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Licensed Funeral Director From Westmoreland, Jamaica WI • Shipping Local & Overseas

Patriece B. Miller Funeral Service, Inc.

(l–r) Ana Costa, graduate of Mt. Vernon High School; Jennifer Glen–graduate of Alexander Hamilton High School; Lyan-Joy Lugay–graduate of Alexander Hamilton High School; Nyasha Nzingha Waller–graduate of Bishop Loughlin Memorial High School; Rachel Graham– graduate of Valhalla High School; Joel Burt-Miller–graduate of Bronx High School of Science and Rachael Cato–graduate of Dwight Morrow High School.


SEPTEMBER 19-30, 2012

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ttorney General Eric T. Schneiderman on Monday (September 24) announced the grantees of the Homeowner Protection Program and commitment of $60 million over three years to fund housing counseling and legal services for struggling New York homeowners. The first year of program provides funding at $20 million to aid struggling homeowners across the state who are fighting to avoid foreclosure and remain in their homes. Throughout New York State, 35 legal services organizations and 59 housing counseling agencies will receive over $16.1 million to provide free foreclosure prevention services. An additional $3.9 million has been allocated for training, technical assistance, and other support services to assist homeowners in foreclosure. According to data collected by the New York Federal Reserve, there are more than 140,000 mortgages across the state that are seriously delinquent, defined as in

By Patrick Maitland Editor- Street Hype Newspaper

NY Families Get $60M to Avoid Freclosure
foreclosure or more than 90 days in arrears. Some of the hardest hit communities are on Long Island, in Brooklyn and Queens in New York City, and in the Hudson Valley. New York’s comprehensive foreclosure prevention law entitles homeowners to a 90 day pre-foreclosure notice before a lender can begin a foreclosure action. This notice is required to include a list of at least

five nonprofit housing counseling agencies that can assist homeowners at risk of foreclosure. In addition to penalties for past abuses, New York’s share of the National Mortgage Settlement includes direct relief to victims of wrongful foreclosure conduct and billions of dollars nationwide for loan modifications, including principal reductions for struggling homeowners.

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2 • STREET HYPE • SEPTEMBER 19-30, 2012

Bronx-12th District

Neighbors United to Elect Neville Mitchell



eville Mitchell, Esq. is an attorney, an educator and a community activist who believes that, at a grassroots level, every person living in and contributing to their community should have a powerful voice within the political arena. Neville Mitchell is the voice of the Bronx12th District! He has his finger on the pulse of the community; he has not only taught within the prison systems on Rikers Island but has also fought for the rights and due process of those accused. He has championed the cause of those whose voice was taken away from them by the authorities, and has shown vision and compassion to the families of victims of senseless crimes and murders within our City.


Neville Mitchell's Campaign Platform (include but is not limited to): 1. Agency Oversight- to end illegal Stop and Frisk procedures by the Police department

2. Education- address policies and review current state of academic achievement; disaggregate and assess the achievement gap among racial minorities and majority students (particularly in reading,mathematics, and the sciences), research/review new policies to ensure academic success; review teacher education/certification policies; investigate teacher preparation programs. 347-224-9880 • 724-657-4561

NOW IS THE TIME to elect Neville Mitchell to the Bronx 12th District City Council seat.

3.Legislation- Review/update/revise current and past legislation regarding Land use, education, the environment, city finances, zoning, and city planning.

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n November 6, 2012 Americans will be voting for a president to manage the country for the next four years. The incumbent Democratic president Barack Obama and his Republican rival Mitt Romney are aggressively trying to convince Americans to support their respective candidacy. The State of New York and especially New York City with its large Black population has always demonstrated unwavering loyalty to the Democratic Party and President Obama. As an independent newspaper with no political or religious agenda, Street Hype will always put forward information that could help people as they decide their leaders. We don’t think a president should be selected on the basis of race, creed or sex, however in our reality President Obama is being selected based on his color. After four years as president, how does the economic condition of the African-Americans changed under Obama? George Bush left us about $4 trillion in debt. Under Obama, that debt is now $16 trillion. When Obama became president, the unemployment rate was 7.7 percent. Now it’s 8.1 percent. And, federal government’s busi-

As voters we must be informed and educated!
ness contracting with Black-owned firms decreased under Obama. In some people’s opinions Obama has caused Blacks’ conditions to get worse over the past three years. The Republicans continue to oppose the Obama administration. They claimed that the disproportionately poor employment rates among African-Americans are worse and the economy under Obama has increased people’s need for federal assistance, such as food stamps. President Obama continues to explain that he got a very bad economy to fix and he needs more time. For example, he refused to let the American auto industry die. He took a chance on Americans, and it paid off. More than 1 million jobs were saved, the U.S. auto industry is roaring back and adding jobs and all government loans were paid back ahead of time. In the case of Romney, his agenda include lower taxes, less regulation, balanced budget and more trade deals to spur growth. Replace jobless benefits with unemployment savings accounts. Romney says that American economic growth should come from the private sector. He believes he can create an environment in America where businesses will begin hiring millions of people at higher wage positions. However, based on his various utterances and what have been played out in the press, people –not just African American - don’t trust Romney. A top Republican blamed the Democrats and President Obama for telling lies about Republican policies to gain ground in a tight presidential election. Nonetheless, we want to believe that both Obama and Romney aim to improve the overall living standard of the American people. Their methods of implementation and the ongoing aggressive “propaganda war” are however making it very difficult for voters to determine the best person to manage the country at this time. We are living in the information era, where our environs including our private spaces are being bombarded with all type of information-facts, fictions and allegations including profanities. It is our responsibility to carefully study the information and determine our best course of action. Our vote should be based on the issues not emotions or political cheap talk.


SEPTEMBER 19-30, 2012 • STREET HYPE • 3

The opinions expressed in this newspaper, except for the above, do not necessarily reflect the views of Street Hype Newspaper and its publishers. Please send your comments or suggestions to Responses should be no longer than 400 words. Not all articles will be published


ever date a married man! Why would you want to anyway? You will never be seen as number one -which you are. Also if your affair is ever discovered, he will deny you in a heartbeat. Men who cheat really have no intentions of ever leaving their wives. The only reason why they are with you is to get something that their wife is not giving to them. His wife has now stopped wearing the sexy lingerie and stilettos to bed, and is now in track pants and rollers; no longer trying to appear sexy to her man. Now, the only thing left for him to do is to find himself a little honey on the side, who will continue to fulfill his sexual desires without costing him too much. You, of course, are the schmuck that he has set his eyes on to fill that void. He keeps swearing to you that he “is definitely going to divorce her and then marry you!” How many affairs ever turn into marriages? You will waste all your life waiting for your Mr. Wonderful to divorce his wife, while your vagina hairs get greyer and greyer from old age. The other thing to consider is that, most times when men do leave their wives and go their separate ways, they rarely get into a relationship with the woman that they were having the affair with. They feel that they are now finally free and can bang as many young chicks—excluding you with the grey vagina hairs—that they can. So what would have been the outcome? You would have wasted all your Saturday nights and holidays, longing for your Mr. Wonderful to be by your side, wishing he was holding you in his arms. He is able to sneak a call here and there, when his wife, who usually is the boss of him, bellows in the background for him to “come and take out the garbage.” In your mind you are thinking, “How could he ever continue to be with her, while I am available with my sexy body and support-

Wifey or Matey...which one are you?
ive character? Does he not know that I love him?” Get a grip girl! The only reason he continues to be with her is because he loves her. This is quite evident because he is still by her side, even with her nasty attitude, sweatpants, and rollers in her hair. The communication in his marriage might have just broken down and he needs a shoulder a cry on and someone to talk to. Don’t be the schmuck and the mistress on the side. It should be very obvious to you that he really cares for his wife, because not only is she not doing the right things to keep her man but you are doing the right things, aren’t you? And who is he married you? Her, not you! And if ever your affair is discovered, he will fabricate every excuse in the book, and even go as far as call you a liar when he is caught. He might even go as far as saying that he is a “sex addict”, which is the most common cop-out these days for men, and some women, when they are caught cheating. There is nothing wrong with being

people are talking...!

friends with a married man, but do remember that there are lines to draw between your friendships. If you find it getting too cozy, or if you are starting to feel attracted to him which is not a wrong emotion- distance yourself immediately. Being attracted to someone is not wrong, but acting upon the emotion is morally wrong. Unless you are prepared to waste your life on something that will never be yours, dating a married man should never be an option. Besides, why would you ever want to be second to any other woman? There are lots of men out there, so go out and get your own!

Community Lifestyle Newspaper
Publisher & Editor: PATRICK MAITLAND Advertising Director: NOLA BOOTHE Associate Editor: JINELLE CRAIG

BUSINESS ADDRESS: 711 S Columbus Ave, Fl 1 Mount Vernon, NY 10550 Tel: 914-663-4972-3 • Fax: 914-663-4972 Published by: JAMVISTA INC.


