fierce warrior herself, Morrigan is goddess of death in battle, slaughter, and strife. She protects the innocent, and brings justice to those who have done wrong. She can take on several forms, including that of a bat, that of a crow and that of Macha – the embodiment of frenzy. Morrigan is queen beside Arawn, and she oversees the Phantom Hunt. Crone; Ceridwen:

Crone; Ceridwen:

Ceridwen most often takes the form of a crone. She embodies the aspects of woman in her old age; wisdom, knowledge, understanding. Ceridwen is a powerful sorceress, and she holds the secrets of knowledge and wisdom. Ceridwen stirs the cauldron of knowledge. The potion inside contains all the knowledge of the world and must be stirred for a year and a day before it is properly prepared.
Striker - November 15, 2007 05:24 PM (GMT) The Aspects of Man: Three aspects does man possess. If he is brave and wise, he might pass through all three as his life moves forward. A God over each one presides. Wise and powerful, each in his own right, with the Sun at his command and as his symbol of truest power. Three aspects does man possess. If he is brave and wise, he might pass through all three as his life moves forward. A God over each one presides. Wise and powerful, each in his own right, with the Sun at his command and as his symbol of truest power. King of the Tuatha De Danann, Nuada is god of the sun, youth, weapons and warcraft. He represents man in the prime of his life, young and fit. A fine warrior, Nuada leads his brothers in battle as well as in matters of state. Sadly, Nuada lost his hand in a tragic battle, but his brother forged a silver hand for him to use as a replacement.
Cernannos, “The Horned One”, is so called because he bears the horns of a stag upon his head. He is the god of plenty, wealth, wildlife, and above all fertility. He embodies the father aspect of man, the provider, the protector, the nurturer. Cernannos is often celebrated at Beltane, when he dances the dance of love and fertility with Brigid. Cernannos is also celebrated at Samhain and again at Yule; during the festival of Samhain when his power has wained he dies, but is reborn again at the festival of Yule, which lasts for 12 days. His power grows again, and is at it's peek during the festival of Beltane. Also like Brigid, Cernannos is patron god of the Druids.

King; Nuada:

Father; Cernannos:

Sage; The Dagda:

The Dagda is the Father of the Gods, sometimes called “The All-Father”. He represents man when he has grown old and wise. The Dagda is the god of wisdom, knowledge, magic, and rebirth. He holds the secrets of the world, and shares them only with those he has deemed worthy. The Dagda possesses several unique items of special value, including a cauldron with an inexhaustible supply of food, a magical harp which summons the seasons two swine – one always roasting the other always growing, and an orchard of ever-laden fruit trees. Gods of the Sabbits
Ostara; Rhiannon

Yule; Cernannos See above Imbolc; Brigid

Rhiannon is the goddess of birds and horses and is often associated with the heralding of spring. She appears as a beautiful woman in dazzling gold on a white horse. She is the goddess most celebrated at Ostara.


Beltane; Cernannos, Brigid, Belenus, and Belisama Beleneus is associated with the sun and with fire. He is god of the forge. Belenus is husband and lover of Belisama and is one of the four gods celebrated at Beltane.


Goddess of light and fire, Belisama is also associated with arts and crafts. Belisama is wife of Belenus and is celebrated along with him and others at Beltane, the festival of fertility. For Brigid and Cernannos see above

Midsummer; Aine

Goddess of love and fertility, Aine encourages humans to love. The king Ailil Olom once foolishly attempted to rape her but she slew him with her magic. Aine is celebrated during the festival at Midsummer which takes place on the Summer Solstice.

Lughnassad; Lugh

Often called the “god of every skill”, Lugh is associated with the raven and the lynx. Often he will act as a messenger between the Tuatha De Danann. It is prophesied that he will one day slay the fearful giant Balor. He is celebrated at Lughnassad.

Mabon; Mabon

Because he grew up in the “Other World” Mabon is forever young. He is the god of hunting and is celebrated at the festival of Mabon. Samhain; Cernannos, and Arawn


Arawn is the god of death and ruler of the Underworld. He is owner and leader of the phantom hunt, a pack of spectral hounds which roam the world at night, leading the souls of the damned to their final damnation. Along with Cernannos, he is recognized at Samhain. For Cernannos see above

Manannan Mac Lir:

Lesser Gods
God of the sea, Manannan Mac Lir predicts the weather and rules over the land of Tir-na-Nog. He possesses several objects of note including a ship without sails that follows his command, a cloak that makes him invisible, a helmet made of flames and a sword that cannot be turned from its mark. He rides over the sea in a chariot pulled by dolphins.


Taranis is god of thunder and lord of the sky.


God of writing, poetry, eloquence and learning, Ogma is inventor of the Druidic alphabet and patron to the Druids.

Math is a powerful magician. However, he can only sleep if his feet are held in the lap of a virgin. The Tuatha Dé Danann: A group of gods, descended from the Goddess Dana. They arrived on a cloud and defeated the Formorii. In a just battle they will fight beside mortals wielding lances of blue flame and shields of pure white. They are lead by Nuada, their king, and guided by the Dagda – the all father- their sage. The Fomorii: Misshapen and cruel . demonic giants, the Fomorii were defeated by the Tuatha Dé Danann and driven forever under the waves. They rule over the forces of nature which challenge men including fog, storm, winter, disease and crop-blight. The most fearsome of all the Fomorii is Balor the giant. ******* Lands Of Myth And Magic, The Cauldron Of Knowledge Celtic Gods 'Of The Seasons'


Title: Celtic Gods

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Posted by

Willow Raine

EARTH is the element of secrecy, deep wisdom, possessions, creation, perseverance, birth and death. It is considered passive and receptive. The direction and quarter of the Circle which corresponds with Earth is the North, the place of endings. Earth corresponds to the bone structure of the human body. The season is Winter and the foundation of magick which corresponds to Earth is Secrecy. Hidden beneath the Earth are many treasures - jewels, minerals, oil - which must be sought out with forethought and labor. So it is with the magickal secrets that the element Earth hides; only through dedication and patience can these secrets be brought to light, yet they must always be protected and guarded. The tool of the Earth is the Pentacle which is used both for drawing in and for projecting energy. The Pentacle is also used for defense as a shield. The magickal Cords are also of Earth and are used to bind energy. The Sabbat which corresponds to Earth is Beltane, the festival of growth and fertility. Beltane falls in the fixed earth sign of Taurus, which is the sign associated with sensuality, acquisition, resources and practicality. The archangel of Earth is Uriel (pronounced Ah-ree-el), also called the Lord of Awe, who presides over protection and strength. He is visualized in robes of olive and russet, bearing a Pentacle. Gnomes are attributed to Earth and are seen in very small human form - your basic elf. Their king is Gheb (also known as Geb or Gob, as in goblin). Earth elementals are the most mischievous and love a good practical joke. They prefer the forest, the crags, the heaths and the caverns in which to live, although with the human population cutting down on gnomes' habitats, the more sociable enjoy being around sensitive and sympathetic human beings and will share living quarters. Gnomes love jewels, gold, interesting rocks, moss and living plants of all kinds. Their favorite scents are resins and woodland smells such as patchouli and vetivert.

Where did the belief that cats have 9 lives originate from?
Posted by Willow Raine

Some people believe in the superstition that cats have nine lives, because cats can survive falls from high places with few, if any injuries. This gives the appearance that the cats return to life after sustaining a fatal accidents. Granted, they may sustain minor injuries, such as bloody noses, cracked teeth, or a few broken ribs, but they live to recover. The ability of the cat to survive these accidents that would kill humans or other animals is not due to multiple lives, but to several advantages they possess. Their small size and low body weight soften the impact as they make contact with the ground after falling from great heights. The highly developed inner ears of cats equip them with an unusually keen sense of balance, which is critical to their landing on their feet. This sense of balance allows a cat falling upside down to right himself by rapidly determining his position, repositioning himself, and making any adjustments necessary to ensure that he lands on all fours. Since cats land on all four paws, the impact from landing on the ground is absorbed by all four. Additionally, cats bend their legs when they land, which cushions the impact by spreading the impact, not only through bones that could easily break, but through the joints and muscles as well. Most are surprised to learn that a cat stands a greater chance of survival if it falls from a higher place than from a lower place. New York veterinarians gathered data from their feline patients, which clearly supports this fact. Ten percent of their patients died after falling from 2-6 stories, while only five percent of the fatalities occurred when their patients fell from 7-32 stories Laws of physics explain why these survival rates vary. All falling bodies, regardless or their masses, accelerate by 22 miles per hour per second of their falls. The falling object, after traveling a certain distance through the air reaches a final speed, or "terminal velocity," because the object's friction with the air slows the fall. The smaller the object's mass, and the greater its area, the more it will slow. A cat falling from a higher floor, after it stops accelerating, spreads its legs into an umbrella shape, which increases the area against which the air must push and increases the friction, thus slowing the cat's fall. Through the cats highly developed sense of balance, he buys more time to maneuver his body in preparation for landing on all fours. A cat falling from a lower height does not have the opportunity to increase its body's area, slow its fall, or position his body to land on all four feet.

WHAT is a lightworker?
Posted by

Willow Raine

Lightworker (now-n);Any being dedicated to the cultivation of inner presence and the elevation of awareness in self and other selves. This being is called a lightworker and is an evolutionary step toward a state of "LightBeing" What's happening in the world? There is an awakening happening all around the world. And that awakening involves you and every being that exists on our lovely home planet, mother earth. We are truly entering a renaissance of spiritual evolution, an evolutionary process that proceeds and transcends the physical. Our wisdom stems from coming to understand how little we conceptually know about life, god, the universe and everything, and embracing the fundamental truth of inherent divinity within all life.

