Volume 7, No.

8 August 2012
Early Fruits of Summer
from the “Texas State Plant”
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"It does not require a majority to
prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority
keen to set brush fires in people's minds."
--Samuel Adams
(1722-1803), known as the "Father of the American Revolution."
"A government big enough to give you
everything you need is a government strong
enough to take everything you have."
--Thomas Jefferson
“Wake Up, America”!
From the Editor...
August 2012 The Lake & Country Shopper - 2
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Let’s suppose for a moment
that you have to make a choice
of two alternatives of food to
eat for the next four years,
every meal, every day, exclud-
ing all other possible foods,
and that you have to suffer the
consequences of which choice
you make. Here are the
1) Your favorite pie, with
beautiful toppings
2) Your favorite cake, well-
Which would you choose? Are
you aware of the consequences
of four years of such a diet?
Hidden away, by design of
the bakers of the pies and the
bakers of the cakes, there is ac-
tually another choice, filet
mignon with mushroom sauce
and a beautiful green salad
with tomatoes and avocadoes,
but most of you do not know
that is a choice because the
chief bakers have only put in
front of you the choice be-
tween pie and cake.
They have spent a very large
amount of money advertising
pie and cake on television, on
radio and everywhere else.
They have used those who
work for them to promote pie
and cake. The makers of ingre-
dients for pie and cake have
also contributed a great deal of
money to promoting pie and
cake. After all, don’t most peo-
ple have a weakness for pie or
cake? Or both? The corrupt
bakers themselves, and espe-
cially the corrupt chief bakers,
feast daily on all manner of re-
ally good food and only show
you the pie and the cake be-
cause your purchase of pie or
cake, either one, will make
them a fortune and give them
power and control over you,
especially control of your
health and your choices in life.
Some people will choose the
cake. Others will choose the
pie, but the results will be
pretty much the same: obesity,
poor health, and possibly even
death. Some will choose fruit
pie, believing it to be better for
them or lower in calories than a
creme pie. That choice could
possibly slow down the rate of
decline. Some will choose car-
rot cake, believing it will
somehow be better for them
than chocolate cake with fudge
icing. Others will realize how
much harm past pies and cakes
have caused them and will seek
to find out about alternatives
the bakers do not want them to
know about and only toss
crumbs to. They will discover
steak and salad and will go to
great lengths to obtain it. Oth-
ers simply will not choose at
all, but rather starve for a while
and attempt to create their own
food resources. Others will just
simply starve to death.
Once you have made your
choice between cake or pie,
please read “The ‘Leeser of
Two Evils’ Con-Game” by
Brandon Smith beginning on
page 4. Even though I do not
necessarily agree with his con-
clusions, he makes some ex-
cellent points I hope you will
think about.
Along with Smith’s article is
a most interesting video featur-
ing Obama and Romney. It is
avaliable at Smith’s website
(see his article) or you may be
able to view it by going di-
rectly to this link:
I make mistakes, and I apol-
ogize to Dr. Redding and all
our “Dr. Quack” readers for
getting it wrong about what
page “Dr. Quack” was contin-
ued on in the July issue.
Here’s hoping you were all
able to find the end of the arti-
cle. I will do better this month.
There are, as is often the
case, articles in this issue that
express either facts or opinions
(or both) with which you may
disagree, but time is short. A
certain bluntness about the fu-
ture of America and the future
of Texas is necessary. It is my
sincere hope you will read
everything and then, as our
writer Armando Conde says,
“You Decide.”
For those of you who are
perhaps not very experienced
with the internet and internet
links, again, here is how you
can follow all links in this
paper easily:
1) go to my website at
(Just enter that into your URL
address bar.)
2) Download the current
issue (or any of the previous
issues available there) by
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button for whichever issue you
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load the entire issue, ads and
3) You will get a PDF ver-
sion of this publication. As
you read through an article and
encounter an internet link, usu-
ally starting with “ http://” just
click on that link (or perhaps
double click, depending on
your setup) and it should take
you to that website. The links
will not be colored. They will
probably be in black and white
just like the rest of the copy ,
but they are active.
Sometimes the links may not
work. This happens either be-
cause the link has been moved,
has been “censored” or re-
moved. So, I apologize if
sometimes a link does not
work, but, with that said, it is
really worthwhile for you to
follow those links. It could
open entirely new and inter-
esting doors in your mind.
It is very tough times we are
in right now, and they will get
worse. Many do not believe it.
They believe if the stock mar-
ket ticks up a few points that
all is well. All is not well In
this issue, some alternatives
will be presented, not neces-
sarily the viewpoints of either
me or anyone else associated
with this paper. They are ideas
to ponder.
If you voted for Romney in
the Republican primary, may
you reap what you have sown.
If you voted for Dewhurst in
the Senate runoff, again, may
you reap what you have sown
The only way I can figure out
why Romney is apparently
going to be the Republican
nominee is the ignorance of
the people.
As always, I am grateful to
all our advertisers who make
this publication possible and
all our readers who patronize
businesses that advertise and
who even just pick up a copy
of this publication to read. We
have new advertisers this
Why Do
Wealthy Men
Run For
President or
U. S. Senate?
To The Editor:
Like most people, I have had
to work for a living all of my
life Well, perhaps that is not
like most people. I read that at
least 50% of all Americans pay
no income tax, so perhaps
most people do not need to
work for a living or have so
many children, dogs, cats and
health problems that they have
many tax deductions and “un-
earned” tax credits.
I have also read that Mr.
Romney, candidate for Repub-
lican nomination for POTUS,
is so wealthy that it is hard for
most of us to even imagine
what it would be like to have
that much money and not even
have to work to receive it. I
have read that David Dewhurst,
candidate for Texas Senate, is
also quite wealthy and really
has no need for a job that pays
far less than his own invest-
ments would pay.
Now, I have to admit, if I
were as wealthy as either
Romney or Dewhurst, I would
spend money traveling around
the world and donating money
to whatever I deemed worthy
causes. I would give money al-
most randomly to deserving
individuals. I would provide
scholarships for aspiring artists
and musicians. I would donate
to churches and support minis-
terial missions and rural med-
ical clinics. I would take every
advantage of the life experi-
ences for which money can
purchase access.
This brings up some ques-
tions in my mind? Why would
men who are that wealthy seek
out high offices in America? It
is certainly not for the money.
What else is there? This is a no
brainer. The first thing that
comes to mind is a lust for
power, fame and control. Then,
when I really ponder this ques-
tion for a long time, I wonder
if there are skeletons in the
closets of such men that would
ruin a man’s wealth or even
send him to prison were the
truth found out.
Then there is Obama, not
born to great wealth, who
never actually earned a dime in
his life. How did he even be-
come a candidate for POTUS
in the first place? Someone or
some people found him to be a
“useful idiot.” Are Romney
and Dewhurst also “useful id-
iots”? Of course Obama loves
the power and the glory, mak-
ing tryannical executive or-
ders, and he especially loves
We Get
To The Editor:
As an eligible veteran, I am
entitled to medical treatment
(sometimes called “health”
care) at a V. A. Clinic. Until
two or three years ago, I had
not taken advantage of that
privilege because I either had
really good private insurance
through an employer or had
enough money to pay cash and
deduct medical expenses on
my income tax return. On my
visits to doctors prior to resort-
ing to the V.A., there were usu-
ally long waits to see the
doctor, but then I usually felt
like the doctor was listening to
me and paying attention to why
I there to see a doctor. Usually
the doctor took a few notes and
then explained perhaps that I
should take a specific medica-
tion or that he thought I should
have some specific tests. Time
with the doctor was anywhere
from ten to twenty minutes and
I was on my way. The good
side: I had actual face-to-face
time with a doctor. The bad
side: He or she always seemed
to believe I was there to get
symptoms treated rather than to
find out how I could become
healthier and have a less dis-
eased body. It almost seemed
it was obligatory to get out the
prescription pad.
Contrast this with treatment
by a V. A. Clinic. First, I had to
complete an application to be
treated there. I thought it be
just a matter of a couple of
weeks before I would have an
appointment. After two years
without hearing from the
clinic, I called to inquire about
the status of my application.
After an hour and a half on
hold on the phone, I reached a
human being who apologized
for the long wait. It seems that
many employees were taking
advantage of the generous gov-
ernment vacation and sick
leave days. After giving them
my name and other informa-
tion, they told me that I was ap-
proved and asked if I wanted
an appointment. I had a very
specific reason why I wanted to
see a doctor, pertaining to what
I thought was suspicious mole
on my neck. The receptionist
said I had to have blood tests
one week before my appoint-
ment to see the doctor because
it took that long for the lab
(which was in the same build-
ing) to get the results to the
doctor. I said I would comply,
even though I lived so far away
that it was going to cost me
dearly in both time and cost of
gas to make two separate round
When I arrived for my lab
tests (after fasting), I discov-
ered that there some 30 other
veterans who had the same ap-
pointment time at the lab that I
had. We were herded to a line
at the lab window and then told
to “have a seat until your name
is called.” An hour later, my
name was called, and I was
sent to a room for blood to be
taken. There were only two
technicians taking blood. With
thirty people scheduled at the
same time? By the time my
blood was taken I was weak
with hunger.
A week later, when I had my
appointment with the doctor,
my wait time was only about
ten minutes. I saw the nurse,
who asked all the routine ques-
tions nurses ask. However, her
back was to me while she
seemed to be completing forms
in her computer. In fact, it
seemed that the computer was
telling her what questions to
ask. They were questions such
as “Have you had a flu shot?”
“Have you had a pneumonia
shot?” There were many, many
other questions, to which I an-
swered “no.” Then I was put in
a room outside the nurse’s of-
fice to wait to see the doctor.
After about a half an hour, the
doctor came out to invite me
into her office. (She was a for-
eigner, and I found during the
interview that I did not always
understand her English.) She
pointed to a seat and asked me
to sit. Then she sat behind two
large computer monitors and
began to type with two fingers.
(I guess they don’t teach doc-
tors how to type.) She began to
ask me the very same questions
the nurse had just asked and
typing in her answers with her
index fingers. After about 30
minutes I felt like I was just an-
swering questions asked by a
data entry clerk completing a
computer form rather than a
medical doctor. I interrupted
her and told her that my answer
was “no” to all the specialized
and unneeded vaccines, shots
and tests she was asking me to
take. She asked me why I did-
n’t want any these. After all,
there was no charge to me. I
answered that I really saw no
need for any of them, that I be-
lieved they would be bad for
my health. A friend was there
with me, and the doctor peeked
between her monitors out of
my hearing range and said to
her, “He knows the truth.”
Finally, after having been in
the doctor’s office for nearly an
hour, she looked at the mole
and said she could authorize
me see a dermatologist. It then
took another ten or fifteen min-
utes on her computer for her to
get the computer to spit out an
authorization form for me to
see a dermatologist. The form
is known as a V. A. Voucher.
When I got home, I took out
the yellow pages and called
every dermatologist listed.
Only one of them would accept
a V. A. Voucher, and it was
more than a month before there
was an available appointment.
Luckily, after all this time, the
mole was pronounced benign
but removed “just in case.”
Meanwhile a man I know
told me about the father of a
friend of his. The elderly man
was a veteran who walked into
a V.A. Clinic with chest pains.
Since he did not have an ap-
pointment, he had to wait and
take his chances on whether he
could see a doctor. A sign in the
clinic tells veterans that if they
have a medical emergency,
they will have to go to a private
hospital at the veteran’s own
expense. After spending the en-
tire day in the waiting room,
when the clinic closed at 5:00,
his father was dead.
This is what Obamacare will
be like - long waits for ap-
pointments, few doctors who
will accept Medicare and Med-
icaid, computerized doctor vis-
its that feel more like
appointments with data entry
clerks, invasive questions hav-
ing nothing to do with why you
are there in the first place, pres-
sure on you to have various
tests, vaccines and shots. And,
one way or another, it will cost
you more and more money for
poorer and poorer care and a
vastly increased possibility of
an untimely death..
J. B. Johnson
Live Oak County, Texas
Huge Increase
in Food Stamp
Will Be Like...
To the Editor:
Not too long ago, it was men-
tioned in this paper that an eld-
erly woman living on social
security was receiving $16 a
month in Food Stamps (Lone
Star Card). I was one of those
women. I had to laugh every
month when I received my
$16, as it would only buy two
or three days worth of food. I
know it’s not supposed to be
enough to buy all my food,
only a supplement.
A strange thing happened,
though, when Obama began
(for the millionth time) to
begin his campaign for re-elec-
tion. My food stamp allotment
increased ten-fold. Yes, you
read that right -- almost ten
times the amount I had re-
ceived before. Sure, I can re-
ally use the money, but, does
Obama really think he can buy
my vote? That’s the only rea-
son I can think of that my al-
lotment could have increased
that much, and I feel badly that
the people of my country,
America, are paying for this. I
would love to be able to take
my Lone Star card and tell the
government to “shove it,” but
attached to getting a Lone Star
card is eligibility for Medicaid,
and I really need for Medicaid
to kick in where Medicare
leaves off. No food stamps?
No Medicaid.
Carol Wells
month and last from outside of
our usual area or distribution
and readership. We appreciate
you all and will do our best to
increase distribution to your
areas beginning with this issue
and have high hopes on in-
creasing advertising from your
areas and others in order that
we increase distribution even
Our Houston area represen-
tative is Frank Williams. Jenell
Redding will take over the Bra-
zoria County area until I find
another representative for that
area. Tom Bailey no longer rep-
resents this publication for
sales or distribution.
Finally, please pay attention
to all news you listen to and
read between the lines. The
news constitutes, essentially,
government propaganda.
Wake Up, Texans!
Yours truly,
Penny Peavy
The Texas Free Press
Air Force One.
When I use the term “idiot”
here, I am not talking about
someone who is stupid, unedu-
cated or mentally impaired. I
am talking about people who
are great puppets, who will do
anything to achieve their own
narcissistic egotistical goals by
going along with the people
who have the money to call the
shots for America and the
Now, what if I were a well-
known rich man, with a good
education? What if I had some-
thing about the way I acquired
my wealth that I didn’t want
anyone to know? What if I had
cheated on my wife and could-
n’t afford for anyone to know
about it? Might I too become a
“useful idiot.” or a puppet?