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4 • STREET HYPE • SEPTEMBER 19-30, 2012


ormer North Castle Republican chairwoman Loronda Murphy of 4 Heather Lane, Greenwich, Connecticut, pled guilty recently to two counts of Residential Mortgage Fraud. Murphy’s business partner real estate attorney Scott Forcino of 400 Road, New Wilmot Rochelle pled guilty to one count of Criminal Facilitation. From April 2009 to June 2009, operating under the home mortgage closing company Settle One Corporation, with an office located at 428 Main Street in Armonk, New York, the defendants, Murphy and Forcino, engaged in what amounted to a home mortgage fraud "Ponzi" scheme. The targeted homeowner victims each took out a new mortgage on their home through Settle One Corporation with the understanding that Forcino

Former Republican Chairwoman; Attorney Plead Guilty To Mortgage Fraud



would oversee their closing and that money from their new mortgage would pay off their pre-existing mortgage. However, Forcino instead allowed Murphy to fraudulently assume the role of attorney for each closing, and, much to the surprise, homeowner's rather than paying off their pre-existing mortgage, Murphy instead stole portions of their new loan money and left their preexisting mortgage unpaid. Over this time period the pair defrauded five victims including Murphy’s father.

Loronda Murphy

Sentencing will be on January 8th, 2013. Murphy faces a maximum of twenty five years in state prison. As a condition of her plea, Murphy will have to pay $720,288 in restitution. The amount paid before sentencing will determine the length of her prison term. Forcino faces a maximum of one year jail. As a condition of his plea, Forcino will resign from the New York State Bar.

Scott Forcino

FIRST ADA HONORED BY BROOKLYN WOMEN ’S BAR ASSOCIATION: (l-r) Supervising Judge Ellen Spoden; District Attorney Hynes; First ADA Anne Swern; Judge Sylvia Hinds-Radix, outgoing President of the Brooklyn Womens Bar Association; and Judge Genine Edwards on September 27 at a ceremony held in Brooklyn to honor Swern for her accomplishments and all the work that she does to serve the Brooklyn community.

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Forest Hills, NY: ity Councilman James Sanders made a surprise appearance on Monday at a ceremony celebrating the renewed commitment of fathers in the lives oftheir children. Sanders, who is the Democratic nominee for State Senate District 10 in southeast Queens, spoke before an auditorium packed with recent graduates of the Forestdale FatheringInitiative. Many of the men were accompanied by their children and partners. At the semiannual “Stepping Up” ceremony, recent graduates of the program shared their experiences and renewed their pledge to be present, active fathers. The Fathering Initiative is one of the largest programs at Forestdale, an organization dedicated to supporting and empowering Queens families. Every year over 250 fathers enroll inthe Fathering Initiative to strengthen their ability to provide emotional and financial support.

Councilman Sanders Stands Up For Dads

Bronx Tax Preparer on Fraud Charges T
ax preparer and owner of Arlanna’s Accounting Services, Chiara-Monai Hudson, 24 of a Baychester Avenue, Bronx was arraigned last week in Mount Vernon City Court on several count of Felony Complaint relating to the false filing of unemployment insurance claims and New York State Tax refunds from her home/office business formerly located in Mount Vernon. According to the Westchester County District Attorney Janet DiFiore, over a 26 month period from January 20, 2010 and March 22, 2012, the defendant defrauded the New York State Department of Labor in that she filed for unemployment insurance that she was not entitled and defrauded the New York State Department of Taxation and finance by filing numerous New York State tax returns receiving refund payments to which she was not entitled. The total amount of the loss to New York State totaled more than $121,750. Between May 24, 2011 and January 1, 2012 the defendant claimed unemployment insurance benefits from the New York State Department of Labor and falsely certified that she had been employed by Byram Healthcare a White Plains medical supply company. The defendant submitted false wage and pay stub information in support of her application for unemployment benefits and received unemployment insurance benefits totaling $12,150. The defendant's certification of unemployment was false because she was actual-


EPTEMBER 19-30, 2012 • STREET HYPE • 5


BRONx: ity fire marshals arrested this weekend a Bronx woman and charged her with intentionally setting a fire in her apartment that led to the death of her boyfriend. Wendy Walston, 46, was charged with manslaughter, arson and reckless endangerment. Fire officials say Walston started the fire on the night of September 12 inside a second-floor apartment she shared with 50year-old Thomas Galvin at 2727 University

Bronx Woman Charged With Arson, Manslaughter

ly never employed by Byram Healthcare. The defendant, a tax preparer and owner of Arlanna’s Accounting Services, a home/office based tax/accounting firm formerly in Mount Vernon, submitted false 2009 tax returns to the New York State Chiara-Monai Hudson, 24 Department of Taxation The total amount of and Finance in the name the loss to New York of four individuals and State totaled more received refund pay- than $121,750. ments from the State in excess of $5,600. Hudson admitted to filing over 100 additional false New York State tax returns between 2010 and 2011 for which New York State refund checks to be issued which totaled in excess of $100,000. She was arrested by investigators from the Westchester County District Attorneys office and the Department of Labor. Bail was set at $500 cash or $1,000 bond. Hudson’s next court date is October 17th, 2012. She faces a maximum sentence of seven years in state prison. Assistant District Attorney Nicole Gamble of the Economic Crimes Bureau is prosecuting the case. The charges are merely an accusation and that a defendant is presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty.


aitian have been given an extension on their Temporary Protected Status, living in for another 18 months, beginning Jan. 22, 2013, according to Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano. Next week, the Department of Homeland Security will publish a notice in the Federal Register announcing this decision. The 60-day re-registration period for current Haiti TPS beneficiaries will begin on the day the Federal Register notice publishes. Individuals who have not continuously resided in the United States since Jan. 12, 2011 will not be eligible. “The extension of Temporary Protected Status is yet another lifeline for tens of thousands of Haitians living in the U.S., especially South Florida. I applaud the decision by Secretary Janet Napolitano and the Department of Homeland Security. This is the right thing to do given the post-earthquake conditions that still exist in Haiti,” says Congresswoman Frederica Wilson, (DFla.). For more information visit, or, call 1-800-3755283.

News Americas, Washington, D.C:

Haitian Gets Extensions

Avenue in Kingsbridge. The fire caused so much smoke that residents on the fifth floor panicked and one man knocked out the windows with his bare hands, leaving graphic blood stains on the building. Other residents saved themselves by hanging out on the roof as more than 100 firefighters put out the flames. Galvin died of his injuries, while 10 other people were seriously hurt, including a four-year-old child.

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6 • STREET HYPE • SEPTEMBER 19-30, 2012

Kingston, Jamaica: he hearing into the application by the People’s National Party (PNP), challenging an order for several of its members to answer questions relating to the Trafigura donation, is now before the Constitutional Court, according to a Gleaner newspaper report. Dutch authorities want to question PNP President Portia Simpson Miller, party chairman Robert Pickergill and senior members Phillip Paulwell and Colin Campbell about a $31 million donation to the party by Trafigura Beheer. It is illegal for Dutch companies to donate to political parties. At the time of the donation in 2006, Trafigura had an oil-lifting contract with the PNP Administration which had formed the government. In court documents, the PNP is contending that the order for its officials to answer questions in relation to the Trafigura probe by Dutch authorities is a breach of their constitutional rights. The matter was sent to the Constitutional Court, after the Court of Appeal overturned a ruling by Supreme Court Judge Lennox Campbell on December 5, 2011. Justice Campbell had denied a request by the PNP to take the matter to


Dutch Seeks Answers from Jamaican Prime Minister and Cabinet Ministers



KINGSTON, Jamaica: Bill encouraging overseas companies to establish their head offices in Jamaica, and to exempt officers of such companies from the payment of income tax, was passed in the House of Representatives last Tuesday. The Bill–The Income Tax (Amendment) Act-was piloted by Minister of Finance and Planning, Dr Peter Phillips. In his remarks, Phillips noted that the Bill exempts persons, who are not residents of Jamaica and who perform group head office activities, from the payment of income tax. He added that any entity approved will be subjected to an approval process where it will need to meet the criteria for carrying out group headquarter activities, being incorporated in Jamaica and ensuring that at least 30 percent of its staff members are Jamaicans. A company or other body corporate may apply to the minister, in the prescribed form and manner, for a certificate designating it as an approved group head office company. ------------------------------------------------

Overseas companies to establish head offices in Jamaica!

Portia Simpson Miller

WASHINGTON, USA: The Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF), a member of the Inter-American Development Bank Group held a panel discussion on Capitol Hill on Friday, on the topic “Developing Opportunities for Youth Employment and Entrepreneurship in Latin America and the Caribbean.” The event had bipartisan co-sponsorship from Representative Joe Baca (DCA), Representative Mario Diaz-Balart (R-FL), the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute (CHCI) and the Congressional Hispanic Leadership Institute (CHLI). During the panel, the MIF’s general manager, Nancy Lee, presented “Give Youth a Chance: An Agenda for Action,” a newly published report that evaluates the MIF’s work to date in support of the region’s youth and outlines its strategy moving forward. This report was launched on September 12 during the 2012 Global Youth Economic Opportunities Conference in Washington, DC. Over the past 18 years, the MIF has carried out more than 120 youth training projects region-wide, benefiting over 235,000 young people, most of them from low-income communities.

