QUESTION: “Can God create a rock so heavy, He can’t carry it?” While everyone else took Management, Engineering, and Management, I took up this queer course called AB Philosophy. And that crazy question above was one of those questions that made our Philo classes interesting. Do you know that after four years of Philosophy, we never really answered that question? Shucks, I should just have asked my 12-year-old kid. (But he wasn’t born yet when I was in college, so forget I said that.) Because while writing this article, I asked Bene the question above, expecting him to say, “Gee Dad, that’s a great question... I don’t know... let me think about it for a thousand years...” But he didn’t say that. He said matter-of-factly, without even pausing for one second to think, “Dad, the answer is easy. Of course, God can create a rock that’s so heavy, He can’t carry it. But He carries it anyway because He’s awesome.” Wow. In one swoop, he solved a 2000-year-old dilemma. “Where did you get that brilliant answer?” I asked him. He smiled, “It’s an old Chuck Norris joke.” Groan. Still, the answer is brilliant. In this series, Impossible, we discussed about the three things that God cannot do: 1) He can’t lie; 2) He can’t change; and 3) He can’t fail. Theoretically, He really can do anything. In the same way that He can create rocks that are so heavy, He can’t carry them. Yes, He can lie, change, and fail. BUT HE WON’T. He can decide to stop loving you. BUT HE WON’T. He can decide to stop blessing you. BUT HE WON’T. He can decide to stop being present in your life each day... BUT HE WON’T. Wow. Have a glorious Feast today! May your dreams come true,


A Catholic Prayer Meeting of the Light of Jesus Family

July 8, 2012

What is Impossible with God?

I’m Possible! Do aLL Things through CHRiST! “Jesus is the same yesterday, and today, and forever.” -Hebrews 13:8
What “impossible” situation did In this series, Impossible, we you experience where God made discussed about the three things that possible? Do you have an impossible God cannot do: situation now that you want God to (1) He can’t lie, make possible? You may not need a (2) He can’t change, and great faith in God… Just Believe. (3) He can’t fail. Have Faith in your Great GOD… Theoretically, He really can do P.U.S.H. (Pray Until anything. Nothing Something Happens!). is impossible with You’re God’s God! “God is not a man, so he Beloved! You’re God’s Yes, He can lie, does not lie. Powerful Champion! change, and fail. He is not human, so he BUT HE WON’T does not change his mind. Engjoy Him, engjoy contradict Himself. Has he ever spoken and Life…! He’s the Truth! failed to act? Have a fantastic It’s HIS nature to Has he ever promised and Feast today! Love, to Bless, to not carried it through?” Care, to Heal, etc. -Numbers 23:19 In His presence , etc. What promises from God have you experienced and cherised in your life? Bro. Eng (‘wag uulitin) Experience that showed God’s Feast Builder, Valenzuela faithfulness to His promise to you. What beliefs about God do you have? Has that changed through the years?


The Feast Valenzuela is a weekly prayer gathering of the Light of Jesus Family held at the Cinema 1 of SM Valenzuela, every Sunday, from 1:30 to 4:00 pm. For questions and concerns, contact Danny Añonuevo @ 09178275755 or email us at

Thank You L ord !

Salamat po Panginoon ako po ay nanganak ng maayos. Naisilang ko po ng maayos ang aking baby na Dear God, thank you for loving me and isang malusog. Salamat po sa lahat ng my family and to all people, for your taong hinipo ninyo para tulungan kami. unconditional love. Thank you rin po at -Loida Macaling successfully nakarating ang mga anak ko sa I thank the Lord for the calls that I’ve received or been receiving. May one of Canada. Bless us Lord. Amen. -Nora Hipolito those jobs bring back glory & honor to His will for me. Thank you Lord for the successful - Mary Grace de Leon operation of my daughter of serious Thank you Lord at hindi nalumpo ang anak sinusitis. Also for my daughter-in-law for ko. Thank you Lord for all the blessing for caesarian operation, inspite of financial my youngest child to pass the entrance difficulties they are able to pay their exam for the course of BSTU. Thank you so hospital bills. -Nena Casuyon much. -Arlene Hipolito Thank you for all the blessings, for the love of family and friends. For providing me with all my needs despite of not having job . -Reg.Atendee

<<Flashback July 1, 2012


Yesterday, July 7, 45 members of the CG Trim graduated and have undergone THE ENCOUNTER Seminar for two Saturdays - June 30 , and July 7. Congratulations and Welcome to the LOJ Family!

E ncounter...


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