TUESDAY 11 OCTOBER 2011 10.30 - 18.30

Welcome to the ESCP Europe Investment Banking Forum. This year, we are happy to welcome 20 banks. As employers, investment banks enjoy a high reputation among our students. Over the past three years, the financial markets have experienced significant transformation and today face tremendous new challenges. More than ever, it is important for the students to gain insight into the highly competitive world of financial services and to interact with potential employers seeking to develop future talents. The IB Forum offers a unique opportunity to meet and discuss why joining the banking industry. I would like to extend a special thanks to the representatives of these major financial institutions for their confidence in our School. I would also like to pay particular tribute to the numerous ESCP Europe alumni who have chosen to exercise their professional expertise in the world of finance, and are kind enough to meet and advise current students. I am deeply grateful to them for their active participation each year. To both recruiters and students, we wish a fruitful recruitment fair with rewarding exchanges and opportunities.
Pascal Morand
Dean ESCP Europe

5 CAMPUSES in London, Paris, Berlin, Madrid and Torino 100 Academic Alliances 4,000 students representing 90 nationalities 6 DEGREE PROGRAMMES • the Master in Management programme • 15 Specialized Master programmes • 8 Executive Specialized Master programmes • the Master in European Business (MEB) • 2 MBA programmes - European Executive MBA - Central European MBA (CeMBA) • Ph.D./Doctoral programme (Paris/ Berlin/Torino)
Accreditations AACSB, EQUIS, AMBA

A PORTFOLIO of executive education programmes • 30 open programmes • 35 custom programmes 125 RESEARCH-ACTIVE FACULTY across 5 campuses • 15 nationalities • 30 affiliate faculty • 25 visiting professors 600 CONTRIBUTORS: scholars and business practitioners • teachers • researchers 5,000 MANAGERS and executives in training across the 5 campuses each year 35,000 GRADUATES in positions of responsibility in 100 countries worldwide

Investment Banking Forum 2011 - ESCP Europe



Our Master in Management attracts highpotential students with little or no prior work experience. The class is rigorously selected from applicants from throughout Europe and around the world. Cultural diversity and intellectual challenge are its hallmarks. The course combines teaching of the highest academic quality, delivered by research-active faculty at the cutting-edge of their fields, and real world experience acquired through handson placements in companies. During the programme the required time to be spent on such placements is 39 weeks, but most students choose to gain more experience since the average job experience at graduation is 16 months. Students follow core courses in all major fields of management, then design their own curriculum by means of elective courses and 20 specialisation options rounded off by a research thesis. > University students and graduates

The characteristic feature of the ESCP Europe Master in Management is its very significant international scope. Studies occur in 2 or 3 countries, in the School’s campuses and at one of our 60 international partners. Students can choose to study in 3 European countries in our campuses located in Paris / London / Berlin / Turin and Madrid, in 2 European countries and on another continent (for instance Paris / London / Shanghai, Paris / Madrid / Cornell (USA) or Adelaide (Australia), Paris/Bengalore/ Berlin), or in 2 different countries. Some 33% of graduates earn a double degree and 45% take a first job outside their country of origin. Each year 500 students, from an applicant pool of 5000, are admitted in the pre-Master year. They come from undergraduate programmes worldwide and from French preparatory schools. To qualify for admission they take a highly competitive entrance examination. A further 150 students, rigorously selected on the basis of a competitive entrance examination, enter directly into the Master course. They must be university graduates with a 3 year Bachelor’s degree or equivalent. > National Degree recognitions • In France - Diplôme Master Grande Ecole (Ministère de l’Education Nationale) • in the United Kingdom - European Msc. in Management (City University) • in Germany - Diplom Kaufmann/-frau • in Italy - Laurea Magistrale • in Spain - Master Europeo in Administracion y Direccion de Empresas


Investment Banking Forum 2011 - ESCP Europe

Consulting and Organisation. They require a knowledge of French and English. > Young university graduates Investment Banking Forum 2011 . Venezia. Besides its stream at ESCP Europe Paris. Management for the Publishing Industry. Each Specialized Masters lasts 12 months and combines 400 hours of course work. > Young professionals with a university degree and work experience 15 FULL-TIME SPECIALIZED MASTERS ESCP Europe offers a portfolio of 15 full-time Specialized Masters with a focus on either a management function or a business sector. Management of People & Organisations. Management of cultural and artistic activities in partnership with the University of Ca’ Foscari. International Project Management. Management Control & Business Performance. Innovation & Entrepreneurship. Auditing & Consulting.ESCP Europe 3 . ESCP Europe awards a “Mastère Spécialisé” (MS) degree to successful graduates in Paris. ESCP Europe is the market leader for Specialized Masters programmes in France. Management for the Pharmaceutical industry and Biotechnologies. The MS degree is a label of the French Conference of “Grandes Ecoles”. with the exception of Energy Management which lasts 12 and takes place in Paris and Oslo. The Executive Specialized Masters programmes require knowledge of English and French (Energy Management is entirely in English). Currently 8 programmes are on offer in Paris: • European Business Consulting • Financial and Fiscal Engineering • Private Banking • Energy Management • Marketing & Communication • Risk management. Strategic Management of Purchasing and Supply Chain. The MS degree is a label of the French Conference of “Grandes Ecoles”. About 500 places are on offer each year. and in International Project Management are extended to ESCP Europe Madrid. These courses are designed for postgraduates or young managers with a clear career goal. Law & International Management in partnership with the City Law School London. Media Management. Private Banking & Financial Planning. audit and internal control • Healthcare Management. Marketing & Communication. Finance. a 4-month minimum company internship and a professional thesis. Strategy. hospital management • Human and Organisational Factors of Safety Each Executive Specialized Master lasts 15 months.OUR PROGRAMMES SPECIALIZED MASTERS 8 PART-TIME EXECUTIVE SPECIALIZED MASTERS The Executive Specialized Masters are designed for working professionals with at least 3 to 5 years’ experience. the Specialized Master in Marketing and Communication. They are compatible with full-time employment. There is also an international seminar or study project abroad. ESCP Europe awards a “Mastère Spécialisé” (MS) degree to successful candidates. Average age at admission is 26 years. The Specialized Masters are offered in Paris.

A parallel enrollment at a University allows the doctoral students to get a doctoral degree in addition to the Ph.D. > University postgraduates 4 Investment Banking Forum 2011 . 36 study tracks are available including several fully in English. In the class of 2011. stem from the multicultural environment. the excellence of the faculty follow-up and the synergies created by working in small groups. London. The MEB is a truly international programme which gives the opportunity to students to work in multicultural groups in order to prepare them for positions in a globalising world and to enrich personal development experience. The main goal of the programme is to allow students to carry out high quality research by offering them a theoretical and methodological background which will aid them in the elaboration of their thesis. among the 209 MEB students 84% are non-French and 32 nationalities from all five continents are represented. 2 Company Consultancy Projects and a 12-week company placement in any country of the world at the end of the academic year. The MEB is designed for high-achieving recent graduates with a previous degree in any field except management. > Young university graduates PH.ESCP Europe . The programme. which is based on the Paris campus and was created in 2002.D. two-country postgraduate programme in general management with emphasis on a pragmatic approach to management and international skills.OUR PROGRAMMES MEB MASTER IN EUROPEAN BUSINESS (MEB) The Master in European Business (MEB) is a one-year. Many of them are active members of the business world. MEB campuses include the 5 ESCP Europe campuses (Paris. It allows its students to be prepared for a successful business career by acquiring key business skills and a professional mindset in a multicultural environment. selects 10 to 15 students each year. Thailand (AIT Bangkok) and Mexico (ITESM Monterrey). Mexico. The programme is currently composed of almost 30 doctorates from all over the world.D. The strengths of the programme. The MEB includes two semesters of studies on two campuses. Madrid. all at different stages of the 3-year curriculum. Canada. which the students openly revere. PH. Torino) and partner institutions in India (MDI Gurgaon). Italy… ESCP Europe also offers a doctoral programme at the Berlin campus and regularly gathers all students for thematic workshops. The MEB is also AMBA accredited in the category of Masters in Business and Management (MBM). Our alumni are currently holding teaching-researchers positions in France. Berlin. The MEB programme has official recognition as a Master’s degree (Grade de Master) by the French Ministry of Education and as a Master of Science (MSc) by the German authorities.