Everyone is a Lightworker whether they know it at all. Just as truth is truth whether anyone knows it or not. The real question arises then, "Am I aware of who I am?" Behind all labels, behind all self created illusions of mind and ego, or social dogmas and masks, there lies the truth, the answer to that question. Just as the Sun shines bright both day and night, it is only the movement of the planet and clouds that obscure it from view. But the sun is always shining. A Lightworker is awake to this truth, aware of their true presence and living in accordance with the divine plan. All beings that exist are a channel between eternal, formless heaven and the temporary world of form and illusion, earth. Why am I here? One does not always need to consciously realize the answer to this question, but living your life purpose is achievable in every moment, right now. Sit in peaceful contemplation, in pure awareness. Allow yourself to be present in every moment and feel within the depths of your heart for your inner truth, your guidance. The work is easy and the burden is light. Your true essence of being is so vast, it is beyond any concept, any word, thought or form. A Lightworker then is any being, who is aware of their true non-dual nature, their eternal "I Am" Presence and acting in accordance with it. A Lightworker is active in enlightenment, or in cultivating enlightenment. What is Lightworking? Just as the sun rises each morning, to shine its light into the world, so it is with lightworking. To walk upon the face of the planet lightly, light in spirit and bearing, and shine love, happiness, tranquillity and peace into the world. To calm the inner turmoil, to just be, and be at one with who you truly are, to love and honour life as an expression of divinity, to love all that is, that power some call god, and of course to love one and other unconditionally. In being true to the divine presense within all beings, and releasing all false thought forms, all masks and illusions, is the essence of lightworking. In this lightworking emanates love, happiness, joy, faith, hope and inspiration into the inner and outer world. This not only helps to awaken the lightworker, but also to awaken others to their own natural state. What can be called enlightenment, what may be called ascension. A Lightworkers divine mission then comes to life, as one enters the flow of creation and maintains the presence of awareness without being caught up in the turmoil of the creation. This is done in the service of all. For all beings (self included), all the time. What does a Lightworker do? All life exists for a sacred purpose. A Lightworker, that is a being, aware of their true presence, their inner awareness and non-dual nature then becomes a vehicle for divine activation. This role is a very simple and a natural one. When the illusionary self is dissolved into the true sense of being, the IAM presence, a being begins to shine and resonate this mandala field of pure state bliss. The transition starts from Lightworker to Light Being. This activation can occur anywhere, in any situation, in all places, roles and demographics, from the mother at home to the soldier in the military, even in the depths of the darkest regions of human nature this blossoming occurs. It can be slow, or instant. It has been this way for eternity. For all the people, all the time. All for one and one for all. This is the effortless state of being, devoid of all grasping, all seeking. This is existence under a blue sky, and bright sunshine, exposing all to the life giving energies of our divine source.

What is the Light Energy? Light Energy has many names. Some names include, the oriental Chi, Yin and Yang, the Indian Prana, and the Greek Aether. The light Energy pervades all. It encompasses all things. It is of the source, but not the source. It is the flow itself. It is the essence of all things. The primordial essence of spirit before it manifest into form. It is from where all things emanate, and all things return. It is the stuff of stars and the stuff of souls. We see it, and experience it in this material world as both form/matter and energy vibration. We experience it as thought and emotions. All these things are waves on the primordial ocean, resonating in various frequencies. All energy is frequency, and all frequency is harmony. Everything before you now is connected through frequency. The sounds you hear.. Do Re MI Fa So La Ti DO.. to the light you see.. Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Magenta, Violet, RED, winding its way up through the frequencies. Even the course elements of matter are connected to this harmony H,He,Li,Be,B,C,N. Each is the same, just operating on a different frequency, at a different harmonic. All is Light.. All is Energy. And its master is divine consciousness. We are constantly, directing spirit into form, thought, actions and endeavours. The question arises. "From what level of consciousness to I create?" This will determine the results and experiences of life. Each being, operates in various levels of consciousness. Yet when creation emanates from the source itself, free from resistance and obstruction, divine will manifests. Heaven is made manifest on earth. The cards are stacked for growth and learning. We will be guided by angels or pushed by demons. Where do I start? Being a Lightworker is both very easy and very hard. How hard is it to be the real you? Are you prepared to let go of everything? Think of who you will be when all form and material life is gone. That is the real you. Are you prepared to forgive and release all? There is nothing you must do, it's all about what you no longer need to do. To stop hiding, to face the true awesome reality of who and what you are, free from all illusions. Are you a thinking, breathing, centered person? Do you control your ego, or does your ego control you? Do you live in a state of awareness or reaction? Where are you looking for your answers? Within or without? These are all serious questions we must contemplate and come to accept for ourselves.. To "Know Thy Self" beyond mind, beyond ego, beyond words is the first and only step. Is there anything else I can do? Once the flow of creation is embraced, great energy is released, life becomes the adventure it truly was meant to be. What needs to be done, will present itself in every moment. All that needs to be accomplished, resolved and understood, will be. Be present, be still within the vortex of creation, in humble awe. We are all children of the one source, we are all babes. Take time out, take it easy, awaken and reconnect within yourself at your own pace. Take nothing personaly. Meditation, practicing awareness, observing your thoughts and mind flow are all stages of re-awakening to your true enlightened nature. Allow it to happen just as a flower opens itself to the sunshine each day, so too will you blossom when the time is right. Remember, in this creative experience, this world of perpetual change and form, everything is a perfect manifestation in relation to the consciousness that is creating it. The world is a mirror. Every moment brings with it a perfect experience that is tailored by you, for you. Learn from it. For many, this can be a hard truth to face.

Are Lightworkers religious? Lightworkers are not bound by any religion or ideology. If you are part of a religious organization then so be it. That's just perfect for you. But in this world of form, change is inevitable. Lightworkers are not a religious ideology. There is a vast difference between spirituality and religion. Many religions formed to assist the process of re-awakening in practitioners and adherents. They can all point the way, but only serve as tools and methods. The tools used to build the house, are not the house. What about God? There is no concept that can define God. That power some call God is the source of all. It is the over arching divine consciousness that guides and directs all life in form and non form. We know God by knowing our true selves. We do not need to consciously understand, rationalize or define God for God to be real. Like us, God Just IS. We accept there is great power in who we are, and the processes of how we each came to be. Yet each is free to formulate their own interpretation of what that power is, yet to do so may prove futile. HOwever we can come to understand aspects of God. LIke the fact that God pervades each and everyone of us, exists both within us, around us and is intricately connected to us. God works, with us and through us and for that we honor and love God through divine service and existing in a state of least resistance to God. We honor the process and honor our own role within it. To see through the illusionary nature of form and see clearly each and every beings, non dual nature. To see the God aspect in each other, and to love God. What about Ascended Masters, Messiahs & Prophets? Each are free to follow their inspirational hero's and teachers throughout history. And each should never fear to question, rationalize, or reason. But realize the ever changing nature of thought. Go within to the source for guidance. Believe what you will, but do so in deep consultation with the inner master. In Spiritual teachings you will surely find wisdom, in your questions you will find reason, and in your doubts, you will find learning and growth. But in awareness you will find the only perspective that truly matters. Shine on. Love always..

The Sun Dance
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The Sun Dance is a ceremony practiced differently by several North American Indian Nations, but many of the ceremonies have features in common, including dancing, singing and drumming, the experience of visions, fasting, and, in some cases, self-torture. The Sun Dance was the most spectacular and important religious ceremony of the Plains Indians of 19th-century North America, ordinarily held by each tribe once a year usually at the time of the Summer Solstice.

The Sun Dance last from four to eight days starting at the sunset of the final day of preparation and ending at sunset. It showed a continuity between life and death - a regeneration. It shows that there is no true end to life, but a cycle of symbolic and true deaths and rebirths. All of nature is intertwined and dependent on one another. This gives an equal ground to everything on the Earth. The Native American tribes who practiced sun dance were: The Arapaho, Arikara, Asbinboine, Cheyenne, Crow, Gros, Ventre, Hidutsa, Sioux, Plains Cree, Plains Ojibway, Sarasi, Omaha, Ponca, Ute, Shoshone, Kiowa, and Blackfoot tribes. Their rituals varied from tribe to tribe. For many tribes of Plains Indians whose bison-hunting culture flourished during the 18th and 19th centuries, the sun dance was the major communal religious ceremony - the rite celebrates renewal - the spiritual rebirth of participants and their relatives as well as the regeneration of the living Earth with all its components - the ritual, involving sacrifice and supplication to insure harmony between all living beings, continues to be practiced by many contemporary native Americans. The most renowned priest was also the best Lodge maker. He ran the entire ceremony and would instruct the participant in building a preparatory tepee and give direction to the other tribesmen who would gather the items needed for the construction. Men known for their eminence in their tribe were chosen to look for a tree with a fork in the top. This was to be for the first and center pole of the lodge. When a suitable tree was located a special qualified person was called in to cut the tree down. The fallen tree was then treated just like a fallen enemy. Then, depending on the tribe a bundle was placed on the fork. In the Sioux tribe the bundle contained brush, buffalo hide, long straws with tobacco in them and other religious offerings.

The eldest woman of the camp leads a group of elaborately dressed maidens to the tree to strip off its branches. The next morning, right as the sun is seen over the eastern horizon, armed warriors charge the sun-pole. They attack the tree in effort to symbolically kill it with gunshots and arrows. Once it is dead it is cut down and taken to where the Sun Dance Lodge will be erected. Before raising the sun-pole, a fresh buffalo head with a broad center strip of the back of the hide and tail (is) fastened with strong throngs to the top crotch of the sun-pole. Then the pole is raised and set firmly in the ground, with the buffalo head facing toward the setting-sun." The tree represents the center of the world, connecting the heavens to the earth.

