Chapter 1 The first few… Chapter 2 The magical mirror Chapter 3 Letter from Zelda Chapter 4 Problem in time 1/2 Chapter 4 Problem in time 2/2 Chapter 5 Evil Link: Yellow Chapter 6 Search for Skull Kid

Chapter 7 Rupees for Skull Kid Chapter 8 The brave 1 saves the day

Chapter 1 The first few…

Said a sweet young voice. “ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!” Snored Link. “Err Link?” The voice said again. “… N’ some bread to…” Complained Link. “Aha! I know you r in there Link you just said n’ some bread to!” She shouted. “Holy Hyrule! Can’t people get sleep around here?” Asked Link. “Sorry… but hey it’s Zelda! I’m HERE!” smiled Zelda. “What??? Is it June the 13 already?” Shouted Link “Well yes it is…” Complain Zelda. “Oh, alright just let me get Elzo.” Moaned Link. “Hey!!!” Shouted Elzo! 15 hours later

could have given me a sword to fight the enemies you idiot!” Shouted Link. “Well you’re about to get one.” Moaned Zelda. “Huh?” Said Link. “Come on let’s just go!” Zelda shouted. And so Link with Zelda travelled into the 4-sword temple. When they got in they saw Vattie sleeping like a baby so Zelda got a sledgehammer and smashed it on Vattie’s head! “WAAAAAHAHAHAHA!!!” Vattie cried. “Oh, stop you’re winning! You little cry baby, it was only a gentle tap!” Frowned Zelda. While Zelda and

Vattie argued, Link went to the 4th sword and started trying to yank it out of the stone. “Come on, come on…” Struggled Link. SNAP! The handle on the sword had snapped of the blade and Link was holding it. BZZZZZZZZZZZZTTTTT!!! “Holy Hyrule! There was only supposed to be three new links but there is four new Links and they’re the wrong colours!” Moaned Link. “Ok, what colours do we have… we have a Yellow, orange, white and brown. And they don’t even have blades! How pathetic is this?” Asked Link. When Link looked at Zelda he saw Vattie’s demon hand reach for her. “Got ya!” Vattie shouted… “Wait… that’s her purse! Sweep! Now I got the real deal!” Laughed Vattie. “No!!!” Shouted Link. Link got a cool idea to kill Vattie but it didn’t work. “I’ll throw my sword handle at you!” He said triumphantly. We he threw it, it smacked into the wall and broke. “We must copy our leader!” Shouted brown. “Nah, I’m to tired to throw things at the wall.” Said White. “Shut up and do it you nut head!” Complained Yellow “Oh alright!” Shouted White. “You to Orange.” Frowned Yellow. But before Yellow even said a word, Orange threw his handle at the wall. SMASH!!! The handles went flying into the wall. “Oh, this is useless!” Moaned Link. “Link for 1234th time catch this magic mirror! It will take you to the dark world!” Shouted Zelda. “Eh!” Shouted Zelda as she threw the mirror. SMASH!!! The mirror broke because Link was not listening. “I got it!” Smiled Link as he rushed back to the blade. “I’ll get the blade out and throw that at Vattie!” He said happily. And so Link pulled out the blade. BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZTTTTTTTTTTTT!!! Creating the original colourers appeared and had only a blade. “Throw your blade at Vattie!” Link shouted. All the blades hit the wall. “I said at Vattie!” Moaned Link. “At Vattie??? We thought you

said the wall!” Shouted Red, Blue and Purple! “We have one last option.” Said Link. He calmly walked over to the stone and picked it up. BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZTTTTTTTTTTTT!!! Bronze, Silver and Gold were made but Link just threw the stone.

Chapter 2 The magical mirror

can’t believe it missed!” Shouted Link. “Now Vattie has Zelda!” He shouted. “I found a mirror!” Shouted Silver. “Huh?” Link said. “Let me see.” Said Link. “You’re the boss!” Smiled Silver. BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT !!! “Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!” Shouted the 11 links. “*Speaking in foreign language. *” Said Link. “*Speaking in foreign language. *” Said Zelda “Huh? I’m here and I’m also over there?” Asked Link. “Oh great a super powerful clone that rips us apart! Perfect! Now what do we do Link?” Asked Brown. RIP!!! “Greeting Link, Brown, Yellow, Silver, Blue, Red, White, Purple, Gold, Bronze and Orange! I am a gnome for toy land and I give you glue for your swords!” The gnome smiled. “Glue? What the hell is glue?” Asked White. “What haven’t glue been invented yet?” Asked the gnome. “Nope. We haven’t even heard of it before.” Said Link. “Oh, then I’ll introduce it here in Japanese Hyrule!” He smiled. “What?!? Japanese Hyrule? But it looks no diff… oh I see! The other Link was the Japanese version of me!” Smiled Link. So the gnome told the

