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Mentoring Program with current ASDOH Students Coffee dates...meet with current dental students Community service & volunteer opportunities Opportunities to shadow and/or volunteer at a dental office Annual Pre-dental Workshop - learn all about applying to and going to dental school Connect with dental students, dentists, and faculty

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Meet the new ASDA Pre-dental Committee Chairs
My name is Anh Nguyen and I am the 2011-12 chair of the ASDOH ASDA Pre-Dental Committee. I’m currently a D3 student at ASDOH. I am working with Caitlin Gomez & Jessica Lecy, and several ASDOH mentors in the hopes to improve and expand the committee this year. We would like to provide more opportunities for Pre-Dental students to learn about dentistry, as well as be involved with community outreach. We are here to help you get ready for dental school, to provide guidance through the admissions process, and to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Interview Tips from Anh: Know the schools you are applying to by researching their official websites Build confidence by doing mock interviews with friends & family


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Special 10/15/11 Olympics Special Smiles ASU Q & A Session Coffee Date 10/20/11 12/?/11

Inter view Tips from Caitlin:

Hello! My name is Caitlin Gomez and I am a D1 at ASDOH. I’m from Olympia, Washington. My undergraduate school didn’t have a pre-dental committee, which makes me even more excited to be able to help the pre-dental community. I also took the scenic route to get to dental school and I’m hoping that through my experiences other pre-dental students willhave the courage to push through obstacles along the way and follow their dreams of making a difference in the world and community as a dentist.


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Special Smile 12/9/11 Day-ASDOH Annual Pre-dental workshop 2/4/12


Inter view Tips from Jessica: Prepare and Practice & Have FUN Polish yourself up

Hi! My name is Jessica Lecy and I am a D2 at ASDOH. I’m originally from Excelsior, Minneosta. I enjoyed & survived my first year and so far am loving the second. I’m so excited to be working with Anh and Caitlin as well as pre-dental students. I took 2 years between college and dental school and was able to experience the application process more than once. I’m looking forward to helping other students going through the process for the first time, the second time, or the fifth time. It’s definitely worth all the hard work! I’m working on bringing you these newsletters, so let us know what you think.

Things we love about ASDOH...

The students have an opportunity to go on a six week research experience in the summer ASDOH is located in a great location, bet ween their second and third year to learn close to lots of tourist sites. In addition, ASDOH students get to finish their NBDE part I more about what dentistry has to offer. after the first year so they can focus more on building their manual dexterity in the 2nd year. Students at ASDOH are know for their ASDOH offers students a wonderful friendliness and genuineness. Students opportunity to work at multiple community work as a team and are always willing healthcare clinics around the nation to help each other out. during their fourth year. We have many different student organizations at ASDOH that allow students to balance out their studying. The faculty and staff want you to succeed and be great dentists, & are willing to help you and spend extra time with you to get you there.

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Sign up for an ASDA Pre-dental Membership? Here’s some awesome
The American Student Dental Association (ASDA) is the largest and most active student dental association in the U.S. Dental school programs want applicants to be involved in extracurricular activities. ASDA is nationally recognized. Sign up today! www. asdanet.org/joinnow.aspx Discounts on financial and insurance programs (US Bank and Geico) Member-only access to the ASDA website which contains all kinds of information about a career in dentistry

Free subscrptions to ASDA publications: ASDA News, Mouth, and the e-newsletter Word of Mouth to keep you up to date on the latest issues affecting dentistry. Discounts on resources to prepare you for dental school, including 10% discount on Kaplan’s DAT courses and materials A copy of the ASDA handbook “Getting into Dental School” that includes facts on applying to dental school, financial Discounts on products & services that are aid, ASDA membership benefits, debt management, valuable to students such as cell phone plans, career options, and a survival guide for the DAT books, DVDs and more The Opportunity to net work with 17,000 dental students through our national, regional, and chapter events as well as the ASDA Facebook page This year ASDA Pre-Dental members are invited to the ADA Annual Meeting in Las Vegas for FREE on Monday, October 10, 2011 from 10am-4pm

Fall Newsletter 2011

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ASDOH Faculty and Student Q & A
Dr. Holexa: What do you look for in an applicant?
Dalia Bedair, D1 Is dental school what you expected? Any tips for applicants?
Dental School is de nitely what I thought it would be. My ASDOH experience is di erent than I thought would be, because I thought it would be ‘ more competitive, but ASDOH fosters a spirit of collaboration versus competition which makes the challenges of dental school more manageable. Tips: Please ensure that you highlight your experiences in dentistry. and what makes you an exceptional candidate. ASDOH is focused on community service, so make sure this aspect of your experience is included in your application. Take anatomy before dental school if you have the chance, it will be VERY helpful for your rst year.

