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About us

UNTRR - The National Union of Road Hauliers from Romania is an employer’s

professional organization non governmental, independent, apolitical, established on
democratic principles in 1990.

UNTRR promotes and protects the interests of road hauliers nationally and internationally having from the beginning over 13.000 members - operators that perform internal and international transports of goods and passengers.

About us

UNTRR’s is managed through the General Assembly and in between its reunions by the Board of Directors formed from 7 members out of which 1 President and 3 Vicepresidents. The current management: President : Mihuț Florian Secretary General: Radu Dinescu

UNTRR’s Mission and Vision

MISSION UNTRR assumes the mission to be the main representative of Romanian hauliers and the main partner of social dialogue at the haulage industry. UNTRR wishes to be the leader in providing the national and international carrier community in Romania with relevant services with added value. VISION UNTRR will develop as a modern and flexible organization, with a new managerial vision oriented towards professionalism, efficiency and performance in order to better satisfy the needs of its haulier members and become the best valued Romanian organization in road transport sector.

Associated Member of International Road Safety (PRI) from Lisbon.  International Association of Multimodal Transport (IMMTA) from Geneva  International Road Federation (IRF) from Geneva. .UNTRR Internationally UNTRR’s is an active member of:  International Union of Road Transport (IRU) from Geneva. in Passengers Transport Council and Goods Transport Council.

UNTRR Nationally UNTRR is a member of: the National Confederation of the Romanian Employers (CNPR).  Transport Council (council for road transport) . the Inter-ministerial Council for Road Safety (CISR). the Alliance for Development of Romanian Economy (ADER). the Alliance of Romanian Employers Confederation (ACPR) through CNPR. the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania (CCIR). the National Association of Exporters/Importers of Romania (ANEIR).

.  the Romanian Organization for the Implementation of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS Romania).  National Associations of Tourism Agencies (ANAT) through UNTRR Tours  the Global Road Safety Partnership (GRSP Romania).  the Romanian Auto Engineers Society (SIAR).UNTRR Nationally UNTRR is a member of:  Fundatia POT ."Politici Ocupationale in Transport"  the Commission for the negotiation of the collective work contract at the level of transport branch.

Source: INS . 2011. of which 4.7%).9 million passengers were transported for the period 1 Jan.0% were registered on the international transport of passengers. road transport having the highest share (76. Road transport marked an increase of 3.Transport Market in Romania Passengers transport Inter-city and international passengers transport 238. while the passengers path decreased by 2.3% in transported passengers. – 30 Sept.3% compared to the same period of the previous year. followed by railway transport (19.8%).

80% Source: INS .Transport Market in Romania Passengers transported for the period 1 Jan.70% Air transport 0. .05% Road transport Maritime transport (inland navigation transport) Railway transport 76.50% 19.30 Sept. 2011 3.

Source: INS .1%) travelled with buses and minibuses. 2010. – 30 Sept.490.9%.5 million passengers (54. Out of all 1.598.584. The passengers path was 9.Transport Market in Romania Local public transport of passengers  Local public transport of passengers marked cuts as far as transported passengers and passengers path compared to the period 1 Jan.8 million transported passengers registered on local public transport 806.2 million passengers-km (48. and the passengers path with 6.0%) were registered on transport with buses and minibuses. thus the number of transported passengers diminished with 7. of which 4.0 million passengers-km.1%.

For the period 1 Jan. The volume of goods moved in national transport increased by 4.0%).109 thousand tons of goods carried.Transport Market in Romania Goods transport  Positive development of both the volume of carried goods and the distances covered was registered in road transport.8%. and the railway transport marked an increase of 18. – 30 Sept.8% compared to the period 1 Jan. the volume of goods carried by the transport operators increased compared to the same period of the previous year (58. .30 Sept. the goods path increased by 0. Source: INS . Out of all 138.6% in respect of the volume of goods carried.111 thousand tons were moved in national transport. 2010. In national transport. The road transport of goods made by licensed transport operators increase by 7. 2011. 129.9% compared to the same period of the previous year.

3%) Source: INS .30 Sept. 2011 Railway transport 18.8% Air transport 0.Transport Market in Romania Goods carried for the period 1 Jan. .05% Road transport 58% Maritime transport ( inland navigation transport 9.

thousand tons- By air 18.2011 .2011 Through inland navigation 23013 22108 By sea 27736 28545 By train 38231.Transport Market in Romania Goods carried by way of transportation for the period 1 Jan-30 Sept.IX.3 1.2010 1. 2010 .2 4536.-30.-30.4 19.I.I.5 44859 By road 0 20000 40000 60000 80000 100000 120000 128397 138109 140000 160000 Source: INS .3 Through main oil pipelines 4980.IX.

