Şcoala cu clasele I-VIII Cǎlacea PROFESOR: Lucuţa Andreea-Mariana DISCIPLINA: Limba Englezǎ CLASA/ NR. ORE PE SĂPT.

: a VIII-a A/ 2 ore – L1 MANUALUL: High Flyer Upper Intermediate PLANIFICARE CALENDARISTICĂ ANUL ŞCOLAR 2011-2012 Nr. Learning Crt Units SEMESTRUL I 1. Let’s remember! 2. Revision& test 3. Unit A Journeys past and present Unit B The world’s a stage Unit C Get better soon Revision Crossing borders Exploring the Specific Competences 1.2,2.1,2.2,2.3 ,2.4*,4.2 1.3,2.4*,3.1,3. 2,3.4 1.2,2.1,2.2,3.2 3.4 Contents Personal universe (tastes and preferences, a healthy life)&The verb Previous knowledge revision Hours 2 2 Week W1 W2 Observations Work in class Oral examination; Written exam; Work in class Class activities; Homework

Progress and changes: inventions and discoveries, forms of transport/Stages in writing/Present Perfect Simple and Continuous/Collective Nouns Drama: “Oresteia”/Dialogues: Intonation-fall, rise level/Position of adverbials/Verbs followed by gerunds Personal universe (a healthy life): Winter bugs and what to do about them, symptoms of illness, aches and pains. /Obligation/Advice/Prohibition/Passives with two objects Revision and evaluation/Test paper The new speakers of English; Adapting to a new culture / The structure of an article/Past tenses: revision/Negative statements and questions Explorers and expeditions: Plar expeditions, Phantom



4. 5. 6. 7.

2.1,2.3,2.4,3.2 3.3,3.4 2.2,2.3,3.1,3.2 ,3.3,3.4,4.2 2.2,2.3,3.1,3.2 4.4* 1.2,2.1,2.2,2.3

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W5 W6 W7 W8

Systematic observation; Class activities Written exam. Oral/Written examination; Work in class Oral/Written

enough Pop concerts and new technology.1.4.4 1.4*.3.2. Work in class Class activities.3.3.world 8.4*.2 3.3. Reported Speech: revision Family relationships.2. phrasal verbs 1: transitive separable/inseparable Revision and evaluation Types of programmes. 2.3.4. the.2. . Systematic observation. 10. need doing/to be done.*. Stative verbs 2 W9 examination. 4.2.3. 11.2. despite Attitudes and relationships.3.4* 2.2. Revision SEMESTRUL II 18.4 *.4.3 2. 1 1 1 2 W14 W15 W15 W1 17. Zooropa and U2/Need to do. martial arts/A report/Indirect questions.4* 2.3. zero article Myths and legends/Expressing purpose (in order) to in order/so as not to. 2.4 . Clauses of concession: even though.2. 16.1.4 2. Oral examination in class. 2 1.4. What’s on the box? Oral test.1. Oral examination.4 . Oral examination Systematic observation. traveler/An informal letter of advice / Be /Get used to. Virtual reality concerts. deciding what to watch on television/Present Simple as future. 12. 9.1. Pen friend questionnaire/Using intonation to convey your attitude/Adjective + prepositions combinations/So/such…that Sports and emotions: bungee jumping.2.* 2.4 *. 2.3. Class activities.1.2.3 2.3.2. 2 1 1 2 2 1 W10 W11 W11 W12 W13 W14 an.2.3.3. so (that) too. Systematic observation Systematic observation.1.4 2.2. That’s what friends are for! Kids and thrills Parents in the classroom Revision Don’t judge a book by its cover! Puzzling puzzles Home and away Myths and legends Rocking’n’ rolling 2.3.3. Written exam in class. 2.1.4 . Teenagers and how to survive them/Designing a poster/Reporting a poster Revision and evaluation Books and how they can become addictive/Defining relative clauses with prepositions/Non-defining relative clauses Solving a puzzle/Past Perfect Continuous/Possessive forms Conservations and exchanges: discussing foreign exchanges/A formal letter/A.3.4*.2.1.

provided/providing (that.2.4.1. Language learners’ strategies/Future and future in the past.4 . needn’t have.1.2 1.1. 23. W14W Systematic 15 observation. Systematic observation.2.2. as…as. describing someone /Sequence of adjectives/Phrasal verbs 2: transitive and intransitive Teenage dreams and worries/Wish/If only + past tense/Wish + would needn’t. as if/as though The cinema and special effects/Participle clauses-See/hear somebody-Do/doing something Brave teenagers/Using intonation to maintain/stop a conversation/Ability in the past and future.19.2.3 .1.3.3 3. Written exam in class.4. 28. Conditions in the Past People and their lives.3. Sleeping and dreaming/ Poetry: tone groups/ Wish/if only + Past Perfect/Regret + vb. Intentions.4*.2.3 1.1.3 4. 27. 29.4*.3 Occupations: a model and an archeologist.4.4 .3. decisions and asking for advice Final Evaluation/Exercises 2 2 2 2 4 4 4 4 4 2 W2 W3 W4 W5 W6W7 W10W11 W12 W13 Systematic observation. . 24.2. don’t have/need to.4 Homework W16W Homework 17 W18 Oral/Written examination in class. 3.3.3. Written exam.4. like. Just the job A slice of life Dreams and worries In the dead of the night Revision 1.2.3.-ing Revision and evaluation/ Test paper Gadgets and inventions/A report on a scientific development/The passive voice Newspapers.3. 25.2. Phrasal verbs: review Language and language learning. 2. 2. as long as. 4 W19W Oral/Written 20 examination .2. 22.2.4*.4* 1.4 1. 20. identifying the outlook of a newspaper/ Fixed phrases with prepositions As.4*. describing your job/Conditional sentences with unless.2. Oral examination in class.3 .4. Systematic observation.2. didn’t have/need to. How was it done? Young people in the news Behind the scenes Land of the brave? Let’s keep taking Revision Systematic observation.2.4.

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