The lodge is then built by the main dancer and his clansmen. The fork of the lodge represents the eagle's nest. The eagle plays a large part in the Sun Dance for it is one of the Plains Indians' most sacred animal. The eagle flies high, being the closest creature to the Sun. Therefore it is the link between man and spirit, being the messenger that delivers prayers to the Wakan-Tanka (god). In addition to being a messenger, the eagle also represents many human traits. We can see what values and traits these cultures saw as being important in a person by those traits imposed upon such a sacred animal. The eagle is seen as courageous, swift, and strong. He has great foresight and knows everything. "In an eagle there is all the wisdom of the world." During the Sun Dance the eagle is the facilitator of communication between man and spirit. The Crow may be accompanied by a dancing eagle in his visions, the eagle instructing him about the medicine acquired through the vision. The eagle's feathers can cure illnesses. During the Sun Dance a medicine man may use his eagle feather for healing, first touching the feather to the sun-pole then to the patient, transferring the energy from the pole to the ill people. It is the buffalo, however, that makes up the main theme of the Sun Dance. In various stories it was the buffalo that began the ritual. The Shoshone believe that the buffalo taught someone the proper way to carry out the dance and the benefits in doing it. Buffalo songs, dances, and feast commonly accompany the Sun Dance. You can see from the symbolic influences of the buffalo in the Sun Dance how important the animal was to Plains Indians' day-to-day life. It was the buffalo that symbolized life for it was the buffalo that gave them quality of life. Plains Indians relied on buffalo for their food, clothing, shelter, and most all utensils from fly swatters to children's toys. These peoples' lives were intertwined with the buffalo's. And this relationship was praised and blessed with the Sun Dance. The buffalo was incorporated in many ways in the Sun Dance. The Cheyenne held a principle that all essential sacred items in the sun dance (be) related to the buffalo. The Lakota would place a dried buffalo penis against the sun-pole to give virility to the dancers. This reinforces the symbolic meaning of the ceremony as a celebration of the generative power of the sun. The sun dance was a significant part of the Crow Indian people's spirituality. It was a spiritual retreat in which a large number of participants would fast, pray and dance for a period of days. They asked for answers to events going on in their lives. The buffalo skull is used as an alter during the Sun Dance. Offerings are presented to the skull, the Cheyenne stuffing the eye and nose sockets with grass, representing bountiful vegetation for the buffalo, which in turn meant healthy buffalo for the people. For others the grass represents bringing the buffalo back to life for grass is what gives the animal life. The Dakota believe that the bones of bison they have killed will rise again with new flesh. The soul was seen to reside in the bones of people and animals, to reduce a living being to a skeleton is equivalent to re- entering the womb of this primordial life - a mystical rebirth.

During the dance the buffalo also has a great role in the visions. The buffalo may knock down a dancer, or the dancer may challenge the buffalo by charging at it. Passing out for too long means one was too afraid to face the buffalo. One must show courage and stand up to the buffalo before the buffalo finds him worthy to give him what he desires. At a certain point the Crow will notice he is seeing through the buffalo's eyes, that he has become one with the buffalo. The Sun Dance symbolizes a resolution with the conflict between being a people that view the buffalo as wise and powerful, even closer to the creator than humans, and having to kill and eat them to survive. Making the buffalo sacred, symbolically giving new life to it, and treating it with respect and reverence acts a s a sort of reconciliation. Without the buffalo there would be death, and the Plains Indians saw that the buffalo not only provided them with physical wellbeing, but kept their souls alive, too. They also believed that the buffaloes gave themselves to them for food, so the natural course to them would be to offer a part of themselves in return out of gratitude. Thus the sacrifice of the dancers through fasting, thirst, and self-inflicted pain reflects the desire to return something of themselves to nature. Self-inflicted torture has also come to symbolize rebirth. The torture represents death, then the person is symbolically resurrected. The sun dancer is reborn, mentally and spiritually as well as physically,along with the renewal of the buffalo and the entire universe. In an effort to curb such practices, the United States government outlawed the Sun Dance in 1904. Among a number of tribes benign forms of the ceremony continued, usually as part of Fourth of July celebrations. There were a few tribes, however, that have attempted to revive the Sun Dance in its original form and meaning. After the dancers all tear free, or after four days, the Sun Dance ends. The dancers are laid down on beds of sage to continue fasting and to recite their visions to the priest. These visions may hold new songs, new dance steps, or even prophecies of the future. Whatever the outcome, the overall feeling for everyone present is of renewal and balance, the relationships between people and nature once again reaffirmed. When the camp is ready to leave all sacred items is left in a pile by the sun-pole for they are too sacred to keep for personal use. The Sun Dance Lodge is then left standing for nature to do with it as it wills.


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Facts about OCTOBER OCTOBER QUOTE October gave a party; The leaves by hundreds came; The ashes, oaks, and maples, And those of every name. Source: George Cooper - Taken from World Book Millennium 2000

October is the tenth month of the year. October was the 8th month in the early Roman calendar. October has had 31 days since the time of the Roman emperor Augustus. The first frost usually happens in October in the North Temperate Zone. Leaves change to their brilliant colors, and begin to fall, making the ground a beautiful haven of color. The farmers have to finish harvesting of the crops, but winter isn't here yet. The cold won't stay. In fact, we will still have warm days ahead. Most birds have left for the south by the first frost, but the sparrows love the weather. They are seed eaters, and eat many weed seeds that would otherwise damage the next field crops. Farmers bring in the last of the fall crops and either store or ship them to other parts of the world. In some parts, apples and grapes are still on the trees and vines. Many apples are harvested at the end of October. Football usually dominates the scene in October. Hockey also begins it's season in October. And, the World Series will steal some of the spotlight from other sports. First "Model T" Ford put on the market, October 1, 1908. Jimmy Carter, 39th President of the United States, born in Plains, Ga., October 1, 1924. Cordell Hull, American statesman, born October 2, 1871. George Bancroft, American historian, born October 3, 1800.

Painter Jean Francois Millet born October 4, 1814. Rutherford B. Hayes, 19th President of the United States, born at Delaware, Ohio, October 4, 1822. Artist Frederic Remington born October 4, 1861. The Soviet Union launched first artificial satellite, October 4, 1957. Chester A. Arthur, 21st President of the United States, born in Fairfield, Vt., October 5, 1829. Joshua Logan, American playwright, born October 5, 1908. President Harry S. Truman made the first presidential telecast address from the White House, October 5, 1947. George Westinghouse, American inventor, born October 6, 1846. Anwar el-Sadat, president of Egypt, assassinated in Cairo, October 6, 1981. First double-decked steamboat, the Washington, arrived at New Orleans, October 7, 1816. James Whitcomb Riley, Hoosier poet, born October 7, 1849. John M. Hay, American statesman, born October 8, 1838. Chicago fire began, and burned for about 30 hours, October 8, 1871. Eddie Rickenbacker, American air ace, born October 8, 1890. Camille Saint-Saens, French composer, born October 9, 1835. U.S. Naval Academy opened at Annapolis, Md., October 10, 1845. Norwegian explorer and statesman Fridtjof Nansen born October 10, 1861. Helen Hayes, American actress, born October 10, 1900.

Eleanor Roosevelt, wife of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, born October 11, 1884. Columbus landed in America, October 12, 1492. Ralph Vaughan Williams, British composer, born October 12, 1872. White House cornerstone laid, October 13, 1792. William the Conqueror won the Battle of Hastings, which assured the conquest of England, October 14, 1066. William Penn, founder of Pennsylvania, born October 14, 1644. Eamon de Valera, president of the Irish Republic, born October 14, 1882. Dwight D. Eisenhower, 34th President of the United States, born at Denison, Tex., October 14, 1890. E. E. Cummings, American poet, born October 14, 1894. Helen Hunt Jackson, American novelist, born October 15, 1830. Philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche born October 15, 1844. Clayton Antitrust Act became law, October 15, 1914. Dictionary editor Noah Webster born October 16, 1758. Oscar Wilde, Irish-born dramatist, born October 16, 1854. David Ben-Gurion, Israeli prime minister and Zionist leader, born October 16, 1886. Eugene O'Neill, American playwright and Nobel Prize winner, born October 16, 1888. British general John Burgoyne surrendered his army at Saratoga, October 17, 1777. Abolitionist John Brown and his men seized the United States arsenal at Harpers Ferry, Va. (now W. Va.), October 17, 1859.

Henri Bergson, French philosopher, born October 18, 1859. The United States flag was formally raised over Alaska, October 18, 1867. Pierre Elliott Trudeau, prime minister of Canada, born October 18, 1919. First general court in New England held, Boston, October 19, 1630. British troops under Cornwallis surrendered at Yorktown, October 19, 1781. Thomas Edison began first successful demonstration of his electric light, October 19, 1879. Architect Sir Christopher Wren born October 20, 1632. John Dewey, American philosopher, born October 20, 1859. Magellan entered strait that bears his name, October 21, 1520. Samuel Taylor Coleridge, English poet, born October 21, 1772. U.S.S. Constitution, better known as Old Ironsides, launched, October 21, 1797. British Admiral Nelson was killed defeating the French and Spanish at Trafalgar, October 21, 1805. Alfred Nobel, Swedish philanthropist and founder of the Nobel Prize, born October 21, 1833. Sam Houston inaugurated as first president of the Republic of Texas, October 22, 1836. British began offensive at El Alamein in Egypt in World War II, October 23, 1942. Battle for Leyte Gulf in the Philippines began in World War II, October 23, 1944. First transcontinental telegram sent, October 24, 1861. United Nations formally established when necessary number of members ratified charter, October 24, 1945.