Economic opportunities for Caribbean youth


renada’s Prime Minister Tillman Thomas, who is also leader of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC), has said that problems besetting the government and party have nothing to do Tillman Thomas with his leadership. The NDC, in gener- Grenada’s PM al elections held in 2008, won 11 of 15 parliamentary seats to form the government. However, internal party strife led to the postponement of the NDC’s convention from July to Sunday, September 30. In addition, four MPs have resigned from cabinet and one was dismissed by the prime minister in January. All five are now backbenchers in the House of Representatives. Thomas, in an interview on Friday with the Government Information Service, blamed the troubles on an alleged power struggle and “an attempt to take over the party”. The situation has “nothing to do with leadership,” he insisted. Had there been a team that was “cohesive and focused,” the government would have done much better in the four years it has been in office, the prime minister added.

ST GEORGE’S, Grenada:

Grenada PM blames power struggle for troubles

the Constitutional Court saying the questions being put to the politicians were served on them long ago and they had enough time to raise their concerns. The Trafigura hearing in the Supreme Court has been suspended pending the outcome of the motion in the Constitutional Court.

Robert Pickergill

Phillip Paulwell

Turks and Caicos Islands: ed by Pastors Pedro Williams and Conrad Howell, a movement has sprung up to prevent certain provisions of recent rights legislation being enacted by the interim government. This issue needs to be given over to the next elected government, say the clergy. The Bill, which Governor Ric Todd has said is modeled after similar laws in the European Union, has provisions to prevent prejudice against gays and lesbians. Howell said, “This makes no sense; we are not London and we are not a European city. Centuries ago they sent missionaries here to teach us the word of God and the scriptures, now they are trying to impose laws which are counter to the scriptures.” While this issue has not been addressed by the Progressive National Party (PNP), which has an openly gay candidate running for election, it was however addressed by Sharlene Cartwright Robinson, deputy leader of the Peoples Democratic Movement (PDM), when she joined the pastors in a recent march in Provo about this issue. “This and other contentious issues of this nature need to be addressed by the people’s representatives, the next elected government,” said Cartwright Robinson. Howell is an executive of the PNP. In the “Talk Back” column of the TCI Weekly News earlier this month, all the submissions, which are allowed to be anonymous, supported the local pastors’ position.

Anti Gay Rights Movement Underway

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U.S. Equal he E m p l o y m e n t Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has charged Regions Financial Corporation, doing business as Regions Bank in Memphis, with disability discrimination under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). According to the EEOC, the bank fired a 61-year-old bank branch manager after she asked for a reasonable accommodation for her disability, hyperthyroidism. Visit the EEOC’s newsroom for information about other recent legal actions the agency has taken to protect the employment rights of people with disabilities and others. Visit for more information about the ADA and other laws that protect your rights on the job.

EEOC Sues Bank for Age & Disability

Legal issues don’t have to be stressful. In fact, you can use the law to reduce your risk, eliminate uncertainty, and plan for the unthinkable. The law can help with your overall peace of mind.


Q. Can I use a personal check or credit card for the filing fee? A. In some courts. Please call the court where you want to file the small claim. Q. What does "DBA" mean? A. "Doing business as."

Q. What is the filing fee? A. The fee is $15.00 if you suing for $1,000 or less. It's $20.00 if you are suing for more than $1,000.

Q. How do I file a small claim? A. Go to the Clerks Office (New York City Civil Court, Nassau or Suffolk District Court, City Court, or Town or Village Court). The Clerk will give you forms. You will need the name and address of the person or business you are suing, the amount you are suing for, and a brief reason why you are suing.

Q. What are the age requirements for filing a small claim? A. You must be at least 18. A parent or guardian must file for you if you are under 18. If the person being sued is not yet 18, you must sue the parent or parents and provide first and last names.

Q. How much can I sue for in Small Claims Court? A. Up to $5,000, except is Town and Village Courts where the limit is $3,000.

Understanding the Small Claims!

Q. If I win my claim, how do I collect my money? A. If the defendant doesn't pay, you will have to try to collect the money you have won. How you do this depends on how much you know about the defendant's financial situation (pay from work, bank account, motor vehicle, other assets). You may have to file "information subpoenas" (ask the Court Clerk). Or you may need the assistance of a sheriff or city marshal.

SEPTEMBER 19-30, 2012 • STREET HYPE • 7

Q. What happens if the person or business I sue doesn't come to court? A. You will still have to prove your case (for example, bring bills, written receipts, photographs, written estimates) and tell what happened. Then you may receive a "default" judgment.

Q. What is a "claimant?" A. A claimant is the person suing in a small claims case. The "defendant" is the person being sued.

Q. I heard Court can be stressful and costly. Are there other ways to resolve my dispute? A. Yes. Mediation is a free or low-cost option for many disputes. Mediation allows you to resolve your dispute outside of court, saving time and money and reducing stress. You also have more control over the outcome. Talk to a lawyer about your particular situation or speak to someone at a local Community Dispute Resolution Center to learn if mediation is right for you. Source:

Q. If I don't like a Judge's or a Hearing Officer's decision, can I challenge it? A. Yes. It's called an "appeal." There are different kinds of appeals. Please ask the Clerk. If you agreed to have your case handled by an "Arbitrator" (someone who isn't a judge), instead of by a Judge or a Hearing Officer, you are not allowed to appeal.

Q. How long do I have to collect my judgment? A. Twenty years.

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8• STREET HYPE • SEPTEMBER 19-30, 2012

England Out Of World T20 D
efending champions England have been knocked out of the World Twenty20 after being overpowered by hosts Sri Lanka in their final Super Eights match held in Pellekele, Sri Lanka. Chasing Sri Lanka's 169-6, Samit Patel scored a classy 67 but England finished on 150-9 to lose by 19 runs. Stuart Broad's side slumped to 18-3 after fast bowler Lasith




ST JOHN’S, Antigua: he West Indies Cricket Board has announced that Trinidad and Tobago and St Lucia have won the rights to host the fourth edition of its flagship regional tournament – Caribbean Twenty20. Trinidad and Tobago will host the first part of the preliminary round at the Queen’s Park Oval while Beausejour Cricket Ground will be the venue for the

Trinidad and St Lucia to host Caribbean T20

Malinga took three wickets in an over on his way to figures of 531. Sri Lanka and West Indies, who ended New Zealand's hopes, has booked their spot in the next round. The finals will take place on October 7 in Colombo.


NEW YORK CITY: yan Johnson gave Toronto FC a bright start with an early strike, but Kenny Cooper led a stampede, catapulting the New York Red Bulls to a 4-1 victory on Saturday in Major League Soccer. The Jamaican striker gave the Canadian side an early lead when he scored a goal in the sixth minute past MLS newcomer Luis Robles. But Johnson's effort was soon cancelled out, when Markus Holgersson headed home a Thierry Henry corner to give the New York response seven minutes later. The match meandered before Cooper handed the Red Bulls the lead in the 27th minute.

Reggae Boyz Johnson's early strike fails to ignite Toronto

second part of the preliminary round, the playoffs and the final. The WICB International Fixtures Committee reviewed and assessed the four bids received and Trinidad and Tobago and St Lucia were given the nod ahead of Barbados and Antigua. Barbados, had previously hosted every Caribbean Twenty20 tournament thus far and Antigua hosted the tournament in 2011 and 2012.

ALL MANNING ALLSTARS 2012: (Front Row) Bobby Austin (JC), Ifidel Hamilton (XLCR), Teddy McKenzie (Charlie Smith) (Back Row) Delgado Taylor (Calabar), Christopher Dunkley (Edwin Allen), Everton Grant (Camperdown), Samuel Brooks (JC), Howard Kerr (XLCR), Chris Thomas (KC). Missing. ‘Delbert Brown (Tarrant). -Sharon Bennett Photo.


he biggest name in global athletics at the moment Usain Bolt, is among the high profile Jamaican athletes that have given an indication to join the expanded USAIN BOLT track and field athletes union, headed by American 800 metres runner Khadevis Robinson. The union will have its first annual convention at Daytona Beach in Florida from October 24 - 26. World 100 metres champion and Olympic silver medallist Yohan Blake along with Michael Frater, Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, Kerron Stewart and Shericka Williams are among the other Jamaicans who have so far given a committment to join the union, which currently has approximately 150 members including 40 international athletes. The union which has been in existence for the past three years, was recently expanded to fight an IOC rule against promoting private sponsors.

