July 2012 Current Affairs for upcoming IBPS CWE
Posted: 20 Aug 2012 03:24 AM PDT

Are you searching for Current Affairs of July 2012? Here it is. We have announced some days ago in our Facebook Page about the publication of July 2012 Current affairs. Today we are going to post a list of top most important current affairs of July 2012 that will be considered as the sample general awareness questions for IBPS exam 2012. Have a check.

Q: The Gross Direct Tax collection in April-June 2012-13 rose by A: 6.77 per cent Q: In April-June 2012-13 the Bank’s Credit rose by A: 1.2% Q: Who has been elected as the new chief minister of Karnataka? A: Mr. Jagadish Shettar Q: What is the full form of TUFS? A: Technology Upgradation Fund Scheme Q: Who is appointed as the chairman of Controller General of Account(CGA)? A: Jawahar Thakur Q: Full form of CERN isA: European Centre for Nuclear Research (announces the existence of ‘God Particle’) Q: ISRO has recently announced about India’s first satellite launched in 2013. What is the name of the satellite? A: Astrosat (Dedicated to astronomy) Q: Name the new President of India. A: Mr. Pranab Mukherjee, 13th President of India

Q: New Vice-President of India isA: Hamid Ansari Q: India’s supersonic BrahMos cruise missile has been tested inA: Balasore, Odisha Q: How much amount of package did PM Dr. Manmohan Singh announce to Assam for the latest sectarian violence? A: Rs. 300 crore Q: India’s total public debt increased by A: 4.9 percent Q: Name the US cargo ship that carries humanitarian from USA to Cuba recently. A: Ana Cecila Q: Who is the Syria peace mediator from UN? A: Mr. Kofi Annan

Q: What is the name of Russia’s upper house of Parliament? A: Duma Q: Who is the present President of Syria? A: Bashar al-Assad Q: Name the present Prime Minister of Greece. Qatar. A: Antonis Samaras Q: Who is the president of Romania? A: Train Basescu Q: India’s which team won 19 medals at the Asian Cadet Championship held at Kyrgyzstan? A: Wrestlers team Q: Who has won the silver medal in men’s 25m rapid fire pistol in London Olympics 2012? A: Vijay Kumar Q: Who won the bronze medal in badminton in London Olympics 2012? A: Saina Nehwal Q: Who won the bronze medal in 10m air rifle in London Olympics? A: Gagan Narang Q: Who won the Scottish Open golf tournament 2012? A: Jeev Milkha Singh Q: India’s junior men’s squash team made history by winning the squash championship 2012 in Doha. Which medal did they win? A: Bronze Q: Who won the German Grand Prix F1 title 2012? A: Ferrari’s racer Fernando Alonso (Spain) Q: How many events were in London Olympics 2012? A: 302 Q: How many athletes were in London Olympics 2012? A: 10500 Q: How many countries participated in London Olympics 2012? A: 204 Q: Who did carry the Indian National Flag in march past of London Olympics Opening Ceremony 2012? A: Sushil Kumar Q: On which day London Olympics 2012 was started? A: 27th July Q: Who won the first gold medal in London Olympics 2012? A: Yi Siling (China) Q: Which Indian shooter won the first medal for India in London Olympics 2012? A: Gagan Narang (Bronze medal in 10 m air rifle) Q: Who won the Hungarian Grand Prix F1 championship 2012? A: Lewis Hamilton Q: Which country won the Euro Cup 2012? A: Spain(beat Italy at 4-0) Q: The winners of Wimbledon men’s doubles title 2012 areA: Jonathan Marray and Frederik Nielson .

S Sampath Q: A: Where was the G20 summit held in 2012? Los Cabos. Q: A: Who has been appointed as the new Chief Election Commissioner of India? Mr. If you are too worry about the general awareness for IBPS exam. A: Serena and Venus Williams Q: Name the winners of Wimbledon mixed doubles title 2012. V. Mohamed Morsy Q: Who has been elected as the new Prime Minister of Greece? A: Antonis Samaras Q: Which Union Minister of India recently resigned from ministry after being accused for corruption? A: Virbhadra Singh . then read this set of current affairs that has been made easy for you to be remembered. Today we are going to post here about top 30 current affairs of June 2012 that will be very helpful for IBPS exam. Raja Pervej Ashraf Q: A: Which country recently sent their first woman into space? China Q: A: In which city the Rio+20 conference was held in 2012? Rio de Janeiro. Baburam Bhattarai Q: A: Who has been elected as the new Prime Minister of Pakistan? Mr.Q: Name the winners of Wimbledon women’s doubles title 2012. A: Mike Bryan and Lisa Raymond Top 30 current affairs of June 2012 helpful for upcoming IBPS Exam A few days ago we have discussed about Top 22 Current Affairs of May 2012. Mexico Q: A: Name the Prime Minister of Nepal at present. Have a check. Brazil Q: A: Who has been elected as the new President of Egypt? Mr.

