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Stud.ents'Book contents Introduction
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Unir I like your style! 1 Unit2 Do sonething d.ifferent!

Unir3 unit4 Unit 5 Unit6 unitT UnirB
Unit 9 Unit10

Timeto revise 1 key School rocks! Go for it! Timeto revise 2 key li[eird. and wond.erful! So you want to get flt? Timeto revise 5 key Cool it! lt's your environment
Timeto revise 4 key

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Whod.unit? Behind the scenes

Timeto revise 5 key

U n i1 1 t 12 Unit

A11work and no play! Teenagers gr8! r

Timeto revise 6 key

Aud.ioscripts Unit tests Progress tests Unit tests answerkey Progresstests answerkey Grammar Vocabularybook key and

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Bookcontents Stud,ents'

I like your style!

Lookgood,feel goad! questions Multiple-choice

Fashion identity and Phrasal verbs

Present simple Present continuous State verbs

Mad abofi art

rr..lsonething d.ifferent!

questions 1B l\,4ultiple'choice Pdge for Reading details

Sightseeing Phrasal withlwo or verbs more meanings

Past simple Past continuous

Timeto reviset page 28


Bock School Mjssing sentences

Education personal and qualities

o Go for oun,oo it!
Beadyfor a challenge? matching Multiple Beading specific for information text inthe

pertect Present simple perfect Present continuons perfect Present simple or past simple?


Thefuture Present fortimetab simple for Present continuous personal arrangemen

g0tngt0 Future simple Future continuous perfect Future simple



Doctot &1d. pasesz Who questions Multiple-choice ldentifying writers the and opinion attitude

Thestnnge wo d ot

pedct simple Mystery danger lear Past and perfect tomake Past conlinuous Using adverbs adjectives stronger orweaker

Unfrt Kitls o you matching Multiple So w&rlt 'g.u,Reading opinion for and

Healthandfitness Compound nouns

to get f.t?


Modalverbs can/could beableto aught hadbette to, should, t must/nustn needn t haveto

questions photos Multiple-choice Comparing Working general out meaning

Vocabulary l\,4aking negative words Grammal Articles: rhe, alticle a, no

Anarticle DVD The loak new

Gompleting sentences

Discussing difterent possibilities

Vocabulary Prepositions and o{place movement Grammar and Comparatives superlativs

A report DVD Break dance

questions Personal profile Multiple-choice lhoosino correct the oicture Asking answering and questrons personal about information f,luhiple matching ','alching with speakers s:atements activities, Talking about plans routines,luture


Vocabulary Anemail Adjectives prepositlons DVD and Rock Schoal Grammar pronouns, Be{Lexive each ather, another one asking information lor A lener Vocabulary Strong adjectives DVD Grammar time Fulure clauses Kite boarding

preferences Vocabrlary questions Expressing Multiple-choice phrases giving reasons Fixed - :iening questions to not and page : ' : t e d o nt h e [,4akinq choices

A story DVD Doctor Who

Grammar used andwould to

questions Agreeing disagreeing Vocabulary and Mulliple-choice polite friendly Sports - :iening specific for Sounding and -rormalon

Anessay DVD Get spotl into

Grammar More modal verbs

Cool i1r
t ltts your

yoatcool! Feelings attitudes and Keep sentences page lvlissing 74 feading textstructure, for and cohesion coherence Env nne ntaIly friendIy Theenvironment ho that holidays, anyone? Words gotogether questions lvlultiple-choice freadingspecitic for information

,nafte, imperative ,et


Time revise page to 4 94

Conditionals Third Zero, Second, First, unless



What shallwe watch? [,4uitiple marching for fieading speciflc information

Crime Verbs nouns and

passive The

'o Behind the scenes

page16 Time reviseS to 1

Brcakingnews! questions p a g e 0 6 lvlultipie-choice 1 forspecilic fleading information

ln the news 'People'nouns

-frg formand to-inlinith

All WOfk ro and-n play!

Jobsandskills Bicking it 'Work phrases' l\,4issing sentences Pase118 Reading textstructure, tor and cohesion coherence Win an award! questions choice Multiple Reading specilic lor information technology Compl|ter Words gotoge{her that

Beported speech Reported statements questions Reporled te and say



Relative clauses relative clause Defining relative clau Non-defining

Time revise page to 138 6 Speaking page File 140 Writing page File 148 page Vocabulary andDVD 152 File activities Grammar page File 164

and questiorsMaking suggestions Multiple-choics giving pictures advice l\,,1alching to


questions Discussing options Multiple-choice and advantages Discussing disadvantages

A letterol advice Vocabrlary nouns adjectives IVlaking from DVD verns an0 The Unteachables Grammar prefer would rather, suggest, A report Vocabrlary phrases be with Verb DVD Grammar dane have/get something holidays Eco





Multiple matching wilh N4atching statements speakers

Making decision a

Vocabulary Adverbs Grammar modal l\,4ore verbs

A story DVD Teen agents


sentences Completing for and -istening detail :pecific information

photos Comparing

Vocabulary Phrasal verbs Grammar -lngform ro-infinitive and

Anarticle DVD your show Make own

questions advantages Vocabulary Talking about Multiple-choice contused Words easily lext once anddisadvantages slentn0a t0 0nlv
Making choices Grammal questions lndirect

