Survival Of The Fittest

‘Let’s Think Again And Again’
Misbah ul Islam Andrabi

Dedicated to someone special

Without who’s Love & Support it would have been only a dream


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It is not every day that you make your mind to sit during the very late night hours of an unpleasantly cold mid-winter season and decide to write about something which is trickling in your mind always, and you really don’t know about but still you try to pen it down with a hope that u could do it. As such I’m not a writer, an intellectual; a reformer, or a philosopher but I am an apprentice in search of knowledge, who is still far behind in the human race of the legends and has negligent existence in the world of education and the knowledge of wisdom. The only element which constrained me to write down this article was my conscience which at several instances always kept asking me to prove my worth where I stand and to what extent or limits do I need to grow up to transcend the barriers, so as to cater with the shortcomings of my future, the set of laws and principles which I might need, while handling and steering my life towards the apex of success. Now it might be perplexing you, how a man terming himself null with a negligent existence, a whole world to explore and yet to prove his worth, can make familiar us with the needs and the set of rules with ample words of wisdom to conquer the goals, could portrait the keys to the success. Obliviously, the answer is I can do it, because the rules and guidelines which I’m going to write are not my own but of the most intellectual people’s who have revealed it to the world from time to time, while achieving their best in their life. So we need to follow these advices to enlighten our path of life so as to make the presence of our worth and achieve our objective. This article which I have penned down is what I have listened or read about of the gurus of the world and it’s is only a mere compilation of their golden words and I don’t know to what extent I have been able to present it , the same way, the gurus have convened it to this world. So I request all the readers for a healthy feedback with reviews and analysis on this and help me to improve, so I could enhance my skills & nurture myself with this ever changing competitive world. The one important point which I think necessary to mention here is that my English language is poor enough to make its mark, it’s because I am poor in grammar and I tried hard enough to excel but couldn’t do it. My language skills are weak and I am an average speaker of English language. Still most of my friends boost up my morals upon commenting positive points while I speak or write on any subject. Errors and omissions are expected. So please don’t ignore the errors and point them out so I could get something new to learn.

How can I say “Thank You” when there are so many people thank to. The most important one’s to mention is my former English teacher Mrs. Shalika Gupta, who inspired me to write. The other person in fact the most important, I owe my sincere thanks to is her eminence Mrs. Rupinder Kour. It will be quiet difficult for me to find the most apposite word to portray what she means for me. For me, she was as caring as a mother, as concerned as your best friend and also the one in whose presence I always find solace during the times of my adversity. Mr. Wasim Akram, Mr. Sushil Sharma, Miss Nazima Farooq, Miss Iqra Javaid, my friends, whose love and care always soothes me a lot. It would feel awkward to ignore, without thanking my intangible mentors like NDTV-24X7, CNN-IBN, TIMES NOW, which helped me the most in improving my skills. Above all my parents and my loving sister, whose love and care have always inspired me to face the toughest competition around and come out like a winner? May my Lord Almighty bless them with eternal happiness and a happy prosperous life in every aspect? You don’t know me as I’m pretty run of the mill person dwelling in one of the remote areas of Kashmir Valley. I have not achieved anything satisfactory yet in my life and due to this very reason, I at certain instances term myself a looser till the time I achieve what I really want. But even treating myself as a null still I haven’t given up the hope yet and I’m striving hard to achieve my destiny and hope that almighty Allah will surely bestow me and help me to accomplish my goal. Even considering myself a mere zero, I know that I have to place myself at the right position where my value will arise like as it works in maths. As I know God helps those who help themselves and I am putting my best to achieve what I want in my life and one thing which I am cock-sure about is that one day I will rule the way I want to (INSHA-ALLAH). Oh! Lord, it’s only you who bestows success and guides to the straight path, so I always plead to you my almighty Lord, to bestow me with success and guide me to the straight path, the path of those on whom you hath bestowed your grace and blessings. The below stated lines are what I have experienced or learned from time to time and I feel happy enough to share it with others. This is the description about what life really is and what fundamentals; set of rules do we need to follow to become successful in every aspect of our life so as to enjoy our life seamlessly and in true humble serene nature.

Life resembles much more to a coin with its two faces standing parallel, giving a vivid indication of how close they seem to be, but the fact is that they are too far behind from what one could percept. Same is the case of life we maintain, we are not aware of the other side of the coin of life, the brighter side of life. The countdown for competition starts when we are in our pre-natal form only and our post-natal life just flings us on the platform, where the only option left for us to compete for our survival and if we proved our-self, our existence keep on going otherwise, the life is shattered down and we are obsolete. Everywhere from the geographical longitudinal or latitudinal perspective we can observe, the people around us are always in haste looking forward to oust its competitors who could barricade its way towards the path of success and glory, without showing any concern towards the effects which the competition is going to forecast. The only motive behind the scene where the competitors always try to shatter its rival is because they have to maintain their life with every possible comfort and provide a soothing and rich environment. The reason responsible for the abrupt surge in competition which we are facing is due to the substantial growth in the population and in every nook of the corner is hidden a talent we could only imagine and most of the time we neglect it and when these hidden pearls which at instances we have taken for granted stands with us in the same queue to compete, we are left baffled and our tough times start where the only concern for us is how to cope and rejuvenate ourselves to captivate the best. All the time we should not restrict our-self to the books only, we have to come out from the materialistic approach of life and emphasize on the practical tactics. We have to keep experimenting and putting different tactics and ethics on work to explore the whole world around us. We mostly are afraid of doing so because we have lagged behind at certain times when we put different ways and approaches on work and a perception developed in our minds that we should restrict our self from putting new things and experimenting with them. We should not give up all dreams because one did not come true and not stop putting efforts because one of them failed but rather we should be determinant enough to with