Thomas B. Macaulay, English historian, born October 25, 1800. "Waltz King" Johann Strauss, Jr., born October 25, 1825. Georges Bizet, French composer, born October 25, 1838. Spanish painter Pablo Picasso born October 25, 1881. Richard E. Byrd, American polar explorer, born October 25, 1888. Erie Canal opened to traffic, October 26, 1825. The Federalist papers began appearing in the New York newspaper Independent Journal, October 27, 1787. Theodore Roosevelt, 26th President of the United States, born in New York City, October 27, 1858. Captain James Cook, English explorer, born October 27, 1728. Harvard College founded, October 28, 1636. Statue of Liberty dedicated, October 28, 1886. Jonas Salk, American developer of a polio vaccine, born October 28, 1914. Cartoonist Bill Mauldin born October 29, 1921. Blackest day in stock market history, October 29, 1929. John Adams, second President of the United States, born in Braintree (now Quincy), Mass., October 30, 1735. Benito Mussolini, founder of fascism, became premier of Italy, October 30, 1922. According to tradition, the day Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses to the door of a church at Wittenberg, October 31, 1517. Jan Vermeer, Dutch painter, born October 31, 1632. King's College (now Columbia University) founded, October 31, 1754. Nevada became the 36th state, October 31, 1864. Sir Hubert Wilkins, Australian explorer, born October 31, 1888. Comedian Steve Allen died from a heart attack in the home of his son on October 31, 2000. Information taken from World Book Millenium

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I have used this technique in the past and now I feel that it did help me to this day to take on the spirit of my totems and in turn makes it easier to be open for Shape Shifting. Power animals or "totems" are easier to contact than the ancient ones. their voices are louder. They are easier to see. they will come and speak to you when you need them. The animals are helpers. Like the ancient ones they are guides. they tell you what your need to know. They give yu their immense energy. No shaman would ever go into sacred space without their animal helper. Close your eyes, take a couple of deep breaths, let your abdomen rise and fall. Go to your imagery space, the place in your mind that you use when meditating or calming yourself. The place that is just yours. Now put yourself on a path. Feel your feet touch the earth, smell the fresh air, feel the warm breeze on your face. Walk down the path. It goes downhill slightly. The ground ids hard and has small stones in the soil. It is solid and secure. Feel the ground and the grass that is on each side of the path. Walk down the path. It crosses a wooden bridge across a rushing river. Now see an otter on the bank of the river. See her diving and rising near the tree roots. Notice her beautiful black shiny coat, see how she moves. She is so graceful, she is iln perfect harmony dwith the water and her environment. It seems like she is one with the river, like her beautiful black coat is part of the river, her diving like the river moving. She moves with such ease. Now allow yourself to see out of eyes of otter. Open your inner eyes as the otter. See what the otter sees. See the bottom of the river, the pebbles, the river grasses flowing graceful and gently in the moving water. See the fish, the changing bottom textures. Now see yourself in the otter's body. Be and otter inl your imagination. Feel yourself play, twirl, dive and rise. Come up under a log, dive again under the surface. Feel that all your moves are graceful, yu as an otter are totally one with the river. You flow and the river flows. Now look up. In a tree on the other side of the river you see an owl.. The owl stares into your eyes. You can feel yourself being taken by the owl. Allow yourself to be taken. Now you are the owl. You can see out of the eyes of he owl. You can see the sun. Look , open your inner owl eyes. Your eyes have clarity, every detail is sharp and crisp. You are at ease in this powerful body. Now turn your head around. You can turn it 360 degrees (like owl) and see on all sides. Now feel yourself gracefully fly. See yourself fly to another branch clowe by. Your wings are expansive, they are five feet across.

Your body is large, you use your power effortlessly. Gracefully and silently you fly. Now look back, see the river below you as an owl on a branch. Now return to your own body floating down river. You feel totally at ease, you feel wonderful in your own body. You are transformed. You will never be the same again. Now the river is your home. The water, the sun, the trees are your home. You are embraced by the earth, you are at ease. Now you realize how beautiful you are. You let the river take you. The river is your life, you flow, it is easy. Now take this feeling of ease with you all day. As I was saying this will help to ease you into Shape Shifting. You can do this with all the animals. And it will leave you more open to (Shifting) -OneCrow-

Facts and Myths about Witches
Posted by Whispr

•Wicca is the religion that witches follow, most witches are called Wiccans or Pagans. •A large percentage of witches are vegetarians. •Witches use herbs, incenses, candles, oils, etc. To cast spells. They never sacrifice animals or humans. (It is said that in medieval times witches were evil and would sacrifice animals and humans). •The five points on the pentagram are earth, air, fire, water, and spirit. •Witches do not believe in Satan. •Wiccans and Pagans do have two main gods they worship, they are called the Lord and Lady. •A large perentage of witches believe in reincarnation. •In Sweden during the 17th Century, many were accused of being witches just because they looked or acted differently. •In 1692 in Salem, Massachusetts, a great number of witch trials were held. 24 people died as a result of these trials. Of the 24; 19 were hanged, 1 pressed to death, and 4 died in prison awaiting their trial. •There are a few witches that practice Christianity, their religion is called Xtianity. Some just call themselves Christian witches. •In Europe, Africa, and Asia, witches are believed to employ animals as their assistants. These animals are called familiars. •There are several references to witchcraft in the Old Testament of the Bible. The practitioners of witchcraft were punished by death.

•Witches are evil and worship Satan. •Witches use witchcraft to cast evil spells or curses on people. •The pentagram is a sign of the devil. •All witches have big noses with a wart on the end. •Witches only wear black and pointy hats. •Witches ride around on broomsticks. •All witches own black cats or can turn into black cats. •Witches melt when you pour water on them. •Witches are immortal. •Male witches are called Warlocks. •All witches are old and ugly. •Witches have green faces. Witches' Familiars and Other Longtime Superstition About Black Cats Black cats have played a major role for centuries in folklore, superstition, and mythology. Black cats in the middle ages were believed to be witches' familiars, and some people even believed them to be witches incarnate. Many of these old superstitions about black cats exist to this day. Explore the mythology and lore about black cats, witches, and other beliefs that carry on in the 21st century, especially around Halloween. Black Cats and Luck Depending on one's area of the world (and the century one lived in), black cats portend either good or bad luck. Here are some examples, a couple of them quite involved, with some tonguein-cheek asides. •In Asia and the U.K., a black cat is considered lucky. •In Yorkshire, England, it may be lucky to own a black cat, but it is unlucky have one cross your path. •To dream of a black cat is lucky. •On the other paw, seeing a black cat in your dream indicates that you are experiencing some fear in using your psychic abilities and believing in your intuition. I wonder who makes up these things? •A funeral procession meeting up with a black cat is believed to forecast the death of another family member.

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•In 16th century Italy, people believed that if someone was sick he would die if a black cat lay on his bed. •In North America, it's considered bad luck if a black cat crosses your path and good luck if a white cat crosses your path. In the U.K., switch the colors, I guess unless you live in Yorkshire. •Finding a white hair on a black cat brings good luck. Don't pluck it though, or your luck may turn bad. •A strange black cat on a porch brings prosperity to the owner. (Scottish Lore) •A black cat seen from behind portends a bad omen. (And a black cat seen from the front is a GOOD omen?) • explanation here: If a black cat walks towards you, it brings good fortune, but if it walks away, it takes the good luck with it. •If a black cat crosses your path while you're driving, turn your hat around backwards and mark an X on your windshield to prevent bad luck. Oh my, what if you aren't wearing a hat? Or you're not carrying a felt-tip pen or lipstick? Please, don't try this one at home! Black Cats and Witches Black cats have long been associated with witches and witchcraft to the extent that during October, the Month of Halloween, black cats and witches are favorite icons used for costumes, home decor, and party themes. This trend is so embedded in modern society that we've forgotten that the modern holiday we celebrate as Halloween has ancient beginnings as well as names:

The religious year of Pagans starts and ends with Samhain, which is also known as "Witches New Year," according to Terri Paajanen, Pagan/Wiccan Guide. Samhaim, which is derived from the Gaelic word for "summer's end," is the third and last harvest celebrations of the year which Pagans observe, Terri goes on to explain. •All Hallows' Eve Catholics celebrate the first of November as The Solemnity of All Saints, according to an excellent explanation of All Hallows' Eve by Jessica Steinmetz, Guide to Catholicism. October 31st is thereby designated as All Hallows' Eve (since the Saints celebrated on November 1st are considered hallowed. Despite these religious beginnings of Halloween, old beliefs about black cats and witches still play a large part in this holiday.

•Black Cats as Witches' Familiars It was largely in the Middle Ages that the black cat became affiliated with evil. Because cats are nocturnal and roam at night, they were believed to be supernatural servants of witches, or even witches themselves. •Folklore has it that if a witch becomes human, her black cat will no longer reside in her house. •Some believe that black cats are witches in disguise, or witches reborn. •Others believe black cats are witches familiars (beings that aid witches in performing their craft). Not all familiars were black cats though; some were cats of other colors, dogs, pigs, or other animals. •For several centuries "witches" were rounded up, tried, and killed by burning or other violent methods; often their familiars were killed along with them. Regardless of these superstitions, black cats have their own large group of loyal followers, people who love to be surrounded by these glossy black vessals of love. \

Ode to the Coffee Makers on stationairy
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Poetry: A Witch Alone
Posted by Astarof Naturewitch Beyond the town, beneath the moon Beside the standing stone There lives a woman, fair of faith We call the witch alone She sings to sun and moon and stars And gathers herbs and weeds With which she fashions ancient charms And other magic deeds She worships not at altars built By hands of mortal men But in the misty glade Beyond the farthest glen What need has she of flashing swords Of crystals glowing bright Of censors and of colored cords That grace the wiccan rite? Her tools are fashioned from the earth And wind and fire and rain Her rites are dances wild and free That call the gods amain When spring and summer pass to fall And twilight fills her eyes She'll lie upon the browning grass And smile as she dies For though she leaves her mortal shell Of flesh and blood and bone She knows she does not die but lives On, as the witch alone.…

From Cheryl
Mystery Magickal Energetic Unknown Powers Swift of the hand A lighting wand Song of words A flash Blinding Ancient man Wise man Who are you? Just appear from the blue New to me but familiar I know It’s Merlin The greatest Sorcerer
Cheryl Pillsbury 8/28/2012

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Responsiblity When we open our mouth we have 2 options:2 build someone up or 2 destroy someone Each person when we speak carries a responsibility to each other. Words can build, encourage and show love but used the wrong way these words can be used as a weapon. When we speak each word should be carefully used - the effects of these words should be considered. Often words are spoken without thought - a flippant comment thrown - an opinion given. STOP AND THINK Do you build or do you destroy??

What is HOPE ?
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What hope means Hope is bright shining light which keeps darkness at the bay Hope is gentle cold breeze on a hot summer day Hope is to remain positive when going gets tough hope is seeking more when others think u had enough What hope means Hope is dreaming of tommorow Hope is simmering under sorrow Hope is sparkles when tears in our eyes Hope is a beautiful thing & beutiful things never dies What hope means Hope is as light as a feather Hope keeps all of us together Hope is ubiquitous and free of cost hope is the last thing ever lost..... Vineet Bansal

The REAL story of Tynkerbal and Pyotr
Posted by Storm ShadowBane
The real story was over a thousand years old before it was ever written down.