IX.I. .2011 Through inland navigation 10334.Transport Market in Romania Goods path by way of transportation in the period 1 Jan.IX.2 By road 0 5000 10000 15000 19056.6 10025 1.7 20000 25000 Source: INS .9 8940.7 664.30 Sept. 2010.-30.1 19992.-30.8 1.million tons-km - Through main oil pipelines 752.2011 .2010 By train 8951.I.

65.1% of the volume of goods were carried on distances between 150-299 km.Transport Market in Romania Between 1 Jan.2% were moved on short distances. Source: INS . between 1-49 km. while 18. – 30 Sept. In national inland waterways transport . 13.6% of all goods carried by hauliers were moved on distances over 150 km. from the volume of goods carried in national transport 68. 2011.2% were moved on distances between 50-149 km.

Transport Market in Romania Source: INS .

Transport Market in Romania Foreign trade When analyzing the structure of the exports carried out during January 2011 on FOB basis. machinery. “Means and materials of transportation” section was placed on the second place with 14.0% of section’s total and 12. tractors and other road vehicles” made up 84.5% on euro basis) as compared to January 2010.8% of total exports out of which the exports of “Cars. the exports of machinery and engineering products.5% of total exports.5% of total exports.1% on lei basis (40. apparatus and electrical equipment.3% of the total of January 2011 exports and were placed on the first place recording an increase of 57. sound-recording and reproducing apparatus made up 27.0% on euro basis) representing 71. .7% on lei basis (53. The exports value to the 26 countries of the European Union during January 2011 as compared to January 2010 increased by 44.

Transport Market in Romania When analyzing the structure of imports of industrial products on CIF basis during January 2011. sound-recording and reproducing apparatus and TV images” represented 62. apparatus and mechanical equipment and parts thereof” section represents 37. turbines. which represents 28. while the products of “Machineries.7% of total imports.4% of the section’s total and 17. .1% on lei basis (22. motors.3% of total imports registered an increase of 55. sound-recording and reproducing apparatus.3% on euro basis) as compared to January 2010. apparatus and electrical equipment. The imports of mineral products increased by 25.5% on lei basis (25.6% of the section’s total and 10.6% on euro basis) as compared to January 2010.3% on euro basis) as compared to January 2010.4% out of the total volume of imports increased by 28. apparatus and electrical equipment. The “Base metal and products thereof” section representing 11.7% of total imports.5% on lei basis (51. The two chapters of this section have the following weights: the products of the “Boilers. the imports of machinery and engineering products. machinery.

0 thousand people. The manufacturing industry had the highest share with1. on the first place we find the foodstuff industry with 146.2 thousand people. and the road transport vehicles.231.Transport Market in Romania Labour market The industry’s employees (from entities with 4 and more employees) in December 2011 was of 1. waste management.006. with 9.5 thousand people followed by the clothes manufacture with a work power of 140. As far as industry branches are concerned.7 thousands people less than in November 2011. domestic hot water and air conditioning with 70. followed by the field of water distribution. . gas. trailers and semi-trailers manufacture with 132. and mining industry with 59.2 thousand people. by the field of production and distribution of electrical and thermal power. decontamination activities with 96.9 thousand people. sanitation.1 thousand people.7 thousand people.5 thousand people.

8 93.7 154. compared to 2010 Total in 2011 % compared with 2010 Of which: New vehicles Used imported vehicles 99526 4038 94702 786 42935 32121 4 10810 I. Source: INS .3 83786 1314 81853 619 23019 14915 8104 road vehicles for special purposes.0 98.6 57.6 173.Transport Market in Romania Registration of new road vehicles in 2011. Road vehicles for passengers transport Mopeds and motorcycles Cars Coaches.7 121.8 66. Road vehicles for goods transport Trucks*) Semi-trailer towing vehicles and trailer towing vehicles Trailers and semi-trailers *) Including 183312 5352 176555 1405 65954 47036 4 18914 57. buses and minibuses II.

Transport Market in Romania Copies of Goods Transport License. Passengers Transport License and Copies of the Transport Certificate issued in 2011 compared to 2010 108195 C GTL 102710 C PTL C TC 23008 21924 7132 7139 Source: ARR – March 2012 .

Transport Market in Romania Operators Split by Number of Vehicles Source: ARR – March 2012 .

Transport Market in Romania Classification of goods transport operators according to the vehicle used Source: ARR – March 2012 .

Transport Market in Romania Fleet used for goods transportation – fleet age Source: ARR – March 2012 .

