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[2 2012 DS Rest Stop 1° Se (00d f Ay Pancarpocund| 5 Viewpoint Cattle Guard Water. Stop) no food) ay 2a33 a z 2,000 1.829 a Fy 6000 1.524 5,000 o 1219 4 Zz 400 fleas © ou g|oée uw 3000 So) ees Fe] 610 21858 s 2,000 Bl 25 ei 205 sae 5 1,000 we 2 a 3 x 0 eters a 10 20 30 40 50 © Feet Be a "Goodwill Ambassador” by riding courteously, safely and obeying traffic laws SEPTEMBER 14, 2012 SEI Boga Righton Wighiman Stim ows St RR Tracks @ SS Fight On. Main Stn Wightman St tay St Lot On Hay 66 (Asiand Stoo) Lest On Dead Ina Momo R fm Hay 66 Cattle Gus ‘Sale City Road 1M 11 - passing one ‘Cattle Guar (Large pn conte) Conde Creek Ra ‘Buck Pre Nowe Tae Pt Ee Hyatt Prarie Ré 853 Lot OnSikyou Stim Dota St@SS. Kono Access Rt 1656 Le On Oregon Av fm Sigyou St @ SS Cate Guard (@LM Rl 9-40-7) 657 ‘Coss under Hy 8 (Becomes Nevads St) Beek Ra 6.2 Cross Klamath Late - Becomes Lakeshore Dr MP2 6.6 Finan At Moore Pa Enter Klamath Coury Pk Right_On Clover Creek Road Dea inane Buck Lake Cutt Rose Spencer Creek CG (USFS) Spencer rook ead Spencer Creek Hookup Ra= MP 11 MP 20-Freght Road Lane (On Puckat Re fm Clover Creek RS Fight On Clover Greek Rm Puckett Ro ‘Svaght On Huy 65 tm Clover Crook Ra @ SS Round Lake Re Lwanca Or Holy Dr Enter Klamat Fas Trafic Sgne, endo Hwy 8 @ Hy 140 TE Rote: Apsara Tun “Travel under Hy 97 Laft__On Greersprings Divo fn Hay 68 ‘Be Right Stay on Greensprings Dr @ Riverside Under ay 97 Lett On Conger (Under Hy 97) Rh On Caf Av tn Conger raat Tan NOM 1652 Right _OnData Stim Calfomia @ 8S voowsem — he Oregonian eS od ‘STOLL BERNE