The European Executive MBA is an extraordinary learning experience with an exceptional mix of nationalities and multicultural situations. Bratislava (Slovakia). Prague (Czech Republic). > Very Experienced Managers Investment Banking Forum 2011 . Average age at admission is 30 years. The MBA faculty is also very international (20 nationalities) and includes a number of renowned experts in their fields. 100 places are on offer in the European Executive MBA each year. Berlin. 5 International Seminars and an International Consulting Project. Year 2 takes place in Berlin on the ESCP Europe campus. Skills development and peer learning are an integral part of the process. The programme aims to develop knowledge and skills adapted to the business context of Central Europe and to provide a rich intercultural experience. It includes a 5 month company internship. London.ESCP Europe CEMBA (CENTRAL EUROPE MBA) The CeMBA is a 2 year programme for German-speaking managers in Central Europe. different people and work practices make our course unique.OUR PROGRAMMES MBA EUROPEAN EXECUTIVE MBA The European Executive MBA is an innovative approach to skills development which involves learning in multicultural teams in several countries. The European Executive MBA Programme curriculum is composed of 9 Core Courses. Networking within the MBA Class and across the 5 campuses is one of the major assets of the programme. 60 places are on offer each year. Participants are recruited internationally and have on average 10 years of experience. It is regarded as one of the most international programmes in the world. Participants will have at least two years experience. Electives and International Seminars are delivered across all 5 ESCP Europe campuses and in different regions of the world (Asia. North and South America). The aim is to expand the participant’s knowledge of management and shape his vision of the business organisation in a multicountry context. Madrid and Turin and at different study rhythms to suit our participant’s professional and personal life’s. Extensive exposure to different cultures and contexts. In 2009 the programme was ranked 19th in the world by the Financial Times. We select 100 executives from more than 25 different nationalities for our programme. > Young Managers 5 . 12 Electives (from a portfolio of 36). The programme lasts 18 months and is compatible with full time employment. Budapest (Hungary) and Tartu (Estonia). A number of different study options are on offer in Paris. Year 1 takes place in the local language at partner business schools in Poznan (Poland). Throughout the programme participants are highly mobile.

Over 500 working professionals attend our open programmes each year. A combination of three ESCP Europe open specialized programmes. including in English. North Africa (Algeria). a strong practitioners’ network and a proven expertise in pedagogic engineering.CORPORATE SERVICES EXECUTIVE EDUCATION OPEN SEMINARS The Paris campus offers 30 open seminars. ESCP Europe co-designs with its clients complete learning experiences. including either general management. These non-residential programs are compatible with full-time employment. Degree candidates must prepare and present a major company diagnostic project and a Master’s thesis for the final degree. For those who consider Executive Education as a key lever for business excellence in a knowledge-based economy. USA). Far East (China). Management and leadership programmes. > High-level Executives and Directors 6 Investment Banking Forum 2011 . From the identification of the business need to the measurement of the training efficiency. Academic research outputs. can lead to the award of a Master’s degree «Strategic company management». Middle East (Lebanon). ESCP Europe offers a multinational permanent faculty of 125 members spread over 5 campuses in Europe. innovation and change management programmes are developed for high potentials. They are in French and can be modified and delivered as part of a custom program as well. Vietnam). These open seminars aim to improve strategic vision translated into operational skills and foster understanding of management concepts and methods. ESCP Europe is the right partner not only in Europe but also worldwide thanks to long-term academic partnerships in several regions such as SouthEast Asia (India. expert programmes for business communities. Theory and concepts are provided in core modules specifically adapted to the needs of working professionals. Brazil) and NorthAmerica (Canada. > Young Managers and Experienced Executives CUSTOM PROGRAMMES Since 1985 ESCP Europe designs and delivers innovative custom programmes for various companies and public organisations.ESCP Europe . South America (Argentine. senior and top managers. each of them lasting from 10 to 25 days. teaching and professional expertise are brought together in customized learning paths. Peer learning and case studies are important facets of the programmes devoted to managers.

get-togethers. case studies and company visits are also organized.CORPORATE RELATIONS THE CORPORATE RELATIONS STAFF: . they inform students about internships and job In Torino Francesco Rattalino Company Relations Manager +39 011 506 92 25 / Didier Parise +33 1 49 23 27 58 / dparise@escpeurope. . Company Events Stéphanie Duchêne +33 1 49 23 21 49 / sduchene@escpeurope. .eu CORPORATE PARTNERSHIPS To the businesses which wish to enhance their image on our campus or locate the talents that best fit their needs. Companies take advantage of them to present their activities and the career opportunities they offer. sponsorships.Corporate Company Forum This forum allows students to make professional contacts with 120 international IT ORGANIZES THE FOLLOWING EVENTS ON THE PARIS CAMPUS: .Investment Banking Forum In Madrid Ramon Rodriguez Aragon Company Relations Manager +34 91 386 25 11 / EUROPE CONTACTS: In London Tomas Zilinsky Company Internship Coordinator +44 207 443 8827 / tzilinsky@escpeurope. recruitment Mathias Lepetit +33 1 49 23 22 21 / mlepetit@escpeurope. Law and Tax Forum internship offers: www. . .eu Investment Banking Forum 2011 .organizes special events to enhance relationships between students and businesses. PARIS CONTACTS: Company Relations Leudivine Choisnet +33 1 49 23 21 59 / Françoise Maillet +33 1 49 23 21 12 / fmaillet@escpeurope. In addition.ESCP Europe 7 .assists students in devising their professional project.informs and advises them as to career Corporate Partnerships Bénédicte Gosselin +33 1 49 23 27 65 / bgosselin@escpeurope.) In Berlin Jan Ehlers Director Company Relations +49 30 32007 149 / jehlers@escpeurope.“One hour-one job” Béatrice Saint Guilhem +33 1 49 23 24 02 / saintguilhem@escpeurope. .Corporate Meetings These meetings may be of a general nature or devoted to specific industries. the ESCP Europe corporate staff proposes specific partnerships (cases.makes available on the ESCP Europe intranet the employment opportunities offered by businesses.

.finance research projects. Investment Banking Forum 2011 .THE ESCP EUROPE FOUNDATION The ESCP Europe Foundation. the business firms which support the activities of ESCP Europe enjoy preferential treatment in the following fields: . in order to continue to meet the needs of businesses. .participate in the evolution of our programs.close participation in the life of our school. research centers. and proposes to make ESCP Europe the source of the best. . the United Kingdom. . . It was set up in June 2005 under the aegis of Fondation de France (which enjoys the best reputation for sound management and transparency).enhanced name recognition with our students. another facet of our collaboration with the business specific projects and pedagogical tools which are geared to international businesses.ease access to new technologies. On the basis of their involvement. aims at fostering our institution’s development. Its mission is also to promote our name all over the world. L’Oréal. . .finance new academic and research programs in several countries.promote the reputation of our institution in Europe and the world. .favour a European approach to corporate recruitment. Société Générale and KPMG are members of the Foundation.personalized assistance in screening and recruiting young executives or interns. international executives. It was initiated by our alumni. and faculty chairs in the five countries where we operate. . It is present on all of our five sites. Spain and Italy. .special invitations to participate in all the events which associate the business community and the student body. .ESCP Europe 9 .provide financial assistance to students of all nationalities. .easy and fast access to the talents of our faculty. Ernst & Young. In association with the business community. the ESCP Europe Foundation proposes to: . European-trained.allow the creation of positions for new professors researchers in Germany.

• a new look. mock recruitment interviews available in four languages (face to face or by phone). sponsoring our events • Business and personal contacts with our paper and online directories 10 Investment Banking Forum 2011 .France Tel: +33 1 43 57 24 03 . HOW TO CONTACT US ? Marie Verrier (ESCP 1997) Executive Director ESCP Europe Alumni 81 Avenue de la République 75011 Paris .Fax: +33 1 48 05 23 50 mverrier@escpeuropealumni. www.000 members on LinkedIn ! Join and work your network !) WHAT IS OUR MISSION ? • to support students from their studies to the first steps in their professional life • to facilitate connections between all graduates and to serve their professional evolution. professional and geographical groups etc. • to promote the international reputation of ESCP Europe and the quality of its programs.escpeuropealumni.THE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION WHO ARE WE ? The ESCP Europe Alumni association is a truly global network gathering 35. continued learning and bringing people together all around the world. training seminars.000 graduates and students living in about 150 countries around the world.. workshops and job opportunities (around 30. social & professional events.. the School’s programs. new style website offering tools and services (online directory.000 job offers annually and a CV library with our partner Manageurs.ESCP Europe . success stories. private area for each member. specific resources. Our association is currently co-ordinated from Paris but also Berlin and London and supported by more than 600 representatives throughout the to our partners: companies recruitment agencies & • Circulation of job opportunities • Business visibility advertising and opportunity for interviews & communication in our magazines and newsletters.) • Magazines and newsletters to remain updated on the life of our community. English and German). • Groups on social networks on the Internet (more than 9. • to connect our graduates worldwide with companies recruiting internationally. job • Networking events offering business opportunities. WHAT ARE OUR MAIN SERVICES ? to our members: students & graduates of ESCP Europe • Career support coaching (face to face in Paris and Berlin or by phone/Skype available in French.