Bolt to join Athletes union

The second half saw more of the same from both sides, but neither team was able to find the back of the net until the 88th minute. The Red Bulls return to action Ryan Johnson next Saturday to host the Chicago Fire in the afternoon of their final game before the upcoming international break. Toronto FC host DC United at BMO Field later that day.


s Team Jamaica Bickle (TJB) prepares for its 2nd annual 5K Run, scheduled for Baisley Park, Queens, New York, Saturday, October 20, 2012, there is one message that it wants to get across—health! The theme, Promoting Healthy Lifestyles, is one that the organization is hoping will have significant impact on the Caribbean population in that region. Following up on a successful 1st staging in 2011, the organization is hoping that this will be a banner year, all while fielding requests from Diaspora groups across the country to stage similar events in their cities. The meet, which is USATF sanctioned, is being presented in association with Awesome Power Track Club and is expected to attract runners from the road race circuit across the northeast. Runners and walkers can participate in the 5K Run, 5K Walk or the 1 Mile Run. The overall male and female 5K Run champions will receive automatic entry to the Reggae Marathon, in Negril, Jamaica, plus air fare, hotel and ground transportation. “We are extremely pleased with the

Team Jamaica Bickle 5K Set for October 20
continued support of the Reggae Marathon for the second year running,” said Irwine Clare, the organization’s CEO, “the community is being encouraged to get active and

By Aubrey Campbell The weather was the better player on Saturday, keeping at home and away from the park and forcing the two teams to play a truncated match in a constant drizzle, well past the scheduled starting time. At the end of fifty minutes of competition, the two captains, ‘Bob’ Austin for the All Manning team and Lloyd Matthews – All daCosta, offered the customary handshake in centerfield, no doubt wonder what the outcome would have been under normal circumstances. In front of an empty park, it was the ‘Kingstonians’ who drew first blood when newcomer Ifidel Hamilton worked his way thru’ the midfield and rifled a right foot grounder past Owen Scarlett in goal. Playing the better ball on a rain-

Jamaican Schoolboy Stars Play To 2-2 Tie In Annual Reunion Soccer Festival

soaked turf, the All Manning team when into the break with a 2 goals to nil (2-0) advantage, thanks to a beautiful goal from Richard McDonald. If the first half belonged to the AllManning All-stars, then the second period was all about the rural boys as they scored twice to balance things out. First Everton Dawson, the former Dinthill Technical ace, scored from a free-kick, putting the ball into the top right corner, past a trying Delgado Taylor (C’bar) in goal. Minutes later, Miguel Reynolds squeezed between two defenders to slip the ball again past the goalie (Taylor) for a 2-2 score-line. The result means the All-daCosta hold the advantage with wins in 2009 and 2011, a loss in 2010 and a tie this year.
walk with us. In this year that Jamaica and Trinidad celebrate 50 years of political independence, coupled with the Caribbean's prolific performance at the Olympics.

* Clive

Lloyd’s Finest Hour 1975 * West Indies vs New Zealand 2012 * Cricket Legends Viv Richards * Brian Lara 400 Not Out * The Garry Sobers Special 1972 * West Indian Summer 1966 * Fire in Babylon (Cricket Documentary) * West Indies vs Pakistan 2011 * England vs West Indies 2007 One Day Series



Call Toll Free 1-800-529-3500

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eggae singer Glendale Gordonmore popularly known as Busy Signal was on Friday (September 21) sentenced to six months’ imprisonment in a Minnesota court in the United States. But he will be out of jail in two months’ time because he has already served four months in lockup, which is considered time served. The artiste, whose real name is Glendale Goshia Gordon, was sentenced on a charge of failure to show up for trial, following his guilty plea in July. Busy Signal, 33, was in February 2002 slapped with two counts of cocainerelated charges, in the US, which carry a sentence of at least 15 years in prison. He, however, fled the US before his trial was to begin that year, causing a warrant to be issued for his arrest. The plea comes exactly a month after the artiste was extradited to the United States when he decided against challenging his extradition in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate's Court. He was detained by authorities in London last May and accused of travelling with false documents, including a passport that listed a different name. He returned to Kingston where he was arrested at the airport.

Busy Signal gets six-month sentence

apper Lil Wayne has surpassed Elvis Presley as the male with the most entries on Billboard's Hot 100 chart. Lil Wayne now has 109 songs on the chart with Thursday's debut of

Lil Wayne Breaks Elvis Presley Billboard chart record

SEPTEMBER 19-30, 2012 • STREET HYPE • 9


embers of Greater Centennial AME Zion Church (Mount Vernon, New York), members of the general public, religious, business, community, civic and public leaders will assemble to highlight Bishop W. Darin Moore's final weekend as pastor of Centennial after nineteen years of service. As many as two thousand people from coast-to-

Farewell Celebration for Bishop W. Darin Moore

Game's song "Celebration," where he is a guest alongside Chris Brown, Tyga and Wiz Khalifa. Presley totaled 108 songs on the Hot 100 since it launched in 1958.


nticipation is building throughout the New York tri-state area for the 8th annual staging Reggae Culture Salute. The roots reggae extravaganza takes place on Saturday, November 3rd at Nazareth High School, 475 East 57th Street in Brooklyn. Celebrated as the longest running roots reggae event of its kind in New York, Reggae Culture Salute 2012 features the return of the “messenger” Luciano.

Luciano Returns to Reggae Culture Salute

coast are expected to descend upon Mount Vernon in an expression of their appreciation for Moore's lifework, while

Bishop W. Darin Moore

simultaneously celebrating his elevation to the Episcopacy of the AME Zion denomination in a powerful "Interfaith Affirmation and Farewell Celebration" on Saturday, November 10 at 11 am at Mount Vernon High School, 100 California Road, Mount Vernon.
Contact: 914-664-1838 Ext. 122 |


It was Luciano who headlined the inaugural staging of Reggae Culture Salute in 2005 at the Roxy and then returned a year later in 2006 to do it once again Luciano at the Hammerstein. For tickets and information call 718-421-6927 or visit

New York, NY: nternational Reggae/Dancehall artist Konshens arrives at one of many career milestones with recent MOBO award nomination. On Monday, September 17th Music of Black Origin (MOBO) announced the nominees for this years annual award ceremony. Established in 1996 to recognize artists of any ethnicity or nationality performing 'urban' music, MOBO is the only black award show in Europe. This year Konshens has been nominated in the category of Best Reggae Artist. Over its history the MOBO awards has witnessed performances from Usher, Janet Jackson, Justin Timberlake, John Legend, and Kanye West. Konshens was greatful to hear about the nomination as he stated. "Feels good to be nominated for any award that recognizes quality and consistency in work, but honestly I do music for the people, the every day people, who give me instant feedback on Twitter or Facebook, they keep me grounded and award me day to day." For all bookings and publicity please contact

Konshens Nominated for MOBO Award

• TUESDAY Live Jazz Performance The Best Jazz Musicians in NYC Performing • WEDNESDAY Wings & Pitcher Night (Wings & Beer by the Pitcher Specials) • FRIDAY After Work Networking Live Band Performance • SATURDAY Ladies Night 2 for 1 drinks specials B-12. NYC top DJ’s playing the Best Music

Open till Late

Get your copy today thru any of the following: Email: or For sale on Kindle Download on your iphone, ipad, and android Hard copies available and Follow on tweeter @starboythebook

• THURSDAY Trivia/Karaoke Night Cash, Prizes & Surprises

• SUNDAYVintage Sundays (Collectors Showcase)

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10 • STREET HYPE • SEPTEMBER 19-30, 2012

FURI 10th Anniversary Feature FURI to Host Dinner Dance and Awards Gala




he Family Unification Resettlement Initiative (FURI) is an innovative 501-C–3 nonprofit organization founded by founded by Jamaican born Forensic Social Worker, Carmeta Albarus-Lindo in May 2002. Albarus-Lindo who is also the author of “The Making of Lee Boyd Malvo,” (the D.C. Sniper) because of concern about the impact of deportation on Jamaican nationals as well as the impact that displaced persons have on the nation’s development.  Seeing a need for services that could help some of her clients adjust positively to deportation, FURI collaborates with other service agencies in Jamaica to accomplish its objectives. “Since 2002, FURI has been fortifying deported persons with alternatives that foster faith, hope and confidence that life can be worthwhile while providing assistance in their reintegration,” says AlbarusLindo. Albarus-Lindo is also a forensic social worker with twenty years experience working within the criminal justice system in the United States. Based on her work on behalf of immigrant clients, Albarus-Lindo saw the need for services that can help such clients adjust positively to deportation. Given her Jamaican roots, Albarus-Lindo was concerned primarily about the impact of deportation on Jamaican nationals as well as the impact that displaced persons can have on Jamaica’s development. She was inspired to start FURI , so as to help deported persons plan for a better tomorrow by focusing on the need to improve their own lives as well as the need to contribute to the development of their home countries FURI’s objective is to offer alternatives that foster faith, hope, and confidence that life can be worthwhile. FURI aims to assist in the reintegration of deported persons by collaborating with other service agencies. Assistance are being provided through various services including: accommodations and shelter referrals; employment/Vocational counseling and training referrals; drug/alcohol abuse rehab referrals; health care referrals; selfImprovement counseling; re-connection with family and help in obtaining Jamaican National ID, TRN, etc,