11 warriors what glue was then told them how to use it. “Thanks mister gnome guy sir!” They all smiled. “Well goodbye all of you I’ll see you in hell!” He waved. “Hell?” Asked Purple. “Fine then heaven!” He moaned. “That’s better.” Purple laughed. “*Speaking in foreign language.*” Said J. Link. “Go away!” Silver shouted. “We have learnt… *speaking in foreign language*… how to speak English!” Said J. Zelda. “Holy Hyrule! There on to us, run!!!” Link shouted. BZZZZZZZZZZZZTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!! “Ok, I think I know what this mirror does now.” Said Link. “Really? If so, tell us now!” Demanded Bronze. “It must take us into different worlds.” Said Link.

Chapter 3 Letter from Zelda
3 months later

that we have ten more beds we can all have a rest!” Said White. “For the 4000th time stop saying that!” Shouted Red. “But, Red, he is right!” Said Brown. “Don’t make me slap you Brown.” Said Red. So the 11 adventurers slept safely until… BANG!!! “HOLY HYRULE!!! What was that???” Asked Link in a loud voice. Link ran outside to see a chicken and a U.F.O! “O.M.G!” He said. The U.F.O crashed into a mounting letting out lots of monsters. “Awww… nuts…” Said Yellow slapping himself in the face. “What’s the point in complaining?” Asked Link. “We

can’t fight all of those enemies!” Shouted Blue. “CHARGE!!!” Charged Red. “What do you think your doing?” Shouted Purple, Blue, Yellow, Brown, White, Orange, Bronze, Silver and Gold. “What? Link is already down there fighting!” Complained Red. So they all went in for battle against the evil monsters. SLASH!!! SLING!!! STAB!!! SWISH!!! SWOOSH!!! It was a fierce battle but all hope was lost. The warriors were defeated. /Moan/ /Grumble/ /Moan/. Many of the monsters were killed but the warriors were to worn out to fight… except for one of the warriors… “Hello?” Shouted Link. “WOOB WOOB WOOB WOOB!!!” “Wha…? What was th… that?” Asked Link in a worried voice. (As by now I hope you have realised that Link is in the U.F.O but it is empty of course… We hope…) Link drew his sword and carried on walking. Zzzz. CLIP CLOP CLIP CLOP! “Oh no! It’s the monsters they have found me!” Frowned Link. Link started running until he came upon a door with 2 monsters guarding. “Hey you!” One of them shouted. “Yes?” Asked Link. “Go away! This isn’t your U.F.O is it!” He said. “Well I suppose you are correct…” complained Link. “Will you go already?” The other one asked. “Why should I?” Asked Link. “Because we are going to smash you to bits!” The second one said. “Come on then!” He said bravely as he chopped the first monster’s head off. “Is that all?” The last monster asked him. “Nope but you won’t live long enough to see it.” Said Link in an insulting voice. “Oh yeah right!” Laughed the monster. SWISH!!! Link had chopped the monster’s head off. “Hey! There he is!” The other monsters shouted. Link gulped. Zzzz. Link went through the door the monsters were guarding. There right in front of Link was a giant Deku Scrub “Oh my god!” He shouted. “Are you the one who made that freaky sound?” He asked the Deku Scrub. “Why yes I am.

But are you one of the monsters for my daily torture?” The Deku scrub asked, Link. “Uh… no… I’m not.” Link said. “Oh that’s good! But… is your name… Frizzle?” Asked the Deku scrub. “All right already! Enough of the /said the Deku scrub/ it’s getting annoying!” Shouted Link. “But what am I supposed to call the Deku scrub?” Asked the narrator. “Uh… I am still here you know…” Smiled the… “Don’t say it!” Shouted Link. “Sorry…” The narrator. “So… Mister Deku scrub… What’s your name?” Asked Link. “Zedoo.” Said Zedoo. “Funny… That name… it reminds me of Zelda…” Said Link. “So you know Zelda… That must mean that your name is Frizzle.” Asked Zedoo. “Uh… no actually… It’s Link.” Said Link. “Oh… Frizzle means Link on my planet!” Smiled Zedoo. Zzzz. “They are in here!” Shouted the monsters. (If you don’t remember the monsters then go back a bit.) “Link! Please untie me! I have come to see you and give you a message from Zelda!” Shouted Zedoo. Link untied Zedoo and they started fighting the monsters until… “Hey, Link!” Shouted Red. “Hey I thought you guys were knocked out!” Shouted Link. “We was but woke up and are now gonna fight all the monsters!” Shouted Blue. So the warriors started fighting the monsters again. It was a fierce battle but the monsters were defeated. “Oh yeah!” Smiled Yellow. “Woo! Woo! Woooooooooooo!” Shouted White. While the non-real people celebrated Link and Zedoo was talking about the message that Zedoo had to give to Link. “So you said you had a message from Zelda?” Said Link. “Yes… It is that she is waiting for you 300,000,0 feet above the clouds.” Said Zedoo calmly. “Oh, ok, but how am I supposed to get 300,000,0 feet above of the clouds?” Asked Link. “Well you could use my space ship… but it’s broken. So you can’t use it until it’s fixed.” Said

