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With the labour crunch looming, many young advisors will be hitting the industry over the next decade. In fact, studies indicate that Generation Y will make up roughly half of the world’s workforce. Our annual career guide is designed to assist new advisors coming into the business as well as experienced advisors who may be looking for a change
Compiled by Kristin Doucet

1. Product Lines and Services
Assante Wealth Management
• Investment products including mutual funds, segregated funds, managed money, private client investment council solutions, stocks and bonds and cash management • A broad range of wealth planning resources to deliver customized solutions for individual needs • Insurance solutions including tax shelters, income protection, insured annuities, GICs and more • Cash management solutions including lines of credit, RRSP loans and bank accounts • Mortgage referral service through Invis • Discount brokerage service through Qtrade Investor • Wide range of insurance products including home, auto, life, travel, group, commercial and farm, as well as investment products • Customized financial planning for private business owners • Range of insurance and investment products • Life, disability, health, critical illness and long-term care insurance • Mutual funds and segregated funds • Annuities, principal protected notes and labour sponsored funds • Investment, insurance and mortgage services including both DundeeWealth proprietary products and third-party managed investment and wealth management products and services • Full-service managing general agent • Life and critical illness insurance, guaranteed savings annuities, segregated funds, single premium annuities • Long-term care and disability insurance, and RESPs and mutual funds are available through third-party providers

The Co-operators

Creative Planning Financial Group Desjardins Financial Security
(independent network)

DundeeWealth Inc.

FaithLife Financial



MAY 2011

100 300 Over 3. benefit plan solutions are available featuring options such as life. segregated funds. FaithLife Financial Worldsource Wealth Management MAY 2011 FORUM 15 . disability. as well as products from other insurers • Wide array of product solutions from life. critical illness. group RRSPs and pension plans • Products and services for groups available through employee benefits group and group retirement services • Wide range of investment products. and critical illness insurance • Securities. RDSP. group benefits.000 brokers and inter-corporate representatives 4. RRIFs. RRIF and TFSA — as well as nominee accounts Great-West Life Investors Group Manulife Financial (independent advisor channel) RBC Insurance (career sales division) Sun Life Financial Worldsource Wealth Management 2. mutual funds. health care. mortgage and banking products • All product lines including life insurance and living benefits. permanent. RESPs. as well as independent institutional and proprietary research • Full range of products including mutual funds.000 40 full-time. wellness and disability. international benefits plans.. group life and heath. segregated funds. term life. 18 part-time and 66 brokers Manulife Financial (independent advisor channel) RBC Insurance (career sales division) Sun Life Financial DundeeWealth Inc. permanent. affinity markets and Manulife Bank products • Universal. and fee-based accounts and private client service • Full range of account types — RRSP. term life. mutual fund registered advisors have access to mutual funds within Freedom 55’s exclusive Quadrus group of funds family • Group retirement and savings plans.300 “financial security” advisors. RRSPs. dental care. including 351 wealth and estate planning group advisors and associate advisors Over 1. wealth management. investment and mortgage products. disability and critical illness insurance to segregated funds.000 career advisors. group pensions. private client program. long-term care and personal health insurance • Mutual funds. critical illness and health insurance for individuals and families • For large and small businesses and organizations. Quadrus Investment Services Ltd. mutual funds and a wide range of other investment products and financial services • Life. critical Illness. RRSPs and guaranteed products • Access to Solution Banking products through National Bank • Through its mutual fund dealer. 200 associate advisors and 40 long-term care insurance specialists Over 600 483 7 partners and 25 associate advisors Investors Group Desjardins Financial Security Investments (DFSI) — 185 Desjardins Financial Security Independent Network (DFSIN) — 1500 1.686 4. insurance products. retirement savings and income plans as well as life. portfolio solutions. RESP. disability. Number of Advisors Assante Wealth Management The Co-operators Creative Planning Financial Group Desjardins Financial Security (independent network) 800 Freedom 55/ London Life Great-West Life Over 3. GICs. and group benefit plans for large and small employers • A wide range of investment.600 independent “Gold Key” advisors and over 15.Freedom 55/ London Life • Proprietary insurance. long-term care and personal health insurance • Travel insurance • Segregated funds and payout annuities • Universal. GICs. plus online services • Group retirement and savings plans • Financial planning. cash management solutions.

