PERSONAL PROFILE Name NRIC Address House phone Hand phone Email Sex Religion Marital Status Nationality : Ambiga A/P Paneer Selvam : 880909-10-5268 : B08-02, Palm Court Condominium, Jalan Berhala, Brickfields, 50470 Kuala Lumpur. : +603-22761617 : +6016-3559513 : : Female : Hindu : Single : Malaysian



: Universiti Malaysia Kelantan Bachelor of Applied Science (Animal Husbandry) Current CGPA: 3.38 Academic Award 1. Listed in the Dean List for Semester 5 2. Listed in the Dean List for Semester 7 Campus Involment 1. Participated in ”Biro Tatanegara” (2008) 2. Operation Manager in Student Company ( 2009-2010) 3. Participated in Bussiness Planning Competition (2011)

Pioneer of Syrian Betta House Trading (Student Company) in UMK. Penilaian Menengah Rendah (2005) : 3A1. Participated in Livestock Asia Forum & Exhibition (field trip) 2009 .( 2009-2010) 4.K Vivekananda. Fesilitator for new intake students (2011) : S. UPM. Sports Unit leader of School Magazine (2004/2005) 3.1A-.K Methodist Girls’ School. Kuala Lumpur Academic Award 1. Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia 3. Kuala Lumpur Academic Award Ujian Penilaian Sekolah Rendah (2000): 3A 2B EXTRA-CURRICULLAR ACTIVITY 1. Participated in Student in Enterprise Programme (SIEP) 2008-2010 in few companies 3. Participated in Shell’s road safety contest (2002) 4.1B-. 5A2. AJK of Girl Guide (2004/2005) 2. Kuala Lumpur Academic Award 2.K. Malaysia Higher School Certificate (2007) : 1A.M.Operation Manager for Betta fish breeding.M. 2.John.R. 1 C+ 2001-2005 : S. School prefect (2006-2007) 5. Participated in a field trip to Malaysia Agriculture. 2B4 (2003) : 7A 1B School Involment 1. Horticulture and Agrotourism (MAHA) Show 2008 and Malaysia Palm Oil Board (MPOB) in Selangor. St. Volunteer for Blind students helping (2006-2007) 1998-2000 : S. 1B3.2006-2007 4.

Selangor (Internship) SKILLS AND ABILITIES Language Proficiency Able to write in English. Computer Literacy Able to use Microsoft Office software and other programmes Able to use SPSS INTEREST      Working in different types of environment to diversify knowledge and skills Animal Industry Gain more knowledge and apply the theory learned. Tamil and German. EXPECTED SALLARY RM 1. Malay.  Nothing is impossible for me as I follow the guidelines. German and Tamil.BHD. Malay.WORKING EXPERIENCES 2010 : Aquatic International SDN.800 – Negotiable . Food technology ( Thesis title: Fish Cutlet from Spoiled Nemipterus Japonicus (Ikan Kerisi)) Business INTERPERSONAL TRAITS AND ATTITUDE  Achieve satisfaction in working to finish the job or task on time and successfully. motivated and willing to learn new skills on the job.  I am highly initiative.  Friendly and excellent in communication skills. Converse in English.

my 2. 17600 Jeli. . Karung Berkunci 36.9477123 Email : suhaimi. Locked Bag No. Kelantan Tel : 09. Faculty of Agro Based Industry. 17600 Jeli. Prof. Lee Seong Wei. Universiti Malaysia Kelantan (UMK). 100. Jeli Campus. Faculty of Agro Based Industry. Kelantan Tel : 09-947 7115 Email: leeseong@umk. Locked Bag No. Madya Dr. Jeli Campus. KELANTAN Tel : 09-771 7030 Fax : 09-771 7112 Email : intan@umk. Seri Intan binti Mokhtar Ketua Unit Pengajian Siswazah. 100. 3.REFERENCE 1.os@umk. Universiti Malaysia Kelantan. 16100 Kota Bharu. Lecturer. Universiti Malaysia Kelantan. Suhaimi Othman @ Osman. Pengkalan

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