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Me leading the hordes into learning emancipation http://www.ncrel.or; Master of Teaching (Secondary) ‘What [know * Tunderstand the power of design applying it to a variety of fields Understand business imperatives, how to set and manage briefs, work to financial targets and tight schedules, making ideas and money goa long way Understand how to shift mind space through creative and critical thinking Able to target talent, lead multi-skilled teams and harmonise diversity to facilitate knowledge sharing Willing to define new sdr's/areas/issues/students/learnin; Ar2kwi.htm ‘What I want to know How to leverage the connected world to provide better learning Howto make the next step beyond the conception of an idea How to manage risk better Howto be a better barometer of the zeitgeist Get to the kernel of “Understanding by Design” How to implement Understanding by Design into workable and successful teaching How to remain on topic Howto provide essential questions to achieve understanding How not to get stressed due to incomplete knowledge sets Understand where things are heading Graphics and Multimedia What Ilearned How applying constructivist approaches such as the Ses (engage, explore, explain, elaborate, evaluate) so they can provide meaningful learning Establishing accurate evaluation criteria is paramount in helping achieve understanding That content is not learning. The value is not in the content, it is how you guide That providing just guided inquiry is ok (mmm not sure if I yet have the skills to do this) That authenticlearning needs to be debated more in a technology driven world Assessment criteria must come first ‘That my cross curricular ambitions will be difficult to realise due to entrenched ‘ways of working, drawing on experience in dient partnership, account, project and budget management Understand emerging issues in technology, user interaction, participation, communication and community How to craft lessons expediently (how to be fleet of foot) How to be flexible and firm at the same time How to get to the essence of guided inquiry and howto be effective in it How to distinguish between (if possible) overlapping pedagogies Howto sustain the passion How to build a learning community How to value soft skills, How to apply variation (without creating a rod for my back) to suit individual learning styles How to provide reconciliation to a student’s questions How to “guide on the side” How to be more sure or at least provide a perception that lam attitudes That approaches such as big idea, essential questions, interactive strategies, assessment etc function as a prism to refract my personal theories through - where learning might for the future of our technology driven world Education is about what we are doing, learning is about what they are doing How to encourage students to be critical and analytical through literacy ideas Recognition that Ihave work to do in providing all the NSW Quality standards but more importantly to accommodate different learning styles Howto engage students using interactive strategies for participatory, collaborative and cooperation How more work needs to be done in understanding targeted creative learning outcomes