Finance.barcap. providing our clients with a more comprehensive service than ever. Our 2008 acquisition of Lehman Brothers’ US broker-dealer business has added M&A and cash equities expertise to our portfolio . 31 December 2011. In all cases. Human Resources. according to the business area you join. analytical individuals who have strong English language skills (both written and verbal). working on anything from live transactions and marketing projects to research and analysis. we’re still growing year on year and continually pursuing excellence in everything we do. Our distinctive business model has cemented our position as a world leader in the industry. You can also expect comprehensive role-specific training. Corporate Communications. But few can demonstrate a level of commitment to match ours. You’ll gain more than a theoretical understanding. with a variety of case studies. Prime Services. Our graduate programme starts with an intensive introduction to the firm. we put the needs of clients and stakeholders at the heart of every decision we make.ESCP Europe 13 .barcap. Quantitative Analytics. for internships. financing and risk management solutions to large BUSINESS SECTORS Investment Banking GRADUATE PROGRAM Most firms will tell you that graduates are key to their success. London. Founded just 14 years ago. With a pioneering spirit. Research. Employing 25. Marketing. Even against the backdrop of ever-changing financial markets.a clear example of the bold thinking that defines our organisation. you’ll have regular opportunities to network with intern colleagues. Legal. you’ll find yourself at the heart of the action. however. But we’re still relatively young and extremely ambitious. Technology and Trading. and the wider financial markets. Investment Banking. Knowledge of more than one European language is an advantage for some roles. Senior managers across Barclays Capital are intrinsically involved in graduate training. we’re continuing to expand. including: Compliance. E14 4BB www. giving you a remarkable degree of insight and exposure from the moment you join us. APPLICATION DETAILS Apply online at www. we have the global reach and distribution power to meet the needs of issuers and investors in all the major financial markets. plus soft skills development. Sales. SPECIFIC MESSAGE TO ESCP EUROPE STUDENTS We recruit on a rolling basis so be sure to get your application in early. Global Financial Risk Management.recruitment@barcap. COMPANY PROFILE Barclays Capital is the investment banking division of Barclays Bank PLC. instruments and services.000 people globally in offices around the world. RECRUITMENT CONTACTS campus. Our deadline for full-time applications is 15 November 2011. PROFILES SOUGHT We’re looking for highly numerate. although we do have off-cycle opportunities depending on business need. Investment Banking Forum 2011 . Operations. You’ll gain real experience in a real role. As well as benefiting from extensive training before and during the programme. offering strategic advisory.000 INTERNSHIPS Internships Most of our internships last for 6-10 weeks over the summer. recent graduates and senior members of the firm. intellectual rigour and an uncommonly collaborative approach.BARCLAYS CAPITAL 5 The North Colonnade. government and institutional clients. workshops and presentations giving you invaluable practical knowledge and skills. our products. NUMBER OF VACANCIES Number of internship positions offered: 250 Number of young graduate positions offered: 250 RECRUITMENT CALENDAR Deadline for Interns: 31 December Deadline for Full Time: 15 November STAFF CAREER OPPORTUNITIES We have graduate and internship opportunities in areas right across the firm.

Interview with operational staff and Human Resources Department. risk-aware entrepreneurship & lead by example. such as Corporate and Investment Banking. * Corporate international volunteering Investment Banking Forum 2011 .com BUSINESS SECTORS www.75009 Paris www. Selection procedure: 2 or 3 individual responsiveness & commitment. NET BANKING INCOME 43 880 millions Euros in 2010 COMPANY PROFILE BNP PARIBAS. Insurance PROFILES SOUGHT Creativity. Finance. The group holds key positions in three major segments: Corporate & Investment Banking. Private Banking/ Asset Management/ Securities Services/ Insurance. The scheme of possibilities is vast and adapted to your curriculum.graduates. Humility. healthy balance sheet and world-leading expertise in derivatives and structured products. Investment Solutions and Retail Banking. business control. Boulevard des Italiens . pride & team orientation. IT re-engineering. the Human Resources teams pay a particular attention to the evolution of each intern or VIE so as to spot talents and retain them. Come and join us! RECRUITMENT CONTACTS www. Private Equity and Retail Banking.ESCP Europe 15 . Many VIE* missions are available all around the world in activities such as financial markets.BNP PARIBAS 16. Innovation is at the heart of its strategy. SPECIFIC MESSAGE TO ESCP EUROPE STUDENTS Joining BNP Paribas for an internship position or a VIE with us as a senior or right after graduation can be an entry point to the Group. ambition. corporate finance. Indeed. People care. We are offering missions in Corporate and Investment Banking.recrutement. STAFF 204 600 employees Number of ESCP alumni hired in 2010 70 permanent positions (CDD + CDI) 66 internship positions 11 VIE Location of offices Offices in more than 80 countries organized around seven pre-eminent financial centres. client focus. RECRUITMENT CALENDAR Application deadline: Recruitment goes on throughout the year. NUMBER OF VACANCIES We offer more than 1500 internships positions each year. Preferred way of receiving applications: online application through our website/ contacts via forum or INTERNSHIPS Internships are a perfect preparation for a full time role. Private Banking/Asset Management/Securities Services/Insurance. BNP Paribas operates in over more than 80 countries with 204 600 employees and is present in all major financial markets. Private equity and Retail Banking. the strength of an international market BNP Paribas is a European leader in global banking and financial services. BNP Paribas Corporate and Investment Banking (CIB) division has built an enviable position in the banking world through its strong risk management. Registration for the Graduate Program are available from August to November. Join us! CAREER OPPORTUNITIES BNP Paribas off ers positions in different fields of banking activity..

000 CAREER OPPORTUNITIES Citi is a lead player in its industry and a great place to start a career. Risk Management. the banking industry and beyond. has approximately 200 million customer accounts and does business in more than 140 countries. it’s a way of thinking. Private Bank. we strongly believe in a commitment to responsible growth that benefits clients. Human Resources. and ultimately a compelling career path.ESCP Europe 17 . Our 200-year heritage is built on a proud pioneering spirit. we anticipate change and turn opportunities into’ll exceed them.citigroup. London. Corporate Banking. and we continue that forward thinking tradition today. Capital Markets Origination. Global Transaction Services. A genuine passion for the industry is crucial to becoming a successful Analyst. talent management. Our global presence isn’t just a question of size. STAFF Worldwide employees: 240. Citi is helping to shape the future of banking. We need exceptional individuals. We look for highly motivated individuals with superior academic performance and excellent communication the leading global financial services company. We are passionate about what we do and are looking for graduates who want to be a part of that vision. Global Transaction Services. Full-time and internship opportunities exist across a broad set of businesses including Investment Banking. colleagues and communities alike. Private Bank.CITI 25 Canada Square. At Citi you won’t just achieve your ambitions . Sales & Trading. Driven by a desire for entrepreneurship and creativity. this is your chance to be part of an exciting period in the development of the global financial services industry. At Citi. Investment Banking Forum 2011 . With your high levels of energy. Sales & Trading. enthusiasm and commitment. It is not progress at any price. you can help us to drive positive change across our organisation. APPLICATION DETAILS Alll application must be made online through our website at: www. COMPANY PROFILE Citi. Capital Markets Origination. Canary Wharf. and varied career choices. Risk Management. Human Resources. Wherever we BUSINESS SECTORS Investment Banking. E14 5LB www. Operations and Technology.oncampus. which is why we provide the brightest and best with an opportunity to make a difference. and take advantage of our investment in longterm career development. NUMBER OF VACANCIES Number of internship positions offered: Approx 200 Number of young graduate positions offered: 350+ RECRUITMENT CALENDAR Deadline for Interns: 6th January 2012 Deadline for Full Time: 4th November 2011 SPECIFIC MESSAGE TO ESCP EUROPE STUDENTS Whatever route you choose to take into the firm. Our business isn’t static and neither are our people. PROFILES SOUGHT We encourage applications from candidates with from a wide variety of backgrounds. Operations and Technology. you can be right at the heart of it. Corporate Banking.

sciberras@ca-cib. Merger and Acquisitions. Number of young graduate positions offered : We offer more than 110 VIE. RECRUITMENT CALENDAR STAFF World: More than 13. investment banking. PROFILES SOUGHT People interested in banking and finance.CRÉDIT AGRICOLE CORPORATE & INVESTMENT BANK 9 Quai du Président Paul Doumer .000 employees worldwide. COMPANY PROFILE With about 13. commercial banking and international private banking. CAREER OPPORTUNITIES Positions are available in different fields of banking activity.92 920 Paris La Défense Cedex www.I.. Crédit Agricole CIB offers a full range of products and services in capital Recruitment/Careers web site: ca-cib. Communication. Asia Middle-East and Africa). Crédit Agricole CIB is the Corporate and Investment Banking arm of the Crédit Agricole Group.000 professionals comprised in more than 50 countries (more than two thirds of the NBI). The Group is present in 70 countries and has 160. RECRUITMENT CONTACTS Armelle SCIBERRAS Email: armelle. Internships must last at least 6 months and may result in a permanent position being Investment Banking Forum 2011 . the world’s third-largest bank in total assets and the European’s seventh-largest bank by Tier one ratio (The Banker. willing to assume different positions and international mobility throughout their North and South America. in our expanded international network (Europe.ESCP Europe 19 .000 (66% of employees are outside France) Presence in more than 50 countries More than 60 ESCP Europe Alumni within Crédit Agricole CIB Deadline for Interns : Throughout the year APPLICATION DETAILS Full Time: Assessment center. July 2010). Corporate banking. Crédit Agricole CIB specialises in the businesses of capital markets and investment and corporate banking. interviews with Human Resources Department and with operational staff. Interns: Interview with the operational staff and/or Human Resources Department. Structured Finance. Audit. brokerage.These very interesting one-year assignment periods allow individuals to become familiar with our international activities. We also have opportunities for V. NUMBER OF VACANCIES Number of internship positions offered : Crédit Agricole CIB offers more than 600 internships in France within all our business lines and more than 200 apprenticeships. structured finance. such as Capital markets.. Risk Management.

