VERB + Adverbial Particle [PREPOSITION] The meaning of the phrasal verb has nothing to do with the verb used when independent. The phrasal verb is almost idiomatic: EXAMPLE: ************* "carry” and “carry on” “Carry” broadly means take whereas “carry on” means continue. As you see, the original meaning of the verb has disappeared When it is used in this Phrase combination. -------------------------Native speakers have no problem with phrasal verbs but Non-native speakers do. Hence the following quiz.

Phrasal verbs are generally formed of

Look after

take care of someone or something despise, see as inferior

Look down on
Look for Look forward to Look into Look out

search for, seek long for, anticipate with pleasure
investigate, consider pay attention - be careful

Look over
Look up

examine, review find in a dictionary

You should look ________ the keys in the drawer first.

Everybody is looking ________ me as if I were an alien!

Don't worry. They'll be looking ________ the matter by now!

This term is unknown to me. I should look it ____ in the reference book!

Be careful with your paper; they will surely look it _______ .

They are still looking ________ a suitable solution to the problem.

Never look ________ on people just because they’re different.

If she does that again, she is definitely looking ________ trouble

Look ________ ! There is a dog behind you.

I’m really looking ________ to meeting you again soon!


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