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Reiki Fuushi, Vol 6

- Reiki articles with unwritten (yet nonetheless important) subtext


James Deacon

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REIKI 'FUUSHI' Miscellaneous Reiki articles with unwritten (yet nonetheless important) subtext
[Copyright 2006 James Deacon]

In traditional mentor-student (sensei-deshi) relationships, an important element of the teacher/mentor's role is to get the student to actually 'think' for themselves - to question [in a positive way] what they are being told (and perhaps more importantly, why they are being told what they are being told) - to develop their positive critical faculties, not just to accept things as fact simply because someone else says it is so... In this E-Book there is much that is fact, and much that is anything but. [Of course, you will have absolutely no difficulty deciding which is which - wont you] There is also more than a little humour and satire in some of these articles, as these two often provide a very effective means of circumventing the conscious mind and just 'dropping' an idea in to the subconscious.




[Copyright 2011 James Deacon]

Our next guest tonight on the 5-Minute Interview Show is Jack Alphonso from New Jersey. Mr Alphonso... Please, Phil, call me Al ( - that's: Jack Al) OK, Al it is then. So, Al, it says here you describe yourself as an Energy-healer and Hitman? Seriously? You got a problem with that? No, no, of course not...I... No, I should hope not I come on your show in good faith, it would not be very friendly if right from the get-go you start with the insults, go disrespecting me My apologies. I wouldn't dream of upsetting you; specially not someone in your line of work So. Tell me, Al - Hitman and Healer - how do you reconcile the two roles, which, I'm sure you understand, many people would consider, well conflicting? OK. Well Phil, first I feel I gotta point out that the Hitman thing came about out of a need for diversification when I started out as a healer, there wasn't much competition plenty of clients to go round. Now, well it seems like there's a healer on every street corner... Man's gotta earn an honest livin'. But Hitman Yeah, I know but there are a lot of similarities between the two roles. Really ? Sure. Example: as a healer, from time to time someone might come to me and engage my services to send healing to a third party y'know, using distance healing. So, instead of directly contacting the intended recipient or as I like to call 'em, the: healing target - to check if its OK with them ( - you see, a lot of folks don't wanna know: it might go against their beliefs, or they think its all mumbo-jumbo, or whatever) - so I use the old trick of sending the healing with the intent that if their Higher Self decides the intervention is not appropriate not for the target's highest good" at that time - then it wont take effect: the energy will be rejected. Like a kind of 'fail-safe?' Yeah. That's it, exactly. In both roles, I see myself as merely a 'channel' in one case, a channel for healing energy, in the other, for the lead slug (well, everything's energy right?). And as a Hitman, just like with the healing I gotta cover myself Spiritually, y'know? You do?

Sure I do. So, when someone contracts me to, as I like to put it: resolve the Life Issues of a third party well, I certainly can't contact the intended recipient of this particular intervention to check with them if its OK now, can I? Kinda give the game away. In this type of work, you can't go broadcasting your intentions. So, I always ensure that when I pull the trigger and 'channel' the lead 'energy' (usually, once to the Third Eye and a couple of times to the Heart Chakra) I always do so with the aforementioned intent that if their Higher Self decides the intervention is not appropriate not for their highest good at that time, then it wont take effect: the 'energy' will be rejected. And y'know Phil, I been doin' this work now for nearly ten years, and in all that time, not once has the lead 'energy' ever been rejected

Yes, well... We'll be right back after these important words from our Sponsors ...

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It is a little known-fact that Hawayo Takata taught first degree Reiki classes in Japan in 1975. What follows is an extract from a recording of a talk given by Takata-sensei at the Trinity Metaphysical Center, in Redwood, California in 1976: "I took Reiki out of Japan. Last year I went back and I gave them the first degree, and they are just crying for the second degree this year, so I am going back again. Next year, I shall go back to Japan and create ten Teachers. And this is the way I'm going to return Reiki, back to Japan. There will be Reiki Centres in Japan, and Masters there, and they will take care of all the necessity and they will have many, many Reiki students; and so, I do not have to go again. And so next year to Japan will be my last trip. So, I will spend many months there" However, it seems Takata-sensei never got the opportunity to return again to Japan, as she had intended, to teach levels two and three. The reasons behind this are not clear, but possibly can be put down to health... Now, sadly the specific details i.e. precisely where Takata-sensei taught those Reiki classes, and the full list of names of the men and women who were first introduced to the wonderful art of Reiki during these classes, does not seem to have survived. However, thanks to a generous grant from the North Minnesota Shiki Ryoho Historical Research Society back in 2008, we were able to commission the Tokyobased, Uso Kara Deta Makoto Private Investigations Agency, to look into the matter. We are now immensely pleased to announce that, after almost three years of meticulous research and investigation, the first phase of their investigations is complete. This past month we have been carefully absorbing the information detailed in the 387-page report compiled by the Agency, and we are proud to be able to announce that they have managed to reconstruct an initial (if albeit partial) list of attendees from those classes. It must be understood, that a certain amount of educated-guesswork has had to be relied upon in the compilation of the list, and as such, it is of course subject to possible revision. However, we are hopeful that, on completion of the second phase of their investigation, the Agency will be able to provide a fuller list, and, correct any inaccuracies which might have accidentally crept into the current version.


