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Saint Joseph Church, Arma

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STAFF Fr. Roger Lumbre Pastor Janel Scales/Marcel Normand Bookkeeper/Bulletin Editor Judy Smerchek Secretary Rectory Office Hours Wednesdays 9AM-Noon Tel. (620) 347-4525

Notes from the Pastor: Our sister parish, Saint Michael in Girard celebrates her patron saints feast, Saint Michael the Archangel. As we greet our brothers and sister in Girard a Happy Saint Michaels Feasts Day we are also reminded of the virtues of the Archangel! Saint Michael is not only the protector of the Church, but of every faithful soul. By humility and faithfulness to God he fought against the devil; we who are enlisted in the same warfare must adopt his weapons humility and ardent love of God. Regarding this Archangel as our leader under God, let us courageously resist the devil in all his assaults with our protectors famous exclamation: Quis ut Deus? Who is like unto God? Last Weekend I explained about the changes we need to do in accordance with the liturgical norms that we need to follow. First, about the practice of going through the line with arms crossed to receive the blessing. The mass is already a blessing in itself so your presence at mass already dispose yourself to receive Gods blessing. Going through the line to receive the blessing is unnecessary if not redundant. In place of that, we will ask the lector to give a short introduction or explanation right before the priest distributes communion for people who cannot receive communion for one reason or another to pray the Act of Spiritual Communion. Secondly, as it is laid down in the General Instruction of the Roman Missal numbers 42 and 160, the appropriate posture of receiving communion is standing. Although we are generally practicing it at Saint Michael, we have to be uniform so as to promote unity in the celebration of the liturgy. Sad news and good news! The sad news is that Emil Pronier has graciously resigned as a member of the parish council. He cited the reason that he has been there for so many years and would give a chance for fresher blood to sit at the council. We respect his decision and accepted his resignation with a broken heart! We appreciate all that Emil has done for the parish council and for all our parish activities. May God bless you always Emil for all your undertakings! The good news is we have a new member in the parish council, and probably another one if she would accept the offer. We welcome Joe Broyles to the parish council. We are thankful that he has accepted the offer and grateful of his willingness to serve. As of this writing we are still awaiting the response of one of our parishioners who was nominated by the existing parish council members. Talking of the parish council, I would like to remind all of you of the role of the parish and finance councils in the parish. Canon 537 says, "Each parish is to have a finance council which is regulated by universal law as well as by norms issued by the diocesan bishop; in this council the Christian faithful, selected according to the same norms, aid the pastor in the administration of parish goods with due regard for the prescription of canon 532." The major function of the finance council is to assist the pastor in all things pertaining to our finances, but not to make decisions for the pastor. The same is true with the Pastoral Council. Next Sunday(10/7/2012) 8:00 AM Chase & Tejay Cleland Joe Broyles & Bill Harman
Can. 536. 1. After the diocesan bishop has listened to the presbyteral council and if he judges it opportune. a pastoral council is to be established in each parish; the pastor presides over it, and through it the Christian faithful along with those who share in the pastoral care of the parish in virtue of their office give their help in fostering pastoral activity. 2. This pastoral council possesses a consultative vote only and is governed by norms determined by the diocesan bishop. In short, it is the pastor who makes all the calls! who makes the decisions! Both our councils are important as they help the pastor make an enlightened decision! Thats why pastoral council meetings are open to all of you to come and express your opinion even if you cannot vote. Once more thank you to all our council members for all their sacrifices! Next weekend is also Respect for Life Sunday! Human life is sacred. The dignity of the human person is the foundation of a moral vision for society. Direct attacks on innocent persons are never morally acceptable, at any stage or in any condition. In our society, human life is especially under attack from abortion. Other direct threats to the sanctity of human life include euthanasia, human cloning and the destruction of human embryos for research. The direct and intentional destruction of innocent human life from the moment of conception until death is always wrong and is not just one issue among many. It must always be opposed. In our nation, abortion and euthanasia have become preeminent threats to human dignity because they attack life itself, the most fundamental human good and the condition for all others. (Living the Gospel of Life, No. 5.) It is a mistake with grave moral consequences to treat the destruction of innocent human life merely as a matter of individual choice. A legal system that violates the basic right to life on the grounds of

Next Saturday (10/6/2012) Altar Servers: Ushers 4:00 PM Trevor Graham Aaron Kreutzer & Emil Pronier Linda Carpino Laurie Graham Mike & Virginia Buche

