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e on Earth are in an epoch that will test us sorely, that will challenge us beyond anything weve experienced in the last 3,000 years. We have gone through periods like the one we are now going through. But our collective recollection is through fables and legends and myths. We think of those times as prehistory. And we believe the contents to be products of the human imagination of those times. In our present times, men and women who have taken upon themselves to unearth our past are being recognized and maligned at the same time. More often than not, they are treated as messengers of some god that is mad at humans, or they a deified themselves as prophets with a following. Nevertheless, each of them have served us well we as 5

humankind, we as a biokind unique to Earth. One of the best recognized worldwide is Zecharia Sitchin [1] [2] [3]. In his many books, he warned us of NI.BI.RU.s presence, forewarned us of its periodic return, told us it was in the inner solar system at the time of the Exodus, and left us to figure out that it was coming back shortly after the turn of the millennium. He wasnt the only one; there were others. And then, there were those who came along to warn us that we were behaving like church mice and acolytes of biological entities that were just like us. The best known and recognized is our friend and colleague, Neil Freer. He coined a word for that phenomenon: he called it degodspell. This term is made up of three meaning units: de, meaning loosing or setting aside; god, referring to our penchant for deifying those who from heaven to earth came, anointed by Sitchin as Annunaki; and spell, referring to the state of mind in which awe held humans then in a kind of enchanting curse, from our Sumerian beginnings to our present times. As early as four years ago, one of our own, A. R. Bordon, warned us of the presence of Annunaki on Earth and of our planet being between the devil and the returning rock [4]. No one wanted to hear of it, let alone publish anything even in exopolitical journals dedicated to the study of politics between us and them. In this case, them also included all other biokinds from other planets who are now either on the surface of the Earth or on space platforms very large ships stationed in the inner solar system space, from Mercury to the Asteroid Belt. In late 2009, a decision was made by members of the Link Initiative to come out of the closet, so to speak. By then, it was becoming obvious that valid and reliable information was not going to come from governmental organization around the world. A split in the ranks also occurred between governments from the industrialized, space-faring nations and nations led by China and Brazil on disclosure of some information about detection and deciphering of UFO sightings, landings, and tracking of extraterrestrial activities on their national airspace and territories. The Link is an initiative in which Drs. A. R. Bordon, R. B. Solingen, and J. N. Traveler have had a role. Its early beginnings for the LPGC go back to 1981, and a second encounter between an Annunaki from the 6

home planet and A.R. Bordon on the west coast of the Florida peninsula, in the United States. After the formation of the Life Physics Group in California in the late 1980s and early 1990s, the End-Time Studies Unit was formed in the early 1990s. And the Life Physics Group became a part of what already existed prior to our joining.

By 1993, we were aware that the incoming was a planet, and not a meteor as many in scientific community thought it was. However, it would behave like a meteor and be only visible in the infrared (IR) range (see picture to the left) until it reached the incoming Nibiru point, as some scientists suspected back in the 1980s. The incoming Nibiru point is the place along the surface of the ecliptic (the plane of the orbits of the planets in our solar system) where the incoming planet crosses it. See picture on the next page. Study it very carefully. On it, you will see the solar system, including Pluto (which no longer considered a planet; instead, it is classified as a planetoid not quite a planet in size and orbit). On the picture, you see Sol (the Sun) at the center of the solar system, around which nine planets orbit. From Sol, in an outward order, there are: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, (the Asteroid Belt), Jupiter, Neptune, Saturn, and Uranus. These are the planets recognized as such by the International Astronomical Union. Now, lets explain what it is you are looking at. The first thing you may notice is the red line that runs at an angle to the ecliptic the plane 7

of the planetary orbits. This is the ephemeris, or the orbital path of the astronomical object on its way to our solar system. The picture above shows its estimated position in mid-October of 2011; this is roughly a little over one astronomical unit, or 93,000,000 miles, plus an estimated 17,000 to 18,000 miles more. Next, notice that the places where this object will go through the ecliptic (or the Nibiru points) are inside the inner solar system this time around. It is interesting to also note that the archeoanthropological evidence (the writings of Zecharia Sitchin in

particular) indicates that the presence of this astronomical object in the far past (as much as three and four billion years ago) has had broader perihelia; that is, the passage through the solar system had incoming Nibiru points as far out as the orbits of Uranus and Pluto. Sitchin 8

insinuates, but does not present anthropological evidence, that this astronomical object he named NI.BI.RU. (or any of its multiple satellites [as many as nine]) may have been responsible for the tipping of Uranus on its side and for the dramatic change of the orbit of Pluto, from even on the ecliptic to one slightly inclined to it. As we said above, the perihelion is the point reached by the object when it is closest to Sol. As it goes around the Sun to return to deep space, it slingshots. The object increases velocity as it approaches perihelion, reaching maximum at the perihelion point and then decreasing from then on. As you see on the picture, the exit Nibiru point is between Mars and Earth. One last comment before continuing: here, we referred to normal conditions of what happens during the passage; this refers to the conditions which exist under conditions that do not include any form of assist from sources from outside the Earth. On this passage, there is assist. But there are questions as to how well will this assist will work. We will go into it later in this essay.

2. The Incoming: From entry Nibiru point to exit Nibiru point under normal conditions
The period of time the incoming takes to move from one Nibiru point to the other is when Earth and the inner planets of the solar system experience great tribulation. At least, this is the case under normal conditions (as we defined normal above). What are the distressful conditions, events and situations that can be great ordeals to us? Lets make a list of all possible results from the proximity and passage of this astronomical object near Earth, Mars, Venus and Mercury. The following effects are likely and possible under normal conditions. Violent storms with excessive lightning, wind and water (drawn in from space in the manner comets do) Degradation or complete destruction of infrastructures and facilities Groups of cyclones, destroying housing Torrential rains and mudslides, causing mass flooding Strong winds and land hurricanes, tearing up Earth and vegetation (which will later form coal) 9

Erratic weather, like snow in the tropics Influx of chemicals such as water, ammonia, and hydrocarbons Contaminated water supplies Visible electric discharges between planets and moons Colorful auroras, trumpet- and whistle-like sounds caused by discharging Frequent magnetic reversals allowing radioactive particles to enter our atmosphere, causing gene mutations and new species Blotting out of the Sun leading to mini-Ice Age Meteor stream impacts Plagues as electric currents force insects and vermin out of the ground "Pillar of fire" as Earth forms an electrical connection with Planet X, scorching the Earth and producing deafening noise If the object is larger than Earth, the loss of atmosphere and oceans; if smaller, massive pollution events Physical pole-shift, displacing continents and causing the flashfreezing of animals (e.g., the Wooly Mammoths) and causing earthquakes and the eruption of old and new volcanoes The above resulting in an altered orbit, rotation, and tilt of the Earth, requiring a re-calibrating of our calendar.

