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Analogue & Digital Systems Trainer



For students to understand the connection between simple logic circuits and microprocessor systems they need an appreciation of medium scale integration devices. The CK342 Analogue and Digital System has been designed to give the user experience of many of the popular electronic systems building blocks. It allows the investigation of individual elements and then shows the effect of connecting them together in different configurations. The system comprises two unpowered modules. Module A, Digital Systems Trainer; introduces analogue to digital and digital to analogue conversion from basic principles. As more digital systems are used to control analogue devices, then a good understanding of analogue to digital and digital to analogue conversion is needed. CK342B provides a background in this area, and extends the range of work available using Module A; it cannot be used on its own. The CK342 Analogue & Digital System is part of our Digital Systems and Computing range. To understand the principles of logic circuits we recommend the use of the LT345 Mk2 Logic Tutor or CK341 Advanced Logic Principles prior to studying this equipment. All the workboards in our Electricity and Electronics range are presented using an open printed circuit board construction and can be conveniently housed in the Systems Storage Rack SSR1000.


Open board circuit construction with PCB mimic Medium scale integration electronic devices A-D, D-A principles Demonstrates the common building blocks used in digital systems Complete with comprehensive instruction manuals

Curriculum Coverage

Digital Systems Trainer (342A)

Analogue Systems Trainer (342B)

Familiarisation Registers Up/Down counters and decoders Using the Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU) Addition and Subtraction Data storage and retrieval A simple computer fetch-execute cycle

Familiarisation Digital to Analogue Conversion (DAC) Binary Weighted Resistor Network Use of Analogue Switches R - 2R Networks Integrated Circuit Analogue to Digital Conversion (ADC) DAC and Comparator Single Slope Integrator Dual Slope Integrator

CK342A Digital Systems Trainer

3x4 bit shift registers with parallel load, shift left and right operation 4 bit arithmetic logic unit 64 bit RAM (16x4-bit) Programmable 4 bit up/down counter Quadruple two input data selector 4 to 16 line decoder Four switch selectable speeds. Single shot clock operation Three banks of 4 input switches Three 4 bit LED displays. Hexadecimal 7-segment display with hex decoder Over voltage and reverse voltage for short periods. A 500mA fuse protects against short circuits on the deck. NB Sustained voltages or reverse voltages could damage the deck and should be avoided Connections are by 2mm leads and sockets R-2R ladder network Binary weighted ladder network 8-bit fast A-D converter An analogue integrator A dual input analogue comparitor 10k potentiometer provides analogue inputs & reference voltages

CK342B Analogue Systems Trainer

Power Requirements

The CK342A requires +5V dc @ 500mA The CK342B requires 15V dc @ 100mA per rail Alternatively Feedbacks 01-100 Power Supply will satisfy both requirements. Width: 372mm, Depth: 260mm, Height : 83mm, Weight: 1.8kg.

Dimensions & Weight Tender Specification

An unpowered Analogue & Digital Systems Trainer featuring two boards; the first board dealing with medium scale integration devices, the second with analogue to digital and digital to analogue conversion. The system is provided complete with all the necessary interconnecting leads and student instruction manuals. Analogue & Digital System (units A + B without Power Supply) CK342 Digital Systems Trainer (without Power Supply) CK342A Analogue Systems Trainer (add-on unit to CK342A) CK342B Power Supply (15V, +5V dc, switched-mode) 01-100 System Storage Rack SSR1000

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