Zedoo “Ok.” Said Link. It had been 3 days since Link saved Zedoo from the monsters but link knew not of what was in store for him…

Chapter 4 Problem in time Part 1/2

Link!” Cried Zedoo. “What is it? I’m trying to watch this thingy, which came through a black portal!” Shouted Link. “I know! This is important! That thingy is a television! From the future! All sorts of time periods have got this problem!” Cried Zedoo. “Well do you know how we can travel through time, mister smarty pants?” Asked Link. “Well… I do have 1 thing…” Said Zedoo. “Well then let’s go already then!” Shouted Purple. “Fine… fine…” Said Zedoo.

Look at all these letters… and numbers…” Said Brown. The heroes (and Zedoo of course) were in chapter 1. (The first few…) “All right gang… we’ve gotta stop Zelda from waking up me ok?” Said Link. Link headed over to his house and went behind it. He opened a window with his spear key and jumped in with out a sound. “Wait did I say jumped in and without a sound? I meant fell in with a bang!” Smiled the narrator. “Ahhh!” Shouted Link as he fell in his own house in the past. BANG! “What was that?” Asked Zelda. “Oh ****, now what am I supposed to do?” Asked link in a quiet voice. “Huh?

What was that?” Asked Pink (Link from the past.) “Nothing… it’s nothing… you are dreaming! Errr… yeah, you are dreaming!” Said Link. “Ok.” Said Pink. And off to sleep he went! “Hmmm… why does he have a swirly necklace thing?” Asked Link. “N’ some bread to…” Moaned Pink. “Heh heh, sucker…” Smiled Link. “Hello?” Asked Zelda at the door. “Dang! If Zelda wakes Pink up I’ll be identified, and forced into Hyrule prison!” Complained Link. “I got it!” Smiled link. He quickly opened the cubed door and jumped in. “Huh…?” Asked Pink. (How about we call Zelda from the past Pelda?) “Errr… Could you help me with something?” Pelda asked. “No! My service isn’t open until 3:00 pm!” Shouted Pink. “And I need to put some cloves on, or in 20 minutes, my service will be open and I’ll have my pjs on!” Smiled Pink as he opened the cubed then seeing Link. “I thought I rid of you!” Shouted Pink. Pink then drawn his blade and withdrawn his shield. Link done the same. SLASH! There was a huge hole threw Pink’s shield. “Grrr… I still don’t know why you exist…” Growled Pink. “What are you talking about?” Asked Link. “Shut up, and fight me!” Shouted Pink. “Fine!” Replied Link. BANG! Pink kicked the sword out of Link’s hand. “It looks like we are evenly matched. But that shall not be a problem…” Smiled Pink. “Where are them guys…” Muttered Link. “GUYS!” Shouted Link. “Not now!” They shouted while running past the window, with guards chasing them! “I can’t kill you… I’ll just knock you out!” Smiled Link as he doncked Pink on the head with his shield. “Now…” Muttered Link under his breath. “What’s this?” Asked Link. As he took a swirly amulet off of Pink’s neck. Meanwhile the other links were in a tight spot. “Ahhh!” Shouted Yellow as he tripped. The guards didn’t see Yellow on the floor so he got up and said to himself: “I’m

getting out of here!” So he ran back to the thing that took him to the past and went back to the present. “Oh thank god…” As he sat down in front of the TV. “I got you now!” Shouted gannon behind the couch. “What the…?” Said Yellow as a beam of shadows hit him. When Yellow got up… He wasn’t Yellow any more… He was… Dark Link! “What the?” Said Pink as he woke up. “So you want to fight again? Well if you do I’ll just woop you like last time!” Smiled Link. “No! I’ll tell you what happened…” Said Pink.