With COMPANY PROFILE Credit Suisse is a forward-thinking financial services firm serving clients around the globe. we’ll help you develop your skills. CAREER OPPORTUNITIES Are available in Fixed Income. you’ll contribute to projects that have a significant impact on our business. we are a leading player in many key markets-recognized by industry publications for our continued excellence. you’ll need or will be studying towards a bachelor’s or master’s degree or equivalent. providing seamless solutions to our global clients and employees. your degree can be in any discipline. In EMEA we recruit into our London office. INTERNSHIPS We offer programs programs business weeks. your long-term potential. Information Technology and Operations teams. We look for people with a wide range of experiences. For most programs. with potential opportunities in Paris. while building your own expertise. You’ll face real challenges. you will benefit from crossbusiness and international mobility opportunities. interests and degrees who will add fresh perspectives to our business. We’re looking at your vision. Istanbul. Investment Banking Department.Private Banking. we are one of the most respected banks in the world. Milan. Investment Banking and Asset Management . Madrid. Dubai and Johannesburg. You’ll receive world class classroom training and onthe-job experience. around the clock. talent. Finance and IT. Equities. Whichever program you choose. and you’ll meet and network with your peers and Credit Suisse employees at all levels.750 RECRUITMENT CALENDAR Application deadline for Full-time Program: 30 November 2011 Application deadline for Spring and Summer Internships: 11 January 2012 From day one. enjoy real achievements. enthusiasm. SPECIFIC MESSAGE TO ESCP EUROPE STUDENTS Our vision is to become the world’s most admired bank. Above all. Indeed. E14 4QJ www. they work around the world. one of the most in-depth internship in the financial services industry. London. and above although some may require a relevant degree or major. and have your talents recognized every step of the way. And throughout your career with us.CREDIT SUISSE One Cabot Square. PROFILES SOUGHT For most of our programs. You’ll gain meaningful insight into the different areas of our business. A career with us means that you can help shape our future. you will develop a skill set that will set you apart. while participating in our unique collaborative culture. Frankfurt. As a stable company with a long banking tradition. interests and degrees who will add fresh perspectives to our business. RECRUITMENT CONTACTS www.ESCP Europe 21 . Our offer intellectual challenges and real experience and typically last for ten NUMBER OF VACANCIES 700 . Our programs give you the chance to make a difference from day one. Opportunities are also available in other worldwide locations. We look for people with a wide range of Operations. Moscow. Together. APPLICATION DETAILS Please apply online at: GRADUATE PROGRAM We offer entry-level programs in a variety of business areas. and provide world-class training and support to help you to develop into a future business Investment Banking Forum 2011 . Asset Management.partner with our Shared Services. Canary Wharf.000 employees our three primary businesses . please see our website for further information.

be inspired and rise to the occasion . and today are one of the worlds’ largest investment banks. Highly numerate. Group Technology & COMPANY PROFILE A Passion to Perform. Research. we have an Analyst Internship class of 190. Group Technology & Operations. As you’ll discover. Corporate & Investment Bank: Markets (Sales. Research. they generate fresh ideas and innovative solutions which set us apart from our competitors and add value to our clients. Structuring).Deutsche Bank UK hires 190-220 Analysts onto the graduate training program each year INTERNSHIPS Our Spring into Banking Program is for students graduating in 2014. our culture supports this. EC2A 2DB ww. Corporate & Investment Bank: Markets (Sales. NUMBER OF VACANCIES Number of internship positions offered . Trading.ESCP Europe 23 . We offer Analyst Internship programs in Asset Management. this describes the way we do business. 1 Great Winchester Street. More than a claim. international and shaped by a variety of different perspectives. we offer our workforce unprecedented opportunities to develop their careers and achieve their ambitions. Risk.db. GRADUATE PROGRAM We offer Analyst Training programs in Asset Management. Structuring). we’re active in many markets. This is made possible by our people: agile minds. Group Technology & Operations. Corporate & Investment Bank: Corporate Finance (Investment Banking). You’ll embrace challenge.DEUTSCHE BANK Winchester House. we’re driven by a shared sense of purpose. CAREER OPPORTUNITIES At Deutsche Bank. and a Spring into Banking class of 40 Number of graduate positions offered . Human Resources.all at one of the largest and most rewarding global financial institutions. Corporate & Investment Bank: Corporate Finance (Investment Banking). Structuring). Corporate & Investment Bank: Global Transaction Banking. Corporate & Investment Bank: Markets ( Investment Banking Forum 2011 . Research. Deutsche Bank has a truly global reach. Diverse. Trading. STAFF Employing over 100.irving@db. Throughout the world. Structuring).000 people. Corporate & Investment Bank: Corporate Finance (Investment Banking). It’s a week-long internship in one of the following divisions: Finance. We compete to be the leading global provider of financial services. please visit our website at db. support and the opportunity to excel. able to see beyond the obvious and act effectively in an ever-changing global business landscape. Human Resources. Trading. Corporate & Investment Bank: Global Transaction Banking. you’ll launch. And at every level agile minds are rewarded with competitive pay. Research. PROFILES SOUGHT Our people are outstanding individuals with agile minds. Trading. Named IFR «Bank of the Year» 2010 and «Best Global Bank’ 2011 in Euromoney Magazine’s annual Awards for Excellence. London. Risk. develop and progress your career. Risk. Private Wealth Management. from a diverse range of backgrounds and RECRUITMENT CONTACTS Kim Irving : kim. Private Wealth Management. RECRUITMENT CALENDAR 2012 Analyst Training Program Application Deadline: Friday 11 November 2011 2012 Spring into Banking Application Deadline: Friday 27 January 2012 2012 Stagiaire Internship Application Deadline: Friday 13 January 2012 APPLICATION DETAILS For more information and to apply. balancing passion with precision to deliver superior solutions for our clients. Deutsche Bank also offer off-cycle Stagiaire Internship positions for penultimate year students for 3 to 11 months in Corporate & Investment Bank: Corporate Finance (Investment Banking) and Corporate & Investment Bank: Markets (Sales. proactive and strong communicators. Human Resources. serving 17 million customers in 73 countries. economies and financial sectors.Deutsche Bank UK hire 10-20 Stagiaires each year. It’s what drives us.

RECRUITMENT CALENDAR Deadline for Interns Please apply 2 to 3 months before your preferred start date on our website: http://www. Support functions: IT project managers. Number of young graduate positions offered: Opportunities for talented young From 2 to 4 interviews for an internship.Marked interest in the financial markets . in both Paris and London.. risk managers. Derivatives: junior analysts in our innovative derivatives research NET BANKING INCOME 2010 Net banking income: €408.ESCP Europe 25 . RECRUITMENT CONTACTS Fanny Cohen Investment Banking Forum 2011 . NUMBER OF VACANCIES Number of internship positions offered: Around 100 internships are available throughout the year. STAFF Number of employees: 860 ESCP Europe Alumni: nearly 20 INTERNSHIPS Around 100 internships (minimum six months) are available throughout the year. from 4 to 8 interviews for a permanent in all sectors of Exane’s activities. sales and execution on European equities. express your potential quickly. IT. based on its longstanding leadership in European convertible bonds and etc.Strong analytical and interpersonal skills . in all sectors of Exane’s activities. middle/back office.exane.exane. financial controllers. trading. Exane’s Cash Equity business offers a full range of services including research. in all sectors of Exane’s activities. Exane specialises in three business lines: Cash Equity: With a strong franchise in Europe under the Exane BNP Paribas brand name. and gain recognition both within the Company but also from our customers.Ability to work under pressure . marketing. Equity Derivatives: Exane Derivatives has built a robust structured products franchise.6m PROFILES SOUGHT . APPLICATION DETAILS Please apply on our website: http://www. SPECIFIC MESSAGE TO ESCP EUROPE STUDENTS If you want to be autonomous. in both Paris and Deadline for Full Time Please apply 2 to 3 months before graduation on our website: http://www. then join us! CAREER OPPORTUNITIES Many opportunities for talented graduates are available throughout the year.exane. middle off icers.EXANE 16 avenue Matignon . financial controlling.. Its expertise also includes structured product management. etc. Asset Management: Exane Asset Management is the leading long/short equity fund manager in France.75 008 Paris www. auditing. Intern possibilities include financial research. of 6 months minimum in both Paris and London. Cash equity: junior analysts in our award-wining equity research teams. sales. equity salespersons in direct contact with the financial Please come and meet us during the forum and give us your CV directly.Willing and able to learn fast in a demanding environment COMPANY PROFILE Established in 1990.exane. marketing. derivatives salespersons in direct contact with the financial markets.

