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WAMCEA 2010 October 25-26, SL-Paraguay

Stroke Segmentation and Partial Matching for Livestock Brand Image Recognition
Keywords: Partial matching, stroke segmentation, line analysis, set exclusion criteria, livestock brands, handwritten symbols, ane invariant features, pattern recognition, image retrieval. In the past year we developed a Cattle Brand Registration System (CBRS) which comprises several Digital Image Processing technologies. Some of the methods that fulll our needs were adopted and incorporated in the system [2][3], balancing the trade-o between speed and accuracy. We developed other methodologies [4][5] to face various problems for which there were not currently suitable techniques. This work presents a stroke segmentation approach [4] suitable to perform similarity measuring in a CBRS, enhancing the method described in [1]. Basically: The skeletons of the brands are analyzed to detect and separate primary strokes at junction and intersection points. Primary strokes are then mapped into a three-dimensional orientation space to group them into primitive continuous strokes. This work also introduces a novel approach to perform partial matching of digital images [5]. The method was devised to help measuring shape similarity in our CBRS. The main contribution is twofold: First we present a technique that allows the use of methods designed for the extraction of global invariants to generate local invariant features. After decomposing a shape in their basic elements, local features are obtained from components formed by taking account the relative spatial distribution of the shapes elements. The set of these local features determines a unique identier for a given shape. Second, the formulation of a exclusion measure function depending on those sets of local shape features. This exclusion measure helps to determine if a shape could be considered a subset of another given shape.

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Corresponding Author: Horacio LEGAL-AYALA, Facultad Politcnica Universidad Nacional de Asuncin e o Campus Universitario, San Lorenzo, Paraguay, Corresponding Author: Waldemar VILLAMAYOR-VENIALBO, Facultad Politcnica Universidad Nacional e de Asuncin Campus Universitario, San Lorenzo, Paraguay, o