Woodrow Wilson, under
whose administration came the
Federal Reserve, the IRS and
the change in how Senators
were elected was a “useful
idiot,” pandering to the pup-
peteers to keep his darkest se-
crets from being made public.
J. J. Geyer
“When the people fear the
government, there is
tyranny. When the
government fears the
people, there is liberty.”
Thomas Jefferson
“Concentrated power has
always been the enemy of
Ronald Reagan
“There can be no liberty
unless there is economic
Margaret Thatcher
August 2012 The Lake & Country Shopper - 3
tt,,tt| ïttt |t:t| tì:t|||
300 constitutional sheriffs are coming together for the 2
convention in Las Vegas, Nevada, September 16 - 18, 2012
Last January over 100 county sheriIIs Irom across the country
gathered in Las Vegas Ior the Iirst CSPOA convention.
These sheriIIs are recognizing their responsibility to carry out their
duties in deIending the United States Constitution and interposing
themselves on our behalI, in accordance with their oaths oI oIIice,
recognizing that their power and authority comes Irom us (We The
People) when we elect them as our public servants.
Actions you can take now to support your sheriff:
• Go to cspoa.org Join Ior $ 35 Become inIormed.
• Purchase books and dvd`s Irom avidd.org or
sheriffmack.com, or by phone at (832)423-4183.
• Give copies oI these books and dvd to your sheriII:
The County SheriII America`s Last Hope
Proper Role oI Law EnIorcement
The Magic oI Gun Control
Highlights oI the 1
CSPOA Convention (DVD)
• Sponsor and see that your sheriII is registered Ior the 2
convention Ior $299 (hotel, training, and meals) Trans-
portation to/Irom is not included. For more inIo visit
cspoa.org or call the CSPOA at (830)307-3077.
The County Sheriff:
America’s Last Hope
The county sheriff is our nation’s last line of de-
fense, for the preservation of and return to fun-
damental, individual liberty.
Sheriff, you are the people’s last hope.
When you connect with this astounding truth,
the people in your county or parish will recon-
nect with freedom.
The Magic of Gun Control
When we honestly come to understand the truth
about gun control, we will see how today’s POLY-
MAGICIANS and their distraction-clad, well-paid
assistants – the mainstream media –
create elaborate performances designed to fool us
into giving up the one freedom that will allow all
other freedoms to be taken away.
Both Titles available in paperback and instant-download audio book
Listen & Participate daily in the future
of YOUR freedom!
Global Voice 2012 has been established on behalf of all those who love Freedom
around the world. Humanity is waking up and with that their voices are being
heard as they speak the truth. That truth comes in many forms on a variety of
topics. This is the place for all those with information to share with those wiping
the sand from their eyes. We encourage open discussion on all subjects while re-
specting one another's opinions. We learn to agree to disagree while at the same
time establishing a common ground. We only support one cause here and its’
name is FREEDOM!!We are not a shock news group. Posts should follow a peace-
ful and advanced theme. We refrain from posting stories or comments that may
upset another. We are well aware of the horrific things
that occur. Do we really need them here too?
You are welcomed here and we look forward to getting to know all of you.Here is
the link to Global Voice Radio!
"The illusion of freedom will continue as long as
it's profitable to continue the illusion. At the
point where the illusion becomes too expensive
to maintain, they will just take down the scenery,
they will pull back the curtains, they will move
the tables and chairs out of the way and you will
see the brick wall at the back of the theater."
– Frank Zappa
U.S. Constitution and the con-
stitutional role of a president. It
has been reported Romney at-
tended the recent Bilderberg
conference; the yearly get to-
gether of global elites who own
our politicians. A very bad sign.
We no longer have a Depart-
ment of Justice. It is totally
compromised, as anyone with
clear thinking and a grasp of
what's been happening for
decades has seen. It has to be
we the people by rejecting the
plan for totalitarian govern-
ment. Have you taken a stand
to get rid of elected public offi-
cials at all levels who are com-
mitted to world government via
Agenda 21 and support of the
communist UN? Dedicated
Americans in the State of Ala-
bama have succeeded in stop-
ping Agenda 21 in their state:
"Alabama became the first
state to adopt a tough law pro-
tecting private property and due
process by prohibiting any gov-
ernment involvement with or
participation in a controversial
United Nations scheme known
as Agenda 21. Activists from
across the political spectrum
celebrated the measure’s ap-
proval as a significant victory
against the UN “sustainability”
plot, expressing hope that sim-
ilar sovereignty-preserving
measures would be adopted in
other states as the nationwide
battle heats up.
"The Alabama Senate Bill
(SB) 477 legislation, known
unofficially among some sup-
porters as the “Due Process for
Property Rights” Act, was ap-
proved unanimously by both
the state House and Senate.
After hesitating for a few days,
late last month Republican
Governor Robert Bentley fi-
nally signed into law the wildly
popular measure — but only
after heavy pressure from ac-
tivists forced his hand.
"Virtually no mention of the
law was made in the establish-
ment press. But analysts said
the measure was likely the
strongest protection against the
UN scheme passed anywhere
in America so far. The law,
aimed at protecting private
property rights, specifically
prevents all state agencies and
local governments in Alabama
from participating in the global
scheme in any way.
"The State of Alabama and
all political subdivisions may
not adopt or implement policy
recommendations that deliber-
ately or inadvertently infringe
or restrict private property
rights without due process, as
may be required by policy rec-
ommendations originating in,
or traceable to 'Agenda 21,' "
the law states, adding a brief
background on the UN plan
hatched at the 1992 “Earth
Summit” in Rio de Janeiro.
"The people of Alabama act-
ing through their elected repre-
sentatives — not UN
bureaucrats — have the au-
thority to develop the state's
environmental and develop-
ment policies, the official syn-
opsis of the law explains.
Therefore, infringements on
the property rights of citizens
linked to “any other interna-
tional law or ancillary plan of
action that contravenes the
Constitution of the United
States or the Constitution of
the State of Alabama” are also
prohibited under the new
"Of course, as the law points
out, the UN has enlisted a
broad array of non-govern-
mental and inter-governmental
organizations in its effort to
foist Agenda 21 on the world
— most notably a Germany-
based group called ICLEI, for-
merly known as the
International Council of Local
Environmental Initiatives. But
the new measure takes direct
aim at that problem, too: “the
State of Alabama and all polit-
ical subdivisions may not enter
into any agreement, expend
any sum of money, or receive
funds contracting services, or
giving financial aid to or from”
any such entities, as defined in
Agenda 21 documents.” - The
New American Magazine,
June 4, 2012.
How shameful a Republican
governor only signed the bill
into law after massive heat was
put on him. However, it is a
huge victory for the people of
Alabama and what is poten-
tially a death blow to the glob-
alists seeking to destroy the
sovereignty of these united
States of America. We can
make this happen in the other
49 states, but it takes boots on
the ground.
Do you have the courage of
Nathan Hale or Patrick Henry
by reaching out to one more
American who does want the
truth and wants to know how
to get involved - even while
being labeled "fringe" or "ex-
tremist" by the controlled
media? Are you prepared to be
tracked with the Nazi-style
"National ID" or will you say
no? Are you prepared to sit
back and allow this tyrannical
government spy on your phone
conversations, email and now
drones flying over our homes
under the guise of the phony
"war on terrorism"?
What is it you want for your
children? For them to be
tracked by their DNA and
turned into global citizens via
brain washing in the govern-
ment's indoctrination centers
they call public schools? Are
you willing to live your life on
your knees under permitted
zones of "free specch" or true
freedom and liberty given to us
from battle fields run red with
the blood of patriots?
If your answer is no, then get
busy. Become part of the
peaceful revolution underway
to take back America for we
the people, not career politi-
cians and special interest
groups. All bills to be intro-
duced in the 2013 sessions for
state legislatures have to be
written by Thanksgiving, early
December at the latest. That
means you begin hammering
on your state representative
and senator now, not in Octo-
ber. Contact a local Tea Party
or 9/12 chapter and get in-
volved. If your incumbent in
the state capitol refuses to step
up to the plate, throw him/her
out in November. The states
created the General Govern-
ment and they have the power
to stop a totalitarian take over.
We are on the cliff. Our fu-
ture is in our hands.
Devvy’s website:
by Devvy Kidd
Treason is defined as giving
aid and comfort to the enemy
in a time of war. "The offense
of attempting by overt acts to
overthrow the government of
the state to which the offender
owes allegiance; or of betray-
ing the state into the hands of a
foreign power." What else do
we call a detailed plan to
merge America with Canada
and Mexico as part of regional
government under a "one
world government"? What else
do we call agendas being im-
plemented, via treaties and
agreements, that totally erase
the sovereignty of this country
and replace our constitutional
republic with communism?
What do we call the actions of
Congress after Congress for
decades, with the blessing of
president after president, who
continue to dismantle the U.S.
Constitution and Bill of
The picture is ugly. I was
thinking about being at Nathan
Hale's homestead again the
other day. We are now even far
further down the road to de-
struction, my fellow Ameri-
It's now summer-time when
Americans go play. There is no
time for fun in the sun, dirt bik-
ing or staying embedded on the
couch every weekend watching
sports. We are in such deep
trouble as a free nation, every
minute counts in getting our
fellow Americans educated and
activated. Most Americans do
not see the danger because the
plan has been done incremen-
tally and quietly for the most
part. The American people con-
tinue to be distracted with
meaningless noise on cable net-
works like FOX, CNN and
MSNBC who, night after night,
serve up the same regurgitated
politics while the evil doers
never rest. Turn off gas bag
party hacks like Rush, Hannity,
Laura Ingraham and others.
Americans are walking into the
trap with their eyes wide open
because they don't have the
facts. We must continue to
reach out to them with the truth
and constitutional solutions.
Most of the foundation
pieces are in place for world
government. Much has been
written about the North Amer-
ican Union (NAU) and the SPP
(Security and Prosperity Part-
nership) over the past several
years. Exposing that treason
has to some degree caused a
step back or two by the plan-
ners, but the destroyers march
on because the American peo-
ple are blind to the evil stand-
ing right at their door step.
The Demise Of Our Unique
American Identity
Who is going to stop this
plan to destroy these united
States of America? Not Con-
gress. With the exception of a
few, most are nothing more
than Band Aid pushers and
puppets. Many are believers in
world government, as are high
ranking military officers.
Change will not come with the
same players who have been
fulfilling the plans of the global
monsters the entire time
they've been in office. Not
Obama, who is one of their
minions. Not Hillary Clinton,
because she is one of their
lackeys. Not Romney, because
he doesn't even understand the
Dare We Call It Treason?
You Decide
by Armando Conde
See “War on Drugs”
Continued on Page 5
How ‘bout that
War on Drugs?
In front of the United States
of America Congress 1971,
then President Richard Nixon
told Congress that drug addic-
tion had “assumed the dimen-
sions of a national emergency”
and asked for $84 million dol-
lars on what would later be col-
loquialized as the War on
Drugs. During the Vietnam
War, the number of soldiers ad-
dicted to opiates had increased
as well as the increase in mari-
juana use, and so began
mandatory random drug test-
ing for the military in 1972.
An old childhood friend of
mine once told me that his fa-
ther never wanted to use drugs.
His father is a Vietnam Veteran
who is witness to drug use in a
war. His descriptions were
vivid; words like “heads and
legs blown off” of soldiers who
were high and slow to act.
With situations such as these
and the death toll of soldiers
rising; I can fully understand
Nixon’s move to drug test sol-
diers. However, here in the
U.S.A the war was unpopular
and protests were everywhere;
and if you take a second and
think, who were the ones
The Hippie generation will
always be associated with drug
use, and it was this generation
that were adamant opponents
of the senseless war in Viet-
nam. Protestors had the protec-
tion of the First Amendment
and Nixon knew this, and as a
means of circumventing the
Bill of Rights, Nixon declared
drugs as “public enemy num-
ber one,” referring to the pro-
testors; and used the newly
declared war as means to curb
the antiwar movement.
Under the Presidency of the
late Ronald Reagan, then First
Lady Nancy Reagan took the
offensive against the “War on
Drugs” with her “Just Say No”
initiative. Three years after
First Lady Nancy Reagan
launched her antidrug cam-
paign then Lieutenant Colonel
Oliver North was facilitating
weapon sales to Iran.
Funds derived from the sale
of arms to Iran were illegally
diverted to Central America to
aid in the fight against the San-
dinistas. Another source of in-
come for the revolution was
drug money, specifically co-
caine, which was flown into
our Country by the Central In-
telligence Agency. Oscar
Danilo Blandon a CIA asset
and Contra Revolutionary
would use all the cocaine prof-
its to fund the fight for his
country. The flood of cocaine,
facilitated by our own govern-
ment, would be the cause for
the crack-cocaine epidemic of
the early Eighties. When
Blandon came to America, he
was introduced to Ricky Ross
who would go on to build him-
self an empire courtesy of the
Contra Revolutionary.
Eleven people were con-
victed as a result of a Congres-
sional hearing, yet the damage
was already done. Albeit that
crack-cocaine use today is
minimal compared to the 80s
epidemic, we now know that it
was our government that
shipped in the drugs.
And for what? To help in the
corruption of the tens of thou-
sands addicted to crack; all in
the name of fighting commu-
nism? And not mention the
hypocrisy of a country who de-
clares a war on drugs all the
while shipping it into the
The “conspiracy theories” of
the fallacy of the drug war and
its true intention (total control,
order out of chaos) can be eas-
What’s Wrong
With this Picture
by Gwen Guyser
From: http://www.alt-mar-
Reprinted with permission
The moral relativism of the
“lesser of two evils” philoso-
phy has been draining the heart
and soul of America for
decades. Many of us in the
Liberty Movement understand
that it is nothing new, and have
come to expect the abusive and
emaciated logic it entails from
time to time. However, over
the course of the past year it
has become apparent to me
that the talking points and
propaganda that drive the hyp-
ocritical worldview are being
utilized on an even grander
scale than ever before. This
fact struck me quite sharply
while attending a local GOP
Lincoln/Reagan dinner event
while I was attempting to
gauge the overall danger our
country would be facing from
potential RINO (Republican In
Name Only) sellouts as well as
what our hopes were for a pos-
sible political solution at the
local and state level. The
“conservative” rally was, to
say the least, disappointing.
