FIELD EVENT NOTES—UW INDOOR PREVIEW January 19, 2008 FIELD EVENTS 8:30 a.m.: Shot Put “B” (W) 8:30 a.m.

: Long Jump “C” (W) Backstretch Pit 8:30 a.m.: Long Jump “C” (M) 8:30 a.m.: Pole Vault “B” (W)* 8:30 a.m.: Pole Vault “B” (M)* 9:25 a.m.: Long Jump “B” (M) 9:30 a.m.: Long Jump “B” (W) Backstretch Pit 9:30 a.m.: High Jump “B” (W) 9:30 a.m.: Shot Put “A” (W) 10:20 a.m.: Triple Jump “B” (W) Backstretch Pit 10:30 a.m.: Shot Put Final (W) 10:45 a.m: Triple Jump “B” (M) 11:30 a.m.: Weight Throw “B”(M) 11:30 a.m.: Shot Put “C” (M) 11:50 a.m.: Long Jump “A” (W) 12:00 p.m.: High Jump “B” (M) 12:20 p.m.: Shot Put “B” (M) 12:40 p.m.: Long Jump Final (W) 1:00 p.m.: Weight Throw “A” (M) 1:15 p.m.: Shot Put “A” (M) 1:25 p.m.: Long Jump “A” (M) 2:00 p.m.: Pole Vault “A” (W)* 2:00 p.m.: Pole Vault “A” (M)* 2:00 p.m.: High Jump “A” (W) 2:00 p.m.: Weight Throw Final (M) 2:20 p.m.: Shot Put Final (M) 2:30 p.m.: Long Jump Final (M) 3:00 p.m.: Weight Throw “B” (W) 3:10 p.m.: Triple Jump “A” (W) 4:00 p.m.: High Jump “A” (M) 4:00 p.m.: Triple Jump Final (W) 4:15 p.m.: Weight Throw “A” (W) 4:40 p.m.: Triple Jump “A” (M) 5:30 p.m.: Triple Jump Final (M) 5:30 p.m.: Weight Throw Final (W) ATHLETES TO WATCH: Bryan Clay, the 2004 Athens Olympic silver medalist, 2005 world champion, is entered in the shot put, high jump, and long jump. Clay’s preparing for the IAAF World Indoor Championships in the heptathlon. In the long and high jumps, he’ll go against

Washington’s Norris Frederick, a fan favorite at the Dempsey, and a guy who thrives on getting the home crowd going…Frederick is one of the NCAA’s top returning long jumpers, while Clay is a former NAIA national champion in the LJ…Fellow decathlete Chris Randolph, the former Seattle Pacific standout, who was fifth in the USA/Germany decathlon meet last year, is also entered in the long & high jumps, as well as the shot put…the men’s high jump also included former University of Oregon standout Kyley Johnson. In the men’s vault, Stanford’s Graeme Hoste, an 18-1 vaulter, is the class of the field. Washington’s Ryan Vu & Jared O’Connor will challenge him. Scott Roth, an NCAA finalist, isn’t scheduled to jump. The women’s pole vault will be an interesting battle, as a plethora of current and former University of Washington jumpers take to the air. The alums are led by 2005 NCAA champ Kate Conwell (formerly Soma), and Canadian Carly Dockendorf, while Lauren Walker, Andrea Peterson & Kelley DiVesta compete for the present-day Dawgs…Jessie Gallaher, a former NAIA champ from Concordia (Oregon) will also be in the mix, as well as former Sam Houston State vaulter Jennie Sewell who was fifth at the NCAA championships last year. In the women’s long jump, Simon Fraser’s Ruky Abdulai, the NAIA champ in the event, goes against the Huskies’ multi-eventers Daria Amiad-Pavlov & Liz Fuller, former SPU & Cal Poly heptathlete Danielle Ayers-Stamper; and the Stanford duo of Lauren Stewart and Brittni Dixon-Smith. Ayers-Stamper is also entered in the high jump and shot put.

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