com BUSINESS SECTORS Banking & Finance PROFILES SOUGHT Academic discipline is less important than the personal qualities an individual brings with them. a new analyst or associate. RECRUITMENT CONTACTS Mairi Macduff-Duncan . Internal Audit. governments and high-networth Diversity is crucial to improved performance and continued business success. significant rewards and unlimited career opportunities. securities and investment management firm that provides a wide range of financial services to a substantial and diversified client base that includes corporations. COMPANY PROFILE The Goldman Sachs Group. we are committed to an environment that values diversity and promotes inclusion. the firm is headquartered in New York and maintains offices in London. We evaluate candidates on six core measures . Inc. summer internships. At Goldman Sachs.Goldman Sachs’ ability to meet challenges and ensure the firm’s success in the future depends on attracting and retaining the highest quality people and the firm makes an unusual effort to identify the best person for every job.Whatever your background. Their unique backgrounds. Opportunities exist in the following divisions of the firm: • Finance • Global Compliance • Global Investment Research • Human Capital Management • Internal Audit • Investment Banking • Investment Management • Legal • Merchant Banking • Operations • Securities • Services • Technology NUMBER OF VACANCIES C. personality and zest for life that the firm values the most. Frankfurt. The firm expects commitment.ESCP Europe 27 . Investment Management. but is only one indication of a person’s potential.GOLDMAN SACHS INTERNATIONAL Peterborough Court. Securities. enthusiasm and drive from its employees but in return. is a leading global investment banking. For more information on these career paths. EC4A 2BB www. it is intellect. or an experienced professional. Services and Technology. Hong Kong and other major financial centres around the world. London. however a strong interest in and appreciation of finance is CAREER OPPORTUNITIES The people of Goldman Sachs share a passion for achieving results and recognise that success comes with integrity. Legal. offers unparalleled exposure. To that end. INTERNSHIPS Goldman Sachs offer new analyst positions. the spring programme runs for two weeks and the work placement programmes run from six to twelve months. early responsibility. you will immediately become part of the team with a real and substantial role to Investment Banking. Merchant Banking. Founded in 1869. The summer analyst programme runs for ten weeks. Naturally. we recognise that a diverse workforce encourages increased creativity and innovation. Global Compliance. Operations. Our business is structured in a series of specialised divisions: Finance. 300 APPLICATION DETAILS Our recruiting process enables us to attract accomplished people to the firm. go to www. financial institutions. commercial focus. Nearly everyone from our most senior leaders to our junior analysts is actively involved in recruiting as we seek to recruit people who share our core values. spring internships and work placements. individual perspectives and diverse skills are put to the test as they help our clients achieve their business goals. Global Investment Research. analytical thinking. these will give you different degrees of exposure and responsibility but whether you join as an intern. teamwork and the ability to make an impact. 133 Fleet Street.Recruitment & Internships Investment Banking Forum 2011 . Human Capital Management. There are a number of different stages during your career when you can consider joining Goldman Sachs. Academic achievement is important. www.

HSBC France is a universal bank serving both customers and corporate clients. we look for personalities led by the envy to innovate and to evolve in an experts’ recognized bank. RECRUITMENT CONTACTS Find all our offers and apply directly on our website http://www. the candidate is interviewed by a manager and a member of the Human Resources STAFF • Worlwide : around 307 000 employees • France: 10 800 employees INTERNSHIPS We offer interships in the Global and Markets Business line : Financial Engineers. financial The young graduates we hire quickly behave autonomously and take responsibilities. and two global businesses: Global Banking and Markets and Private Banking.. ITs.Worldwide : USD 18 336 million . South America. HSBC France also intervenes on the businesses of: . and banking and technological innovation. Structurers. Middle East and Africa. engineering schools. HSBC provides a comprehensive range of financial services and serves around 95 million customers divided into two groups: Personal Financial Services and Commercial Banking. financial solidity. APPLICATION DETAILS Once the application is selected. Joining HSBC means working in an international environment and building a diversified career. Analysts. Risk Controllers. through the creation of branches reserved for businesses and branches solely for customers.ESCP Europe 29 .HSBC FRANCE 103. Avenue des Champs-Elysées . SPECIFIC MESSAGE TO ESCP EUROPE STUDENTS Our teams are highly skilled and willing to create and innovate. etc. HSBC France’s strategy is to have its retail banking branches specialize by customer segment. Asia-Pacific. banking and technological innovation. Investment Banking Forum 2011 .Private Bank RECRUITMENT CALENDAR We recruit interns and young graduates all year long in France. North America. HSBC is one of the largest banking and financial services organizations in the or www.Asset Management . business schools.France : Euros 628 million NUMBER OF VACANCIES We offered in 2010 around 350-400 internships all year long in the Global Banking & Market business line. Project managers. NET BANKING INCOME Profit Before Tax (December 31 th 2010) : .Insurance . COMPANY PROFILE Headquartered in London.. By capitalizing on the trumps of the Group: international presence of the very first plan.Global Banking and Markets BUSINESS SECTORS Bank and Insurance PROFILES SOUGHT Beyond classic academic path: universities. capitalizing on the HSBC Group’s first-class international PARIS Cedex 08 www. Programmers. Its international network counts around 7 500 offices in 87 countries and territories in Europe.

RECRUITMENT CALENDAR Deadline for interns: January 31st. PROFILES SOUGHT Lazard offers an unparalleled opportunity to work as part of small clients teams on major strategic assignments. Deadline for full-time positions: On-going recruitment. with a focus on excellence. boulevard Haussmann – 75008 Paris Tel : +33 1 44 13 01 11 www. Number of young graduate positions offered: 10-15 analyst positions. to operates from 42 cities across 27 countries in North America. Europe. institutions.lazard. intellectual rigor. Candidates should be comfortable with financial concepts and enjoy quantitative work. restructuring and capital structure.332 France: 468 Please leave your CV on our stand or send your application (cover letter + resume) to recruitment.LAZARD 121. capital raising. Asia. partnerships. maturity and enthusiasm for learning are highly valued. the firm provides advice on mergers and acquisitions. With origins dating back to 1848. as well as asset management services. Why Lazard? The core of Lazard’s success is its simple business model of Financial Advisory and Asset Management.france@lazard. strategic matters. one of the world’s pre-eminent financial advisory and asset management firms.ESCP Europe 31 .com COMPANY PROFILE Lazard. Candidates should be top academic performers who are willing to work hard in an unstructured environment where initiative. governments and individuals. Asset Management and Equity Capital Markets. Meet with ESCP Europe graduates on our stand and visit our website www. Central and South America. integrity and creativity. NUMBER OF VACANCIES Number of internship positions offered: Lazard offers approximately 50 long-term internships (6 months to a year) in Mergers and Acquisitions. Australia. Investment Banking Forum 2011 . 2012 for internships starting July or September 2012. RECRUITMENT CONTACTS STAFF Number of employees Worldwide: 2.