One thing that stood out
plainly at this event, though,
was that there was an overall
template; an action plan, a
message that had been pre-en-
gineered. Someone had sent
out a memo, or an email, or a
guide, or perhaps beamed talk-
ing points directly into the cy-
borg brains of these political
hacks. Their rhetoric was
repetitive and uniform and dry
like elbow skin. The demand
was clearly stated; regardless
of who won the Republican
Primaries, no matter how un-
principled, how unconstitu-
tional, how despicable, it was
our “duty” as conservatives to
back them through the national
elections. Obama and the De-
mocrats had to be defeated at
all costs…
Now, one of the first tenets
or rules that a person learns
when delving into the Liberty
Movement is that there is no
such thing as political parties
in America today. There are
no conflicting interests in
Washington D.C. There is no
“grand battle” between left and
right for the minds of the
masses. It is a sham. A con.
A fantasy. A false paradigm.
In reality, the leaderships of
both fraudulent parties support
essentially the same methodol-
ogy, and that methodology
could be summarized thus:
Centralize everything, global-
ize everything, control every-
thing, grow government
power, reduce the effective-
ness of the citizenry, turn the
public against each other, rob
them while they’re distracted.
If an American does not un-
derstand this dynamic and how
it is used to dominate the ebb
and flow of our culture, then
that American knows nothing.
He is lost…
Sadly, even those of us who
should very well know better
than to fall into the false
left/right paradigm trap do so
on occasion, as has been made
painfully obvious by the fool-
hardy actions of Rand Paul and
his blank check endorsement
of Mitt Romney. Certainly,
this epic blunder, which seems
to me to be a blind stab at po-
litical maneuvering on the part
of Ron Paul’s son, has set off
an angry firestorm amongst
true Constitutionalists who
know every lie Mitt Romney
has ever told. People are using
words like “betrayal”, and
“traitor”, and with good rea-
son, but let’s look at this
calamity from the other side of
things for a moment…
There are others out there
who would applaud Rand
Paul’s decision. While many
of them will openly admit that
they do not feel very secure in
the shadow of a Romney pres-
idency, they still rationalize
their position by making the
“lesser of two evils” argument.
“America may be going off the
edge of a cliff”, they say, “but
at least Romney won’t press
the gas peddle as hard as
Obama”. Here are just a few of
the many reasons why this way
of thinking will lead to the end
of our society as we know it…
Lesser Of Two Evils?
There’s No Such Thing…
First of all, asserting that
there is such a thing as a “lesser
of two evils” is an act of
naivety. It relies on a very dan-
gerous assumption; that one
can somehow quantify which
candidate is going to hurt the
country less. I’ve even read es-
says by people who pretend
they can mathematically delin-
eate the “more evil” of the
evils! Not surprisingly, their
“logic” invariably leads them
to proclaim the lesser evil to be
the candidate of the party they
happen to belong to. Ignorant
Republicans always see the
Democrat as the greater evil,
while ignorant Democrats al-
ways see the Republican as the
ultimate monster.
Here’s some math for you:
there are two candidates for
President of the United States,
one is a cannibalistic serial
killer who plans to murder 20
more people with his own
hands while in office. The
other is a cannibalistic serial
killer who only plans to kill 19
innocents personally. Which
candidate do you support?
The correct answer is
Unless you are a fan of mur-
der, there is no inherent differ-
ence between these two
demonic bureaucrats. They
both stand in opposition to the
guiding principles of inborn
conscience, as well as the pro-
tections provided by the laws
of free people. The fact that
one man will do slightly less
damage during his reign is ir-
relevant. Is a choice between
Stalin and Hitler, for instance,
really a choice at all? Which
one is the "lesser evil" in this
Some may argue that this
comparison is a bit over the
top. I beg to differ. Presidents
have the power not only to
maim and kill en mass, but
they also have the power to dis-
mantle the laws which protect
our civil liberties. To drive the
point home as far as Romney
and Obama are concerned, let’s
watch the following video,
which removes the blinders
and exposes these two charla-
tans for what they really are;
two peas in a pod:
A refusal to vote, or a vote
for a third party, is not a vote
for Obama, or a vote for Rom-
ney, but a vote against the cha-
There is no such thing as a
“lesser evil”. Either a candi-
date follows the path of truth
and honor, or he does not. If he
does, he deserves our support.
If he does not, or if both candi-
dates are criminals, then they
both must be tossed to the way-
side. Just because the system
has deliberately limited our
choices does not mean we are
required to participate in the
Participation Is A Duty?
‘Lesser Of Two Evils’
by Brandon Smith
of Independence
On every celebration of
American Independence Day,
(celebrated on July 4 each
year), I re-read the Declaration
of Independence. Sure, I also
watch fireworks and barbecue
something or perhaps simply
grill something, but I remind
myself what the holiday is re-
ally about. For the past three
years, I have thought about the
following: Substitute our cur-
rent President’s name for the
King of England name. If you
happen to be an Obama lover
and simply don’t feel you can
do that, substitute “our federal
government.” Even substitute
“Bush” or any other word that
represents the President or the
United States federal govern-
ment. In your own mind, sub-
stitute for Obama, et al.
It is these words that brought
on the great American Revolu-
tion. Never before in the his-
tory of mankind had such a
declaration been made and
never before had men fought
so hard, at such great personal
hardship and at cost of per-
sonal fortune for their rights as
human beings, created by God
on planet earth.
Here is the complete text of the
Declaration of Independence.
(The original spelling and cap-
italization have been retained.)
(Adopted by
Congress on July 4, 1776)
The Unanimous
of the Thirteen
United States of
“When, in the course of human
events, it becomes necessary
for one people to dissolve the
political bands which have
connected them with another,
and to assume among the pow-
ers of the earth, the separate
and equal station to which the
laws of nature and of nature's
God entitle them, a decent re-
spect to the opinions of
mankind requires that they
should declare the causes
which impel them to the sepa-
“We hold these truths to be
self-evident, that all men are
created equal, that they are en-
dowed by their Creator with
certain unalienable rights, that
among these are life, liberty
and the pursuit of happiness.
That to secure these rights,
governments are instituted
among men, deriving their just
powers from the consent of the
governed. That whenever any
form of government becomes
destructive to these ends, it is
the right of the people to alter
or to abolish it, and to institute
new government, laying its
foundation on such principles
and organizing its powers in
such form, as to them shall
seem most likely to effect their
safety and happiness. Pru-
dence, indeed, will dictate that
governments long established
should not be changed for light
and transient causes; and ac-
cordingly all experience hath
shown that mankind are more
disposed to suffer, while evils
are sufferable, than to right
themselves by abolishing the
forms to which they are accus-
tomed. But when a long train
of abuses and usurpations, pur-
suing invariably the same ob-
ject evinces a design to reduce
them under absolute despot-
ism, it is their right, it is their
duty, to throw off such govern-
ment, and to provide new
guards for their future security.
--Such has been the patient suf-
ferance of these colonies; and
such is now the necessity
which constrains them to alter
their former systems of gov-
ernment. The history of the
present King of Great Britain is
a history of repeated injuries
and usurpations, all having in
direct object the establishment
of an absolute tyranny over
these states. To prove this, let
facts be submitted to a candid
“He has refused his assent to
laws, the most wholesome and
necessary for the public good.
“He has forbidden his gover-
nors to pass laws of immediate
and pressing importance, un-
less suspended in their opera-
tion till his assent should be
obtained; and when so sus-
pended, he has utterly neg-
lected to attend to them.
“He has refused to pass other
laws for the accommodation of
large districts of people, unless
those people would relinquish
the right of representation in
the legislature, a right ines-
timable to them and formidable
to tyrants only.
“He has called together legisla-
tive bodies at places unusual,
uncomfortable, and distant
from the depository of their
public records, for the sole pur-
pose of fatiguing them into
compliance with his measures.
“He has dissolved representa-
tive houses repeatedly, for op-
posing with manly firmness his
invasions on the rights of the
“He has refused for a long
time, after such dissolutions, to
cause others to be elected;
whereby the legislative pow-
ers, incapable of annihilation,
have returned to the people at
large for their exercise; the
state remaining in the mean-
time exposed to all the dangers
of invasion from without, and
convulsions within.
“He has endeavored to prevent
the population of these states;
for that purpose obstructing the
laws for naturalization of for-
eigners; refusing to pass others
to encourage their migration
hither, and raising the condi-
tions of new appropriations of
“He has obstructed the admin-
istration of justice, by refusing
his assent to laws for establish-
ing judiciary powers.
“He has made judges depend-
ent on his will alone, for the
tenure of their offices, and the
amount and payment of their
“He has erected a multitude of
new offices, and sent hither
swarms of officers to harass
our people, and eat out their
“He has kept among us, in
times of peace, standing armies
without the consent of our leg-
“He has affected to render the
military independent of and su-
perior to civil power.
“He has combined with others
to subject us to a jurisdiction
foreign to our constitution, and
unacknowledged by our laws;
ily linked to the Fast and Furi-
ous disaster. Two years after
the murder of Border Patrol
Agent Brian Terry, the “con-
spiracy theory” that Fast and
Furious was a means to curb
and progressively erode the
Second Amendment has
gained traction even from con-
servatives such as freshman
Congressman Blake Faren-
thold. What the main-stream-
media fails to report is how the
illegal firearms ended up in the
possession of the Sinaloa car-
tel that has members claiming
to work for the FBI, DEA,
DHS, and ICE.
In Mexico 2009 Jesus Vi-
cente Zambada Niebla was ar-
rested then extradited to the
USA in 2010 to face drug-traf-
ficking charges. Zambada
Niebla is the son of one of the
two heads of the Sinaloa cartel
and was a top leader of the car-
tel involved in everything from
shipping to accounting. March
15, 2011 in the U.S. District
Court for the Northern District
of Illinois, Chicago, Zambada
Niebla filled a court pleading
alleging that he was an asset
for the USA. As an asset, Zam-
bada Niebla was allowed to
ship drugs into the USA for in-
formation on other cartel or-
ganizations; not to mention all
the firearms that were allowed
to cross the border.
Out of Operation Fast and
Furious, many of the nineteen
indicted, have connections to
the Sinaloa cartel. Zambada
Niebla and those indicted from
the Fast and Furious operation
are not the only examples of
our government in bed with the
most prominent drug cartel in
Mexico. Jesus Manuel Fierro
Mendez testified in 2010 in El
Paso that he worked with ICE
and customs agents to take
down the Juarez cartel. Ac-
cording to an interview of
Fierro Mendez by Proceso
Magazine, during the trial the
prosecution asked, “Aside
from those mentioned, were
there other services you carried
out for ICE?” To which Fierro
Mendez replied, “I contacted
some people that are in the
arms trafficking business.”
The fact that all drug use-
legal and illegal- can be quite
devastating when abused, the
façade put on by our govern-
ment that they are fighting
drug use when they are respon-
sible for facilitating its import,
is insulting. The war on drugs
cannot be won because of the
demand for drugs. Facts must
be faced if we really want to
address the drug issues, and the
fact is that if there is a demand
for something, regardless of its
morality or lack-of, suppliers
will meet those demands, even
if that is “by any means neces-
The simplicity of supply-
and-demand is widely taught in
the average high school eco-
nomics class where we learn
that it is the scarcity of a prod-
uct that dictates its price. The
harder to acquire an object is,
the more expensive the product
becomes. We all remember the
Prohibition of alcohol era our
Country went through in the
1920s. The demand for alco-
hol did not decrease with the
Eighteenth Amendment; in-
stead America witnessed and
fought the rise of organized
crime syndicates headed by the
likes of Al Capone to Lucky
Luciano and bootlegger turned
politician Joseph P. Kennedy.
By forcing a product into the
black market without a de-
See “Lesser”
Continued on Page 5
See “King George”
Continued on Page 5
August 2012 The Lake & Country Shopper - 4
August 2012 The Lake & Country Shopper - 5
“King George”
Continued from Page 4
giving his assent to their acts of
pretended legislation:
“For quartering large bodies of
armed troops among us:
“For protecting them, by mock
trial, from punishment for any
murders which they should
commit on the inhabitants of
these states:
“For cutting off our trade with
all parts of the world:
“For imposing taxes on us
without our consent:
“For depriving us in many
cases, of the benefits of trial by
“For transporting us beyond
seas to be tried for pretended
“For abolishing the free system
of English laws in a neighbor-
ing province, establishing
therein an arbitrary govern-
ment, and enlarging its bound-
aries so as to render it at once
an example and fit instrument
for introducing the same ab-
solute rule in these colonies:
“For taking away our charters,
abolishing our most valuable
laws, and altering fundamen-
tally the forms of our govern-
“For suspending our own leg-
islatures, and declaring them-
selves invested with power to
legislate for us in all cases
“He has abdicated government
here, by declaring us out of his
protection and waging war
against us.
“He has plundered our seas,
ravaged our coasts, burned our
towns, and destroyed the lives
of our people.
“He is at this time transporting
large armies of foreign merce-
naries to complete the works of
death, desolation and tyranny,
already begun with circum-
stances of cruelty and perfidy
scarcely paralleled in the most
barbarous ages, and totally un-
worthy the head of a civilized
“He has constrained our fellow
citizens taken captive on the
high seas to bear arms against
their country, to become the ex-
ecutioners of their friends and
brethren, or to fall themselves
by their hands.
“He has excited domestic in-
surrections amongst us, and has
endeavored to bring on the in-
habitants of our frontiers, the
merciless Indian savages,
whose known rule of warfare,
is undistinguished destruction
of all ages, sexes and condi-
“In every stage of these op-
pressions we have petitioned
for redress in the most humble
terms: our repeated petitions
have been answered only by re-
peated injury. A prince, whose
character is thus marked by
every act which may define a
tyrant, is unfit to be the ruler of
a free people.
