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Winter 2011-12

What the committee has to offer you...
Mentoring Program with current ASDOH Students Coffee with current dental students Community service & volunteer opportunities Opportunities to shadow and/or volunteer at a dental office, email Anh for more info Annual Pre-dental Workshop - learn all about applying to and going to dental school Connect with dental students, dentists, and faculty

ASDOH ASDA Pre-Dental Committee Newsletter
ARizona School of Dentistry And Oral Health


THE ANNUAL ASDOH ASDA PRE-DENTAL WORKSHOP Saturday, February 11, 2012 The Day Includes: Registration
Meet the Dean of ASDOH 01-2512, Spots are limited Dental Student Q & A AADSAS Advice DAT Tips and Advice Personal Statement Writing Workshop Dental Simulation Clinic Experience Work with a dental handpiece ASDOH Admissions Presentation 3 Delicious Meals Included Meet other pre-dental students, Free gift current dental students, and faculty Mock Inter views (recorded and given to each participant)
Perform exams on real patients

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Registration Deadline:ASDOH Pre-Dental 1/15/12 Workshop Annual Pre-dental workshop Spring Coffee Date 2/11/12

December 1st has nally arrived, the “magic” date for every dental applicant. The ASDOH ASDA Committee wants to congratulate those who have been accepted into a dental program. You all have worked hard and you deserve it! For those who have not heard back yet, don’t be discouraged. The application cycle is still going. Schools are still sending out interview invites and accepting students. Keep your hopes up!

Check out http:/ / And MORE! for more information or email

A few pictures from last year’s workshop

WINTER Newsletter 2011-12

Dental Specialities...are they for you?
Dental school covers many aspects of dentistry but there are also 9 dental specialties recognized by the ADA that you can pursue after dental school. The specialties include: Dental public health, Endodontics, Oral & Maxillofacial Pathology, Oral & Maxillofacial Radiology, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, Orthodontics, Pediatric Dentistry, Periodontics, and Prosthodontics. In each newsletter we will explore a dental speciality and meet a student pursuing it.

Clark Chen, D4 & future prosthodontist
What got you interested in Prosthodontics? “I studied bioengineering in undergrad, so I was immediately drawn to prosthodontics. The two disciplines have many overlapping principles such as biomechanics and stress loading. To me prosthodontics is one big engineering problem just applied to teeth. You have your "variables" like the number of teeth, interocclusal space, and facial profile; and then you have your "equations" which are the principles and theories that guide our clinical decisions, these include ante's law, retention/resistance forms, and occlusal schemes. I enjoy prosthodontics because it puts you as the quarterback of the whole dental treatment, which requires you to see the big picture. You may have specialists like oral surgeons or endodontists that contribute, but the final restorative outcome of the patient is in the hands of the prosthodontist.”

Prosthodontics: the dental specialty pertaining to the diagnosis, treatment planning, rehabilitation, and maintenance of the oral function, comfort, appearance and health of patients with clinical conditions associated with missing or deficient teeth and/or oral and maxillofacial tissues using biocompatible substitutes.

reasons why!

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The American Student Dental Association (ASDA) is the largest and most active student dental association in the U.S. Dental school programs want applicants to be involved in extracurricular activities. ASDA is nationally recognized. Sign up today! www.

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FREE subscriptions to ASDA publications: ASDA News, Mouth, and the e-newsletter Word of Mouth to keep you up to date on the latest issues affecting dentistry. Discounts on resources to prepare you A copy of the ASDA handbook “Getting into Dental School” that includes facts on applying to dental school, financial aid, ASDA membership benefits, debt management, career options, and a survival guide for the DAT FREE Admission to any ASDOH/ASDA event The opportunity to net work with 17,000 dental students through our national, regional, and chapter events as well as the ASDA Facebook page This year ASDA Pre-Dental members are invited to the ADA Annual Session in Minneapolis, MN February 28-March 3, 2012

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WINTER Newsletter 2011-12

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A Day in the life of an ASDOH Dental Student
A day in the life of a D1, Hanna Babayed
Wake up 6:00 am and study/get ready Exam every Monday at 8 am or lecture begins Lecture for 50 minutes with 10 minute breaks until Lunch Lunch from 12-1 pm, either go out to lunch or run home Lecture for 50 minutes with 10 minute breaks from 1-4 or 5pm Go home, work-out, de-stress, dinner Study 11:30 pm Go to bed and repeat First year students at ASDOH take classes in a module system, so they take one class at a time, but it is fast paced. They complete an entire course in a week or two.

Wonder what it is really like to be a dental student? Do they have any free time? Do they study all the time?
We asked a few current ASDOH students to describe their typical days. Here’s a glimpse of what dental school is like every step of the way. Take a look and see what a day as D1, D2, D3, and D4 student is like...