I look for things that cannot be taught in an individual, but can only be built upon. Such things are gifts, talents,warmness,and caring. In an interview, I don’t want the applicants to tell what they think I want to hear. I want to know about them. I want to see that they are authentic, genuine, despite the stressful interview. With the mission statement of ASDOH, I’m looking for leadership and I want to hear what the applicants’ idea of a leader is. I want to know what contributions the applicants can bring to ASDOH, their future colleagues, the dental eld, and the community. Our school is looking for good people, strong clinicians, and strong leaders.

Mai-Ly Duong - D4 What was your rst clinic rotation like?

“Going on rotation for the rst time can be a mix of emotions! I was excited to get a small taste of the real world and test my skils, but along those lines,I also did not want to discover that my skills were inadequate. However, I kept an open mind andtook each day as it came. And I had a blast! There were de ntely some rough days, but there were some amazing days as well! Some cool things I got to do on rotation were root canals,third molar extractions, bridges, and quadrant dentistry. Because I kept an open mind, I learned how to improve my speed, be e cient with time, and along the way I fell even more in love with providing dental care. Experiencing dentistry on roatation is something unique and extraordinary- something you can’t experience anywhere else. Just like everything else in life- you make the most of every experience. Therefore, keep an open mind, look for the positive, and learn from every opportunity!”

I absolutely love my experience in the clinic so far. All this information I have learned in the past 2 years of dental school is slowly starting to become applicable. The dentists in the clinic are extremely supportive and guide me tremendously to provide quality care for my patient. I feel that our school has done its best to prepare students and provide a smooth transition into clinic. Patients of ASDOH all have various needs allowing me to a ain plenty of experience in all elds of dentistry.

Cody Austin - D2 What is second year like & sim clinic? Any tips for applicants?

Aisha Amin - D3 How do you feel about transitioning into clinic?

The second year at ASDOH has been very di erent from the rst year. We spend most of our days in the Sim Clinic working with our hands and performing procedures on manikins. It is exciting to think that we will be working on real people in about 9 months! Overall, the Sim Clinic has been a great experience and a nice change from lectures everyday. TIPS: Be sure to keep an eye on important dates and do anything and everything you can to make yourself a be er applicant. When you get that interview relax and be yourself. Remember you’re awesome!

ASDOH Contact: Phone: 480-219-6000 Website: www.atsu.edu/asdoh/ Address: 5850 E. Still Circle Mesa, AZ

Pre-Dental Commi ee Contact Info Anh Nguyen: annguyen@atsu.edu Caitlin Gomez: cgomez@atsu.edu Jessica Lecy: jlecy@atsu.edu

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te r p a r k p l a sh Wa S u nS Me s a AZ


Marisol Tellez, Lauren Gray, Sarah Gray, Sungwoo Lim, & Amid Ismail In 2008, the ADA published a new clinical recommendation for placement of sealants to prevent caries in noncavitated lesions (NCCLs). This method is effective and less invasive in comparison to having to open up NCCLs and fill them with restorative materials. The purpose of the study was to determine the perspectives of dentists on this new recommendation. Surveys were distributed to 2,400 general dentists and pediatric dentists in the U.S. The results of the study showed that in the absence of radiographic findings of caries, 374% of general dentists . and 42.4% of pediatric dentists reported that they would place selants on the NCCLs on the molar teeth. If there is evidence of caries penetrating into the dentin on the radiograph, less than 4% of all dentists reported they would seal the NCCLs and more than 90% reported they would remove the decay and restore the teeth. The data also shows that less than 40% of all dentists sealed NCCLs in their practice. This data shows that less than 40% of all dentists sealed NCCLs in their practice. This data indicated that U.S. dentists have yet to adopt the new recommendation.

Sealants and Dental Caries-Dentist’s Perspective on Evidence-based recommendations

W t ’s NE Wh a i s t r y De n t in

Tellez, M., Gray, L., Gray, S., Lim, S., & Ismail, A. (2011). Sealants and Dental Caries-Dentists’ Perspective on Evidence- Based Recommendations. Journal of American Dental Association. 142, 9: 1033-1040.

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