For the Partial Fulfillment of the Requirement For The Award of Degree of MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION (2011-2013) From MAHAMAYA TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY, NOIDA

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For the Partial Fulfillment of the Requirement For The Award of Degree of MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION (2011-2013) From MAHAMAYA TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY, NOIDA






This is to certify that the project work done on MARKET RESEACRH ON THE PRODUCT LINE OF JAQUAR AND THE RESPONSE TOWARDS IT BY THE CUSTOMERS is a bonafide work carried out by Mr. KUMAR RISHI under my supervision and guidance. The project report is submitted towards the partial fulfillment of the requirement of degree of Master in Business Administration.

This work has not been submitted anywhere else for any other degree/diploma. The original work was carried during 14.06.2011 to 25.07.2011 in JAQUAR AND COMPANY PVT. LTD.

Date: 25-07-2012

(KUMAR RISHI) Student’s Name and Sign Roll No.: 1109070033 Name & Sign of Faculty


I hereby declare that this project report has been prepared by me based on the study undertaken at Jaquar and Company Pvt. Ltd. New Delhi.

The project is a bonafide work of my own with the primary data collected on the visits to various parties on behalf of Jaquar. Secondary data has been sourced from the company and various other sources as described in the references.


I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to (Director, Jaquar and Company Ltd) and Mr <kekro naam> (General Manager, Jaquar and Company Ltd) for giving me the opportunity to do my project at Jaquar and Company Ltd.

I am also indebted to…… and Dr. S.N.SINGH (H.O.D Deptt. Of MBA, IEC-CET), without their help I would not have been able to avail this golden opportunity.

I owe a lot of my training to the staff at Jaquar and Company Pvt. Ltd who helped me with their informative inputs, data and were also a constant source of encouragement and intellectual and moral support.

In the same breath I would like to thank the employees of Jaquar and Company Pvt. Ltd for devoting their precious time.

Last but not the least my family and friends deserve a special mention for being behind me the whole of this research project.

(KUMAR RISHI) Roll No.: 1109070033 Department Of MBA (2011-2013) IEC-CET


In this Project we discuss comprehensive introduction to the Product Line of Jaquar and responses from various consumer groups to the product segments. The introduction of the company shows us a lot about the sanitaryware market and how Jaquar has fared till date. The product mix presents before us the changing scenario of Indian sanitaryware market and the availability of new and improved sanitaryware items. The responses from the customer groups show how the taste for things once considered belittled is now changing for the better. Spending power has no doubt has made people more attracted to products more on the luxury side even in sanitaryware markets but also the middle class customer has become so much informed that he is ready to shell out big money for quality items. Marketing research on sanitary ware market in itself is a very massive task wherein the market has to be studied with knowledge of competitive products and pricing. In this project a sincere effort has been made to project the product line of Jaquar and company Pvt. Ltd. with the products of different players in the market that can be thought of standing in the same breadth. Most of the items of Jaquar studied here are those that have been in use in the researched environments or have been prospected therein. The response of the customers thus envisages all forms of prospective buyers from households to builders, architects and plumbing agencies.




Jaquar group was built on the platform of highest quality standards, aesthetics and with the intent of providing world class products. Conceived way back in 1960 by Mr. N.L. Mehra, Jaquar group is an undisputed market leader in the bath fittings category that has transformed the industry from merely utilitarian to inspirational. With the Group’s vision to evolve into a ‘Complete Bathing Solutions’ enterprise, Jaquar has also successfully diversified into various bath verticals like sanitaryware, shower enclosure, water heaters, concealed cisterns, wellness range of products like whirlpool, shower panels, showers, steam cabin and spa. Jaquar group has recently forayed in concept lighting solutions for all residential, commercial and outdoor applications. As a one window solution, Jaquar concept lighting offers wide range of high quality products, design consultancy, installation and post care. Over the year’s innovation, commitment and performance has been the group’s core philosophy. A globally renowned super brand, Jaquar has created worldwide presence through continuous R&D in design and today Jaquar group has: • • • • • • • • World class brands, products and ranges for residential and commercial purpose Over 60% market share in bath fittings industry Presence over 5 continents making it a true global player 3 state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities spread over 1 lac sq. mts. Trained technicians producing 50,000 faucets a day 5 Lac happy new customers every year Large company operated orientation centers showcasing world class display Unmatched customer service and product warranty

Crossing 1250 crore mark in FY-11-12, Jaquar is truly a global bath solutions company creating benchmarks in the industry and the most preferred one stop solutions brand across the globe. Vision: - Global leader in Complete Bathing Solutions for inspired living.