A day in the life of a D2, Nate Persell

A day in the life of a D3, Diana Lin
I'm a D3 at ASDOH and I'm in clinic every day except Thursday mornings. I'm doing lots of di erent things on a daily basis and I'm loving it. I don't quite have a typical day because I have a patient base with lots of di erent needs. Generally, I'll see a patient in the morning, go home to see my dog at lunch, then I'll see a patient in the afternoon. Sometimes, if I have enough time to see a third patient then I'll arrange my day that way. When I have some free time at clinic I'll treatment plan or do lab work. At home, I work on my masters in public health classes, watch TV and movies, play with my dog, and spend time with my ance and roommates.

A typical day starts at 6:45 in the morning., get up and grab breakfast and then begin reviewing note for a half hour or so before its time for class. There is usually a quiz or test in the morning at 8:00 am, followed by a lecture for the rest of the morning. There is an hour for lunch and the afternoon is spent in the Simulation Clinic. Here the projects and work vary daily. You could be performing a root canal on an extracted tooth, waxing up and festooning a complete set of dentures, or prepping a tooth for a crown. Clean up is at 4:30 or so and then there is time to relax for a little while or t in a quick workout. Then a shower and dinner, which is followed by an hour or two of public health homework. Since there is likely a quiz or test the next day some time is spent studying for the current course. Finally about 9:30 at night you have some time to relax.

A day in the life of a D4, Mai-Ly Duong

As a fourth year student, I have two types of typical days. If I am on external rotation, I'll wake up about 30 minutes before I need to be in clinic. Some days I need to be there at 7:30, others at 8:30. When I rst get to clinic, I'll triage emergency patients. If there's enough time with the emergency patients, I'll even extract teeth or perform pulpotomies ! After the emergency walk-in hours, I'll start seeing my scheduled patients. We have patients scheduled every hour (so I usually see 6-7 scheduled patients daily). I'll see patients ranging from little infants with no teeth to older adults with dentures. With the infants, I'll be spending that time educating parents. Throughout the day, I'll also see children, teens, and adults and perform operative procedures, root canal therapies, or extractions. And sometimes I'll even get to deliver crowns, deliver partials or dentures. Because we are only on rotation from 4-6 weeks, it's often hard to follow a prosthetic case (crown, bridge, dentures). Lunch time is usually lled with heading to a place unique to the town I am at with the fellow assistants and doctors that I work with. It's a great time to get to know the people you work with, the stories of how they came to be a dental health professional, and it's just a fun time to get away from work and relax. It can get stressful and very busy sometimes working. This one time in Texas, I went to this place called V-Tex and got a GUT-PACK... guess what was in it? Fritos, BBQ pork, BBQ sausage, and potatoes all mixed together into a gut-pack!!! The day usually ends with us playing a food challenge in the sta break room, the last food challenge we did on my last day of rotation was eating 2 bananas and drinking a whole can of Sprite as fast as you can!!! If I am at the ASDOH clinic, I'll wake up at 7:30am, head to clinic to set up for my morning patient. Procedures can vary anywhere from prophies(cleanings) to operative procedures ( llings, crowns) to adjustments (dentures) to working in one of the specialty areas (ER, Endo, OS, SNCU, Pedo, etc). I'll usually also have an afternoon patient. In between patients or during my down time, I'll usually catch up with any lab work, calling patients or returning messages, or discussing boards questions I have with instructors. The fall semester of your senior year is quite busy because on top of rotations and competency requirements, you also need to study for your Part II national boards exam... which is big! So at the end of the day in clinic, I'll head home and study for 4-5 hours per night. Throughout your senior year, you'll also be keeping an eye on certain competency procedures you need as well... so there will always be moments where you'll be hunting down that one procedure you need! Fourth year, in my opion is de nitely the BEST year :) It has truly been a blast!!

ASDOH Contact: Phone: 480-219-6000 Website: Address: 5850 E. Still Circle Mesa, AZ

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Great things to enjoy during an Arizona Winter


70 degrees and sunny in January

Skiing...just 2 hours away


Think of your personal statement as the rst impression you make to admissions... make them want to learn more and ask you for an interview.

Journal about our community service experiences Make a timeline of your life, college experiences, dental experiences, community service, & work to help you organize Utilize medical school essay books for format ideas, etc.

Try to develop a unique idea...we all want to help people and are interested in dentistry, but what makes your story one of a kind

Follow the AADSAS guidleines on length, font, etc.

r g a Pe n Wr i t i te me n t St a

son al

Write about YOU!

Make a list of what makes you unique and special and elaborate on those ideas

Set yourself apart

Have lots of di erent people read and edit it for feedback