FURI’s Beginning

Carmeta Albarus-Lindo FURI founder

n celebrating its 10th anniversary the board of directors of Family Unification Resettlement Initiative (FURI) will be staging a grand gala and honor individuals who have contributed to the organization’s growth. Scheduled for Saturday, October 6th at the Tropical Paradise Ballroom, 1367 Utica Avenue, Brooklyn at 8 pm, the honorees will include Marleen Brown, Director of Operations for FURI in Jamaica, Dr. Geneive Brown-Metzger, the former Consul General of Jamaica, Paulette Meredy, the founder of Future Grads, Sheron Pearson and incarcerated volunteer Alvin McLean. Under the theme, “Hope is a renewable resource,” FURI has been a lifeline to many for whom deportation is a source of great shame. For a decade members of the organisation which include several of whom are themselves deported persons, have worked towards assisting these individuals and contributing to the development of their home country and the FURI office in Kingston is a place of refuge for many. Honoree Brown-Metzger, the former Consul General of Jamaica to New York has been an ardent supporter of the mission of FURI. She never fails to highlight its impact on Jamaica while recognizing the important need for a second chance. Her attitude towards the issue of deportation has allowed a more open and honest discussion of a matter that affects so many Jamaicans in the Diaspora. Brown has has a selflessly volunteered at FURI since 2007. She is the engine that drives the work that FURI does in Jamaica. She embodies the mission of the organization which is to foster hope that life can be better despite setbacks. FURI now boasts a Computer room and Internet cafe that have been made possible through the efforts of honoree, radio personality Sheron Pearson who reached out to her audience and received donations for the computers.  Not only did she get the computers, but she collected and delivered them to the shipping company. Paulette Meredy will also be honored for her dedication to FURI. As the founder of Future Grads, an organization that assists the children of deported and incarcerated parents, she has worked closely

with FURI on its mission of providing a second chance. Incarcerated volunteer Alvin McLean will also be honored for his invaluable assistance in compiling the Resource Brochures that FURI sends to persons facing deportation. These have been invaluable in helping to plan and prepare for deportation and he has demonstrated that despite his confinement, he is still able to make a valuable contribution to his community. The proceedings will include a keynote presentation by noted anthropologist and radio host, Dr. Kingsley “Ragashanti” Stewart and proceeds from the event wil support FURI’s mission.
For more information contact FURI at 646-698-2172 or email

Geneive Brown-Metzger

Sheron Pearson

Kingsley "Ragashanti" Stewart Anthropologist and Radio Host will devliver the keynote presentation at the Awards Gala on Saturday, October 6th at the Tropical Paradise Ballroom, 1367 Utica Avenue in Brooklyn at 8 pm.

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(Including the hit- Jamaica the land of beauty)


SEPTEMBER 19-30, 2012 • STREET HYPE • 11

ON SALE • Itune • Keeling Records, Brooklyn • 718-778-9470 Jamaica: Palazina Records & Fashion Shop #54 (upstairs), Negril Vendors Plaza, Negril • 876-957-3095 or 876-362-0070 Yvonne T. Young, Manager (WHY Consulting Group) 516-429-9577 • Andrea Manning, Artist Consultant: 876-354-4206
For further info and booking:



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12 • STREET HYPE • SEPTEMBER 19-30, 2012

Antiguan Designer Debuts African Inspired Collection in New York City

the concert); at the podium with Mona Lee (BioLife - title sponsor), Shaggy and George Crooks (Jammins Entertainment) at the last Wednesday launch of the 'BioLife Sounds Of Reggae Concert" at Coney Island, Brooklyn based Footprints Cafe. The Jammins Productions event is scheduled for December 12, 2012 at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn.


Shaggy hangs with Maxine & Lorraine at the Meet & Greet in Brooklyn

Emerging Caribbean designer, Rashid Walker recently showcased his collection Ankara in the fashion capital of the world New York City in September during Ethel Fashion’s Third Annual Caribbean Extravaganza held in Downtown Brooklyn. Walker’s collection, which showcased an African theme came to life on the runway through his use of authentic West African fabrics and textures as well as his use of tribal markings and body paint on his models. His vision is to bring West African Fabrics to the fore front of International Culture and Design. Walker, who has been officially designing since November 2011, credits his Antiguan culture for inspiring his new collection. See more on Rashid Walker and his amazing designs at • email: Phone: 917-975-1255.

Plan your luxury winter getaway at The finest villa experience in the Caribbean!

Faithwalk Villa at Tryall Club

Dainty Smythe, Althea Wray or Ingrid McFarlane
For Special Discount:


Direct: 1-876-956-5660 or 1-876-6338000

Faithwalk Villa The Tryall Club, Jamaica
Toll free: 800-238-5290

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Jamaican Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller talks with Anthropologist and Radio Host, Kingsley ‘Ragashanti’ Stewart during a recent visit to New York City.

SEPTEMBER 19-30, 2012 • STREET HYPE • 13

BIOLIFE IS GOOD FOR THE JAMAICAN LEADER: Jamaican Opposition Leader and Jamaica Labour Party’s leader, Andrew Holness (c) shares a light moment with Biolife Energy Systems Solutions marketing director, Mona Lee and CEO of People’s Choice Furniture, Dale Getfield during a visit at the store in the Bronx on Saturday (September 29). Holness visited several other Jamaican-owned businesses and held talks with community and political leaders on his vision to grow and developed the Jamaican economy. -Maitland/Street Hype Photo:

We reach your market..for less


Jamaican Opposition Leader and Jamaica Labour Party’s leader, Andrew Holness (3rd l) with raps Jack Graham (2nd l) and his staff of Country Kitchen Diner during a breakfast meeting at the diner.

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14 • STREET HYPE • SEPTEMBER 19-30, 2012


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ASK DR KAREN GORDON Coming to terms with your child’s disability 1-888-255-5064.


SEPTEMBER 19-30, 2012 • STREET HYPE • 15

NYCHA Awards Thousands in CUNY Scholarships to Residents


any parents have likened the experiences of learning that their child has a disability, to the grieving process. These feelings involve similar stages of mourning as one would do, for the death of a loved one. The experience is characterized by intense traumatic reactions and for many, signifies the loss of a child they had hopes for. Parents often go through ups and downs during the process of accepting this possibility for their child. These reactions often take place regardless of the disability itself or the severity of the disability. Parents often have to make numerous physical and financial changes including visits to clinicians and school personnel to obtain necessary assessments and follow-up services. Many researchers have taken Kubler-Ross’s development stage of reaction to dying, to the loss associated with parenting a child with a disability. It has been suggested that parents go through similar stages of grief. 1. Denial: Many parents question the accuracy of the child’s diagnosis or disability. They often wonder if a mistake was made or seek second and third opinions on the child’s condition.

Dr. Karen Gordon is a licensed psychologist with 13 years experience, specializing in disruptive behaviors in children and adolescents. If you have a question or concern, please forward by emailing her at:

2. Anger: This could be expressed in different ways. Parents can be angry with themselves, their spouse, or even the child. 3. Bargaining: Parents may try to compromise. They may think “probably it’s not as bad as it seems” or “If I get my daughter tutoring, she could get her grades up – and won’t have the disability anymore.” 4. Depression: It’s natural for parents to feel sad about the situation; this means they are becoming aware and starting to accept the reality. 5. Acceptance: The parent has become aware of their child’s disability and has recognized it, searched for a cause, and is coping with the awareness of it. Parents are encouraged to seek a support system to address the added pressures involved in caring for a child with a disability. It is important to recognize there are many parents who are experiencing the same feelings and conflicts; they are not alone. In addition, individual therapy can also help parents learn how to cope and better deal with the challenges of raising their child.

This year’s class of NYCHA-CUNY Resident Scholarship Program winners made the most of an opportunity to receive assistance in pursuit of higher education. The NYCHA-CUNY Resident Scholarship Program awards $1,000 scholarships annually to eligible residents who are enrolled at colleges of The City University of New York (CUNY). Award recipients can use the aid towards tuition, books or other education-related expenses. NYCHA residents have to write an essay as part of the application process, and Mariner’s Harbor resident Rodolfo Martinez said for him, the essay-writing exercise was therapeutic. “At first it was hard, but eventually I decided to write about my experiences being homeless,” said the City College attendee, who after graduating with a major in Political Science, hopes to go to law school. “NYCHA gave me a home to live in and now is helping me pay for school.”


Mount Vernon: ayor Ernest D. Davis and DaMia Harris, Executive Director of the Youth Bureau want to remind youth ages 14 – 18 that Fall 2012 After School Youth Employment applications are available for students residing in Mount Vernon. Applications are available at the following public school locations: A.B. Davis Middle School--Main Office (Mr. Woodbury) Tuesday, Sept. 25th– Friday, Sept. 28th from 3pm – 4pm; Thornton High School--Rm LL21 (Ms. Vanderberg) Tuesday, Sept. 25th–Friday Sept. 28th from 3pm– 4pm; Mandela High School--Cafeteria (Mr. Woodbury) Tuesday, Sept. 25th – Friday, Sept. 28th from 11am – 12 noon; Mount Vernon High School--Rm 245 (Mrs. Morris-Murray) Tuesday, Sept. 25th – Friday, Sept. 28th from 3pm – 4pm All other middle and high schools-Mount Vernon Youth Bureau, Rm 307 (Mrs. Burrell-Butler) Tuesday, Sept. 25th-Friday, Sept. 28th from 3pm – 4pm

After School Employment Opportunity for Mount Vernon Youth


aruch College has been placed at #21 on the “Top 25 Undergraduate Programs for Entrepreneurship” list released by The Princeton Review and Entrepreneur magazine. For the fifth year in a row, the College was chosen for this annual list from more than 2,000 schools surveyed by The Princeton Review for Entrepreneur magazine. Ranking evaluations were based on key criteria such as: 1) excellence in teaching entrepreneurship business fundamentals in broad range of entrepreneurship courses and incorporating entrepreneurial experiences of faculty and successful entre-

Baruch College Ranked Among Top 25 for Entrepreneurship!