Types of Advisor Affiliations Assante Wealth Management The Co-operators Creative Planning Financial Group Desjardins Financial Security (independent network) Principal-agent model Independent contractor advisors MGA principals and independent contractor advisors DFSI — independent MFDA advisors. the CFP or other respected investment or financial planning designations • • • • Self-managers Ability to access a natural market Financial stability Capacity to build a multi-line business • • • • Strong relationship management skills Integrity Visible ties to the community Dedicated to personal and professional development The Co-operators Creative Planning Financial Group • Entrepreneurial • Experienced with good track record (MDRT level or shows promise of reaching MDRT) • Focused on high-net-worth small business owners and professionals • Must fit with Creative Planning values and culture • Willingness to grow. • Well-established practice combined with an ambition for continued growth • Financial planning approach that includes securities. Key Traits of New Recuits Assante Wealth Management • Professional. client-oriented advisors who have a passion for helping clients achieve financial independence through a proactive. and/or mortgage and banking services • • • • Entrepreneurial Drive to succeed Business acumen Service focus • Good compliance record • Client-centric approach with a commitment to a high standard of client service and a focus on enhancing the client experience • Certain minimum asset and gross production thresholds • Strong communication and relationship-building skills • Commitment to Christian outreach/desire to make a difference. motivated. Sun Life Financial Worldsource Wealth Management FaithLife Financial 4. insurance products. mutual funds. FaithLife Financial 16 FORUM MAY 2011 . comprehensive and integrated approach to managing their wealth • Both securities-licensed (or mutual fund only) and insurance-licensed strongly preferred • Advisors must be working toward. collaborate and learn • Integrity • • • • Industry accreditations Willingness to invest in themselves Ethical Natural market to leverage Desjardins Financial Security (independent network) • • • • • Entrepreneurial Self-driven Passion for the client Strategic Professional DundeeWealth Inc.CAREER GUIDE 3. DFSIN — split between contracted associate advisors and non-contracted independent advisors Independent contractor advisors Independent contractor advisors and brokers Freedom 55/ London Life Great-West Life Investors Group Manulife Financial (independent advisor channel) Independent contractor advisors Independent contractor advisors Independent contractor advisors Independent contactor advisors Employees Independent contractor advisors Independent contractor advisors RBC Insurance (career sales division) DundeeWealth Inc. or have already attained.

and $100. women. looking for a change.Freedom 55/ London Life • High-potential recruits with business or management experience • Strong work ethic/drive to succeed • Knowledge of financial services and ownership of industry products • • • • Strong interpersonal and networking skills Entrepreneurial Trainable. and Ethno-Canadians Worldsource Wealth Management • Entrepreneurial • Desire to promote and retain their own “brand” 5. How Advisors Get Paid Assante Wealth Management The Co-operators Creative Planning Financial Group Desjardins Financial Security (independent network) Commission and trailer fees. or those who have reached their full potential and are looking for more • Focus on four key markets to attract new advisors: mid-life career changers. incentives and bonuses Commission Commission and trailer fees MAY 2011 FORUM 17 . drug. disability insurance and family coverage Commission. willing and able to learn about complex topics Motivated by continuous learning. new graduates or career starters.000 in insurance sales premiums and $10 million in assets under administration • Ability to impact and influence people in a positive way • Achievement-orientated • Self-manager • Relationship-building skills • Integrity • • • • Self-confidence Analytical thinking Financial stability Focused on learning and personal growth • Ability to network effectively Investors Group Manulife Financial (independent advisor channel) • Independent • Entrepreneurial • Ethical • • • • • Entrepreneurial Goal-oriented Self-motivated Post-secondary education Excellent communication and interpersonal skills • Ability to work independently with minimum supervision • Financial planning focus • Competency • Coachable • Involvement in social and community activities • Ability to develop. Advisors also have access to an advisor-paid group benefit plan that includes dental. build and maintain client relationships • Natural market to leverage • Belief in products • Satisfaction from helping others RBC Insurance (career sales division) Sun Life Financial • • • • • Entrepreneurial Driven/goal-oriented Professional Community involvement Proven track record of past performance • People who either are currently employed. medical. positive impact on their community and a work/family balance Great-West Life • The ideal advisor has at least five years’ experience in the insurance/investment industry.

