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Rrst International Services


Date and birthplace: 4/18/1983 in Tunis

Nationality: Tunisian
Marital status: Single

Studies and Formations:

2008/2010: High-Ievel technician in Web master degree; Khawarizmi center
2005/2007: High-Ievel technician in Automatism and Industrial data processing;
Sectoral center of Training in Electronics of Den Den.
2003/2004: Technical VAT (With Data-processing Option); Khaznadar high school of


Other Formations: 2006: Training course "Maintenance, Repair and releasing of cellphone GSM", with the mention very weil; Institute of Data processing and Internet ICF.

2007.2008: Study of the English language, Diploma "lst level"; Institute of higher
learning "Bourguiba School". Projects carried out (Constant):

Project of lst cycle formation BTS: Study and design of an amplifier of Audio power. Project of 2nd cycle formation BTS: Study and design of an Inverter SOOVA.
Practical competences: My knowledge in electronics is in ail analogical and digital the electronics scopes of application.

Rrst International


* Electronics specialist in maintenance of electronic boards (even in CMS) and of

electronic equipment (test, measurement, breakdown service ...). * A Technician Electronics specialist of study of mixed cards and charts of power. * Electrician in electrical installation and Wiring of the cupboards. * Installation, configuration and installation of the local area networks. * Pneumatic installation and automated system. * Electronic design, Study and realization of the prototypes. * CAO (electric Diagram and electronic routing of the charts). Knowledge in Data processing: Windows 98, 2000, XP, Vista ...
Configuration of PC, Office automation (Word, Excel, Power not...).
Configuration of the local area networks ...
Languages: Turbo Pascal, Visual BASIC, Windev Assembler (IlP: 8086 and IlC: PEAK),
language C, language PHP, java script, MySQL
Management software: METIMAG; management software of stock.
Software electronics: Proteus; ProfessionallSIS.6, professional ARES.6.
Professional Experiences:
17/02/2010 to the 09/06/2010: Sales Man in T.B.S "Tunisia office automation safety measures"";. Installation of system of centered and the pointing, Installation and integration of the electronic systems of safety. From the 20/05/2009 to the 31/10/2009: Sales Advisor & technician in company G.M.T "Gabes Marine Tankers"; the charts of the boats and technicians electronics specialists in boat. From the 11/04/2007 to the 30/06/2008: High-Ievel Technician in Data processing than company S.M.G "Company General Store"; Maintenance man_data processing (software and hardware) and Technician computer network.

* 09/09/2006 to the 15/01/2007: High-Ievel Technician in Electronics than

company E.D.S; "Electronic Intention Been useful": Electronic research department specialized in the study and the maintenance of electronic

Rrst International Services

equipment: Work in the electronic laboratory; Electronic maintenance man of the charts in the field of telecommunications and the orders of the machines.

Arabie; Mother tongue. French; Written and spoken: Weil. English; Written and spoken: Weil

Sports activity: Physical training, Swimming, Football. ..
My leisure's: Music, Cinema, Internet, Follow-up of new technologies ...