Agency is to break the vicious cycle of poverty by imparting the values of education, good health, and sustainable living to the children of post – civil war torn Somalia. EGART volunteers believe that each child has the right to be healthy, educated, protected, respected and valued, and to grow up knowing how to help turn the tide of poverty. Right now, children in Somalia have very little (if any) access to education and health facilities because of the Civil war and recent civil unrest. How can things change in Somalia if there is no education for the children? OVERVIEW Somalia’s school system disintegrated in 1991, when the country descended into clan-based civil war. Government institutions were the first to collapse; schools were ransacked and teachers fled the country. Lack of education represents one of the country's biggest challenges as it tries to rebuild with a generation of youths who can barely read or write. It is now time to resume education, however the newly established government in Somalia is unable to fund the necessary renovations in the ransacked and destroyed local schools, leaving the children uneducated. DIINSOOR SCHOOL PROJECT Egart’s Diinsoor School Project has two important goals for the Diinsoor Community. The first is to renovate three existing primary school facilities in the Diinsoor area, which are currently in grievous disrepair. When the school renovations have been completed, our aim is to enroll students, enlist teachers and provide educational materials to these primary schools. The second goal of this project is to run a ‘Youth for Peace’ project that will allow students to understand their role in the international community. Because of this project and the renovation of these three schools, 800 orphans and poor children in the region will become the first generation of children to live and learn in a peaceful Somalia in more than 20 years. OUR SPECIFIC GOALS The main purpose of this project is to improve existing conditions and the creation of new educational facilities in the Diinsoor school system. This includes the rehabilitation & renovation of three existing schools and the building of new staff offices. Main objectives include: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Overhauling and refurbishing schools' facilities Rehabilitating/Renovating classrooms and school fences Furnishings and equipment Four offices for teachers and administration Two conference rooms Library and information centre Training and education centre for disabled children Playgrounds and sports facilities Water and electricity

Specifically, the costs are as follows: 3 Water tanks for 3 different schools

@ $2,000 for each tank = $ 6000 Renovation of 24 classrooms @ $1,200 for 3 different Schools = $28800 Fencing supplies for 3 schools @ $1,000 for 3 different schools = $3000 School supplies package for 1 classroom @ $300 for 24 classrooms = $7200 Sporting goods package @ $150 for 3 schools = $450 School uniform 500 students @ $20 for 3 schools = $10000 TOTAL = $55450 We have plans in place to raise funds through various avenues and hope to get started with raising awareness on this site ( and also by raising the $6000.00 needed for the water tanks. This aspect of the project is extremely important for the proper running of the schools and the ensured health of the children and staff. Please help us raise money to do our project,You have the power to do it. We can do this together, from the ground up. email us at: