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Self-consciousness The first thing is to be sure of what self-consciousness means, which is consciousness of myself or the perception of being.

The meaning of self-consciousness is that it is a return of ones attention "inside" or realizing ones own existence, remaining the person that I am but without the individual qualities. The simplest and most powerful exercise to acquire self-conscience is to realize I am alive. If you practice this it leads necessarily to the understanding that I am consciousness and nothing else. The certainty of our own existence remains with us from the first memories that we have of ourselves in infancy. That certainty is always there and we dont have any doubt about it. However, because it is so clear and obvious we dont pay any attention to it. At the same time we imagine that self-consciousness must be a very remote state and therefore a thing to be acquired. Anyone who has self-consciousness, knows that he IS apart from everything that exists in the world. The experience of our own existence, leaving aside any theory acquired artificially through reading or education, is a direct experience, without any intervention of the mind. In other words, it is a matter of the same consciousnessit is reached by experience and not by thinking about it. To put it simply, become aware that you are alive. I LIVE!!! Then stay there. The direct Self-experience is assured without investigations, without elimination or denials. The awareness of your own existence is experienced as I AM. This is not open to question and any doubt that appears is due to the resistance that comes from ignorance. The Being that you are is always there. You dont need to enquire if it is real or not. Focus on the experience of self-existence and return to the fact that YOU are the only one in yourself that IS. Everything else will follow. This exercise must be practiced constantly, of course according to what is possible for each person. One has to put all ones eggs in one basketwhatever one is doingwalking, eating, workingreturning to the experience of being alive must be constant. In this way it strengthens the sense of the presence of I that is necessary as a basis for realization. The elimination of the ignorance that prevents one from realizing that one is already realized comes through understanding that I am neither the body nor the personal circumstances that surround me. Do not fall into the error of missing what you already are and leave in the background the direct experience of Being. You have done this all your life and this tendency is there since childhood. BEING is your everlasting condition and you cannot deny this evidence. It is just that you have never taken the trouble to realize that you are alive, that in you there is that existence which is Being. When it comes to one for the first time and without expecting for the experience that I AM of account of which it is a LIVING CONSCIOUSNESS, that it is and the absorption is a natural consequence of re-living through the experience again. This absorption is to realize that HE IS ALIVE and the mind nothing can do there, the thought for leaving to the overdraft the sheen of the light of the consciousness, this space without thoughts. I it is the CONSCIOUSNESS and the free thoughts space is the Light of

the Consciousness where the stage of the life develops. What or does who realize his own existence?, the only one that knows that he is alive in you this and yourself are it is you who. Stand up there and do not leave that your mind exhibits the whole set of well-read concepts to you and never real. This I that are only you, the doubtful one, the darkened one and searcher YOU that he search for himself, it is the Consciousness, the point from which it divides the whole stage, and is only your fault to believe your own sleep, of there believes a searcher, an intelligent and special being, when you are only a point of living and auto-existing consciousness. When you are there, being I the thought does not appear because the mind is turned on itself. To you must not to you already import if you are real or not, what it must import for you is sinking you in yourself and this is something of those that many people who deny the existence of me cannot do because they still have not been. You are the point between the Real thing and the not real thing and through you Maya develops and through you Maya becomes extinct. But that you already will live through it further on. The Being is an existence, I Am it is an existence, your mind and its effects on you are an illusion, but you need to sink in yourself, absorbed with so much force that produces a short circuit to itself in the nature of maya. With few practice soon you will realize that the perception of you yourself alone is a mental gesture and that the self-existing being is not placed in the head, which of a very natural form is lived in the center of the breast. When this happens in you he knows that you are already not under the influence of the mind, knows that you her have come out. Existence is to Be and the alone being is lived, the only one that can do it are it is you who and you are the same who now reads and investigates trying to understand what he reads. In fact, here one has not stopped speaking about you ever, but you need to understand what you read, this gesture takes you straight to the confusion, only date back account that you are alive and give him an opportunity to the simplicity and demonstrate of that you are already and for that do not have to look to yourself. The flavor of the being is what has always been there and you experience it from when you were a child / girl and it will be there when you are an elder / oldster, always equally, without change. Learns to absorbed without getting lost of sight, without leaving that the mind is expressed and remains caught in the impressions, for it at first you will need a good attention dose, then with the time not. Yes you have to look at yourself, look it is not important, dually, this self-look is passing, soon you will realize that you do not need to do this gesture to be there, the Existence does not need this gesture for anything, when this moment comes you will know that the history has changed. It rejects everything what you understand, what in this moment apprehend is a knowledge without value later because your way will finish when you cross the wall of the knowledge and the ignorance, when it comes this moment will not stay anybody there and the Absolute will be revealed by itself but there will not be one I who enjoys it. Then:

"Centering the mind in "I am", in the feeling of being, this way it dissolves "I am this and that one", and what remains is "I am only the Witness" and that also submerges in "I am quite". Then everything turns

into One, and One is himself you not separated from me. Leave the idea of one "I" separated and the question of: "who experiments?" it will not arise". This method is the only and universal, there does not exist another way of dissolving the ego and I Am. Centering the attention on the Witness this one dissolves in the Absolute. There is no anymore mystery than that one. So much I as I there are only attention focus, she must be turned on herself, the result is dissipation"