(From James McCanney [5])

3. The Hazard of a Galactic Superwave and its effect on Sol and Earth
There is another phenomenon that happens much more frequently but that has only recently been discoveredthe arrival of an intense volley of Galactic cosmic rays, or what Paul LaViolette refers to as galactic superwave1 [6]. The most recent time that a major superwave affected the Earth, and the entire solar system, was during the period from about 16,000 to 11,000 years ago. Through its ultimate energizing effect on the Sun, it was responsible for bringing an end to the last ice age. Through these solar effects, the superwave was also responsible for the mass 10

extinction which occurred 12,900 years ago in which 95 percent of the large mammal species on the North American continent were wiped out. Gazing out at the night sky, it is easy to assume that what we see is the way things have been for millions of years: a star-studded heaven, beautiful moon, and a sun that in the morning will rise in its full glory. Unfortunately, this has not always been the case. Overnight this peaceful scene could be transformed into a grotesque display that could best be described as "all hell breaking loose." The hibernating, dust-shrouded core of our Galaxy, which long has remained hidden from view nestled between the constellations of Sagittarius and Scorpius, will on that fateful day be seen to have awakened, to shine forth a strange brilliant blue-white light. It will appear as a guest star far brighter than the planet Venus at full phase, signaling the arrival of the cosmic ray particle volley that had been relentlessly traveling towards us for 23,000 years as it inconspicuously crossed the void separating us from the galactic center. The galactic superwave will have arrived. These cosmic rays are ultra relativistic, that is, they are traveling so close to the speed of light. This will give rise to superluminal visual effects: the light will appear bluishwhite. The synchrotron radiation they emit in the course of their 23,000 year M-51 Galaxy, also known as the travel through space will appear to Whirlpool galaxy unfold towards Earth in a matter of days, showering us with everything from low frequency radio waves, to visible light, ultraviolet, X-rays, and gamma rays, not to mention the penetrating particle volley itself. The core explosion phenomenon first became known to astronomy in the 1960's with the discovery of the Seyfert galaxies with their luminous cores, radio galaxies, and at the more extreme end of the energetic 11

spectrum, objects called quasars and blazars. LaViolettes doctoral dissertation, Galactic Core Explosions, Cosmic Dust Invasions, and Climatic Change," presented evidence suggesting that our Galaxy's core explodes ten thousand times more frequently than had been previously thought, about every ten thousand years, rather than every 100 million years as was then commonly thought [6]. What happens when a superwave arrives? And, most importantly, when is the next one due to arrive? First, lets talk about the answer to the first question. When a superwave arrive, our most immediate worry would be the electromagnetic pulse (EMP) that it would carry at its forefront. This high intensity electromagnetic shock front would send high voltages running through any electrically conductive object. When it arrives on Earth surface and Earth space, it would: create high-voltage surges on the power line grid, shorting out power line transformers and ripping line circuit breakers, resulting in global power blackouts. fry satellites and destroy all nonhardened electronic equipment connected to the electric power grid, resulting in loss of electronic communications (TV, telephone, GPS system, etc.) -- airplane crashes would be inevitable; accidentally electrocute people who happened to be touching a large metal surface. ionize the Earth's atmosphere and consequently destroy the ozone layer, thereby increasing the Earth's exposure to harmful UV rays and ionizing radiation. The atmospheric electron shower produced by the superwave cosmic rays and the consequent increased penetration of solar UV would have the effect of raising the incidence of skin cancer and the rate of genetic mutation. [6]


Just in January of this year, 20 years after the Starburst Foundation made an effort to alert of the dangers of an unexpected superwave arrival, the U.S. National Academy of Sciences and National Research Council issued a report entitled Severe space weather events: Understanding societal and economic impacts [6] See the article in New Scientist at: The report enumerates catastrophes very similar to these occurring as a result of the sudden arrival of a very large solar coronal mass ejection, or what scientists call a "Carrington Event." This is named after the super-sized solar storm studied in 1859 by British astronomer Richard Carrington. Fortunately, because society was then still in the age of the horse and buggy, there was minimal social impact. But they say that there is a high likelihood that a Carrington Event could occur again in that not too distant future, maybe even in 2012 at the height of the next solar cycle. But if a solar storm of this magnitude were to occur today, during our present age of electric utility dependence, the results would be catastrophic. It would result in a complete frying of all step-up and stepdown transformers used to convert power to and from the high-voltage transport grid. The result would be that industrialized societies worldwide would be bring to a grinding halt. Electric utilities do not keep many spare transformers in stock and without electric power the manufacture of new transformers would be seriously hampered. In short, they say that it could take as much as a year to remanufacture the needed replacement units, provided that the manufacturing plants could be made to function. Meanwhile customers would be left to fend for themselves, surviving with candles and wood burning stoves. Even gas pumps require electricity. So if gas stations have not taken precautionary measures to have standby portable generators, perhaps horse and buggies will end up coming back in fashion. The report estimates that a complete recovery from such a hazard could take 4 to 10 years. The same horrors described for the occurrence of a Carrington Event would occur for the arrival of even a very minor "Magnitude 1" superwave 13

event, and as we will discover below, we are substantially overdue for one such event. But has it happened before, in more recent times? The answer is yes. On August 27, 1998, when a strong gamma ray burst unexpectedly arrived after journeying 20,000 light years from the a distant point in the constellation of Aquila, scientists awoke to the rude reality that a cosmic ray event could upset life on our planet. The event, which lasted five minutes, was strong enough to ionize the upper atmosphere and seriously disrupt satellites. It triggered a defensive instrument shutdown on at least two spacecraft. Fifteen years earlier in 1983, a much briefer gamma ray burst, lasting just four-seconds, had a measurable effect on radio transmissions used for global navigation and communication. Gravity and gravitational waves accompanying a superwave. As if things werent enough, there is the strong possibility that the superwave EMP (electromagnetic pulse) would also be accompanied by a gravity wave. The tidal force exerted on the Earth as it passed could trigger earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. A cosmic ray outburst whose gamma ray burst blasted our solar system on December 27, 2004 may have been a warning of what could happen. The outburst was produced by a stellar explosion that occurred about 26,000 light years away near the center of our Galaxy. It was the first such gamma ray burst to be observed to originate from within our galaxy and the brightest to be recorded in the entire history of the U.S.European GRB observation program. But just 44.6 hours before it arrived the Earth was rocked by a 9.3 Richter earthquake, ten times stronger than any that occurred in the previous 25 years. This produced the infamous Malaysian tsunami which left 240,000 people either dead or missing. While both the gamma ray burst and its associated gravity wave pulse would travel towards us at close to the speed of light, the gamma ray pulse would lag slightly since it would have undergone some scattering along the way. Over the course of its 26,000 light year journey, it would have traveled an average of 0.2 millionths slower than its associated gravity wave. But this event was far smaller than even the smallest of superwave events. 14