Transport Market in Romania Fleet used for goods transportation – form of ownership Source: ARR – March 2012 .

Transport Market in Romania Share of vehicles used on different fields Source: ARR – March 2012 .

Transport Market in Romania Evolution operators/companies 2010 .2011 LTM LTP CP Source: ARR – March 2012 .

Transport Market in Romania Goods transport operators – CEMT 2011 Total operators: 235 Vehicles used: 3925 Source: ARR – March 2012 .

As a member of the International Road Union – IRU Geneve. . to the sustainable development of the vehicle fleet and to training and specialization of road sector employees.UNTRR is an organization mainly dedicated to increasing the role and efficiency of the road passengers and goods transport in national and international traffic. UNTRR is a national guarantee association for the goods transport under the TIR Carnet regime.

Transporters For more than 20 years the representative of road transporters Added Value Services • protects transporters interests in the country and in Europe • provides transporters with information and specialized consultancy • provides transporters with information from the road transports in real time .

officials of United Nation. of the Prime Minister. . World Custom Organization and of the Communication Minister from the Chinese Republic. World Bank. of the Transport Minister.UNTRR in years 1990 First year of activity of the National Union of Road Hauliers from Romania (UNTRR ) 2002 UNTRR organizes in Bucharest with IRU between May 30th – June 1 st 2002 the 28th IRU Congress with the theme: “Emergent Markets: Challenges and Opportunities” Participants to the event: representatives of the Romanian Presidency.

on market principles Representatives of UNTRRs Board of Directors were part of the Transparency Commission created by Ministers Order 1138/2003. 2004 UNTRR became an employer’s organization representative at the road sector level in compliance with Law 356/2001 – Employers’ Law UNTRR is a dialogue partner for the Transport and Infrastructure Minister. participating as a member in the Social Dialogue Commission for the approval and the debate of legislative proposals that impact the road transport UNTRR was actively involved in establishing the access areas for the goods commercial vehicles in Bucharest modifying the initial draft proposed by the City Hall which was detrimental to goods transporters. . having a major contribution in the allocation process in the transition period from the issuing of OG 64/2003 (29 June 2003) until the issuing of HG 1173/2003 (16 October 2003) UNTRR members beneficiated from specialized assistance for the electronic allocation system.UNTRR in years 2003 UNTRR has sustained the electronic allocation of transport permits for the goods transport.

UNTRR in years 2005 UNTRR implements the VPN UNTRR network.5 tones and passengers vehicles of over 1+8 seats with Euro 3 and 4 engines For a truck with a Euro 4 engine and 12. UNTRR members can access on www.180 Euro! . Members may obtain information from any of the regional offices for any issues 2006 UNTRR contributed to the removal of the registration taxes for the commercial vehicles of over 3.ro the details of their activity with UNTRR.000 ccm the taxes were 9.untrr. having a user name and a password and details regarding the use of TIR carnets UNTRR implements a modern communication system which allows non-stop connection through VPN of all UNTRR branches to the central HQ and so they operate in a centralized informative system.

needed in order to vouch for the financial scoring. 2006 UNTRR supported the use of the insurance policies for the transport operators liability. . in order to gain access to the profession.UNTRR in years 2006 UNTRR distributes Rovignettes UNTRR signs with CNADNR a convention for the distribution of rovignette for Romanians and foreigners. UNTRR becomes ISO certified through Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance To ensure quality services for its members UNTRR has implemented a Quality Management System for the activities related to the TIR system by ISO 9001:2000 reference system. As such. UNTRR helped operators to avoid the additional costs generated by the bank letter needed otherwise. also for the period after January 1st 2007.

.UNTRR in years 2007 UNTRR helped eliminating the Giurgiu’s tax UNTRR together with other associations helped eliminate the transit tax for the Giurgiu town for the vehicles crossing the border. UNTRR offers transport products with special prices for the members of the association that have paid up to date the membership fee. and also the ecotax and the sanitation tax.

UNTRR in years 2008 UNTRR run the “Where is our money?” campaign UNTRR is once more certified by Lloyds for his Quality Management System with the requirements of the ISO 9001: 2008 standard UNTRR and MOL Romania launched a partnership through which the petroleum company offers special conditions to the members of the association .