“Mount Vernon is dedicated to providing the city’s youth with transferable skills and meaningful introductions into workplace environments. Our young people must learn how to develop a positive work ethic which includes responsibility, punctuality and team work in preparation for the real world of work”, said Mayor Davis. “The goal of our program is to develop 21st Century youth competencies related to the workplace. Through paid work experiences, participants will learn to juxtapose the basic skills that they’ve acquired in school with the soft skills that are learned in the workplace," said DaMia Harris. For further information regarding donations, please contact DaMia Harris at (914) 665-2344 or For further information regarding 2012 After School Employment, please contact Debbie Burrell-Butler at (914) 665-2346 or Applications at or

preneurs into these courses; 2) excellence in research through scholarly writing and studying entrepreneurs in the U.S. and internationally; and 3) excellence in mentorship and providing experiential or entrepreneurial opportunities outside of the university. With more than 500 enrolled students in Baruch’s entrepreneurship courses for Fall 2012, eight full-time faculty including three endowed chaired professors and 12 adjunct faculty, the entrepreneurship programs at Baruch College stands as a leader in entrepreneurship education in the country.

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16• STREET HYPE • SEPTEMBER 19-30, 2012


Natural Hair Stylist and Loctician


e-mail info to:

Requirements: • Must have knowledge of styling natural hair. • Must be proficient, efficient and work in a timely manner. • Must be able to relate to clients and put their needs first. • Must be able to work in a team oriented environment. • Own personal clientele a plus. • Must have valid New York Cosmetology License. e-mail info to: 718-678-8118

Local Bronx natural hair salon is seeking 1 stylist and 1 loctician to add to our team of dynamic and innovative professionals.

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Top 7 Tips To Protect Your Computer From Viruses
By Ken Miller • 718-8076241

SEPTEMBER 19-30, 2012 • STREET HYPE • 17

3. Be smart when surfing online If an email seems fake (like the one offering you a million dollars) or a link seems fraudulent, do not click on it. If it involves

2. Use your anti-virus software Just installing one won’t do. Configure it so that it scans your system regularly on its own. Also, enable automatic update option so that newer versions are installed on your system. This will ensure protection against newly discovered viruses.

1. Install an antivirus software Make sure you have at least one trustworthy antivirus software installed. You can choose from free softwares available online, or purchase one. Make sure that you check out the reviews, and ensure that the software has not expired.

n this day and age, it is absolutely essential to protect your computer against a virus. With credit card information being exchanged online, important data on your hard drive, confidential emails in your account, as well as personal data that you would like to preserve, a virus is literally a messiah of doom. To protect your computer against virus, follow the tips mentioned below.

4. Scan any external media before accessing it Never open a USB Drive, external hard drive, or even a DVD before running an anti-virus scan over it. Most of the times, viruses are transferred through such media.

a transaction, double check by contacting the concerned authorities. Enable “https – secure browsing” on as many sites as possible. If your anti-virus software warns you about a website, do not open it.

7. Scan the content that you download You can never be sure that the file you just downloaded contains a virus or not. So scan your downloads before you use them. These easy to implement tips will go a long way in protecting your system against malicious viruses, threats, worms, and all things bad!

6. Never exchange passwords online Even if it is with your best friend, never exchange a password, or any confidential information via email, or a messenger. If absolutely necessary, communicate it over the phone.

5. Download security updates for your operating system Every operating system releases security updates regularly. Make sure you download and install them.


he powerful Enagic® water ionizing machines produce up to 5 different types of water. You could spend a lifetime discovering all the useful ways to incorporate these waters into your eco-conscious lifestyle and household! It is fun and easy to learn the properties of each unique water and what they can all do. You will be amazed at the versatility of this one remarkable and cutting-edge Enagic® machine! Strong Kangen Water (pH 11.0) Strong Kangen Water preserves hygiene in your daily life due to its strong cleaning effect. It has dissolving and heat conducting benefits, and can help with food preparation, cleaning, stain removal, and even washing dishes without the use of harmful chemicals. To learn more about what Strong Kangen Water can do in your home. Kangen Water® (pH 8.5 - 9.5) This water is perfect for drinking, cooking, gardening, and so much more! For helpful cooking tips with Kangen Water®,

Revolutionize Your Lifestyle with Kangen Water!

Strong Acidic Water (pH 2.5) This water has disinfecting properties. Use Strong Acidic Water to sanitize kitchen utensils and countertops to keep areas safe and clean . Strong Acidic Water is also a safe hand sanitizer, and can be used for commercial sanitizing needs.

Enagic® produces 8 industry-leading water machines, each with distinctive and modern features. Using the latest scientific research and superior Japanese craftsmanship, Enagic® has developed the GoldStandard product line for alkaline water ionizing machines. You can select the machine that best suits your lifestyle and matches your personal style. ---------------------------------------------

Leveluk Series--Innovative Water Technology

Neutral Water (pH 7.0) Free of chlorine, rust and cloudiness, Neutral Water is delicious drinking water that is safe for preparing baby food and taking medication.

Slightly Acidic Water (pH 4.0 - 6.0) This slightly acidic water is recognized for its astringent effects. It is terrific to use for gentle cleaning, hygienic and beauty care, pet health, and even keeping frozen food full of flavor!

If you think Kangen Water® is just for optimal hydration, you have miles of discovery ahead of you! Now you can maximize the uses of your Enagic® machine by getting creative in the kitchen. Learn how you can substitute Kangen Water® in all your favorite recipes, and cook sophisticated gourmet meals with this delicious water! You're already hydrating your body with Kangen Water®. Now it's time to learn how you can be kind to your environment and budget just by expanding your uses for Enagic® Kangen Water®. Get passionate about green food, green living, and green health!

A Greener Kitchen

Call Patrick - 6468673872, Nola or Divine - 914-663-4973

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18• STREET HYPE • SEPTEMBER 19-30, 2012




MEN SEEKING WOMEN Hard-working, ambitious, mature man seek professional companion between the ages of 30-40 yrs old for a committed relationship in the New York or New Jersey areas. Call Oneil @ 646-606-6194. ---------------------------------------------------A professional male is seeking a single, mature, fun-loving, honest, nonsmoking and caring lady between 33-40 years old who is ready for a vibrant, long-lasting relationship. Call steve @ 1-876-893-3802. ---------------------------------------------------A professional mature male is seeking a single, independent, ambitious, honest and caring lady between 35 to 50 years old in the Bronx, Mount Vernon or New Jersey areas who is ready for a long-lasting relationship. Call Errol @347-207-9533

his is a new feature that will help readers seeking to connect with others. We cater to people seeking a serious and committed relationship or singles looking for fun, nostrings-attached dating.


Dear Divine Diva:: ately when I'm upset about something, I have been snapping my wrists with rubber bands. It seemed harmless at first, better than cutting, right? But I have noticed that now I have red lines that never go away and the welts take longer to disappear, and I'm constantly having to cover them up. I'm 16 and I'm worried that I can't stop doing it. I'm not even sure why I do it, but I'm actually more scared to stop than I am to continue. I'm embarrassed and ashamed, and I don't want to hurt my family. I know they'd be upset if they found out. I don't want to ask for help, but also, I don't want to stop. Please help me. -Messed Up, Queens

Teenager fears reaching out for help she knows is needed ADVICE COLUMN


WOMEN SEEKING MEN A 40-year-old single, successful woman seeks a single, successful man (20-30 yrs) in New York or New Jersey. Interested: ---------------------------------------------------Attractive middle-aged female seeks a refined gentleman for love companionship and maybe marriage. Interested: ---------------------------------------------------


Dear Messed Up: The first step in resolving a problem is recognizing you have one and that you need help.

MEN SEEKING WOMEN or WOMEN SEEKING MEN Let us help you to discover your match For only $50 for 3 months.

No more than 30 words
Street Hype’s Love Connections 914-663-4973

Save This Date November 23
Birthday Party 914-663-4973

1. To protect yourself emotionally. Worry over that nagging feeling in the pit of your stomach can be emotionally draining.

You should become familiar with your state laws before you go full steam ahead with any sort of covert spying behavior. There are 4 important reasons you should find out if your spouse is cheating:

here are things you should take into consideration before you begin your quest to find out if your spouse is cheating. First, are you ready for the conflict that will occur when your spouse finds out you have been spying on him/her? You should expect your spouse to be upset, to accuse you of not trusting them and to deny their own actions in favor of trying to make you feel guilty for spying. Secondly, certain forms of spying are illegal. There are state and federal laws that regulate the use of surveillance equipment, recording devices and Internet software.

Is It Ethical To Spy On A Cheating Spouse?

