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EP 1770717 A1 "| oD) MUTA ty EP 1770717 A1 (12) EUROPEAN PATENT APPLICATION (43) Date of publication: (51) Int 04.04.2007 Bulletin 200714 @2tk woo) —G21B 1/000 (21) Application number: 05447221.2 (22) Date of fing: 03.10.2008 (84) Designated Contracting States: AT BE BG CH CY CZ DE DK EE ES FIFR GB GR HUIEISITLILTLULV MCNLPLPT ROSES! SKTR Designated Extension States: AL BAHR MK YU (71) Applicant: Tavakoli, Mehran Keshe 18573 Tiegem (BE) (72) Inventor: Tavakoll, Mehran Keshe 18573 Tiegem (BE) Remarks: ‘Amended claims in accordance with Fule 86 (2) EPC. (64) Gravitational and energy system (67) Tre new method and technology is described to create - under centritugal and vacuum conditions - in presence of ionization conidtion -@ turbulence, rotation, ‘compressive and heating of a gaseous matters created in areactorby at least one central rotative magnetic field With the purpose of creating plasmatic conditions leading tote creation various magnetic fields where t least the Imeraction oftwomagnetictiedwouldieadtothecreation of atleast one gravitational force phenomena. In @ reac: tor-embodiment a chain of energetic events is created Fig.8 via a rtative magnetic initiation of a basic ionization of € gas (Le. hydrogen) which then triggers a controllable chain of energy transfers (Scintlatio) tothe next fllow- Ing tayer(s) of introduced gasses (Le. He, Ne, Ar, Kr, Xe), ofall other introduced elements of the periodic table (i. LU, Be, K, Ca, Ti .. Pt etc) andlor the'r introduced mol- cule combinations (Le. a vapor). A central colums has megnetic means to start the process. Various concepts, ‘applications and products are disclosed, such as space travel and atomic welaing EP 1770717 At Description [0001] An important part of research on energy happened since about 1840 when the quest for nuciear power and it's contro really stated. We see that several concepts were developed since then. Some special more performing concepts withoutthe nuclear waste problem are stillunder development, ke the Tokomak reactors, The world f nuclear Industry seems to be infatuated by the dream to create the power of the Sun on Earth. But a change in the physical design structure of the present reactors is needed because the fusion industry of today has not managed to produce any sustainable and substantial amount of energy after some fity years of research and development. The reason for the failure ofthese reactors is rooted in the following three major miscaiculetions. Miscalculation 1: These reactors all sufer from the central column syndrome. That Is to say thal, these all have @ center solid body right in the midle of the reactor. Ths is to faclitate the physical loops of the magnetic coll ings, 80 that the magnetic fields can be produced and maintained to bring the plasma to the right temperature and speed, In order to achieve fusion. This is @ fundamental problem ithe scientists are trying to imitate and reach the temperature ofthe center ofthe Sun. As when has any one seen a central column in the center of the Sun? ‘Miscalculation 2: The fundamental reversal of laws of physics. If one looks at magnetic feld forces in the universe. The magnetic force is created and maintained, from the center outwards, in any star in possession of fusion core, In these man-made designs, the laws of physies are turned inside out, where the magnetic fields are enforced from the outside, inward. This is an explanation as to why the scientists are using so much energy for such a small output (Our view: The magnetic field force has to be created and maintained from the inner pat to radiate out and thus allowing creation ofthe second magnetic field force inwards, to contain the plasma within the center ofthe core. Miscalculation 3: Current concepts of fusion production and maintenance lack a source of Gravitational Field Foroes lke the one in the center of the Sun (Our view: The secret of the Sun in holding together all the elements that can sustain fusion, isthe existence of amassive gravitational ial force at is core. What this means, is thatthe center ofthe Sun possesses and maintains a very high level gravitational field force, that can hold on tothe plasma of fs massive body. This gravity around the center of the Sun is calculated to be in the order of hundreds and thousands of times more powerful then the grevitational force on the surface of the Earth, [0002] if one reads all the past and present reported results ofthe tests on TOKOMAK-type fusion reactors [0003] Even, when one asks the men in charge ofthe latest fusion experiments in UK, they al report the gravity In the reactor core to be a fraction of the gravitational force on the surface of the earth. This is primarily due to the fact, thet, thera i no system davised to creata and maintain a gravitational fel force to hold the plasma in the reactor core and pullit together. If this was or could be achieved there would not be @ need for such a large input of current to create the magnetic field force trom outside coll [0004] So how can a nuclear fusion reactor maintain its power without the existence of a Gravitational Field Force? This slike baking a sponge cake without having any flour or egg in the dough. How can one achieve fusion when they do not posses the main ingredient to hold the plasma together to sustain fusion? [0005] When these problems are understood and rectiied by the scientists they may then use these forces and ‘materials appropriately as in the universe, [0006] The other problem which scientists n the world of fusion do nottell and have net considered, isthe truth about the one hundreds milion degrees centigcade temperature they try to reate in the TOKOMAK reactors, [0007] A few thousand degrees melted the Columbia shuttle on re-entry into earth's atmosphere. ‘The present technology cannot handle a few thousand degree's temperature. The question is: How are they going to handle one hundred milion degree temperatures foralong time in two-meter diameter TOKAMAK core without making provision for removing heating from the core? ‘This question is what the fusion engineers are avolding to anwer, They are hoping to have an answer In fity years, after spending thirteen bilion dollars in the next twenty years from the common market and Japan, [0008] Nor we see the correct approach in patent-applications by other inventors. [0009] |The method which is claimed in this patent application is such that - under centrifugal and vacuum concitons a turbulence, rotation, compressive and heating of a gaseous matter Is created in a reactor by at least one central