A lormal letter DVD The jobever best

questions Developing a speaking Multiple-choice

topic opinions Expressing

Vocabulary of 0rder adjectives Grammar wish/if only

Anessay DV0 Wkipedia

Welcometo Acfivafel.This is an exam courseIn t h r e el e v e l si.. e .8 1 , 8 1 + a n d 8 2 t h a t h a sb e e n especially designed engageand motivateteenage to studentswith its lively, moderndesignand teenageappropriate content.Not only doesAcfivate, havea wide rangeof interesting topicsto keepteenagers focusedon learning, also has a fun DVDfor it students'use with videoclipsthat linkthe course topicsand themesto contemporaryryprogrammes. ln addition, Activate! provides comprehensive language development well as thorough as preparation exam successin a rangeof dlfferent for exams. EachStudents'Bookunit containsskills in development reading,writing, listening and speaking as well as topicvocabularyand grammar exam skills are appropriate this level.ln addition, at practised every unit with a particuiar focus in the in Also, Examzone, Use your English section. Skillszoneand Wordzone boxescontainteenage who will supportyour exam coachcl-aracters the studentswith simpleand cleartips throughout book.At the end of eachunit there is a DVD clip and takenfrom real,contemporaryryprogrammes text of the unit which basedon the main reading studentscan watch for fun or they can do additional in activities the VocabularyFile to buildtheir topic The vocabulary. DVDcan be watchedby the students with subtitles in English ON or OFFso that it can for makethe viewingsuitable mixedabilitystudents practice. After language intensive and for more/less everytwo unitsthere is a Time to revise unit for the language they havelearnt studentsto recycle beforemovingon.

Activote! 81+
at This is an idealcoursefor teenagers intermediate English exam levelworkingtowardsany international intensive skills-based at 82 level. exciting An and teenage coursewhich focuseson contemporary culture,makingit easyand fun to use for both studentsand teachers.

with GD-ROM Activate!B1+Workbook

practice all four skillsas well as of offersadditional areascoveredin the the grammarand vocabulary The Activatel B1+Workbook Students'Book. is material ldealfor your students'homework or there are self-studyas, for eachgroupof exercises, Bookpages. Students' references the relevant to Activate! 81+Workbook alsocontainsuseful ll o a f u n c t i o n a a n g u a gfe r u s e i n s p e a k i n g n dw r i t i n g The accompanying CD-ROM tests at this level. as exercises containsmore grammarand vocabulary quizfor eachunit. well as a language

What Activote! 81+ offers your students

Activate!81+ Students'Book with DVD
for ofers ski ls-based developme'rt and practice topics intermediate levelstudentsthroughengaging from contemporary Thesetopicsare teen culture. m o s i m i l a r o t h e t o p i c s e e ni n t e e n a g e a g a r i n e s ,n t s TV programmes, films and websitesand heardin in topicswill the musicthey listento. Thesefamiliar encourage studentsto discusstheir own views on involved using in these issuesand be actively l E n gi s h .

Activate!81+ Grammarand Vocabulary

to is a usefuladdition the Activafel exercises furthergrammarand vocabulary contains plentyof exam practice. as well as their Forthose studentswho want to maximise Activate! 81+ develops chances exam success, of to the key language and exam skillsrequired achieve examsincluding successin 82 levelskills-based Testsof FCE, Trinity, Michigan ECCEandthe London E n g l i s he v e 3 a n do t h e rl o c a e x a m s . l l l

Activate! Exam Box

four seDarate booklets: contains . Teaching teenagers to with activities designed helpwith the special that teenage and management kind of motivation classesneeo. . Teachinglanguageskills general to with activities designed encourage and can be usedwith language skillsdevelopment l a a e x a mc l a s s e s n dg e n e r ac l a s s e s l i k e . . Teachingexam skills material designed help to with photocopiable for their exam skillsand prepare studentsdevelop FCEand other 82 levelexams. . TeachingFCE on with helpand information the updated2008 in to FCEexam and designed trainteachers each part of all five papersof the exam.

What Activote! 81+ offers you

course skills-based As well as offering motivating a for teenagers, Activate! ptovidesall the support that a busyteacherneedsto keepstudentsfocusedand The courseis easy involved their English in classes. to to use and has a wide rangeof activities make n l e s s o n su n ,w h i l s ts t i l lo f f e r i n g t e n s i v e x a m t practice.

lhe Activdte! B1+ teacher's package

provides with a wealth The coursepackage teachers that materials choosefrom, ensuring of different to the needsof to their lessonscan be easilytailored For their students. those studentswho need extra helpwith their studiesthere is a comprehensive grammar and vocabulary referenceat the backof the Students' Book.



?eaching ski1ls


Book Activate! B1+ Teacher's

provides for step-by-step instructions eachactivity tor with integrated and audioscripts easy key ways of reference. also offersalternative lt presenting some tasks and manyextraactivities which can be givento studentswho finishtheir work practice all to earlyor can provideadditional students. Book,the Activate! ln addition toiheTeacher's packthat can Exam Box is anotherflexibleresource to be usedfor all three levelsand is designed offer ideasand ready-made the busvteacherpractical activities use in the Activatel B1+ to ohotocooiable classroom.

skills Teacbing

How the Activatel B1+ components work

naveoeen fhe Activate! 81+ coursecomponents of in the to designed support teacher a variety ways. work, and for support skills language Theyprovide practice and and for extension additional oooortunities to needed adapt givethe teacher flexibility the or of requirements the class to materials the specific students. evenindividual

Book and ActivaE! l31+Grammar Vocabulary

grammar o Grammarzones clear rules with o intensive practice sectlons exam o grammar vocabulary exercises based and Activate! 81+Teacher'sBook guide o lesson course planning and . teaching notes . integrated andaudioscript key o additional use for activities classroom o Dhotocopiable tests unit Activatel Exam Box . methodology to booklets helpwrth: o teaching (updated 2008) for FCE . teaching examskills o teaching teenagers . teaching skills language