You have done that. I have heard from other young people that they're embarrassed, ashamed or scared to tell their parents they have a problem because they're afraid their parents will become upset or angry. This is wrong. Parents may react -but only out of concern. Snapping a rubber band is a technique some people use to stop a bad habit -- like smoking. You, however, appear to be using it as a way of not dealing with your emotions.

The marks on your wrists may be caused because the rubber bands are so tight they are cutting off your circulation. There is a reason you are trying to distract yourself with pain, and it's important that you find out what it is so your behavior doesn't escalate. A licensed mental health professional can help you quickly get to the root of your problem, and telling your parents what's going on is the fastest way to get that help. Please don't put it off any longer.

2. To protect your health. If your spouse is cheating there is a danger of sexually transmitted diseases. If your spouse is having an affair and not using protection, they are putting your health at risk. Protecting your health is ultimately your responsibility and the main reason you should try and discover the truth.

Find out for sure what is going on will enable you to stop worrying and start coping.

4. To protect your self-esteem. Infidelity in a marriage can cause a person to doubt their worth, doubt their attractiveness and question whether or not they themselves are responsible for the infidelity. It is imperative that you stand up for yourself if you feel your spouse is cheating. The best way to do that is gather information and confront them about their unacceptable behavior. Source:

3. To protect yourself legally. If the infidelity means the end of your marriage some state divorce laws still allow it to be used as grounds for divorce. Even in states with no-fault divorce laws a judge can and may take into consideration the conduct of your spouse when determining spousal support.


Divine Diva


Starting price Call About Our Fly & Buy Program • No Credit, Bad Credit, No problem



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ARIES (Mar. 21–Apr. 19): Even if you have been taking care of yourself, the urge for excitement and adventure outweighs the need for safety today.


SEPTEMBER 19-30, 2012 • STREET HYPE •19

WVIP 93.5 FM

Street Talk

TAURUS (Apr. 20 – May 20): You could feel as if others are trying to manipulate your feelings or entice you with material temptations. Don't even bother to engage in a fight if it isn't critical.

THURSDAYS 2-3 AM 914-663-4973

GEMINI (May 21–Jun. 20): You might be eager to go for it, but fortunately your common sense could hold you back just enough to prevent you from attempting something too risky.

An North Bronx salon is seeking an administrative assistant. Part-time position


Book Now 914-663-4973 •
HAIR SALON BOOTH FOR RENT Available Immediately!!! Shop space for rent • Centrally located • Comfortable Environment • Affordable Price Contact: Kim Tel: 347-202-9275 -------------------------------------Safe Hands Private Baby Sitter Ask for June- 914-663-4973 Available Day or night Reference upon request --------------------------------------•3 Furnished rooms; 2 bathrooms in North East Wakefield area of Bronx. One block from subway. Near to the # 2 and 5 train and Metro North, Citi buses. $150 per week plus two weeks security. Call 914-663-4973. •3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms on 225 Street and White Plains Road, Bronx. Large bedrooms, separate living and dining, modern kitchen close to public transportation and shopping. $1,700 monthly.



LEO (Jul. 23 – Aug. 22): It could be a carefree day where your toughest decision is deciding which party to attend, what time to leave for the beach, or who you should invite out to play.

CANCER (Jun. 21–Jul. 22): Your best strategy now is to start at the top of your list and just cross off one thing after another, even if it seems like someone else has set your priorities.

that could potentially turn into full-time. Compensation package in keeping with experience and qualifications. Send resume: ---------------------------------------

VIRGO (Aug. 23 – Sept. 22): You feel magnanimous today and you want them to take notice of what you are doing to help out in these tense times. But assisting others for your own selfish reasons will not turn out well. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct.22): You have a clear vision now, along with the necessary facts to back it up. As long as you don't confuse the two you can speak the truth straight from your heart.

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Contact: Dalila Tel: 646-288-9126


•1 bedroom on 219th Street by Laconia Ave; $1000.00 mthly •Rooms available starting at $150.00 per week. Contact: Carland Grant @347-635-2470 or Studio, 1, 2 & 3 Bedrooms BRONX & MT. VERNON

•3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom on Paulding Ave by 212 Street, Bronx, hardwood floors, separate living and dining rooms, new kitchen and bathroom $1650.00 monthly.


Call: Godfrey Wallace 914-618-0103 - cell

SCORPIO (Oct. 23–Nov. 21): If you let your feelings run the show, your plan may not work out as intended. You're better off making a change in your tactics sooner than later.

PISCES (Feb. 19–Mar. 20): You want to demonstrate your positive attitude to everyone at work, but you could come across as scattered if you take on too many tasks. Keep an open dialogue with your colleagues and listen closely to the feedback you receive.

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20 –Feb. 18): Dust off your old fantasies so you can explore them anew, even if your feelings about them are mixed.

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 – Jan. 19): Something that you are hiding from yourself or others may create problems today. You might be holding tension that stems from a feeling that you have kept private.

SAGITTARIUS(Nov.22–Dec. 21): Hold your arrows of thought as steady as you can and make sure that your eyes are solely on your target. Then and only then, release your intentions and let your dreams soar into space.

Specially Mixed Juice ‘Herbs’ Roots Tonic •Fresh Fruits & Vegetable Produce • Vegetarian Dishes • Fruit Juice • Fish Dinner • Vegetarian Soup & Fish Patties/Bake Products

Vegetarian Food For Health


LANCE - 718-772-0860
A Dedicated, Organized and Enthusiastic Salon Administrative Assistant is needed for a Bronx top hair salon: • Computer skills necessary • Salon software experience a plus. • Excellent communication and customer service skills required, with the ability to multi-task in a fast-paced environment. •Make-up and product knowledge preferred. • Responsibilities include, but not limited to: - Greeting & checking clients in

1312 E. Gunhill Road, Bronx, NY 10469
(Near Burke Avenue) Tel: 718-231-9885

Natural Health Care Products.

We Also Cater



If You BELIEVE AND CAN DREAM then You are the person we are looking for….. Work from Home or Office!!!! Join A Successful Team And Build An International Business In The Wellness Industry • EARN YOUR WORTH • PART-TIME OR FULL-TIME • BILLION DOLLAR NYSE COMPANY • ExCELLENT COMPENSATION • TRAINING & SUPPORT • BILINGUALS WELCOME


- Cashing clients out - Answering calls and scheduling appointments - Selling retail and product promotion

Call 914-576-5535 • 914-310-4370

Part time position that could potentially turn into full-time. Saturdays a MUST. Attractive Compensation package in keeping with experience and qualifications EMAIL YOUR RESUME TO:

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20 • STREET HYPE • SEPTEMBER 19-30, 2012

HEALTH & NUTRITION Diabetes: WHAT IS NATUROPATHIC MEDICINE aturopathic medicine is a ‘Not So Sweet’ Naturopathic Modalities Nsystem of general healthcaredistinct practiced by Naturopathic Doctors who have graduated from a council on Naturopathic Medical Education (CNME) accredited college. The profession holds the philosophy and practice of the art and science of medicine that honors the integrity of the whole person by addressing mind, body and spirit. The ND facilitates the healing process through the most supportive and least invasive methods in order to achieve and maintain optimal health. The Practitioners uses traditional and conventional medical sciences for diagnosis, recommendation and prevention of diseases. There is a therapeutic emphasis which focuses on prevention of illness and the use of non-toxic, natural therapies. •Homeopathy •Acupuncture •Nutrition •Botanical Medicine (Herbs) •Life Style Counseling/Health Psychology •Physical Medicine 1. Naturopathic spinal manipulation 2. Massage & Hydrotherapy 3. Exercise • Meditation/Prayer


Gloria Bent,
Questions & Comments:

Naturopathic Medicine: Core Principles 1. First, do no harm 2.Nature has healing powers (vis medicatrix naturae). 3.Identity and address the root cause of diseases (Tolle Causam). 4.Heal the whole person through individualized treatment. 5.The Physician is a teacher. Teach the principles of healthy living. 6.Prevention of diseases is the best cure.

At DRS2HEALTH®, safe, effective and cost-saving options are offered to individuals or community at large. All health concerns are addressed and each patient finds a benefit of the service. Whether they chose to work with or without collaboration of their other healthcare providers, the offer and encouragement is always presented. For further information contact:

In conjunction with standard conventional diagnostics, Naturopathic Doctors apply these principles universally.

• Disease where your body can’t use your glucose (sugar) well. • You can feel completely normal and still have problems with your heart, blood vessels, kidneys, eyes, nerves, and skin. • If you control your blood sugar, you can prevent these problems.



DRS2HEALTH T: 347-843-0789 • Bronx, NY 10467 T: 203-374-5309 • Trumbull, CT 06611 Website:

We need $5 M to purchase two Linear Accelerator Machines for Jamaica

An Urgent Appeal

How to control your diabetes: • Low-fat diet- Good for heart and blood sugar • Reduced Carb diet- Good for your blood sugar • You can eat any fruit or vegetable. Just eat in moderation. • Eat 15 grapes; don’t eat the whole bunch!

CARBOHYDRATES: They break down into glucose and raise your blood sugar.