Chapter 4 Problem in time Part 2/2

you’re telling me that Gannon is now on Vattie’s team?” Asked Link. “Well… Yes.” Said Pink. “But before you go, I need you’re help…” Said Pink. “What is it?” Asked Link. “Well you’re friends are being chased for being in the prison zone where Duncan, the one you know as king is being held prisoner!” Shouted Pink. “Why? What did he do?” Asked Link. “Nothing.” Said Pink. “Then why is he in prison?” Asked Link. “Gannon has been framing Duncan to have been murdering people!” Said Pink. “The fiend…” Muttered Link. “Well we have to save him and save everyone else. Then history will be normal and I won’t exist!” Smiled Pink. “Ok…” Frowned Link. So the two warriors set off too find Duncan. “This is the place.” Said Pink. “I’ll distract the guards and you can sneak in and free Duncan.” Said Pink. “Sounds like a plan!” Smiled Link. So Link

hid behind a tree while Pink walked up to the guards and started talking to them about prison room 13. (Duncan is in prison room 4.) So the guards rushed to the room forgetting to close the door so Link walked in and opened Duncan’s cell. “Let’s go!” Whispered Link. “Why are you freeing me fiend?” Asked Duncan as they got out the building. “Because I’m Link from the future! The other Link had a hypnotise amulet on which I got off!” Smiled Link. “Oh I get it!” Smiled Duncan.

A few minutes later…


Vattie told Gannon to mess up time as much as possible, so that Vattie had more time to marry Zelda?” Asked Duncan. “Yes.” Said Pink. “Link! Run!” His team shouted running towards him. “No! We are not running! We are fighting!” Link cried. “Charge my warriors!” Shouted Duncan. 2 guards cornered Brown. He then thought he was doomed we he done something he didn’t do! “Spin attack A!” He shouted spinning his sword around like crazy. SMASH! The guards that had cornered him were knocked out. “Wow! You are not the real Link and he can’t do that!” Smiled White as he punched a guard with out looking.

Oh it was a fierce battle until…


They are all dead! ” Smiled Link. “Guys, guys!” Shouted brown in panic. “What is it? ” Asked Link. Yellow isn’t in this time period!” He shouted.

“What?!?” Shouted Link. “Come on! We have to get back to are original time period!” Frowned Zedoo. So the warriors (except for Yellow) went back to the present (except for Yellow) as light and good not forgetting stupid! (Well you guessed it… Except for Yellow!!!) Eat me =)!

Chapter 5 Evil Link: Yellow

Shouted Brown. “Yellow, enough with the hide and seek already!” Shouted Zedoo. “Hide and seek? 1… 2… 3… 4… 5… 6… 7… 8… 9…”

A few hours later…


999992… 999993… 999994… 99995… 999996… 999997… 999998… 999999… 1000000! Ready or not here I come!” Smiled Orange as he ran off to look for Yellow. “Wait, Orange! Come back!” Frowned Link. “Ahhhhhh!” Screamed Orange. “Orange!” Shouted Link. “Shouting for him isn’t gonna bring him back, come on, we have to save him!” Complained Red. The warriors ran to the corner where Orange turned to find him on the floor with an arrow in his chest. “Who done this?” Asked Brown in an angry voice. “I danno.” Everyone else said. “I bet the same thing happened to Yellow!” Frowned Zedoo. “Actually, Yellow committed the crime…” Smiled a voice. The warriors turned round

to see the criminal and saw… “Dark Link???” They shouted. “What have you done with Yellow?” Shouted Link. “You mean how am I Yellow!” Dark link smiled. “What do you mean?” Asked Link. “Well when I was Yellow I was being chased by the guards in the past like you were when I tripped and they didn’t see… So I went back to the present & was attacked by Gannon! Then he turned m into Dark Link.” Puffed D. Link. “Do you know where Gannon is now?” Asked White. “Yes, he is right behind you!” Smiled D. Link. “Shadow blast!” Gannon shouted. “How did (Gannon) come back to Hyrule? I though that you sealed him away in the seal of time!” Shouted Blue in a panic. “I know I thought I did to!” Frowned Link. “Well as you won’t be willing to fight I might as well tell you as that way I’ve got more of a chance to fight you scums! Skull kid travelled to the seal of time and saved me by king Vattie’s orders!” Laughed Gannon. “Vattie will never be king, cause I’m gonna stop him if it’s the last thing I do!” Smiled Link. Taking his sword and running towards Gannon. “You guys fight Dark Link and I’ll fight Gannon!” Smiled Link. “God, Joseph where’s my corn?” Asked Mario walking into the room. “Mario help me fight Gannon!” Link struggled. “Okey-dokey!” Smiled Mario. Gannon pulled out a huge red devil spear and stabbed Mario in the heart! “Mama-Mia!” Shouted Mario. “Game over!” Smiled the Narrator. “Well that was pointless…” Muttered Link. “Now it’s you’re turn to die, Link!” Laughed Gannon. “No!” Shouted Yellow’s soul. “What?” Everyone in the room shouted including Mario. “Yellow’s soul? How did he get here?” They asked. “I’ll explain, When Gannon hit me with the shadow beam it knocked out Yellow’s soul and put mine in! Now, where were we?” Smiled D. Link. “Grrr…” Growled Yellow’s soul. “Keep you’re temper controllable, Yellow.” Said