The Activqfef 81+ course Package

Activate! El+ Students' Book with DVD . approximately hours teaching material of 90 . 12 units . revision aftefevery2 units . grammar file . writing file . vocabulary with links DVD activities to file . speaking with pairwork activities file Activate! 81+ Class GDs o recorded Book for material the Students' Activate! Bl+Workbook with self-study CD-ROM . skilltdevelopment . grammar vocabulary practice and . Watch tiPS with exam out! boxes . exam-style tasks . CD-ROM self-study for

HowActivofe,B1+Students' Book works

Activate! 81+ Students'Book contains topic12 There sixrevision units recycle to the based units. are grammar vocabulary previously taught an and and integrated packed DVD with each Students'Book. At the endof the Students' Book therearethe following reference sections: . Speaking pairwork File:contains activities role and plays using language the unit. the from . WritingFile:contains plans, language useful outline andtipsto support each exam writing task.

o Vocabulary the vocabulary File:contains active fromeach andDVD-based unit lexical activities. o GrammarFile:contains grammar moredetailed in unit. explanationsthe language of covered each

Students'Book unit organisation

Each hasa topicfocusandconsists fivetwounit of page Each focuses a language on skill spreads. spread andgrammar vocabulary and development these as i.e appear the relevant in exams,

lead-in activities Motivating,topic-based with teen-fliendly visuals designed to in engage students lhe unittopicandstart mainreading text. them thinking aboutthe

Spread1 - Reading skills

Usetul exam-based advice, in teen-triendly language, designed helpstudentg to copewath exam 82 tasks.

pairwork activities Post-reading text based themainreading and oi designed develop stude sto the and skills. summarising rephrasing

Reading lhat toxts come alivewithlhe integrated clip lrom DVD contemporary andlilms. TV


vocabulary grammal and Spread2 - Topic

in vocabulary building advice Useful language,help to students teen-friendly their vocabulary skills. develop topic


Clear,slraightforward glammar explanations wilh taken examples contextnalised from lhe main readingtext.

pairworly'groupwork Fun, on memory activities based the keywoldscovered each in unit.

skills and Spread3 - Listening Speaking

your Spread4 - Use English

Further vocabulary inputwhich focuses on word tormation, easilyconlused etc. as words,words that go together, theyappear exam-style in tasks



Clear,slraightlorward grammal explanations with contextualised examples taken from the main readingtext.

pairworUgroupwork Follow-up activities which enable speaking students uselhe languagecovered to in pelsonalisation activities and encoulage effective communication,

Exam typeto task practice oflelstudents at 82 exam level.

Spread5 - Writing Skills


The theme thisunitisfashion. for Target vocabulary phrasal verbs Fashion identity, and grammar Target and continuous Present simple present Exam skills information, feel Reading: good, good,matching look questions multiple-choice Writing: article an - making your words Use English: Vocabulary - articles negative, Grammar questions Listening: multiple-choice photos comparing Speaking:

tl a y R e a d i n g k i l l s r ea b s o l u t e le s s e n t i a o p a s s i n g s The time limit is examsthese days. most reading t t s p e c i f i c a ldy s i g n e do b e v e r yt i g h t ,t o e n s u r e h a t le t s t u d e n t s a no n l yp a s si f t h e y h a v el e a r n s k l m m i n g , c t a e s c a n n i n g , n di n t e n s i v r e a d i n ge c h n t q u e s . so Theyare also designed that some words will be students, andthey wl I haveto use unknownto the g u e s st h e m e a n t n g . t e c h n i q u ets o


Band 68pages 9t

Books closedwarm-up the lf you move sh0w Hold fashion intheclassroom. can, a you of down a desks sothat have catwalk themiddle back your it to t0take inturns Encourage students theclassroom. sltting top-model The style. students walk down middle, the Today, is take to a down it inturns give commentary: JosE blue He an f1r wearing 1utfit all seasons. has attractive an jeans, you getsome mustc with eIc.lf can sweatshirt casual even rop ayir the background, beder.

ldea prepares tolerance oi t0 This course studentsdevelop tirne may a Some ambiguity. students take long t0accept way: them this. t0 encourage ina positive Try - Get up t0 a studentsuse made word {oojamaflip, word. inthe of ina sentence place a real whatjamacallitl) in and They then Out sentence theothers can read their the word class toguess original try they choose word a new my Students Play'Call Bluff'. three and write learnt of have recently 0utside class they pOssible be one the One should thereal and definitions. (false They definitions). be Other should thebluffs two which is and t0 out words guess take inturns read the it the definition. true - Take when are you doing todiscuss clues readings time the word. of inthe tothemeaning text
readthe text and identifythe paragraph 3 Students They needto do this by with this information. You scanning. couldturn it into a race,or set a strict Watchstudents'eye time limit of three minutes. and re-reading movementto see if they are reading left-hand cornerto the end. everyword from the top them to lookfor keywords, lf they are,encourage , 'l , t a l l / h e i g ha,n u m b e rp h o t o g r a p h e rp sa n s e t c . t Answers rnf e A 2 B 5 - ' b o d yl a n g u a gG'6 - ' h i s m e n t o as d r i e n d s h e ' lm o v e o n t o f a s h i o n s h o w s .E.40t 1 l . ' 3 hope readthe text in a litt e more detailthis 4 Students time. By now, they shouldhavethe main ideasof the t e x t .S e ta t i m e l l m i to f s i x t o e i g h tm i n u t e sl.f s o m e what kind ask them to conslder studentsfinlshearly, What makethem feel lessconfident. of situations advlcewould they glve to someonewho lacked o c o n f i d e n c b e c a u s e f t h e i rl o o k s ? e

cet ideas
the 1 Ask studentsto consider title of the unit.What the does style mean?Ask studentsto describe wear. clothesthey normally

Timeto read
look at the two photoson pageI and 2 Students ir es co'nparet1e srmrlarit aro d flerer^ces Thisactivitywill beforeand after photos. Alexandria's giveyou a chance listento students'handling of to p l s o n e b a s i c a n g u a g e ,a s la 1 dp r e s e r lt e q s e s , purposes. comparatives, for dlagnostic etc.

on very This 0fmakeover isnow popular tvpe show should sostudents be television, asinmagazines, aswell might to familiar theformat. with Students want discuss versi0n TVintheir on country their favourite


Answers judge 1 C-'[Alexandria] believe people her doesnl that bywhat looks Her she like. sister though, Charlotte, disagrees.'(line 4) 2 B-'There's a skirt sight.'{line not in 13) 3 D-'the items chooses Alexandria for totry... lcharlotte] Finally Jane's and chooses new its turn she three outfits (line forAlexandria' 20) 4 C-'Alexandria herself confident happy. looks and Now she M7lstand ina crowd.'(line out 29) 'Zac. 5 A..gets shy nervous hecan't to so and that talk people and...' 34) {line 6 B-'He always wants blend t0 in.'{line 42} 7 D-'...he even manages to show foraninterview a up for jobl'{line modelling 48) '. getting advice a stylist 8 A - . .after some from about his clothes. 55) ..'{line 5 Thisexercise encourages students guess to meaning fromcontext giving by thema little extra help. Students have definition the paragraph the and wherethe wordcanbe found, thenhave match to wordsto the definitions. students lf finish early, ask themto underline clues themeaning the the to in restof the text. Answers l judge 2mentor variety 3 4tendsto5 process 6height and build

Time to talk
6 Students dlscussthe question. What kind of things i n f l u e n c t h e i rc h o i c e f c l o t h e s ? e o

Students watch clipfromThe can a newlook point, atthe ofthe (see atthis or end unit SB page 17).

Homework pages and3 Workbook 2

pase Vocabufarf (sB to)

Fashion and identity
1 Draw students'attention the photoof the girl at to the bottomof the page.Canthey describe this girl? Students find the words in the text and guessthe meaning. Answerc (line (line 1 outfits 7) 2 makeover 9) 3 stylist 10) {line l 1 4 b a g g(y i n e 4 i 5 i m a g e { l i n e 1S f)u n k y { l i n e 2 7 ) 8 (line 7 catlvalk 59} I portfolio 60) {line 2 T h i si s a g o o do p p o r t u n i ta t t h e b e g i n n i n o f t h e y g courseto reviewhow studentskeepvocabulary records. earlier At stagesin their studies, translation is a perfectly validand efficientmethodof recording vocabulary. However, they advance, as this method will increasingiy them. Many words haveno direct fail translation anotherlanguage, they may havea in or pattern, different collocation etc.Writinga definition or a synonymis a very constructive method.Use of synonyms, insteadof repeating same word, is a the sign of a goodwriter.Definitions and synonyms also increase their exposure the target language, to which is alwaysa goodthing. Othermethodsthat may help includemind maps,pictures, writingwords on pieces of paperfor easy review etc.Youmight liketo ask studentsto think themselves the advantages of and disadvantages eachmethod. of Answers

ldea lf students seem lack still t0 with confidence extended partners repeat activity. dialogue, them swap ask to and any you struggling a foreign When are with language,a its relief rather a bore. than l\,4ake secondthird the or repeat more byaddingrewrule make cOntact, tur a eye act outsome thewords, thestory someone s of tell from else (aperfect fortheabove perspective One activity would be Zac proud s Mum Students enjoy andhave with l). will it fun la uage. ng

I overcomeeye 2 contact aggressivepersonality 3 4 5loosen 6 body up language 3 Thisexercise highlights some of the phrases from the text. Draw students'attention the words to aroundthe targetvocabulary. Discourage students from earning words in isolation. Many of the probems with vocabu ln examsoccurwhere ary studentsdo not learnphrases, dependent prepositions other collocations and wlth words. Get into this good habitfrom the start of the course. 15

Answers 6 5 3 1 in 2 fashion out 4 centre yourself in 7 draw

What'sodd to 4 Draw students'attention the photos. then completethe Students aboutthe girl'sclothes? with a word and a preposltlon. sentences Possibleanswers up 1 gowith 2 keep with 3 try on 4 takeoff 5 put0n uP 6 doup 7 dress with the phrasal completethe sentences 5 Students with be familiar should verbsin the list. Students levels. phrasal verbsfrom previous

11) Grammar 68page

Presentsimple and presentcontinuous
wi'l Thisexercise be a reviewtor your stL/dents 10 tl'e use of ihese tensesconrinues cause Fowever, o h i g hn u m b e r f e t ' o r s ,s o i t i s w o r t h r e v i e w i n g a

Books closedwarm-uP What does they a person know t0 Ask studentsdescribe What they theweek? are person do usually during this probably right doing now?