Abrupt changes in climate. In the event of a substantially largesized superwave, a "Magnitude 4" superwave, the worst would be yet to come. The superwave cosmic ray wind would vaporize frozen cometary debris that currently surrounds our solar system and would blow this dust and gas inward. Analysis of Greenland ice has shown that, in fact, the solar system was filled with large concentrations of cosmic dust during the last ice age [8]. As this nebular material entered the inner solar system, it would scatter sunlight so that a portion of our radiation would come from a uniform glow filling both the daytime and night time sky. The dust would also redden the solar radiation spectrum. Since our atmosphere is opaque to infrared, a greater fraction of the Sun's radiation would become trapped in the upper atmosphere, warming the upper atmosphere and leaving the ground considerably cooler. This would produce inversion Graphic representation of superwave-induced cosmic dust incursion conditions that would induce severe storm activity and rapid precipitation of sleet and ice. Moreover as this nebular material crashed onto the Sun's surface, it would energize the Sun, increasing its luminosity and its cosmic ray output. The warm climate that we have been enjoying during the current 11,600 year-long interglacial has been accompanied by an equally long respite from the occurrence of major superwaves. However, interglacials, and respites between major superwave onslaughts, have rarely been as prolonged as the one we are fortunate enough to be experiencing. The next superwave, which appears to be overdue, could throw us headlong into a new ice age. The Galactic center may also flare up frequently between major superwave events. Astronomical observation indicates that during the past 5,300 years, the Galactic center has expelled 14 clouds of ionized 15

gas. The dates estimated for these expulsions are shown on the timeline in the figure below. Such minor superwaves were not intense enough to generate beryllium-10 peaks visible above background levels. However, the electromagnetic pulse associated with these events could have been sufficiently strong that, had one such event occurred today, it could have had a catastrophic effect on modern electronics and communication

systems unlike anything we have witnessed thus far.

From LaViolette [6]. History of minor Galactic Center explosions during the past 6000 years; dates approximate times when radiation pulses arrived from the Galactic Center.

Such minor superwaves were not intense enough to generate beryllium-10 peaks visible above background levels. However, the electromagnetic pulse associated with these events could have been sufficiently strong that, had one such event occurred today, it could have had a catastrophic effect on modern electronics and communication systems unlike anything we have witnessed thus far. In other words, it might produce effects similar to a Carrington Event solar flare of the sort 16

described in the U.S. National Academy of Sciences report. About 80% of these Galactic center gas emissions took place within 500 years of one another (figure to the right). Yet, it has been 700 years since the last event. So, again we come to the conclusion that we are currently overdue for the recurrence of such an event. The Maya may have designed their calendar not only to mark the date of arrival of this past superwave, From LaViolette [6] Amount of time between but also to predict when the next successive gas expulsions from the Galactic one might come. The 5,124 year center, plotted as a frequency histogram. cycle of their calendar approximates the 5,750 100 year cycle evident in the 10Be (Beryllium) polar ice record. A shorter 5,400 year-long cycle is also marginally present in the data, but its existence is far less certain. Based on the Mayan calendar cycle we are presently overdue for the arrival of the next superwave. Based on the 5,750 year cycle evident in polar ice data, we should expect a superwave from now to within the next four centuries. What to expect: Knowing the past shows us the future. Ice core data published in the 1990's indicated that, in fact, the Earth was exposed to a high cosmic ray flux at that time. When cosmic rays strike nitrogen molecules in our atmosphere they produce the isotope beryllium-10. A record of the past rate of beryllium-10 production is recorded in the polar ice caps, and as seen in the figure on the next page (arrow marker), atmospheric beryllium-10 production rate rose sharply around 16,000 years ago, finally subsiding about 11,000 years ago. Gas expulsions from the center of our Galaxy, as well as other astronomical evidence, indicate that the cosmic ray barrage ending the last ice age indeed originated from a major explosion at our Galaxy's core. As we already pointed out, the incoming cosmic dust would have significantly energized the Sun, increasing its radiation output, and reddening its spectrum. The resulting increase in solar radiation, and the addition of a greater percentage of infrared radiation along with radiation scattered from the surrounding zodiacal dust would have altered caused a global warming and could explain why the ice age came to an end some 11,000 years ago. 17

Herbert Zook and his team of NASA scientists had independently come to the conclusion that the Sun was very active during this ice age termination period. Based on the record of solar flare tracks etched in the surface of Moon rocks, they concluded that 16,000 years ago solar flare activity was up to 50 fold higher and that it rapidly declined in the following millennia.

From LaViolette [6]: The lower graph plots cosmic ray intensity variations at the Earth s surface during the past 145,000 years; see Earth Under Fire.(4) These values were derived from beryllium-10 isotope concentrations found in the Vostok (East Antarctica) ice core(19-20) that were adjusted to correct for variations in ice accumulation rate. The upper graph plots global climate. The numbered climatic zones include: the present interglacial (1), the last ice age (2, 3, & 4), a semiglaciated interval (5a-d), the last interglacial (5c), and the previous glaciations (6).


The rapid climatic warming would have formed meltwater lakes perched at high altitudes on the ice sheet surface. Inevitable dam breaks would have released enormous glacial meltwater avalanches called "glacier waves" that would have swept across the ice sheet surface and ultimately scoured bordering continental regions. Stories of a global deluge appear to refer to this event with certain North American Indian legends noting that these mountainous floods originated from the ice sheet to the north. Evidence of continental debris transported thousands of kilometers into the ocean may be records of these glacier waves. Glaciologists refer to these debris transporting episodes as "Heinrich Events" named after Helmut Heinrich their discoverer. However, contrary to the initial suggestion that they occur at times of climatic cooling, they in fact occur during times of rapid climatic warming and glacial melting. One of the most recent such episodes, known as Heinrich Event 1, peaks around 15,720 years ago at the time of the climatic warming that was instigated by the arrival of the galactic superwave and its associated cometary dust incursion. A more minor episode, Heinrich Event 0, peaked during a warm interval that occurred in the middle of the cold period. And here is what is most remarkable: LaViolette had discovered that ancient astrological folklore associated with the zodiac constellation was actually conveying a warning that the core of our galaxy had entered an active Seyfert state (galactic explosive state) and that its cosmic rays began reaching us about 16,000 years ago. He also found that the zodiac was metaphorically conveying the rather sophisticated scientific notion of explosive matter-energy creation and later he discovered that it used pointer stars in the constellations of Scorpius and Sagittarius to indicate the origin of this outburst. The arrow in Sagittarius' bow and Scorpio's upward pointing tail suggested trajectories that converged in the general area of our Galaxy's core.


Furthermore he came across an ancient Greek myth that specifies that Sagittarius is shooting at the Heart of the Scorpion, the Heart being represented by the star Antares (Alpha Scorpius). The arrow shaft (see figure next page) is off by 5 degrees southward, so after correction for stellar proper motion, the Sagittarius myth was challenging future scientists to determine the important past date when this arrow pointer was correctly aimed. When it was, this turned out to be about 13,860 B.C. The astrological zodiac was trying to tell us that a galactic core explosion had started to bombard our solar system around that time.


The insight which this ancient zodiac cipher provided LaViolette in 1979 led him to conceive of the existence of superwaves and to begin to investigate the phenomenon as the subject of his doctoral dissertation. The idea that a Galactic core explosion may have affected our planet in such geologically recent times was the furthest thing from the minds of astronomers or geologists at that time. So, were it not for the hint that this zodiac message provided, neither he nor us nor anyone else would have had no clue that a core outburst had affected the Earth in such geologically recent times. I had some measure of uncertainty as to whether I was properly interpreting this ancient stellar cipher. Consequently, part of the reason that he carried out his dissertation research was to see if there was any truth to the Galactic explosion message that the zodiac cipher seemed to so clearly portray. The other reason for his investigation was to discern how much of the past events brought about by this incident. For, if the message was valid and evidence showed that our planet had indeed recently experienced a superwave and that these bombardments recur relatively frequently, then this discovery would be exceedingly important for human survival. It would be one of the most important scientific discoveries of modern times. This is indeed a most significant discovery, and one which explains the Great Flood not as an effect of the Nibiru passage alone, but rather as a consequence of flooding induced and generated by a superwave whose effects began around 13,800 B.C. something we long suspected and had argued with Sa.A.Mi.s (people from Nibiru) about during more than one Link2 annual conference. Having known of Dr. LaViolettes work since the late 1980s/early 1990s, we suspected that the Nibiru effects, short of proximity factors being present, would not be enough to create the discomforts described by Sitchin as causes for dramatic Earth changes often described and predicted on the internet. Still, with the occurrence of episodic waves of galactic and stellar origins hitting our planet in the 1980s and 1990s, we were not quite ready to commit and ring the warning bell. But now we are. The foregoing is part of the reasons we are now doing so. What are we now facing? In 1985, astronomers discovered that 21

Cygnus X-3, a strong cosmic ray source lying about as far away as the Galactic Center (25,000 - 30,000 light years), was showering the Earth with high-energy particles. They found that despite the Galaxy s magnetic fields, these particles were able to reach the Earth at the speed of light following arrow-straight paths. Several years later, scientists found that the Earth was also being showered by particles from another high-energy source, the X-ray pulsar Hercules X-1. The particles were found to come in bursts spaced by 1.2357 seconds, closely matching the pulsar's intrinsic period. Even though this source lay 12,000 light years away, the intervening interstellar medium had such a minor effect on the bursts that their pulsation period was constant to within 300 microseconds. Additional supporting evidence for the superwave theory came to light during the January 2000 meeting of the American Astronomical Society. It had been known for some time that the massive core of our Galaxy was emitting cosmic ray electrons and that these cosmic rays were producing synchrotron radio emission as they interacted with magnetic fields along their flight path. A group of radio astronomers presented findings indicating that the synchrotron radio emission coming from the Galactic center is circularly polarized. The speaker said he found this result to be "mysterious" since all other Galactic cosmic ray sources emit synchrotron radiation that is instead linearly polarized. During the question period following their lecture, we heard Dr. LaViolette point out that their findings of circular polarization could be easily explained if the cosmic rays producing this radiation were streaming radially towards us over a long flight path. Linearly polarized radiation observed from most Galactic sources is instead produced by cosmic rays that are magnetically captured into relatively stationary spiral orbits. Other astronomers present at the meeting agreed with this radial trajectory interpretation. These findings are reason to be gravely concerned about the effects of a galactic core explosion. In June 2009 the Starburst Foundation conducted a spectral analysis of this ice core data, with the volunteered help of an expert statistician, and this investigation detected the following dominant recurrence periods for past superwave cosmic ray events: 28,500 2,200 years, 22

11,500 550 years, and 5,750 100 years. Since the polar ice record shows that the last major superwave climaxed between 14,500 and 11,500 years ago, the 11,500 year cycle implies that we are currently overdue for another major event. This has led us to a speculation parallel to that made by Dr. LaViolette. It concerns the Mayan calendar and the predicted end of the present fourth world age and the beginning of a fifth world age, made in the Popul Vuh, a Mayan sacred text. This text, interestingly enough, speaks of previous catastrophic world periods which had taken place at past world age termination. December 21, 2012, is one such world age termination. Why are we to take this calendar seriously? The Mayans had designed their calendar not only to mark the date of arrival of past superwaves, but also to predict when the next one might come. How so? The 5,124 year cycle of their calendar approximates the 5,750 100 year cycle evident in the beryllium-10 polar ice record mentioned earlier. A 5,400 year-long cycle is marginally in the date; however, it is less certain that it exists and is real. So based on the 5,750 year cycle evident in polar ice data, we should expect a superwave within a period from now to the next four centuries. Meanwhile, even if this superwave does not arrive precisely on December 21, 2012, the galactic center may also flare up more frequently than we realize between major superwave events. Astronomical observations tell us that during the past 5,300 years, our galactic center has flared up and expelled 14 clouds of ionized gas [9]. Such minor superwaves were not intense enough to generate beryllium10 peaks visible above background levels. However, the electromagnetic pulse associated with these events could have been sufficiently strong that, had one such event occurred today, it could have had a catastrophic effect on modern electronics and communication systems unlike anything we have witnessed thus far. In other words, it might produce effects similar to a Carrington Event solar flare of the sort described in the U.S. National Academy of Sciences report. The dates estimated for these expulsions are shown on the timeline shown on page 12. And to reiterate whats already been stated, these gas emissions have occurred within 500 years of one 23

another. And now, its been 700 years since the last event. So we agree with Dr. LaViolette: we may well be overdue for one such event now if nor precisely on December 21, 2012, sometime in the next following years or even decades. And therein lies a measure of uncertainty we and others have had to endure to date.

4. A survey of the consequences to Earth of the passage of Planet X and a Galactic Superwave of any magnitude of severity within this scenario
It doesnt take an Einstein to figure out that the consequences of the combined effects of a galactic superwave and the passage of Planet X in the inner solar system would be nothing short of cataclysmic and catastrophic to the human race on Earth. At minimum, we could expect a combined set of effects that could represent the decimation of humankind to near extinction levels. The pockets of humanity surviving the events would be reduced to near stone-age levels of operant survival and technology. Depending upon the ability/skill pool of the surviving groups, survival would be anywhere from dim and extremely difficult to near reduction in evolved capacities to actual Cro Magnon levels. The scenario of the old Mad Max films starring Mel Gibson would be like paradise in comparison to the state of prostration humankind would experience at this level of cataclysmic and catastrophic consequences. To grasp the range of effects we would experience, lets refer to them as primary and secondary. Primary effects will already be evident quite possibly prior to, during, or in the midst of, the passage and/or the superwave volley (whatever its level of severity would be). Their combined consequences to human survival chances would then be singly or combined, depending upon the interval of time between one and the other. Regardless, humankind can expect:


the presence of globally and regionally severe weather, electrical effects, hurricane and cyclonic weather in broad regions of the planet, local and regional flooding, tsunamis stemming from underwater earthquakes in the oceans of the world, severe earthquakes on land and aftershocks, torrential rains, excessive and severe electrical storms, chemicals falling from the skies (including but not necessarily limited to hydrocarbons, ammonia, and other complex oils), extremely loud whistling noises, severe levels of radiation due to the boiling away of the ozone layer which will have health and long-term survival consequences to human survivors in survival pockets (e.g., cancers of all kinds, genetic mutations of human, plants and animals in a relatively short period of time two or three generations), meteor streams coming into Earth atmosphere and hitting the surface in various places (added consequence would be that all of our defenses, e.g. satellite-based warning systems, would have disappeared and no longer be available, including downlink sites on Earth being also likewise unavailable), total blackout in worldwide and regional means of communication, a gross inability to estimate regional and continental changes to the face of the Earth due to Earth effects, the accompanying satellites of the planetary object that is Planet X can very likely also become loose cannonballs on deck. In other words, one or more of them can spring loose from their orbital moorings around the planetary object and become a source of danger to an Earth whose survivors are blind to them as hazards to the remains of the human race. Humankind, in fact, would be blind to such dangers and lack the warning systems or risk assessment capabilities we have today.


Now, lets put some of these effects in context, as processes of what has come to be referred to as Earth changes. Lets begin here by putting a time framework to the problems presented by the incoming and the superwave, or PP/SWP (planet passage/superwave passage) Realizations and Preparations. We now acknowledge that this essay should have been out much sooner, even though the scale of galactic wave severity was and is yet to fully determined. The incomings ephemeris has been known for some time, although corrections have been made from time to time. Level of confidence about the latter is now highest at this time.

Geomagnetic cells show path from Louisiana through northern Florida, Georgia, the Carolinas, up the East Coast of the United States. Capture time: 14:55EDT 22 August 2012. Courtesy of intellicast com


The gauging used here at this juncture is level of immediate concern. At this time [mid-August 2012] the incoming is approaching the solar system from the south of the ecliptic, crossing the ecliptic between the orbits of Pluto and Uranus. This will happen sometime in October, entering in at increasing slingshot speed. It will reach perihelion sometime in late December or early January. Once past perihelion, its crossing speed will begin to diminish slowly. Its exit Nibiru point is between the orbits of Earth and Mars.

Hurricane and cyclone formation along the tropic line. Tracking path of Isaac in the Caribbean, the formation of Joyce and several potential hurricanes on the Pacific side. Capture date: 22 August 2012 at 15:15 EDT [satellite] and 15:50 EDT [active tropical composite track]. Courtesy of


The position of the exit Nibiru point should be of severe concern to everyone; it is to us. Weather is then the first major concern, and it begins a cascade of problem needs: facilities in which to survive, food and provisions (especially potable or drinking water), water for daily use, sewage disposal, means for starting fires for cooking and keeping warm, gasoline and transportation, oil for heat, and most importantly, electricity. It should be evident by now that the electric power utility matrix wont be there for us. Either the incoming or the superwave (of whatever magnitude), or both, will certainly overwhelm it and crash. Environmentally speaking, consideration must also be given to the increase in ultraviolet rays and cosmic high velocity particle showers that would come from increased solar activity, as this phenomenon will affect humans at the cellular and genetic level, causing cancers and mutations; one can also expect that flooding and severe weather over sea (cyclones on the Atlantic side, and hurricanes on the Pacific side) and land. Given that we can expect the Earth poles to change repeatedly (both physical and magnetic), we must also look at possibilities that strange weather will manifest in unlikely areas of the world like snow and drastic drops in temperature in temperate and tropical zones. The Sun would be obscured for days or even weeks as the huge comet-like planet passes by and Earths temperature falls rapidly. Heavy rain would turn into snow and cover numerous parts of the globe, forming glaciers. Animals would be quick-frozen into these glaciers and would be perfectly preserved for thousands of years to come. The severity of effects will depend on the position of the Earth in relation to the path of the passing comet-like planet as it cross the ecliptic between us and Mars. Now, according to the ephemeris worked out by the tracking team at LPGC, in collaboration with scientists from South America, Russia and Europe, its path can be represented by approximation as it is on the following seven images. The first image corresponds to the approximate position on 17 October, 2011. The second focuses on its approximate position on13 December 2012. The third shows the incomings approximate position on 21 December 2012. And the fourth image represents it s approximate 28

position on 20 January 2013, past perihelion. Three other images have been made to represent the incomings departure from the solar system. Approximately 17 October 2011

Approximately 13 December 2012


Approximately 21 December 2012

Approximately 20 January 2013


In October, 2011, its location is slightly over one astronomical unit, or roughly 93 million miles from Earth to the Sun. By the middle of December a year later (2012), the planet that acts like a comet is in slingshot around the Sun, still not reaching perihelion. By 21 December, the object is near perihelion and reaches it sometime after Christmas 2012. This is the point at which it reaches its maximum velocity in slingshot around the Sun, after which it begins to slowly decelerate back to its normal orbital speed once away for at least five to ten astronomical units from the solar system. But meanwhile, the planet passes perihelion and by January 20 it is on its way back down toward the ecliptic and its exit or return Nibiru point between Earth and Mars. By early March the object approaches the ecliptic and comes into position for a close encounter with both Earth and Mars. By March 13, Approximately 13 March 2013


2013, it is in line of sight of both Earth and Mars, cutting through the ecliptic sometime around the 19th to the 20th of March. The period from mid-February to the end of March is when the Earth will be open to close-by maximum effects, already mentioned and describe above. Approximately 22 March 2013

These effects will continue throughout the period mentioned, extending into an after-passage cascade of effects well beyond March, April and May 2013. By May 30th the planet is by then at least one astronomical unit away from the Earth. And yet, they would likely continue. The image on the next page represents the return of the incoming back out to space. 32

Approximately 30 May 2013

At the other extreme, there is another possibly more benign, but not altogether devoid of catastrophic events. If we were to set up, say, an LPG scale of effects from 1 to 10 (1 meaning that the events, conditions and effects were minimal and not catastrophic worldwide, although some effects more localized would produce national or regional disasters; 10 then would signify such a catastrophic level of destruction and cataclysmic events that one could consider it to be extinction or near 33

extinction event worldwide, akin to the worldwide flooding that occurred some 12,860 years ago), the scenario painted in Part One would scale up to between Magnitude 8 and 9. Such a scenario would represent an extremely serious challenge to the survival of the human race on Earth. The one we are going to delve into in this part can best be looked at as a PP/SWP (planet passage/superwave passage) Magnitude 4-5 episode.