Director Jerome Vivien.LEONARDO 73 rue d’Anjou. including ESCP Europe Alumni : Jean-Baptiste Marchand. 75008 Paris BUSINESS SECTORS Investment Banking.leonardo-co. Merger & Acquisition advisory NUMBER OF VACANCIES 12 internships per year. equity and debt financing and restructuring. Leonardo is operating via eight offices and with more than 130 professionals across Europe.44 rue de RECRUITMENT CONTACTS Barbara Moors. Managing Director Joseph El Khoury. COMPANY PROFILE Leonardo is a European investment banking firm focusing exclusively on independent and objective advice in Merger & Acquisitions. 75008 Paris . Vice President Edouard Nuttin. Director Matthieu Serizay. COO STAFF 50 people in the Paris office. recruitment executive Isabelle Toulouse. APPLICATION DETAILS application_france@leonardo-co.ESCP Europe 33 . Analyst Investment Banking Forum 2011 . for a minimum duration of 6 www.leonardomidcap.

investing. so we strongly encourage you to submit your application early to avoid COMPANY PROFILE Bank of America is one of the world’s largest financial institutions. Madrid. serving individual consumers. You’ll learn from the best and brightest minds in the industry. Quantitative Management. but the majority of opportunities are in London. Milan.000 INTERNSHIPS An internship is an excellent opportunity to gain an insight into working life at our company and discover which direction you would like to take your career. NUMBER OF VACANCIES Number of internship positions: approx 300 Number of graduate positions: approx 250 RECRUITMENT CALENDAR Deadline for Interns: Friday. Bank of America Merrill Lynch is the marketing name for the company’s global banking and global markets businesses. and will participate in a comprehensive training programme that combines instructor-led and web-based classes with on-the-job training and networking. Human Resources and Europe Card Services. Merrill Lynch Wealth Assessments will begin before the deadlines. Compliance. Credit Risk Management.baml. International Corporate Treasury. to offer its clients bespoke solutions no matter their location. giving you the opportunity to create real impact right from the start.and middle -market businesses and large corporations with a full range of banking. Corporate Banking. For some roles.ESCP Europe 35 . 11 November 2011 APPLICATION DETAILS Applications should be made online via the website: www. Research. strategic and creative thinking. 16 December 2011 Deadline for Full Time: Friday. Market Risk. You’ll work alongside our full-time employees performing real tasks with the potential for measurable impact on our business. Capital Markets. The skillbuilding and networking opportunities you’ll gain with us can make all the difference after graduation. Moscow and Paris within the Investment Banking. our commitment to improving the quality of life within the local community and taking care of the environment means you can get involved in a number of volunteering initiatives. PROFILES SOUGHT Strong academic qualifications and quantitative skills are important for success in our analyst Investment Banking Forum 2011 . EC1 A 1 HQ baml. The company is a long-established participant in the European marketplace. Investment Banking. depending on the business need. small. Summer Internships Our Summer Internship programme is the ideal opportunity to gain an introduction into the world of banking. With offices throughout Europe and CEEMEA (Central Eastern Europe. Furthermore. Technology. The nine-week programme begins with an induction week covering core skills where you will work alongside our full-time employees to gain valuable work experience in the financial industry. GRADUATE PROGRAM Graduates will gain a breadth of knowledge and experience and be positioned for great career opportunities. communication skills and a genuine interest in the financial markets. By joining us. 280. asset management and other financial and risk management products and services. Global Treasury Solutions. varying from 3-6 or 12 months. Locations vary. We’ll trust you with important work. Fixed Term Placements Fixed term placements are available throughout the year. a second European language is required. Frankfurt. with a presence since 1922. you’ll receive the highest level of training and mentoring support. Full-time and internship programmes are available in the following areas: Global Markets. Global Markets and Technology divisions. Equally important are initiative. Bank of America Merrill Lynch combines the best of local knowledge and international expertise. RECRUITMENT CONTACTS baml.MERRILL LYNCH 2 King Edward Street London. CAREER OPPORTUNITIES We are ideally placed to offer the scope and opportunities the cream of graduate talent deserves. Operations & Middle Office. the Middle East and Africa). STAFF Employees Worldwide: c.

Industrial Placement and off-cycle Internships.MORGAN STANLEY 25 Cabot Sqaure . Real Estate Investing. Credit Risk Management. debt and equity underwriting. INTERNSHIPS Morgan Stanley offers Summer. investment management and wealth management services. therefore please check our website for more details. Technology . Finance & Operations. RECRUITMENT CONTACTS EMEA Graduate Recruitment Team Investment Banking Forum 2011 . Finance & Operations. privatisations and financial restructuring. GRADUATE PROGRAM Morgan Stanley offers Graduate Programmes in Investment COMPANY PROFILE Morgan Stanley is a leading global financial services firm providing a wide range of investment banking. team working and confidence. and market leading research. Additionally.London E14 4AD morganstanley. with strengths in global asset and wealth management. Equity Research. APPLICATION DETAILS Pleae apply online (CV and cover letter) at www. Come and be part of it. Sales & Trading. Private Wealth Management. Equity Research. SPECIFIC MESSAGE TO ESCP EUROPE STUDENTS Our people are Morgan Stanley’s foundation. Services offered include: investment banking advice on mergers and acquisitions. sales and trading in all the world’s major markets. Global Capital Markets. Needless to say. graduates should focus on developing their negotiating. All candidates will be required to work hard and be incredibly focused. our competitive advantage and our future. Global Capital Markets.ESCP Europe 37 .Canaray Wharf . PROFILES SOUGHT In addition to the common skills requirements of interpersonal. you must also demonstrate a real appetite for the job with a proven track record of work and academic experience. Technology. communication. Sales & Trading. networking and entrepreneurial skills. Private Wealth Management. Real Estate Investing. The following divisions all offer some or all of these internship programmes : Investment Banking.morganstanley. RECRUITMENT CALENDAR closing dates will vary by programme and division. given today’s globalisation in the marketplace some divisions have demand for graduates with fluency in a number of foreign languages. (Human Resources section) Email : dominique. structured finance. and in our various technology-related departments. risk management.NATIXIS 30 Avenue Pierre Mendès France . asset management.schaeffer@natixis. Moody’s: Aa3). SPECIFIC MESSAGE TO ESCP EUROPE STUDENTS At Natixis. private banking. financial institutions and institutional investors as well as the client base of individuals. We are recruiting business school graduates with business experience in the form of a long-term internship or international voluntary placement. a Tier 1 ratio of 11. Internal Auditor.300 employees worldwide. it has a solid financial base with total Tier 1 capital of Euros16. Credit Risk Analyst. With around 22.4% and quality long-term ratings (Standard & Poor’s and Fitch Ratings: A+. Natixis has a number of areas of expertise which are organized in three main business lines: Corporate and Investment Banking. Listed on the Paris stock exchange. LBO. enabling you to develop by benefiting from opportunities to move to different functions and regions. It is possible to move between the different business areas.75013 PARIS www. internships of six months to one year are available in different areas of the company : banking (corporate. We stand by your side throughout your internship with Investment Banking Forum 2011 . we work hand in hand to combine your expectations with ours. investment and financial services arm of BPCE PROFILES SOUGHT We are looking to strengthen our skills base in our areas of expertise such as stages@natixis. Portfolio Manager. Natixis operates in 68 countries. asset management. We help you to acquire a real expertise in a challenging environment. Structured Finance Manager. Investment Solutions (asset management. capital vie@natixis. insurance) and Specialized Financial Services. services. and when you graduate. Sales.ESCP Europe 39 . A global player.. M&A.. NET BANKING INCOME Net banking income : 6 520 bn Euros COMPANY PROFILE Natixis is the corporate. Banque Populaire and Caisse d’Epargne. etc. You are part of our team and get totally BUSINESS SECTORS Natixis is the corporate.natixis. the 2nd-largest banking group in France with 22% of total bank deposits and 36 million clients spread over two networks.000 employees. Trader. our HR business partner will explore with you the various career opportunities within Natixis and Groupe BPCE. RECRUITMENT CONTACTS Go to www. facilitated by the bank’s training policy. STAFF More than 22. NUMBER OF VACANCIES For second and third-year students and master students. investment and financial services arm of BPCE. More than 130 French International Assignments (VIE) are available throughout the year.8 billion. structured finance. professionals and small and medium-size businesses of BPCE’s two retail banking networks. More than 1200 internships positions off ered all over the year. CAREER OPPORTUNITIES Recruitment : positions available Corporate Business Manager. APPLICATION DETAILS Career development: The diversity of Natixis’ business activities is reflected by the broad range of operating and cross-departmental functions within our teams. RECRUITMENT CALENDAR You can apply throughout the year. Capital Markets. capital markets). Natixis has its own client base of companies.

NOMURA INTERNATIONAL PLC 1 Angel Lane . All of these competencies are equally weighted and we look for evidence of these in the CV. problem solving. Recruitment process for internships consists of two first round interviews (one competency and one case study) with junior representatives.20 November 2011 Spring & Summer Internships . capital markets and business infrastructure divisions. demanding but ultimately rewarding environment.ESCP Europe 41 . Internships are the perfect preparation for a subsequent full time role. and wholesale (global markets and investment banking). Frankfurt and Madrid. Nomura will extend full time offers to strong performers to return to the company the following year. who will be able to withstand the rigours of a rapidly GRADUATE PROGRAM To apply for a full time position within the investment banking. We assess candidates using a range of key competencies which include.8 January 2012 Insight Programmes (Women’s Immersion & Explore) . Four final round interviews (competency based) with senior representatives.nomura.g.London EC4R 3AB nomura. and New York. leadership. corporate and government clients through an international network in over 30 countries. please visit our website at: Nomura employs approximately 27. candidates should be available for full time employment in July 2013. candidates should be available for full time employment in July 2012. Paris. cover letter and throughout the interview process. RECRUITMENT CALENDAR Internships Deadlines: Winter Internships . global markets and business infrastructure. PROFILES SOUGHT At Nomura our goal is to attract and develop exceptionally talented people who share our passion for individual excellence and our commitment to teamwork. investment banking. Investment Banking Forum 2011 . asset management.+44(0) 20 7102 7859 Diana Ly: +44(0)20 7102 8474 Email: eurrecruitingevents-eu@nomura. London.20 November 2011 APPLICATION DETAILS To find out more and apply to any of our programmes. analytical skills. RECRUITMENT CONTACTS Joanna Morrison . Nomura provides a broad range of innovative solutions tailored to the specific requirements of individual.000 staff COMPANY PROFILE Nomura is a leading financial services group and the preeminent Asian-based investment bank with worldwide reach. We will also need to be convinced of your interest and commitment to the financial services industry and to Nomura in particular. Nomura’s unique understanding of Asia enables the company to make a difference for clients through three business divisions: retail. teamwork. INTERNSHIPS Nomura offers a range of graduate and internship programmes (10 week winter. To apply for an internship position with Nomura in 2012. Based in Tokyo and with regional headquarters in Hong Kong. communication skills. We recruit graduates with a high level of academic and extra-curricular achievement. institutional. Fluency in English is essential and fluency in other languages is advantageous. spring and summer) across three key areas. We also offer 3-6 month internships in our regional offices e. professional presence and initiative.15 January 2012 Full Time Programme Deadline .