The Co-operators provides extensive learning for both new and experienced advisors throughout their career. the company will provide system and process training. renewal commissions and service bonuses. bonuses. the advisors the company hires tend to be established advisors and therefore the training is mainly on its systems and processes rather than on sales. near-cash compensation such as practice credits. Creative Planning’s boutique-style operation lends itself more to mentorship than training. marketing and development allowance. The Co-operators Creative Planning Financial Group 18 FORUM MAY 2011 . and an employee savings and share ownership plan with company-matched contributions Commission Commission Sun Life Financial Worldsource Wealth Management 6. as well as business support. dental. The firm’s advisors are experienced and have generally been “trained” prior to joining the company. sales skills. Investors Group offers (on a selective basis) a financing program that allows new advisors to draw against future earnings. client relationship management. professional liability. The company offers a pension plan. Training Programs Assante Wealth Management While Assante provides training. welcome discussions with junior advisors who the company believes has the potential to take their business to the next level. however. How Advisors Get Paid continued Commission. etc. and has a flexible benefit plan that includes group life. strategic business planning. production bonuses. RBC also offers financial assistance during the initial three-month training period. Creative Planning does. vision care insurance. however. Commission. a health and dental plan. education credits. which includes a conference Commission and bonuses Commission.000 when successfully licensed by Investors Group. The company’s experienced management team supports the transfer of learning to the workplace by providing new advisors with the coaching. resource management. and deferred compensation driven by performance and assets. Mortgage discounts and a matching share ownership plan and investment plan are also available FaithLife Financial Freedom 55/ London Life Great-West Life Investors Group Manulife Financial (independent advisor channel) Commission plus override RBC Insurance (career sales division) Commission. marketing. and top advisors can earn entry into the Chairman’s and President’s Club. The Co-operators’ Agency Academy model incorporates programs focused on product knowledge. 5. To help new advisors establish themselves. Additional compensation can include productivity bonuses. In addition to an insurance bonus premium.CAREER GUIDE DundeeWealth Inc. living benefits. such as those for life insurance. marketing allowance. If an Assante advisor recruits an advisor with little or no prior experience. New advisors also receive an appointment bonus of $2. etc. as well as financial literacy and analysis. and home and auto insurance. disability insurance. advisors can receive a premium commission of up to $75. health. Additional compensation can include productivity bonuses. tools and support needed to implement strategies necessary to build the business.000 over their first three years that enhances earnings during their development period. Advisors can also participate in benefit programs. Management and leadership skill development is the foundation for the curriculum and a key to success in this role. any sales training would be provided by the hiring advisor. There are also incentive programs. Commission.

workshops and ongoing training in the financial centre. joint field work and training at quarterly regional meetings. The organization also facilitates peer networking and provides opportunities for associate advisors to participate in professional development where they can learn from leading advisors. concepts. compensation and other training requirements are determined by the independent branch manager. Freedom 55 also has a product support structure that provides support through product specialists in each line of business. marketing and business development skills. In addition. classroom training. These programs are run by experienced licensing training managers and can be completed in a classroom environment or through e-learning. New advisors attend the regional training schools between the third and fifth month as an advisor. Self-study materials include the Getting Started Program and Education and Training Program. business development. Junior advisors may be hired at a branch and mentoring. time management. including classroom training in the areas of sales. Worldsource offers operational training for new advisors called Operational Business Integration. sales concepts and technology training. FaithLife Financial Freedom 55/ London Life Great-West Life Investors Group Manulife Financial (independent advisor channel) RBC Insurance (career sales division) Sun Life Financial Worldsource Wealth Management 20 FORUM MAY 2011 . prospecting skills. web-based training. FaithLife provides extensive training for career advisors. the company strongly encourages and helps advisors begin the education necessary to become full-fledged financial planners. All new advisors are provided with the education they need to become established in the industry. telephone follow-up. product knowledge. podcasts and access to subject matter experts. New advisors participate in a five-week. sales. RBC sales directors provide skills development through on-the-job training. Associate advisors with leading Gold Key firms benefit from an affiliation with one of 10 regional directors — Gold Key Advisor Practices — across Canada. and sales and closing techniques. business management. There is a two-week introduction to sales processes and tools training at the advisor’s financial centre by experienced new advisor training managers. Ontario. It also offers weekly coaching. There is also an in-field training consultant who helps advisors and managers with the application of training theories to real-life client meetings. Training Programs continued Desjardins Financial Security Independent Network associate contracted advisors are offered an extensive two-step. products and technology training within the advisor’s financial centre. The company also offers additional educational conferences. full-time licensing training program (covering LLQP and IFIC). Supplemental training through online training programs is also provided. online training. They may also attend the national training school. which includes sales skills development. Manulife offers numerous events. Freedom 55 offers ongoing sales process. on-the-job training. Product training. sales skills.) Sun Life’s Career Academy approach combines self-study with one-on-one coaching sessions. Great-West Life’s Gold Key channel offers an Associate Advisor National Forum for newer advisors who join a Gold Key advisor firm. sales concepts and marketing support are provided through resource centres across Canada. relationship management. through the Investors Group Business Development Program new advisors are immersed in a mentoring and coaching program whereby experienced advisors assist them during their first appointments. financial planning tools and succession planning. Sun Life also encourages advisors to continue their professional development by earning professional industry-recognized designations such as the CFP. Business development directors provide training and development by accompanying new advisors on client visits (joint field work) and modeling and observing the sales process. the hiring of rookie advisors is made at the advisor level. needs analysis. tools. new advisor training program that focuses on practice management. webinars. DundeeWealth Inc. joint field work with financial centre managers. Based on Dundee’s independent model. held in Waterloo. and prospecting techniques (including individualized needs analyses. which is provided online and in person. product and marketing techniques and ongoing reference material. not the firm level. Training is focused on sales skills. Subsequent to the industry training.CAREER GUIDE Desjardins Financial Security (independent network) 6. Directors provide case consultation and help create. business building and more. during their 12th to 18th month by meeting minimum production requirements. CLU and RHU. web-based programs and resources covering a wide variety of topics including products. implement and maintain business plans. The company also has a continuing education centre that offers myriad online training modules. Training and professional development is available exclusively through the Investors Group Institute.

