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We now know from our intelligence community that President Obama knew the attack on our embassy in Libya

was a terrorist attack because his administration label ed it as such to allow intelligence agencies to go after the terrorists who were involved in the attack. So how did our president respond to this attack on our country, which was actually an attack on our soil (since embassies represent am erican territory)? The day after the attack he flew to Las Vegas for a campaign fundraiser, and knowingly and intentionally sent out his ambassador to the UN a nd his press secretary to LIE to the american people and say that it wasn't a te rrorist attack, but spontaneous protest in response to an anti-muslim film, even though the president of libya said that idea was ridiculous, and common sense i ndicated it was a terrorist attack. It's scary because either a)the president h ad to know this was a pre-planned attack and sent out his people to lie to us or b) he sincerely thought it was a protest, even though it just happened to be on the 11 year anniversary of 9/11, and the terrorists just happened to know the e xact location of the US ambassador and how little security he had around him. S o either Obama is a corrupt liar who has a great amount of disdain for the ameri can people, or he's utterly naive and incompetent regarding the most dangerous t hreat we face as a nation, radical islamic terrorism. I don't know which scenar io is worse. I think he felt he had to cover this up and try to convince the media and the ma sses that it wasn't a terrorist attack by al qaeda, which it turned out to be, b ecause that would destroy his narrative that he's tough on terror and that he go t bin laden. If in fact al qaeda is still strong and just killed our ambassador and took over our embassy, then Obama hasn't been successful in weakening them, and worse, his policy toward the muslim world of appeasement and reaching out t o those who hate us while ignoring israel's needs and demanding they negotiate w ith terrorists has been horrible for america and our allies abroad. Now after reports from the intelligence community at least we know the truth abo ut these attacks: they were planned by the leaders of al qaeda long in advance because of our detainment of the blind sheikh who was responsible for the world trade center bombing of 1993. They use the "movie" as bait to distract us from what their real intentions were, and Obama took the bait, probably because he wa nted to in order to keep the truth hidden from us. This attack was about reveng e for our killing and detainment of their members and to send a message to us th at they're at war with us and will do whatever it takes to destroy us. Apparently Obama didn't get the memo. Instead he did exactly what they wanted him to, he blamed the movie and gave it more attention than it ever would've gotten if he ignored it, as he should have, and apologized for our right to free speech. The message he sent to the terrorists was this: if you kill our citizens and at tack our embassies, we won't fight back, instead we'll just try to limit our fre e speech so that we won't offend you anymore and give you any reason to attack u s. What Obama doesn't understand is American weakness is provocative, it emboldens the terrorists who now believe they actually have a shot at taking us down becau se their resolve in this war is much stronger than ours is, and they'll test our resolve again because of this. Instead of blaming the video, Obama should've b lamed the terrorists and actually mentioned the fact that Christians in muslim c ountries around the world are being persecuted for their faith, yet those countr ies do nothing to stop it, yet demand we limit our free speech just because one of our citizens produces something they find offensive. Yet he has said nothing about those Christians even as he condemns anything that is offensive to muslims. The hypocrisy is astounding. What makes us great as a nation is our ability and freedom to say, do, and make things that are offensi ve to each other without causing riots, and it's time we had a president who def ended that freedom. It's time for a president who will condemn the violence aga inst Christians and people of other faiths around the world by intolerant muslim governments, and not try to win favor with them. When you do that they laugh a t you for being so weak and unprincipled. Terrorists and the countries that sup port them live and die by only one thing- power. They will always hate us, but

if we have a strong president with convictions who is guided by the truth, they will be forced to respect us, or try to disrespect us at their own peril. Peace through strength isn't just a slogan Romney should use, it's a survival mechani sm we as a nation need to adopt, and quickly.