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The Role of Administration in a School Library

1. Provide Leadership Model Literacy Involve all staff in Library programs and initiatives 2. Provide Budgetary Supports Encourage and Mentor Librarians applying for supplementary funding Include Teacher Librarians in budgetary discussions to ensure Library is being properly funded 3. Act as a Spokesperson: Sell your School Library! Relay to Parents and School Boards the successes seen in your school Library Promote the goals, programs

Our Roles as Teacher Librarians 1. Promote Literacy

Develop Programs that encourage and foster a love for reading Provide a diverse set of resources that can meet the needs of all learners

Building a Partnership A Guide to Supporting your School Library and Librarian

2. Collaborate with Colleagues, Parents and Support Staff

Provide supplemental support to the curriculum Partner with the extended community to encourage and support parents

3. Advocate for Library Resources

Participate in professional development that is relevant to the School Library Supplement budgets with grant and agency applications Collaborate with Teachers and Administrators to maximize resource management

Delta School District

Prepared by the Delta School District Teacher Librarian Association

Current Programs Book Clubs Many schools throughout the District are running book clubs Most clubs meet once a month

Future Initiatives Technology Ensure that all Libraries are keeping up with technology and providing students with the latest opportunities Parent Support Create more ways to engage parents in the School Library, and a continuation of their childrens learning at home Multi-Language Resources An initiative to supply resources in other languages Teacher Support Offer more opportunities for Teacher Librarians to support Teacher Instruction

Our Wish List

o o o o IPADS/Kobos More PCs Computer Software Projectors

Reading Buddies Seen in many of our Elementary Schools, older students are sharing their love of reading with a younger buddy

o Printers Fiction
o A greater variety of teen fiction is currently in need throughout most Secondary schools in the District

Globe Trotting One Secondary School highlights a new country every month by displaying its literature, culture, language and customs

More Time!
o o Fewer Library closures Block time set aside for Teacher/Librarian collaboration More opportunities for Professional Development that directly impacts the school Library

Conversation Circles District Libraries offer a safe place for our ESL students to practice their oral skills