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Opals Final List of Netiquette Rules

Learner Description: Elementary students, ages 5-10 Definition of Netiquette: Netiquette are the rules for good behavior when you are using a computer, tablet, smartphone or any other item you might use to communicate online. Overall Guidelines -All posts, emails, and any other interaction should follow THINK (truthful, helpful, inspiring, necessary and kind). -Make sure that cap locks are not on as this indicates yelling. -Emoticons should be used sparingly and only to avoid possible confusion/hurt feelings. -Appropriate emoticons include those that express happiness , sadness , confusion , and encouragement . These are the only permitted emoticons. -Acronyms should be spelled out at the beginning of the post. -SMS (short message service) acronyms like LOL, BRB, IDK should not be used. -In regards to grammar and spelling, students should always put their best foot forward academically. This is to say that students should not be expected to have perfect grammar and spelling, but the message should still be understandable to the reader. -No inappropriate images or messages meant to insult or bully should be sent. If a student sees or receives such a message, he/she should immediately report it to the teacher. -No personal information such as address or phone number should be shared.

Discussion Groups -More care should be taken with spelling and grammar as this is a more academic forum. Students will be notified via a rubric of specific expectations before they post in the forum. -Posts should be relevant to the forum topic or in direct response to another post. -Emoticons should not be used in the initial post in the forum and should be limited to one to two maximum in subsequent posts. Email -Instructor approval is needed to send out mass emails. In the case that mass emails are sent out, the same rules for discussions groups should be followed. -Forwarding mass emails such as jokes or any non class related message is not allowed. -Messages related to class work or a technical problem should be posted in the indicated discussion forum instead of being sent in an email. -Emails should generally be limited to communication with the instructor or with group members/ partners for a group assignment. Chat/Instant Messaging -Emoticons should be limited to the ones listed in overall guidelines. -Messages should be appropriate and keep the conversation on the agreed upon class topic. -Messages should be understandable to the reader, but spelling and grammar should not restrict the learner from trying to express his/her point.

-Chat/Instant Messaging should be limited to communication with the instructor or with group members/partners for a group assignment. -Personal information such as address and phone number should be kept private. Under no circumstances should face to face meetings be arranged.