Life is precious and it belongs to each of us, human beings of Earth. We are corpoconscious, and each of us are empowered and enabled by the Creator with consciousness, the ability to feel, sense and go beyond the information given, and choose. Each of us also live within a paradigm of thinking and seeing the world that is entirely of our own, individual choice as well. Many reading this essay may, when reaching this page, already be in mild-to-acute shock. Let us remind ourselves that shock is disabling and paralyzing, as the experience of it under current conditions would yield the result of surrendering to a conceived inevitability. Nothing could be further from the inevitable truth: the events described in this essay are going to happen, whether in severe or mild forms. Thus, what is inevitable is that each of us must make personal and familial choices. Regardless of the severity of the events engendered by the conditions present during the comet-like planetary passage and concurrent conditions [if both sets of causes happen in simultaneous parallel timelines] of galactic wave magnitude and solar flare activity, the conditions on the ground we experience may range from extremely severe to mild and benign. At any rate, we must consider what courses of action are available to each of us as individual and as families. In facing these upcoming challenges, we have two possible courses of action, or two types of errors to commit. One is an error of omission; the other is an error of commission. Both bear consequences worth 34

considering and shape the way in which each of us will respond to these events. This translated into our personal degree of preparation and execution of personal and familial plans for handling either or both extremes: severe conditions or mild situational circumstances (mild by comparison to worse-possible scenarios, of course). Error of Omission. We can choose to not take the foregoing seriously and continue life on a business-as-usual basis. In other words, we make minor attempts are preparing for the eventualities because we really dont believe they are going to represent catastrophic consequences to us and to our families. This would be a grave error, and one that, if circumstances turn out to be in the worst-scenario range of events, being unprepared would have both lethal effects and fatal consequences if not immediately, then over the long range. Error of Commission. If there ever is a positive error in life, and specifically in this time period, it is this option and the set if choice we make in it. An error of commission in this case means taking the threat at face value and choosing to err by preparation rather than err by choosing to not take it seriously. The choice is clear. The only one who can make the choice for you is you.


We all readily agree that our thoughts are real, but we grossly underestimate their power in the manifestation of our life experience in daily life, let alone in the life of the planet we live on. We are preoccupied with the four-dimensional world that we see around us in time. We have little explored and examined the realities of the so-called immaterial world as you know it, although we are now beginning to see the connection between intention and health, and intention and the 35

biophysics of the human COBE (complex oscillating biological [human] entity). Thoughts profoundly affect the physical world and are not bound by the constraints of time and space.3 And so, we must transform our conception of time, space and the very nature of reality in order to better understand and appreciate the power of thought-energy, and the conscious intention that directs it. Once this quantum leap is made, it is only a small step to see thought-energy as an effective activator of the bioenenergy system/integrated grid of Life and as a common denominator and mechanism of action involved in the healing effectiveness of a wide variety of actionables. Virtually instantly, and theoretically it does not matter how far in the universe these entangled photons are separated, information is instantly communicated between them. It appears that photons and living entities are communicating in a fashion akin to telepathy! This is what Mind-On-Mind is MOM. When two particles are entangled by being passed through a crystal (the liquid crystal that is the human complex oscillating biological entity), and are then sent in two different directions. One of these is now entangled with yet another particle - the message carrier photon, which results in a change in one of its characteristics. Then the other originally entangled particle is measured in its remote location. Low and behold, the other entangled particle has also received the new information that the second particle gave to the originally entangled partner. What we now know is that a photon teleportation can be accomplished at speeds exceeding the speed of light. Truly, translocation is the rule, not the exception in the universe and it is not that far off in our future that further corroboration will occur. How do we know of this? It has to with the fact that quantum mechanics is all about probabilities associated with the Schrodinger equation. And so, when you shoot a beam of particles at an impenetrable barrier, it is predicted by probability alone that some of them will arrive, translocated, on the other side. And this is exactly what we observe to be true. Not only do some of these particles appear on the other side, but also the thicker you make this impenetrable barrier, the faster the particles traverse it! If you make the barrier thick enough, the particles 36

travel much faster than the speed of light to get to the other side. So these quantum mechanical tunneling particles travel faster through an impenetrable barrier than they do through empty space. Light, which is both a particle and wave serves as a boundary between the physical world of sub-lightspeed (v c) that move slowest in a vacuum and speed up in dense physical matter. This is the stuff of which "tunneling" is made. In these inverse space-time etheric dimensions, negative temperature, levitation, magnetic monopoles are all the Fourier Transform of the physical universe. These conjugate physical or etheric dimensions are inhabited by waveforms possessing negative energy states, negative mass and negative entropy, a tendency to order instead of the tendency towards disorder that we daily work against in the physical world. Looking now at a SQUID detectors view of thoughts measured outside of you head, we see that in response to discrete stimulation by stimulating the median nerve, or flashing a light, the brain produces triphasic magnetic responses characterized by peaks at 20, 28 and 35 msec. Even more interesting, is the fact that in every case the initial response peak was magnetically oriented anteriorly, facing forward, while the second peak was always reversed, that is oriented posteriorly. The third could vary in either direction. What is striking is not simply that our thoughts are measurable outside our head and have a measurable and potentially recognizable magnetic signature; but, that inherent in every thought, there are magnetic reversals. We are COBEs. At this point, we can conclude several things. The first is that the body is a complex interplay of electromagnetic operating systems. We also know that thought is real, and that it is not just inside your head. Our thoughts are measurable outside of our heads, and that turns out to be a very important piece of information, because it lays the groundwork for our ability to use thought in an intentional fashion to interact with things outside of ourselves-a pretty exciting state of affairs. And we are only half done looking at the body electromagnetic! Another major aspect of the bioenergy antenna system is the endocrine/chakra system. The master glands of the physical body control the chemical production and each shares its location with one of the 7 chakras, which 37

function at the etheric and more subtle levels. Each chakra/endocrine pair transduces energy from the subtle levels to the physical level, functioning as a tuned circuit that taps energy from the cosmos. By tuning this circuit, magnetic flow in the etheric is produced ultimately and back flow into the etheric level as we have seen in the A.P. meridian system. From an antenna perspective a circular or spiral arrangement of monopolar antennas at the physical level leads to mandala patterns at the etheric level and by properly phasing these monopole elements the resulting etheric patterns can by made to rotate at various frequencies much like the descriptions given to us thousands of years ago by those with the sensitivity to perceive these subtle energies. Not only does each chakra interface with the endocrine system, each also roots into a neural plexus and is thus associated with the energizing of a specific physiological system. The final piece to the antenna aspect of the chakra/endocrine system relates to the EM emissions process for both near-field (very close to the antenna) and far-field. In the far-field, the energy is radiated radially outward and it doesnt return to the antenna. In the near-field, the energy flows out and back twice each cycle without being radiated. This aura of the antenna is considered to be a part of the antenna and objects or EM radiation entering the antennas aura will alter the electric and magnetic standing waves and manifest as a power fluctuation to the antenna from its power source. Likewise, just as the physical body has major antenna systems associated with it, the etheric and more subtle energy bodies each have their own antenna systems along with their standing wave near-field creating multiple auric sheaths around the body. Thus, for every level of human subtle energy, there is an auric sheath surrounding the physical body. If we introduce a substance, form or thought-form of electric or magnetic radiation that interacts or resonates with a specific level of subtle substance, it will alter the particular standing wave field and manifest both in that subtle body, in the physical body, and ultimately in the real world. This then is the mechanism of action of chakra-based systems of communication and action-at-adistance, all of which are accompanied by intentionally directed thoughtenergy. 38