Tynkerbal (not her real name, real names have Power) was the Sylvan Queen, she ruled over the Court of the beginnings of life, what humans would call Spring. He looked around her kingdom and realized it had become stale and boring, even the courtiers bored her, not even the constant battles of the Knights kept her entertained for more than a few moments. She needed a new distraction, something from somewhere else, but what? She had dallied with human males, they did not last long enough to be more than a fleeting interest, dying of old age or burning out in games. (Elven games lasted days and there was no rest periods.) Then, as she was looking upon a forest in the human world, she had an idea. A human woman was wending her way up a trail that was not often trod by solitary humans. The woman walked oddly, almost stumbling. And on her back was a child, an infant boy. The boy was handsome and strong looking. The woman was talking to the boy as she walked. "Now, Pyotr, we must hurry, lest we attract the eyes of the forest." Tynkerbal realized the woman was talking more to herself than the boy, mostly out of fear. "This, I can use. And the boy will live longer than an adult." Tynkerbal smiled to herself as she prepared to step into the scene. As she stepped out in front of the woman, she also unleashed her most powerful Glamour, dazzling the woman and stunning her into immobility. The woman, whose name was Vindi, froze in awe of the beautiful woman before her. When Tynkerbal spoke, Vindi had no choice but to listen. "Woman, what do you want most in this world?" The Queen expected gold or fame or power. What Vindi said from her heart surprised the jaded Queen, "Peace and safety for my son. There is a warlord who has already taken my husband and our land." "Nothing then for yourself?" Tynkerbal asked. "No, only for my son. There is nothing you can do for me." Vindi replied, still mesmerized by Tynkerbal's Power. She opened her shawl, and there was a large wet stain of blood. "I am dying, beautiful lady."

"Very well, I will grant this. I will take him to a place of safety." Vindi slowly handed Pyotr over to Tynkerbal. Then collapsed on the ground. Safety for the boy was not what the Queen had in mind, only pleasure and distraction for herself. Her lie to Vindi made her a thief. Feeling something akin to pity, the Sylvan Queen waved her hand over the fallen woman, and she changed. where there was human figure, suddenly was a small tree. She turned and noticed a retainer staring questioningly at her. She turned and looked back, then haughtily said, "I do not wish rotting bodies in plain view in my forest. Remember your place, Lord Hoke." And swept past him into her throne room. Over the next several months, Tynkerbal and her court kidnapped and enchanted several woman with children of their own, to nurse Pyotr. She would send them back when the baby was satisfied. Over the years as he grew, she changed from treating him as a pet, to be trotted out when she wanted to be entertained, to something like a fondness. And the day came when he pointed out a Courtier was planning to kill her. Pyotr spied a knife made of iron beneath Lord Hoke's cloak and tripped the elf up in his attempt to flee. From that moment on she began to trust Pyotr. End of chapter 1

Pyotr was a master swordsman by the age of 13, a very important age in the Fae worlds. That is the age of Decision. The coming of Adulthood. Lord Hoke had been banished and imprisoned away from the Court. But as usual, in stories such as this, he escaped. His time in the Land of Hrutha, or Fae Limbo had changed his appearance and he changed his name as well. A Fae Noble changing his or her name was akin to dying for them. He traveled to the Harvest Court, as far away from the Sylvan as possible, in distance as well as time. The Harvest Court was ruled by Tynkerbal's twin sister, Melusinal. Where the Sylvan Queen was light, She of the Harvest was dark, in color and demeanor. Though all of the Queen's had their light and dark sides, Melusinal was well suited as Harvest Queen.

Hoke, who called himself, Hake' Final now, enlisted in her armies. Being skilled in warcraft he rose through the ranks, both by his skill with weapons, and by his skill at illusions. He selected a changeling. An ancient elf, not a noble, had been substituted for a human child, a common practice in those days, and trained him. The influx of human blood strengthening some of the older, weaker Fae bloodlines. This boy was of like mind to Hake' Final. He too hated Pyotr, as the boy had embarrassed him in the courts. The boy, who we shall call Lone, for his name has been lost to time, was a braggart. He challenged all to a Lesser Duel, one that did not end in death, but only in loss of face and honor. Pyotr resoundingly beat him. Then came the time when the old Knight of the Harvest 'retired'. Being mortal, as all Knights of the Courts were, he died. Hake' Final nominated Lone as the new Knight. Since no other mortal in Melusinal's court would dare challenge Lone, she reluctantly agreed and gave him her "Blessing of Knighthood." Understand that a Queen's "Blessing", any Fae Queen's Blessing was an act of physical passion, an act of sex. I will not elaborate further and give you the details. But rest assured the story I read, gave very graphic details. That "Blessing" would lead to her undoing and her insanity. End of Chapter Two

Pagan Stages: Seeker, Creeper, Walker, Strider, Elder ~ WannaBe, GonnaBe, NeverBe, Plagan
Posted by Foxxy

Anyone who has spent time in a pagan chat room knows all sorts of people wander in over the course of time. Many are seekers, a polite way of saying newbie, just starting out. They usually have more questions than answers, although some may surprise you with the answers they do have. They tend to question everything, and anything. Often the biggest challenge with them is to get them to slow down and narrow their focus. My most common advices is a maximum of 3 books at a time: one path related, one pantheon related, one ancillary interest; no more than a chapter a day per book; write down every question as soon as you think it, cross it off if the answer shows up (usually in the next paragraph or page), then you won’t have ‘lost’ questions. Inevitably, some fail or refuse to invest the effort required to get past this point. Serious seekers soon become Creepers. Like a child just learning to re-locate itself, they start off slowly and deliberately, rocking side to side with instability, but learning to coordinate their actions into meaningful growth. They’ll still fall on their faces sometimes, literally or figuratively, but humanity learns by making mistakes. Creepers don’t let their errors become permanent road blocks, but ‘”keep on keepin’ on,” unevenly at first then, with increasing grace, confidence, and agility. A few will be enough out of balance that they crawl around in circles. Most progress well enough eventually they become walkers. Walkers have generally found a path of some sort. It may not be the perfect path but it’s a whole lot better than the crowded g(u)ilt roadway where you have to march in lockstep with a billion others to be ‘right.’ Walkers are asserting their independence, and using it to explore places the highway walkers cannot see beyond the narrow way their handlers allow. Walkers may wander off their path, climb trees, swim in the river, or just stop to smell the roses for a while. Some will get lost, or permanently sidetracked. Most, however, return to their slow plodding climb up the mountain of knowledge. Either way, they are learning, and are enjoying that part of the process. Some walkers will become striders, sure enough of themselves to take off on side trips without undo fear or concern about the terrain. Encountering something new is likely to make them stop, examine and ponder it a while, decide if it is interesting or useful, or just a distraction to be left behind. Striders have learned how to ford streams without taking an unplanned bath, to hunt information as certainly as they would food, and to enjoy the night sky as well as the daylight.

Often they are sufficient unto themselves, but they may gather on occasion for the companionship, or encounter some creeper or walker and steer them back towards their chosen path. However, their primary focus is their own journey and the lessons it holds. Some Striders do become Elders, as concerned with helping others along their way as continuing their own journey. They’ve adapted to most of the terrain on the mountain, have a good understanding of which way to go for certain things and don’t veer of the path to avoid others they encounter. They can forage for themselves, finding enough to fulfill their hungers, and wonders enough to feed their souls. They stop to help others, knowing everyone can teach, and maybe this is the one with the lesson they’ve been looking for. By this stage most have a range of expertise, a variety of experience, and the wisdom to grasp when something is or isn’t working for themselves or their students.

Recall those seekers who didn’t advance? These are the “bees:” wannabes, gonnabes and neverbes.* For what ever reason, they do not comprehend that you can’t ‘buy’ skills, knowledge or mastery. Often, but not exclusively, they are the microwave generation, accustomed to foods that require no real effort, games that have no losers, and actions without significant consequences. The stalled creepers tend to end up here, spiraling around one subject until they’ve buried themselves in it. But that’s hardly the only entry point. The wannabes are the simplest and widest spread of the three. These will read a few books then decide they are a light worker and/or high priestess on that basis. Often they assume a vegan diet and Buddhist aversion to killing things, blissfully unaware that every step they take kills some creature, and every bite some plant. Some will go further and make assumptions that you must dress in black, run around sprinkling fairy dust on the world, or confront authority “to be a true witch,” The latter are the most irksome as they are no wiser nor openminded than the Abrahamic Fundies can be. Most of this group and some of the following groups simply expect ‘microwave magick’ solutions, or spoon feeding. Those of us who have invested our time and effort, may attempt to correct their misconceptions – with varying results – or shake our heads and simply tune them out. Occasionally, a wannabe discovers something of enough interest that they begin to invest time and effort in it and become true seekers. Gonnabes are similar, but tend to complain “I just don’t have time.” They may have one book or an extensive library, but only read a few chapters here and there. They may dive into something for a few days or weeks, then its on to something else which probably will entertain them no longer. Time constraints aren’t the sole excuses this group uses. ‘No money’ is another popular one, as is “I can’t” because of family. The ones that fear family tend not to do anything remotely visible, hide their books, cards, stones, and tools, and eschew any contact with public pagans for fear of being “caught.” I have heard Gonnabes say that when they get out of high school, on their own, after the kids are grown, or the divorce is final, things will change. However, very few gonnabees progress beyond this point. More often they become Neverbes.

Neverbe’s are the ones who want to, but don’t dare. Often they have Religious Reich familiesthe sort that threatens hell and damnation if you don’t follow their “only acceptable” religion. Some are too saddled by the questionable reactions of their society. In a few cases they do have cause. Unfortunately, there are still places you may be killed for being religiously different. Despite the fact that few western societies are this stupid, the majority of neverbes simply can’t screw up the courage to learn what they wish without worrying about the fire and brimstone they claim to no longer believe. While the ‘bes’ don’t often cause us much trouble – with the exception of those that flaunt what they don’t understand and only add to the negative view of our detractors – there is one group that is far more dangerous both to the community as a whole and to individuals: Plagans. These are people that play at being pagan. They have studied enough to appear to be knowledgeable, but their interest is not spiritual. Most often the driving force behind plagans is power or sex. These are the horror story HP/s everyone has heard stories about; those that insist The Great Rite is necessary for advancement; or who use their authority to coerce their groups into doing things they are not comfortable doing. They will threaten with hexes and curses, demand payment for what should be freely given (or given at ‘supplies’ cost,) or berate someone for a perceived error. Plagans can easily drain one’s wallet, independence, and selfesteem dry. What’s worse, if someone does escape their clutches, usually out of embarrassment they rarely speak out, warning others away. Better a littel embarrassment than to allow untold others to fall into the same trap. Their choice: their karma. As irksome as the ‘rainbow bright’ and ‘under-trained but over-confident wannabes’ are, they are nothing come pared to the damage that plagans have done and still do.