and provide him or her with the knowledge and tools required to present insurance and tax and estate planning solutions to clients and prospects • The Certified Portfolio Engineer Program: a three-level educational program designed to enhance an advisor’s understanding of portfolio construction. Assante advisors can offer clients a 20 per cent discount on Turbo Tax’s solutions for filing tax returns • Associate agent financial assistance package to encourage new agent development • Mentoring opportunities • Client relationship management (CRM) software • Financial modeling software • Extensive marketing tools and support weekly sales meetings for sharing of experiences. lawyers and other professionals • • • • The Co-operators • National and regional business builder incentive programs. weekly product educational sessions for insurance and mutual funds. Greece and Argentina • Educational awards for obtaining designations (e. a business-consulting program helps them grow their business by focusing on systems and processes that can improve their business’s effectiveness • A mentoring program provides advisors with a viable option to enhance business growth through a partnership with a new advisor 22 FORUM MAY 2011 . specialists and Dundee Insurance Agency • myConnect: an annual national conference that provides education.. and risk management sessions • MyAdmin: a multi-tiered program offered to assistants and administrative professionals to help them in their support of advisors and branch managers • The Certified Insurance Practitioner Program: a two-level training program designed to maximize the existing insurance potential in an advisor’s business. Many events feature industry-leading speakers and best practice sharing among participants • For established advisors. product and process. and providing the support and tools to help advisors My Website: a free website creation tool that allows advisors to publish professional. and weekly technical seminars presented by accountants. Other Special Programs / Services Assante Wealth Management • • • • Annual advisor conference that provides networking and mentoring opportunities Professional development days to promote peer-to-peer networking A program to encourage obtaining and maintaining professional designations Client Audit: a program that helps financial advisors maximize the profitability of existing client relationships by gathering ongoing feedback from clients. its head office personnel and its products and services • MyBootCamp: a three-day program designed to help the advisor implement a tool or process into his or her everyday business practice • Insurance Learning Virtual Training Series: bi-monthly online training sessions on sales. Previous locations have included Switzerland. training and opportunities for advisors to network with their peers from across the country • Regional and national sales incentive programs • Business development training and coaching • Marketing support program • Sales and client/member care support DundeeWealth Inc. held in conjunction with Dundee’s insurance company partners. CFP and CLU) Creative Planning Financial Group • Annual “warm” conference for qualifying top advisors • Annual ski day • Professional development and education through collaboration and regular meetings in which experiences and lessons learned are shared including: Desjardins Financial Security (independent network) • Reward/recognition programs • Professional development programs • Discounts on industry courses (e. LLQP) through educational partners • MyBranch: a three-part annual training program for branch managers comprising online and in-class courses. and to equip the advisor with the practical knowledge and tools they’ll need to help deliver quality advice to clients • New Registrants Program: a training program for new or migrating DundeeWealth registrants that provides an extensive introduction to Dundee’s operational processing. translating that into an action plan.g..g. FaithLife Financial Freedom 55/ London Life • A number of professional development opportunities where advisors can network with like-minded advisors and exchange success strategies. custom content sites Regional vice-presidents provide business coaching to advisors in order to enhance the value of their practice The Path to Wellness: health-care concierge program Turbo Tax: through its partnership with Turbo Tax.CAREER GUIDE 7.

