Using Moore’s Law to make Energy Personal

Fiona Sim
Director, Intel Open Energy Initiative Intel Corporation


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Moore’s Law Creates Opportunity 3 3 .

Personal Computing Empowered the Consumer 30 Years Ago. Computing Is Always At Our Fingertips Everywhere We Go Part of Our Lives Everyone Does It . Computing Was Far Less Personal Far Away From Users Not Easily Accessible Professionals Did It Today.

2007 Energy Information Association Pew Center for Global Climate Change “In-Home Display Units: An Evolving Market. 2. The Electricity Journal. 5. IDC Oregon Sustainability Center . October. The Brattle Group “The Power of 5 Percent”. 4. 3.” Energy Insights.Reducing energy consumption would save money & reduce pollution 5% reduction in peak demand could result in over $35 billion savings in the next 10 years by avoiding building new power plants [1] 75% of electricity used [2] & 43% of CO2 [3] emitted into the environment in the US is connected with buildings Consumers are key to reducing consumption If you provide consumers with real-time feedback on their energy use they will reduce their overall energy use up to 15% [4] You could reduce commercial building energy consumption by ~10% by providing the occupants with information on their energy usage [5] A Smart Grid needs Smart People 1.

& Mobile Internet Devices In-Home Displays Internet TVs Empower consumers by making their energy “personal” 6 .Providing Energy Consumers with Choice Desktop & Net-Top PCs Laptop. Netbooks.

Smart Buildings include Smart People What’s my electricity consumption? Occupants control ~30% of building energy Enlist in energy efficiency / reduction What’s the temperature? How much printing have I done? Desktop or laptops measure energy use – Report information to occupant – Taskbar energy use icon Sensor data aggregated & analyzed Do the lights need to be this bright? Building Energy Management System can take action Information and Communication Technology can enable building occupants to make informed choices 7 .

Consumers do make a difference .

Homes & Buildings Microgrids Smart Buildings Renewable Energies HVAC control Lighting control Energy monitoring & control Motor control Business park or campus TransmissionTransmission-Connected.Intel Open Energy Initiative focus Areas Grid Infrastructure Objective: Intel Intelligence Powers Smart Grids. UtilityUtility-Scale Smart Renewables Access control Security Power & cooling Electrical distribution Smart Commercial Buildings Smart Homes Smart substations & transmission network Mixed residential & commercial Transmission ops center Renewable integration Grid simulations My Utility Community of homes .

and grid connectivity Benefits to the Microgrid – – – – Easier use & integration of renewable energy sources Increased reliability Free up peak capacity Faster path to innovation Goal: Enabling Net-Zero Energy Consumption Neighborhoods Net- .Empowering Communities: Microgrids Neighborhood of the Future – A self-sustaining community selfmanaging local generation. storage. loads.

loads • Grid-tied and off-grid operation Gridoff• Comprehend Electric Vehicles (EVs) Local Controller Substation Utility Control Center EV#2 EV#3 EV#4 EV#5 HEMS Charging agent EV#1 11 .Intel Microgrid-related research MicrogridEnergy Resource Optimization : • Manage local generation. storage.

6kW for 2-3 hours (AC Level 2) 2Total Power at Community Transformer (kW) without Electric Vehicles 30 20 10 0 12pm 3pm 6pm 9pm 12am 3am 6am 9am 12pm Typical Time of Day for Electric Vehicle Recharge Uncoordinated Charging of Electric Vehicles May Require Significant Increase in Peak Power Generation .Power to Charge an Electric Vehicle: 6.

Microgrids Create a New Ecosystem And opportunities for innovation .

Personal Energy Management needs Standards .Standards Drive Ecosystems Creating a Virtuous Cycle As with PCs.

reduced costs & an innovative ecosystem 15 . from appliances to local generation Personal weather forecasting lets you & your community plan for your energy needs Open standards have created competition.What does Personal Energy Look Like? Information on your personal energy usage is readily available Managing your energy at work is as easy as managing it at home Your home energy is “plug & play”.