Is this aimed at anyone? No. Could I name people from each group? Probably. This is our community as I see it: shining knights, stinky feet, couch potatoes, buzzing bees, and all. Where do you think you fit?

*My thanks to Moonpath CUUPs, Fort Lauderdale, and Spellcastor for inspiring this, and for also showing, early on, me what an elder should be. Blessings, Foxxy

Utilizing Dissatisfaction as a Tool
Posted by Hedral
It has become apparent to me that dissatisfaction is a sign that something is amiss and needs to be addressed. I believe dissatisfaction needs to be utilized as a tool, not something to override or try to erase. Dissatisfaction is a call to change something or bring some more of my being out. I have noticed that more and more the Natural World has become my ideal muse. All questions of this plane come from the Natural World and all are answered there. The question of what is my purpose is answered by the bee flying across the lawn. The same answer applies to why do I feel restless, annoyed, and sad.

It's all part of a natural flow that follows cycles...Like Nature...Nature rules this plane. We are not in control..but merely a part of the natural world. The natural world can go on easily without humans but humans cannot go on without the natural world.

Our lives are a flow and cyclic product of the natural world. And I ask it, “What should I be doing with my life?” The seed of Being is within me and only partially germinated. It is not growing to full potential. It requires more nutrients. To do this requires that I open myself up more fully. Any dissatisfaction I sense inside me is my inability to open myself fully to my fullest potential. How would this be accomplished? To just quiet the brain, open the mind of my heart and flow? Like birds and bees and ants, follow my own inner radar? Like the trees and the grass to just grow as I am meant to, seeking the water and light.

The symbology may be wasteful. My thoughts are, for the most part, wasteful. I know this but do not understand how to stop them. If for one day I relied totally on my inner radar and inner knowing what would happen? Where would it take me?? Do I have the courage to do this? What if for one day I was totally my Inner Being. What would matter? What would not?

Finding the healer within yourself
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Finding the healer within yourself Webster's): Heal: 1a. to make sound or whole. 1b. to restore to health 2a. to cause an undesirable condition to be overcome: MEND. 2b. to patch up a breach or division. 3. to restore to original purity or integrity; to return to a sound state. Healer: one that heals. What are Healers? , what is healing? Healers are people who act as catalysts to connect people and other beings to their own ability to make themselves whole ,healthy, harmonized in tune with the universe etc.,. Some ways that healing is facillitated by accessing spiritual and vibrational energies, connecting with Angels and deva and other spiritual guides and healers and /or by working with things such as colors ,herbs ,listening to inner and outer voices . unconditional love being the greatest tool used . The healer has no power other than that ability to connect and channel some of the things that we all need to heal ourselves. augmented by information and skills gained in study and practice . Healing is never passive the first thing one needs do is want to be well wellness is not only physical health but is spiritual emotional, mental wellness too. every one can benefit from and enjoy energy work, meditation and other spiritual healing the benefits extend far beyond just health improvement. Most healing practitioners don't call themselves Healers because they are conduits for healing rather than the source of healing. Energy and Healing We are energy, we are surrounded by energy. All there is, is energy. The practice of energy healing has made a real difference in many lives . Pain has been relieved. Mental and emotional conditions have improved . Healing and recovery from illness and injury has been accelerated and spiritual awareness has been increased. diagnosis have changed miracles do occur. Healing refers primarily to internal balance and may not mean being "cured " in the conventional sense . We are all able to tap into the vital energy that surrounds us to some extent. We would not be alive in body if we did not. When we speak of Healing, we are talking about many things. While a well physical body, may be the first thing that comes to mind ,the root meaning of the word is whole . The practice of healing is that of becoming whole on all levels of being, The physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

Illness happens when the mind, body and spirit become unbalanced. True wellness is reached only by returning the entire being to harmony and balance. Not only with itself but with the Earth and the Universe. We begin healing, by finding our desire to be well and whole. Without the motivation to be well and the intention to act in our own behalf we can not become well. Life is a precious thing. We are meant to be well, to be balanced and Joyful in our bodies. Disease begins with distortions and blocks in our aura and the personal energy bodies that permeate our physical body. These blocks arise from stress and emotional and mental disturbances in our daily lives . One cause of illness is that we have made life too much work. We have accepted the view that life is meant to be a struggle or a punishment. This is not what life is meant to be. The angels and guides are helping us to realize for ourselves that we need to be much kinder and more loving to ourselves first. Illness and all disease rise out of an imbalance in our subtle bodies. The greatest cause for these imbalances is lack of self Love , self confidence, self awareness. I have a personal certainty that we are all meant to be healers for ourselves ,for others, and for the Earth. Being a healer is not about personal power, it is about connection , about knowing that all life is connected and interdependent. We know that even our smallest acts can have a great impact on the Universe.Energy Balls for healing and sensing energy This is a very useful technique when doing energy work of all kinds. This exercise helps us become more aware of the energy field around us, and the influence we have over it. The energy ball is a very common and basic core technique for becoming aware of and directing energy. Personal energy can be felt and universal chi or energy can can be used as a way of delivering other frequencies of healing energy too. Begin by holding your hands a foot or so apart, bringing them slowly toward each other, until you feel a slight resistance between them. It will feel as though a mass of energy has built up between your hands. Feel all around this energy with your hands, feeling the shape of the packet of energy you have gathered. Fashion it into a ball shape. For some this ball will begin by being cup-sized, for others it will be a big beach ball. This may take some practice to feel. some people do not sense energy this way at all. sometimes people don't feel their own energy ball, but they would feel other people's because the frequency is slightly different. If you do not feel the energy ball might want to try this slight variant. Begin by rubbing your hands together briskly until they are warm then starting at about a foot apart move your hands back and forth fairly fast shortening the distance and slowing a bit as you continue to build and form the energy ball you may also try scooping motions from a bit above your head . Treatment with energy ball Move your hands back and forth as though clapping in slow motion until you have a sense of your aura. Then feel or envision or imagine the energy forming a ball of healing light. pumping or scooping motions to help draw in more Chi are often quite effective.

When you feel or imagine a nice big ball of energy between your hands take the energy ball to your recipient and lower, push, put it into their body you can either put it in and smooth it down and make another ball and keep doing it until you feel done or you can take the ball and envision it as a collector to gather and sweep the illness or imbalance away disperse it to the Earth or the Light to be transformed when you are done envision the one being treated bathed in healing light. White is the most common but I like rainbow and golden light myself. Envision healing energy flowing from your hands and going to where it is needed. you can imagine and visualize your energy fingers growing longer so that you can reach into a body to remove energetic gunk stuck within the energy body. Another exercise to try is to place your hands together gently intend to activate your personal chi or ask for spiritual energy and allow it to expand and build up moving your hands apart you can do this with Reiki but I learned these with chi. You can use a pumping motion to become aware of and build up your own energy . You can scoop in universal chi from your surroundings. You can run a shakti such as Reiki into the space or ball you create between your hands and use it as a carrier of healing. Many different subtle touch systems and many general spiritual healers and energy workers use energy balls. Place your energy ball down in front of you. Pass your hand across the area, including both the space where the ball is, and where it isn't.Do you feel a difference? Can you feel where the ball is? It may feel warmer, cooler, tingling, denser, etc. You could toss it at a person who agrees , or pet an animal with it and see if they can feel it. Some animals will definitely react to your ball of energy . The people can tell you if they felt anything. Have them close their eyes and see if they feel when it touches them. Close your eyes and try to feel it. Try making the ball snowball-sized or smaller. Manipulate the size and/or shape of your energy ball. Experiment. Take an energy ball that you have made, and press the ball into your heart chakra. Press it into your 3rd eye. Press it against your skin,and see what you feel. There are other ways to work with energy balls. You can use it to begin distance sending or to smooth the aura at the end of treatments. you can comb the aura with one or use energy balls as the way to deliver the healing energy. Build the healing energy ball between your hands and send it out to others with intention or place it by proxy in the remote healing procedure. I had always thought of the energy ball and the sending, seeing, clearing balls as being different things but have come to find that the same energy ball construction can be used for the other work as well. Some energy balls are first visualized outside the body then filled with energy. They can be observed to "see" events or information or to used to send an affirmation or to fill with a manifestation visualization . They can be sent out to retrieve lost energy of your own they can be filled with your anger fears or with pain etc. Then charged with light /energy to dissolve and transform "negative" energy.