Germany? A: Shriyanka Sadangi Q: A: Who has won the Indonesian Open Super Series title in 2012? Saina Nehwal Q: Name the player who has won the Canadian Grand Prix Formula One title 2012 in Montreal. 2012 Q: A: Who has won the French Open women’s singles title in 2012? Maria Sarapova of Russia Q: A: Who has won the French Open men’s singles title in 2012? Rafael Nadal of Spain Q: A: Who has won the Thailand Open Grand Prix badminton championship 2012? Saina Nehwal Q: Name the Indian shooter who has won the junior women’s air rifle Gold at the International Junior Shooting Competition 2012 in Suhl. Kolkata. Canada. South Korea? Ms. A: Lewis Hamilton Q: Who has won the European Grand Prix Formula One championship in 2012? . Himangini Singh Yadu of India on 16th June.Q: In which state Virbhadra Singh was the Chief Minister for five times? A: Himachal Pradesh Q: Who has got Karen Harvey Prize 2012? A: Bengali scientist Dibyendu Nandi of Indian Institute of Science Education and Research. Q: Which country has won the Azlan Shah Hockey Tournament 2012? A: New Zealand Q: Which Indian player has been honoured with Wisden India’s maiden outstanding Achievement Award? A: Sachin Tendulkar Q: A: Who has won the Miss Asia Pacific World 2012 crown held in Busan.

2012) Q: A: Name the players who have won the French Open mixed doubles title 2012. Sharad Pawar Q: A: Which famous Gazal singer was died recently? Mehdi Hasan Q: Which pakistan’s player has been banned recently by the England Cricket Board (ECB) for spot fixing in County Cricket? A: Danish Kaneria Q: A: Name the player who has scored highest runs in Test cricket as a 11th player.A: Fernando Alonso of Ferrari Q: A: Which Indian player has won the Li-Ning Victorian Badminton Championship 2012? Anup Sridhar Q: A: Who has been elected as the new President of the International Cricket Council (ICC)? Alan Isaac of New Zealand Q: A: Who was the President of ICC before Alan Isaac? Mr. Mahesh Bhupati and Sania Mirza Q: Name the woman lawn tennis player of India (besides Sania Mirza) who has got the Wild Card Entry in women’s doubles in London Olympic. Tino Best of West Indies (95 runs against Bangladesh on 10th June. A: Rushmi Chakraborty Q: Who has been selected as the best football coach of India in 2012 by IFF? A: Armendo Colaso .

Jhumpa Lahiri D. B. Udai Kumar D. 1) Who designed the symbol of Indian Rupee? A. Tunisia D. Each question has four options and at the end of each question you will find a button saying Show Answer. Sudan @. Lybia B. by clicking this button you will see the correct answer. S P Mukhejee D. Today we are going to discuss 20 samplegeneral knowledge question for IBPS exam 2012. V S Naipal C. D Udit Kumar 2 ) Who wrote the book 'The Masque of Africa'? A.20 Sample General Awareness questions for IBPS PO/SO/Clerk/RRB exam 2012 Some days ago we have post Top 22 current affairs questions of May 2012 that is helpful for upcoming IBPS exam for Clerk/Po/Specialist Officer/RRBs. S Chetty 5) A. D Kumar Raju @. D Uday Reddy B. Lets take a mock test for IBPS exam 2012 sitting at your home. M S Swaminathan 3) Which of the following country relates to 'Jasmine Revolution'? A. Which team has won the first Indian Premier League (IPL)? KKR Mumbai Indians Chennai Super kings . J L Nehru B. Sardar Patel @. Tony Blair @. Egypt 4) Who announced the first Industrial policy in India in 1948? A. C.

C. Whose signature is present in Ten Rupee notes?________________ Governor of RBI Chaiman of SBI Finance Secretary Finance Minister 9) The maximum share in National Income of India constitutes in __________ A. @. B. D. Primary sector Secondary sector Tertiary sector All of the above 10) @. 10 kg 5 kg 7 kg 15 kg 7) Which of the following is a zero based budget? A. C. @. C. Who had scored first 10. B.000 runs in International Test cricket? Sunil Gavaskar Sachin Tendulkar Ricky Ponting Brain Lara . D. @. B. C. B.@. Balance budget Deficit budget Surplus budget All of the above 8) @. B. D. Rajasthan royals 6) The amount of food grain under the Annapurna Scheme is provided to an eligible person every month is ________________ A.

UNESCO gives the award_______________ Pulitzer prize Kalinga prize Man Booker prize None of this 13) @. B. B. Open Market Operation (OMO) is carried out by________________ RBI Finance Ministry Ministry of Commerce Planning Commission 14) A. @. D. @. C.11) A. Pankaj Advani is associated with________________ Shooting Badminton Boxing Billiards 12) A. B. C. Who is known as the 'Father of Modern India' ? Mahatma Gandhi Subhash Chandra Bose M G Ranade Ram Mohon Roy 15) A. The book 'The God of Small Things' is written by _______ V S Naipal Chetan Bhagat Anita Desai Arundhati roy 16) Who is the national ambassador of the UNICEF at present? . C. C. C. B. @. D. @.