to Draw students'attention the rulesin the t bo G r a m m a r z o n e r .T a k e i m et o g o t h l o u g hl h e r u l e s , may some of them might be new Students previously navelearntthat we use lne oresentsirnple 'always'. prepared explain this new use oT to Be with Youmight liketo check annoyance expressing t o f s t a t ev e r b sb y g i v i n g h e m a students'awareness mixtureof stateverbsand quicktest. Diciatea them into Lhe and acTrons asKstudentsto separaLe GrammarFileon two groups.Referstudentsto the page 164it they haveany fLrtherq.lestions' chooseLhecorrectte'lse to completethe 1 Students Allow four to six minutesfor this, sentences. on how gooo your studentsare lI any depending ask them if any of the sentences studentsfinishearly, How much do they spendon are lrue of tl^emselves. goingwindow shopplng? clothes?Do they like Answerc look (habit) Does jacket {state) this 2 spend I usually (present simple buys going . .never shopping. 3's always like a in is notappropriate thefirstgapwithout phrase 'after 'at yourmumpay 4 school') Does or theweekends' (temporary 6's (usually) d0n't think{state) working 5 (state habit) dontusuallY I follow / 7 activity) are...don't wear normally (what's doesn't 9 is wearing.. choose {habit) happens) whatnormally now happening and 's not 0f (action meaning meet, see) 10 seeing 2 Beforestudentsreadthe text, ask them to look at What emotionsdo they think of colours. the different Ask studentsto readthe passage with these colours? oncefirst and checkto see if the ideasin the text opinionsThenallowthem to matchtheir personal for completethe gaps.Allow aboutten rninutes this' they can coverthe text, look lf studentsfinishearly, aroundthe room and try to rememberwhat the text saidaboutthe coloursthe otherstudentsin the class a r ew e a r i n g .

Answers t00 out 2 warm up 1wrap (wear clothesl wear (become old off) (sells 4threw {took off all) out 3 towear) sells Tpickup popular) off(boast) 5 show on 5catch (become {buY}
wlln 6 Ask studentsto write their own sentences positiveeffecton these words.Thiswill havea more their memory,both throughrewritingand Allow aboutten minutesfor this persona lisation. ask them to lf any studentsfinishearly, activity. the fashionwords into a mind map and try organise to add more words to the map.

phrasal verbsto be one of often consider Students aspectsof EnglishThis is a the most challenging for simpleexplanation those studentswho are fairly new to the term.

Homework 1 page Exercisesand3 ' 4 Workbook 5 book and Grammar VocabularY Page

Answers (permanent} 1 iswearing 2 3 {now) love lstative)makes 4 are studying 5 enjoys 6 like {now) {permanent) (regularly) anyone 7 ls wearing Sareprobably {now) working I 10 {now} issitting {now) feels {stative)

Timeto listen /Iracks and .3) |.2 |

3 Students listento the conversation put the and words in the correctcolumn.


,/ ,/


jeans old shirt tie ldea newjeans sweabflrrt surt Picture descriptioncommon isa in exams. activityspeaking You might to use like these t0 point what sentences out kind things tobeinthepresent of need and simple present Skillzone pictures a magazine continuous Bring a few tenses. in from The conversations examsare almostalwaysreadat in to illustrate this.

Timeto talk
3 Students decidewhat coloursthey haveln their wardrobeat home.What do these coLours say? 4 Students discuss what they would,or hopefully wouldn'change bout hemselves. t a

a fairlynatural speed,and this inevitably meansthat some words will be unstressed and saidvery quickly. Otherwords may be unknown. fair amountof A t o l e r a n c o f t h i s k i n do f a m b i g u i t a n da w i l l i n g n e s s e y to havea good guessare essential exam skillswhen ' c o - n e s o l i s l e r i r g . o uc a r e n c o J r a g eh r sb y r Y t rather iocuslngon what studentshaveunderstood, t h a nt h e b i t st h e ya r e m i s s i n g .

4 Studentslistenfor more detail(Track 1.3). Give ldea s t h e m t i m e t o r e a dt h e q u e s t i o n a n du n d e d i n eh e t Ask students t0write paragraph a reviewing clothes one 0f keywords that they needto istenout for.At this pages 0ftheir favourite forthefashion ofa magazine. artists earlystage in the year,they can take their tlme to do You could display descriptions theroom. their around t h i s ,a r o u n d o u r m i n u t e sT h e np l a yt h e C D f o r t h e m f . twice.

Homework page5 Exercisesand2 Workbook 1 Grammar Vocabulary pages and3 and book 2

Listening 68pase t2)

Get ideas
I Answersand enthusiasm this topic may well be for d i v i d e d m o n gt h e t w o s e x e si n y o u rc l a s s S h o p p i n g a . f o r c l o t h e s t i l lr e m a i n s o r eo f a f e m a l ep a s s i o nl.f s m a n yo f y o u rs t u d e n t s r e u n w i li n gt o t a l ka b o u tt h i s a topic,suggesta list of placesthey couldget their clothesfrom (a personal shopperwho bringsthe clothesto you, the internet, catalogue, a etc.)and ask them which would be the easiest. 2 Students look at the pictures and describe them to . t h e i rp a r t n e rF n c o u r a gte e m t o t a k et h e i rt i m e d o i n g h t h i s ,s a yf o u r m i n u t e st,a k i n gi t i n t u r n st o s p e n do n e m i nu t e o n e a c hp l c t u r e .