E. M. E. Lectors: Gift Bearers

Terry Cleland Marcel Normand Bob & Alice Davied

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According to the Church, this prayer is not meant solely for the children. In fact, this prayer is highly indulgenced: a partial indulgence each time it is said; a plenary indulgence once a month when it is said daily; a plenary indulgence on the Feast of Guardian Angels, Oct. 2nd; and a plenary indulgence at the hour of death when it has been said frequently during life. Each time we offer Mass, the priest, as he begins the Eucharistic prayer, asks us to sing the hymn of the holy angels: Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God of Hosts, Heaven and earth are full of your glory. Hosanna in the highest. Fr. John Reinkemeyer spoke of the Guardian Angels: They defend those of who they have charge against the assaults of the demons, endeavoring to preserve of sin. They strive to keep us on the right path. If we fall, they help us rise again, encourage us to become more virtuous, and offer our prayers to God, and above all, they assist us at the hour of death. Since we each have one, we should call upon our Guardian Angel each time were tempted, asking for help when in doubt or perplexed. Keep in mind, angels are Gods highest creation--theyre not robots. Theyre powerful beings and the one assigned to you is just waiting for you to make contact! You can begin with the Guardian Angel Prayer above. Good Luck! Stem Cell Research Stem cell research continues to be a lively topic in the news and among scientists. A stem cell has the ability to reproduce itself into a mature cell with specialized functions, such as heart, skin, or nerve cells. Scientists hope to draw from lines of stem cells--colonies of similar cells that can reproduce for long periods--creating specialized cells for transplant into patients, to repair or replace tissues that disease and disability have damaged. In the adult, stem cells are found in the bone marrow, blood stream, brain, spinal cord, skin, retina, liver, and other places in the body. Another rich source of stem cells is the blood within umbilical cords and placentas no longer needed by newborn babies. The stem cells receiving the most public attention are found within human embryos. Researchers harvest these cells by pulling the inner cell mass, the 30-34 cells that will develop into the babys tissue and organs, from the center of a five day-old embryo. Adult stem cell research isnt controversial; no human being dies when these cells are collected. The moral problem arises because stem cell harvesting from embryos would destroy them. Doctors already use adult stem cells to treat human diseases, including some cancers, auto-immune diseases, strokes, and liver diseases. Scientists continue to discover new capabilities of adult stem cells. Through experiments on mice, theyve regrown nerve cells and even reversed diabetes. However, human embryonic stem cells havent yet successfully treated disease. Despite the promise of embryonic stem cells, adult stem cells are the ones that have been delivering the therapy needed. Instead of destroying human embryos, our tax dollars could be used better in adult stem cell research. The way we do this is making certain we elect government representatives who believe that Life is sacred, and will work to keep laws in place that prohibit the destruction of human life. With recent advances in adult stem cells, it seems strange that the mainstream media doesnt give it the publicity that it deserves. There may be a reason... Articles by Marcel Normand Announcements: Oct. 7th - Blessing of Pets at St. Michael at 1:00 in hall parking lot. Oct. 7th - Respect for Life Sunday-LifeChain from 3-4pm Oct. 11th - RCIA at 7pm in St. Michael Parish Hall Oct. 17th - Bible Study at 7pm in St. Michael Parish Hall

Parish Pastoral Council Officers: Chair Pat Westhoff Members at Large Betty Rons & Dustin Ashmore Secretary Karen Pryer Worship Committee: Chair Karen Pryer Lectors Marcel Normand E.M.Es Joann Black Music Jan Harman Ushers/Greeters Bill Harman Sacristan Larry Pronier Altar Society: Judy Smerchek Parish Finance Council: Fred Bogina Bill Harman, Judy Wingebach, Linda Broyles

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choice is fundamentally flawed. In line with this celebration, we are invited to join our brothers and sisters in Pittsburg for the annual Life Chain. See the separate article for details. May many of us be able to participate in this activity! We also welcome three of our kids who have volunteered and trained as altar servers: Grant Waterman, Kyla and Allie Zornes! Thank you kids! God bless you all! Fr. Roger Fresh Flowers-Our St. Joseph Church will have fresh flowers weekly. They are being provided by Lawrence Filosa. We thank you, Larry, and we all appreciate it very much. Our Guardian Angels-Devotion to angels has declined in recent years as has, in fact, our loyalty to the saints and, to a lesser extent, the praying of the rosary. Once popular devotions seem to change with the times. Part of the difficulty concerning angelic devotion has been our humanness in trying to imagine what a pure spirit might be like. This coming Tuesday, October 2nd, the Church honors our Guardian Angels with a special Mass. No doubt, most of us recall the simple prayer to Our Guardian Angel: Angel of God, my guardian dear, To whom Gods love commits me here; Ever this day, be at my side, To light and guard, To rule and guide.

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