mentoring and community involvement • Top advisors are rewarded with travel to world-class destinations such as Tokyo. Petersburg and Rome. LinkedIn. business and client information. services. • Wide range of programs to recognize and reward exceptional performance. Great West Life. and the Herbert H. client surveys. RBC Insurance and Allstate • EWMS Advisor Front Office: a 24/7. positive feedback and comment on their overall experience with Investors Group • Advisor study groups • Reward and recognition programs • Support in the obtaining of designations • Laptop with company-sponsored software • Incentives for superior performance during sales campaigns • Full reimbursement for successfully completing courses leading to industry designations and accreditation • Illustration software that provides modeling • Personal development support • Technology support • Client events information and examples of insurance plan performance on an individualized basis • Ongoing career growth and development • Opportunity to career path through Cross Roads program • Conference qualifications Great-West Life Investors Group Manulife Financial (independent advisor channel) RBC Insurance (career sales division) Sun Life Financial • Workplace Solutions team provides advisors with the materials. This presence is also used to highlight their advisors’ community work and charitable involvement.CAREER GUIDE Freedom 55/ London Life continued 7.Pl. The Pillar Award recognizes and rewards advisors in their first four years for early growth and productivity in their new business. Carnegie Community Service Award for exceptional long-term community service • Advisors can qualify for credits that can be used to cover the costs of obtaining the CFP or Financial Planner (F. buy-sell structuring. This includes a unique relationship with a regional director. It also provides a forum for clients to provide testimonials. systems and processes to help them take their businesses to the next level. who provides one-on-one business coaching. Other programs include the Excellence in Mentoring Award that recognizes personal contributions to mentoring new advisors. tools. including specialized support through the private wealth and estate services group and private wealth counsellors who assist advisors who work in the affluent client and business owner market • Advisors associated with Great-West Life’s Gold Key channel have access to a wide range of programs. Other Special Programs / Services continued • Advisors can invest in a marketing associate program to help support their business • Tax and estate planning group consultants with extensive experience in tax and estate planning.) designations • Investors Group’s social media presence on Facebook. Great-West Life provides advisors with product and marketing support. succession planning and access to development opportunities at exclusive conferences and other forums. Top Gold Key advisors enjoy additional support to help grow their practices. storage and retrieval • Advisor portal through which advisors have access to tools. Gold Key Advisor Practices. support and processes for seminar marketing that can be used in the workplace. with community groups. Top Gold Key advisors can also access development opportunities for associate advisors and operations team members • An association with National Bank that helps to streamline the financial process for an advisor acquiring a block of business. Hong Kong. They specialize in areas such as estate planning and wealth transfer. YouTube and Twitter helps support its brand and assist advisors in building their practices. executive compensation and key person protection. etc. business building. behavioural assessments. business loan protection and charitable giving • Private wealth counsellors deliver in-depth knowledge and case support for the affluent investment and retirement market • Through 27 resource centres across the country. in addition to Worldsource’s customized order management system • Investor portal through which clients can view their individual financial situations at a glance Worldsource Wealth Management 24 FORUM MAY 2011 . portfolios and clients • PortfolioINSIGHTS: a built-in portfolio analysis tool that features “built-in” compliance to help protect clients’ assets and provides an optional web-based access for investors • Imaging and WorkFlow: document imaging. while the Executive and Senior Consultant Group recognizes the consistently strong performance of its most successful advisors. St. real-time and online system that enables advisors to manage their business. client groups or other associations • Estate and financial planning team and long-term care insurance specialists who provide specialized support • Partnerships with CI Investments. Access is also provided to various external suppliers who provide support for website development.