Mission: - Continuously striving to create value and exceeding customers’ expectations in quality, delivery and cost effectiveness through continuous product innovation and cutting edge technologies Values:• • • • • • • Passion for Technology Taking care of our people Excellent customer service Building strong relationships Entrepreneurial spirit Reliability Integrity

Quality Policy 50 years of presence and 5 lac happy new customers every year speaks volumes of Jaquar obsession towards quality. Jaquar’s philosophy: • • • • • • Continuously striving to create value and exceeding customers’ expectations Provide products and services that meet global standards. Continuously improve processes to understand changing customer needs and preferences. Regular input for periodically reviewing and revising performance standards of our products and services. Acceptance of Zero Defect as a quality absolute, and shall design and operate our quality system accordingly. Green products as part of environment conservation

Quality and advancement in technology is what sets Jaquar apart. The high standards of products in every category has cemented the reputation as the most valued premium brand in the bathing industry. To ensure performance and longevity, all our product undergo numerous tests. There is a well equipped R&D Centre with the latest 3D Modeling Design software to carry out design functions and define technical specifications. Strategic Business Verticals

Jaquar group operates under following two strategic business verticals: • Bathing Solutions: Maintaining its leadership position over the years in bath fitting category, Jaquar has also successfully diversified into various bath verticals like sanitaryware, shower enclosure, water heaters, flushing systems, wellness range of products like whirlpool, shower panels, showers, steam cabin and spa under bathing solutions vertical. The vision of this vertical is to give end consumers, institutional customers and professional like architects, interior designers and technical specifiers a complete and coordinated bathing solution. Lighting Solutions: Jaquar Concept Lighting helps you create a warm & vibrant work atmosphere by transforming environments and creating experiences right from the gate to the bathroom through our advanced lighting products and solutions coupled with world-class partnerships. As a one window solution, Jaquar concept lighting offers wide range of high quality concepts, products, design consultancy, installation and post care for all residential, commercial and outdoor applications.

Brands Artize: Craftsmanship in water. It pays a tribute to the fine traditions of exquisite craftsmanship and precision. Where design, technology and talent combine to deliver a masterpiece. Artize is truly inspired coordinates for luxurious bath spaces. You will discover them to be amongst the world’s most exclusive collection to have ever graced interiors. Perfect harmony is the very essence of Artize either together as coordinates or even as individual pieces. Artize exquisite craftsmanship is so stunning that they can inspire the design principles of not just your bath spaces but of your entire living spaces. Truly aspirational collection in Faucets, Sanitaryware and Wellness Products, Artize spells luxury through a combination of design, technology and talent anywhere in the world. Jaquar: Experience bathing. Since the inception of the company, it has been our passion to deliver world class bathing solutions, suiting every requirement of our customers, through constant development and continuous innovation. With over 50 years, Jaquar has established itself as leading global and trusted brand, known for excellence in innovation and technology. Be it a retail establishment, corporate offices, residential buildings, large factories or town ships, Jaquar has a vast and unbeatable portfolio to its credit. A one stop solution brand for all bathing needs, Jaquar has aesthetically designed, hi-performing faucets, showers enclosures, water heaters, sanitaryware,flushing systems, wellness products and lighting in its portfolio. Jaquar bath space can be defined as an individual’s personal sanctuary to wash away the stress of one’s day to day life. A harmonious fusion of personal style, grace and tranquility.

Essco : Superbly Efficient Value for money bath fitting range and accessories from Jaquar group. Each of the collection is ergonomically designed using high quality material and exceptional functionality . Essco is available in 4 ranges i.e. Marvel, Sumthing Special, Delux and Tropical. Essco comes with 10 year warranty and impeccable customer service. Strategic Alliances Jaquar has partnered with some of the world’s best technological and leading brands to bring latest and the most advanced offering in Indian market. Some of our strategic alliances are: • • • • • Glass Idromassaggio from Italy, one of the leaders in whirlpools & shower systems AO Smith from USA, the world leader in heating appliances Aquis from Switzerland, the pioneer in Sensor Technology Docol from Brazil for water saving taps and flush valves SIAMP from Monaco for concealed cisterns.

