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Render unto Caesar

Think about it for a few moments, said Sue, I am talking about ending an ages old tradition and truly liberating people physically and mentally. I just dont seem to be following along, replied Bill in a reluctant tone. Okay, since the time of Gilgamesh, we have been duped into needing a leader at all times. Yes, it is nice to have leaders when there is an emergency, but during times of peace and tranquility, leaders just rob us of valuable learning experiences of learning to deal with our own problems. For example, the military is calling for junk food to be taken out of public schools. In some cities there is a ban on soda and certain types of fats. I mean, where is the opportunity to teach our children to resist temptation and personal self-control? All of our children are in excellent shape and their children are in excellent shape and choose healthy snacks. Sure, they indulge in sweets occasionally, but they are active and it is only occasionally. Well, you do know that the school lunch program was started during World War II because too many of the recruits were being turned away because of malnutrition? asked Bill. Thats just it. They are breeding us like livestock for their greedy ends. There has never been a war that was fought for noble causes. Noble causes are attached and used as a smoke screen to hide the real reasons or causes of a war. But that is just not it. We are constantly allowing them to regulate and control this and that. With each new program or regulation, more and more responsibility is being taken from the people. These are responsibilities that would challenge us to continue growing and developing as a people, as a nation that is part of the world community. But also with each responsibility that is surrendered to them, we become more and more dependent on them for solutions which give them greater and greater power. A very good point, in my studies, I am finding less and less of a difference between our government and the Soviet Unions. Oh, sure, people arent drug out of bed in the middle of the night off to a gulag yet, but there are more and more similarities that I am seeing. Such as? asked Sue taking a break with a true sense of curiosity. Well, the Soviet Union was essentially an extreme form of capitalism in which the plutocracy that ran it and benefitted from the labors of the people were all on the same sheet of music. Sure the called themselves the party and the government and they were doing everything in the interest of the revolution and the people, but it was a never ending revolution which was the smoke screen hiding what they were really doing which was in the easiest of terms to explain it was living a marvelous life at the expense of everyone elses labor by convincing everyone else that they needed them to run the nation.

Just like CVS claiming that it is your CVS, the Soviet Government was claiming that it was your nation even though like CVS, the ones in control were controlling everything while making it look like you were benefitting from what they are doing. Yes, I get that part, said Sue sounding a little irritated over hearing the same message over and over, But what are the similarities that you noticed? Well, for one thing and the biggest thing is that we have become more and more dependent on the Federal Government. Look at Katrina, in the past, we would have just run to the aid of our neighbors and helped them. We become too dependent on someone else doing it such as insurance companies, which I am very certain were the ones behind the laws banning food and forcing changes of diet. Now, we are content to believe that people who are motivated by profit margins will have our best interests at heart because we are paying them not realizing they have no idea of who we are and that there are thousands to replace us if something does happen. Hell, a lawsuit is nothing to them, just pocket change. Well, anyway, we have become more and more dependent on the government and large corporations for our needs. And now they are calling the shots more and more on our private lives as in the Soviet Union. We also have a two party system but with both parties being funded by the same entities how is it any different than a single party system such as the Soviet Union? As more and more chain stores are taking over local economies and our choices are more and more limited, how is that any different than shopping in the Soviet Union with limited choices? Plain and simple, we are becoming more and more dependent on a more concentrated control of the supply of resources thus giving those in control an ever increasing power over us. The Bill of Rights is a thing of the past especially when we go to work. Yes, that is exactly what I have been trying to say, chirped up Sue with a smile, We have become a nation of dependent, scared, shopping, sheep instead of free, brave individuals who forged a nation. We need to cut our dependency on these people and take back our power. Render unto Caesar, said Bill. What? asked Sue looking a little confused. Julius Caesar gained his power by paying his troops and winning them victories. He gained alliances by making deals. People felt as though they owed him a lot. They became dependent on him for the stability in the nation and the prosperity which occurred because of the stability not realizing that the instability was because of his fighting with other power hungry men. I think that when Jesus said, Render unto Caesar that which is Caesars and render unto God that which is Gods, that it just wasnt a license for the governments to rob their citizens or subjects as they like to refer to them. I think that if you end your dependency on power hungry people and take back the power you have given them by your dependency, they will no longer be able to wield power over you and make a vast fortune off of you. If you put your well being in the trust of people who do have a vested interest in you and your prosperity such as your loved

ones, family, and community because a community will only ever be as strong as the weakest link and work together and share good times as well as bad, you, your loved ones, and community will be the ones to prosper. I think looking at most of the lessons in the Bible that is the domain of God. I can see that things will be fortuitous for all. People will learn to accept responsibility for their lives and face challenges together and grow. I think that people would be taken better care of by those who have a vested interests in them than some money addict who doesnt know you and is motivated by profit margins. Great thing about being a shareholder is that you never have to look the people you screwed over in the eye. Or being a bureaucrat in Washington, added Bill, You are just a statistic that is recorded and filed away. If people would just render unto Caesar, said Sue, Imagine the freedom. Large corporations would have to jockey for position to recruit employees. Local economies could hum with the diversity of mom and pop shops while maintaining most of the income in the local economy. I like it. It sounds like a great idea. Imagine people not being afraid of trying because they can count on people who actually care about their well-being. Imagine the personal growth with the personal responsibility. Just like the nation was before the people started to sell out to the government and large corporations, before we became a slave to a wage. When we were tight little communities helping one another, before we became individuals competing with one another for pieces of silver and gold which were easily conquered. Oh, sure there were problems, but in those times Malthus and his attitude was a major influence and we knew nothing of psychology, medicine was just slightly above that of a witch doctor and so on. But I think with our vast understanding of a lot of the things that go wrong in the world with a major community spirit, we could accomplish some truly amazing things if we could just rise above this being chattel for the rich. I think a major good, said Sue, Would be that our representatives will be treated and expected to work as representatives instead of our leaders. This would truly be our nation again. Oh, I love it when you talk political, kiss me, you fool, said Bill reaching out to throw his arms around her in a big hug. Think about it. Dysfunctional Families are those where each individual is just out for themselves with no concern for the others. They are usually ruled by a tyrant who takes big delight and maintains their power by everyone being out for themselves. This translates to a community level and national level if you multiply the individuals who have been trained to just think of themselves with their only concern being that of pleasing the master or Caesar for table scraps.

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