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ASSIGNMENT NO.- I P&G Oral Care Segmentation Study 21.09.12

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Kunal Tarkar

Company Background: P&G based in Cincinnati, USA, is the Worlds largest and most profitable consumer packaged goods company, with nearly $84 billion in sales and more than $10 billion in net earnings. It operates in 75 countries, its brands are sold in 180 countries and serves 4.6 billion consumers globally. It built a portfolio of 50 global leadership brands including 25 billion-dollar brands each of which generates from $1 billion to more than $10 billion of sales per year. They span a broad range of product categories including household care, beauty, grooming, and personal health care and are household names around the world, including Pampers, Gillette, Tide, Ariel, Downy, Pantene, Head & Shoulders, Olay, Oral-B, Crest, Dawn, Fairy and Always. P&G has three times more billion-dollar brands in its categories than its next-largest competitor and more than most of its remaining competitors combined. P&G invested $400M in understanding consumers in Fiscal year 11/12, and has a long track record of success that is based on a time-tested business model through: Discovering meaningful insights into what consumers need and want. Translating those insights into noticeably superior products. Communicating product superiority through advertising that includes compelling claims, performance demonstrations and superior benefit visuals. Pricing products so that consumers experience superior overall value. This drives leadership market shares, higher sales and lower costs, enabling P&G to reinvest in Its business.1 2 Oral Care is one of P&G key businesses. The acquisition of The Gillette Company by P&G in 2005, put the iconic Crest and Oral-B brands under the umbrella of P&G Oral Care. Both brands are members of the P&G Billion Dollars club. The union places P&G Oral Care as the market leader by two times the nearest competitor and as the only major oral care company with a breadth of products across every category: toothpaste, toothbrushes, whitening, rinse, denture and floss.3 Goal Definition With 2 major toothpaste brands on hand, Crest and Oral B, P&G would like to reposition these brands globally to maximize their appeal among world consumers, target the largest & profitable consumer segments with high performing products, and improve the overall global market share against key competition i.e Unilever (,Signal, Close-up), Colgate, etc. P&G would like to assess the landscape across major countries in Western/Eastern Europe (UK, Germany, Russia), Asia (China, Japan, Turkey), Latin America (Brazil) and Canada via:
1 2

P&G annual Report 2012:- P&G Web site:- 3 P&G Crest Website:-

OBJECTIVES OF THE PROJECT 1) Define the target group for each brand based on needs that drive brand or variant choices, and 2) Incorporate consumer and shopper insights to establish the brand consumer model, shape brand strategies globally and refine brand communication locally in key markets. Research Description / Eligibility & Base Size: Representative base of 1000 respondents (Key Canadian metro and provincial): 1000 respondents who are responsible for choosing toothpaste brands of everyday usage products that are bought for Personal / household usage, aged 18-64. Split: 700 respondents in metropolitan cities and 300 respondents in provincial cities. Respondents will be chosen and contacted (Research Agency Access Panel) and invited to participate in this research via online questionnaires. Pilot questionnaires will use (AC College E Mail Access Panel). Over quota May be needed to ensure at least 150 respondents are in 18-24 age bracket Key Information Areas to be Investigated: Brand awareness Brand trial Purchase decision / Habits Factors affecting purchase decision Ranking of factors affecting purchase decision Benefits of toothpaste Ranking of benefits of toothpaste in terms of importance Effectiveness of Respondents usual toothpaste brand compared to toothpaste benefits Importance to toothpaste category statements Attitude towards specific category statements Current status of Respondent Dental Health Habits of visiting dentist in Past 12 Months Reason for visiting dentist in Past 12 Months Sources of Information related to toothpaste products Media Habits Standard Demographics