2013” .ro On-line shop with transport products with special prices for the UNTRR members that have paid up to date the membership fee.UNTRR in years 2009 UNTRR develops new partnerships for the members UNTRR and Dako UNTRR and Service 24 UNTRR and Cabinetul Individual de Avocat “Szántó Á. UNTRR and MOL Romania celebrate 1 year of partnership with a better offer for the association’s members developed specially for the transport companies UNTRR launches the “Road Transport Market Study 2004 . Zsolt” UNTRR launches www.transmag.

untrr. fairs and exhibitions). maximum allowed weights) • InfoUNTRR – monthly bulletin. emergencies). distributed free of charge to members. • Seminars and training programs (transport laws. quality management ISO 9001:2001).ro updated daily. road taxes. fuel prices. authorities and Romanians embassies in EU countries and to suppliers of transport products and services • SMS sent to mobile phone numbers of managers of road transport companies (warrnings. driving restrictions. driving restrictions. fiscal rules.Advantages for UNTRR’s Members Real time access in timp real to information from the road transport field • E-info UNTRR – daily message with updates sent by email • Web page www. round tabels. both in the public section as in the section dedicated to members (rules. . professional events (congresses. press conferences.

issuing of TIR carnets from the central office and from the regional offices in the country Passport service Assistance to obtain visas for drivers and the emplyees of UNTRR’s members .Advantages for UNTRR’s Members Access to TIR system Assistance for access to TIR custom regime.

Advantages for UNTRR’s Members Represent the interests of transport operators • elaborating and promoting laws for the road transport in the Social Dialogue Commission from within the Transport Minister • organizing debates and consultation with the relevant authorities • negotiating Collective Work Contracts at the transport sector level as to the auto unit groups. • in specific situations. by offering specialty consultancy and representation in front of Romanian authorities and foreign authorities • uphold the operators point of views to the European authorities .

Bilingual booklet Romanian-Bulgarian with the driving rules from Romania and Bulgaria IRU European Truck Accident Causation Study – identifies the main causes of truck accidents .Advantages for UNTRR’s Members Specialized publications. offered free of charge to members: European guideline for road transport security – prepared by a group of experts 2nd edition. Best industry practices for vehicles usage nationally and internationally – a must have guide for transport operators Booklet “Road transport security guidelines for road passengers transport” .

Flyer FTA “Guide of digital tachograph and of printed reports”. CEMT Manual IRU Brochure“Buses serving the road public and turistic transport – dates and numbers on bus and coach transport” IRU Brochure“ Did you know? – road transport data and oil data” Flyer FTA “Rules on driving hours and working time for drivers in EU”. Logistics. offered free of charge to members: TIR Manual. distribution and goods transport – examples and recommendations for international trade and transports Guide to the European Union – paper describing the European institutions and their functions .Advantages for UNTRR’s Members Specialized publications.

CMR Convention Washing stations for dangerous goods vehicles . TIR Convention. Europe.ro . Rules and instructiuons 2007.Advantages for UNTRR’s Members Other publications UNTRR: Transport Bible Supliment 2009 Transport Bible 2008 – complete collection of laws for transport operators Brochure ITD “Driving and rest time “.transmag. edition 2008 These publications can be order by transport companies non-affiliated to UNTRR Orders on-line on www.

UNTRR – VIALTIS UNTRR entered a partnership with VIALTIS to facilitate the access to the road hauliers in every corner of Europe in order to offer its members the highest quality services in more favorable conditions.Advantages for UNTRR’s Members Partnerships for the members’ benefit Exclusive partnership: Mercedes-Benz Romania and UNTRR train “eco-driving” the truck drivers The training program aims at making the activity of transport companies in Romania efficient UNTRR – Lufthansa German Airlines The purpose of this partnership is to provide UNTRR’s members the opportunity to reduce air transport costs through “corporate incentive Star Alliance Company Plus”. .

Advantages for UNTRR’s Members Partnerships for members’ benefit UNTRR and TaxBack International – Assistance for external VAT reimbursement UNTRR’s member beneficiate of financial consultancy for the VAT reimbursement. for UNTRR’s members a commission between 10-12% from that amount is applied. Advantages: • TBI commissions for VAT reimbursement are correlated to the amount of the reimbursed amount. . in EU member countries and in some non-EU countries. paid during business trips.

VAPRO’s consultancy includes complex services from informing the beneficiaries on existing financing opportunities specifically in the road transport sector to successfully developing and implementing the projects. . VAPRO Romania as a consultant in the development and implementation of projects financed from European funds will provide consulting services in favorable conditions for UNTRR’s members to obtain grants.Advantages for UNTRR’s Members Co-operation Protocol UNTRR – VAPRO UNTRR entered a co-operation protocol with VAPRO in the interest of road hauliers.