Now that thought is out of the box of our heads, and its nonspatial locality is evidenced, inverse space-time is just a heartbeat away, or did it arrive yesterday? Retroactive or time-displaced intentional influence. Helmut Schmidt examined retroactive or time-displaced intentional influence on physical systems, and we now propose to use this phenomenon by using geometries of vectored-intentional influencing. How does this work? Quantum mechanics involves a number of paradoxical phenomena including the observer effect. Basically, until an event is observed, it does not really exist in any particular state ; its state is simply given by a collection of probabilities Psi. Once it is observed, the probability of what is observed becomes one, that is it becomes manifest reality, and the probability of all other possible states goes to zero. This is known as the state vector collapse. Until it is observed, there is always a probability that any of its possible states can obtain. The "instructed aim sequence" indicating which events are to be influenced and in what ways is then determined. We are now talking about applied PK (psychokinesis) on a scale grander than hitherto ever considered. This brings about an interesting set of conditions: proactive-PK, presenttimelike-PK, and retroactive-PK. Simply stated, until an event is observed, it is subject to the influence of intentionally directed conscious thought, even if the event took place in the past! Observership and consciousness. Although integral to quantum mechanics, the term observation is not well defined in quantum physics. But we do know that when we observe a system, we will see only one picture, one state, one condition. Thus, we know that the state vector collapse must have already occurred or that it occurs at the time of this observation. As a result, research- and theoretical physicists often speak of "state vector collapse on observation," which is a euphemism for conscious awareness by something or someone. Quantum mechanics indicates that the state vector collapse occurs because of our mind! In other words, our mind, or more specifically, our consciousness affects matter. And thats what thousands of physicists have unsuccessfully tried to remove under the name of the 39

"measurement problem in quantum mechanics." Therefore, we conscious COBEs are all very special. Some 23.5 trillion synapses transform sensory data into thought. The quantum mind is our consciousness for values above a minimum firing rate, and sleep ensues below it. Moreover, this allows for the determination of the consciousness data rate (C) - the channel that carries the stream of consciousness, which equals 47.5 million bits per second. This is our conscious experience. But consciousness is not a set of objects or electrons, as such. These exist to bring into being the potential interactions - the quantum potentialities - that are the state vectors. Thus, consciousness is the collection of potentialities that develop as these electrons and brain structures interact. Consciousness is the bringing about of this ongoing state vector of possibilities that runs through the brain and, beyond consciousness, as something more. By creating the possibilities we experience as consciousness and by selecting or by willing a vectored intention - which synapse will fire, mind brings into reality each moments thoughts, experience and actions. This is what we do. It is the state vector collapse, the thing that comes out of the realm of what can be. Here, as part of the operation of the brain, our consciousness observes the brain in terms of what can happen and then, as observation of the quantum mechanical state, brings into being the one state that actually occurs from the range of the possible. This is the vectored-intention of a conscious mind. A vectored intention, then, is what determines what our next move, choice, and thought will be. It is state vector collapse as one synapse. When a particular synapse out of the 200,000 possible synapses fires, everything else - everywhere in the whole universe - that might be tied to that choice by the vector of an intention must also go into that same overall quantum mechanical state. And, unlike consciousness, our intention(s) with a vector are not restricted to the space of the brain. A vectored intention then is a link that transcends space and due to what we call Lorentz invariance, it must also transcend time as well. 40

In other words, a vectored intention causes the events in the brain and those in the external world to go hand in hand with what happens in our consciousness. Our mind can and does affect matter - even other brains and distant matter and minds can have an effect on us. In all of this, the observer is tied to all observers, and those observers collectively select the reality that occurs. We cannot always state unequivocally even which observer is the first observer. Relativity does not allow it, as there is no such thing as an absolute frame of reference. So there is no single reference point at which an observer is the only one who sees things correctly. Furthermore, relativity tells us that time runs at different rates in different frames of reference, so there is no first observer, no absolute observer who is the unique cause of state vector collapse. Every observer must be considered to be the observer collapsing the state of the system and every observer must also be constrained to go into the same final state. Everyone collapses the state vector. Irrespective of space and time, an observer causes the system to go into the one observed state from the allowed collection of potential state, and these consciousness linked hidden variables are held in common for all observers. And quite interestingly, the perfect observer always gets what he or she wants. For the perfect observer, desiring a state causes that state at the same instant to become reality. What is most amazing is that the perfect observer is the one that mirrors the experience of observation in other words, a pair of observers looking at the same thing and stating the same vectored intention, even when the signal-to-noise ratio is about 1 in 1,000! If you were flipping a coin by yourself, you would get your choice only 1 in 1000 tries. The wish as complete fact is 1 in 1000. But when pairs mirror the wish and declare the identical vectored-intention on the observed event, the odds change considerably. How do we improve our vector-intention? The operational question is, how can we better discriminate our Will channel from the thousand other channels of thought which present themselves in our stream of consciousness? First, we must have this intention and generate a strong desire to achieve that intention. Need is a powerful source that can provide the critical impetus to acquiring new levels of self41

attunement. If you need the strength of ten to lift a car from atop a person trapped beneath it, the strength can appear. This brings into focus the need for a second focus on the matter the mirroring of the desire by someone of equal or more powerful intention directed in the same vector or direction. Thus, the mirror intent phenomenon is the next level of vectored-intentioning. Creating a true need for what you want is the strongest form of desiring it. It is a way to increase the signal strength of the intention-vectoring channel. And so is associating our thought of what we want with strong positive emotions. Life physics also tells us that to better discriminate the signal from the noise we can strengthen the signal and/or decrease the noise. Various forms of meditation, biofeedback, HeartMath techniques, or simply cool-down techniques used in remote viewing or the sphincter-driven organismic drop to alpha-theta used in extension neurosensing and TopoThink would help create a clearer channel with reduced noise. To become proficient, we use our time, attention and caring. The quieting of ones mind, the experiencing of positive emotion and the persistent intending of ones desired outcome make it be so. Life physics tells us that thoughts are real, as real as words used as bullets to uplift or hurt. Thoughts used properly have effects. They are measurable outside of our heads and they exert a real influence on people and objects that is not bounded by time or space. Thought and emotions, coupled to a vectored intention appear to be a 10-dimensional phenomenon integral to the process of creating manifest reality and life experience. As integrated COBEs, we are remarkable entities in both physical and nonphysical levels of manifestation that, in the physical, allows us to create the realities we experience through the act of its observation. We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thought. With our thought, we create our world, and with proper use of thought in geometries of application, we can also affect the fate and destiny of our home planet.