A. 25 C. USA 20) The minimum age to be nominated as a member of Lok Shabha is A. India @. 35 D. @. @. C. B. B. Today we are going to post here 15 such sample questions which would be very useful for upcoming IBPS RRBs 2012 . Amitav Bachchan Sharukh Khan Salman Khan Amir Khan 17) From which country US President Barack Obama decided to withdraw 10000 troops at the end of 2011? A. 21 15 Sample General Awareness Questions for IBPS RRBs 2012 Exam We have announced few days ago to post sample GK questions for IBPS RRBs 2012 exam. D. C. Iraq Pakisthan Iran Afganisthan 18) A. @. 30 @. Japan D. Rauf is a tribal/folk dance of ________________ UP Bihar Jammu & Kashmir Rajasthan 19) Which of the following country has decided to increase bilateral trade to $200 billion by 2020 with Russia? A. B. China C.

Football C. Nepal @. Second Sunday of June D. First Sunday of June C. The book written by Chetan Bhagat is________________ Purpose of LIfe My Life Three Mistakes of My Life Shalimar the Crown 3) In which of the following countries 'Grameen Bank'. Fisr Sunday of April 6) With which of the following country India has done 123 Agreement? A. the bank of poor is present? A. Agni-I Arjun-II Dronacharya-II Edusat-IV 2) A. Bangladesh 4) In which game Santosh Trophy is associated? A. D. B.exam. C. Sri Lanka C. France . @. D. India B. Judge yourself ! 1) Name the India's Nuclear capable surface-to-surface missiles_______________ @. Chess 5) On which day International Mother's Day is observed? @. Badminton D. B. England B. Second Sunday of May B. Cricket @.

C. Fair Institutional Investment 8) Name the public sector unit from the following options. USA 7) The full form of FII is________________ @. a world famous sprinter is a citizen of which of the following countries? A. Bank of India D. UCO Bank 11) Usain Bolt. Russia @. TCS @. USA D. Final Investment in India D. Foreign Institutional Investment B. Corporation Bank C. BHEL D. Canada @. ICICI Bank B. South Africa C. Japan 10) "Nation Banks on us" is a punch line of which of the following banks? A. Jamaica . Formal Investment in India C.________________ A. IDBI Bank @. West Indies @. TESCO 9) In which country Federal Reserve organization is present? A. France B. USA B.

Pakistan National Congress D. None of this 13) World's biggest consumer of gold is________________ A. 2012? @. Vikram Seth @.Leather Production Gray Revolution .Fisheries Development Brown Revolution .Agriculture Production Pink Revolution . Muslim League C. Vikram Singh C. Jhumpa Lahiri D.Egg Production White Revolution . India C. Kiran Desai 15) Who is appointed as the new Chief of Naval Staff on June 5.Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Silver Revolution .12) The political party of late Benazir Bhutto is________________ @. Devendra Kumar Joshi B. Russia 14) The author of the book 'Namesake' is________________ A.Dairy Development . Shobha De B.Housing Development Green Revolution . Japan @. USA D. Nirmal Verma D. None of this Blue Revolution . Pakistan's People's Party B.

National Voters Day January 26 -Indian Republic Day January 30 -Martyr's Day February 1 -National Costal Area Protection Day February 19 -Panchayati Raj Day February 24 -Central Excise Day February 28 -Science Day March 4 -National Safety Day March 18 -Ordnace Factory Day April 5 -National Maritime Day April 14 -Dr. R. National Technology Day May 21 -Anti Terrorism Day May 29 -Everest Day June 29 -Statistics Day July 26 -Kargil Victory Day August 9 -Quit India Day August 15 -Independence Day August 20 August 29 -Sadbhavana Day -Sports Day September 5 -Teachers Day September 14 -Hindi Day September 15 -Engineers Day .Yellow Revolution . Ambedkar's Birthday May 1 -Labour Day May 11 -Technical Education Day.Oil Seed Production New List India National Days January 9 -NRI Day January 12 -Youth Day January 15 -Army Day January 24 -National Girl Child Day January 25 -National Tourism Day. B.

October 2 October 8 -Gandhi Jayanti -Airforce Day October 10 -Postal Day October 13 -Filately Day October 31 -National Integration Day November 9 -Law Day November 11 -Education Day November 14 -Childrens Day November 19 -Citizen Day November 24 -NCC Day December 2 -National Pollution Control Day December 4 -Indian Navy Day December 7 -Armed Forces Flag Day December 18 -Minority Rights Day December 23 -Farmers Day December 24 -Consumer Day .

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