stand and never give up because life is indeed beautiful and life awaits for us with the open arms, so we must always be in search of seizing every opportunity and make most from them and doing so we will explore a new life, a whole new world. Life in this terrestrial world is not worth living because life is to be put up with rather than enjoyed. We need to come out from the world of fantasy towards the facts, laws and ethics which govern the life. Luck plays an important role in the game of life, but we can’t always bet on luck to achieve something in our life. Rather we should try to follow the rule of the present world i.e. “Survival Of The Fittest”. The world around us is the best example of the above mentioned law as we can vibrantly see how this materialistic world is going on and destabilizing the very equilibrium of this competitive world. We have to keep a close vigil what our competitors are engaged in and what mantras they put on work to keep their existences at the apex. We have to follow the mantras which the most accomplished personalities have earlier put in action to steer their life. Nowadays most of the people neglect these mantras and fundamentals only because they term the world where they lie as a modern world. To some extent these mantras and rules have remained confined to the books only but it does not mean that they will fail in the real world. It is our own flaws that we are inefficient in every aspect to understand what these mantras and rules convey. We put our heart more at work than our brain while applying these rules on our real life. Rules will never change but can go under modifications. It will sound somewhat awkward to point out finger over the old age mantras but rather we can say that with the ever changing world these mantras have modified from time to time so as to walk parallel with the needs of the people of the next generation world. Nowadays survival of the fittest is the most countable law of this terrestrial world around us. If you are fit enough, you have the right to sustain a seamless life but if lack your potential, the game is over and only almighty knows what could be next. Life is a struggle against the odds and the forces which halts our limits of survival and to overcome those peculiar situations we really need to focus and strive hard to the extreme extent to keep our existence. The only instrument which could help us to tackle the future needs is courage because courage is the only thing which is not subjected to the diminishing returns and the only human weapon which he can put on work to go up to any extent but all what we need is to feel it’s presence which is lied deep somewhere within us. Most of the new generation

people define courage as overcoming the fear but it is not like this at all. It is something else what most of the people fail to judge. Conscience is the element which can help us to feel this very intangible quality hidden within us to conquer ourselves. We all have an inner voice, the voice of God and if we listen to it very keenly, it will surely steer us towards the right direction. It will help us to come out from the world of fantasy and provide us with a realistic approach of life, and where we stand. At the same time while exploring courage, where it lies we must also keep it in mind that courage isn’t the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something more is important than fear.

The great virtue of life lies in courage that guide us how to face the hard facts and live beyond them. It is time to wake up if we really want to achieve our dreams and desires. There are many lessons we have learned so far but the most important amongst them is when we start acting and putting our mind and soul towards our work. We can’t allow success to go to our head and failures to our heart. As life is fortified with many ups and downs, we have to be very determinant while handling the zigzags of life and aspire ourselves to conquer the world. Every time we should not have to wait for opportunities to come and knock at our door steps but rather if we have a burning desire to succeed, we must make our own opportunities as we go. It hardly matters where we stand but what matters is when we pull our socks up to act. To do a right thing, there is never a wrong time and all what we need is to keep faith and believe on yourself because the one who can’t believe in himself can achieve nothing. As we a quiet familiar with the line, “Successful men never do different things, but they do things differently” because they believe in themselves and this is secret of their success. So as to achieve our goals, we have to believe ourselves and in the goals we want to achieve. It is a fact that if we believe that, things really happens, and it is the belief in a thing that makes it happen. We are always looking forward for different situations and calamities to happen the way we want them. It doesn’t matter whether things are getting the way we like or not, but

we have to keep hope and at the same time we must remember hope doesn’t come from calculating whether good news is winning over the bad. It’s simply a choice to take action. Life is never serene and you can’t cry if things don’t work out, remember life is like a sea full of tempests and to ignore it would be a damn blunder but rather we have to be very optimistic because it’s the key to achievements and also the foundation of courage. We should not fear of losing, as it is the most damnable, damaging thing to human personality. Life is like a journey as we sail through don’t avoid the storms and rough water, just let it pass. Sail and keep sailing on and be extremely determinant, hardworking and dedicated towards achieving your goal and once you proved successful in achieving your target you will surely come out like a skilled sailor from the cruel sea of life. Even achieving success in every aspect of life, still we have to follow the law “survival of the fittest” because every day there is a new dawn and it adds new talent that is far better and superior than us, which keeps us in the competition and at the point it is not that difficult as that at the time we started to act.

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