The basic formation of vectored-intention needed for actionable performance in the case at hand is whats called One/2-Geometry x 3 of vector-intention. Two human beings connected and sharing the same objective. Three pairs acting in near-unison in the same timeline and space. And one who guides the vector-intentional wavefront to target and handshakes the geometry to the chain of consciousness densities (including the human overfunction). Let me explain. It is not difficult at all to grasp the mechanics. Once you get it, the dynamics of making things happen also become easier. The process into which each pair is engaged and involved is gnosive, internal and topologically expansive. 43

It is internal in that all practices and procedures are mental/emotional/ spiritual/visual-internal, with use of broad-internal attention focused on a common desired outcome carefully defined and understood by each member of each pair. It is gnosive in that there is a requirement of common connectivity between pairs and across all pairs present in the ambient action environment. It is also topologically expansive in that the topology of the internal action is extension, and can neither projective (sovereign integral self inducing an effect on the actionable object or target) nor subjective (reliance on personal energetics only in order to acquire the desired target, exert effect[s] on it, or act upon target without the required handshake). Each of the three pairs become actionable through the acting from within by extension onto the actionable target by mental/visual/ emotional envelopment and inclusion of the target in the internal processes required to lead to desired results. Extension simply means extending ones clear channel awareness (extremely low physical stress [as in a meditative state] onto and unto the external object target, event or process). Paired extension of two human operators requires a local handshake between them (i.e., an extension of awareness to the other pair member by becoming bodily aware of the person without any physical contact). This is the heart-centered handshake. This handshake is the basis of all subsequent internal action. When there is bodily awareness of the other without physical contact, the pair is at the start of an acting or actionable internal state. This is a state that must be sought and entered into in order to proceed internally as consonant holomoving vectors of directed common intention [i.e., two humans in a paired state of intention starting at the common space and time shared where they are, with a common, joined heart-handshake]. The Waveguide is the virtual connector, much like a computer (with appropriate and necessary software sets already installed) is a virtual connector to the internet. This Waveguide is an equivalent of the computer but in human form. He/she already, by function and choice, 44

has the needed lifeware installed within and know how to use it. When the pairs begin to operate and reach echoic resonance [resonance of shared message that echoes throughout the chain as clear channel message/petition]. There are already Waveguides embodied in the world, who may or may not know with any degree of clarity that they are here to fulfill this function at the time it is needed to be performed. The function of the Waveguide is to offer his mental/emotional/visual platform to the pairs in the resonance chamber [the place where the paired-performance is taking place] as a kind of laser light beam that is directed at the Pleiades system keyhole point and then to another in the Orion system to specific cosmic addresses he/she already has inscribed in the lifeware with which he/she already came into the world, or acquired by download sometime thereafter. The Waveguide holomoves (travels) with all pairs, establishing hearthandshakes at all keyhole points. All of these are already known by the Waveguide, and knows the protocol needed for the 3-pair + 1 to continue holomoving as clear channel all the way to the throne function. The throne function is the harmonic resonance position of the containing consciousness density, also recognized as local harmonic of the deity. The containing consciousness density as deity extends local harmonic to just about every galaxy in the universe. As a whole, this containing consciousness density is creator function and idiomaterial counterpart of What Is beyond the T-boundary (the limit beyond which there is Nothing, also known as the Silence).1 Life is preserved and protected by the containing consciousness density in its creator function. This preservation and protection is delegated finely and carefully and the Waveguide, to fulfill the function, must be aware of all of this, and of the protocols involved in invoking the preservation and protection functions of the creator function consciousness density all throughout the link of consciousness densities traversed along the way. The Waveguide must, and does, know these things, and know the protocols by which to guide the wavefront created by the combined pairs conducting the petition event. 45

One/8-Geometry x 8 + 1
A second geometry is also considered necessary and appropriate in the case of the event cascades expected to happen. This is a geometry of eight by nine four pairs of two plus one Waveguide per each team of eight, plus one active consciousness entity which performs the resonance harmonics and the intercessory function between the HOF (human overfunction or Krist) and the geometric pairs-plus-one, and between the HOF and the galactic O2 or Order Superfunction (what human religions regard as deity). The intercessory connecting function performed by the consciousness entity referred to above is a function performed by an Ethereal Guidance Function (or what Judeo-Christian religions regard as archangels). For a far more clear explanation of the idiomaterial physics of the Unum/universe, see Part 6 of ESSAY ONE: Idiomaterial Physics A life physics of a bicausal Universe/UNUM (A. R. Bordon, K Strzyzewski, J.C. Graham, J. N. Traveler, J. A. Sanchez, and R. B. Solingen), 2012. And for a visual explanation of the geometry, see the image below.


In this geometry, there are 8 pods of 8 members each, set up as 4 pairs or mirrors. The same requirements hold for the execution and use of this geometry as those explained above for the previous one.

These are, indeed, extraordinary times. We live today a time in which the human race is coming into its own, an epoch in which humankind must grow up. We now have the necessary knowledge and knowingness base to consciously design a world and a reality that suits us as a species, as a biokind, and as an overfunction of all living information clouds past, present, and future. This planet belongs to the entire human race, and it is not the preserve of the few. The science and technologies of time are also within our reach, and we can now elect and select timelines that suits the growth and evolution of a human biological kind whose origins are itself extraterrestrials. But for the time being, we may be seen as squatters of a piece of planetary real estate coveted by more than one group not from here. After all, Earth is a garden of plenty and the habitat for myriad forms of life native to its medium. It is all worth preserving.

1. The term galactic superwave was coined by Paul LaViolette in 1983 to describe a radially propagating cosmic ray barrage. More technically, it is defined as an ultrarelativistic charge-balanced volley of cosmic ray electrons and positrons that propagates radially outward from the center of a galaxy taking the form of a spherical shell-like region of enhanced radiation (LaViolette 1986) [7] [10]. 2. Link conferences are annual gatherings held around the world, or on orbital platforms belonging to various member groups. Link gatherings are held to connect to and cultivate relationships with human groups for scientific,


economic and sociopolitical reasons. These conferences have started in the early 1990s and continue to date. The Life Physics Group California is one of several human groups from around the globe seated as full members. These conferences are conducted by an ad hoc membership of full and observer members set up to deal with and discuss topics and information of common concern. We hope these conferences will, one day, become the basis and the genre of collective discussion and exchange groups with extraterrestrial life forms, and a basis through which to conduct exopolitical relationships on an equal basis. (Links Institute Archives). 3. We are greatly indebted to Gregory Nicosia and his lucid explanations of thought energy therapies, which concepts and explanation weve liberally borrowed from because we couldnt have said things better. Thank you, Greg.

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10. Paul A. LaViolette. Cosmic ray volleys from the galactic center and their recent impact on the Earth environment. Earth, Moon, and Planets 37, 241-286, 1987.