“Nor have we been wanting in
attention to our British
brethren. We have warned
them from time to time of at-
tempts by their legislature to
extend an unwarrantable juris-
diction over us. We have re-
minded them of the
circumstances of our emigra-
tion and settlement here. We
have appealed to their native
justice and magnanimity, and
we have conjured them by the
ties of our common kindred to
disavow these usurpations,
which, would inevitably inter-
rupt our connections and cor-
respondence. They too have
been deaf to the voice of jus-
tice and of consanguinity. We
must, therefore, acquiesce in
the necessity, which denounces
our separation, and hold them,
as we hold the rest of mankind,
enemies in war, in peace
“We, therefore, the representa-
tives of the United States of
America, in General Congress,
assembled, appealing to the
Supreme Judge of the world
for the rectitude of our inten-
tions, do, in the name, and by
the authority of the good peo-
ple of these colonies, solemnly
publish and declare, that these
united colonies are, and of
right ought to be free and inde-
pendent states; that they are ab-
solved from all allegiance to
the British Crown, and that all
political connection between
them and the state of Great
Britain, is and ought to be to-
tally dissolved; and that as free
and independent states, they
have full power to levy war,
conclude peace, contract al-
liances, establish commerce,
and to do all other acts and
things which independent
states may of right do. And for
the support of this declaration,
with a firm reliance on the pro-
tection of Divine Providence,
we mutually pledge to each
other our lives, our fortunes
and our sacred honor.”
(Signed by)
New Hampshire: Josiah
Bartlett, William Whipple,
Matthew Thornton
Massachusetts: John Hancock,
Samuel Adams, John Adams,
Robert Treat Paine, Elbridge
Rhode Island: Stephen Hop-
kins, William Ellery
Connecticut: Roger Sherman,
Samuel Huntington, William
Williams, Oliver Wolcott
New York: William Floyd,
Philip Livingston, Francis
Lewis, Lewis Morris
New Jersey: Richard Stockton,
John Witherspoon, Francis
Hopkinson, John Hart, Abra-
ham Clark
Pennsylvania: Robert Morris,
Benjamin Rush, Benjamin
Franklin, John Morton, George
Clymer, James Smith, George
Taylor, James Wilson, George
Delaware: Caesar Rodney,
George Read, Thomas McK-
Maryland: Samuel Chase,
William Paca, Thomas Stone,
Charles Carroll of Carrollton
Virginia: George Wythe,
Richard Henry Lee, Thomas
Jefferson, Benjamin Harrison,
Thomas Nelson, Jr., Francis
Lightfoot Lee, Carter Braxton
North Carolina: William
Hooper, Joseph Hewes, John
South Carolina: Edward Rut-
ledge, Thomas Heyward, Jr.,
Thomas Lynch, Jr., Arthur
Georgia: Button Gwinnett,
Lyman Hall, George Walton
Source: The Pennsylvania
Packet, July 8, 1776
“War on Drugs”
Continued from Page 4
Continued from Page 4
I have also heard the argu-
ment that by refusing to partic-
ipate within the system, and by
refusing to choose a specimen
from the carnival of horrors we
are presented every election
cycle, we are doing more harm
to America than good. This is
the most prevalent falsehood of
our era.
The bottom line is, Ameri-
cans have been dancing in the
lesser of two evils pageantry
for generations and our Consti-
tutional shield has only been
further degraded and destroyed
in that time. I defy anyone to
show how choosing Obama
over McCain, or Bush over
Gore, or Clinton over Bush Sr.
has helped this country or its
people. Where are these illu-
sory advantages and benefits of
participation? Where has our
country gone while the public
fettered away years trying to
decide which ghoul to hand
over the scepter of empire to?
Or, the ultimate question; what
specifically have they
achieved? Have they gained
anything? Has any minutia of
our lives been made better by
following the “lesser of two
evils theory”? Only a fool
would claim yes…
One might argue that a non-
vote is the same as putting all
bad candidates on the same
footing, and that this would be
“wrong”. I disagree. In an
election in which all candidates
share the same disparaging
policies, they are ALREADY
on the same footing. We sim-
ply refuse to give the farce le-
gitimacy by casting our vote
for any one of them.
In the game of chess, the pri-
mary goal is to diminish your
opponent’s options. To force
him into a corner where, no
matter which choice he makes,
he loses. Chess, however, is
not life. In life, intelligent and
creative individuals have the
ability to walk away from the
board completely and imple-
ment their own solutions. The
more we continue to partici-
pate in the rigged game, and
the more we continue to view
the future as a series of self
contained boundaries adminis-
tered by the establishment in-
stead of a wide open frontier in
which all is possible, the more
we will lose, until there is noth-
ing left.
Only Cowards Compromise
In The Face Of Evil
Good does not compromise
with evil. As stated above,
there is nothing to be gained by
it. I find that the people most
prone to suggesting or de-
manding compromise with oli-
garchs and tyrants are usually
cowards who have never faced
down any legitimate struggle
in their lives with any passion.
But, how do they sell this
stunted philosophy to others?
The illusion here is one of “rea-
son” or “objectivity”.
Fearful men often use the
guise of objectivity (even if
they are not) to avoid con-
frontation, especially con-
frontation with a supposed
authority figure or government.
Strangely, their powers of rea-
son and deduction invariably
seem to lead them to sub-
servience to the establishment
structure. Compromise, for
them, is a way to protect their
flailing egos by playing the
role of the “even handed citi-
zen” while at the same time
crawling towards servitude.
The argument to this position
would, of course, be that many
in the Liberty Movement com-
promise with evil everyday.
That we follow laws we dis-
agree with and that we find
reprehensible, and that this
makes us somehow “hypocriti-
cal”. I would say that this is a
very narrow and disingenuous
Free minded people do not
“follow” reprehensible laws so
much as tolerate them while
working to dismantle them
(“following” infers accept-
ance). Being honorable and
generally of good will, we look
for peaceful avenues of redress
and change. But, if those av-
enues are closed to us, and if
the injustices expand, the free
minded become freedom fight-
ers. Dissent and even revolu-
tion are inevitable in the face
of tyranny. It is an undeniable
feature of human nature.
What I find most interesting
though is the conundrum that
this conflict of interest creates
for the skeptical establishment
slave. If the Liberty Move-
ment tolerates bad law while
searching for a peaceful path
towards change, they call us
hypocritical. If the Liberty
Movement abandons tolerance
and brings force to bear against
tyranny and its abuse of the
law, they call us “fringe ex-
tremists”. Apparently, the only
way we can be correct in the
eyes of self proclaimed objec-
tivists is if we bow to the con-
straints of the system, sit back,
keep our mouths shut, and
enjoy the bread and circuses.
The Greatest Evil Is Moral
Collectivist governments
seek to encourage extreme
moral flexibility. Totalitarian
regimes cannot survive other-
wise. The lesser of two evils
sales pitch is, in the end, an ex-
tension of the methodology of
moral relativism. It trains us to
embrace the status quo,
whether we like it or not, and
to continuously rationalize our
adherence to the sham just to
get through the day. The men-
tal gymnastics we are required
to perform become more com-
plex and unstable. Eventually,
in order to ease our con-
sciences which are screaming
in agony at the pit of our
chests, we have to stop caring
about anything, and just go
through the motions of partici-
This is not the way to free-
There are other ways to se-
cure liberty beyond elections,
but for these strategies to be ef-
fective, we have to stop asking
for permission from the estab-
lishment before we take action.
Perhaps you seek to step out-
side the box and away from the
controlled paradigm. Perhaps
you seek to confront the sys-
tem head on, either exposing
its duplicity and evil, or eras-
ing it as an obstacle com-
pletely. The system, its laws,
and its political theater are of
no consequence, especially
when it has been so corrupted.
Moral relativists, though
keen on the idea of mutable
law, enjoy the trappings of the
law as long as it is to their ben-
efit. The law, as I have pointed
out in the past, is arbitrary, and
always has been. The only true
law is the law of inherent and
universal conscience. My con-
science, as with most other
people, tells me that choosing
the “lesser of two evils” (an il-
logical abstraction) sends a
message to the elitists that ma-
nipulate our culture that I am
willing to help them perpetuate
their fiction. I become an ac-
complice in the crime. I com-
mit self mutilation. I give
power to the lie.
Such institutionalized mis-
ery can only be undone by un-
compromising men and
women who put principles and
conscience before comfort, or
even before their own lives.
All throughout history, this is
how wrong is undone. No so-
ciety ever changed for the bet-
ter by casting aside their
beliefs and their individualism.
No society ever changed for
the better by choosing the
lesser of two evils. No society
ever changed for the better by
holding out the hand of friend-
ship to despots, maniacs, and
con-men in the hopes that they
would be spared just a little
less tragedy before their time
on this Earth is over…
You can contact Brandon
Smith at: brandon@alt-mar-
crease in demand, prices sky-
rocket, and those who are ad-
dicted to the drugs will
literally do anything to acquire
their drug of choice. Think
about it: how many alcoholics
do you see committing rob-
beries, burglaries, and thefts to
fund their drinking binges? Al-
though alcohol related crimes
range anywhere from DWI’s
to murder; since alcohol is
legal, therefore easily acquired
and cheap, these crimes are
not committed for the drug; in-
stead it is a result of its use.
Keeping drugs illegal such
as marijuana, cocaine, and
even heroin have created an
environment where the profit
margin is substantially high
and is the main cause for all
the violence in the drug deal-
ing market. When profits mul-
tiply 100% or more nothing
can stop the drive of anyone or
organization to meet the high
demand for the product.
Profits from the drug trade
have surpassed the $30 billion
mark and rising with no end in
sight under our current drug
laws. With numbers that ex-
ceed $30 billion, one would
have to wonder how that much
money can be had illegally
with today’s banking laws
which question deposits over
$3,000. Money laundering is
an integral arm of the drug
business-and a thriving one at
that- that helps to “legalize”
the drug profits where deposits
and exchanges would other-
wise be questioned.
April 10, 2006 at the inter-
national airport in Cuiadad del
Carmen, Mexico a DC-9 jet
was seized with 5.7 tons of co-
caine headed for Mexico City
and more than likely the USA.
After further investigation it
was discovered that the DC-9
jet was paid for by money
laundered through Wachovia
Corp and Bank of America
Corp. In 2008 Bloomberg re-
ported that Wells Fargo, who
bought Wachovia, admitted in
court that “Wachovia made a
habit of helping to move
money for Mexican drug
smugglers” and that “its units
failed to monitor and report
suspected money laundering
by narcotics traffickers-includ-
ing the cash to buy four planes
that shipped a total of 22 tons
of cocaine.”
Wachovia admitted to laun-
dering $374.8 billion in drug
money and was given a slap
on the wrist with a suspension
of prosecution on the grounds
that the bank not participate in
future criminal acts and paid a
fine of $160 million. While
Wachovia and every other
snobby banker had no problem
taking part in the profitable
black market drug trade, cer-
tain investors took advantage
of the overwhelming arrests
and incarcerations of drug-law
offenders and capital invest-
ments to build and profit from
private prisons.
Private prisons today in the
USA have already crossed the
billion dollar mark, and the fu-
ture seems bright for this in-
dustry. Corrections Corp of
America’s (CCA) 2010 annual
report stated the following:
“The demand for our facilities
and services could be ad-
versely affected by the relax-
ation of enforcement efforts,
leniency in conviction or pa-
role standards and sentencing
practices or through the de-
criminalization of certain ac-
tivities that are currently
proscribed by our criminal
June 2011, the Justice Policy
Institute published “Gaming
the System: How the Political
Strategies of Private Prison
Companies Promote Ineffec-
tive Incarceration Policies,”
where the report showed that
the top three private prison
companies in the USA had
contributed $835,514 to fed-
eral candidates and over $6
million to State candidates run-
ning Public Office.
Ever since September 11,
2001 the private-prison-
industrial-complex has grown
and is behind laws such as
mandatory-sentencing for first-
time offenders and the “three-
strikes” law. In March 2012
Russia Today (RT) asked the
question,” Private Prisons- The
Best Investment in America?”
RT covered CCA and reported
profits for the company of
$133 million from 2006-2008,
while lobbying Congress with
a war chest of nearly $3mil-
Perhaps RT decided to re-
lease their story based on the
pleading of two U.S. judges
who pleaded guilty to sentenc-
ing juveniles to detention for
kickbacks earlier that month.
Philadelphia judges Mark
Ciavarella and Michael Cona-
han pled guilty to accepting
kickbacks that totaled more
than $2.6 million to sentence
juvenile defendants to deten-
tion centers operated by PA
Childcare and Western PA
Childcare corporations, sister
private prison companies.
“Conventional wisdom” tells
us that drugs are bad and only
strict drug laws and mandatory
sentences are the answer to
combat drug use. To those who
vehemently oppose legaliza-
tion or decriminalization of il-
legal drugs; they reside in the
theoretical world that if drugs
were legalized or decriminal-
ized, drug use would skyrocket
and be beyond control. Portu-
gal is the only country in mod-
ern times to decriminalize all
drugs and treat addiction as a
disease rather than a criminal
matter, and the results are as-
Over a decade has passed
since Portugal has decriminal-
ized every drug from mari-
juana to heroin and has seen a
surprisingly decrease of drug
use and a tremendous amount
of reduction of court case
backlogs and savings for the
government. Portugal’s “un-
orthodox” approach to drug
policy has proven quite effec-
tive to cut-in-half drug use in
the country.
Forty years have now past
since Nixon declared his war
on drugs and the fact remains
that the only change in the war
has been an increase in usage,
smuggling, and violence;
hence, the policies of yester-
year have not, and will not
work. Whatsoever may be the
answer to combat drug use and
addiction in this country will
always be up for debate; how-
ever, one thing is for sure: our
current drug policies along
with corrupt government offi-
cials, have done nothing but
help to exacerbate the drug
problem as well as feed the
monstrous private-prison-
In every Twelve Step Pro-
gram the definition of insanity
is doing the same thing over
and over, and expecting differ-
ent results. This simple defini-
tion of insanity by a group of
addicts is exactly the definition
that describes the “war on
drugs.” The First Step to solv-
ing a problem is to admit that
one does exist, and from the
evidence today the problem
seems to be our drug policies.
You can contact Mando at
“Liberty lies in the hearts of
men and women. When it
dies there, no constitution,
no law, no court can save it.”