• 1 slice of bread instead of 2. • 1/2 cup of milk with ¾ cup cereal • Don’t eat sweets. No candy, no soda. • Lose Weight • Exercise! Walk more, Bring a friend!

•Enhance and Improve Immune Function. •To Decrease Stress. •Improve Self-Esteem and Body Image. •Increase Appetite. •Promote Regular Bowel Movements.

am appealing to everyone especially our Caribbean brothers and sisters. I have been asked to purchase a Linear Accelerator Machine for Cornwall Regional Hospital in Montego Bay, Jamaica costing approximately US $5 Million. I met with the Minister of Health, Dr. Fenton Ferguson a few weeks ago. He asked if I can purchase two machines as Kingston needs one also. If 500,000 people give a one-time donation of $10, we will be closer to our goal. Please send donations to Vincent HoSang Family Foundation (VHFF), 117 Route 303, Suite B, Tappan, NY 10983. Your donation is tax deductible. Thanks for your kind support Vincent HoSang Chairman, Caribbean Food Delights 117 Route 303, Suite B, Tappan, NY 10983 Phone: 845-398-3000 • Fax: 845-398-3001

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SEPTEMBER 19-30, 2012 • STREET HYPE • 21

Highlighting the Opportunities and Challenges of Local Business Operators

Business Hype


DRS2HEALTH Promotes Naturopathic Medicine
A Unique Brand In Natural Healthcare

For advertsing and editorial feature call- 914-663-4973

aturopathic Medicine is growing in stature, prevalence and acceptance throughout North America. The institutions and organizations associated with Naturopathic Medicine are becoming more numerous, diverse and professional. This has highlighted the need for more public education in an effort to allow the public an informed choice in their search for authentic holistic or complementary and alternative care (CAM) practitioners. This is where Dr. Lewis-Senior, ND Co-founder of DRS2HEALTH believes she can make a difference. DRS2HEALTH (Doctors To Health ) founded in 2007, is a primary care, Naturopathic brand being championed by two Naturopathic Doctors, Dr. Derek R. Senior, ND and Dr. Dorette Lewis-Senior, ND., thus their name initials (DRS2). The brand is family centered with a strong integrative approach to health and healing. It incorporates the science of conventional wisdom with the most effective Naturopathic modalities to restore health to its patients. DRS2HEALTH main focus is on using Naturopathic principles toward healing.

Options provided are informed by Naturopathic principles, principles of clinical theory, and are applied in a safe, legal, ethical and efficacious manner. DRS2HEALTH® functions with an awareness of the limits of its expertise and with the utmost respect for patients’ desire. These qualities make the brand an attractive and highly recommended one by all who know this difference! Dr. Lewis-Senior has over 18 years of healthcare experience, 12 years in Community out-reach and education, substance abuse and detoxification counseling. She has over 18 years of disease manage-

Dr. Dorette Lewis-Senior Co-founder of DRS2HEALTH

ment and diet counseling experience, 8 years of Executive Healthcare Management experience and is a board certified Naturopathic Physician in the State of Connecticut. She has been working extensively in the field of Holistic Health & Wellness in various healthcare settings for several years. She is a highly sought after speaker for women’s retreats and various other conferences, workshops and Corporate Wellness programs. She is the founder of Healing Streams Support Group for Women, The Superb Physicians Network and The Alliance for Independent Executives (TAFIE). Her practice focuses on Women’s Health. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing from the College of Mt. Saint Vincent, Riverdale, NY, Master of Science degree in Acupuncture from the Acupuncture Institute at the University of Bridgeport, Bridgeport, CT and a Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from University of Bridgeport College of Naturopathic Medicine. She is also a certified Alcohol & Drug Detoxification Specialist.


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By Jan Andrew nique Weddings and Tours in Brooklyn, known for their destination weddings to the Caribbean and other romantic locations, is constantly researching new experiences for their clients. Recently their Travel and Wedding planner Kim Morrison was invited with 17 other planners from many states to a Vegas Wedding Experience hosted by Joni Moss of LV Wedding Connection. From arrival to departure, Ms. Moss made sure that the event recreated spectacular bridal treatments for the planners that included luxurious chapels that seated from 10-196 guests; magnificent halls; a beautiful garden; water falls; roof tops; and Maverick helicopter weddings. The planners had the chance to experience a long, nontraditional themed wedding in Viva Las Vegas, where, as the saying goes, dreams really do come true. The visit also included the Hartland Mansion where Elvis Presley, the King, stayed when he wanted to escape the crowds at the Hilton. The Hartland is the most spectacular Mansion within the city limits. The creator of this amazing experience, Joni Moss, is the founder of both J Team Events and LV Wedding Connection. She was raised in southern California within a show business family. Her parents were both involved in the entertainment world–her dad was an employee of Jerry Lewis and her mom was manager of Nancy Sinatra’s music company. This heritage laid the groundwork that enabled LV Wedding Connection to become the most sought-after Wedding and Events company in Las Vegas. J Team Events handles everything but weddings, including family reunions, birthdays and more.
For more information: Kim Morrison Unique Weddings and Tours at or 718-693-1500

Brooklyn’s Unique Weddings and Tours Now Features Las Vegas Events

Kim Morrison Travel and Wedding Planner


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22 • STREET HYPE • SEPTEMBER 19-30, 2012

FALLEN ANGELS: God created angels before He created man. However, after Satan that old serpent called the devil lost the war in Heaven, he and his angels were cast out of Heaven spiritually speaking. Prior to this, Satan was an angel in good standing with God, but this accuser and his angels are among us today, seeking to kill and destroy us. This is the generation of the Fallen Angels” we read about in (Ezekiel 28:13-19) and (Rev. 12:7- 12) they are armed with evil/demonic spirits. GIANTS: After God created Adam the first man and place him into the Garden of Eden (i.e. in the presence of God ), God warned Adam about the tree of knowledge of good and evil, ( Genesis 2:7-9 ) but Adam, just like many of us today, disobeyed God and ate the fruit from the tree. This was the first sin committed by man and this opened the door for the birth of “Giants” (Gen.6:1 –7) and (Deut. 2: 10-21). The generation of the Giants is the seed of the serpent (Gen.3:15). During the days of King David there were five Giants alive. One of those giants was Goliath whose height was approximately 13 ft. (1-Samuel 17: 4). Many of us, who remain committed to the Lord, are thankful to David the shepherd boy for ending the life of Goliath. EVIL/DEMONIC SPIRITS: Adam was deceived in the garden by evil spirit, Old Testament believers were deceived in the Holy Land by evil spirits, and the inhabitants of the earth live in fear of evil

A Commentary On Fallen Angels, Giants And Evil Spirits
By Rev. Dr. A, Roy Jacobs, Pastoral Counselor & Columnist



•3 INSERTIONS/$19 EACH Jobs; Real Esate; Baby Sitters; Nannies, Etc. LIMITED SPACE..BOOK NOW!


spirits until that spirit was attacked and defeated by Jesus Christ through His death on the cross and His resurrection from the grave some two thousand years ago. Yes, it was the evil spirit (Satan) that entered into the heart of Judas to betray Jesus (Luke 22:3). But let us rejoice with the words of (St. Luke 10:19) behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over ALL the power of the enemy; and nothing shall by any means hurt you.” Let’s understand what this power mean. It means that if we are true and faithful with God we can use it to defeat evil spirits, not to support, condone or be governed by it. The bible clearly teaches what we must do with evil or demonic spirits, HATE it (Heb.1:9). We are living in hard economic times and in order to call on a savior we must experience or face some suffering. Jesus said all power is given to HIM and Him alone on earth and in Heaven (Math. 28:18). Will you try Him today? Please feel free to call me if you love to talk about JESUS and the message of the cross. Amen.

Call Nola914-663-4973

The management of Quality One International Shipping Express wishes to advice the public and consumers that effective July 27, 2012, McLeod Customs Broker of Kingston, Jamaica is no longer authorized to conduct business on behalf of Quality One.


McLeod Customs Broker No Longer Represents Quality One International Shipping Express in Jamaica WI


Jackson Q1 International Shipping Network Limited is now Quality One, exclusive agent in Kingston, Jamaica WI. Jackson Q1 International Shipping Network Limited Quality One International Shipping Express We look forward to your continued support, as we continue to provide fast, efficient, hassle-free service with friendly and courteous staff.

For further information and Shipping Arrangement: 146 First Street, Newport West, Kingston • Tel: 876-437-8457 or 876-764-8758 3913 Dyre Avenue, Bronx, NY 10466 • Tel: 718-231-1909.


MANAGEMENT Quality One International Shipping Express Jackson Q1 International Shipping Network Limited

Signed by:

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Ship to Jamaica & Other Caribbean Islands


SEPTEMBER 19-30, 2012 • STREET HYPE • 23

Weekly Sailing to Kingston and Montego Bay •Barrels •Motor Vehicles •Crates •Appliances •Containers •Household Goods Empty Barrels Available

Door to Door- all 14 parishes in Jamaica

Fast and Reliable

Tel:718-231-1909 • Fax: 718-231-1815


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24 • STREET HYPE • SEPTEMBER 19-30, 2012


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