rotative magnetic field with the purpose of creating plasmatc conditions leading to various physical phenomena, [0010] We claim also a method where - under centrfugal and vacuum conditions in presence of Ionization coneition a turbulence, ratation, compressive and heating of a gaseous matter is created in a reactor by at least one central rotative magnetic field withthe purpose of creating plasmatic conditions leading to the creation various magnetic fields \where at least the interaction oftwo magnetic field wouldleadto the creation ofat least one gravitational force phenomena, [0011] In this patent-application we disclose a concept, method and technology for more efficient and higher, electric energy levels as well es creation of grevity and ant-gravty within @ center of an objector @ matter that can be created ata relatively very low cost. EP 1770717 At [0012] itis important to understand that we see an analogy with the planetary concept and positioning of planets in cur solar system, The Earth and all planets and stars possess a certraly heated core, The creation and maintenance ofthe hest and motion isnot in the level and method which scientist have chosen for mation and energy technological progress up to this moment in time. Planets possess and maintain heat, magnetic forces and gravity through one integrated system wit mostly one common element asthe source ofthe energy. inthe center of planetsthe temperature ‘quired is mare lke in thousands of degrees centigrade rather than millons of degrees asin stars. Bu all the same, all effects in creating heat, magnetism and gravy can be achieved at all temperatures. iis tobe proven through the design ofthe reactor inthis patent thatthe strength of magnetic eld and gravity ofthese planets is more dependent on the compostion of he meteril and the speed of motion in the center core ofthe planet, rather then te size or anyother factors in the planet or the star intemal structure. In the universe vast amount of heat are not suddenly produced and presented in one instance for fusion to takes place for systems and stars tobe created, There are laws and procedures to folow to succeed in achieving a large ora small system inthe univers. ‘These laws have tobe followed te letter i the design of any system or reactor for creation of heat, magnetic forces fields and subsequent gravitational forces feld and so on fora system tobe successful and operational. Planets and stars using the natural laws of physic and materials do al these ell at once and together without seperate machinery ‘andcontrl rooms and fuels. They do this as one fly integrated system. Thus forthe frst time inthe word of technology and intelet, in and by the design ofthis reactor, fundamental principals are set out and developed to show how all these above eects and many more could be very simply attained. Al st the same time and as in a natural universal ‘manner in one fully integrate system. This is explained very expcity inthe annex that is joined to this patent application. That annex: integral part ofthis patent application, and may help the reader to better analyse and understand the concepts end ideas about our new reactors and tel tunetoning [0013] The invention relates toa gravity producing system, method, concept and technology whereby in a reactor- ‘embodiment (10) a chain of energetic events is created via arotatve magnetic (17A),intation of abasic ioization of 2 gas (ie. hydrogen 18A) or other matters, which then triggers a controllable chain of energy transfers (so called Sciiilation) tothe next folowing layer(s) of introduced gasses (0. He 188, Ne 180, Ar 18D, Kr, Xe 18E), of al other introduced elements ofthe periodic table (i. Li Be, Ke, Ti. Pt etc.) and/or ther introduced molecule combinations (12.0 vapor) [0014] Without scintilaon in alow density, lw volume ration of atomichydrogen environment of galaxies, the process of ionisation wil nat ake place, that the rst ofthe chain of events forthe cretion of any system or galaxy can take is intiated, Scintilation isthe ignition key fr stato creation of any system inthe universe. ‘Aine gasesin conjunction with ferent materials and conditions inthe cores can be used for orasscniltion material in the core ofthe reactors. [0015] The use o liquid helum and neon andother ner gases as scintilators isthe essential Ingredient ofthe opertion of any system that naeds to generate haat, power and gravity, Helium and neon have no unstable naturally occuring isotopes, therefore any inherent radioactive backgrounds. Thats why these are good source fr creation ofthe extreme treviolet ay catalyst source needed for intial ionisation of hydrogen atoms to star the heating of gases and plasma in the caroline cor. [0016] In galaxies the ultraviolet photons from reminisce ofthe explosion of stars have sufficient energy to stip the electrons completely away from hydrogen atoms andionised hydrogen atoms. When anf he atom of hyarogen absorbs a photon wih wavelangth of 912A. The atom is ionised with the extra energy going into kinetic energy ofthe electron, “This equires a photon energy greater then 13.6 eV or wavelength of 912 Ain the utraviolet region [0017] Colision between electrons thermalse" ther energy, this energy heating the gas in the region to higher te peratures [0018] Theoretical models ofthe installer cloud are providing new insights into the role of extreme ultraviolet rays and soft Xray photoelectric heating, as well as thermal conductive Interfaces, in explaining the observed high catios of hhydrogon Hl at vay low pressures. These indicating not the need forthe se of ionised Hydrogen but natural hysrogen in the process of heating up a gas to Plasma Sate. [0019] _Atthe presentmost considerations are givento use ofionsed hydrogen andits elation wih extreme utravolet rays emissions. Recent esearch and findings allows the endeavour to new teritory of reverse state of condition. Where ithas been observed nthe galaxies that ground slate hydrogen receiving energy photons inthe extreme utraviolt rays range would ands excited tobe inised. Then by returning to ground state through catalyses it can be used to release this energy to heat up the surrounding gas to heated Plasma State [0020] This opening @ new approach into development of systems where notinisedbut natural hydrogen and atomic hydrogen can be used to generate energy and currents, by using extreme utraviolet rays rather then utravolt rays to create the ionisation. [0021] This new understanding allows low temperature operation and les energy input forthe higher energy output, allowing operation inthe non-nuclear environment