Going Global With over 50 years of company history, Jaquar has been contributing to the architecture of various national and international prestigious projects. Some of our associations:

Hotels: • • • • • • • • Bab Al Shams – 7 star resort, Dubai Hotel Parklane – 5 star hotel, Bur Dubai Taj Airport Garden Hotel, Sri Lanka Four Season hotels, Maldives Swahili Beach Resort - 5 Star Resort, Kenya Holiday Inn, Tanzania Kala Resort, Samui, Thailand Park View – 5 Star Hotel, Dubai

Public Projects:

• • • • • • • • •

Ministry of Defence, Oman Asian Beach games village, Oman Awqaf Board, Qatar Ministry of Housing, Bahrain Royal commission, Saudi Arabia King Fahad International Airport, Dammam, Saudi Arabia R Premadasa cricket stadium, Sri Lanka Reliance VIP Hospital, Abujha, Nigeria King Fahad University of Minerals & Petroleum, Saudi Arabia

Residential: • • • • • • • Gladdale Homes, United Kingdom Antler Homes, United Kingdom Weston Homes, United Kingdom Al Rashid Tower, Saudi Arabia Muscat Wave, Oman Bahrain Defence Force, Bahrain Air force Housing, Sri Lanka

Commercial: • • • Al Rashid Mall, Saudi Arabia Bahrain Mall, Bahrain Jeddah Tower, Saudi Arabia

Awards & Recognitions A truly global brand, Jaquar has a plethora of laurels and international certifications that corroborate our performance and durability standards.

Manufacturing Facilities

At Jaquar, we believe that ultra modern technological setup is the fundamental to world class products. We at Jaquar continuously strive to create value and exceed customers expectations in quality, delivery and cost effectiveness through continuous product innovation and cutting edge technologies. In line with our mission to deliver superlative bathing products , Jaquar has established three state-of-the-art manufacturing units spread across spread over 1 lac sq. mts with a manufacturing capacity of 50,000 faucets per day in the heart of Delhi & NCR region. In our manufacturing plants: • There is a fully equipped in-house production process, monitored right from fabrication of components to finishing of the product. The complete machining process is carried out on fully automatic high speed precision machines. A fully equipped testing laboratory with Pneumatic Testing & Endurance Test machines rigorously tests out the product life cycle. Advanced Silica Core Technology guarantees defect – free, uniform wall thickness for the internal water passage of the product. The entire machining is carried out on fully automatic and semi automatic, high precision machines. Auto polishing machines, grinding machines, along with the chemical coating plant ensure excellent mirror finish. In order to ensure accurate chemical composition, all raw materials are tested on the spectrometer, which is followed by the non destructive plating thickness test. The products undergo a life cycle test, where the products are tested in the salt spray chambers, to test their longevity and reliability. As per industry standards, the products should be able to sustain 250 hrs in the salt spray chambers; however Jaquar products last for over 400 hrs. The products are checked for porosity, by undergoing water and pneumatic testing

• • • • • •

Jaquar’s Incomparable Project Series

In a world of multiple stresses, the ability to escape, to slow down and live in the moment has become a luxury. This is the reason why nowadays, bathrooms have become, what architects and builders refer to as the ground zero of building design. The fascination with bathrooms seems parallel to the fixation that “Customers are having a love affair with their bathrooms.” This is the reason why bathrooms have become a kind of laboratory for serving ones expectations on a functional, emotional, and aspiration level. The demand for bathrooms that

combine convenience with functionality and marry luxury with technology is rapidly increasing. Builders and homeowners alike are now realizing that a bathroom with a built-in ‘wow’ factor enhances not only the desirability but also the value of a property. Jaquar understands that this presents builders and architects with a challenge to create unique design expressions, sometimes as interesting extensions of the bedroom. To honour and strengthen relationship with architects and builders, it has presented the Jaquar Project Series which provides fresh, unique and uncommon designs, not available in the market. The Series has been specially designed to cater to large building projects. They are manufactured and tested using advanced global technology and provide flawless performance even during the heaviest of usage. What sets apart these stylishly designed ranges in the Project Series is that they are backed by 10 year warranty and excellent customer centric services. With over 50 years of company history behind and decades of experience in catering to various prestigious projects worldwide, Jaquar is proud to state that due to the large production capacity of 40,000 faucets a day, we are one of the few companies who are able to deliver large quantities within your stringent time schedules. Therefore, we can confidently say that the Jaquar Project Series is the answer to all your requirements, related to large - sized building projects.

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