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Processing Classes- This concept is used to control the Behavior of the Wagetypes during payroll process.

We will see the below processing classes PC20, PC72, PC01, PC10, PC30, PC77 PC20 [Cumulation and storage at end of gross part] -- this used to control the cummulation of the wage types based on the specification. And generates base wagetypes.

This given specification leads to operation ADDCU. Cummulation Classes- (V_512W_D) This concept is used to generate the base amounts as per the requirements. PC20 is responsible for all Cummulations of Wagetypes. CC1O - /110 net payments/dedutions CC11 - /111 EPF basis CC12 - /112 ESI basis CC18 - /119 PTax basis[due] CC24 - /124 Monthly Regular Income CC25 - /125 Monthly Irregular Income

PC72[Nominal cumulations] this PC is responsible for the generation of all nominal basis and IN72 is the standard PCR which reads the PC72 depending on the specifications /113 ESI nominal /119 PTax nomial

PC01 [Assignment to valuation bases]

PCR - X010: - This PCR generates the base amount for valuation basis where the total amount of the assigned wagetypes goes to /001, /002, etc. based on processing class 01. Here the PC mapping should be done to base wage types 4211, 4212, .. PCR X013: - This PCR will divide the base amount in /001 & /002 in to hourly rate (daily rate & weekly rate if valuation basis is 02 & 03) and stores the hourly rate in /001 & /002 based on specification 5 in all /001, /002.series. Here the PC mapping should be done for /001, /002.and by default there will specification 5 wagetype in valuation base. PCR X015: - This PCR valuates the OT payments or Time wagetypes based on valuation basis [V_512W_B] maintained for the Time wagetype. If we maintain as 1 it will pick the rate from /001 and if we maintain 2 it will pick the rate from /002. Valuation Basis [V_512W_B] this concept is used to valuate the time Wagetypes like OT payments, Maternity Leave payments.

PC10 [Mark wage types for monthly factoring] - This is used to control the proration/factor/reduction of the wagetypes according to below specifications.

Proration e.g. Mid month joining/termination/LOPs. Fun Gen/8 generates the /801 series wagetypes INP1 this is standard PCR which is used to define proration factors ( /801, /802, /803./810) based on unpaid absences or mid months joinees and mid month terminations. PCR XVAL this pcr reads the PC10 and prorate the wage types based on specifications. Scenario the requirement is to prorate wagetypes based on below conditions 1. calendar day proration Eg basic 10000, LOPs 2 (10000/31)*2 is LOP value 2. Working day proration. Eg. (10000/26)*2 is LOP valve Specifications 0 No proration no reduction 1 Calenderday proration goes to reduction with factor /801 2 Workingday proration goes to reduction with factor/802 3 Hours goes to reduction with factor /803

PC30 [Cumulation update] this PC is responsible to cumulate the wage types based on the entries in table V_T54C3. Specification T leads to cummulation of wagetypes according to table V_T54C3.

ADDCU this Funtion updates the CRT table based on the specification given in PC30 for wagetypes. In V_T54C3 whatever we maintain i.e., C, M, Q, Y, for the Wagetypes that Cummulation will be resulted in CRT table.

PC77 [Nominal cumulation for 1 day salary deduction] this PC is used to include the wagetypes in for day salary deduction.

EVALUATION CLASSES this concept is used for the porpose of reporting on the forms [it could be Payslip, F16, F24, F11 etc] Evaluation Class 02 this is used to control the display of amounts in wagetypes on payslip. Step 1 maintain the relavant specification under EC2 for the wagetypes for e.g. 09 Step 2 go to form editor PE51 maitain the syntax as **09