The organization’s confidential employee surveys gauge “employee engagement. and therefore invests primarily in programs that add efficiencies to an advisor’s business so that he or she can spend more time servicing clients. Advisors are independent businesspeople who organize their approach to work as required by their individual circumstances. and their staff members are committed to achieving corporate goals. marketing and back-end administrative support. They have the freedom to make their own schedule. Corporate Culture / Work Environment Assante Wealth Management Assante advisors are agents of the firm (not employees) and as such operate their own business and structure their day accordingly. FaithLife’s Christian-based corporate culture is built on the values of supporting and growing the expertise and professionalism of its advisors. For the eighth consecutive year. This culture permeates to the company’s agency force. The company strives to maintain a strong connection between the field and head office through the use of technology. professional and inclusive culture based on trust. Its vision is to grow profits so that the company can increase the good it does by returning its profits to clients and the Christian community in Canada and around the world. FaithLife Financial Freedom 55/ London Life Great-West Life Investors Group Manulife Financial (independent advisor channel) RBC Insurance (career sales division) Sun Life Financial Worldsource Wealth Management 26 FORUM MAY 2011 . N/A The culture is one of support and community.CAREER GUIDE 8. The corporate culture is one that encourages personal accountability and success for Desjardins’ advisors. many are incorporated and self-branded. which leads to more creative and effective customized solutions for clients. support and mentorship. develop their skills and build customer relationships while RBC provides the product. FaithLife offers flexible hours and values work-family life balance. advisors can work in the markets that are right for them with a business model and support structure that allows them to operate their business effectively and efficiently. Advisors are in business for themselves but not by themselves. Investors Group focuses on building enduring partnerships with clients and the community. set their own income goals and enjoy the opportunity to become a professional in the community. Worldsource offers an engaged and family-supportive environment for its employees. respectful relationship that encourages loyalty. they set their own schedule for hours and job sharing. trust. Co-operators advisors have the ability to become CEO of a business with their name on it. and has been recognized as a “Caring Company” by the IMAGINE public awareness program because of their commitment to corporate citizenship. integrity and respect. The company fosters a client-driven. DundeeWealth encourages entrepreneurial spirit.” Firms with high engagement scores tend to attract and retain employees. As independent contractors. Creative Planning’s culture is one of knowledge-sharing. They are fully supported by Sun Life Financial. The company also ranked 9th on the Corporate Knights’ 2010 list of “Best 50 Corporate Citizens in Canada” and was the Corporate Citizenship Award winner in the 2009 Canadian Investment Awards. With 61 professional financial centres across Canada. The Co-operators Creative Planning Financial Group Desjardins Financial Security (independent network) DundeeWealth Inc. The company’s values are demonstrated through its dedication to support its client base of advisors by allowing them to flourish in an environment that is free from the interference of mandated proprietary products. Sun Life supports the single advisors as well as a structure to build the business and partner with other Sun Life advisors through a multi-advisor corporation. protects independence and rewards performance. but also other consultants who have been in their shoes. The partnership that DundeeWealth enjoys with its advisors is founded on strong regulatory and corporate compliance standards framed in an open. New advisors are mentored and coached by not only their direct management. The Co-operators has been named one of the “50 Best Employers in Canada” by The Globe and Mail’s Report on Business magazine. field visits and open communication. Advisors are part of a mobile sales network. Advisors are self-employed entrepreneurs who operate their own business with support from Freedom 55. learning from experiences to increase excellence. They are in control of their day-to-day operations and thus their own success. integrity and partnership. integrity to guide decisions and stewardship to manage the business.