– Justice Learned Hand
"Government is not reason, it is not
eloquence, it is force; like fire, a
troublesome servant and a fearful
master. Never for a moment should
it be left to irresponsible action."
--George Washington
August 2012 The Lake & Country Shopper - 6
By Tom
Note from Editor: I did not
receive a permission to
reprint this because I was
unable to ascertain who
“Tom” is or what copyright
or reprint permissions would
be. Because I have read the
same research “Tom” has
read, I do believe he has done
an excellent job of summa-
rizing the dietary issues the
USDA and other government
agencies do not want you to
know about. If I have vio-
lated a copyright issue here,
I apologize.
This material came from:
h t t p : / / w w w. h e a l t h -
And is copyrighted by
“Health Now Wealth For-
ever.” Their website simply
does not seem to have a way
for me to contact and ask for
permission to reprint.
Most of the research for this
article was done by Gary
Taubes in his unbiased look at
the science behind our current
beliefs on cholesterol, fat, and
calories Good Calories, Bad
Calories (if you buy through
this amazon link we will get a
share of the sale). The conclu-
sions made are my own.
The USDA has taken to
heart the idea that calorie re-
striction is the way to conquer
the obesity epidemic. They
have taken this position be-
cause a misguided medical re-
search community believes
that weight gain is caused by a
lack of willpower on the part
of the American people and the
belief that the body sees all
calories exactly the same.
These beliefs are a result of a
medical community which, be-
cause of our complex human
body, requires specialization.
In this system the most promi-
nent and outspoken get their
research accepted as gospel
whether it is based on good
science or not. Other special-
ties then base their beliefs on
that research and use it to make
decisions in their own fields.
These most prominent in the
medical community decided in
the 1950s to discard the obe-
sity research of the first half of
the century, because it was per-
formed by the Germans. In its
place they envisioned a system
in which the obese are lazy and
gluttonous, the body is bound
by the first law of thermody-
namics (i.e. that l calories en-
tering the body must equal
calories burned, stored, or
leaving the body in another
form), and, while diabetes is a
disease caused by insulin re-
sistance, obesity is psycholog-
ical despite their metabolic
Calorie restriction as a diet is
simply consuming fewer calo-
ries, exercising more, or both.
It is also known as a semi-star-
vation diet, but no one would
want to do a diet with that
name. The premise is that the
body sees all calories the same.
Therefore, if you eat less, your
body won’t have excess calo-
ries to store, if you exercise
more your body will use the
calories that were going to be
The USDA recommends this
diet in the 6th edition of Di-
etary Guidelines for Ameri-
cans. This recommendation is
based mostly on an article in a
special 2003 edition of Science
that described the “energy
gap:” an average excess of
calories that society is eating.
This energy gap could be elim-
inated by eating 15% less or
exercising more. They also be-
lieve that since a calorie is a
calorie, foods high in fat
should be avoided due to their
supposed link to heart-disease.
This in turn causes a diet to be
high in carbohydrates. In pre-
vious articles I covered the ef-
fects of high carbohydrate diets
and the harm they may cause in
both the cardiovascular system
and the rest of the body.
Proponents of calorie re-
stricted diets believe that
hunger can be conquered; that
it is just a psychological condi-
tion that can be overruled by
superior willpower. This is
why there are support groups
for the obese. They think that
the obese who don’t lose
weight are weak and probably
liars, since they are obviously
cheating. This is not the case.
Hunger is not psychological, it
is physiological. Hunger is
your body telling you it is mal-
nourished. It is a demand that
is almost impossible to refuse.
Even when hunger is over-
come, calorie-restricted diets
still fail.
Calorie restriction will cause
a law of nature to come into ef-
fect: Newton’s third law. That’s
the one about an equal and op-
posite reaction. Our bodies
react to general calorie restric-
tion with a reduction of energy
expenditure and a halt on re-
lease of fat from adipose tissue
(the tissue where fat is stored).
People on severely calorie re-
stricted diets will become
lethargic and endlessly hungry.
It almost always results in the
dieter cheating on the diet
purely because they can’t help
In an earlier post, I men-
tioned Ancel Keys’ semi-star-
vation study. In this study he
put World War II conscientious
objectors on a semi-starvation
diet that simulated the diet the
troops would face in famine
stricken Europe. It consisted of
about 1500 calories, mostly
from carbohydrates. All sub-
jects became lethargic; some
became severely depressed,
even psychotic. They lost
about a quarter of their fat
stores but, upon release from
the study their bodies recuper-
ated their entire previous fat
store plus on average 5% more
This increase of weight is
very common after going off a
calorie restricted diet. It is part
of homeostasis which is con-
trolled by our metabolism. One
hormone in particular controls
metabolism: Insulin. While all
the other hormones spur us to
burn calories, insulin wants to
store fat.
The function of insulin is to
take excess nutrients (glucose)
and store them for future use.
While insulin is in the blood-
stream it prevents fat from
being released from the adi-
pose tissue (the tissue where
the fat is stored). The problem
is that when too much insulin
is in our system we will be
hungry and when there is too
much glucose in our system
our pancreas will secrete more
insulin. Furthermore, in this
day of readily available highly
refined carbohydrate, which is
easily converted into glucose,
our bodies have so much glu-
cose and insulin that they have
become insulin resistant. It
then takes more insulin to store
the same amount of glucose.
Fat burning is halted by insulin
and insulin seems to be con-
stantly in the system of the
obese. The solution to this
cycle is obvious if you read my
previous articles, eat less sugar
and carbohydrates.
Low-Carb diets are blasted
by most of the medical com-
munity as fad diets. They argue
that although these diets can be
effective, they are unsafe. This
assertion is also based on
flawed science. This argument
See “Quack”
Continued on Page 7
“Dr. Quack”
A health opinion column
by Jenell Redding, DCT (P), ND
The information or opinions pro-
vided herein should not be used for di-
agnosis or treatment of any medical
condition. A licensed physician should
be consulted for diagnosis and treat-
ment of any and all medical condi-
How to Cure
the Obesity
TURF warned the Joint
Committee of Government Ef-
ficiency and Reform and State
Affairs that controversial pub-
lic private partnerships (P3s)
that sell-off Texans' public in-
frastructure to private corpora-
tions represents eminent
domain abuse and grants state-
sanctioned monopolies. While
the Committee focused prima-
rily on privatizing government
services, Reason Foundation
promoted P3s for everything,
including public infrastructure.
TURF opposed the legisla-
tion that gave the state this au-
thority, SB 1048, and
cautioned against the use of
P3s that have long-term detri-
mental effects to property
rights and state sovereignty in
return for short-term gain --
some quick cash for the state.
"When it comes to infra-
structure projects like roads
and public buildings, it in-
volves eminent domain that
forcibly condemns private
property in the name of a 'pub-
lic use.' With P3s, that land, in-
cluding any amount of
adjacent property a developer
says it needs to re-coup its in-
vestment, is handed to a pri-
vate developer for private
gain," notes Terri Hall,
Founder/Director of Texans
Uniting for Reform and Free-
"So in the case of the City of
Bee Caves, Texas, the devel-
oper built its city hall building,
but gained hundreds of acres of
adjacent private property under
the guise of a 'public use' that
they turned into a massive
shopping mall for private prof-
its. That's a deplorable abuse of
property rights."
Texas Corridor resurrected
P3s fell into disfavor almost
immediately in Texas when it
became known that they were
the financing mechanism be-
hind the Trans Texas Corridor.
Texans had a visceral reaction
to having their land taken in
the name of a 'public use,' a
road, and having it handed
over to a private, even foreign,
corporation for private profits.
TURF notified the Commit-
tee that the Texas Department
of Transportation (TxDOT)
just released a Request for In-
formation (RFI) on the SH 130
tollway, the only stretch of the
Trans Texas Corridor TTC-35
to ever be built, seeking infor-
mation from potential develop-
ers to build 'ancillary facilities'
along SH 130 that could in-
clude gas stations, restaurants,
hotels, and rest area develop-
ment within the highway's
right of way.
"TxDOT is getting into the
land development business,"
Hall told lawmakers. "Doesn't
this sound like the Trans Texas
Corridor that you just repealed
from statute? So where does
TxDOT get the authority to
lease the public's right of way?
"This is horrific abuse of em-
inent domain that creates a mo-
nopolistic cash cow for a single
developer and the State of
Texas. Why shouldn't the orig-
inal landowners be afforded
the opportunity to develop that
land instead of the State? How
can other facilities (gas sta-
tions, etc.) off the toll road be
financially viable when there is
a competing facility controlled
by the state and a single devel-
oper actually located on the
tollway itself?
"When it costs patrons
money to get on & off the toll-
way in order to access the fa-
cilities located off of the
tollway, they don't stand a
chance at 'free market' compe-
tition when the state will have
granted a single developer a
monopoly inside the tollway,"
Hall pointed out. "The State
has no business selling gas or
being in the restaurant busi-
TURF predicted that the nat-
urally occurring economic de-
velopment alongside our
interstate freeways will disap-
pear if the state gets away with
picking the winners and losers
and monopolizes all the eco-
nomic development by con-
taining it within public rights
of way rather than among pri-
vate landowners. This also has
impacts to local governments
who will lose their potential
commercial tax base alongside
our highways.
In its RFI, TxDOT is specif-
ically asking about funding
sources and possible revenue
sharing ideas. So the state
wants to get in on the profi-
teering as well. The Texas tax-
payer may also be on the hook
for some of the cost to develop
the facilities (and hence poten-
tial losses), since TxDOT
wants the chance at revenue
TURF believes such takings
for private gain sparked the de-
fiance to the U.S. Supreme
Court Kelo case across the
"Texans deserve to be pro-
tected from such eminent do-
main abuse, not to have their
state government launch head-
long into private economic de-
velopment nor a P3
infrastructure program," ar-
gued Hall.
"This is a train wreck, and
Texans need to pressure this
Legislature to put a stop to it!"
Hall contends.
Texans Uniting for Reform &
TURF is a non-partisan,
grassroots, all-volunteer group
defending citizens' concerns
with Agenda 21, toll road pol-
icy, public private partner-
ships, and eminent domain
abuse. TURF promotes pro-
taxpayer, pro-freedom, & non-
toll transportation solutions.
For more information or to
support the work of TURF,
please visit www.Texas-
Texans Uniting for Reform and Freedom (TURF) Press Release
TURF to lawmakers: 'Public private partnerships
don't work for roads' Reveals TxDOT's plans to
resurrect the Trans Texas Corridor
Monday, 09 July 2012
By Cary Wise
My wife's father used to tell
his kids when they were doing
homework and could not find
the answer to a problem, to
"Think, think it through"! As
frustrating as that might have
been, instead of handing them
the answer, they were forced to
think, remember, and reason
out problems to the logical
conclusion. I believe that to
still be good advise, however,
advise seldom used anymore
by a majority of people.
With this mind I would like
to think about the coming elec-
tion in November as related to
the people and the future of
Texas. I have no doubt that
Obama will not carry Texas in
the election. Texans will firmly
reject him and his socialist
agenda. During the next few
months Texans will fill the air
waves with anti Obama rheto-
ric. They will push hard to get
rid of this administration. But
I believe that we must think
this through and be honest with
ourselves. As hard as Texans
may push for Obama's defeat,
THIS ELECTION ! This elec-
tion will be decided by the pro-
gressives in the Northeastern
states. By the liberals in Cali-
fornia and Oregon and Wash-
ington . By the union members
in the rust belt states of Michi-
gan, Ohio, Illinois and Indiana.
In other words no matter how
hard Texans work, our desiny
will be decided by those who
could care less about Texas,
and even less about Texans!
Our future will be determined
by people who have nothing in
common with Texans! It will
be decided by those who
would rather have a nanny
state and get a free ride. It will
be decided by those who want
a central government, and to
whom state sovereignty means
nothing anymore!
Upon thinking about those
facts, and admitting the harsh
truth, I know that this is not
want Texans want, or will sub-
mit to in the long run. It is
however a harsh reality that
many just don't want to think
about or admit. But, we must!
The other day I had someone
say to me that they were busy
raising a family and chasing
the financial brass ring. They
just did not have much time to
spend on Texas Independence
issues. Hey, been there done
that one. My sadness came
from the knowledge in my
heart that if this government
continues on it's present path,
the government will raise your
family, and there will be no
brass ring to chase!
Now people will immedi-
ately say upon reading this that
we'll be alright if Romney
wins. Really? He says he'll re-
peal Obama Care. Great idea
except I wish he had not al-
ready done something similar
when he was Governor! Great
idea except to get us back to a
Constitutional Government
there are still hundreds of fed-
eral agencies to get rid of and
thousands of unconstitutional
laws to repeal! Yes, what I'm
saying is that he's a bit of Bush
light! He may not be what we
call a socialist, but he is a glob-
alist. He believes in being the
world’s policeman. He will in-
terfere in other countries busi-
ness and continue to send our
military around the world. Oh
he might help out business, but
will he kill the EPA, the FDA,
the IRS, or Homeland Secu-
rity? Think, and you can an-
swer those questions for
A Time For Thinking And Realizing
The Truth
As Daniel Miller explains so
beautifully in his book Line In
The Sand, neither restoration
or nullification will fix the
enormous problems the US
faces! It seems to me that no
matter who wins in November,
Texas and Texans lose in the
long run, either way! I know
we are again faced with voting
for "The lesser of two evils".
When I think about that and the
long term effects I know will
come from it, it becomes unac-
ceptable to me!
I beg all Texans who are in-
volved in the Independence
movement for Texas to think
this through and double and
triple your efforts to get other
Texans to see the truth. For all
Texans who have not been
thinking because it's uncom-
fortable to see the truth, I hope
you lose some sleep over this!
Better yet, admit the truth and
join us in leading Texas to a
new future through Texas Inde-
For those that will not admit
the truth and/or don't like Texas
anyway, please let me remind
you as I have many times be-
fore. There is an abundance of
homes for sale in California
and they really need the tax
revenue right now! Think
about that!
