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90-Minute Synopsis - Locked

Esther Odejimi a 16-year-old schoolgirl, a pupil at Oaks Park High School who was very reserved in school. Most children that were in the same circumstance as her popularity wise were quiet. This was not the case with Esther, in several of her classes she seemed to dose off quite easily, then about 20 seconds into her sleep she would scream Open the doors, get me out of herecan anybody hear me. I cant get out. Its locked, the daunting thing is that it was always about being locked. Due to this disorder, Esther was unable to conform to the rest of society, meaning she hardly had any friends. Dami Lovzyew and Jonas Mondua were friends from her church that knew of her disorder and were encouraged to befriend her. The pastor of the church invited a native medium named Minerva who in Latin mythology was the goddess of wisdom. Minerva performed a ritual with a Ouija board. She found that Esther was being troubled by a demon named Claudatur meaning locked in Latin. Immediately Minerva blasted out of the door as if she had seen a ghost, literally. Awestruck but not surprised Esther went back home. The day after the Ouija board ceremony was a Monday, this specific day was Esthers birthday, Monday 19th October 2012, and this day was supposed to be the best day of her life, it was her 16th birthday, ultimately it turned out to be the worst day of her life. The day when her nightmare became a reality. For the first time ever Esther suffered no anxiety attacks, neither did she fall asleep during lesson, this was the weirdest thing ever; she was so happy that nothing happened to her but she was so afraid of what was going to happen to her. School was over and Esther and Dami were on their way out of the corridor after their art lesson when suddenly Esther realised that she had left her art folder in her class, she prompts Dami to wait outside of the class while she gets her folder from the class. In annoyance Dami agrees to wait, Esther opens the door and walks into the classroom and looks around for her folder, she spots it under a cloth next to the sink. She takes it and exits the classroom.

She opens the door and notices that Dami has disappeared; she looks to the floor and sees Damis bag opened with her books coming out of them. Esther looks around at first and then crouches down to put the books back in the bag. While Esther is putting the books back in the bag, the ghost Claudatur appears in the blind spot behind her she is a girl with pale skin and has blood on her face and has a set of keys in her hand that look like they are used to lock all the doors in the school. Esther feels the presence of something behind her, she gets up whilst holding the bag and turns around, and the ghost disappears before Esther is able to see it. Esther feels a sense of ease, she turns back around, and she then finds herself standing directly in front of the ghost. She freezes in fright and the ghost slowly lifts its head revealing its face. The ghost stretches its hands towards Esther, the ghost then pounces at Esther, and Esther immediately cringes in fright and closes her eyes. She opens her eyes and finds that the Ghost has disappeared, she checks herself to find she is not injured. Esther drops Damis bag and sprints down the corridor, while running down the corridor she finds the caretaker of the school dead with blood all over his clothes and face, he has been put in the equipment room where mops and brooms are stored. She carries on running and creeps against the side of the wall leading to another corridor. A hand appears from the corner and grabs Esther; she immediately retaliates and blindly throws a punch in the direction of the hand. The person she hit was Jonas Mondua, her friend from church. He asks her why she hit him and she apologises saying that there is someone around the corner following her. Jonas does the manly thing and asserts himself as not being scared and asks Esther to step aside, as he walks around the corner Esther slowly steps back in fright, wondering what was happening. She then sees the ghost Claudatur happily ran past dragging along Jonas coat that he was wearing, the ghost turns and smiles at Esther. Esther panics and flees from the corridor running in the opposite way the ghost was headed. Esther runs downstairs and heads towards the door, she tries this several times around the school and then remembers that the ghost held a pair of keys that the caretaker was meant to have that locked all the doors in the school. Traumatised she sits down and holds her knees up too her chest and rocks back and forth in unease. She then feels droplets of a liquid falling on her hands, she looks at her hands and notices its blood she looks straight up to the ceiling and the ghost is upside down on the ceiling, it then plunges at her, the screen blacks out before physical contact is made.