Answers 'l you 1 b - think might right be about smart - at the shirt geta pair Ieast look bitmore l'll up-to-date. I might of a new r00. leans. yes...0h 2 a -'Arethose hair-straighteners? not Er my And my hair too!' againl thats new gel, 3 c 'next week's lessonoutside...0K is everybody? off Now you Don't late Historyl' go. be for 4 c - 'Allshe thinks is appearance. other . .the about her inthe day saw looking her I her at reflection classroom window!' * pink green suit these really 5 b -'l love bright colours and 'Erm. they?' . .' me, don't 'He's guy the with green and shirt baggy 6 ca black jeans.. gotbrown hair' .He's curly you 7 b -'Whydon't carry growinguntil really it its on '. l'll witfr idea all!' long?'. .I think stick your after 8 a -'l stillprefer inPirates theCaribbean. him 0f though. Helooked amazing headscarf anearring.' ina with

Pictures Pictureshowsteenage looking embarrassed A a boy very girl fathers shirt. byhis loud Picture Bshowsteenage a from being stopped going dressedpunk-style out in clothes. jeans a Picture Cshowsgirl a being offforwearing and t0ld T-shirt a wedding. to with Pictureshowsboy a rebelli0us D a long hairstyle.


t3) Speaking gBpase

1 Get ideas (Track4)
look at the photo and dlscussthe boy's 1 Stuclents l W h e r em i g h th e b e g o i n gd r e s s e di k et h i s ? clothes.

' r g 6 S t u d e n t s r o u pw o r d sw i t h s i m i l a s o u n d s Play Track1.5for them to checktnelr answers

Photo traditlonal shirt a Hawailan and lei(the a wearingloud He's and a surfboard He's from necklace Hawaii). canying be it a hat looks bitlike might his 0ldsun that an wearing mothers.
p tn 2 D r a ws t u d e n t s ' a t t e n t i oo t h e U s e f u l h r a s e s w t h e e x p r e s s i o n si t h s t u d e n t s , b o x .G o t h r o u g h are pointingout which phrases best to softena t s o c r i t i c l s m r i n t r o d u c e o m e t h i n gh e l i s t e n eirs n o t of llstento the recording three Students expecting. t h t e e n sd l s c u s s l ntg e p h o t oa n di d e n t i f yh e p h r a s e s 1.4). used (Track Answers .. . erm.. to behonest. Well, t B i l lt,o t e l ly o u h et r u t h . . . 3 Allow studentsto choosea full rangeof reactlons l i m i to f a t b s u p p o r t i v e ,l u n t , e l l i n g w h i t e i e S e t a t i m e , t w o m i n u t e so n e m i n u t ee a c h .

Answets become overcome company coloured /^/ comfortable come comfort confident contact conversation concentration /c/common ldea 0ld it,why collect to the have time organise n0I lf you y younger considerab when were photos your class they o{ the writing names without them arrange ona board and t0 photos ask teachers or the with student car You dothis teenagers were they when of in bring photos themselves tne totry competiti0n to match Y0u then a class can hold This ofcJass can of photos thenarnesthemembers to past descriptj0n, and forpe0ple good provide opp0rtunity a phrases saying polite before using present comparison, of a few and a llttle s0mething impolite, hopefully modals (ltcouid it be, ) speculation be, can't eIc

14 and Use your English 68 Pases 15)

Makingwords negative
more sectlonptepares Thissecondvocabulary that are the types of questions for specifically e us f r e q u e n t L y e di n U s eo f E n g l i s h x a m s .

Timeto speak
t e 4 a n d 5 M a k es u r ey o u g i v es t u d e n t s n o u g h i m e t o they begrnto speaK, before readthe roleplay e s p e c i a l la s i t i s t h e i rf i r s tt i m e w i t h t h i st y p e o t y Allow abouttwo 1othree minutesthlnking activity. time.Youmay needto helpwith vocabularylf you u o , n h a v ea n u n e v e n u m b e r f s t u d e n t sd o u b l e p o n a t h e B r o . ec a ' d a n oa s l ' t h e r r I o 1 a e t L r n s n s w e l i l g t o r d i s c u s so g e t h e r . draw thelr actlvity, Beforethey beginthe speaking s phrases ox Adding ome b t a t t e n t i o no t h e U s e f u l a way of commentis often criticismor a negative b a n m a k i n g d i s c u s s i oa b l t m o r ei n t e r e s t l n g ,u t can sounda bit rude without these phrases criticism markerIn a who use this type of discourse Students m w e x a r n i l l a l s og e t a h i g h e r a r k ,s o l t l s speaking these phrases and practising worth learnlng

box These to Draw students'attention the Wordzone to prefixesshouldbe fairlyfamiliar studentsby tnls y t p o i n ti n t h e i rs t u d i e sa l t h o u g hh e yp r o b a b l s t i l l , i n t h e i ru s e . m a k ee r r o r s choosethe correctprefixto makethe 1 Students then use the words to complete adjective, negatjve , f t h e g a p s .l f a n ys t u d e n t sl n i s he a r l ya s kt h e m t o a d c i anotherword that beginswith the same prefix' Answers 4 3 2 in{ormal impatient dislike 1 uncomfortable in (this not 5 5 irregular illegal might bethecase many c0unlnesl choosethelr own answers When they 2 Students ask havelookedat the sentences, them to tell their partner which word they chose,and say a few more thingsaboutthe sentence(Whydo they think beauty what klndof clothesdoes pageants acceptable, are wear,etc?).Acceptany answers' the teacher completethe gapswith the correctform 3 Students often miss prefixesin lexical of the word. Students gets students and clozeexercises, thls exercise o n t h i st y p e o f c h a l l e n g e focusing

prompr' examsoften containa photograpnlc Speaking the By usingpicturesin exams,you rernove t i l g of d i f f i c u L t i e st e s t l n g i s t e n i n s k i l l s n a d d i t i o no is detaled photodescription However, speaking. task un ess you work in the arts, unnatural often ad i w s o s t u d e n t s i l l n e e dt r a i n l n gn t h i st a s k .M a k es u r e to plentyof opportunity put thls adv ce studentshave i n t op r a c t l c e .


