COMICS 2007 1/1 Tiberio Colantuoni, 71 - Italian comic book artist - Creator of Bongo


Drew Posada, 37 - comic book colorist and pin-up artist


Iwao Takamoto, 81 - animator & character designer for Disney and HannaBarbera - designer of Scooby-Doo, Astro (“Jetsons”), Lady (‘Lady & the Tramp’) and others - Director: ‘Charlotte’s Web’; Producer on numerous H-B series


Harry Horse, 46 - British children’s book illustrator and political cartoonist


Vic Kasinja, 49, malaria - Malawi cartoonist; creator of the features ‘Joza’ and ‘Taxina’


Joe Edwards, 85 - MLJ/Archie artist from 1942-87; drew funny animal strips as well as the Archie gang - Drew 4 stories in Archie Comics #1 - Creator/writer/artist of Li’l Jinx


Bob Oksner, 90 - comic book artist from the early 40s to the late 80s - worked primarily for DC on humor titles and greatlooking women - comic strips – ‘Miss Cairo Jones’ (1945-47), ‘I Love Lucy’ (1952-55), ‘Soozie’ (1967-68); co-plotted ‘Dondi’ (1969-86) - co-created ‘Angel & the Ape’


Irwin Caplan, 87 - Cartoonist – Saturday Evening Post and Collier’s - NCS Award for Advertising and Illustration, 1972


Osvaldo Cavandoli, 87 - Italian cartoonist and animator; best-known for his character created from one line (La Linea)


Yvan Delporte, 78 - Cartoonist; editor-in-chief of Spirou, 1955-68


Arnold Drake, 83 - comic book writer; co-creator of Deadman, Doom Patrol and ‘Stanley and his Monster’ for DC - long runs on ‘Bob Hope’ and ‘Jerry Lewis’ comics, teamed with Bob Oksner (see above) - wrote what some are calling the first “graphic novel”, ‘It Rhymes with Lust’


Jay Kennedy, 50, drowning


Editor in Chief of King Features Syndicate, 1997-07 Introduced ‘Mutts’ and ‘Zits’, as well as revived ‘Prince Valiant’ Cartoon editor of Esquire, 1983-88 Editor, the Underground Comix Guide


Drew Hayes, 37, heart attack - Comic book writer/artist; creator of ‘Poison Elves’, which ran from 1991-2004


Marshall Rogers, 57 - comic book artist best-known for his work on ‘Detective Comics’ and ‘Mister Miracle’


Franco Cosimo Panini, 76 - co-founder of Panini, an Italian publisher of comics, stickers and trading cards


Johnny Hart, 77 - comic strip artist/writer; creator of ‘B.C.’ [1958-2007] and co-creator of ‘The Wizard of Id’ [1964-2007]


recipient of the Reuben, the Segar Award and the Yellow Kid Award


Pierre Probst, 93 - French children’s book illustrator/author


Brant Parker, 86 - artist and co-creator of ‘Wizard of Id’ [1964-2007]


co-creator of “Out of Bounds” and “Crock” winner of the Reuben


Art Saaf, 85 - comic book artist, working primarily for Fiction House in the 1940s (Jumbo, Ranger), as well as Better (Thrilling, Startling) - left comics in 1954 but returned in ’67 to work for Dell and Gold Key; worked steadily for DC in the ‘70s on romance and ghost features, as well as a 5-issue stint on ‘Our Fighting Forces’


Tom Artis, complications from diabetes - comic book artist, working primarily for DC in the late ‘80s/early ‘90s on the Spectre, Sensational She-Hulk, and his co-creation, Tailgunner Jo


Angus McBride, 76 - Scottish historical and fantasy illustrator


Roger Armstrong, 89 - comic book artist: ‘Looney Tunes’, Disney & Walter Lantz comics for Western; - comic strips: Disney’s ‘Scamp’, 1978-88


J.B. Handelsman, 85 - cartoonist for Punch, Playboy and the New Yorker


Howie Schneider, 77 - creator of the ‘Eek & Meek’ comic strip, which ran 19652000, and other shorter-lived strips


Buck Brown, 71 - cartoonist who contributed over 600 cartoons to Playboy, most of them featuring his ‘Granny’ character


Doug Marlette, 57, car accident - editorial cartoonist from 1969 until his death, and winner of the 1988 Pulitzer Prize in that field - creator of the comic strip ‘Kudzu’, syndicated since 1981


Cheng Shifa, 86 - Chinese cartoonist/illustrator


Mike Wieringo, 44 - comic book artist – ‘The Flash’, ‘Robin’ and ‘Adventures of Superman’ for DC; various Spider-Man titles for Marvel - co-creator of his own fantasy series ‘Tellos’


Phil Gascoine, 72 - British comic book and strip artist who became professional at age 17 - Late ‘80s/early ‘90s work for Marvel (Marvel UK, Epic) and DC (Unknown Soldier)


Larry Woromay, 80 - comic book artist who worked for Atlas in the early ‘50s and Charlton in the late ‘60s Phil Frank, 64, brain tumor - comic strip artist – ‘Farley’ for the San Francisco Chronicle [1975-2007] and the syndicated ‘Elderberries’ [2004-2007] - Frank died three days after announcing his retirement



Robert Jordan, 58, rare blood disorder - fantasy author whose ‘Wheel of Time: New Spring’ novel was partially adapted into comic book form by Chuck Dixon


Richard Goldwater,70 - President, co-publisher and son of co-founder of Archie Comics


Paul Norris, 93 - Artist; co-creator of Aquaman - artist for Western from late ‘40s through ‘70s - Comic strip artist, filling-in on ‘Flash Gordon’ and ‘Secret Agent X-9’ and later drawing ‘Jungle Jim’ Sundays (1948-52) and ‘Brick Bradford’ (1952-87) - Native of Greenville, Ohio


Al Scarduto, 79 - comic strip/book artist; assisted on ‘Little Iodine’, 194662 - stunning longevity on the daily feature, ‘They’ll Do It Every Time’, from assistant in 1946, to artist, to taking over the strip in 1989


Wayne Howard, 59 - comic book artist, primarily for Charlton - assistant to Wally Wood, 1968-69