“The government was set to protect man from
criminals – and the Constitution was written to
protect man from the government. “
– Ayn Rand
“First they came for the Jews, but I did nothing because I’m
not a Jew. Then they came for the socialists, but I did
nothing because I’m not a socialist. Then they came for the
Catholics, but I did nothing because I’m not a Catholic.
Finally, they came for me, but by then there was no one left
to help me.”
– Pastor Niemoller (1946)
August 2012 The Lake & Country Shopper -7
The Texas
Country Chef
by Penny Peavy
modified seed from Monsanto
and subsequently sprayed with
Round-Up. But, if I did need to
eat grains, I would grow my
own corn, dry it myself and
grind it into meal.
People from certain parts of
the country seem to put sugar
in corn bread. The recipe
handed down in my Texas
family never ever had sugar in
it. Probably every cook has his
or her favorite cornbread
recipe, but here’s one that is a
no-fail recipe and can be
cooked in a regular oven or in
a dutch oven over a fire, prob-
ably even in a closed gas grill:
Basic Cornbread
* 2 cups white cornmeal (use
yellow if that's what you have
on hand)
* 2/3 cup flour
* 1-1/2 tablespoons baking
* 1/2 teaspoon baking soda
(omit if you use regular milk
rather than buttermilk)
* 1/2 teaspoon salt
* Dash of black pepper
* 1 and 1/2 cups buttermilk
(more or less) If you don’t
have buttermilk, add a Tbs. of
vinegar to regular milk, stir
and let sit for a few minutes.
* 1 large egg
* 3 to 4 tablespoons of bacon
drippings (you can substitute
cooking oil).
1. Preheat the oven to 400 de-
2. Prepare the skillet (prefer-
ably an 8” cast iron skillet) by
placing the bacon drippings in
the skillet and roll the skillet or
use a paper towel to coat the
interior sides of the skillet with
the bacon grease. Place the
skillet in the oven while
preparing the following batter.
3. In a medium size bowl,
combine all the dry ingredients
and mix well.
4. Add about 1/2 cup of the
buttermilk and stir.
5. Remove skillet from oven
and slowly add about 1 or 2 ta-
blespoon of the hot oil (bacon
grease) from the skillet into the
batter, stirring well. (Use a pot
holder to pick up the skillet!!)
The skillet and bacon grease
should be very hot but not
6. Add egg, and stir with a fork
just enough to incorporate the
egg. Watching the consistency
of the batter, carefully add re-
mainder of buttermilk while
The consistency of the corn-
bread batter should look like a
thick pancake mix. This may
require a little more or less of
the remaining buttermilk. If the
mix is too thick, add more but-
termilk. If the mixture is too
thin, add more cornmeal.
7. Remove the skillet from
oven and pour the batter in the
skillet. Return the skillet to the
pre-heated oven and start tim-
8. Bake at 400 degrees approx-
imately 25 minutes. Time will
vary according to the consis-
tency of the batter you end up
with and your oven. Watch the
cornbread after about 20 min-
utes and cook until the top be-
gins to brown. When the edges
are really brown and the top is
beginning to brown, it should
be ready to take out of the
A diet of beans can be pretty
boring if they are consumed
every day with no variation.
There are many ways to vary
pinto beans, even in emer-
gency times. If you have ac-
quired a stash of dehydrated
foods or created your own
stash from your garden, you
should have on hand, dried
onions, dried bell peppers,
dried peppers and many other
varieties of vegetables. If you
have dehydrated squash and
perhaps some carrots, you can
actually make a meatless stew
with pinto beans and a variety
of your vegetables.
Here is variation of pinto
beans I cooked many years
ago, and, surprisingly, it was
quite good even I consider it
chiefly “emergency” food.
Pinto Bean
1. Two cups cooked pinto
beans, drained
2. Two 8 oz. cans tomato sauce
plus 2 cups water, or finely
diced tomatoes (you could
even use reconstituted dehy-
drated tomatoes).
3. 2 Tbls. Italian seasoning
4. Salt and Pepper
5. 2 teas. garlic powder
6. Other seasonings to taste
7. Dried pasta (I used
spaghetti, but you could use
whatever pasta you have on
hand. Remember that dried
pasta, though of marginal food
value, does keep well for a
long time, and it does fill hun-
gry kids.)
1. Put ingredients #2-#6 in a
sauce pan, stir and bring to a
boil, then simmer for at least
30 minutes, adding water as
2. Rinse the cooked pinto
3. Add the pinto beans in the
sauce. Simmer a little longer.
4. While the sauce and beans
are simmering, cook the pasta.
5. Drain the pasta and dump it
in with the sauce, mixing well
to incorporate all the sauce
with the all the pasta. Serve on
plates or in large bowls.
As I am sure you can tell, this
is simply a plain and simple
spaghetti dish with beans sub-
situting for meat when meat is
not available.
Now, let’s go to one my most
favorite foods that I no longer
consume but would if it were a
matter of life versus starving to
death, and that is corn-bread.
Aside from the fact that I per-
sonally no longer eat grains of
any kind, about 90% of all
corn grown in American has
been grown from genetically
More Pinto
Beans and
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"The moment the idea is
admitted into society that
property is not as sacred as the
law of God, and that there is not
a force of law and public justice
to protect it, anarchy and
tyranny commence."
John Adams
(1735-1826) Founding Father,
2nd US President
Defence of the Constitutions of the
Government of the United States
"A government big enough to give
you everything you need is a
government strong enough to take
everything you have."
--Thomas Jefferson
is that carbohydrate restriction
doesn’t provide the vitamins
and nutrients the body needs
and that the brain requires glu-
cose to function properly.
Low-carb diets work by pre-
venting the insulin cycle that I
mentioned before. Insulin is al-
ways released immediately
when you eat and then again
after the pancreas notices there
is excess glucose in the blood-
stream. Low-carb diets don’t
allow your blood sugar to be el-
evated; therefore they prevent
the second wave of insulin.
Since insulin is the hormone
that prevents fat from being re-
leased as energy, low carb diets
promote fat-loss by preventing
insulin. In this same way they
also may prevent diabetes and
other metabolic disorders, as
those are caused by insulin re-
The argument that this diet
does not provide the vitamins
we need, especially vitamin C,
which is only available in high
quantities in high carbohydrate
fruits, has an interesting twist.
When sailors spent months at
sea and didn’t get fruits and
vegetables they suffered horri-
ble deficiency diseases, but
only when they ate typical
naval diets. The Scottish Naval
surgeon James Lind is the man
who discovered that eating cit-
rus would prevent scurvy. The
men that he studied were eating
typical sailor high-carb diets
“of water gruel sweetened with
sugar in the morning, fresh
mutton broth, light puddings,
boiled biscuit with sugar, bar-
ley and raisins, rice and cur-
Vitamin deficiency is non-
existent in populations that eat
nothing but meat, as is the case
of the Inuit. They eat primarily
caribou meat, but supplement
their diets with other meat and
eggs. When times are dire they
may eat the roots of the
knotweed plant, but believe
vegetables and fruit are “not
human food.” They are in per-
fect health and very active.
How is this possible?
Animal food contains all of
the essential amino acids and
twelve of thirteen essential vi-
tamins in their necessary quan-
tities. Only vitamin C is low,
however it seems we need less
vitamin C when glucose is
low. Glucose and vitamin C
are similar in configuration
and vitamin C is also delivered
to the cells by insulin. When
blood sugar is elevated vita-
min C delivery is inhibited.
So, in fact, what causes scurvy
is not caused by lack of fruit,
but the presence of carbohy-
drate which causes elevated
glucose levels.
It is also argued that the
brain requires glucose to func-
tion properly. This can be dis-
missed fairly quickly. When
the liver detects low glucose
levels it starts producing ke-
tone bodies which replace glu-
cose as fuel for the brain.
These ketone bodies can sup-
ply up to 75% the central nerv-
ous system’s energy. If
necessary, the body can make
its own glucose from amino
acids and glycerol, a byprod-
uct of the breakdown of
Entering ketosis is actually a
daily occurrence for our bod-
ies. It is the reason that we are
not commonly awakened from
sleep by hunger. Our bodies
make the switch to ketone
bodies while we sleep. The
presence of ketone bodies ac-
tually suppresses hunger, rais-
ing the question: does the
brain actually prefer ketone
bodies? When the body feels
like it needs more nutrition, it
asks by making you hungry.
When it has ketone-bodies, re-
sulting from a lack of carbo-
hydrate, it suppresses hunger.
It seems from these examples
that our bodies actually prefer
a diet high in protein and fat;
and that our bodies only like to
store carbohydrate fuel. This
would explain why our na-
tional level of obesity has only
increased since the denuncia-
tion of high-fat diets and pro-
motion of high-carb
low-calorie diets by the med-
ical community and our gov-
ernment. If we return to the
diet of our ancestors, and the
Inuit, we will be healthier and
Continued from Page 6
“The greatest dangers to liberty
lurk in insidious encroachment by
men of zeal, well-meaning but
without understanding.”
Louis D. Brandeis
“No drug, not even alcohol, causes the
fundamental ills of society. If we’re look-
ing for the sources of our troubles, we
shouldn’t test people for drugs, we
should test them for stupidity, ignorance,
greed, and love of power.”
P. J. O’Rourke (1992)
“I believe there are more
instances of the abridgment
of the freedom of the people
by gradual and silent
encroachments of those in
power than by violent and
sudden usurpations.”
James Madison, speech,
Virginia Convention, 1788
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The senseless and horrific
killings last week at a movie
theater in Colorado reminded
Americans that life is fragile
and beautiful, and we should
not take family, friends, and
loved ones for granted. Our
prayers go out to the injured
victims and the families of
those killed. As a nation we
should use this terrible event to
come together with the resolve
to create a society that better
values life.
We should also face the
sober reality that government
cannot protect us from all pos-
sible harm. No matter how
many laws we pass, no matter
how many police or federal
agents we put on the streets, no
matter how routinely we mon-
itor internet communications,
a determined individual or
group can still cause great
harm. We as individuals are re-
sponsible for our safety and
the safety of our families.
Furthermore, it is the role of
civil society rather than gov-
ernment to build a culture of
responsible, peaceful, produc-
tive individuals. Government
cannot mandate morality or in-
still hope in troubled individu-
als. External controls on our
behavior imposed by govern-
ment through laws, police, and
jails usually apply only after a
terrible crime has occurred.
Internal self governance, by
contrast, is a much more pow-
erful regulator of human be-
havior than any law. This
self-governance must be de-
veloped from birth, first by
parents but later also through
the positive influence of rela-
tives and adult role models.
Beyond childhood, character
development can occur
through religious, civic, and
social institutions. Ultimately,
self-governance cannot be de-
veloped without an underlying
foundation of morality.
Government, however, is not
a moral actor. The state should
protect our rights, but it cannot
develop our character. When-
ever terrible crimes occur,
many Americans understand-
ably demand that government
"do something" to prevent sim-
ilar crimes in the future. But
this reflexive impulse almost
always leads to bad laws and
the loss of liberty.
Do we really want to live in
a world of police checkpoints,
surveillance cameras, and
metal detectors? Do we really
believe government can pro-
vide total security? Do we want
to involuntarily commit every
disaffected, disturbed, or alien-
ated person who fantasizes
about violence? Or can we ac-
cept that liberty is more impor-
tant than the illusion of state-
provided security?
Freedom is not defined by
safety. Freedom is defined by
the ability of citizens to live
without government interfer-
ence. Government cannot cre-
ate a world without risks, nor
would we really wish to live in
such a fictional place. Only a
totalitarian society would even
claim absolute safety as a wor-
thy ideal, because it would re-
quire total state control over its
citizens' lives. Liberty has
meaning only if we still believe
in it when terrible things hap-
pen and a false government se-
curity blanket beckons.
Security and Self-Governance
Tuesday, July 24, 2012 – by Ron Paul, from www.thedailybell.com
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– Thomas B. Reed
“The more
corrupt the state,
the more it
– Tacitus (AD 56 –
AD 117), Roman His-
torian and Senator
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Sudoku Puzzle
Fill the grid with numbers 1 to 9 so that
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box contains the digits 1-9, without repeat-
ing any numbers.
The Horse and
the Stag
The Monkey and
the Dolphin
Western Auto / Ace Hardware
10605 Leopard, Corpus Christi
1. Among
5. Spike
9. Flat float
13. Not a single one
14. Bestow
16. Decorative case
17. Throw
18. Shop
19. A few
20. Construct
22. Not often
24. Catholic church
26. Old hat
27. Pee-pee
30. Push forcefully
33. A city in Canada
35. Anagram of
37. Type of snake
38. Nonpoetic writing
41. American Dental
42. Aquatic mammal
45. Plinth
48. Spartan
51. Fabric
52. Habituate
54. Roman emperor
55. In Britain, it's a flat
59. Subsequently
62. Shoestring
63. A religion based on
65. Gloomy atmosphere
66. How old we are
67. Cuban dance
68. Historical periods
69. A musical pause
70. Cummerbund
71. Unit of force
1. Initial wager
2. Dock at a wharf
3. Sow
4. A decorative musical
5. Petrol
6. Anagram of "Last"
7. Inundation
8. The general appear-
ance of a publication
9. Ash
10. "Smallest" particle
11. Be furious
12. Fastens
15. Fangs
21. Russian emperor
23. School session
25. Stair
27. Part of an ear
28. Ancestors
29. Hearing organ
31. Unmoving
32. Related to tides
34. Chop off
36. A period of dis-
counted prices
39. Collection
40. Biblical garden
43. Tallest mountain
44. Lease
46. X X X X
47. Like a zebra
49. Gossip
50. Greek god of dark-
53. Colonic
55. Winglike
56. Use a beeper
57. Cards with 1 sym-
58. Checks
60. Family group
61. If not
64. Derisive laugh
AT ONE TIME the Horse had
the plain entirely to himself.
Then a Stag intruded into his
domain and shared his pasture.
The Horse, desiring to revenge
himself on the stranger, asked
a man if he were willing to
help him in punishing the Stag.
The man replied that if the
Horse would receive a bit in
his mouth and agree to carry
him, he would contrive effec-
tive weapons against the Stag.
The Horse consented and al-
lowed the man to mount him.
From that hour he found that
instead of obtaining revenge on
the Stag, he had enslaved him-
self to the service of man.