Using your hands to build an energy ball will work just fine for these other purposes too. Energy balls are not a standard Reiki practice but can be a useful way to develop your awareness of energy. To be effective at energy work it is of great value to know how to ground and center yourself connecting with the spiritual heart of the earth and Source and calling yourself together aligning your thoughts and personal entirety in a solid focused state. this is a frequent basic practice in virtually all forms of spiritual work , healing, meditation, manifestation , protection releasing and is of itself often profoundly healing not only should every one learn to ground in the way they feel most comfortable with. Seeing that the person you are treating knows how to ground may be the most valuable part of your healing and energy work sessions. Sensing Energy Many people find that if they rub their hands together vigorously first they can feel energy more easily . After rubbing your hands together vigorously to sensitize them if this helps you be more aware of energy, Run your hands over your own body or that of the being wanting a treatment holding your hands about an inch away from the physical body. Feel for hot and cold spots in the energy field. Pull out and throw away anything you feel intuitively that you should pull out and envision healing light filling any place where you remove blocks or that feels empty or that you feel needs it. combing and fluffing the aura with your fingers as though combing hair can also help clear and lighten the aura. You can also feel for the energy of the Chakra and encourage them to be open and clear and be well seated in the central energy channel. If you feel sticky or dark energy as you do this you can give it to Spirit, the Light, Earth to be transformed. In addition to pulling out blocks and overcharges in the energy field. Visualize and allow spiritual healing energy to flow freely and fill and charge the person or other, being treated do not try to do anything just allow it to happen you are not using your own personal chi because while many healers do use it you could drain yourself if you did and create illness in your self. Using the universal spiritual chi is more effective in any case. be a neutral channel for the energy and you may be amazed by the long term results this is the first formal method I used. I have seen at least one genuine "miracle" from this technique alone (well, with some pretty intense prayer thrown in.) This is something that anyone can do. Attunements and other training will usually strengthen and increase the reliability of these methods and it must be of true benefit and desire for the person to heal . We can not and should not define what really is the best possible outcome in most situations but allow spirit to work. Sometimes in order for a positive outcome to occur the first apparent result will be a setback. When you do the Reiki or other energy work you do not work at it at all you just put your hands on or send mentally either from your hands it is allowing the natural life force to flow.or ask and invite angels and healing spirits of the highest order to help you. sometimes you might feel an angelic healer reach through your arms to work on the person.

rapid healing , healing past pain A technique for rapid healing from injuries that often is effective is to go back in your mind to the moment of the accident and visualize as clearly and nearly as possible the exact event except change a detail /details so that the accident, injury, trauma , does not happen you are not in any way hurt, repeat the visualization over and over make it as real as possible ,if it is practical to act out the event as closely as possible in the physical world - as almost slamming the door on your hand that can make this even more effective. If you are in pain and the pain is reduced then its ok to drop the visualization but keep reinforcing this vision . I have used this on cut fingers and on my chronic knee with good results for speeding healing. Theoretically this is more effective if done soon after an injury but I have used it on injuries and traumatic experiences from years back with good results. running colors Running colors, visualizing bathing in colored light is another common way to clear and revitalize the energy field in addition to gold light any and all of the spectrum colors can be used or fine filaments of rainbow crystalline light . You can fill your energy balls with color or rainbows and or crystalline light explore how this changes the feeling and effect of the energy balls.

Posted by OneCrow
Such is the belief upon which their medical practice is based, and whatever we may think of the theory it must be admitted that the practice is consistent in all its details with the views set forth in the myth. Like most primitive people the Cherokees believe that disease and death are not natural, but are due to the evil influence of animal spirits, ghosts, or witches. Haywood, writing in 1823, states on the authority of two intelligent residents of the Cherokee nation: In ancient times the Cherokees had no conception of anyone dying a natural death. They universally ascribed the death of those who perished by disease to the intervention or agency of evil spirits and witches and conjurers who had connection with the Shina (Anisgi'na) or evil spirits. * * * A person dying by disease and charging his death to have been procured by means of witchcraft or spirits, by any other person, consigns that person to inevitable death. They profess to believe that their conjurations have no effect upon white men.[1]On the authority of one of the same informants, he also mentions the veneration which "their physicians have for the numbers four and seven, who say that after man was placed upon the earth four and seven nights were instituted for the cure of diseases in the human body and the seventh night as the limit for female impurity."[2] Viewed from a scientific standpoint, their theory and diagnosis are entirely wrong, and consequently we can hardly expect their therapeutic system to be correct. As the learned Doctor Berendt states, after an exhaustive study of the medical books of the Mayas, the scientific value of their remedies is "next to nothing." It must be admitted that many of the plants used in their medical practice possess real curative properties, but it is equally true that many others held in as high estimation are inert. It seems probable that in the beginning the various herbs and other plants were regarded as so many fetiches and were selected from some fancied connection with the disease animal, according to the idea known to modern folklorists as the doctrine of signatures. Thus at the present day the doctor puts into the decoction intended as a vermifuge some of the red fleshy stalks of the common purslane or chickweed (Portulaca oleracea), because these stalks somewhat resemble worms and consequently must have some occult influence over worms. Here the chickweed is a fetich precisely as is the flint arrow bead which is put into the same decoction, in order that in the same mysterious manner its sharp cutting qualities may be communicated to the liquid and enable it to cut the worms into pieces. In like manner, biliousness is called by the Cherokees dalâ'nï or "yellow," because the most apparent symptom of the disease is the vomiting by the patient of the yellow bile, and hence the doctor selects for the decoction four different herbs,

each of which is also called dalânï, because of the color of the root, stalk, or flower. The same idea is carried out in the tabu which generally accompanies the treatment. Thus a scrofulous patient must abstain from eating the meat of a turkey, because the fleshy dewlap which depends from its throat somewhat resembles an inflamed scrofulous eruption. On killing a deer the hunter always makes an incision in the hind quarter and removes the hamstring, because this tendon, when severed, draws up into the flesh; ergo, any one who should unfortunately partake of the hamstring would find his limbs draw up in the same manner. There can be no doubt that in course of time a haphazard use of plants would naturally lead to the discovery that certain herbs are efficacious in certain combinations of symptoms. These plants would thus come into more frequent use and finally would obtain general recognition in the Indian materia medica. By such a process of evolution an empiric system of medicine has grown up among the Cherokees, by which they are able to, treat some classes of ailments with some degree of success, although without any intelligent idea of the process involved. It must be remembered that our own medical system has its remote origin in the same mythic conception of disease, and that within two hundred years judicial courts have condemned women to be burned to death for producing sickness by spells and incantations, while even at the present day our faith-cure professors reap their richest harvest among people commonly supposed to belong to the intelligent classes. In the treatment of wounds the Cherokee doctors exhibit a considerable degree of skill, but as far as any internal ailment is concerned the average farmer's wife is worth all the doctors in the whole tribe. The faith of the patient has much to do with his recovery, for the Indian has the same implicit confidence in the shaman that a child has in a more intelligent physician. The ceremonies and prayers are well calculated to inspire this feeling, and the effect thus produced upon the mind of the sick man undoubtedly reacts favorably upon his physical organization. The following list of twenty plants used in Cherokee practice will give a better idea of the extent of their medical knowledge than could be conveyed by a lengthy dissertation. The names are given in the order in which they occur in the botanic notebook filled on the reservation, excluding names of food plants and species not identified, so that no attempt has been made to select in accordance with a preconceived theory. Following the name of each plant are given its uses as described by the Indian doctors, together with its properties as set forth in the United States Dispensatory, one of the leading pharmacopœias in use in this country.[1] For the benefit of those not versed in medical phraseology it may be stated that aperient, cathartic, and deobstruent are terms applied to medicines intended to open or purge the bowels, a diuretic has the property of exciting the flow of urine, a diaphoretic excites perspiration, and a demulcent protects or soothes irritated tissues, while hæmoptysis denotes a peculiar variety of blood-splitting and aphthous is an adjective applied to ulcerations in the mouth.
from the book: The Sacred Formulas of the Cherokees By: James Mooney (1891)

Magic Elves for Duends
Posted by Luciana A.Schlei Duends like to use gold in their spells. One of gold compounds used as a remedy for them is arum Sulphuricum that curing Parkinson's disease. aurum arsenicum --->to anemia and chlorosis Aurum Bromatum ---->vascular diseases Aurum muriaticum natrocum -->to treat uterine tumors these gold compounds should be made effective by pharmacists as part of the alchemy of duends

The Wild Hunt Lodge
Posted by Harobed

The Wild Hunt Lodge is now open to serve your need just a shady spot for a nap and some meade

Stand still and look closer before you choose to sit and stay for you've wandered to close to the realm of the Fey Sweet faced and fair they draw you in run now lest you forget who you are ,where you've been For those who tary where my faeries play .....End up as Nargles and here they must stay!

The Power Of Nature
Posted by Marjabella Le Fey

I always have amazing and profound experiences with Gaia. This one time, after my evening run, I connected to Her, as I looked at the evening sky. It was all full of twinkling lights. The energy that went through me was so intense, that my feet were as hot as fire, it was like never before. Sending Gaia our loving thoughts of supporting Her as she is shifting is so important right now. She needs our Love Presence of the Almighty I Am! The more people that start reconnecting with Her and the Goddess energies, the easier the shift is. We are the ones who are co-creating this shift, we have this power, every single one of us! The gratitude and love of feeling this Oneness within All Creation here on Earth once again, will be so immense when this shift happens inside of us. I always feel such bliss, when I Am in Nature. The appreciation for the beauty of all that is organic in Nature is immense, as I often get tears of happiness and respect for All Life in my eyes. I feel connected to All Life. I feel every tree, every thread of grass, every drop of water and every single element.

They are all co-creating with another and there is nothing but perfection there. Why does everything work so well in unison in Nature, and not with Humans? We were once at a level of consciousness that made us aware of being a part of Nature, we knew how to live with it, in co-creation and respect for All Life. We have just forgotten and fell from feeling how this is all consciousness, a part of the Divine perfection, this master plan behind every single breath of Life. We knew how to appreciate the Goddess energies, we knew how important they are for the perfection of the master plan. We understood the interconnectedness of everything, we saw the perfection of how it all works. We understood the nurturing, allowing and loving Goddess energies of the great Mother and we followed their lead. Now, when Humanity has lost its course, these Divine Goddess energies are only sleeping, resting in the Hearts of those, who still remember these times. They keep them alive in their Hearts. They carry and nurture them, holding the energetic frequency, which is therefore also always available to all others. Every time someone mistreats Nature, abuses Her beauty and function, Gaia is sad. It's not just Her who feels it, but also those who do know about and carry that feeling of Oneness with Nature. Those who understand the cycles of Life, the time and place for everything, according to the Divine Will that we are. So every time someone litters or abuses Nature in any other way, that is away from the law of organic Life, this only means that they do not understand and cherish the power of Goddess energies. Humanity went off course, when that happened. Humanity entered a one way street, when they stopped following the laws of Nature and decided to go their own way, when they decided they prefer doing what they want, and not what they need, by the Divine Will. They chose their own will instead of the Divine. But does coming to a one way street mean the end? Not at all! Because all is a choice, and we can always choose to go back, to return and find the right way, the way of balance, the organic Self way. And what does organic Self mean? It means first, discovering who we are and why we are here. When we understand our true Nature, we understand All Life, all consciousness. We discover that our true Self is organic, not artificial or man made. All Divine Creation is organic, all that man made is artificial. When Humans start co-creating together with Nature (which is Life), they follow the natural laws instead of trying to change or dominate them. You cannot dominate the Divine, since we ARE Divine. And only remembering this Divinity can make us conscious and aware, so we can co-create and start making organic Creations again. It takes for us to step right back into our true Divinity, and then everything unfolds naturally again. Then we are ready for a new cycle.