[Perhaps this article should be read in tandem with the one here: ]

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[Copyright 2002 James Deacon]

Good Day to you Mister Sir Reiki Person (or Missus Sir Madam Reiki Person) First, I must solicit your strictest confidence in this transaction. This is by virtue of its nature as being utterly confidential and "top secret" (and a downright, blatant con). I am a top official of the Federal Government Department for the Falsification of Reiki History and am interested in importation of newly invented, and spurious 'Original Reiki Techniques' and Artefacts into my country with funds that are presently trapped in Nigeria. In order to commence this business, I am wishing to solicit the assistance of a gullible mark - apologies - my eengleeshe no werry good - I mean 'an honest and ethical Reiki Master', to enable me to transfer into their account the said trapped funds (any assistance that could be offered in regards to finding a good home for a flying pig would also be greatly appreciated). The source of the fund is as follows: During the regime of the last Military transitional government of General Corporal Sergeant Your-Honour Abdul-salami-karamiyinyang-ramalama-dingdong Abubakar (the 3rd), government officials, including my colleague Ackmir ben Sulibar (also known as 'Honest Al') abu Boohoo, set up companies and awarded themselves contracts which were grossly over invoiced in various ministries. The present democratic government of Mister His-Holiness President Olugolu-alubalu-segewege-leggun Obasanjobanjo Smith set up the Creamitoffthetop Review Panel and we have identified a lot of inflated contract funds that are presently floating in the Central Bank of Nigeria ready for payment. However, by virtue of our position as civil servants and government-sanctioned Scam Artists, we cannot acquire this money in our names I have therefore been delegated as a matter of trust by my colleagues in the panel, to look for some 'mug' - skoozie - I mean an oversea partner, into whose account we would transfer the sum of US$31,320,000.00 (Thirty-One Million, Three Hundred and Twenty thousand United States Dollars). We hope to use this money in purchasing various items, such as: - the original CD format recordings of Mikao Usui-Sensei singing the Greatist Hits of Perry Como - the straw sandal lost by Mikao Usui in the toe-stubbing incident on his way back down from receiving Reiki on mount Kurama - the original kimono with authentic calligraphy for word 'Reiki' hand painted on the back by Usui Sensei (even though the modern Kanji in which it is written weren't invented til the 1940's) - as well as any number of spurious accounts of the day-today life working with UsuiSensei in his Umeboshi-plum Canning Plant (and Geisha-House) - as dictated to gullible and overzealous Reiki-Researchers (-via sharp-witted interpreters with a creative flair and an 'nose' for a quick buck or a yen) -by demented Old Folk from the Nagatomi Rest Home for Wayward Karaoke Singers.

Hence, we are sending you this email message. We have agreed to share the money thus: 1. 20% for the account owner (you) 2. 70% for us (the officials of the CRP) 3. 10% to be used in settling taxation and all local and foreign expenses. Please acknowledge receipt of this message by sending your acceptance (along with full details of any Bank Accounts, 'Building Society' / 'Savings & Loan' Accounts, CreditCards/ChargeCards/DebitCards you hold (- including PIN numbers, security passwords, oh - and the registration documents and [location of the spare keys] for any vehicles you may own) to fax no. 12344567-001-748586876-85858-590503 or Email: herecomesanothersucker@1borneveryminute.con Yours faithfully Dr. Joseph Olegambo King NOTE: PLEASE QUOTE THIS REFERENCE NUMBER (J.O.King/07/02) IN ALL YOUR CORRESPONDENCE

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Do you kinda get the feeling that Reiki has become a little bit too commercialised? Its just I can't help feeling that, for some people, the four most important Reiki Symbols are:

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[Copyright 2012 James Deacon]

Most people who have taken a close interest in the history of Reiki will probably be familiar with many, if not all, of the following names: Suzuki-san, Tenon-in, Yuri in, Takeuchi, Yuji Onuki, Yoshiharu, and Tatsumi-san.

