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Lets put this straight. Did you ever experience conversing to a carpenter or a handy man that turned to a guessing game? Well, it goes like this. I have a problem with my ceiling. During the discussion I will point the ceiling to the guy who will do the work. But after saying the magic word he immediately reacts in split seconds by saying the vernacular term of what I pointed out. Sounds good but, heck never to me. I have a defective ceiling.(kisame ser, - the guy) yah! Kisame. The ceiling joist ha. (kostilyahe) what the hell is that? Kostilyahe ser. Ceiling joist? No, ser kostilyahe For those who experience these and for those who does not want to look lousy to the work man rather to effectively communicate here are the list of building parts and its Filipino vernacular term. ENGLISH -- TAGALOG POST - halige / poste GIRDER - gililan JOIST - soleras FLOORING sahig/suwelo GIRT - sepo BEAM biga TRUSS kilo BOTTOM CHORD barakilan TOP CHORD tahilan PURLINS - reostra COLAR PLATE - sinturon FASCIA BOARD senepa EXTERNAL SIDING tabike VERTICAL STUD pilarete HORIZONTAL STUD pabalagbag CEILING JOIST kostilyahe WINDOW SILL pasamano WINDOW HEAD sombrero WINDOW OR DOOR JAMB hamba OPEN STRINGER - hardinera CLOSED STRINGER madre de eskalera TREAD baytang RISER takip silipan HANDRAIL gabay MOLDING muldora EAVE sibe PROJECTION bolada

FRAMEWORK balangkas GUTTER kanal CONDUCTOR alulod WROUGHT IRON STRAP plantsuwela BOLT pierno SCAFFOLDING plantsa STAKE staka PLASTERED COURSE kusturada STUCCO or PLASTER - palitada SCRATCH COAT - rebokada PICHWORK on MASONRY piketa VARNISH FINISH monyeka SPACING or GAP biyento CONCRETE SLAB larga masa ALIGNMENT - asintada PLUMB LINE - hulog CEMENT TILES baldosa CEMENT BRICK ladrilyo DOOR FILLET batidora GROOVE kanal WOOD GRAIN haspe PATTERN or SCHEDULE - plantilya HINGE bisagra PANELED DOOR de bandeha EARTHFILL - eskumbro MASONRY FILL lastilyas ADOBE ANCHOR liyabe SOLDER hinang SOLDERING LEAD estanyo