Fuel at special prices for UNTRR’s members UNTRR’s members have the possibility to acquire fuel in MOL Romania network with the MOL Gold and Silver cards. Based on the monthly volumes of a company MOL applies a discount. • an increased control for the consumption through the cards • cost reduction through fraud control – it is not possible to fuel another car • time reduction on the activities dedicated to cost control with 1 day and for the expenses checking .Advantages for UNTRR’s Members UNTRR and MOL Romania . Advantages: • a discount on the pump price and a payment term that impacts positively the liquidity indicator – the interest for a deposit in a bank can be up to 8% on a yearly basis.

on-line form any computer connected to the internet through www. no equipments required • web application updated based on the EU law that allows automated downloading of data. fast and converted to word type documents. analysis. • variable cost based on the number of vehicles • data can be downloaded in any of the Dako tachostations from Romania. Germany. archiving and downloading of the tachograph data. .ro Advantages : • software application on internet. Denmark and Austria.Advantages for UNTRR’s Members UNTRR and Dako – Management Solution for the Digital Tachograph Flexible system for an easy management on the vehicles data and drivers data.tachoweb. that allows reading.

which is a card offered by Service24. assistance costs and towing costs if registered in the Service 24 Truck Assistance system. Advantages: • UNTRR’s members receive road assistance services for vehicles over 2. • UNTRR’s members have a 50% discount on the registration taxes for the technical assistance system and a 4% transfer tax on the Yes-Money Card.Advantages for UNTRR’s Members UNTRR and Service 24 – Road assistance for commercial vehicles Service 24 is an Austrian call-center that offers support 24h/24h for technical problems for the commercial vehicles through a 32 network present in 32 countries from Europe. • With Yes! Money Card the companies offer a guarantee for their payments for the repair services provided by Service 24 partner servicing companies .8 tones having high control on repair costs.

UNTRR members. fines received in Hungary and enforced by the custom authorities against road transport companies. . Zsolt” – Legal services for fines contestation Legal services for fines contestations. Advantages: • Individual Lawyer Office “Szántó Á. Zsolt” is not charging payments in advance • UNTRR members will pay a 25% Success Fee from the fine value if the fine will be recovered from the state •Members may receive legal consultancy services for the documents issued by the Hungarian authorities in the Hungarian language and also may have a compelling explanation on their content in Romanian. in transit in Hungary and at the border crossing points.Advantages for UNTRR’s Members UNTRR and Individual Lawyer Office “Szántó Á.

.Advantages for UNTRR’s Members UNTRR and Lawyer Office ANDREEA RUSSU & CO – Legal services for fines contestation Legal assistance for appealing infringement reports and infringement fines ordered by custom. Advantages: • Lawyer Office ANDREEA RUSSU & CO is not charging payments in advance but is charging a success fee. UNTRR’s members on the whole of Spain's territory. •Members may receive legal consultancy services for the documents issued by the Spanish authorities in the Spanish language and also may have a compelling explanation on their content in Romanian. fiscal or road authorities in Spain against the companies carrying out activities of road transport for goods and persons.

transmag.ro .Advantages for UNTRR’s Members Products for the transport activities at special prices for Active Members  CMRs  tachograph diagrams  maps of Romania  Europe map with post codes  Dako digital tachograph rolls …………and others Orders on-line on www.

30 days and 1 year available in UNTRR’s offices in Bucharest and in the country  Commercial Vehicles HIGER buses with 27.ro  Travel offers travel services and plain tickets through U-Tours . 7 days.ro trips in the countries and abroad. renting of minivans/buses hotel bookings to any place in the country and abroad .27. 49 seats urban buses with 21. 31.www. 37 seats + up to 43 seats standing contact 0720 999 200.u-tour. higer@untrr. 41.Advantages for UNTRR’s Members Additional Services  Rovignette for all vehicles. 35. for 1 day.

.untrr. teachers of road legislation Free of charge ! – we teach basic English knowledge necessary abroad to drivers.transport coordinators (safety counselors for ADR and managers) Training and professional specialization for instructors.ro/asigurari Car insurance policies Casco and RCA and insurance policies for real estate Consultancy on how to choose the insurance policy Price discounts for active members of UNTRR  Professional Training Services Promotrans – MTI licensed center for training and specialization in road transport Issuing of recognized professional licenses to: .www. dangerous) or/and passengers .drivers that transport goods (general.Advantages for UNTRR’s Members Additional Services  Insurance .

Advantages for UNTRR’s Members Regional offices and a central HQ in Bucharest .

77.25 60 Ienăchiţă Văcărescu Bucharest 040157.88 Fax: +40-21-335.48.ro .untrr.: +40-21-336. Sector 4 www.Contact Tel.

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