Make sure they readthe text oncefor general t L n d e r s t a nn g b e ' o r et h e yb e g i ^r o c o m o l e t e h e d gaps.Givethem one minuteto readand then ask a questions. few comprehension What are Laura and Rachel's styles? What is the competition they are goingto enter?Why are they unusual contestants? Are they happywith their new looks? Thenallowthem six minutesto completethe gaps. lf any studentsfinishearly, ask them if they know the y E n g l i s ho r t h e k i n d so f t h i n gt h e g i r l sp r o b a b l h a dt o f (gettheir havedoneto completetheir transformation haircut, their legswaxed,etc.). Answerc 1 disrespectful 2 inappropriate 4 3 comfortableunusual (a 5 unhappy unsuitablemisbehavedisapprove 7 8 6 Barbie gone doll wrong) independent 9

'Wall you could invent a 0finjustice'with their allof article (the piece paper mistakespost-its,even very 0n or a large of phrases of on, back anoldroll wallpaper)with written of graffiti style.
1 Students with the correct completethe sentences arlicle a/an, the or -. Answels l t h e 2 - 3 a n A t h e5 - 6 a put 2 Students the words in the correctorder.lf you arlyweak at this, think that your studentsare particu you might needto givethem the first word of each sentence. not to let studentsreorder Try the sentences writing numbersabovethe words, by e s p e c l y a s t h e yn e e dt o d d d l h e a n i ce s . I n s t e a d , a i T a s kt h e m t o w r i t et h e s e n t e n c e o u t a g a i n n f u l l . h i s s will be clearerin their notes,particularly they have if a nl t o m a k ec h a n g e s , n dw i l l a i d m e m o r i s a t i o A . l o ws i x minutesfor this activity. any studentsfinishearly, lf a s kt h e r r r o w r i t e l h e i ro w n r r x e d - u p e l t e n c eo n s the boardfor the classto try at the end. Answerc 1 Shoes bequite can expensive. 2 Didyougoto theshops Saturday? on 3 Webought these a souvenir onholiday. in shop jeans a T-shirt. 4 My brother always wears and justspilt 5 l've 0n 0range.iuicemynewshirt. your from sun. the 6 Wear sunglasses to protect eyes for as 3 This lexical ciozeis simplified the students, it only reviewsthe language featuredin this unit. e R e mn d s r u d e n r o f t h e i m p o r r a n co f t e c h ' r i q u e s when completing lt to clozeexercises. is essential readthroughthe text once,with pensdown, to get a general understanding the text beforethey begin of . t o c o m p l e t e n yg a p sT h e r e r e c l u e si n t h e w h o l e a a text to things liketenses,style and register, text type, etc.,which might affectthe choiceof words. D ' a w s t J d e n l s ' a f l e n r : o rot h e p h o t o . s k t h e m t o L A 'ead the text. Grverhe'n a r'rinuteard ask a few qu c o m p r e h e n s i o n e s t i o n s . h y d i dY a s d o t h i st o h e r W i hair?What is Childrenrn Neec? How often does it happen?

Homework Workbookpage4 Exercises and 5 4

This exercise be considerably more challenging will for certainnationalities than for others.Evenif your with studentscome from a language background f a i r l y i m i l a a r t i c l e u l e s o E n g l i s hi , i s s t i l lw o r t h t s r r t reviewing. Many problemscome from studentsnot k n o w i n g h i c hw o r d si n E n g l i s h r e c o u n t a b l e . w a

presentation Books closed Wtite a,anand inbigletters four the, of on pieces card Bead and thern the cornerstheroom. Out stick in four of 'beep' have a phrase saying before noun. the Students to physically tothecorner representsarticle move the that goes they think before noun that that in sentence.

Ask studentsto look at the Grammarzone They box. shouldhaveseen all these rulesbefore,but may have problemsremembering Refer them in practice. studentsto the GrammarFileon page 164 it they need anyfurtherinformation.

ldea (particularly Polish, Some nationalities Russian, Arabic, Turkish Asian and language find speakers)willrememberingThenallowthem five to sevenminutesto complete you t h e g a p s ,u n d e r l i n i nw o r d se i t h e rs i d eo f t h e g a p g to use rules, articles a huge challenge. with Even clear that give clLesro tl'e correclwo'd. l{ any stLde'']ts yourself getting a muddle io explain may find into trying f i n i s he a d y a s kt h e m t o d e s c r i b eh e i rl a s t ' b a dh a i r , t tnese w0rds. be lftherules seem behelpingall,it might worth don't to at reminder teaching articles lexical as items, similar using you f0r techniques tothose use prepositions, forexample.
d a y 'W h a t h a p p e n e d ? .