There is a strong support structure that includes an advanced financial planning support program and banking. Additionally. tools and resources to help them approach the market in a professional and trusted way. marketing. administration and client service. technology and practice management support to help advisors build their books of business. Advisors are also provided with leads from RBC Insurance’s call centre and retail insurance partners. strategic alliances and associate advisor development. See #7. as well as partnering with the firm’s marketing director. myPractice tools are divided into three categories: myStrategy. RBC also provides financial assistance for local advertising and marketing at local community events. personalized marketing campaigns. DundeeWealth offers myPractice. Product specialists are available in each product line to help with client meetings. Desjardins assists in financing the startup of its DFSIN branches. DundeeWealth Inc. which helps advisors better understand the fundamental elements of their businesses. new advisors are provided with a small book of in-force business. business development support. marketing strategies and human capital requirements. myProcess. client mailing support. The company assists with marketing strategies to help advisors understand and identify the greatest need in the insurance marketplace. Training support is also given to assist advisors. New advisor training managers and directors work with advisors on how to identify their target market and focus on areas where they’re likely to experience success. The company also provides advisors with marketing materials and support to help educate and attract prospects. professional development programs and business coaching. To help advisors grow their businesses. as well as lead-generation programs and events specifically designed to help build their practices. Support is provided through mentorship and joint case work. A variety of marketing tools and programs are offered to assist advisors in the analysis and growth of their book of business. FaithLife Financial Freedom 55/ London Life Great-West Life Investors Group Manulife Financial (independent advisor channel) RBC Insurance (career sales division) Sun Life Financial Worldsource Wealth Management 28 FORUM MAY 2011 . Support is given through marketing support. It provides advisors with equipment. which includes information on market trends. compliance. This helps to build the advisor’s average case size and competencies. The company also provides several programs throughout the year tailored to help advisors with their business needs. Advisors may acquire blocks of business from other advisors who are retiring or who are narrowing their target market. Worldsource’s Quest program helps support the business planning and objectives development for an advisor’s practice. Freedom 55 offers guidance. FaithLife offers advisors support. Freedom 55 has business consultants who work with advisors on building their brand. tools and processes. direct marketing campaigns. Workplace Solutions and lead generation. Directors act as business coaches to help develop successful practices and recommend business solutions to meet unique client needs. which offers guidelines for reviewing and measuring business progress and the success of the work done in the first two categories. wealth management. Manulife provides business acquisition loans. In addition to providing branding support. personal coaching. along with a broad range of products. mortgage and insurance product specialists. who helps to increase the depth of planning provided to clients. demands of the changing marketplace and shifts in buyer profiles. which provides tools to add efficiency across various business processes including marketing. Assistance In Building Books Of Business Assante Wealth Management The Co-operators Creative Planning Financial Group Desjardins Financial Security (independent network) Through its head office and field team members. training and coaching. The Advisor Business Development Program was launched in 2009 to help advisors build their block of business. For its dual-licensed financial advisors across both Desjardins Financial Security Investments and Desjardins Financial Security Independent Network networks. Assante provides sales. an end-to-end solution of best practices in each of the core areas of an advisor’s business. See #6 and #7. Investors Group offers education through industry-leading training programs and active mentorship by well-established advisors who share their knowledge and insight with new advisors on an ongoing basis. client event support. They also help focus on strategies to penetrate and attract that market. increasing overall productivity and enhancing advisor support. client acquisition. as well as leads from over 90 events and marketing activities each year. In most cases. The service provides advisors with access to over 200 tools and resources designed to support them in the areas that will help grow and develop their business.CAREER GUIDE 9. and myResults. New advisors are also provided access to industry-leading marketing support. the company offers a financing program to assist with the transfer of an advisor’s business to Desjardins to help with transfer and operational costs. It offers advisors a marketing support program to help them implement specific marketing campaigns within the advisor’s own block.

The company also has a Premature Death Program to manage the transfer of an advisor’s business in the event that he or she passes away before completing a succession plan. recognizing that not all advisors have a need for an associate advisor as part of a succession plan. The Co-operators’ district management team continually works with its agency force to ensure succession plans are in place to support and maintain client relationships during times of transition. Worldsource offers book financing through its Succession Planning program and partners advisors for potential succession circumstances.CAREER GUIDE 10. 30 FORUM MAY 2011 . and programs and services offered. FaithLife Financial has a formalized process for transitioning an advisor’s book of business. please contact the editor at kdoucet@advocis. contingency planning. Great-West Life also has a partnership with National Bank to provide financing for the purchase or sale of a book of The retiring advisor is paid by the company. succession planning and for the identification. If you are interested in having your company profiled in next year’s career guide. Manulife offers support for buying and selling a business. Investors Group offers a guaranteed buy-out for the advisor’s practice upon retirement. Support is given to assist in the selection process for roles such as associate sales advisor. but perhaps an operational or marketing role to support their growth. This is evaluated on a case-by-case basis. as well as licensed administrative associates.. a mentoring program. so there are never any issues or challenges regarding receiving payments over time. Freedom 55 has arrangements in place with National Bank and Bank of Montreal to assist advisors in financing transactions of books of business. The company offers an interactive tool called Executive GPS that supports the succession planning and business transition process. For more information on a specific company. These companies were selected based on the variety of size (i. tools and processes. Dundee also offers a financing program to help with acquiring assets. The company also has a retirement and succession planning program designed to align the interests of the retiring advisor with the new advisor and the clients served. Creative Planning Financial Group Desjardins Financial Security (independent network) DundeeWealth Inc. please contact the company directly. and more. The company’s regional vice-presidents work closely with advisors to help ensure a succession plan is in place that meets their specific needs. purchase and sales templates. and building a transition plan for their advisors and clients. and has a succession planning tool for advisors that assists them in sourcing. Due to space restrictions. Assistance In Succession Planning Assante Wealth Management The Co-operators Assante has developed several tools and programs to support their advisors’ succession planning objectives including checklists. succession planning is carried out on an ongoing basis. Advisors wishing to transition their practice work closely with branch managers and experts at head office to ensure the practice is transitioned in the most effective and efficient manner while looking out for the clients’ best interests. The company believes strongly in mentorship and apprenticeship. or blocks of businesses. The company supports their career advisors’ succession planning by delivering a program through field management that includes help in finding and hiring successor advisors. At RBC Insurance. for sales and succession planning. support and development of potential successors. boutique firms versus career firms). Sun Life has a centralized recruiting and selection team to assist the growth of each financial centre. recruiting and integrating new advisors into their practices. a business valuation strategy and resources to organize the business for sale. Freedom 55 offers support in the form of coaching. It also has an in-house consulting organization that can help advisors build and implement a tailored succession plan. which leads to advisors working jointly on client cases. The company has an assured value program whereby a practice is valued based on a predetermined formula. Dundee has developed a Business and Succession Planning Guide to help advisors with the partial or full sale of their book. FaithLife Financial Freedom 55/ London Life Great-West Life Investors Group Manulife Financial (independent advisor channel) RBC Insurance (career sales division) Sun Life Financial Worldsource Wealth Management Editor’s note: There are other financial services companies outside of those that participated in this year’s career guide that are also looking to expand their advisor networks. there are natural succession opportunities. Due to Creative Planning’s demographics. type of new recruits (experienced advisors versus new advisors).e. we have only highlighted 13 companies. Regional directors and directors in the Resource Centres across the country are trained to deliver Great-West Life’s succession planning program to advisors who are looking to buy or sell a business.

