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(double click to check the box) University Duration of studying (Ex: 2010 – 2014) Date of Birth Phone Number Email Address Foreign Language & Skills Please rate your foreign language(s) with these levels: Excellent, Good, Satisfactory, Basic Language Writing Basic Basic Basic Reading Basic Basic Basic Speaking Basic Basic Basic Listening Basic Basic Basic

1 AIESEC Hanoi | Fall Recruitment 2012 | Application Form

Computer Skills Computer User Skills Internet Users PC Users Office Email Graphics 3D Max Corel Draw Macromedia director/studio Photoshop Shockwave Flash Programming Skills HTML Java XML PHP Professional Working Experience Year Company/Organization Your Role Your Achievement Extra-Curricular Activities Year Activities Your Role Key Learning Points From which channel did you get information about AIESEC? Email and Yahoo Messenger Website Facebook Information Seminar Class presentation AIESECers (Name Others ( ) Team ) 2 AIESEC Hanoi | Fall Recruitment 2012 | Application Form .

3 Strengths Your strength utilization 3 Weaknesses Your weakness improvement Please tell us a specific situation that you made mistake (in working.1 What do you understand about AIESEC? 3 AIESEC Hanoi | Fall Recruitment 2012 | Application Form . My Mistake What I learnt from my mistake Please tell us a situation that you had many difficulties while trying to complete an assignment (It may be an assignment of your extra-activity or your studying in university). Self-developing What are your 3 strengths & weaknesses? Please tell us how you utilize your strengths and improve your weaknesses. and what did you learn from that mistake. AIESEC Understanding 2.Membership Questions 1. Which difficulties did you have? How did you deal with your difficulties? (Did you overcome or not? How did you do it?) Situation Difficulties How you dealt with the difficulties 2. in daily life).

2.2 What things about AIESEC that make you feel interested in? 2.3 What are your next 5 year goals? And how do you think AIESEC can contribute to your future goals? MY 5 YEAR GOALS AIESEC IMPACT 4 AIESEC Hanoi | Fall Recruitment 2012 | Application Form .

3.2 Any extra classes/ activities/ part or full time job do you have? 5 AIESEC Hanoi | Fall Recruitment 2012 | Application Form . Incoming Exchange Team Outgoing Exchange Team Business Development Team Talent Management Team Communication and Information Management Team Projects Based on Exchange Team Finance Team International Relations Team 3. Additional Information 3.1 Please select 3 teams that you want to work for in sequence of priority. Applications are due on 23:59 30th September. feel free to contact us via aiesec. If your application is approved.Recruitment Timeline: 9 – 30/9: Application Form 6 – 7/10: Information Seminar & Assessment Center 1 7 – 14/10: Project Week 21 – 23/10: Final Interview & Backup Interview Please answer all the questions in full. 2012 You can submit the application to aiesec. If you have any questions regarding to this application or would like additional information. THANK YOU AND GOOD LUCK! 6 AIESEC Hanoi | Fall Recruitment 2012 | Application Form . we will contact you regarding the next step in selection

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