'a women t0 expression use say bad day' a general hair is up. they from wrong themoment w0ke went thatthings

of 3 Ask studentsto lookat the descriptlon the words that will the Ask teenager. them to underline helpto identifyhim in a photo.Youmight haveto match teachthe words tease,skateboardelStudents to the description one of the photosat the bottomof page. the

Answers S t 6 3 4 l i s z t h e t h e a ns t h e i s T w i t h o u9 d o e s 10 are

Answers 'he wears sense C-'hasagreat ofhumour, always baggy curly cap his baseballover brown hair' trousers anold and

Timeto talk
4 Youmight liketo spreadthis activityovertwo days, r g , v i ' r g t u o e n l s h e h a n c eo b r i r g i n a n y L c s wlth photosthey haveof themselves embarrassing b a dh a i r c u t s . dlscussion 5 Youcouldturn thls into a more general What havethe studentsdone in the on fund+aising. do pastto raisefunds?What charities they think are would be a good activity for? worth f und-raising What a for?Are charities good thing,or should to fund+aise governments taxesfor these causes? use

use students is someonefineprovided Criticising Students the t0 Ianguagesoften comments. certain in criticism the wayof softening to wereintr0ducedone eic be such unit, speaking with phrases as To honest, ' + always present grammar using section, andin the 'sometimes' theycanseethe Here habits. contrnuousfor s h eg a m e t h o(d o m e t i m e s e t s n g r y . . . ) . of write a description anotherperson 4 Students a g p o l i t e r i t i c i s m n di m a g i n i n d e t a i l s c Encourage the writingmore interestingAllow Thesewill make aboutsix minutesfor the writing.lf any students areasin their work where they finishearly,underline couldadd a bit more detail,or a more interestlng choiceof word. Put a crossIn the marglnnexl to a crossesif linewhere there is an error(or several but necessaryl) don'ttell them what the erroris ask studentsto worKln When they havefinished, and readout their descriptions, groupsof four or five and write down on a pieceof paperwhich person a a t h e yt h i n ki t i s . C h e c k n s w e r s t t h e e n d .

ldea a to studentsplan fundlf yOu time, notask have why what to activity hOld, what They decide raising activity. can how and (human material)theyneed, will resources and which They also the they collect money. can decide will groups t0 them workin small You to suppOrt. canask charlty a and present inf0rmation class, write tothe their and even You idea. might for publicity inEnglish their leaflet with 0f to decide goahead one theevents. Homework page5 Exercisesand4 3 Workbook 4 book Vocabulary Page and Grammar

Plan ahead
5 Givestudentsa minuteto readaboutthe Thenallowthem to discusshis notes competition. T w i d e a s o u l db e b e s tt o i n c l u d e . h i si s a a n dw h i c h of needto be selective what Students usefulactivity. to write a list of tend they write.Veryyoungchildren ideasas they come lnto their headsand include that as related the topic. lt is essential to everything studentsmaturethey learnto selecta few key ideas a t a n dd e v e l o ph o s ei n a n o r g a n i s efd s h i o n


16 17) 68 pases and

and look at the adiectives chooseone 1 Students them.Youmight liketo get thelr that best describes that which adjective partner havea go at guessing to to personchose.Remember ask them to saywhy they chosethat word.

Find the right words

why they studentsto explaln 2 Again,encourage 'l l'm usually c h o s e h e s ew o r d s . w o u l ds a y t becauseI loveextremesportsand adventurous c a m p i n gt,h a ts o r to f t h i n g l

Answers Probably: reminds feel lucky clothes, socks, comfortable, me0f sporty sometimes loves energetic, attention, 15, winning, talland lazy. suggestions. accept well-argued However, any

6 Students look at Pedro articleand matchthe s headings the paragraphs. to Pointout to students how Pedrogot his ldeasfor paragraph themes from the question. Allow abouttwo minutesfor this activity.

Answers t Appearancepersonality and 2 Favourite clotfres Why 3 is this outfit special?

7 Students readPedro's article again answer and the questions. These the kindof features wlll get are that a better rnark an exam in whenyouwritean article. Answers present 1 lvlostly simple, past some simple present and c0ntrnu0us. 2 Informal language: - Hi, Vocabulary brilliant, bother d0n't to 'lucky' Grammar punctuation and contractions, l, - let Phrases meintroduce justlike myself, me! - Tobehonest, a matter fact Linkers As 0f 3 Yes Heexplains hewears why sports clothes, he why thinks lazy, heloves basketball why he's why his top, he his lucky, why is absolute calls socks and this his favourite outfit. Time to write dn drticle plan 8 Students theirown answer monitor and make suretherearesomeinteresting reasons and higher level choices vocabulary. of 9 Students writetheirown competition You entry. might to setthisfor homework, like although there arebenefits fromdoing writing class. in yoL i19 Byasl. studerts write,nclass, can T ro planning supervise their stages, making suggestions

and changes beforethey wrlte up their notes. Youcan helpthem to make better,more interesting cholces of v o c a b u l a ra n dl a n g u a g e .o um i g h tl i k et o w r i t ey o u r y Y o w n a n s w e ra t t h e s a m et i m e t o s h o wt h a t p l a n n i n g reallyis important.In an examthey will not havethe c h a n c eo s p e n ds o l o n go n t h e i rw o r k ,b u t t h e yw i l l t p b e n e f iftr o m t h e l e a r n i n g r o c e s sn c l a s s . i

A pieceof work that is not welforganised, poor has paragraphing does not directlyaddress or the q u e s t l o n l l l b e u n l i k e l t o p a s si n a n e x a r n i t u a t i o n , w y s no matterhow lovey the cholceof language. S t J d e n r s h o r l d ' o r l o w h e s et h ' e e p i e c e s f a d v i c e t o pieceof writingto complete. everytime they havea

ldea group? a fOrtnight Why 0rganise n01 a writers' 0nce piece stLdents bring a sl^ort o'w'itirg a give'r can ir on 10pic a topic their 0r 0f choice read outina small and it group. others comment. tends workbestif The then This to you them say thing liked ask to one they about writing the andonething would they change about This it. might work groups orless best you t0 arrange if try the more according to language ability.

Time to watch fhe new iook

@ 10 lf students haven't soalreadV, done they canwatch video fromThe a clio newlookand dotheactivities SBpage on 152.

Homework page 7 Workbook