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From: Sent: To: Subject: Farhad Khan [fsk49@yahoo.com] Saturday, September 29, 2012 2:24 PM Azad Iqbal; ameen.ahmed@jci.com; azam Siddiki; rjhkhan@hotmail.com; salmaanrasheedi@hotmail.com; khurshid Khan; Tariq Haroon Ahmed Fw: Dr. Shireen Mazari's Letter To Imran Khan: Your Integrity Is Intact, But PTI Taken Over By Big Money, Feudal Lords

> Full Text: Dr. Mazari's resignation letter to Imran Khan, Chairman #PTI. The > letter explains reasons for Dr. Mazari's resignation, differences over > policy such as PTI's economic policy and position on IMF loans, and the hope > of introducing new political culture in Pakistan.] > > Imran Khan, Esq > Chairman PTI, > Islamabad > 25th September 2012 > > > > Dear Imran, > > It is with great sadness and disappointment that I am writing to let you > know I have been compelled to leave PTI. As you know, when you came to see > me at the time you had just formed PTI, I had made a commitment to you that > I would join PTI only whenever I was able to join direct politics, > especially electoral politics. I totally agreed with your vision for change, > especially in the context of foreign policy which has always been a central > focus of mine for over 40 years. So it was with absolutely no hesitation > that I came to see you in 2008 after the elections PTI boycotted. I joined > PTI with no bargaining for any position. All I sought was an assurance that > the same ideals, again especially in terms of change and foreign policy, > still prevailed. > > I worked for the Party and tried to help any way I could – be it with Omar > Cheema in the media or with the administration of the Islamabad office as > well as formulating an alternate viable foreign policy narrative for the > Party. The most encouraging and vital aspect of PTI at the time was the > driving sense everyone had that we were going to be the harbingers of change > not only in terms of nationalist policies for Pakistan but also in a new > egalitarian non-elitist political culture. In fact this egalitarianism > prevailed throughout the party beginning with yourself, which allowed for a > truly democratic interaction in the Party. > > In addition, your appeal of change was your own style of politics where you > reached out directly to the masses of the electorate. It may have taken a

the > intra-Party elections are not going to be held on a level playing field by > any yardstick! 2 . like ZA Bhutto. after > which you. > > So. but to effectively hand them > control of the Party was unwarranted. The membership drive itself through membership booklets has some > serious questions hanging over it and I did try to raise these in the PSC > meeting on the issue but to no avail. > > > 3. > > > 2. could have built up your party's existing > leadership including the large group of middle class and professional > followers you had into potential “electables” who would directly interact > with the people. It is strange that while you have been critiquing GST and > indirect taxation consistently and correctly. you chose to open the floodgates for old traditional > “electables”. Unfortunately after the Lahore Oct 2011 jalsa.the so-called “electables” – between the people and > yourself has gradually turned the PTI into a traditional political party > with all the excess baggage that that connotes. After all if they were so skilled and > committed to principles then why were they unable to formulate policies to > improve the country? Most had been Party hopping and had occupied public > offices for substantive time periods yet they represented no stream of > change or an alternative narrative to the status quo. The energy policy of > PTI reflects this status quo mindset as does the economic policy which is > effectively purely a fiscal policy set to please the IMF! A whole critique > can be made of the economic policy but the main point is that it has no > relief for the common man. No doubt some of these > “electables” are indeed financially clean.> long time but the Lahore 2011 jalsa was the game changer for Pakistan’s > electoral politics. The plane and helicopter dependency is one reflection of > this but so are other disturbing happenings like the donation of Rs 50 lakhs > by one individual to some ISF leaders directly – ostensibly for aiding the > membership drive – instead of it going via the Party account. In other words. including a total absence of any reduction in > utility rates. A new culture of money has sprung up with big money taking over > Party programmes. This shift in moving from directly reaching out to the electorate to > using intermediaries . the PTI economic policy has > done a total reversal on this position – reflective of the policy shifts > being made in PTI. I still maintain that by selling the > booklets we allowed the rich members to purchase huge amounts of the > booklets and then make their members with no check on whether these books > were being filled simply to build up local support for the intra party > elections at Union and District levels or whether the members being enlisted > were genuinely believers and supporters of PTI! Also rumours abound about > motorbikes and other gifts being given by the big money players to people > who managed to make a certain number of members. after trying to accept the new PTI realities for some time. I feel in > all honesty I cannot go along with this post-Lahore PTI for the following > reasons: > > 1.

Tragically none of these new > entrants can bring about the change which PTI had been promising. I do not want to > reduce myself to personal attacks and we refrained from such filth even when > my daughter was being subjected to filthy abuse. > > > 9. I will not dignify the show cause notice > with a response – especially since the points cited in it also happen to be > factually incorrect. But there are limits to > everyone’s patience. instead of resolving the issue amicably. retired civil and military bureaucrats > have also found senior niches in the Party. our think tanks which contain some of the > most senior technocrats have been totally ignored in policy making despite > some very competent people being present there like Mr Pervez Butt who > headed our PAEC for many years. and you chose to adopt a vengeful posture > by serving me with a show cause notice and then sending a message that I > should make a public apology and retract my statement. > > > 8. All these competent people have been either > totally ignored or treated with utter disdain by the big money players. To make matters worse. > > > 6. 3 . I hope that we are not reduced to abuse and name calling on the > social media again as it will not do anyone any good. I have never doubted your integrity or commitment but unfortunately > you are being overwhelmed by those who have never had an ideology in all the > years they were in politics or the bureaucracy. > That I made the critical speech before our people in Rajanpur was necessary > as I felt their pain – since they had waited from 11 am right uptil 4 45 pm! > Many were flood affectees and to simply suggest that they should be > reassembled from across the district the next day was not possible. It is not enough to simply > have faith in you because a Party is defined by more than one man – it is > defined by its collective leadership. As for the incident in Rajanpur. your social media > and their “trolls” chose to use filthy abuses against my daughter which > compelled her to leave the party. Sadly. > > > 7. As if > that is not disappointing enough. I maintain my position that you > could have driven the one hour distance from DG Khan to Rajanpur and I had > offered Mr Tareen for your group to stay overnight at my village if you > could not make it to Mr Tareen’s farm in Lodhran. The reality is that today PTI has been effectively taken over by > traditional politicians reflecting big money and/or feudal “sardars”. > > > 5.> > > 4. Since I maintain I > did nothing wrong and since there was nothing incorrect in my statement > about the takeover of the Party. The next day you had to go > to Sindh and my village was much closer and Mr Tareen has an airstrip next > door in Jamaldinwali so his plane could have come to pick your party up.

I will be there > to serve the Party in any way I can. Mazari 4 . > > Shireen M. Sadly. So it is with a heavy heart > that I leave PTI knowing that the only change PTI has brought has been in > yourself and the nature of the collective leadership.> > > 10. If PTI really does choose to revert to directly relating to the masses. For me coming into electoral politics > through PTI was simply to affect national agendas in a way that > qualitatively changes Pakistan for the better. > its original character and ideology of change and justice. that made us all in PTI develop a comradeship and bond that was > unique. the commitment to > change. is withering away fast in all but name.

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