We can try to develop new things and technologies and we can carry on believing that will "save us" and that this can "save" Nature as well, but that can only make us drift away from the Truth even more. Nothing can save us, unless we are willing to save ourselves. And to save ourselves, we have to be willing to look really deep and change. Since change is the only constant in the Universe. All it takes is one single shift. A shift of once again merging with our true Divine Nature. And then everything can unfold naturally. The Almighty power of Creation created everything in Existence and makes the Nature self sufficient. Son how can we ever not trust this Divine force to take care of everything as it should be, once we have that awareness again? We simply can't. Once we connect, we are connected. We start living and breathing with All Life, with All Creation freely and lovingly again. And Gaia can come back to Her true Divine Nature as well, like she was always supposed to be, before all this »play« started unfolding. And then, a new story can unfold. Then we are ready ... for a NEW chapter! Are You ready? Do You feel the Oneness? Do You breathe together with All Life? author Polona

The Different Types of Animal Souls
Posted by OneCrow

by: lin 'Explaining Totems and different types of animal souls.' Each person has nine animal essences or totems that walk through life with them, teaching and guiding them and in some cases, protecting them. These nine totems usually remain the same throughout your lifetime; however, major life alterations can cause some or all of your totems to change. These totems are around your spirit: East, South, West, North, Above, Below and Within. The last two animals are walking beside you at all times; your Right Side (male) and your Left Side (feminine). While sometimes the living animal is around you, most often they are only the essence of the animal. At different times in your life, you may also have Special Helpers and/or Special Protectors. These stay with you for an limited period of time, depending on the challenges that you must face. They usually appear in Person, in dreams or during meditation.

The Different Types of Animal Souls There are three different types of animals souls: high protector animal souls, familiars, and all other animal souls. There are only three high protectors: Dragon, Phoenix and Unicorn/Pegasus (whose souls are interchangeable). These souls only incarnate when there is a living animal like them; if not, they stay in spirit form and usually the totems to people with older souls. The familiars are animal souls that are connected through an energy link to only one person, usually someone who has psychic or magical abilities. There is nothing evil about them and they are not demons in way, shape or form. They are simply animal souls who have formed a bond with one person. Familiars are hive souls -seven souls in total -- with one or two souls incarnating while the rest stay in spirit form. They are usually of the cat and dog genus (incl. tigers, wolves, etc.). People who work with Magic sometimes have birds familiars, usually Ravens, Crows, Magpies or Owls. The familiars take turns incarnating, although one soul might have closer ties to their person and incarnate more often than the others. Familiars only incarnate to their soul person -- when not incarnate, they stay in spirit form. All other animals (including dogs, cats and birds who are not familiars) are lower animal souls. They can move between species but stay on this planet, while high protectors and familiars stay with your soul in its various incarnations on different planets. Whales and Dolphins are sentient beings, higher souls than animal souls but younger souls than human souls.

Blessed Aura, Deep Being
Posted by Hedral
My work pertains uniquely to the movement of energy throughout the aura. The aura is the first line of defense for the total being, on all levels...just as the skin is for the physical body. Everything begins with energy. It defines the motion of connects with all. Like Blood, Auric energy needs to circulate freely and unobstructed through the energy channels. The most important beginning for meditation is to circulate the energy properly through mind direction and breathing. It is more important than any mantra...for it aims the energy to The Source and allows the Deep Being to come forth and communicate with the Inner Planes. To see an aura or even feel it is not as important as having the faith that it is there. The same with circulating the auric energy. In physics atoms have proved to behave differently when there is focus directed upon them. I teach meditation happens easily when the auric energy is properly circulated, all energy centers open and flowing. Which is the basis of my work...opening energy centers and stimulating nodes on the energy meridians of the body. Each time a being deliberately circulates the strengthens and expands the aura. This lends a sense of well being and deep peace. I use this as a precursor to all of my workings. It always gives a deeper sense of reverence to my workings. And increases my focus and vibrational awareness. All Things come from The Source, no matter what the Nomenclature. Ask The Source for Guidance, and it will be given. Through joy, sorrow, pain and pleasure..the more contact a being has with The Source, the more balanced our being becomes. For the Deep Being is our connection with acquired wisdom and our spirituality. It intersects at the heart...with all other systems. It is the seat of the will when the emotions/ego and personality, which is part of the focus of the conscious mind, has been controlled and brought into appropriate line of hierarchy. May our paths cross in wonder and in support of each other.

The Sandpiper by Robert Peterson
Posted by Foxxy
The Sandpiper by Robert Peterson She was six years old when I first met her on the beach near where I live. I drive to this beach, a distance of three or four miles, whenever the world begins to close in on me. She was building a sand castle or something and looked up, her eyes as blue as the sea. "Hello," she said. I answered with a nod, not really in the mood to bother with a small child. "I'm building," she said. "I see that. What is it?" I asked, not really caring. "Oh, I don't know, I just like the feel of sand." That sounds good, I thought, and slipped off my shoes. A sandpiper glided by. "That's a joy," the child said. "It's a what?" "It's a joy. My mama says sandpipers come to bring us joy." The bird went gliding down the beach. "Good-bye joy," I muttered to myself, "hello pain," and turned to walk on. I was depressed, my life seemed completely out of balance. "What's your name?" She wouldn't give up. "Robert," I answered. "I'm Robert Peterson." "Mine's Wendy... I'm six." "Hi, Wendy." She giggled. "You're funny," she said. In spite of my gloom, I laughed too and walked on. Her musical giggle followed me. "Come again, Mr. P," she called. "We'll have another happy day." The next few days consisted of a group of unruly Boy Scouts, PTA meetings, and an ailing mother. The sun was shining one morning as I took my hands out of the dishwater. "I need a sandpiper," I said to myself, gathering up my coat. The ever-changing balm of the seashore awaited me. The breeze was chilly but I strode along, trying to recapture the serenity I needed. "Hello, Mr. P," she said. "Do you want to play?" "What did you have in mind?" I asked, with a twinge of annoyance. "I don't know. You say." "How about charades?" I asked sarcastically. The tinkling laughter burst forth again. "I don't know what that is."

"Then let's just walk." Looking at her, I noticed the delicate fairness of her face. "Where do you live?" I asked. "Over there." She pointed toward a row of summer cottages. "Strange," I thought, "in winter." "Where do you go to school?" "I don't go to school. Mommy says we're on vacation" She chattered little girl talk as we strolled up the beach, but my mind was on other things. When I left for home, Wendy said it had been a happy day. Feeling surprisingly better, I smiled at her and agreed. Three weeks later, I rushed to my beach in a state of near panic. I was in no mood to even greet Wendy. I thought I saw her mother on the porch and felt like demanding she keep her child at home. "Look, if you don't mind," I said crossly when Wendy caught up with me, "I'd rather be alone today." She seemed unusually pale and out of breath. "Why?" she asked. I turned to her and shouted, "Because my mother died!" and thought, "My God, why was I saying this to a little child?" "Oh," she said quietly, "then this is a bad day." "Yes," I said, "and yesterday and the day before and -- oh, go away!" "Did it hurt?" she inquired. "Did what hurt?" I was exasperated with her, with myself. "When she died?" "Of course it hurt!" I snapped, misunderstanding, Wrapped up in myself. I strode off. A month or so after that, when I next went to the beach, she wasn't there. Feeling guilty, ashamed, and admitting to myself I missed her, I went up to the cottage after my walk and knocked at the door. A drawn looking young woman with honey-colored hair opened the door. "Hello," I said, "I'm Robert Peterson. I missed your little girl today and wondered where she was." "Oh, yes, Mr. Peterson, please come in. Wendy spoke of you so much. I'm afraid I allowed her to bother you. If she was a nuisance, please, accept my apologies." "Not at all --! she's a delightful child." I said, suddenly realizing that I meant what I had just said. "Wendy died last week, Mr. Peterson. She had leukemia. Maybe she didn't tell you." Struck dumb, I groped for a chair. I had to catch my breath. "She loved this beach, so when she asked to come, we couldn't say no. She seemed so much better here and had a lot of what she called happy days. But the last few weeks, she declined rapidly..." Her voice faltered, "She left something for you, if only I can find it. Could you wait a moment while I look?"

I nodded stupidly, my mind racing for something to say to this lovely young woman. She handed me a smeared envelope with "MR. P" printed in bold childish letters. Inside was a drawing in bright crayon hues -- a yellow beach, a blue sea, and a brown bird. Underneath was carefully printed: "A SANDPIPER TO BRING YOU JOY." Tears welled up in my eyes, and a heart that had almost forgotten to love opened wide. I took Wendy's mother in my arms. "I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry," I uttered over and over, and we wept together. The precious little picture is framed now and hangs in my study. Six words -- one for each year of her life -- that speak to me of harmony, courage, and undemanding love. A gift from a child with sea blue eyes and hair the color of sand--who taught me the gift of love. NOTE: This is a true story sent out by Robert Peterson. It happened over 20 years ago and the incident changed his life forever. It serves as a reminder to all of us that we need to take time to enjoy living and life and each other. The price of hating other human beings is loving oneself less. Life is so complicated, the hustle and bustle of everyday traumas can make us lose focus about what is truly important or what is only a momentary setback or crisis. This week, be sure to give your loved ones an extra hug, and by all means, take a moment... even if it is only ten seconds, to stop and smell the roses. Everything that happens to us happens for a reason. Never brush aside anyone as insignificant. Who knows what they can teach us? This comes from someone's heart, and is read by many and now I share it with you.. May God Bless everyone who receives this! There are NO coincidences! I WISH YOU A SANDPIPER!

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