Moral: Liberty is too huge a
price to pay for revenge
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A SAILOR, bound on a long
voyage, took with him a Mon-
key to amuse him while on
shipboard. As he sailed off the
coast of Greece, a violent tem-
pest arose in which the ship
was wrecked and he, his Mon-
key, and all the crew were
obliged to swim for their lives.
A Dolphin saw the Monkey
contending with the waves, and
supposing him to be a man
(whom he is always said to be-
friend), came and placed him-
self under him, to convey him
on his back in safety to the
shore. When the Dolphin ar-
rived with his burden in sight
of land not far from Athens, he
asked the Monkey if he were
an Athenian. The latter replied
that he was, and that he was de-
scended from one of the most
Monday, 09 July 2012
Written by Robert Smith
I don't want the Government
telling me what kind of milk I
can drink, what kind of fat I
can eat or how many calories a
day I can have.
I don't want businesses, as-
sociations, or other special in-
terest groups making laws and
running the government
through our representatives,
but rather I want Texians to
make laws (like we need more
of them) and run the govern-
ment through our elected Rep-
I don't want what you earn
and I don't want to give you
what I earn. If I choose to give
you some of what I earn then
that is my business. It's called
charity. I don't need the gov-
ernment to do it for me.
I don't want my tax dollars
going to organizations, causes,
places, or to people which I do
not support, do not believe in,
or just plain don't like. My tax
dollars must go to only those
things Constitutionally man-
dated which in Texas are as
follows: Public Education
(which isn't working), Man-
agement of Natural Resources,
Transportation (how's TXDOT
working out for you?), Justice
System, HHS-Medicaid (be-
cause Texas politicians could-
n't resist taking that first
"Federal" Dollar).
I don't want our teachers
"teaching" to standardized test-
ing, I don't care what initials
you give it. Their time and tal-
ents should be used teach-
ing/educating the children.
Remember the 3 R's?
I don't want our Peace Offi-
cers turned into revenue gener-
ating "Law Enforcement"
Officers. Most of those 'laws'
are illegal (unconstitutional)
They are Peace Officers,
looking after the citizens and
the constitutional rights of
those citizens. I don't want to
hear "but look at all the Federal
dollars we will lose" for two
reasons: One, those federal
dollars came first out of the
pockets of Texas taxpayers,
and two, Liberty is maintained
with hard work, and once lost
through complacency , apathy,
greed, or bribery, is regained at
great cost in both treasure and
I don't want to rent "my"
property from the state in per-
petuity and beyond through
property taxes. Private prop-
erty rights are absolutely es-
sential to the free market and a
free society!
I don't want the Federal Gov-
ernment telling Texas that non-
citizens, dead folks, and dogs
can vote so we don't need Voter
ID in Texas.
I don't want the Federal Gov-
ernment taking over 17% of
the economy and directing me
to buy Healthcare for myself
much less for someone else
and then penalizing me with a
tax if I choose not to. And I
don't want the State of Texas to
let them get away with it.
When I die I don't want the
government telling my kids
and grandkids how much of
my stuff they can keep and
how much they must turn over
to them.
I don't want the government
paying tuition for kids that
ain't from here when my kids
have to work and borrow
money for tuition.
I don't want to have to buy a
permit, pay a fee, pay for a li-
cense every time I turn around
to do something well within
my unalienable and Constitu-
tional rights, or to do some-
thing which causes no harm or
loss to anyone (except loss to
the government which is
I don't want the Federal
Government or its Agencies,
outside of Art.1 Sec.8 US Con-
stitution, telling the State of
Texas what it can and cannot
do, and I don't want the politi-
cians in the State of Texas to
let the Federal Government
tell it what it can and can't do.
I think the 10th Amendment is
still around somewhere. I don't
want either one in my pocket
or directing my life.
I want politicians in DC and
Austin and all Texians to un-
derstand the plain words in the
Declaration of Independence
and to respect and fear them.
This is by no means a com-
prehensive list, but you get the
point. In a nutshell, I want the
Government and its agencies,
with all the bureaucrats, at the
local, state and federal level, to
basically leave me and the rest
of the people of the State of
Texas alone.
noble families in that city. The
Dolphin then inquired if he
knew the Piraeus (the famous
harbor of Athens). Supposing
that a man was meant, the
Monkey answered that he
knew him very well and that
he was an intimate friend. The
Dolphin, indignant at these
falsehoods, dipped the Mon-
key under the water and
drowned him.
Moral: Those who pretend
to be what they are not,
sooner or later, find them-
selves in deep water
The Voice Of A Texian
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Its Your Life,
Your Money,
Your Freedom
by V. J. Alford
Welcome back! I certainly
hope the best for America and
you and yours! We have to do
things a little different in this
world. First as I have said be-
fore “I do not care if your
neighbor is a Democrat, Re-
publican, Independent, Liber-
tarian, or other or nothing., we
Americans must get to know
each other”. As conservative
as I am I know my neighbors
and they know me.
I know if I need something
I can count on them for help if
needed. They know that it
works both ways. Now with
that said. Ask yourself ,Why
haven’t I taken a little time to
get know and probably like my
neighbors? Do I ever just say
“Hi, how you doing?,” or see
them in a bind maybe lifting
something that is a little cum-
bersome and just run over and
offer a helping hand... That is
being neighborly.
Just don’t crawl up their rear
and be nosey all the time. Be
yourself, the one you really
are, before we all got indoctri-
nated by this Federal Govern-
ment. Be the one that was
happy, maybe not so much
money, but knowing what true
happiness is, go back to that
I still remember leaving the
doors unlocked for a week or
so, because my neighbors
would protect my things. I
knew that. I ask myself why
have I changed. And it comes
to me that I have got caught up
in the thing of, I need a bigger
home, better clothes, better car
and better, better, better and it
goes on and on.
I must have x-amount of
dollars in savings for my old
age. Who said that? What
about me just working and
keep on paying my way. Per-
haps when I am in my ninties
it is possible I will need help
and then I would have neigh-
bors who would climb on a
ladder and clean my gutter
when I am elderly (whatever
that age is). Right now I am
not sure the American dollar
will be worth the time you in-
vest in saving it for your old
Quite possibly you will not
qualify for surgery or broken
bone repair or gall bladder sur-
gery or whatever it is that you
want done so that you will
continue to live comfortably.
Especially the older you get,
you will be less valuable to the
government and you will be-
come a burden on those people
(they will say you are burden
on society), well not by me
and I am part of our society.
We really need to look around
and learn to do things to keep
you alive and well.
Start growing your food in-
doors as well as outdoors. Now
that is a real savings account.
You having fresh food on your
table regardless of the price of
gasoline and insurance and
those things that “They” now
control. And growing your on
food will be worth more than
any dollar will be at that time.
Then my gosh, we may only
have electricity for a certain
few hours daily. Only then will
that be with the anointing of
“They”. Just remember how it
is today and keep it that way !
The fun thing is you will be
living a great life unless of
course you want to whine all
the way to welfare office.
Today I read where the latest
con-job is to make it so easy to
get welfare. If you don’t your
(un-neighborly neighbors)
make fun of you “working” to
take care of yourself and yours.
So, go back and reread the sec-
ond paragraph of this column.
Then ask yourself what you
have for values that will carry
you through a few horrible
years regardless of who gets
voted in office. It’s all down to
you and your neighbors and
friends to truly help each other
Think twice about not know-
ing the values of you friends
and family as well as your
neighbors. We all have differ-
ent opinions about most things
and that is great. What we
should all agree on is that no
entity or government will take
away what you or your group
has both as an individual or a
Just think, if only one neigh-
bor has a cow how many peo-
ple would be able to have milk
for cheese, to drink, to cook
with and so on. How many dif-
ferent types of vegetables
could all of you have if each
one of you grew only two or
three different vegetables. The
same goes for berries and fruit
and nut trees.
See what you can accom-
plish without any government.
Using the values of life you can
do so much. Pray for Ameri-
can’s and your neighbors and
start a plan to grow and have
cows or goats or both and work
towards your goals.
Making yourself number one
for yourself is not being selfish.
It is making sure you can take
care of you and yours. Re-
member you are responsible
for all your actions and the
consequences are yours also,
good or bad. So no government
will help you. You have helped
your self. Congratulations you
are number one with yourself.
Keep it that way so others can
learn from your example.
Located @ 309 FM 534
Sandia, Texas
Hours: Thurs., Fri., & Sat. - 11AM - 9 PM
Sunday 10AM - 8 PM
“The Front Porch”
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Jalapeno Cheese Steak
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Entertainment Room Open Now!
There is no worse tyranny than to force a
man to pay for what he does not want
merely because you think it would be good
for him.
– Robert Heinlein
“A wise and frugal government which shall
restrain men from injuring one another,
which shall leave them otherwise free to
regulate their own pursuits of industry and
improvement, and shall not take from the
mouth of labor the bread it has earned.
This is the sum of good government.”
– Thomas Jefferson (1801)
Dog Humor
When a man's best
friend is his dog, that
dog has a problem.
Edward Abbey
My neighbor has two
dogs. One of them
says to the other,
The other replies,
The dog is perplexed.
"Moo? Why did you
say 'Moo'?"
The other dog says,
"I'm trying to learn a
foreign language."
Morey Amsterdam
I have a dog so mean,
he ate the neighbor's
weenie dog. Now he's
a bratweiler.
Nick Arnette
My Labrador retriever
had a nervous break-
down. I kept throwing
him a boomerang.
Nick Arnette
Dogs have owners,
cats have staff.
Author Unknown
Cat's motto: No matter
what you've done
wrong, always try to
make it look like the
dog did it.
Diplomacy is the art of
saying "Nice dog-
gie!"... till you can find
a rock.
For months he had
been her devoted ad-
mirer. Now, at long
last, he had collected
up sufficient courage
to ask her the most
momentous of all
"There are quite a lot
of advantages in
being a bachelor," he
began, "but there
comes a time when
we long for the com-
panionship of another
being-a being who will
regard one as a per-
fect, as an idol; whom
one can treat as one's
absolute property;
who will be kind and
faithful when times are
hard; who will share
one's joys and sor-
To his delight he saw
a sympathetic gleam
in her eyes. Then she
nodded in agreement.
"So you're thinking of
buying a dog?" she
said. "I think it's a fine
idea. Do let me help
you choose one!"
Sign In Pet Store:
"Buy one dog, get one
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Are You an Oath
by Penny Peavy
A free and moral society is
based on two presumptions:
Every person has a right to his
own property obtained by his
own labor as well as well as the
right to protect that property,
and every person must keep his
word. That is a paraphrase of
something postulated a few
hundred years ago by a man
upon whose philosophy the U.
S. Declaration of Independence
and Constitution were founded.
Another way this might be
stated is “do what is right,
moral, noble and good, not that
which is evil.” American was
founded upon the principle that
the only function of govern-
ment was to protect our liberty
and our freedom, to protect our
right to the fruits of our own
labor, to protect our property
I grew up in a family that
protected our rights to own our
own toys and that, if we agreed
to do something for anyone
else, we must follow through.
If I agreed to babysit a neigh-
bor’s children while their mom
and dad went out to dinner and
a movie, I had to follow
through with my agreement. If
I chose to use the money I
made from babysitting to buy a
new tire for my bicycle, that
was my choice. No one could
take that away from me.
I took the oath of office as an
officer in the United States Air
Force when I was 25 years old.
I repeated each phrase of the
oath, and I meant every word
of that oath. I swore to uphold
the Constitution of the United
States of America. I did not
swear to uphold unconstitu-
tional presidential executive or-
ders. I did not swear to uphold
anything against the Constitu-
tion of the United States.
All commissioned officers
in the United States military
must make the following oath
of office when they are ap-
pointed in the armed forces.
“I, (state your name), having
been appointed a (rank) in the
United States (branch of serv-
ice), do solemnly swear (or af-
firm) that I will support and
defend the Constitution of the
United States against all ene-
mies, foreign and domestic;
that I will bear true faith and al-
legiance to the same; that I take
this obligation freely, without
any mental reservation or pur-
pose of evasion; and that I will
well and faithfully discharge
the office upon which I am
about to enter. So help me
The enlistment oath is a lit-
tle different:
“I, (state your name), do
solemnly swear (or affirm) that
I will support and defend the
Constitution of the United
States against all enemies, for-
eign and domestic; that I will
bear true faith and allegiance
to the same; and that I will
obey the orders of the Presi-
dent of the United States and
the orders of the officers ap-
pointed over me, according to
regulations and the Uniform
Code of Military Justice. So
help me God.”
In other words, the enlist-
ment oath is an oath that in-
cludes obedience to the
officers, obedience to to the
UCMJ, and to the President of
the United States. That would
seem pretty scary in these
times if it were not for the fact
that all of officers have sworn
to uphold the Constitution and
have not sworn to obey the
President. It has been 40 years
since I took the Officer’s Oath,
I still believe in and uphold
that oath. I am an OATH
Law enforcement officers
also take a similar oath.
solemnly swear (or affirm),
that I will faithfully execute the
duties of the office of the State
of Texas, and will to the best of
my ability preserve, protect,
and defend the Constitution
and laws of the United States
and of this State, so help me
Our U. S. Representatives
and Senators also have to sub-
scribe to an oath very similar to
that of military officers.
There is a problem, how-
ever, with these oaths of office
for state officials (including
state legislators) and law en-
forcement officers, and that is
that the laws of the United
States and of the State of Texas
may conflict with the Constitu-
tions of the United States and
of the State of Texas, so what
is a person to do when they be-
lieve that the law they are re-
quired to enforce conflicts with
the Constitution? Most of them
do what their superiors tell
them to do because they need
the job, with all its perks and
self-satisfaction of “upholding
the law.” But there is an out,
and that is that one has a duty
to disobey an unlawful order,
i.e., against the constitutions or
the UCMJ and one
Our only hope is that local
law enforcement, local mem-
bers of the military, and local
veterans will uphold their oath
to defend the Constitution
against all enemies, both for-
eign and domestic. By domes-
tic enemies, I am not talking
about extremists or crazy peo-
ple. There are not very many
of them walking the streets of
our cities or counties. I am
talking about government offi-
cials or representatives of the
U. N. on our soil.
There is an organization
called Oathkeepers. You can
visit their website at
On this website, if you are in
the military, a veteran, a peace
officer or a fire fighter willing
to support the oath you swore
to, you can join. If you are not
a member of the previously
stated groups, you can still be-
come a Citizen Associate
Member. Many who are ac-
tively serving will be afraid of
joining for fear of retribution
from government entities, but,
nevertheless, it is essential that
you visit their site and perhaps
you will at least agree in your
own heart that you will keep
your oath.
