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Auditing in CIS Environment ACC63-401A

Information Technology Auditing and Assurance Multiple Choice Questions
Submitted to: Atty. Zander J. Plaza, CPA Prepared by: GROUP IV Leader: RED, Sunshine S. Members: ENRIQUEZ, Jayson ESCOBEDO, Xybelle NARVAEZ. Juana Marie PAZ, Gene Kelly RENIVA, Leandra ROMANA, Fatima Bianca

Parallel simulation d. The name of the corresponding item in a computerized system is a a. Vanessa Information Technology Auditing and Assurance PRTC Multiple Choice Questions 1. a program that translates symbolic language to machine language 2. In auditing through the computer. What type of computer-based system is characterized by data that are assembled from more than one location and records that are updated immediately? a. year-to-date file d. verifier c. master file b. a program that converts procedure oriented language to machine language d. An expert system 3. Integrated test facility b. a procedure oriented language b. The test data approach c. All activities related to a particular application in a manual system are recorded in a journal. generation number check b. In a computerized system. transaction file c. procedure or problem-oriented language is converted to machine language through an: a. A compiler is a. A control to verify whether the peso amounts for all debits and credits for incoming transactions are posted to a receivables master file is the: a. compiler d. Online real-time system 4. current balance file 5. Batch processing system d. interpreter b. actual client data is used with: a. a machine that translates the assembler program to machine language c. converter 6. Microcomputer system b. Minicomputer system c. master reference check .ULAYE.

Batch total d. An auditor would most likely be concerned with which of the following controls in a distributed data processing system? a. An online access control that checks whether the user’s number is authorized to initiate a specific type of transaction or inquiry is referred to as: a. 83621. Reasonableness check 8. Limit check d. When this order is processed. control total 7.c. Compatibility test c. Which of the following input validation routines is not likely to be appropriate in a real time operation? a. Hardware controls b. Systems documentation controls c. the vendor’s EDP department would identify the error with what type of control? a. A customer erroneously ordered item no. hash total d. Access controls d. Sequence check c. Password b. Field check b. 86321 rather than item no. Key verifying b. Self-checking digit c. Disaster recovery controls 9. Item inspection 10. Redundant data check d. Reasonableness test .

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