Very briefly, for those who may not be familiar with these names: Yuji Onuki: While on holiday in Morocco in the 1970's, so the story goes, one day on the beach, some (tai chi or chi gung?) students met a man named Yuji Onuki, who apparently had been a student of Usui-sensei's close friend Toshihiro Eguchi. Over several days, it is said, Onuki taught the students an early form of Usui-sensei's system. Tatsumi-san: Later, one of the same group of students claimed to have had another chance meeting, this time with one of Hayashi-sensei's students, a Mr Tatsumi (Tatsumisan). This encounter would, in time bring access to many of Hayashi's original notes, and lead to the sharing of a particular (hitherto unknown?) version of the 'attunement' process, and much other information concerning Reiki as taught by Hayashi-sensei and also Usui-sensei. Yuri-in / Tenon-in: Later still, the same lucky individual apparently met a couple of Buddhist Nuns Yuriin, and Tenon-in (AKA Mariko-obaasan), who had also been among Mikao Usui's early students. Tenon-in, so we are told, was happy to share additional teachings to those provided by Yuji Onuki and Tatsumi-san. Takeuchi: It is claimed by some people that one of Hayashi-sensei 's students was a Zen monk named Takeuchi. As part of his Reiki training, Hayashi-sensei, so the story goes, taught Takeuchi a special and also very powerful meditation (not shared with other students) which, had supposedly been practised by Usui-sensei during his retreat on Mount Kurama. Later, it is claimed, Takeuchi's own student, Seiji Takamori, would go on a quest to discover the roots of this meditation, in the process apparently discovering an ancient healing system similar to, but far more comprehensive than Reiki. Suzuki-san One martial artist and Reiki student claimed to have been introduced to yet another nun who had apparently also trained with Usui-sensei. Her name, so he tells us, was, Suzuki-san (Mariko Suzuki) and, according to him, Suzuki-san became his teacher and shared with him a different version of the early form of Usui-sensei's system.

Yoshiharu: Another Western student claims to have begun his Reiki training in Japan in 1954 (aged 7,) and to still be training - with an individual known as Yoshiharu. Yoshiharu (confusingly referred to as Soke-dai)* is claimed to have studied directly with Usui-sensei, and is, to all intents and purposes, presented as being Usuisensei's true successor.

*[ see: ]

A rare Reiki-related photograph from 1934 A few years ago there were rumours on one of the now defunct online Reiki groups concerning a photo from the 1930's a group photo in which all seven of these 'fabled' individuals: Suzuki-san, Tenon-in, Yuri-in, Takeuchi, Yuji Onuki, Yoshiharu, and Tatsumi-san appeared. It was not long before the picture was being referred to as the Magnificent Reiki Seven, however, no specific details were forthcoming as to the actual whereabouts of this important piece of Reiki history. Eventually, after a lot of detective work to discover who exactly was in possession of the picture - and more recently, a good deal of delicate negotiation (and certain financial inducements) - access was finally granted to the original photograph. It was agreed that the photo be submitted to scientific testing, and that a copy be made for public display via the internet or other chosen medium. The photograph was recently submitted to a series of tests in a photo lab in Sapporo, Japan, where technicians reported that they were satisfied that the photo is indeed genuine; that it has not been 'digitally manipulated, or altered in any way. In fact, tests have proved conclusively that it is printed on the correct paper and with the correct chemicals which were being used in Japan at the date given. True to the owner's word, copies were permitted to be made so that this important (in fact unique) piece of Reiki-related history may be freely shared with the Reiki community. Written on the back of the photograph, in old-style Japanese kanji are the names of the seven people in the photo : top row (from left to right): Tatsumi-san, Takeuchi, Yuji Onuki - bottom row: Tenon-in, Yuri-in, Suzuki-san, Yoshiharu

The photograph, dated 1934 , is really quite small, and (as can be seen) has signs of wear and damage only to be expected considering its age.

Group Photo: Tatsumi-san, Takeuchi, Yuji Onuki, Tenon-in, Yuri-in, Suzuki-san, Yoshiharu standing in front of an unidentified Buddhist Temple, 1934

What do you mean THERE'S NOBODY THERE ?

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