Here is a summary of “De-
claration Of Orders We Will
Not Obey”:from the Oath
Keepers website:
Declaration of Orders We
Will NOT Obey
Recognizing that we each
swore an oath to support and
defend the Constitution against
all enemies, foreign and do-
mestic, and affirming that we
are guardians of the Republic,
of the principles in our Decla-
ration of Independence, and of
the rights of our people, we af-
firm and declare the following:
1. We will NOT obey any order
to disarm the American people.
2. We will NOT obey any order
to conduct warrantless searches
of the American people, their
homes, vehicles, papers, or ef-
fects -- such as warrantless
house-to house searches for
weapons or persons.
3. We will NOT obey any order
to detain American citizens as
“unlawful enemy combatants”
or to subject them to trial by
military tribunal.
4. We will NOT obey orders to
impose martial law or a “state
of emergency” on a state, or to
enter with force into a state,
without the express consent
and invitation of that state’s
legislature and governor.
5. We will NOT obey orders to
invade and subjugate any state
that asserts its sovereignty and
declares the national govern-
ment to be in violation of the
compact by which that state en-
tered the Union.
6. We will NOT obey any order
to blockade American cities,
thus turning them into giant
concentration camps.
7. We will NOT obey any order
to force American citizens into
any form of detention camps
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See “Oath”
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under any pretext.
8. We will NOT obey orders to
assist or support the use of any
foreign troops on U.S. soil
against the American people to
“keep the peace” or to “main-
tain control” during any emer-
gency, or under any other
pretext. We will consider such
use of foreign troops against
our people to be an invasion
and an act of war.
9. We will NOT obey any or-
ders to confiscate the property
of the American people, in-
cluding food and other essen-
tial supplies, under any
emergency pretext whatsoever.
10. We will NOT obey any or-
ders which infringe on the right
of the people to free speech, to
peaceably assemble, and to pe-
tition their government for a re-
dress of grievances
At this time in my life, I
probably am not strong enough
in body to participate in serious
physical resistance to domestic
terrorists, such as unconstitu-
tional U. S. Government or U.
N. personnel trying to take my
property. It has been more than
40 years since I even took my
oath, but I guarantee that I still
take that oath to heart and
would do anything physically
possible to to remain an oath
I am an oath keeper. Are
White House Rural Council - Obama
Executive Order 13575..
It’s Here Now.
Staff Report
If you live in a rural area, the
President is targeting you. He
seems to be pretty afraid of all
us who may “cling to their
guns and religion.” First there
was the National Defense Au-
thorization Act empowering
the U. S. Armed Forces to en-
gage in civilian law enforce-
ment and to suspend due
process and habeas corpus as
well as rights guaranteed by
the 5th and 6th Amendments. It
allows the government to take
anyone suspected of “terrorist”
activities on American soil into
indefinite detention. The “sus-
pects” could even be demon-
strators or protesters.
The NDAA was followed in
June by the Executive Order
13575, establishing Obama’s
“Rural Council.” The language
in the order is supposed to
make us believe that the entire
act is all about improving the
economic potential of rural
American. Part of the language
includes building “sustainable
rural communities.” Excuse
me? Are our rural communities
not doing just fine without
Obama? And would be even
better if he were not around at
all? No, it is actually about
spying on rural Americans , the
takeover of land for the federal
government and driving Mon-
santo genetically modified
seeds down the throats of every
farmer in American. This rural
council is headed up by the De-
partment of the Treasury; Tim-
othy Geithner. Hmmm. I
wonder what he knows about
rural America. Nothing, I
would suspect.
If you drive around Orange
Grove or George West, you
may have noticed the VTX
Telecom or VTX Communica-
tions buildings recently com-
pleted. Each had a sign on the
contruction site stating that
they were built as a result of
funding by the USDA-run
Rural Council. Who is VTX?
As I understand it, VTX Tele-
com is a subsidiary of Valley
Telephone Cooperative. VTX
Telecom has received millions
of dollars from the U. S. Gov-
ernment in both loans and
grants allegedly to “connect
rural America.”
I live at least ten miles away
from Orange Grove and about
35 miles from George West.
Guess what? I have high-speed
internet. I have telephone serv-
ice, and I had satellite TV serv-
ice before I decided it was a
complete waste of money. If I
can have those things, so can
others in this area, so why does
the government need to fund
VTX from stimulus funds and
to support “Rural Council” ob-
jectives? I began to ask myself
why it could be so important to
the White House to fund this
expansion of VTX. According
to the USDA website press re-
lease of March 4, 2011, the
purpose of the grants was to
provide broadband access to
rural communities currently
without broadband service. Ac-
cording to Michael Grabell,
writing for ProPublica.org, the
stimulus package passed by
our esteemed legislators pro-
vided $7.2 billion for broad-
band grants and loans before
the Rural Council was ever
formed. Most grants and loans
went to areas already served by
When the federal govern-
ment loans or grants stimulus
money or any other money to
private businesses, you can be
sure it wants something in re-
turn, even though its objectives
may not be obvious. Those of
you who explore alternative
media probably have already
figured out that the government
is compiling a mammoth data-
base, collecting as much data
as possible about every single
person in America. If you use
twitter, facebook, Yahoo or
Google, your communications
are probably already or soon to
be snagged into the database.
The government is afraid of all
of us who live in rural areas.
What better way for the gov-
ernment to keep tabs on all
rural people than to provide a
“packaged deal” on all com-
munications services - tele-
phone, broadband and
television? I suspect that the
real agenda behind these loans
and grants .is just another
means of government control
over our lives in support of
Agenda 21, NDAA and the
Rural Council. I suspect that
this “package deal” will be so
much less expensive to the
consumer than having separate
services for phone, TV and
broadband that unsuspecting
rural residents will sign up in
droves, just as the government
wants us to do. Follow this
If you are up to reading scary
stuff, do a search on the inter-
net for “VTX1 and Rural
Council” or “VTX1 and
USDA.” Then read between
the lines.
August 2012 The Lake & Country Shopper - 14
Classified Ads
August 2012 The Lake & Country Shopper - 15
381 Carmel Drive
Sandia, TX 78383
Lloyd and JaNelle Barnes
Linda Sue Barnes
(361) 343-7400
(361) 547-0505 Fax
Richard Rowe
Residential Lots
Farm & Ranch
248 House Ave, Barbon Harbor Est - 3 BD/2 BA home with 2 car
garage on 3 acres in the sought after Orange Grove ISD! Livestock
loading shoot and pens - Bring your horses and youth projects!
128 3rd St, Lake City - 2008 custom Palm Harbor home with 12' x 12' shop w/electricity
situated on two lots with hurricane fence. Live near Lake CC with access to boat ramp.$65,000.
1525 FM 534 - Dinero Country Store Great location very close to
IH 37 and not too far from HWY 281 perfect for a general store or
Eagle Ford Oil Field office space! Sits on 1 acre corner lot on well
traveled roads. Additional acreage available. Offered at $79,900.
1200 E. Wilson, Mathis-5.05 Ac - Very close to IH 37 and great location for a commercial
yard! 3/2 Rustic ranch home complete with horse barns, pens, arena, workshop, stable & support
structure. Updated bathrooms. Located close to town. REDUCED $172,000. $189,000.
560 CR 372 - Original Barbon Subd - WATERFRONT - 3 BD/2 BA home/
2 car garage situated on 2 spacious lots (over 1/2 acre). 2 open patios and
deck make it nice to sit ouside and watch the kids swim and play. Fish from
your private pier or launch your boat from your own launch! $262,500.
One Team | One Goal
Real Estate with Real Results
Keep up with LBRET and area
lake happenings at
124 E. Lakeview Trail - WATERVIEW - Enjoy the lake life at a
fraction of the cost of waterfront in this 3BR/2BA home that
sports an updated kitchen w/granite counter tops and island.
Partially furnished, wood burning fireplace, ceiling fans through-
out, covered deck that overlooks Lake CC! Offered at$149,400!
NEW -139 Harbor Circle -Peace Valley Harbor, Unit 1 WATERFRONT - 3 BD/2 BA home with
large backyard, carpet grass, mature trees, pier and bulkhead! Call 361-343-7400 for more details!
139 Cenesia Dr - Carmel Hills WATERVIEW - Perfect weekend getaway or home that has
been remodeled inside & out! Spacious 2 BD/1 BA with living open to dining & kitchen.
Property owners have access to boat launches and waterfront parks. Offered at $97,900.
126.22 Acres, River Frontage - FM 1540 - Property situated on a mile of Nueces River
frontage (below the dam). 1/4 of minerals owned to convey to buyer. Offered at $350,260.
24894 Lakeshore DR (CR 350) - Across the street from Lake CC, this 3BR/3BA home on nearly half
an acre, features split bedroom floorplan with 2 large living areas and 2 septic systems. $69,900.
900 E. Lewis, Sinton - Just a stone's throw from Sinton’s schools,
this 3BR/2BA home, situated on a corner lot, is ideally located.
Two spacious living areas, 3 car carport, separate garage,
covered patio and workshop area! $133,900. $143,200.
NEW LISTING - 1.25 Acres, Barbon Harbor Estates - Great building site! Offered at $40,000.
NEW LISTING - Ranger Road - Airplane Hanger on Airstrip! Don’t own a plane? Use it for storage!
Vista Dr - Unique 1 acre lot with a large (52’ across), clover leaf shaped pool, 2 bath, concession & a
large covered area. Adjacent lot available - Endless Possibilities! REDUCED $37,500.
NEW LISTING - Canal St, Peace Valley Harbor - 2 Adjacent WATERFRONT lots. Nice building site.
Septic and well required. Locted just yards away from boat launch. Sold together for only $35,000.
NEW LISTING - Pernitas Point, Unit 3 Waterfront lot - Saddle Trail Offered at $40,000.
ranging in size and prices. Call 361-343-7400 for more information!
All great locations within the Eagle Ford Shale area! Come enjoy the good life - the lake life!!
New Listing
Send ad text to The Texas
Free Press, 111 Pack Trail.,
Sandia, TX 78383, or send
ad copy by e-mail to
Deadline: 20th of each
month for both ad copy and
payment. All ads will be
deleted the following month
unless we receive payment to
run the ad for an additional
All classified ads with text
only, up to 40 words, $10.
Added photo, $10.
For Sale
Help Wanted
Call Jim
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torcycle Jacket, approxi-
mately size 16-18. Zip out
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Pernitas Point area
1998 Manta Ray, 18.8ft, V-
6, I/O Merc Cruiser, Run
About, Low Hours, Galva-
nized Trailer $4600
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Boat trailer, heavy duty, gal-
vanized, for 18' boat $275
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Corpus Christi area
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Sales Representative(s)
Needed As Soon
As Possible
The Texas Free Press , a monthly newsprint
medium, which recently began distribution in
the Brazosport area seeks experienced sales-
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could become good extra income for a retired
salesperson. Pays commission only. We are
also interested in applicants from the Victoria
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Must understand and appreciate that “no”
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Must be willing to comply with the company
policies on handling sales and paperwork.
Must be able and willing to comply with all
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Must own and know how to use a computer,
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Must be able to organize time in order to
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Must be willing to distribute papers in your
area once a month as part of the prep work
for sales. A perk to you is that we will show
you how to deduct almost all mileage on your
vehicle as a business expense.
Preferred Experience:
Advertising Sales
Tom Hopkins or other proven sales training
To Apply:
Send cover letter and one-page resume in
PDF format to:
No phone calls.
Bed Racks for full-size
pickup bed. Adjustable to
size of your bed. Useful for
carrying small boat over your
camper shell or for carrying
PVC pipe or lumber.
One pair. $100.
Call 361-547-9062
Pernitas Point area
“The urge to save humanity is al-
most always a false front for the
urge to rule.”
– H.L. Mencken
[On ancient Athens]: “In the end, more than freedom, they
wanted security. They wanted a comfortable life, and they
lost it all – security, comfort, and freedom. When the Athe-
nians finally wanted not to give to society but for society to
give to them, when the freedom they wished for most was
freedom from responsibility, then Athens ceased to be free
and was never free again.”
– Edward Gibbon
“The power to tax is the
power to destroy.”
– John Marshall
“There’s no way to rule innocent men. The only power any
government has is the power to crack down on criminals.
Well, when there aren’t enough criminals, one makes them.
One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes
impossible to live without breaking laws.”
– Ayn Rand
“If you have ten thousand regulations, you
destroy all respect for the law.”
– Winston Churchill
“He that hath no sword, let him sell his
garment and buy one.”
Luke 22:36.
“When buying and selling are controlled by legislation,
the first things to be bought and sold are legislators.”
– P.J. O’Rourke
Huge Yard Sale 136 Hunter’s
Trail in Arrowhead addition, in
Lagarto. August 24th and 25th
8AM to 5PM
Lots of stuff, furniture, baby
things, household and kitchen
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BP Building Sales
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Portable or Mobile Offices,
Modular Homes & Storage Buildings
15642 Northwest Blvd. (Hwy 624) - Calallen Area, Corpus Christi
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Oilfield Specialties, Guard Shacks,
Change Rooms, Security etc...
Studs 16"oc
Engineered Truss 24"oc
Floor Joist 16"oc
*40-yr Warranty Metal
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•7/16" Plywood Under Metal on
Roof and Walls
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•Our Finished Buildings are ex-
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ple times longer than typical
trailer houses.
•BP Building Sales UNLIKE most
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•We will help you design your own
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We Custom Build
Gate Keeper Building
Don't we all like to be clean!
Christian Bar of Soap
1 John 1:9
If we confess our sins, he is
faithful and just to forgive us
our sins, and to cleanse us
from all unrighteousness.

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