afds. (www. (www.cica. including fixed-income analysis. Life Management Institute (FLMI): Granted by LOMA.) the designation — formerly known as the Certified Senior Advisor (CSA) — focuses on the physical. financial. the course equips advisors with the knowledge and expertise to handle complex wealth management issues and counsel high-net-worth Elder Planning Counselor (EPS): Offered by various Canadian colleges. (www. the designation provides the skills to perform divorce asset scenario evaluations. (www. (www. business owners and professionals. (www. innovation and an integrating perspective to organizational decision making. the course is designed for people who work in the 50+ age group and focuses on the evolving and specialized needs of Canada’s citizens as they age.cpcacanada. alternative and derivative Financial Management Advisor (FMA): Provided by Financial Divorce Specialist (FDS): Offered by the Academy of Financial Divorce Fellow.CAREER GUIDE OUTSIDE THE BOX In addition to the usual letters that fall after a designated advisor’s Certified Employee Benefit Specialist (CEBS): Provided by the International Foundation. Here is a list of designations that are becoming more popular with advisors today: Chartered Accountant (CA): Provided through the Chartered Accountants of Chartered Professional ( Certified Professional Consultant on Aging (CPCA): Provided by the Age-Friendly Business Academy (formerly known as the Canadian Academy of Senior Advisors Inc. the designation focuses on three distinct areas of specialization: group benefits. (www. the program focuses on living benefits. the program provides advanced wealth management skills for advisors working with high-net-worth clients.loma.csi. the program focuses on equity security analysis and emphasizes ethical and professional standards within a global context along with other topics. communication and leadership skills. (www. (www. tax and financial management.P. the program provides a comprehensive business education in the context of the insurance and financial services industry. (CSI).) Strategic Wealth: Offered by —KD 32 FORUM MAY 2011 .org) Canadian Investment Manager (CIM): Granted by CSI Global Education Inc.cga-canada.cfainstitute. the program combines academic study. ( Certified General Accountant (CGA): Granted by CGA Canada. (www. the designation equips advisors with the skills required to serve more sophisticated financial clients and offers the credentials needed to be licensed as a discretionary portfolio manager in Canada. retirement and compensation. advisors who choose to either expand their skill sets or specialize in specific areas are looking to those designations outside their peripheral. and ensures that students develop Registered Health Underwriter (RHU): Granted by Advocis. (www. the program combines training in theoretical and analytical knowledge and offers extensive training in accounting. accounting.advocis. professional education and practical work experience. the designation combines accounting expertise and business acumen with professional management skills to provide leadership. social and psychological aspects of aging as well as the financial and estate planning requirements for aging Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA): Offered by the CFA Institute. including income replacement and risk management solutions for Certified Management Accountant (CMA): Granted by CMA Canada.csi. (www. and portfolio management.

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