Oddo & Cie is active in investment banking and capital management: brokerage on the equity and bond markets.oddo. asset management with associated frontand back-office activities. NUMBER OF VACANCIES All opportunities are posted in our website throughout the year RECRUITMENT CALENDAR No specific deadline SPECIFIC MESSAGE TO ESCP EUROPE STUDENTS If you are seeking a dynamic company where you can develop your expertise and your entrepreneurial skills.ODDO&CIE 12 boulevard de la Madeleine .Fixed Income.75009 Paris www. Sales . proactive and ambitious candidates. Oddo Securities Arnaud Saint-Clair.ESCP Europe 43 . Manager. Analyst. At end-2010. building up on a history of over 160 years. NET BANKING INCOME Euros 255m PROFILES SOUGHT COMPANY PROFILE Oddo & Cie is an independent financial services group.Asset Management & Private banking services .fr BUSINESS SECTORS Investment banking and Asset Management GRADUATE PROGRAM From January 2012. With 1000 employees (including 100 analysts and 100 IT) and Euros 22bn in assets under INTERNSHIPS Missions offered in all business lines Apply online with resume and cover letter 2 rounds of interviews (HR and business) CAREER OPPORTUNITIES We are recruiting in our different specialities: . Oddo Corporate Finance Apply online with resume and cover letter 4 -5 interviews (HR and business) RECRUITMENT CONTACTS Recruitment/Careers website: http://www.Brokerage related services . private banking. ISR Analyst. Analyst. Oddo Securities Sébastien Thevoux Chabuel. Oddo Securities Rodolphe Bazain. This «partnership» ethos guarantees the long-term involvement of its teams.Equities. wishing to build their career in Finance. 30% by employees and 20% by Allianz. Oddo Securities Aurélie Jonglez.Risk management and inspection Investment Banking Forum 2011 .5m and had shareholders’ equity of Euros 379m. we offer a 3-year graduate program with transversal missions. apply and join us! APPLICATION DETAILS STAFF About 1000 employees A few alumni : Raphaël Hoffstetter. within an entrepreneurship structure. Sales . financial analysis. The Group stands out thanks to its ownership structure as 42% of its capital is held by the Oddo family. We are looking for curious.Corporate finance . high exposure to top management and personal follow-up. Oddo Corporate Finance Gilles Morel. Oddo & Cie reported a net profit of Euros 81.

Banking . CAREER OPPORTUNITIES NET BANKING INCOME Please see website for financial data: www. For students in their first year.000 employees globally (across 38 countries) INTERNSHIPS An internship is a great way to gain an insight into the world of RBS. technical training and could help you secure a place on our graduate programme in the future.makeitrbs. We offer internships across four major areas of the RBS Global Banking and Markets (GBM) business including: . GBM Technology and GBM Our graduate programmes range from two to three years and each has its own development structure.makeitrbs.makeitrbs.Markets . redefining RBS and delivering solutions that will shape not only our business.rbs. We offer longer term internships of three to twelve months within our Paris office. Deadline for Full Time November 2011 STAFF RBS has over 130. For penultimate year students. No matter which programme you choose. and track your performance to help build your career path. but the future of banking. NUMBER OF VACANCIES Number of internship positions offered: Over 500 interns across the RBS Group Number of young graduate positions offered: Over 700 Graduates across the RBS Group RECRUITMENT CALENDAR For all application deadlines.Operations . we also run a one week Easter Insight Programme.Markets . we offer graduate and intern opportunities across banking. It offers valuable real experience and could help you secure a place on our graduate scheme. gain valuable work experience. The place is GRADUATE PROGRAM At RBS.Technology.makeitrbs. please refer to our website at www. In Global Banking & Markets (GBM) we are looking for talented graduates to join us in GBM Markets. we have six month internships throughout the year. Across our business we bring together an extensive range of capabilities including debt and equity financing. GBM Deadline for Interns Closing dates vary by programme and we assess on a rolling basis which begins in October 2011. With career-building responsibilities from day one. so please apply as early as possible. For penultimate year students we offer a range of internships (both summer and winter internships) from ten weeks to six months across APPLICATION DETAILS Online application at www. COMPANY PROFILE This is an exciting time to join RBS. We offer graduate programmes across four major areas of the RBS Global Banking and Markets (GBM) business including: . we also run an Easter Insight programme. We also offer a number of intern programmes which are a great way to gain an insight into the world of GBM. For students in their first year. For more information on our graduate and interns programmes and to apply on line please visit www. we pride ourselves on offering a unique and world-class development programme. our different business Email: Gbmgraduate. Graduates and interns now find themselves at the centre of our regeneration. technology and operations to students from all academic Investment Banking Forum 2011 . PROFILES SOUGHT We recruit across all academic disciplines. network with senior managers across the RECRUITMENT CONTACTS Website: www. you will gain all the technical and practical experience you need to be successful in your role. risk management and corporate finance advisory services all with the aim of helping our customers achieve their financial objectives.RBS Worldwide (EMEA.Operations . Our world class development programme gives you the opportunity to develop your key business skills under the guidance of your ‘buddy’ and ‘mentor’. you’ll influence the strategic decisions we make going forward.makeitrbs.ESCP Europe 45 .com In GBM.recruitment@rbs.Banking . and in Continental BUSINESS SECTORS Global Banking & Markets (GBM) is the investment banking arm of the RBS group and provides financing and risk management products to large corporates and financial institutions around the world. Asia Pacific and the Americas) www. markets. We also recruit Masters and PhD students. The time is now. we offer ten week summer internships.

From the start. Barcelona. Madrid.rothschild. Shanghai. Rothschild operates principally in four divisions: .ESCP Europe 47 . Lisbon. COMPANY PROFILE Rothschild is a worldwide financial advisory firm that is both family controlled and independent. École Centrale. École des Mines (c. governments. Warsaw.. reach. Washington The schools most represented include ESCP Europe. HEC. Sydney. Leeds. Your assignments will immediately be diverse in nature.ROTHSCHILD 23bis avenue de Messine . Dubai..World: Beijing.rothschild-cie.140 in France) . The company prides itself on the durability of its relationships with its clients: this is achieved notably thanks to the quality and stability of its staff. NUMBER OF VACANCIES Number of internship positions offered: • Paris: 60 positions for long-term internships • London: 40-60 positions for long-term and 15-20 positions for summer internships Number of young graduate positions offered: • Paris: c. Montreal. Milan. you will have immediate exposure to clients with tasks (valuation. New York. In France. APPLICATION DETAILS www. Rome.) .minvielle@rothschild. institutions and individuals. while remaining only as good as our last assignment. Potential candidates should have high work-load capacity and teamwork spirit in order to be at ease.Summer internships to ESCP Europe 2nd-year students (London) RECRUITMENT CONTACTS Danielle Minvielle danielle. Birmingham.. Manchester. Johannesburg. Toronto. Sciences-Po. intellectual capital and local knowledge help us deliver effective solutions to our clients and to develop long-term relationships with them.1000 bankers in Investment Banking (c. deal execution . As you progress.75008 PARIS www. specialist expertise and wealth of experience.rothschild. worldwide. you will take on greater responsibility and be expected to develop your management and negotiation skills. so all clients benefit from our collective intellectual capital. Stockholm. Istanbul .com CAREER OPPORTUNITIES . Analysts recruited will follow a comprehensive training programme in London. with 1000 advisors based in 45 countries around the world. Paris. Privatisation. our scale.640 in Europe of which c. 30-35 analysts positions RECRUITMENT CALENDAR The deadlines on the website (http://www. Restructuring. We deliver more transactions than any other advisor. ESSEC.Full-time positions to ESCP Europe graduates Long-term internships to ESCP Europe 2nd or 3rd-year students (Paris & London) . expert advice to corporations. Polytechnique.Debt Advisory . audit or consulting will be favoured. the Rothschild Group ranks among the elite of world investment www. with colleagues and clients alike. Sao Paulo. Singapore. Kuala Lumpur. size and international scope. PROFILES SOUGHT We are looking for motivated people who are literate and numerate with analytical and presentation skills as well as excellent social and interpersonal competencies. Hong Kong. 2. Manila. Fluency in English is a pre-requisite and candidates with past experiences in Investment Banking.Corporate Advisory (M&A. 15 bankers from ESCP Europe in the Paris office).800 employees worldwide. ) and responsibilities to fulfil and be judged purely on merit. Jakarta. Senior bankers lead every assignment from start to finish.. and it is why we are leaders in financial advice. 10-15 analysts positions • London: c. Mexico City. Rothschild Global Financial Advisory provides impartial.Fund Management and Private banking Rothschild’s independent expertise in M&A is renowned for its excellence as proved by its permanent top positions in the M&A league tables in France. Investment Banking Forum 2011 .Europe: are as follows: For 2012 Interns Programme Paris: All-year round for long-term internships (6-10 months in advance) London: Summer Internship Programme: Sunday 1 January (applications open in September 2011) February Long Term Internship Programme: Sunday 25 December (applications open in September 2011) For 2012 Graduate Programme Paris: All year round according to needs London: Thursday 3 November 2011 (applications open in September 2011) STAFF 58 offices in 45 countries worldwide and c. Athens. Today. Mumbai. of which c. This has been true for more than 200 years.Equity Advisory .