Link. “ARRRRRRGGGG!” Shouted Y’s soul. BZZZZZZZZZZZZZT! “I am the ancient lightning god! Now I will slay you Dark Link!” Y’s soul shouted. SMASH! “N… N… NO!!!!!!!!!!!!” Shouted D. Link as he was sucked out of Yellow’s body. “Whoa…” Said Yellow falling over. “Looks like I win said Link slaying Gannon again.

Chapter 6 Search for Skull Kid
The 12 warriors stood in Link’s house unsure on how they were going to catch Skull Kid. “Ooh! I know, I know!” Cried White. “What is it, White? Oh wait, I DON’T CARE!!! All of ya darn ideas haven’t worked so darn far! All that no good brain ‘o yours is good for, is nothin’!” Shouted Yellow. He had had a bad time being nothing while D. Link controlled his body. Everyone stared at White to see his reaction. There where tears on his face. “White…” Link said, but White had already ran out of the door. “White!” Link cried as he set of to catch him. Unfortunately White had got away. Link, Pink, Red, Blue, Purple, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Brown, Orange and Zedoo all looked at Yellow with an angry look on their faces. Yellow had been placed below evil Pink and D. Link. A few minutes later…

my god!” Link shouted, breaking the silence. “What is it?” Bronze asked. “I know how to catch Skull Kid!” “WHAT?!?!” Everyone shouted. “Okay, what we do is build a fake Vattie and a fake

Gannon.” Link smiled. “Well what will that do?” Purple asked. “If we get Skull Kid’s attention then we show him and sneak up to catch him!” Link jumped for joy. “That’s a great idea!” Zedoo smiled. So they built their fake Gannon and Vattie. “Uh-oh. I just realised a flaw in your plan.” Yellow frowned. “What is that?” Asked Link. “Well, how do we get Skull Kid’s attention?” Asked Yellow. “I was hoping you’d ask that. We get a rupee and paint it gold.” Link smiled, his plan would get Skull Kid’s attention, but Skull Kid was stronger, and able to kill Link now.

Chapter 7 Rupees for Skull Kid
That night everyone pretended to sleep. As Skull Kid jumped from tree to tree, he listened trying to find gossip about rupees and jewels. “Hey Bob,” a man said. “Yes Jacob?” Bob replied. “Have you heard about the golden rupee?” Jacob asked. “Of course!” Bob smiled. “Golden rupee, sounds interesting, I’ll listen some ‘ore.” Skull Kid smiled. “I want my hands on that rupee, but I don’t know where it is! If you tell me, I’ll split it with you, 100/0. Fair or what?” Jacob smiled. “That’s a great deal, and I know where it is!” Bob jumped. “But it’s only gossip. I doubt Link really has the golden rupee.” Bob finished, continuing to chat with Jacob as they walked on. “Link? I wonder how he got something that precious, but then again, he did get loads of cool weapons.” Skull Kid jumped threw more trees until he got to Link’s home. “He’s here!” Link

mumbled to the others. As Skull Kid entered all the warriors jumped on him. “Tricked you, Skull Kid!” Link cried. “Oh yeah?” Replied Skull Kid taking the rupee. “Omega!” Skull Kid screamed as he formed a purple and white explosion. Skull Kid smiled. “Unlucky.” He said. After the explosion the 11 warriors (including Zedoo) were laying on the floor gasping for mercy. “Hahahaha! But seriously, now you die.”

Chapter 8 The brave 1 saves the day!
Outside the house, a mysterious white figure in a hood was walking past the house, he had a bag strapped to his pack, it looked like there wasn't much in the bag, only three round objects in there. He was walking past the house when he saw a flash of brilliant purple through the window. He sighed. “I get it, this is my que.” BAM! “Eh?” Skull Kid shouted. “*This figure speaks Latin or something, I can’t really tell. *”

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