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Which we know this is all about that.

The stonewalling begins with the Hawaii Department of Health... The soon-to-be famous baby, Virginia Sunahara, was born on August 4, 1961 in Wahiawa Hospital in Hawaii and died with complications on August 5, 1961 at Kapiolani Hospital. This baby who fought for life earned her right to secure the foundational documentationa legal birth certicateto prove she was an American citizen with full hospital documentation to back it up.

What does Virginia have that Obama may want?

Mr. Obama, on the other hand, also born on August 4, 1961, has never produced any Hawaiian hospital documentation of his birth. Four years later, the only documentation available to afrm Mr. Obamas Hawaiian birth are two meaningless newspaper birth announcements. One cant take a birth announcement to secure a social security number, a passport or even a selective service registration card. Yet, when the Sunahara family requested a copy of her original birth certicate from the Hawaii Department of Health (HDOH) they received a computer generated abstract also known as a short-form certication of live birth that was shockingly out of sequence. Not satised, the Sunahara family requested a certied copy of her own long-form original birth certicate, but was denied. They sued. Apparently it is too much of a burden on the State of Hawaii to make a 5-cent copy of a public record, but its not too much of a burden on the State of Hawaii to defend their decision in a court of law at a cost to Hawaiis taxpayers, thus far, of thousands of dollars. Under oath Hawaiis Deputy Attorney General Jill Nagamine stated to get the long form you actually do have to go to the vault. And the records that are in the vault have been bound in volumes, not just the one, not just plaintiffs sisters records, but other records from around that time of birth, for example, in this case, the Presidents birth certicate, which we know this is all about that. Since nothing in the Sunahara case mentions Barack Obama, or says anything about his birth or birth certicate, why is the Deputy AG so much more concerned about protecting Mr. Obama than she is in doing the right thing for the Sunahara family and ALL the residents of the great State of Hawaii? The Deputy AG argued that Alvin Onaka of the HDOH, is the duly appointed head of the DepartmentofVitalRecords,andonlyhehasthepowertodecidewhatdocumentscanbecopied. Onaka made sure Mr. Obama received his 5-cent copy of a long-form birth certicate in April 2011. Yet, Onaka refuses to provide the Sunahara family with Virginias 5-cent copy of her long-form birth certicate as the law requires. Does this make the slightest bit of sense to you? Whats the BIG State secret? Whats so important about the birth certicate of a baby who was born over 50 years ago? Is it because she was born on August 4, 1961? The same day Mr. Obama was born. Mr Obamas pal, Bill Ayers wrote We soon gured out that the deepest and most foolproof ID had a government-issued Social Security card at its heart, and the best source of those were dead-baby birth certicatesavailable to us at any county courthouse for a couple of bucks Bill Ayers, Fugitive Days: Memoirs of an Antiwar Activist, Page 220. See the evidence

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