networking and hands-on experience. VIE contracts: Recruitment for these positions is conducted on a rolling basis all year round.on the one hand. HR.societegenerale.French Networks. good communication and interpersonal skills are all key qualities. CAREER OPPORTUNITIES We recruit for a very wide variety of positions in our locations worldwide. Language skills and a taste for international mobility are highly appreciated. this two-year development programme also enables you to benefit from ongoing networking and development opportunities. financial engineering. Private Banking. NET BANKING INCOME 26. ranging from commercial and sales roles and finance and risk management positions to cross-functional roles including audit. Please consult our offers and submit your application on: http://careers. SG Corporate & Investment Banking graduate programme:We recruit in all of our regions for our global graduate programme almost a full year in advance of the programme start. Combining training. will provide you with an opportunity to broaden your knowledge and develop your skills. Summer internships:We accept applications in all of our regions for our summer internship programme almost a full year in advance of the programme start. Our summer internships will provide internationally. a first internship experience in a banking or finance environment is an asset. you feel that the world of banking is right for you. Summer internships: In your penultimate year of studies. Generale Inspection: The recruitment for this programme is conducted on an annual basis and the deadline for applications is in mid-January each year. Specialised Financing & Insurance and on the other hand.000 employees INTERNSHIPS Long-term internships: Our long-term internships. In addition to a good academic degree. followed by a rapid integration into your assigned team.oriented graduates with the opportunity to do just that. Societe Generale is a leading financial services provider in the euro zone. reflected in all of our actions and within the diversity of our 157. International Retail Banking and Corporate & Investment Banking .ESCP Europe 49 . applied mathematics. These contracts of 12.000 employees. professionalism. SG Corporate & Investment Banking graduate programme: Upon graduation. 50% of their time on international consulting assignments. our graduate programme will provide internationallyoriented graduates.societegenerale. including: business studies.4 billion Euros COMPANY PROFILE An international group. ranging from commercial and sales to finance and risk management positions. team spirit and innovation are our corporate values. We are organised around three dynamic core businesses . these internships could facilitate your entry into the industry if you ultimately decide this is where you wish to be.supported by two complementary businesses . APPLICATION DETAILS Our offers are updated on a regular basis on our careers website. analytical thinking. in our global locations worldwide.which enable us to provide a comprehensive range of services to our clients. HR. RECRUITMENT CALENDAR Long-term internships:We accept applications for these internships on an ongoing basis throughout the year across all of our locations and business divisions. We welcome students from various academic backgrounds.societegenerale.SOCIÉTÉ GÉNÉRALE www. on average. Team spirit. and risk analysis. French International assignments (VIE contracts) Upon graduation and with a previous experience in the banking industry. you are keen to rapidly gain significant international exposure within your career. during which you have had little or no previous work experience. Starting with a global training seminar. the 130 members of this team 24-month are completed in a location outside your country of origin. and IT. Opportunities of this type cover a wide range of roles. Global Investment Management & Services .com RECRUITMENT CONTACTS http://careers. Based in Paris. Investment Banking Forum 2011 . economics. of a minimum of six months in duration. STAFF Membre de la Fondation ESCP Europe BUSINESS SECTORS Bank & Financial Services GRADUATE PROGRAM We offer a number of programmes suitable for recent graduates: Generale Inspection: a 6-year career track ideally suited to graduates who wish to combine an expertise in both finance and consulting.

000 people around the world. our interns work alongside some of the brightest and best people. As a global business. Throughout the internship. however UBS is happy to consider applications from final year students and those who have already graduated. asset management and investment banking services on a global and regional basis. INTERNSHIPS Here at UBS. you’ll benefit from continued education so you can shape the kind of career you’re looking for. products and services to its private. UBS graduates enter intensive. industry-leading training program at the start of their careers with the firm lasting from 18 . All graduates from across UBS’s businesses and throughout the firm have a common mission to build business specific proficiencies and firmwide knowledge. drive and commitment. 37% in Switzerland. PROFILES SOUGHT Applications from all degree disciplines are considered. They focus on specific business skills as well as personal development. training and networking opportunities. planning and organizing. learning about our organization. The program provides interns with challenging tasks and responsibilities where their contributions can make a difference. Whether it’s acquiring the technical knowledge to create the products of the future or developing the skills to be one of our leaders of tomorrow. our clients and the products and services we off er. and Investment Banking Forum 2011 . The internship is aimed to give students a broad experience that will allow them to demonstrate their skills. communication. As well as gaining hands-on experience as part of a smart. Its shares are listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange and the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). we offer a world of opportunities for you to develop your talent . but equally important are demonstrable skills such as problem analysis. APPLICATION DETAILS Please apply online at www. UBS aims to generate sustainable earnings. and become the choice of clients worldwide. COMPANY PROFILE Headquartered in Zurich and Basel. create value for its shareholders. Students who have graduated or apply in their final year are advised that any potential career opportunities secured through our internship program would commence in September 2013. Graduates will also learn about our organization. Switzerland. core values and the professional standards we aspire to. Academic credentials are important. you’ll always be encouraged to make the most of your talents. learn about the UBS culture. driven team. 16% in the rest of Europe and 10% in Asia Pacific.ESCP Europe 51 . GRADUATE PROGRAM The UBS Graduate Program is a learning journey. These programs provide various cross-divisional and specialist perspectives. By delivering a full range of advice. UBS is present in all major financial centers worldwide. Our 10 week structured summer internships are aimed at penultimate year students. This program positions graduates for a successful career at UBS and prepares them for many more learning opportunities ahead.24 months. UBS is a client-focused financial services firm that offers a combination of wealth management. events are run to ensure the experience is packed with learning. CAREER OPPORTUNITIES UBS is a place where you can expect to be stretched long after university. asset management and investment banking services on a global and regional basis. judgement and decision making. we are always looking for students with strong technical skills and language skills. UBS employs about 64. and most importantly explore a potential career. teamwork and collaboration. It has offices in over 50 countries.and to be recognised and rewarded for it. corporate and institutional a specific business division. with about 37% of its employees working in the BUSINESS SECTORS UBS is a client-focused financial services firm that offers a combination of wealth management.UBS www. There are opportunities for graduates to grow both professionally and personally and to create networks to bring our strategy to life.

eu BERLIN Heubnerweg 8-10 14059 Berlin Deutschland T : + 49 30 32007 0 F : + 49 30 32007 111 PARIS© photos : Paul Venning / Image Source Limited. BananaStock/Photononstop. avenue de la République 75 543 Paris CEDEX 11 France T : + 33 1 49 23 20 00 F : + 33 1 43 55 99 63 info. PhotoDisc. Stockbyte / LONDON 527 Finchley MADRID Arroyofresno 1 28 035 Madrid España T : + 34 91 386 25 11 F : + 34 91 373 92 29 solicitudes@escpeurope. Hampstead London NW3 7BG United Kingdom T : + 44 20 7443 8800 F : + 44 20 7443 8845 info. Eric Audras / 2003 PhotoAlto . PDI .uk@escpeurope. 218 bis 10134 Torino Italia T : + 39 011 670 58 94 F : + 39 011 670 58 04 TORINO Corso Unione Sovietica. Jean-Louis AUBERT / CCIP.09/2011 . Eric Audras / 2002 INVESTMENT BANKING FORUM ESCP Europe supports sustainable development CCIP/ERMES Les Bluets 1855-2011 .it@escpeurope.

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